Big Brother 12 – Enzo wants the Brigade to Party with Rachel, “You Never know you might get some Big T!tty B!tches that want to f**k you..Yo”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:20pm Backyard Brigade They are talking about how popular they will be when they get out. Lane and Enzo in particular are pumped at getting hooked up at bars. Enzo thinks it’ll all hit them when they are at the hotel bar and someone comes up to them for the first time. LAne brings up the “DR People” all want to go get “BLANK up” with us after. Enzo brings up Vegas and how he thinks it’ll be fun if they go off and do there own thing as a group. Hayden agrees. Enzo mentions that they might want to hang out with Rahcel a bit, Enzo: “you never know with Rachel you might get some crazy BLANK.. big titty BLANK that want to BLANK you.. she’s got connection over there”. Hayden: “You think Vegas will like Rachel though”. Enzo: “Oh yeah.. Vegas will love her but the general American public hates her she was the villain this year.. Brendon tried to be villain but he was lost. Enzo thinks even though they are happy to leave the house they may miss parts of it. Enzo explains how hard it is to be in the house, how he describes it makes you think he’s talking about going to war. He says that no one will understand what it’s like to be in the house only other players that made it this far will know what it’s really like. Lane Agrees he says he told his mom that it was nothing like what you see on the show.
They go back to talking about how awesome they are and how they were able to pull of this masterpiece alliance. Enzo thinks the main contributing factor was trust.

Enzo is talking about the jury questions.. HE thinks Matt will ask him if he threw him under the bus, enzo: “Yes.. next question”. They joke that they won’t let Kathy ask a question because she has no clue about what is going on. Enzo: “What will brit question be”. lane: “What did you do for me why should you get my vote”. Hayden says he’s screwed if she asks that because he didn’t use the POV on her and sent her home. Hayden brings up that Brit talked to him a bit this afternoon but she still pissed at him.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:40pm Hayden asks Enzo if he threw the paint bucket comp, Enzo says he got dizzy and felt sick. Enzo asks Lane if he could of lasted longer on the paint can. Lane said he probably had 20 minutes left in him but once he saw Brendon fall it didn’t matter who won they were just having fun. Hayden: “I would say Brendon had a excuse for everything.. small feet…”. Lane: “What comp do you think was the hardest..” Enzo: “The rope” Lane: “The paint can”.. HAyden thinks it was the rope he tells them that lane and him could of done much better then they did. Talk goes to the final HOH comp. Lane thinks the endurance will be fun and more focused on balance. Hayden thinks there will be something for Strength because theres 3 guys competing.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:55pm Hot Tub Brit tells them when they had the bowling comp Rachel was talking to Jordan and it was so obvious that Jordan wanted nothing to do with her. Enzo brings up that Rachel was barking out that her and Jordan would hang out in Vegas and Jordan was shaking her head. Brit says that Rachel told Jordan that her, Brendon and MAtt were the only people in the house playing the game. Hayden says that they weren’t winning because they didn’t have to. Brit tells them about the live show when julie chen asked them what the most underestimated player is and Rachel told her she thinks that everyone can try a bit harder. Hayden comments that if they were such non competitors why are they still in the house and Rachel was the first jury member.

They start talking about Brendon being a have nots. They all agree he BLANK and moan the most about it. LAne says his farts were so stinky yet they sounded like a little girls farts. They all laugh at how Brendon would try to hid his farts but they were so stinky you could smell them across a room. Hayden tells them when he was HOH the first week Andrew would come in at 5 in the morning site at the foot of the bed and talk to hayden. Enzo: “BLANK yo thats creepy”.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Brit: “Lane would always make me laugh when he said Brendon is the 4 people that annoy him the most in the world combined into one person”. Brit remembers when Lane and Brendon got confrontational at the sink.. and Brendon was trying to back track fast. Lane: “I wanted to punch Brendon sometimes”. Brit says that she threw the knock out comp because her and Hayden were the first 2 up and if she got the question right she would have to put B/R. If she was the one to put B/R up on the comp and one of them would win HOH then she would of been put up on the block. Brit: “That is exactly what Happened to HAyden and Kristen”. Enzo: “Why did Kristen put rachel up against Kathy”. Brit: “that was dumb”.. BRit tells them that the DR called her out on Throwing the KNock out comp.. Enzo says the same thing happened with him and the Rope competition. Brit: “I didn’t throw the rope one I would still be here doing it”.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:47pm Hot tub Brit telling the guys about “B-Spears”, she’s a huge fan and goes on and on about “B-Spears”.

Big BRother 12 Poll Whose the hottest BB chick

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92 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 – Enzo wants the Brigade to Party with Rachel, “You Never know you might get some Big T!tty B!tches that want to f**k you..Yo”

  1. I HATE YOU BB AFTER DARK AND YOUR STUPID SHOTS OF FLIPPING PINK FLAMINGOS!!! I mean really, they toads are outside making noise and you have us watching pink freaking flamingos!!! I hate BB After dark at the end of the season!!! Curse you for making us stare at pink flamingos for no damn reason!!! Who is sitting behind that camera anyway? You should be smacked for allowing the feeds to cut to your camera!

    1. They usually do that when the HGs are talking about people that they did not get releases from or subject matters that they don’t want to air like stories about people famous or otherwise. Sometimes they do it when they are talking about shows not on Showtime. It stuff like that they don’t want us to hear. It is a pain, I do agree. Also, I hate when they flip to a commercial right when something is getting interesting.

    2. They’re actually real flamingos. They’re just so afraid that Allison Grodner will find out, that they stay still all day while the cameras are on them.

  2. Lane knows his only chance is against Brittney. Why doesn’t this guy atleast try to talk to Hayden about possibly keeping her? This guy is basicly what this season has been about all season. Just blend in and hope you don’t get knocked out in 3rd place. I just don’t get it. Every other season someone would have atleast tried. I would have tokd Hayden I’m getting sick of the way Enzo talks about people. Then I would say if he gets lucky and makes the final 2 then we are screwed. Why don’t we take Brittney. She can’t beat us at endurance and can’t beat us in skill. And if she does somehow gets lucky she won’t win. And if I was Brittney I would tell Hayden if you use the pov on me I promise you the final 2. The other guys won’t take you but I will. Instead we get nothing. We get a house full of people who just quit. I just wish they would atleast try. Lane, Hayden and Brit are in the hot tub alone. Now is the time to atleast try to make some kind of deal. I really don’t care who wins I just want to see something unexpected happen instead of the same predictable thing every week.

    1. You want Britney to tell Hayden that if he uses the POV on her, she’ll promise to take him to the final 2?
      1. Why should anyone believes anything that comes out of Britney’s mouth right now?
      2. Everyone in that house has the same chance as Britney to become the next HOH.
      3. Hayden hair is in his eyes, not his brain. He’s not as stupid as Britney. Britney’s problem is that she thought she was “in” with the boys. She dumped Matt, she dumped Ragan, (but I like how she claimed that Ragan is her “dear friend”. LOL… Yeah, with “dear friend” like that, who needs enemy………she also turned her back on Kathy, Rachel, Kristen, Brendon.

  3. WTF is wrong with this show and its employees?! Can you imagine if Drew Carey (a person with the power to influence the outcome of a game show) was making plans during the Price is Right to go out with young contestants that he found attractive? Talk about bias! And DR people — BB cast is not there for an opportunity for you to expand your social network . . . it’s a job, act professionally. EGADS, I hate millenials!

    1. Ok, I don’t really hate millenials but there are certain aspects of the moral codes present in many of them that I just don’t get.

  4. I am afraid we will go the whole season without a Regan pic, Simon….. are there any candidates… c’mon people let’s get on this.

    1. Someone here posted a picture next to Ragan about 2 weeks ago, it was so perfect! I’m trying to think what it was??? I know, just can’t figure out what he was called.

    2. Ragan needs a photo like – TwoFace from Batman or a split Dr. Jekll and Mr. Hyde….
      The reason for this – Ragan wants everyone to think of him as this nice gay man who loves everyone and treats each person with respect – but, turn on him – then he switches into a monster who spits out vile disgusting things about people and cries when he doesn’t get his way. Just an idea!

  5. lol, Enzo expects a movie deal? That tool will disappear after bb12 never to be heard from again. Who the heck is going to hire someone that says yo every 30 seconds? The guys is a loser.

    1. When someone calls someone else ” a loser”, I translate that to be “my vocabulary is limited, and I don’t know any other ways to express myself, so I’ll just call them a loser.”

    2. One comment: I feel the same way. What a waste of a contestant’s spot on the show. This season is so contrived. I liked the show better in the earlier days when you had people like Chicken George, just plain, everyday, good people and not these star wannabees like Enzo…what a joke! What would he or could he do if hired on some slimy show? Well…he could curse all the time, disrespect women, be a pig and just sit there wasting space. Come on BB, stop aiming everything at the 18-45 year old group (sorry group, I know you’re not all to be lumped in the same boat) and aim for fun, fun loving, decent people…they will bring in the ratings if they are interesting, funny and lovable…leave out the Enzo, Rachel, Brendon, Kathy types please!!

    3. lmao at your naive, self-righteous post. you do realize this is big brother, right? a show where houseguests are picked for being obnoxious, unlikable and controversial. the guy’s got no filter on his mouth.
      rachel was picked for 1 reason only: to be exploited. a gimmick to enrage gulliable viewers. geez…the average viewer really IS that stupid.

  6. ! ? Does anyone wonder with me why it doesn’t appear that Lane was prosecuted for hisalleged involvement with his brother in the breaking, entering, and battery of the college student? If he was a poor kid from the wrong side of the tracks, I bet he’d be in jail.

      1. Lane says stupid things he thinks are funny. I think this kitten thing was a joke that backfired. What a stupid idiot to say such a thing into cameras rolling the globe. But then again we see him in the shower whacking off every chance he gets and I think he figures cleaning that left ear with one hand will fool us as to where the other hand is…

    1. Hi Mimi – two options?? Either Daddy is really connected – or – Lane likes to exaggerate to make himself look big ‘n’ bad.

      1. Did you hear his idea of romancing a woman. I turned to my 12 yo and said if a guy ever treats you that way you better leave before the date is over!

        1. I’m married to a cowboy, yet he’s several years older than Lane. But I can assure you, though he may have that rough and tough exterior, Lane is a good guy, with a big heart and and big hugs. The mature (older) watchers of the show, see a different side of Lane than some of you. I saw his face after they told brit about the brigade and when he talked to her when she was crying…. and other times. Plus he is hilarious!
          No, I’m not his mom- just a fan.

  7. Typical Enzo, making his wifey proud!
    And yeah…what the heck…if someone like “Snooky” can be famous, well then so can “Enzo”….In fact Im thinking after wifey says “So long loser boy” He can be Snooky’s new love interest on JS……now that is a perfect couple!!

  8. I wonder if Enzo understands that the Brigade was originally 4 deep and the only way that the Brigade would make history would have been to have remained 4 deep to the final 4???? NAH, he’s not that smart…..Now that Monkey Jokr talked about….he would understand…..

    1. Hi LJ. Been wondering where you were. My Balloon Boy is one of those 3 and I am happy to see him get this far. It is a change for me to have someone get this far that I am pulling for. Hope all is well with you and your family and you puppies.

      1. Hi BB-Ma
        Been one of those weeks! I did get your e-mail address and am going to e-mail off board sometime in the next couple days……bad news about my mom……
        But…..BB wise, Im glad my boy Lane is still in it to win it too! I would love to see Lane and Hayden in the end!

        1. Oh, I am so sorry to hear that there is bad news. Yes, you email me when you can. I will look forward to receiving it. Lane and Hayden to the end! I have missed you.

      2. Hi BBGrandma and LJ-
        I don’t know either of you, but I didn’t want to feel left out on the coversation so………my children are doing fine. They’re back in school, and might have they grown. They all are like 2 inches taller than all of their friends.
        I don’t have any dogs or cats, but I’ll let you two know as soon as I’ll buy one. Oh, I have some ants on my porch. I’ll email you more about it.

    2. but the brigade took out matt the brains .they took out there own. thats what makes the brigade more hard,caught matt slippin and sent him packing. brigade!!!! whos the monkeys the people in the jury house or the the final 3 still in the game. it’s goin to be funny when you see the clip of enzo in a guys are goin to be so mad,lol

      1. I wont be mad when I see him in a movie…..I will be mad when/if he wins this thing……
        But then the moment the show ends I will have forgotten…..

      2. Enzo is a moron who can’t shut up. The whole country (and Canada) is laughing AT him, not with him. Did you not notice how unpopular he is on all the polls? He’s barely beating out Dawg. LOL

    1. Maybe he was just washing his dick. Maybe he likes it really clean. Why the fascination with what Lane does with his dick in the shower?

    2. You can’t get mad at him for that, can you? He’s been in that house a long time, even Britney with her foul mouth would start to look inviting at some point. So if he can’t get some, why not masturbate? It’s not hurting anyone in the house for him to do so in the shower, and I bet it feels good. :D

  9. In week 2 I picked Lane to win, based on his personality and passive attitude. He came off as unassuming, likeable, and I thought he could fly under the radar as a target of nominations. If he’s in the Final 2 against Hayden I think he’ll probably lose, but if he’s against Enzo I’m betting he wins. Thoughts on Lane’s chances?

  10. I just don’t get that 24% of the voters voted for Lane. He is such an idiot.
    The DR talks tonight on the show revealed just how lame, ignorant and
    unrefined he really is.
    He really thinks a girl would want a couple of drinks and a steak over
    romance, feelings and flowers?? He thinks that is a real man? What
    a hoot. ROFLMAO
    I feel better now that I got that off my chest.

    1. Someone might find that endearing and love the idea of a barbarian taking care of them for oh say 5 minutes. I told my 12yo daughter to leave if a guy ever treated her like that. I am not saying a guy has to always buy flowers or do things, but you should be there #1 emotionally and if you aren’t RUN because you will be miserable!

    2. are you kidding me. the guy was just trying to somehow both express and hide his puppy love and frustration. why are you hanging on some rehearsed DR statements that were probably fed to him anyways. does he seem like he means it. he is just handicapped in some areas and struggling.

  11. Do these People not think that any of their family or friends watch the AD or read these sites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are so Stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially Enzo Ok if his family is anything like they are smart enough to find these sites!!!!!!!!!! He really out did himself last night.

  12. I love how everyone says the brigade ain’t shit because they didn’t get to the final four together…so what? They CHOSE to get rid of Matt it’sd not like they got found out and he got evicted that way. The final three people all being from the same alliance is pretty impressive no matter how much you wanna hate on them. Yeah some of the people in the house do stupid shit but the constant complaning about it is stupidn if you hate it so much why watch or read the blogs? You already know what’s gonna happen right cuz it’s sooooo predictable(it is but the point is if you know what’s gonna happen and hate the show then stop watching). What’s funny is it doesn’t matter who the final four is the same people would be complaining if it were Brendon,Matt,Rachel and Ragan or any other combo of people.

  13. i agree with mike these guys need to get some smart in them and backdoor enzo cause the way it looks now enzo could possibly make it to the f2 and win this whole thing come on bb production you seemed to have your hand in this out come all season long why not try to please the fans for once and help us out with getting enzo out that would truelly make the ratings go sky high cause so many people are sick of enzo dont worry even with enzo gone bb would be better then production could you please but a bug in haydens ear and get him to think keeping brit would better his chances PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Am I the only one that thinks Lane and Rachel look alike and may be brother and sister? Red hair, beady little eyes, same facial structure, same body types… Either that or Rachel is a man baby!

  15. Enzo is so full of himself it is sickening. All he can say now is how he played the “social game” because Brit told him he did. He’s a pond sucker and always will be. Hayden, big mistake taking Enzo with you….. you’lll lose the $500M

  16. For Enzo to be so unforgettable, you guys sure remember a lot about him. LOL Nah, I don’t think he’ll go on to fame and fortune, but he is a unique character.

  17. You can be sure Enzo’s wife and her relatives are all keeping an eye on him with AD and
    the blogs. They know what a bottom feeder he is and has to be watched and can’t be
    trusted.. He’ll just say the Vegas talk was just boy talk. Ya right Enzo.

  18. I wish Hayden would take Brit off the block and back door Enzo. Or get rid of Lane. I used to like them both, but have come to dislike them. Lane because he thinks he is so macho (I would never send a woman a flower, kittens in a bag of rocks), and Enzo because he is so full of himself. Brigade mastermind. LOL
    This season has been lame, no one to really root for.

    1. What is really sad is that this websites comments are more entertaining than bbad and the show at this point. I really wish that theses boys would see that they had a better chance against Brit than Enzo. What a bunch of bozo’s!!!

    2. Brit knew about the brigade, she just didn’t know what they might have called themselves. They all hung around together, so obviously, they were in an alliance. Brit was just sitting there, taking in all that they are saying. Now, if they send her to the jury house, she can repeat all of that to the jury. I don’t know WHY they would tell her all of that, with the exception that they are bored and want to boast. Was it Enzo’s idea to tell all? MORON! They are planning to vote him out anyway, given the chance (“vote out the Dodo”). Enzo better like his room at the jury house, and I hope he has a good roommate (lol). Brit said that she didn’t remember much, and I got a chuckle out of that comment. I just hope that she gets through to Hayden and he takes her off the block, then takes over with the next comp. The brigade should not be telling Brit all of this, and they are going to be sorry. If Brit does go, the brigade now has to pick itself apart. Keeping Brit would be smart for some of the members of the brigade.

  19. I have been a BB fan since BB1, and I do not recall a group of HG’s that talked about being famous due to their being on BB…Or how it would catapult them into instant stardom….I don’t get it…There is absolutely no stand-out HG is this group that will even be memorable…all will be soon forgotten…no stars in this group…only wannabes with limited talent…

  20. I agree that he should backdoor Enzo. He is so foul mouthed. I get so tired of hearing the F word. So what we know he knows it. Just move on, Enzo! Mastermind….yeah sure. In your mind maybe. LOL

  21. Why does this cast keep telling us they have the highest ratings ?
    I really don’t care at this point, I have watched all 12 seasons and they are just the most boring so far.
    They keep talking about the past season , which they studied carefully.
    About how famous they are going to be ! For what ??????
    Just staying and coexisting ?

    At least Evil Dick, Dr Will, Chicken George had game and personality.

    They are just tools ! There I said it !

    They work out, drink their protein drink and talk about what will happen when they come out.

    It is like a retirement home at this point.
    Slow, quiet and in the past.

    Please stop bragging and smacking your food.

    Don’t care who wins anymore , someone will and that’s the way it is .

    I wish one of them had the courage to stop playing nice and shook thinks up :)

    Won’t miss them when they’re gone and not I won’t be a fan.

    Maybe Janelle’s or Dick’s

  22. In the pictures it looks like Hayden’s conscience is bothering him for breaking his
    promise to Britney. We can only hope he is contemplating using the POV on her
    and letting her evict Enzo.
    Good ploy by her to continue to be friendly , nice and understanding with them and
    work on their conscience, instead of seculding herself and just crying or turning
    into a ranting bitch to them and instead make them feel like she deserved it and
    that they did the right thing.
    I don’t think she has just rolled over and played dead, I think she is still fighting
    just using a different smarter tactic.
    I for one hope it works.

  23. does anyone know if regan has arrived at the jury house? and if so, how was his reception with rachel? also, how was his reaction to matt’s lie regarding his wife’s illness? thanks

  24. Haha. I can’t wait until they find out that Rachel isn’t as hated as they think. I thought she was annoying … but fun to watch (to an extent). I HATE that they can’t stop talking about her! I really hope Brendon wins the $25,000 just so that they realize that they were all wrong. And from past seasons … who really is famous outside of the world of Big Brother? They’re crazy!

  25. The other day Hayden’s back was hurting him. I remember back in time when Brit would massage and even walk on Lane’s back. If Brit an Hayden were in good with each other, she might have done something for H’s back, but she kept at the desk, doing the craft. Hayden needs Brit.

    1. Agreed. Maybe he’s not the most entertaining houseguest in history, but Ive never heard him once say anything really disrespectful, derogatory or mean about anyone . Even with everything Rachel did and splitting up him & Kristen, he never lost his temper or acted nasty towards her. I can really respect him for that & I hope he wins.



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