*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Enzo and Lane agree They can’t take the Hairdo to Final twos

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:00pm to 7:45pm Backyard Hayden, Enzo, LAne and Brit Nothing but random card talk.
Enzo: “I feel tired yo I might go take a nap” Hayden says he’s going to work out then take a shower. Enzo says he should probably work out tonight. Hayden asks Lane if he wants to do weights tonight, maybe they can help each other with the bench press. Lane says sure, Enzo in the background saying that he wants to join them he needs to work out… Hayden to Lane: “you want to start in 30minutes”.. Enzo: “A hour”.. Hayden to LAne: “You want to start in a hour?” Lane: “Sure”.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother calls Brit into the DR.. She groans Brit: “I’m getting evicted theres nothing I want to talk to them about”.. Hayden heads in to take a shower (Showers before and after he works out)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:01pm backyard Lane and Enzo Still playing cards.. Enzo says he hopes Brit plays her part and goes home quietly. After tomorrow enzo doesn’t care what she does she can throw him under the bus play the game it doesn’t matter to him. They stop playing cards.. Enzo: “You and me still have a chance I think we can beat Hayden”. Lane: “I dunno man” Enzo laughs.. “Ohh C’mon”. Lane tells him how much Brit hates Hayden right now because apparently brit and hayden made a deal and went back on it. Enzo: “Ohh Shiiiit”. Enzo and Lane agree it’s a guaranteed 50K if they take Hayden to final 2. Lane points out that he thinks he’ll lose against Enzo as well because enzo is friends with everyone in the jury. Enzo thinks if its the two of them they both have a good chance but against Hayden there is not chance in hell.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:25pm HOH Hayden and Enzo Hayden says that Brit is acting differently with him. Enzo tells him that Brit is trying to get him to use the POV. Hayden knows, he thinks that Brit honestly thought Hayden and LAne would use the POV on her. Enzo says Brit is just being salty because we told her she’s going home, Enzo: “what does she want us to do tell.. play her along tell her she has a chance c’mon now get out of here”. Hayden brings up the conversation with Brit when she told him she never expected someone like HAyden to deceive her like he did.. she doesn’t care about Lane or Enzo part in the brigade she expects that from guys like them but hearing about Hayden’s involvement was a real shock to her.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:26pm LAne and HAyden working out. Enzo upstairs in HOH listening to music.
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:12pm Backyard Brigade Hayden is wondering why they can’t put fish on the feeds and let the brigade watch a movie in the living room. Enzo tells them how much he loves greek mythology tells them all about Achilles.
Big BRother 12 Poll Whose the hottest BB chick

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115 thoughts on “*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Enzo and Lane agree They can’t take the Hairdo to Final twos

  1. Hamburger and fries agree that they shouldn’t tell Allison Grodner about the one fry that escaped and is hiding at the bottom of the bag. Good luck, fry escapee.

  2. My grandpa has more energy than Enzo, what a slug. I hope the DR can hype Brit up to work on Enzo or Hayden, I’d hate to see Lane go, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do.Would love to see her talk Hayden into using that POV, put up Enzo and it would be Goodbye Enzo…..he would look good rolled up in a tarp.

    1. Britney needs to start working on Hayden hardcore.

      Lay it out for him. If he doesn’t use the POV she’ll work the Jury House to guarantee he won’t win the 500k.

      She’ll spill about the money and the Hawaiian vacation. If he’s up against Enzo, tell Hayden there’s no way he will win. Enzo has Brendon, (and that gets you Rachel), Britney and she’ll lobby Matt HARD. Maybe even Ragan. Let Hayden know he’d be lucky to get Kathy’s vote.

      If he’s up against Lane, well Lane will get Britney, Kathy, Brendon, and Matt.

      Just paint it as a no win scenario, unless he takes Britney to the Final Two.

      She just might make it to the next week if she’s willing to play hardball

      Unfortunately, after watching this season, no one is willing to do that. Well, Ragan did a little bit, bit it required deep cognitive activity on the part of the other HGs.

      I suppose that’s the flaw in my logic, there

    2. it won’t work
      hayden is hardcore brigade, so is enzo. lane was never too into it, so brit could work on him.
      she’s going home and then this shit will be boring as hell

  3. Enzo is so worried that he’s not going to make it to the final 2… And he should be worried! The only way he’s going to win is if he takes Lane…otherwize he’s done and that would be fine with me!
    If Lane goes to the final 2 with anyone, he walks away with 50 grand.
    I really hope that Brit and Matt fill everyone in at the JH at the brigade and anyone but Enzo wins. I’ll be so glad if Enzo goes home and his so called fame has ended before it ever truly begins!

  4. I went to school with Brit so of course i’m hoping she wins :) I would love to see Enzo go home because he hasn’t done anything to keep himself in the game competition wise.. I’m sure Ragen has told the everyone in the jury house about the brigade. I honestly think if Enzo makes it to the final 2, any of the other 3 have a decent chance of winning over him.

    1. Hi HG, just out of curiousity, does Brit come from a rich family? Does she really “need” the money? What was she like to be with in school? Is she as mean as she comes across?

    1. hayden can’t use the pov on brit, the brigade has to be in the final 3 together because they are the best alliance in bb history, I laugh so hard every time I hear that

      1. Hayden has to watch out for himself. If Brit has convinced him enough that she has no chance, and, by the way, there can only be two at the end, Hayden could use the POV then put up Yo, Brit vote him out, and the clown is GONE! Yes!

  5. Did anyone notice that during Brit’s morning soliloquy, she said several times how much she misses her family, friends and dog and never once mentioned Nick? They are done in her mind. She is hoping he breaks the engagment so she be done with him, keep the ring and jump Lane’s bone in Steamboat.

  6. And whats with those skanky wife beater t-shirts Enzo wears, I thought those went out decades ago?????
    Make no mistake guys, wearing them lowers your IQ. Some men and I won’t mention any names (ENZO) really can’t afford it.

      1. I don’t hate Enzo, but I would hate to see him win anything, and you’re full of smash.
        Same applies to Hayden if they are his t-shirts.

  7. Some very funy moments on air tonight in the DR. Enzo saying it sounded like Newark during the HOH contest because of how much noise there was from Britney dropping her ornaments. Britney had another one liner. She is the funniest DR person in the history of BB. Of course, she is one of the pettiest, mud-slinging wenches in her everday conversations in the house behind other HG’s backs. If only she knew how observers of her actions this summer make her an easy target for petty mud-slinging. As another poster stated earlier today, she evidently learned all her pettiness and snobbery from her wretched mother.

    1. And how old are you Brad?
      The cast is told to “Act” and entertain the viewers especially while beiing coached in the DR…
      Who did you learn your P&S from?
      Your wretched Mother?

    2. well Brad, are’t you a little asshole. You shouldn’t be talking about someones MOM, you are the perfect example of the old saying “Parents are responsible for the effort, not the outcome”

  8. Not a fan of the DR sessions tonight on CBS. Not their best – any of them. They don’t just soften up Enzo on CBS, they soften up Britney like crazy, with all the soft lovey dovey music while she makes cow eyes at Lane and her being “fun” with the pillow fight. The way they soften everyone’s edits, it looks more like the Brady Brunch than Big Brother.

  9. Britney is going to get what she deserves. She is a pompus little bitch that thinks she deserves to get what ever she wants….Baby! THat lazy eye piece of shippppp should go home for playing such a lousy game and not reading the group of losers in the house. Hayden will walk with all the cash as he should. Nice, polite, professional and genuinely concerned about other peoples feelings. What a great kid!!!

    1. stop now…brit is a little hump bunny,seriously you couldn’t catch anything that juicy if you walked into a whoehouse with a fistful of 100’s…you like Hayden? Did you cry when Ragan left?

      1. I get $100 ladies all week at the Chicken Ranch much hotter then the Lazy Eye Brit….plus they don’t have an attitude like a 10th grader….

            1. So you know all about bathhouses huh????????
              You think I’m a Ragan lover
              And you want me to check out a porn site
              And then, and then, and then you want me to come look you up.
              Damn I’m getting excited just thinking about it.

        1. Right and you have to pay for a hooker..How sad to be you:(

          You can’t stand women who can talk just as dirty as the boys.
          They can’t stand you either..

          You just want little bo-peep. Good luck with that..

          1. Soon to be divorced put a hat on it so I know what end you are talking out of…hahaha! Your hubby has been with hookers and still would rather bang one out faster than being with you and the kids. UGH~
            5 years from now you will remember this message ALL MEN are scun and cheat with hookers…ask my minister I had him arrested last week, so wake up!!!

            1. scun…LOL

              JF = The King of Scum..

              Real Men are not gutter feeders like you…
              Go save your dollars now for your hookers.. Who have to take gravol to be with you.
              Don’t break open the kids piggy bank..

              Always Remember the best moment for anyone who has to spend time with you – will be when you leave them and they finally shut the door on your pathetic ass..

    2. LMFAO! I love your grammar ” reading the house of people”? Or ” RIDDING ” the house of people? Dumbo!!!!!,

      1. Dope, I meant “READING” as in looking over the people and understanding where they are coming from. As for Grammar the errors u believe ocurred are spelling. U did catch me on pompous I did not proof read my statment.
        To much texting has ruined my spelling. Sorry Ragan Lover go back to West Holly Like Like Like u knows what I mean?

        1. Just for your edification I found the following:
          Urban Dictionary buy pompus mugs, tshirts and magnetsarrogant, snobby, stuck up
          That man has being acting so pompus since he bought that BMW.
          snobby arrogant stuck up prude prep
          by erica75705 Nov 5, 2006

          This was placed in the Urban Dictionary by silly street people who can’t spell. Thanks for the observation.

        2. My JD trumps your AA from South Central u silly man lover. Hence you get flustered when u are wrong. Take it like a man and get a vocation that pays more than 25 k a year you silly goose!!! Please don’t talk to me like you talk to your man it is so unbecoming!!! KMA LMB u big PUSSY!

  10. However I wish Britney would get Hayden to pull Lane off the block and send Enzo home to his dirty uneducated sales job and loser friends. Enzo is a loser with little skills including English. His low brow yo’s and ain’t none gots no has to stop. This 30 year old loser should be on the show scrappers….hahahah!

      1. He said he is 31 years old and he sells insurance in Jersey. Why am I blind is there stats on Enzo the fake Italian dirtbag?

      2. That’s right he is 26 going on 56, with his flabby flash and balding head. He is great, right? An icon! Whom else you look up too? Pete Doherty?

      3. Big Brother Cast – Enzo. Biography. Enzo. Name: Enzo Palumbo Age: 32. Current Residence: Bayonne, N.J.. Occupation: Insurance Adjuster …
        cbs.com/primetime/big_brother/cast/12/enzo/ – Cached

        He is 32.

  11. What planet does that idiot Enzo live on. America loves the brigade, this was the best alliance ever on big brother, and the best they will want to interview the brigade as a unit…LOL, this guy has lost his mind being in the house as long as he has. ENZO=DELUSIONAL.

    1. Thank goodness I am not the only one who feels that way….These “douchers” especially Enzo really think a heck of a lot about themselves. it’s making me crazy!!!!
      I love too that they think they can walk into any club in LA and get in by saying “Do you know who i am ?” I’d love to be there when the bouncer answers LOL

      1. damn you guys are nuts, these guys just talk shit because theres nothing else to do, they make fun of themselves to. hate is just you being mad that these guys ran bb12 they played all your favorite people,lol brigade!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. the only thing these idiots did, was to get rid of matt after matt did everything for them, they sat back and let everyone pick each other off, that does not mean they did anything

  12. Does anyone who watch the feeds find it as funny as I do that the dumbass BRIGADE think that they are such HUGE celebrities? I mean especially dumb ass Enzo… He is convinced he will be offered record deals for his Jumanji Jam, and a lead acting role in a movie?? I mean really his lazy ass can barely stay awake. Hayden and Lane are equally worthless yet they are all convinced they are shoe-ins for America’s Player.. ummm dumb asses don’t you actually have to do something to be a “player”?
    Seriously i am at this point disappointed if any of the 3 goons win… none of them deserve it!

  13. Noooo Brit, If you keep putting base on like that your skin is going to hate you later.
    sorry, pet peeve of mine. And she makes fun of others makeup, wow this girl…

    1. “Base” ? What year are we? 1920’s , are you referring to FOUNDATION make-up ?
      These days they come with antioxidants and vitamins and nutrients. Unlike your ” shoe polish ” like stuff of your 1920’s.

    2. I found it interesting she sleeps and showers in her false eyelashes. I may be showing my age…but I did not know you could do that.

  14. i haven t watched too many seasons…but i don t think i ve ever seen a cast so greedy …full of themselves…..with allusions of upcoming fame. it s sickening they keep talking about there pie in the sky dreams. i still think enzo is acting and he s going to say look how i fooled everybody..hire me hollywood. just sayin

  15. Here we are watching the After Dark ….there is big mouth Enzo blabbing his arrogant mouth on how intimidated everyone was because of HIS Brigade (he reminds everyone constantly HE named it, that’s it) no one wanted to put them up because of it and that didn’t happen until Week 8.. DUH, when the big guns left the house, who was left to put up? …and we get to see Brit hiding in the HOH room chewing on her fingers and picking her nails as usual. Brit the Nit-Picker. It’s a wonder she has any fingers left to groom. These people are jokes. Enzo is the biggest joke of all BB history. We can always plan on Enzo’s cussing every other word, but we can always hear him repeat his sentences twice. He has a 3 sentence vocabulary sprinkled with foul language, that’s it, yo….. He has not stopped yapping about the Brigade, BB history, how famous they area. I’d like to pop him in the mouth, sew it shut so he can’t talk or eat…. . I wonder what his wifey has to deal with when she goes to work at her Fortune 500 company and face people who watch that idiot she is married to. I guess I am rooting for Hayden….. Who ever wins, please please get that damn Enzo out.

  16. Omg these people are so dumb. BB11 was a completely different kind of game. There were 4 teams in that season. Lane and Hayden would have never have an alliance with Enzo because Enzo would not have been an athlete. And last season you could not throw comps because then your entire team is screwed and the team that wins couldn’t put any of there teamates up on the block so right away certain people weren’t goin up on the block. There so stupid to try to compare season 11 to season 12. You just can’t do it

    1. he couldn’t make it in a B movie, the only difference between Enzo and some monkey in the zoo slinging chit is, well, ummm, ok…there isn’t any.

  17. God I can’t stand Enzo. And now lane has become the biggest wuss. He knows his only shot is against Brittney. So why doesn’t lane grow some balls and tell Hayden they should get rid of Enzo because they can’t beat them. Instead lane just yeses Enzo and Hayden. Lane did nothing to try to win this game. Why they casted these fools I have no clue. Enzo and his big mouth keeps saying it is what it is let it be. Let’s here him say that if hayden uses the pov on Brittney. The guy says these things whenever he’s not up on the block. But when he is up there he pouts like the time when Brit put him up. He makes me sick. I think Brit and lane together could convince Hayden to do something but both just quit.

  18. I know this season has big ratings. Why I have no clue. But I wonder if the producers of BB are really happy with this cast. Just watching week after week of people giving up and week after week being totally predictable. And no body wanting to make a big move. Has anyone seen any interviews with Allison or any one else about what they think of the cast this season? Or lack of cast.

      1. thats not great ratings, the ratings are about the same as last year, and if you check the ratings of the other shows, the only show it beat was wipeout and just barely

  19. it’s funny how much you guys hate enzo and the brigade so much, but you watch them everyday.everyday you say i cant stand enzo i hate enzo but your right there listening to his every word.dont be scared of enzo yo.

    1. To know Enzo through live feeds is definitely not to love Enzo. Familarity breeds contempt. With the live feeds you see the true un-white-washed Enzo and it’s pretty repulsive. Even this blog doesn’t capture his nastiness — probably because it’s pretty hard to transcribe a Enzo conversation / rant since it consists mostly of f*cking + *insult* + *female houseguest* or *male houseguest [not Lane or Hayden]* + *yo* OR when in the HOH room, slurping sounds as he brown-noses HOH then f*cking + *insult* to female housguest OR male houseguest [not Lane or Hayden] + yo. And when with Lane or Hayden, *fame* *I’m gonna live* + *f*cking* + forever + in the movies + on bar tour + America loves me + yo.

      Tell me you watch the live feeds and like Enzo??

      1. i watch the live feeds and love enzo, he makes me crack up. why you think no one wants to take him to the final 2. he won 1 pov and still no one wants to take him to final 2.and they live with him.i guess you have to be a fan of like howard stern or eminem .hes a jersey nut. hes entertainment .hes raunchy,nasty, he talks shit with the best of them. he makes fun of himself, he said he was going to be on oprah last night,then he started making fun of how they think there famous.there just hoping ,having fun with this stuff thats all.havent you ever told yourself, i should be in the movies hes just dreaming.geeez give the brigade a break they did good, somehow they made the final 3.

    1. BB production are the same people behind “You’re Cut Off”. BB production are the ones with mega-losses in their financial statement. BB production is nothing to be proud of.

    1. 1) Can we tell Enzo that America doesn’t love him? Can we finally penalize him for cheating by bringing Matt and Ragan back into the game?

      2) Can we let Hayden know that STEAMBOAT STEAMBOAT STEAMBOAT has convinced thousands of Americans to avoid Steamboat and rather that underwriting his trip, Steamboat is banning him?

      3) Can we have Nick and his brother break into BB and kick Lane’s assets?

  20. Summers eve for the win!!!!! I sure hope the show doesn’t get cancelled because of these idiots! I do like lane but dude, stop trying so hard in the d.r. You definitely aren’t gonna get any acting jobs like Enzo! Enzo’s head kinda reminds me of a baboons ass! The only thing that I’m waiting for now is for Enzo to go after Brit. Please don’t let that shit stain win first or even second place!

    1. Enzo will go after her if he has even the slightest feeling that Hayden might use the POV … he’s proven himself to be paranoid before (ref: see Enzo’s paranoid rants in weeks before Matt’s eviction).

      1. I am still amazed at the sheer number of people that do not realize these guys are in an alliance…they are going to go to the final 3. Maybe…maybe…….. if Brit or Lane had won POV there might…might…. have been a different outcome. At this point it’s these guys… get over it yo!

  21. As much as I wished it would be Brit and Enzo in the final two..alas.. twas not meant to be yo. If Hayden takes Lane…Hayden may win…If Lane takes Hayden…Hayden may win……. if Enzo takes Hayden..Hayden may win… If Enzo takes Lane.. Lane may win. It seems like a no brainer to take the meow meow…but there may not be a brain left in the bunch.

    1. i dont think the 3 of them combine equals a brain. nah haydens a smart dude .hes the mastermind thats why he does deserve it.i’m just glad brigade made it to final 3.i give a shit about what everybody else thinks about the brigade, i’ve been rooting for them from the start.so this season was dope as hell. now we get to watch these dumb asses bang it out, i cant wait.its going to be to funny,especially if enzo wins,highly unlikely but that shit would be awsome,lol

  22. bbad would still be entertaining with enzo gone,if anything it would turn wild cause i truelly believe none of them care for enzo they just have to put up with him so if or when he does get evicted they will get his vote. If hayden keeps brit i still don’t think enzo would talk bad about the remaing brig cause remember his favorite line it is what it is ha!ha.People are commenting on how hayden is the brain well if he was the brain it must be asleep cause the biggest move he could make is staring him right in the face BRITNEY being saved. All you enzo fans you must also have no class ENZO NEEDS TO GO……………..

  23. I’m sick of Lane finding ways to mention Muscle Milk constantly.
    I get it. He hopes to be able to extend his fifteen minutes (in his case, seconds) into a chance to do a.commercial for the stuff. Keep.dreaming, Lane.

  24. In all honesty, Enzo deserves to go home over Brit. Like it or not, she actually won some things and had a gameplay. Seriously, what crap has Enzo done besides Brit?

    He’s the worst and the best to take to the final 2, simply because he doesn’t deserve a dime, and no one will vote for him.

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