* Updated * Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo looks at Rachel’s photo and says that she looks like she’s 48 …yo, look at all those wrinkles.


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9:20am – 10am Big Brother switches the live feed s to the “we will be right back” screen to wake up the house guests. When the feeds come back all the house guests are still trying to sleep. 9:40am Lane, Enzo and Hayden are in the kitchen. Enzo keeps saying today is the day!! Lane goes to the fridge and says that the milk says sell by Sept 15th ..We will be out of here by then. Both Enzo and Hayden are studying the memory wall thinking that tonight the competition will be the faces competition. Enzo looks at Rachel’s photo and says that she looks like she’s 48 …yo, look at all those wrinkles. Lane tries to dig something out of the sink drain with tongs. Lane heads back up to the HOH room. Hayden tells Enzo that he hears them building out in the backyard. Enzo tells Hayden and Lane to guess where some cereal was made ….and that they will never guess it .. its from some broke ass country. Lane and Hayden start guessing Enzo finally tells them that its Sweden. Then Big Brother says did you know that Sweden is slightly larger than California. Enzo says What?! ..okay!  Britney, Lane, Hayden and Enzo talk about random things.  Enzo then tells big brother to give them another fact finder … give us some more facts.  The conversation changes to talking about music.  Britney says that all old music just sounds like a cheap version of todays music.



10:15am – 10:50am Lane, Britney, Enzo and Hayden are sitting around the kitchen table. Lane is arguing with Britney about music. Lane says okay okay princess. Enzo says that he bets they aren’t even building anything in the backyard … they just act like it when they hear something. Britney leaves the kitchen and heads up to the HOH room to sleep in the bed knowing that the HOH lock down will be soon. Enzo says who doesn’t like Biggie… he pioneered rap. Enzo says that if he wins HOH tonight someone’s gonna cry. Ragan gets up and goes to the kitchen to get a bowl of cereal and takes it into the cabana room to eat by himself. Lane and Enzo make fun of Britney for not liking things because they are old. Big Brother switches the feeds to the “we will be right back” screen. When the feeds come back all the house guests come up to the HOH room for the HOH lock down. They all find a place to lay down and go back to sleep.

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11:15am All of the house guests are sleeping..
11:45am Silence in the HOH room.. Enzo is listening to the Eminem CD with the headphones on …while the rest of the house guests sleep…


12:20pm – 12:40pm Big Brother calls an end to the HOH lockdown. Britney is vacuuming, Ragan is ironing his shirt, while Lane Hayden and Enzo hang out in the bathroom. Hayden is trimming his hair. Enzo says that he just trimmed off some of his good luck. Hayden says you’ll see he will see tonight. Hayden says don’t wanna lose a half a mil cuz he couldn’t see. They talk about how Britney is cleaning because she’s nervous. Enzo asks Hayden if he going to make something to eat. Hayden says yeah baby! Enzo asks your gonna eat a baby …YO! Enzo says shes vacuuming now yo! Enzo and Lane are in the bathroom fixing their hair … Enzo is trying to convince Lane to spike his hair all up.


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1:15pm Enzo and Lane are in the kitchen. Lane is doing the dishes. Enzo goes over to the memory wall and asks is it faces today?! Britney, Lane and Hayden and Enzo are in the kitchen cleaning and making lunch. Ragan is packing in the bedroom. Then he goes to the Taj bedroom gets into bed and says only four more hours …..then another house. Enzo goes to the washroom to take a shower. Britney and Hayden sit at the kitchen table in silence. Ragan is in the kitchen making lunch. Enzo is now out of the shower and getting dressed.

3:25pm Trivia YO

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188 thoughts on “* Updated * Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo looks at Rachel’s photo and says that she looks like she’s 48 …yo, look at all those wrinkles.

  1. Does anyone else think that Hayden looks like a slightly younger version of Bruce Jenner from The Kardashian’s sometimes?

    1. It’s very sad that Bruce Jenner is known for marrying into the Kardashian family rather than for all of his olympic medals. And no, Bruce Jenner was good looking when he was young. He looked a lot like Brody.

      1. Hayden looks more like Craig from the Brady Bunch. The boy needs a hair cut bad. I guess he’s trying to bring back the 70’s.

          1. Yeah, that’s his name Greg. I couldn’t remember it…but it’s coming to me now.. the second boy was Peter, and the youngest one was Bobbie.

            Well, I could’ve googled it too… too lazy on my part, I guess.

      2. I meant the way that Bruce Jenner looks NOW, not back in the day…When Hayden’s hair is wet, or away from his face he reminds me of him.

      3. I was thinking the same thing! Bruce Jenner was one of the most recognized people on the planet after he won the decathalon at the ’76 Olympics. He was the original athlete on the Wheeties Box. Plus he starred in the most unintentionally hysterical movie of all time, “Can’t Stop The Music.”

    2. Bruce Jenner was …ahem…the proverbial “hunk” in his day. I find him sad to look at now with that tight tight face lift. He looks plastic. But when you are in the company of the Kardashian women, I guess…………. one has to do what one has to do.

      1. My thoughts exactly. Wonder if he went to the same surgeon as Kenny Rogers?? Both do not look at all natural. What ever happened to aging gracefully?

      1. Duh! no she’s not hot. she looks ok but her attitude is horrible. she thinks her shit dont stink, well i bet its the stinkiest of all! did you hear her telling the story of how her & HER MOM sit in chruch and make fun of people? I cant believe her mom taught her to be that way. whats sad is britney was so pround when she was telling the story. what a loser!!!!!
        someone should tell britney next time she fixes her hair to look at the back in the mirror.. it’s like she only fixes the front & then the back looks like poop.

        1. WOW, usually people wait until the leave church to be nasty. That’s a new low for her in my book, however it’s not shocking she learned this behavoir from her mom.

          1. Hmmm, maybe not a new low, more like a confirmation of what we already know about her in the house isn’t just because she is in the house, but because she is really like this!

        2. YOU are doing the same thing RIGHT NOW that YOU are ACCUSING her of!!! But these people have NOTHING else to do. They are BORED to death with the same faces, the same stories, EVERYTHING is THE S A M E!!! At least you have a CHOICE either watch and ENJOY or C H A N G E the CHANNEL!!!

  2. I’m over Enzo. He has a mean streak in him. He was not a good sport about winning the POV. He said Ragan was a poor sport. Come on. Enzo would have been so upset if he didn’t win because he’d know he’s done for. He could have mustered up a little fake compassion. A hole. Off subject…I know. I’m rooting for Lane and Brit.

    1. I agree with you. Enzo acted like Rachel did when she won. It’s all braggart and in your face. And then since Regan was disappointed in not winning he accuses him of being a poor looser. What a jerk.
      And since when is Sweden “some broke ass country”? Smart he’s not.

    2. yall both realize that regan threw the cd that hit that talking thing and enzo right? regan is lucky that enzo didnt knock him off the ledge and end both their games then and there.

      1. I was surprised he didnt…but as you will notice the three on the bottom Ms. Shitney, Mr. Lame…and Mr. Hair Do were praying that he did…so Enzo will be out..tonite will be interesting..becasue Enzo is on his own…I just hope..that Shitney doesnt get it…

      2. OMG, I had completely forgotten that. That was my 2nd favorite scene of the night, behind the sock puppet mouth blur. It was beautiful, hit him right smack in the head. Only way it could’ve been better was had it popped right in the mouth.

    3. Enzo reminded me of Rachel when she won! I dont really care for Enoz anymore.. I think he’s rude and not the brightest color in the box!

  3. Man they all must really like Rachel and miss her cause that is all they seem to talk about is her!!! She made the house really interesting and now that her, Brendon and even Matt are gone the house is so boring. Brittney just needs to shut up and I hope she don’t when. I was a Rachel and Brendon Fan but since there gone I figured I would go with Ragen now he is leaving so I guess it would have to be Lane or Enzo. I wish that they would just vote out the pretty boy and leave Ragen in at least he has fought to stay in. But they are all stupid this year and it has been the most boring year ever, next year BIG BROTHER spice it up more and make it more intresting (like have Pandoras box from the begining).

    1. Pandora’s Box was completely overdone. Four of them? Really? Are they THAT desperate to shake things up? They really are, but they’re failing.

      1. I agree pandora’s box was pretty lame this season. The first pandora’s box was ok but then after that it was like omg. I bet there will be another one next week.

    2. I AGREE with you 100%. If it wasn’t for Brendan and Rachel being on this years cast we would have NOTHING but DEAD SILENCE on BBAD!!!

      1. Thats not true…they were highlighted majorily at first..you didn’t even see kirsten or kathy etc..it was all brendon and rachel….why do everyone think they were bb gawd or something..

      2. Not complete dead silence. There is always Enzo and Ragan’s lip smacking, and heavy breathing when the guys are jogging the yard. That’s just spiffy damn listening…!

  4. I want to see them open a Pandora’s box and get hit with a pie. Over and over, and over again.
    I wish they have an HOH competion where the house guests have to go through something like the punching wall on Wipe Out.

  5. hey how come they haven’t shown the jury house yet? don’t they usually do that on thursdays episodes or something…or was that just last season?

    1. They haven’t shown the Jury House yet because nobody wants to watch Brendon (that is his name, right?) and Vegas Red try to make babies.

      1. they might show the jury house tonight because, honestly what else are they going to show, and hour of them talking crap about rachel!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Let’s hope they do because it’s been sooooo boring to just read about what is going on in the house, I cannot imagine having to watch BB live feeds all day.

  6. I think its time for a “who said what” POV or HOH where they take the AWFUL things they all have said, and have them match up who said it, and about who….

    then the jury can see the true colors shining on through

    1. Everyone on the jury has said things just as awful about everyone else. If they want to see true colors, they just have to look in the mirror.

    2. Now THAT would be good BB tv! Or do the person saying it in a mechanical voice, then play the actual audio so they can’t be like “it was taken out of context! That’s not how I said it!”. I’d go for that

  7. Really enzo? Because he looks like he’s old enough to be a grandfather, and old enough to be my father. He looks well into his late 40’s yo!

    1. thank you, I was hoping soemone would comment on that, rachel looks like she is in her 30’s enzo looks like he is at least 50

  8. this is the stupidest season ever. completely boring. and although Britney has her moments of hilarious comments, if I have to read/hear one more of her Rachel bashing comments, I’m going to poke my eye out with a chilled salad fork. I get Rachel was completely nutso, but come on already, get over it – none of them are worth rooting for at this point

  9. Enzo, have you not noticed all your deficiencies? Dude your a mess too! And once this is all over no one will know your name(besides the BB Penguin).

    Just in: Ben Collins is the Stig!!

  10. Who cares who said what? I mean seriously as a JURY MEMBER your job isn’t to vote personally, but to vote who played the game. If you think you can take 5, 6, or even 13 individuals, STRANGERS and put them in the house and nobody’s feelings are going to get hurt then you are crazy!

    WILL KIRBY ROCKS!!! EVEL DICK is a close 2nd.

    1. Oh please, get a grip. This is the Big Brother jury. It’s almost impossible NOT to vote personally. It’s not like it’s a criminal case brought before you by the district attorney. And after the way they’ve personally attacked people, I’d PERSONALLY try to ensure they don’t win.

  11. I thought it was funny when it was said that who cursed the most…and Enzo wasnt named. Last night when they had on their sock puppets, they blurred out Enzo’s sock puppet’s mouth…that was so funny! And he talked quite a bit without moving the puppet’s mouth…so they are getting very laxed on this stuff. Pick up the pace a little…

  12. These people are sad and they have a sick obsession with Rachel. I mean she’s been gone for three weeks now and all the house guests keep on talking about her. It’s pathetic. They know the girl for a month an a half and suddenly she’s the center of their lives. I actually feel bad for her… Why don’t they talk about instead how boring they are and how NO ONE is going to treat any of them like celebrities when they get out. They’re all such losers!

    1. I can’t get passed Ragan’s thinking that he is some kind of moral authority when he bashes her. I’ve often thought that something he sees in her he fears he has in himself. She may be the person who he dumps on but she is not necessarily the cause. He hides dark secrets.

    2. Because rachel was the center of the house..and centered on them..so of course they would continue..they have nothing better to say or do..and rachel and brendon were the only ones who were on there bad side so of course they will continue….stop acting like brendon and rachel were innocent…I mean really they went on brit all cuz she won the pov and wouldnt take them off the block…rachel went on ragan just cuz she can….Its bb your suppose to trash talk poke fun…I get the bashing is annoying and getting a bit much…but if you had to hang out with those guys haha you bash the only one you could to lol

  13. I wonder if they haven’t shown the jury house yet because they are in sequester and someone is coming back into the game when the next HOH opens Pandora’s Box… just a thought because they normally have shown the Jury House by now.

  14. Sheesh! I go away for a few days and everyone stops drinking. I love Ragan and Brit’s hilarious comments, and once in a while Enzo gets in a few good ones too. I could listen to Boy George & Brendover bashing all damn day and night. Sprinkle in some politically incorrect comments about abortion, AIDS, making fun of the church ladies’ shoes AND a lie about a sick wife. Ditto for some good old fashioned “AG is fat” posts. They’re all good for a laugh. I’m rooting for Hairdo because who the hell cares, it’s a reality show, and he was the first to take out my personal favorite, Gremlin..
    New drinking rule for the rest of the season – whenever a poster is personally offended by someone’s support for a vile HG and says he/she will pray for that poster. If that doesn’t yield enough drinks, then we’ll modify it to whenever a poster is personally offended, period. Come on, people, pray for me! I fully intend to stay drunk & happy for the next 2 weeks.

    1. I have someone praying for me just because I said I wasn’t all butthurt over Ragan’s AIDS baby comment. If that person only knew how much prayer I really need…

        1. I think I coined the term “douchenozzle” a few years back, and now I hear it everywhere. I have to come up with a few new ones so I don’t appear to be such a douche. :)

  15. Not to promote anyone else’s website, but there is a hilarious video of Lane jerking off on PerezHIlton.com….he is trying to hide it and its too funny…

            1. idk natalie of bb9 didn’t take long with matt either lol…or chelsie with james…those guys were a bunch of horn dogs…and the orgies at night lol..that season was over the top..

    1. Hey Jimik, I’m having trouble logging into alexa so I haven’t read the review yet. I’m sure you had some nice things to say so in advance i’ll say thanks your support is appreciated. I’ll see if i can get in and read it when I get home tonight.

      1. That’s okay! Just get ready for another busy night! Good Luck, Are you shutting down the comments for a 1/2 hour after the broadcast like last week?

        1. not sure if we’ll have to.. if the HOH comp goes beyond the regular broadcast then yes i will have to switch to our static server but if it’s just a quiz then our regular servers can handle the load.

          1. Simon –
            Football Alert! NFL to pre-empt Big Brother tonight.
            Don’t forget that the “Live” broadcast will not be shown until 10PM Pacific in the Los Angeles area due to the NFL (Chargers/49ers) and not until 1:37AM Eastern Friday in the New York area due to the NFL (Jets/Eagles).
            Here on the west coast BBAD will have already started before the CBS broadcast will be aired.
            Please keep us apprised of the HOH Comp.
            This is what the schedule shows for Direct TV.

                  1. Not a baby. That would invite too many comments due to what he said.
                    How about a still from that video where that kid was crying and screaming “Leave Britney alone!”
                    Remember that? It would be priceless, all things considered.

  16. Enzo hasn’t done as much Rachel bashing as Britney and Ragan but he’s right she does look older or like she’s been rode hard. But I even though Brendon was overall nice looking, I think he looks older too for only being 30. He looked at least 35 to me.

    1. I might be wrong, but I think she’s going through withdraw at this time. Having gone without sex for weeks now, everything she laid her eyes on, looks like a pennis to her….so that’s what up with the eyes rubbing. She wants to make sure that her mind is not playing with her.

    2. why does anybody pick and rub their eyes?? because they ITCH LOL, lots of dust particles get in your eyes and irritates them to no end, she needs to flush them out with some saline solution

      1. So…let me think about this. Brit rubs her eyes because they itch? That’s simple enough….She chews on her nails because… oh, must be hangnails. She picks at her hair because…….oh, she must have split ends. She picks at her leg and knees because…….well, I don’t know except she could be picking off scabs from competitions or pulling out hair. …No, it isn’t that because she sits in the tub for an hour and shaves everything three times.

    3. she also picks at her fingers and bites em all the time. i hate how shes always scratching her cleavage, its like she checking to make sure theyr still there. dont even get me started on her nasty brown roots!

    1. Lane would be a fool to do that. He will go from having 3 do dos vs Britt to Enzo Ragan vs Britt Lane. But then again i don’t know what the comps are going to be. And it seems like this close to the finish it’s all about comps.

    2. Think you may be right. Britney is staying away from both Hayden and Ragan. Her, even Lane’s, best chance is to keep Ragan. Enzo will be pissed if Hayden goes and we know he can’t win a quiz hoh.

  17. I hope Hayden goes home,but then again I can’t stand Ragan. I think that Brittney and Lane are going to be the final two. Enzo and Hayden can win against Brittney and Lane.

    1. Everybody thinks Lane will be in the final two just because he is HOH right now. Remember the power will shift again in a few days,.

  18. Maybe they slam Rachel so much because it’s the one thing they all have in common? I agree with most of their comments about her. If they hadn’t got her out when they did, I would not still be watching.

  19. rachel does get A LOT of plastic surgery, maybe thats because she looks much older than she really is… she 26 but she looks about 33-35, she not that attractive neither i saw here face she looked much better b4 the surgery. clear signs of MAJOR insecurity.

    1. I don’t know if she’s had surgery, I think its the hair if she let it go back to natural color, I think she would be cute

        1. People do age you know.
          Just because some of us stay young looking doesn’t mean everyone else is as lucky.
          I know I look younger when I was younger, and look my age now that I’m older.
          LOL..(can you tell that I’m hiding my age?)

  20. OMG!!! Enzo just confirmed that Hairdo eats babies! He should be kicked off for doing such horrible things to babies!!!!!! I will pray for him because God watches out for drunks and babies.

  21. Where are the Jury House clips??? I really wanted to see the reactions of the people as the evicted come in. You’d think they could show that instead of recollecting the last show not once but twice!

    1. i thought by now they wuld have shown Kathy arriving at the house. then Matt, then Brendon…i would they would be more exciting then these peeps.

  22. Does the jury house get to watch BB now that they are evicted? Could be fun to see how they react to all bashing. BB should show the jury house watching the house. The show would sure be more interesting.

  23. Hey….
    wondering two things:
    1. Why all the Allison Grodner hate? I’m not sure I understand….
    2. Why are they still talking about Rachel? It’s gone from amusing to just mean.

        1. Well, BrigaDUH, you have tried to insult Belle when she posted her opinion and you have tried to insult Michelle with her post. You poor thing. Is no one paying attention to you. Or maybe you have no opinion to share, all you can do is sit in a dark corner and attack. Intelligent.

  24. So Sweden is larger than California eh, well it takes 5 United Kingdoms to fit in the state of Texas. We’re only 100k sq mi larger than California. Did you know that Nzo?

  25. enzo is so happy he won a veto but i was stun that he won him using his head for a chance lol he will never be an hoh he kisses so much ass its a shame. he coludnt win hoh even if they it wasa pool playing game and he is a great pool player compared to the rest of the house lol

    1. It would make for a more interesting show if Hayden was voted out, but it seems Ragan is going home, unless Lane and Brit have something planned none of us know about.

  26. “IF” Hayden got backdoored this week AND Enzo won HoH – Who would Enzo gun to evict: Rag – won’t have the votes to win (esp’ly in “Enzo’s World”); Brit – Enzo hates and has wanted out forevah; Lane – glistening with the blood of betrayal? This is Enzo we’re talking about. Would his disgust with Brit override his disgust with Lane who put his ho before his bro? I don’t see him gunning for Ragan since he will know Brit is the common denominator. He can run on revenge.

    1. And this close to the $, maybe Enzo would think, besides hating Brit, she is one less strong competitor for the final HoH comp (since they all play for that, right). Enzo may keep Lane (partly because of the lack of choices he has) and because he may feel he can either beat Lane for final HoH or, with Brit out & only Rag left, Lane might come back around and take Enzo to F2. ??? — This is ENZO, we’re talking about…..

  27. I am watching BB UK S 11 and the BBHG’s have to talk through puppets until further notice. sound familiar? only their puppets are big sesame street ones.

  28. Still ragging on Rachel’s looks? Really? How limited the brain trust in the house. And Brit doesn’t like anything that’s old? That’s just her own fear of growing old. She assumes that because she has been so thoughtless and mean-spirited, everyone is that way. She can’t even imagine that someone could like her, even if she lost her looks. The only lens she sees through is that critical, back-stabbing, get-them-before-they get-you type. How can she be ready to take marriage vows that include, “for better or for worse?” She only knows “worse” as the time when you kick the other person.

    Ironic how Ragan spoke so eloquently about the poor sportsmanship displayed by Brenchal; and then behaved the identical way when things didn’t go his way. The only good sportsmanship in the house was shown by (and it kills me to say this) Matt, who was cocky and arrogant, but not IN YOUR FACE with his joy or his sadness. Hayden, and Lane don’t count because they only just started competing now that they have no other choice/ no coattails to ride. Enzo is walking around all puffed up and proud. He has no clue how it feels to have no friends or allies in the house. And Ragan only felt the sting of playing alone since Matt’s betrayal.

    Everyone left in the house has had someone to turn to for almost the entire game. They have all been haters targeting anything/ anyone who made them feel insecure about either their looks or their intellect. They talked endlessly about how clumsy, uncoordinated, and unathletic Brendon was. Yet, “he’s the biggest threat in this house. He’s gotta go, yo!” Kristin got the boot because she was pretty; Andrew, because he was out of his depth and socially awkward, i.e., not one of the “cool kids.” Lane talked about Andrew as though he had some sort of special insight. He kept saying that Andrew is not used to being in the real world and acted as though the guy was a hermit. Lane doesn’t know squat about Orthodox Judaism. Andrew is a podiatrist, a medical doctor, Lane! He went to med school; he treats patients. They were all disrespectful of the fact that Andrew needed to adhere to a strict diet and keep his eating and cooking utensils separate. How hard is it to keep your grubby mitts off the few kitchen items he needed? They knew he couldn’t reuse the items once they used them for non-kosher foods or mixed the meat and dairy, etc. They didn’t care!

    And finally, Big Brother is not a charity organization. It is a reality-based game show. No one should be on it if this is their last hope for financial solvency.

    1. A voice of reason!!! I knew there was a reason I have read all of these weak takes on this site, it was so I could get to a good one. Well said Hellos. I couldn’t agree more.

    2. I really appreciated reading your post. You managed to recap the entire season in a well written paragraph. It is too bad that the HGs will not get the chance to read it as well.

  29. Football Alert!
    Check your local listings for NFL Pre-Season Football on CBS tonight.
    BB is pre-empted on LA & NYC feeds.

      1. Wrong!
        On Direct TV the CBS feed out of NY is now showing the Jets/Eagles game as of this posting. (5:40 PM PDT).
        The CBS feed out of LA will be showing the Chargers/49ers game beginning at 7 PM PDT.
        The CBS NY broadcast of Big Brother will be shown at 1:37 AM EST or 10:37 PM PDT.
        The CBS LA broadcast of Big Brother will be shown at 10 PM PDT.
        The NBC NY feed is of the Ravens/Rams right now.
        Both the east and west coast feeds of FOX are regular programming. No football.
        Sorry to burst your bubble brian. Blame Direct TV.

  30. I guess tonight we’ll see if Lane is really the “good ole boy, dumb country bumpkin” he wants everyone to believe, or if he really has a smidgen of brains and back doors Hayden. If would definitely get interesting at that point.

    I’ll “pray” for Lane…;)

  31. I’m soo sick of reagan always talking about rachel I think he wants to be her an stop whinning about leaving he did win 20,000 for being the sab.

  32. Tonight’s BB will be a major switch in BB 12 and bring about much more interest. The Brigade will
    be finish tonight…..Hayden will be sent to the Jury (too bad Kristan will not be there to welcome him.)

  33. I’m tried of Regan saying “that’s what she says” after every sentence during Showtime. It’s beyond annoying… Would love to see “Hayden” aka Shaggy get evicted tonight. At least Britney & Regan have been playing the game – the rest of dorks are lazy dorks.

  34. in fact football is on til 1230 am and my local station in mich does not plan to air the BB epispde so I will have to wait til tomorrow to download it to watch. so will rely on this site for update, thank god for this site.

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