Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo says that Andrew’s wall photo makes him look like a registered sex offender..

12:10am The houseguests are all digging into the food and wine. Ragan pours the wine. The Have Nots are really loving the taste of real food again. Rachel says that the food tastes like an orgasm in her mouth. Ragan says he feels like his taste buds are like little ballet dancers doing pirouettes on his tongue. The houseguests are talking about random stuff. Annie talks about Chicago is her real home and misses the city life but that she been living in Tampa Florida because that’s where her significant other lives. Matt says that he loves the city but that he’s a suburban brat. The talk turns to the past season of Big Brother as they discuss the cliques. Lane jokes that he would have been in the “brains clique”, Enzo says the populars, and Annie says that she would have been part of the off beats.
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Apparently Andrew’s a lush, he had one beer and is now drunk. Andrew says that he really wants a cookie. Britney comments to the others that the cookie is non-kosher and that he’ll be praying tomorrow because he ate a non kosher cookie. Brendon tells them all to not to tell him the cookie is non kosher. They are all laughing.
12:45am Kathy and Andrew are in the bedroom. Andrew is acting pretty drunk. Andrew tries to get up to go out to be with the other houseguests and spills his water. Kathy stops him and he lies back down on the bed. Kathy tells him that the others will make fun of him if he goes out there. Kathy says don’t make me arrest you for public intoxication, don’t argue with me. Kathy says you are going to go to bed, it’s late. Andrew finally lies down. Kathy turns off the lights and leaves the room.
Monet, Ragan and Britney are talking about gays and alcohol. Britney says that she used to drink a lot with her gay friends, but knows that now she would probably have a low alcohol tolerance like Andrew. Ragan says that alcohol is social bonding for many gay men. Monet asked if Ragan mostly met men at gay bars, and he said it was the worst place to do it but gays don’t have the venues to meet people like straight people do. Ragan says that straight people have the whole world. Ragan says that he had mostly straight friends in Austin, lesbian friends in Phoenix, and mostly gay male friends in West Hollywood. He prefers a mix because there’s a different kind of relationship you can get from each. Britney says that her relationships with her gay friends are all about fun.
1am The house guests all sitting around the kitchen table discussing the Houseguest wall of photos. Enzo says that Andrew’s wall photo makes him look like a registered sex offender. Everyone laughs. Ragan says that Hayden is the quintessential ASU student.

1:30am Annie and Kathy are talking in the backyard. Kathy asks Annie how she is doing. Annie asks well how would you feel if you were the first person out, and that you had given up your life to be here. Annie says that the one person she thought had my back…. Kathy interrupts and asks Brittney? Annie says no, I’ve been told by people that she’s talking shit about me though. Annie says that she wants to confront Brittney tomorrow about what she’s been saying about her. Annie says that the house is just like high school, and she’s just trying to be liked. And Kathy corrects her and says that its more like kindergarten. Britney comes out into the backyard and Kathy says that Annie and her should have a talk. Britney tells Annie that the only time she lied to her was when she asked her if she had heard anyone talking about her. Britney tells Annie that it wasn’t personal. Annie says that she can’t believe Rachel and Brendon are getting to stay, then says that they are the next Jeff and Jordan. Annie says that she is sorry to Britney. Britney says she doesn’t want it to be awkward in the house between them. Annie says that she still has four days to go and doesn’t understand why people want to keep Rachel and Brendon together. Annie says that she is happy that she is not the person she used to be and that she is handling this situation a lot better than she would have before. Annie tells them that she has a girlfriend outside the house and not a boyfriend, which she didn’t tell anyone in the house because she didn’t want to be judged. Annie starts crying saying that she doesn’t want her girlfriend to think that she is embarrassed about their relationship. Annie says that’s why her family wouldn’t sign the consent forms. Britney says that she doesn’t think anyone will think any differently of Annie knowing that she’s a lesbian. Kathy also adds that she doesn’t see why that would ruin anything, that no one is judging her.
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1:45am In the bedroom, Rachel and Brendon are talking and making out in the dark. Rachel asks Brendon if Annie and him have been friends for life. It bothers Brendon that she would ask him that, that she doesn’t trust him, he tells her no they have not been friends for life. Rachel says that she doesn’t understand what the problem is and why he cares that if Annie goes home or not. Brendon and Rachel get up and head out to the backyard to lay in the hammock. When they come outside they see that Annie is upset and talking to Kathy and Britney. Kathy asks Brendon and Rachel if they can give them a minute alone. Brendon and Rachel go back inside to the lounge room. Brendon starts telling Rachel that he feels bad for Annie and Rachel gets mad and asks him why he would feel bad for someone that’s trying to come between something real between her and him. Rachel tells Brendon that he seems to care more about Annie that her, that she is on the block too and isn’t safe this week either. Rachel tells Brendon that Annie is emotionally controlling him. Brendon says that Annie isn’t controlling him, and that Rachel should be more understanding. Brendon says that he would not have tried to do what he did to keep her there if he didn’t want her to be here. Brendon tells Rachel that he though she would understand. They are both really upset. Brendon says that he just wants a hug him and for her to tell him it’s all okay. Rachel gets on top of him and tells him it’s okay and to not let it bother him. Rachel tells him not to be upset, that it upsets her to see him upset. Rachel says that she really cares for him and that it upsets her because the thought of him not being with her sucks really bad. Rachel says to Brendon that you can’t deny what we have. Brendon asks her to promise him that she is not just playing him for this game.


Rachel asks are you kidding me Brendon, do you think I’m just using you or something, seriously, you think that? Brendon says no I don’t but if I found that, I’d never talk to you again. Rachel says that she doesn’t even know why he’d think that. Rachel asks if he denies the connection they have. Brendon says no he doesn’t deny their connection. Brendon says that he is really glad that he met her. Brendon says that he wants her to be there for him even if the reason is stupid. Rachel says that she just doesn’t want anyone breaking them up. They start making out. Rachel says she that she is scared about losing him. Brendon tells her to trust him. Rachel says that she does.
2:30am In the backyard, Kathy, Britney and Monet are still talking. Annie asks them what her chances of staying are. They tell her that she has a fair chance of staying. Britney says that she was worried that Annie would come after her. Annie tells her no she wouldn’t. Annie tells her that she wants to go after the big players in the game and that Britney will go far in this game. Britney and Monet both tell Annie that they really want to be there when she tells Lane that she is a lesbian. Annie and Britney both hug and then head inside.
Kathy goes to tell Rachel and Brendon what’s been going on outside with Annie and that Annie is still going home. As Kathy is leaving the lounge room she tells them she’s going to start calling this room the love shack. Brendon and Rachel go back to kissing and making out. Brendon tells Rachel that she drives him crazy. Brendon says that he needs to work on driving her more crazy. Rachel tells him that he does but that she has more self-control.
2:45am Up in the Head of Household room is Hayden, Britney, Lane, Matt and Annie. Annie is telling them that she wants to work with them. Hayden tells Annie that he thought that Annie was with Brendon and Annie says that was her mistake. Annie says Britney is not her target and feels like she blamed her for her going up. Annie says she wants to stay in the game and be sensible about it. She thinks it’s stupid to leave a strong alliance in the game by keeping Rachel and Brendon together. Hayden asks her how he can trust that she won’t target him. Annie says she promises she won’t because she would be appreciative of getting a second chance. Matt says that Annie with Brendon is a lot stronger than Brendon and Rachel because she is a million times stronger. Annie says that if she won HoH next week she would target Brendon. Annie says that she could use Brendon and keep him in her back pocket. Lane says that it is more beneficial to keep Annie in the game. Britney says that she really wants this to be another April and Ollie season with Brendon and Rachel. She says that she wants there to be a Big Brother baby. Britney says that she’s pumped for it. They all start talking about April and Ollie’s sex videos on that are on youtube from the house. They tell Britney that April now has a baby with someone else.

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3:25am – 4:30am Kathy, Matt, Lane, Annie, Britney and Hayden are all laughing and talking about the power of veto competition that involved spelling. They are having a really funny conversation.  Britney says that her favorite part was when Rachel asked if they were allowed to spell scientific words … and she spells the word chemistry. They says yeah it wasn’t even something like enzyme! Britney says what cracks her up the most was Enzo was so pumped and crazy for the competition and showed up with the word Factory …where I used to work.  They all laugh. Then Britney says that it was funny when Enzo said Monet you spelled cheaters… This bitch just cheated herself outta the competition and Monet said cheaters is longer that factory… and he said OH SHIT your right.   They all laugh. The houseguests break up and start to head to bed. Britney stay and tells Hayden that she still wants Annie to go this week, but will vote how he wants. Britney says that she thinks Annie is the saboteur. Britney also thinks Annie will go back to Brendon. Britney then leaves the HOH room. Annie is waiting outside and comes in to talk to Hayden. Hayden tells Annie that if he had to put a number on it she would have a forty to sixty split she will go, but that she has a good chance to stay in the house. Hayden asks Annie if Rachel does go home and Brendon gets HOH and he puts me up on the block, do I have a chance to stay in the house? Annie tells him that she thinks people will stick by him. Annie tells Hayden that she is proud of him for making big moves week one. Hayden and Annie talk about past season of Big Brother and at 4:30am they break up to go to bed.
7am Andrew is up does his religious ritual, has breakfast, goes to the diary room and then back to bed. 8am All the houseguests are alseep…

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BB Sab

Kathy and Britney are mother daughter. Kathy is Saboteur

Uncle Cool

I don’t think Britney is Kathie’s daughter.

I don’t think Kathie is saboteur.

I think Matt is saboteur.


Actually…. Annie is the Saboteur. Watch wait and see……


I agree. Don’t know why but I still think it’s Matt. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was Kristen or Kathy tho.


Kathy is the sabutear cuz before the lights went off she Wasn’t in the living and their was a space on the couch and after she was in that space!




It is either Kathy, who just laid there for 20 min in the popcorn challenge and fell 13 times in the hot dog challenge, or the cross eyed blond girl… cant remember her name, but they didnt show her at all on the show last night. Trying to throw people off


I believe kathy is the saboteur… No one noticed that she was missing from the couch right before the lights went out. Check out last night’s show. After all who would suspect a sheriff.

Uncle Cool

Any confirmation?

Screen caps?

Can you people with the feeds see what the saboteur is up to?


Completely agree with those who think its Matt. He’s a smooth talker, he’s unassuming and he’s smart compared to most people in the house. He fits the description of a saboteur and he seems like the type Big Brother would hire to do the job.


good point


I hope it is not Matt because I have a school girl crush on that boy.


Annie has to go. That girl is Insufferable. she has her hand in every group talking crap. and lying to al of them. And shes told 4 people that she is Bi… “in confidence” NO ONE CARES


Anybody know what time that screencap of Matt looking into the camera is from? The link says 3:10 but I watched at that time and no luck.


I find out the sabeuter is a girl. And it’s Cathy.


I paused my tv 3 different times when kathy and Brit were side by side and there is such a strong resemblance !!! Same Lips and nose. Eyes are very similar too. They are the pair! Someone said its possible that all the house guests are linked and thats something they’ll reveal later. I think thats possible but either way I would bet money that those 2 are related! and in the msg the Sab said it was obvious!!