*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Chicken, Chocolate and Cheese Cubes did Enzo eat while Being a Have nots?

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

2:40pm Backyard Brit and Enzo There talking how annoying Ragan was his last week in the house. Brit says she didn’t want to be that way so she went to them last night and started talking to them. Enzo: “We didn’t want it to be weird we all really like you so we knew we had to tell you upfront and get the awkwardness”. Brit says that a lot of things ragan said was messed up but she thinks most of the things they said about Brendon were funny. Brit: “Sometimes I think Ragan went a little too far with the vulgarity”. Enzo: “Yeah he says shit that he can get away with cause he’s gay”. Brit: “Like people would walk up to him and say hey Ragan whats ups.. and he would say MY DICK”. Hayden joins them and throws a bunch of food on the Grill. Brit mentions that Ragan would Always say “your ass” when you ask him what he wants to do. Enzo says he’s feeling beat up today he drank a whole bottle of wine by himself last night. Lane comes to join them. Enzo says that they all need to get together and watch a baseball game next year. Hayden brings up his friend who plays first base for the New York Mets. They all agree to do it, Brit says she loves NY. Enzo says being a baseball player is the best kind of athlete to be you get paid a lot and all you do is “scratch your balls, spit, you hit the ball and run to a base”. Brit: “Yeah baseball is a pansy sport”. HAyden says he liked football more when he was a kid but he was a lot better at baseball.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:00pm Kitchen Final 4 joking about Enzo cheating while a have nots. They bring up the Chicken, chocolate and cheese cubes. Enzo: “I never did that”. Lane: “You had choclate in your pocket when you would sneeze you popped on in”. Hayden: “did you sneak that chicken in your mouth when you went to bed?” Brit: “The second time I was have nots I tried… Feeds Cut to bubbles..

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:10pm Brit giving them advice about hotels. She tells them if the hotel screws up they should complain because then they will get free stuff. She explains that the surveys in rooms is very important to the hotels because it gives them valuable feedback. Brit: “I guarantee that those surveys are read by a person and action is taken if it’s needed”.
Enzo is telling them how much he’s missing his Wife and Baby, he wonders if he should kiss the baby first then hug his wife or grab the baby first and then kiss his wife. Enzo is worried if he holds the baby he might drop her. Lane: “Just give wifey a pat on the back”.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:37pm Backyard Enzo and Hayden. Hayden is worried that Brit will hate him when she finds out that he took all the prizes during the POV. He says he feels terrible it’s his only lie in the house, He wishes he could go back. Lane comes out asks them where they are going to nap, Hayden doesn’t care. LAne heads up to the HOH to listen to some 25 to life. Talk goes to production warning Enzo to watch the F bombs. Hayden says that Brendon must of got a lot of warnings then, he must of said it 30 times when Rachel was evicted. Enzo thinks that the reason production was hard on them was because of all the fines from the “FCC” because of the f-bombs. Hayden starts to sing and the feeds are cut.
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:55pm Feeds back everyone sleeping.
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:36pm Jumanjii, LAne and Brit. She is telling him how pissed she is at hayden and she’ll vote Enzo over HAyden if they go final 2. Lane tells her Hayden is a real good person the best in the house. HE is surprised she’s not more mad at him. Brit says she knows he wanted to take her to final 2 and she knows he wasn’t malicious with how he conducted his game. She really loves Lane and she sill wants to be good friends with him after the show. Lane says he wants to be friends as well. Hayden joins them they start talking about music they like and the album 25 to life.


6:00pm Jumanji Room Lane, Brit and Hayden hayden is telling them about Rachel how HUGE of a hypocrite she was. Hayden mentions how Rachel was always saying she’s donating her future kids birthday presents to a orphan but then she talks constantly about drinking 20thousand dollar bottles of Tequila. Lane: “there is not one part of rachel I find attractive… she walks around like she’s the hottest skirt.. if she was in a bar in Texas no one would go near her”. Hayden: “She gross.. she wouldn’t be considered attractive there”. Brit: “She better not move to the south cause people will hate her.. I can’t believe Rachel was saying to everyone she’s from the south.. She’s born in North Carolina I don’t consider that part of the SOUTH”. Lane mentions how before Brendon hooked up with Rachel he was always talking about wanting to find a good girl who would make a good mother and wife, Lane: “Shiiit then he hooks up with Rachel”. Hayden brings up the fight Brendon and Rachel had when Brendon said he wanted a prenuptial. Brit says Rachel got so mad that day and it was when she started hating on Kristen because Kristen was saying she wanted a prenuptial as he’ll. Hayden laughs that B/R inly knew each other for 14 days and there fighting over getting married.

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185 thoughts on “*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Chicken, Chocolate and Cheese Cubes did Enzo eat while Being a Have nots?

      1. last all stars america voted back in…you had so many to chose from and got to vote…I voted a bunch for boggie will erica ..most of bb 6 was on there and i couldn’t stand any in bb six really.so i voted for all but bb six lol:) all though a lot from season 6 came back for all stars..hopefully this season didn’t wreck having more seasons:)

        1. it wont wreck having further seasons seeing as how it has the best ratings of any other seaon of bb if anything it paved the way for cbs to order 12 more seasons of bb!!!!!!!!

  1. Britney isn’t hardly given Lane the time of day right now.. She is mostly talking to Hayden
    and Enzo..That’s it Britney make him feel guilty for using you .. twist that knife by attacking
    his male ego and ignore him. I think he said Britney isn’t really his type because he
    failed with his flirting with her and knows she won’t leave Nick for him.

        1. nosoothe reminds me of a good wife. You know they kind that screams “what did I do???!! What Can i do to make you love me!!??” while being beat up by her husband.

  2. i think lanes great! as well as the brigade. Hey they might not cause drama but there great guys and there hilarious!

    1. dont you mean EGO ENZO … in his empty mind he thinks he masterminded and controled every aspect of this game … what an EGO…. gag

  3. At the first of the season I took up for Britney and Monet sitting around talking trash with one another. Just a couple of young ladies making each other laugh at someone elses expense. But, Britney can’t stop even when she is alone with 3 guys. I don’t think I know of another girl so interested in describing another girls lower half to someone else. Let alone a guy. I hope when she sees herself on tape she might learn that she is not being attractive and tasteless in some of the things she said. In her conversation about Ragan, she certainly saw it in him and didn’t approve. I don’t think anyone has ever pointed it out to her. She is a pretty girl and she doesn’t need to make fun of another to be seen and heard. I am wishing her the ability to grow up after this show or a stand-up comedian career where the behavior will be appreciated.

    1. Grandma – I agree. I know I’ve sat around with my friends trash talking, I’ve been on the other end of it as well and I have heard other people doing it and personally I don’t see anything wrong with it however Britney never shuts up. At least we only have to put up with her until Wednesday.

      1. Yes, I have done that, too. But, this poor girl can’t have a conversation without getting it into trash talk. I do limit my talk like that with close friends and you guys on this site. Oh, hell, I guess I am quilty, too, but I do think I can talk about other things besides. Secretly, I think I might miss her.

        1. It’s called the language of commonality. All these people have “in common” is either a like or dislike of other houseguests, herefore that’s the only thing they can converse about. To talk about personal stuff would make “you” emotionally volunerable.

  4. Enzo is sticking like glue to Hayden so that Britney can’t get a chance to talk to Hayden
    about using the POV on her so she can evict Enzo.

      1. The only way Enzo and Lane are making the final 2 is if one of them win final HOH. Of the three left Hayden is the only one to actually win comps. and actually play the game. They will both lose against Hayden. All the Brigade really has going for them is the loyalty to each other. None of them have done much all season.

  5. if we seen enzo eat while on slop you know production did to goes to show you that production had a big hand in keeping enzo and for what he isnt even funny he is a sick dude who needs to go to manner school. maybe bb could push bb back another week and when brit is ready to leave the door is locked and she gets to stay another week. that would be so awsome of bb

    1. i agree … why is it EGO ENZO didnt even get punished for eating while a “HAVE NOT”… I am sure everyone also saw EGO ENZO ie BIG DOEDO finish off a couple jars of pickles… I think he should of lost his POV for those infractions….. I would put up with Ragan another week just to see the look on EGO ENZO’S face….. It is my oppinion that this poor excuse of a person should not be this far into the game… cheat , shove a squeaker down, and still be in the game .. NOT RIGHT ..

        1. Enzo cheated with food and should have a punishment that actually screws him up. Not like those 3 stupid “bad things’. come on BB no cups and utensils, sock puppets and dancing. My kids got harshers punishments than that growing up. BB you suck!!!

      1. *sigh* Yes I believe he DID get punished for cheating. I think Enzo’s boxes in the styrofoam peanuts during HoH on Double Eviction Night intentionally had no names in them to punish him. there may have been some other ways production ‘cheated’ him for ‘cheating’ too that we don’t know about.

        1. now that could of been possible… but I doubt this to be the case .. not all name plates where in the boxes, if i am not mistaken… besides the way he has played I wouldnt be surprise of him not finding one unless it came up and bit him on the nose… his butt was too high .. just like his EGO .. PS; look up pickles and condiments in dictionary… pickles is not a condiment.

          1. Pickles have always been on the Have Not list of things they can have. In the past, they have sit around with jars of pickles when they are on Have Not.

  6. Classic Britney: Look for any minute detail that you can claim is wrong when staying at a hotel just so you can get free stuff. Her bogus complaining has probably gotten hard-working staff disciplined and/or fired, but as long as she gets free stuff…

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out you spoiled little bitch.

    1. Britney works for a hotel as a sales representative.. that’s why she knows what she said about the guest forms and the actions they take regarding them .

    2. Are you for real? She’s a hotel sales manager, she’s just saying you’re able to get free stuff for faults on the staffs part. She would know, it’s probably happened to HER. You people are picking her apart for being rude in the DR, when you all make fun of her over nothing, it’s ridiculous. Brit’s the reason this season has been bearable, watching the Brigade do nothing all day, yeah, sounds like a real good time.

      1. You can’t always trust what these people list as their occupation. Do you know for a fact that she works that job or are you trusting her? She has shown such stellar honesty in the game (right!), what would prevent her from fabricating her job title? She is 22 so I’m guessing a reputable hotel wouldn’t employ her in such an important capacity. Maybe she is the night clerk at some sleazy flea-bag motel or she is an intern to a hotel sales manager so she can learn the job over a period of years, but she’s no hotel sales manager…guaranteed!

        1. Really?
          Britney would have no reason to lie about her occupation, and if she DID lie about her occupation, she would have zero reason (Logically, or game-wise) to give advice about hotels if that’s not her forte.
          If anyone would LIE about their occupation, it would be to appear as if they make less money than they actually would, not more.

        2. Coco, she may be a hotel sales manager in her home town. After all, didn’t she say that you could leave your purse on the front seat of your car unlocked and no one would bother it. They probably don’t even give you a key to your room at the hotel. Why lock it.

        3. hotel sales mgr isn’t all that much — they book corporate meetings, arrange for groups, number of chairs in a room, how much coffee, color of linens, room arrangement, then the staff puts it together. they can present menus for luncheons or dinners, arrange for rooms for out-of-towners. perfect for 20-something entry level, following guidelines.

        4. Odd and Stupid have photo of her at work with caption – Guest Services Rep – which is basically Front Desk Clerk. She gave herself a promotion I guess – still, no harm done in that. However the Marriott most likely won’t appreciate her comments on how to never pay rack rate, complain to get a free room, etc.

    3. She worked in the industry. She’s knowledgable of the hotel practices. She’s get’s an employee discount so she’s not being cheap, she stating facts.

    4. Sounds just like Mimi getting a refund on her live feeds because she didn’t like the way the show was going. Some people will do anything to “beat the system.” Kind of sad if you think about it.

    5. I believe she said that if there were any “probllems” that they should report them. She didn’t say to make up anything. I don’t even like her, but she wasn’t telling them to lie.

  7. I guess Hayden must be cool with Ike Davis of the NY Mets he plays firstbase and hes from AZ.
    Baseball ain’t a pansy sport Brit. 162 games in the summer…..Damn my Bronx Bombers took a L today, they were on a eight game win streak.thy play the Orioles tomorrow……. thats my sports minute for today. :-)

      1. I guess it makes sense for a pitcher to throw a wet ball at batter so it slip out of hand and hurt someome. Or they can run on some wet dirt or turf and tear a muscle. Football players wear different spikes so they play in the rain and snow so its not that much of a big deal. So there,hmmm lol. Lets go Raiders!

      1. Let’s see if you can hit a flying object no bigger than a fist coming at you 90+ MPH and try to hit it with a little stick……I highly doubt you could. And these so called “pansies” get hit with it…a lot. I’ve seen what sliding into bases on a dirt course can do to your legs….not pretty. And diving for fly balls running at top speed can’t be good for your shoulders. I’ve also seen guys run into the back wall at full speed and practically knock themselves out…all for an out. SO NOT A PANSY SPORT!

    1. Rachel a Tranny now that would have been funny for Brendon to discover while
      making out with her while still in the house. Talk about made for Reality TV
      drama .

            1. I thought she was attractive, too. I feel bad for her and that everytime they show the opening now you have to see her in that wig and hippietard when she was leaving the house. I guess it sold for a hunk of change on eBay, tho.

    2. Looks like a man?? In one of her cheesy Hawaiin Tropic videos, she gave a prophile shot that looked more like Boy George than Boy George does.


        1. and how to complete a sentence..lol. I was going to say the whole all caps conversation a few weeks ago was funny..glad it’s back.

  9. OMG. It’s official. This has been the worse season ever. So Brittney a “super fan” just decides to lay down and give up?? Doesn’t offer a final 2 deal to Hayden and tell him that she would never take lane because of the fact that he led her down a path where she had no chance of winning?? I don’t get it. It’s like this entire cast had a total of 1 brain cell. Atleast Regan made lane an offer that obviously lane should have taken because now he has NO chance at the $500,000. He had a slight chance vs Brittney because everyone hates her and there would have been 2 brigade members in the jury plus matt would be 3. There is no way these guys would have made it in any other season. They say they controlled the votes but really they didn’t. All they did was sick back and blend into the background and let everyone else win comps and fight fight it out. The only person they really had a hand in getting out was Matt. The closest vote I believe was 7-2 this season. Not 1 person wanted to make a big move to show they wanted to win this game. It was a season of followers but they weren’t following anyone. Lol. Even now the no one on the brigade wants to make a move. They just want to make it to the final 3 and flip a coin. The proble with that is only 1 person walks away with the $500,000 and the other will only get $50,000. And the 3rd will get nothing. The biggest play of the season could have went to lane. If he would have gotten Hayden out it would have shown he was there for the $500,000. Now all he is, is a yes man, a follower. He has done nothing to deserve the grand prize. Hayden has done something but once again he did it when there was 6 people or less. If Hayden got rid of Enzo it would show that he can think for himself and he is here to win. The only person Hayden could lose to is Enzo. So if Hayden was smart and wanted to show the jury that he is here to win then he would make a final 2 deal with Brittney because Hayden has a better chance against Brittney then he does against Enzo. Lane made a huge mistake last week. It could be lane, Brittney, and Regan. In the final 3. That would be 2 people that most if the jury hates. He had a chance against them. Now Hayden could be making the same mistake. If Enzo pulls out this last HOH then he takes lane to the F2 and Enzo wins BB12. And then lane and Hayden have only themselves to blame for not trying to step out on there own and think for themselves.

    1. I think brit has a better chance offering enzo a deal…by taking out lane…enzo is more of the backstabber..he might take it…If brit offers to take him to the final 2..by saying taking lane out gaurantees enzo a final 2..brit will take him cuz she is hurt by hayden and hayden will take enzo cuz he can beat him…her best bet is getting into enzo heads…he doesn’t no were lane stands final 2..he knows lane will take hayden and hayden will take lane…so her best deal is enzo he would think about it seriously if he knows he can make it to the fianl 2!!

      1. While i would seriously love that,Enzo has been bragging about how awesome the brigade is.So he wouldn’t betray them.And while he’s not the smartest person in BB12, in fact only Monet and Rachel were dumber than him barely,he’s smart enough to realize that Britney would easily betray him.Although,he must realize Lane and Hayden will make sure they’re the final two. anyways,that won’t happen.its sad but Britney is leaving.and the three dumb boys will just jump around the house.By the way,did anyone also laugh when Lane said he was smart and just playing dumb?

    2. I completely agree with everything you said. This season totally sucks. Britney is gone. She’s given up, just like Matt and Ragan did before they were evicted. What ever happened to the days when HGs would resort to last minute backstabbing to save themselves? Nobody this season has made a single power. Every week, as soon as the HoH winner is decided we know exactly who they are going to nominate. Every week, as soon as the PoV winner is decided, we know whether or not they will use it, and we know exactly who is going home. What ever happened to “expect the unexpected”? Everything about this season (except the DPoV) has been pathetically predictable. None of the evictions have been the least bit surprising, or even close for that matter. All of them were unanimous (except Monet’s and Kristen’s) because nobody (except Kathy and Britney) had the balls to vote against the “House”. What a snoozefest. ABSOLUTE WORST SEASON EVER! I definitely will NOT be watching the finale. I couldn’t care less which of those three dodos wins. None of them deserve it. It should’ve been Matt, Ragan, and Britney.

      1. I remember them criticizing Brendon when he mentioned this very thing. But he and you are right. Everyone is so concerned about keeping good with the “house” that they haven’t played their own game. That’s partly why it got so boring. Also, everyone was trying to play covertly, which in past seasons is the smart/sneaky way to play. But you also need the people playing overtly because they’re usually the ones that are in your face and stir the competitive pot. All these people claim to be so smart, yet no one seemed able to think for themselves.

  10. Ugh. This season has been one of the worst I’ve seen. Ragan and Matt are gone. Britney is leaving. Every season I’ve watched, no one I liked has won.
    The Brigade is an arrogant, stupid, worthless alliance. Ugh. I hate them all!
    Robyn Kass knows how to pick the good ones! NOT

    1. I think the casting crew for these shows mostly just looks for attractive people, not the personalities or strategies as much. Really. Out of all the houseguests this season, who had a good strategy? Was there any person who was overweight or jacked up teeth at least? Haha. It’s not reality when it’s just abs and airheads.

      1. I think I see that casting has done their usual thing. I see the proverbial blonde bombshell, that could be the gal with the big boobs and there is always another boobs gal to look at…the gay guy, the nice guy, the oddball, the bully, the braggart, the loose kinda ga, the whiner, the one that doesn’t do muchl. I think if you run down the houseguests on BB12 and match them to the HGs in other shows, they are mostly all there.

    2. Once Brit walks, I see no reason to continue watching. All that’s left are three ffloaters sharing a brain and way short on personality.

      1. We have to keep watching, b/c it’s like that train wreck you’re seeing. It’s horrible, a tragedy, you should look away, get as far away as you can, but you can’t make yourself move. For good or ill you have to see it to the end. Does the train crash and burn or does something miraculous happen in the last seconds that stops the wreck? We’ve watched it from the beginning, lame as it was and all and now, we must see it through to the end.

    3. I hear you. I had my heart set on Matt, Ragan, and Britney as final 3. Everything was looking great for them the week Matt used the DPoV. Then everything went all to hell the next week. This season is a complete FAIL.

  11. Why is everyone so enamored with Britney? I know the obvious for us guys: She was extremely hot looking as the season started, but have you noticed as the season has progressed her appearance has gone steadily downhill? She has been consistent throughout the season with her cattiness, bitchiness, and constant talking behind backs towards others (beginning with her time with Monet early on through her time with Ragan near the end). She is a manipulative spoiled brat. I challenge anyone to cite an instance this season when she has demonstrated otherwise. There is no denying her personality fits well with the BB game, but outside of the house…UGH! Vote for ANYONE else for America’s Choice HG…well, maybe not vile Ragan either.

    1. Brittany reminds me of the many many women I dated when I was younger. You start dating them and they are smokin’ hot and your friends are like, “Damn man, how’d you get her?” Then after about 2 weeks you start thinking, “She’s not all that hot.” Then in about a month you dump her because she is such a bitch you can’t look at her without wanting to puke. After you dump her your friends all say how much they hated her. Yep, I’ve seen many Brittany’s. A hot personality beats a hot body all day long.

      1. Have you ever watched Dating in The Dark? It shows how people can put to much into the looks of a person on the outside even after they have thought they were nice before they saw how they looked.

    2. Better question…If you don’t like her, why are you spending so much energy hating on her…kinda acting a little like a Britney wanna-be

    3. I personally think she’s hilarious.and while you’re right about her always being bitchy because i can’t think of one time. in fact i think the only time she showed any heart was her goodbye message to Monet and she still said she’d miss making fun of people. But i doubt any of these people are how their shown on T.V. except Rachel and Kathy. Brendon,Britney,Ragan and Monet are probably nice.Hayden probably has competitions with his friends to see how many girls they can sleep with in one week.And Enzo is probably some loser who still thinks hes young enough to be part of Jersey Shore.And Enzo needs to accept he’s half bald and shave his head.

    4. I’m not a Britney fan, In fact I have found her to be one of the biggest hypocrites this season. She’s crying, whining, feeling sorry for herself and seems to think it’s ok b/c of where she is in the game. Wasn’t she trashing Rachel and making fun of her for the same thing a few weeks ago? It seems that if Britney feels this way, it’s okay, but anyone else who does is a sore loser, a tramp, and whatever else. As for not having a friend left in the house, should have kept Ragan honey. He was right, Lane and Britney would have been better off with him. I think the HOH comp. would have been a lot closer between Ragan and Enzo, but I could see him winning and putting up Lane and Enzo. But right now, if I were on the jury I might just flip a coin for my vote b/c none of them have done anything to deserve the 500K.

  12. Hayden does the same exact thing in every DR session. He holds up his 1 finger and throws his one hand into the other. They have hours and hours of this guy in the DR and every time he does the same motions. How is that possible

    1. And, he usually doesn’t have on a shirt. But, I like Balloon Boy. I think he is loud in the DR because the air in his head has cause a vacuum and he can’t hear himself. Go Ballloon Team.

  13. Because Enzo cheated while being a Have Not, his name should not be included in the America’s Vote pole. There should be some kind of punishment for this – come on. Maybe him losing out on the opportunity to win 24k will knock him down a peg and shut him up.

    1. I agree. I am still pissed that Matt got evicted instead of that cheater. He continued to cheat on his have-not diet even after production gave him a warning. He should’ve been disqualified because he obviously has no respect for the rules whatsoever.

  14. Where do you go to vote for America’s favorite, CBS? The pole at the CBS web site shows Brenden AF to win the 25K with 34% of the vote. Enzo is way down there with maybe 2 or 3 %. But there isn’t any information about when the vote will be or where.

  15. Everytime they have talked about Enzo cheating while being a havenot or cheating during the POV competition they go to the bubbles.

    1. I have pegged Enzo as a cheater in general. I think he is a lazy bum who only gets ahead by either riding other people’s coattails or by cheating. What a huge douchebag!!

    2. Production really should have stepped up and done something more than seemingly talk to him in harsh voice for the eating. It obviously didn’t work and it isn’t fair that one person gets away with flouting the rules while everyone else plays fair. I personally think he should have been disqualified or something from the cd POV. From what I saw, he did push Ragan on his way down the ramp and then shoved and nearly tackled him at the bottom. It was a cheap shot to say the least and in that instance I can see why Ragan was upset. Production really should have stepped up more and I’m disappointed that they let this behavior continue all season.

      1. Something I think got overlooked is wasnt Enzo supposed to have donated ALL his clothes to charity and worn the penguin suit for the rest of his time in the house?

        1. Oh, sweetie, I don’t think we could ever over look Enzo in that penguin suit. I think he was starting to smell fishy and the seagulls flying over the BB House was starting to interfer with the LA Police Helicopters. They asked that he take it off.

  16. Having to read what he says and does on here is annoying enough, but to actually have
    to watch and hear him on the TV , makes me wish I could reach in the TV and bitch
    slap him .

    1. With all of the grammatical errors on here, all you is corrected was the spellings?
      I is disappointed of you teacher. Your a teacher, ain’t you?

  17. I hate britney and hayden i mean hayden cut your hair britney stop saying you want too kill your self. so i want both of them out i want briteny out first then hayden and i cant wait for them too show the jourey house with rachel and ragan:)

  18. hey yo let me drop some knowledge on you numbskulls, if you think this is the worst season ever then way to you all conastantly read posts on this site and keep up with the show, if you guys hate the season as much as you all say then why dont u hold true to ur threats and stop watching the show and coming on this site. As for me I have loved this season and will always a huge bb fan. IN my honest opinion bb9 was way worse than this season, seeing as how half that cast is in jail now haha, but i still loved that season. Anyways Big Brother is awesome, so is this season, stop hating, and Go BRIGADE YO!!!!!

    1. Ty, I think if you go back and read the comments from last year at this time of the game, the statements are about the same. Everyone hates the show when their favorite gets voted out. But, not everyone can win. I guess it gives them something to say even if it is how bored they are, never going to watch again, cancelling Showtime, the feed, and not looking at CBS and it is all rigged. Usually at this point my favorite is out of the game but I have to keep watching. They do, too.

      1. very true Grandma. I think people fail to see that. My 2 faves are out of the game early.. I lost my BB pool and I have nothing to do but complain and pull peoples hair..

        1. I know and I am sorry you lost your pool money. But, you have been a winner in the past. I have not ever had my favorite make it this far and I have to keep pulling for my Balloon Boy, the little hairy floating airhead. You can be for him with me for a change. I stayed with you until the end with Natalie. Never did I say I was bored, hated the show, or she didn’t deserve to be in the final two. Besides, you would miss me if I was gone.

              1. and cute..

                ps/ if I disappear and don’t comment, my darn internet is on the fritz. last night was the hurricane and tonight they are upgrading our internet for the next 2 weeks so later in the evening we get kicked on and off.. joy..

                1. Oh, I have used that excuse before. It was the hurricane, that is why I am off tonight. Ususally I am more on but Earl blew me. Did I say that??

                  1. I read all of the comments but when I see you’ve posted, I go right for your words. You are witty, add so much to this board….and I love this post.

  19. The whole Enzo cheating thing is getting annoying. Yes, he cheated, Yes he should have been punished, will CBS do it. No they will not. Why? you may ask. Here is the thing about reality TV competitions, where rules or judging is involved, there are people that can break the rules all of the time and remain in a show for no other reason than people will tune in hoping this is the show they go home. BB knows that Enzo is not loved by America, actually he is probably the most disliked person, we as viewers want to see his face when the BG kicks the Meow Meow out of the BB GB meow to see the ND in the Jury, YO. That is why his cheating ass is still in that house punishment free. Just as much as we need to have our hero’s and villains in reality TV… We need to see our rude gross and annoying losers that talk shit and make us feel better about ourselves.
    By the way is the part of Jersey Enzo from have any nuclear power plants because his male pattern baldness looks like the effects of radiation damage, that and the obvious brain damage.

    1. WTF dude!?

      Enzo talked himself into having a great looking wife, and he did make up the brigade. The brigade is the main alliance in the house, so I would say Enzo has done well for himself both in the house and personally.

  20. Who can help us Enzo dislikers to telepath a message to Hayden to use the POV on Brit to get rid of Enzo. PLEASE, is there anyone out there? I can’t stand watching him, he is so boring, and disgusting. I know there was Evel Dick, but I am telling you , the way you see Enzo, is the way he is in real life.


  21. I just read Lane’s dog Tucker( Boxer) is missing——
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  22. Some of the dumbest people this season (Enzo, Lane). And, some of the worst human beings (Ragan, Matt, Brit). It’s all working out the best that it can. Still wish we could get a “do over” with a new group of people.
    Look, stop crying about Ragan, Matt, Enzo cheated, blah, blah, blah. LMAO It’s a game, and some entertainment. And, even at it’s worst, it has given us lots to talk about.

  23. Britney and Lane are complicated. Last night, he said that he doesnt think shes cute probably because he didnt want the guys to take her instead of him. THEN ON THE LIVE SHOWS HE WAS UP IN HAYDENS HOH FLIRTING WITH HER, AND SAYING HES THE GUY FOR HER.

  24. did anyone hear hayden tell enzo maybe we should vote lane out and keep brit cause they can beat her that would be a great move on bb and then brit wins and takes hayden to f2 cause he talked enzo into saving her that would be so awsome……………

  25. lets be real. this season was okay. the players that played the hardest ended up not going farther then some floaters like enzo. but hey whatever strategy gets u thru the game. i have been a brit fan the whole season thru as well as a lane and enzo fan. enzo died off for me when i realized he was floating…but lane is a competitor and he is NOT as dumb as anyone thinks. season 13 is probably gonna be an allstar season and ragan, brendon, and brit will be this seasons allstars since they were favorites. and thats it. the brigade did a DAMNNNNN good job. the 3 of them made it to the end and got matt out at the right point. so it is saddening that brit is done. but hey either hayden or lane should win…and both of them played well hayden especially. TRUST ME…i like lane alot better…but maybe hayden deserves to win. SOMETIMES we have to accept that maybe our favorite player wasnt the best :/ . but thats all i got to say….

    actually…….simon……u should put zingbot on favorite houseguest poll ;)

  26. What Brit should do since Enzo will not leave Haydens side. She should just come out and say it to there face. What does she have to loose. just come out and say.
    “Hayden if you do not use the PoV on me this so that I can send Enzo to the jury house I will campaign against you in the Jury House, you will not get my vote and you will not win $500,00. This game isn’t about who I want to give the money to it is about I want the money and if you can not see that you deserve to loose. If you take Enzo here is how your votes are going to go
    Rachel and Brendon have said time and again they love Rachel. Kathy is a mom so she is going to give the vote to Enzo’s babies college fund. Matt well lets just say I will make sure that he knows that you through the veto competition and took some Prizes, blamed him, and sent him packing. Regan, well social game and the fact that Enzo formed the Brigade yet another vote for Enzo, so you will have Lane and maybe Matt not enough to win, but heck you got $50,00 and some prizes and a stipend. Take Lane and He will win. If Lane takes Enzo, just give Enzo the check now and get it over with. This is your last chance possibly to get Enzo out. You have to bank on you or Lane to win the HoH next week. How you gonna feel win he wins and you lost $500,00… It is what it is.”, why should she not do it, she is going to the jury any way, isn’t she?

  27. “I dislike (insert name here) like a motherf***er” OR “I hate (insert name here)” Tell me again which one offends you more. LOL :0)

  28. You jabroni’s just don’t get it!!! If Enzo (Ginzo) wins, he is perhaps THE best BB player since the great Dr. Will. Look I am not saying Enzo is the SMARTEST. The jagoff could not spell C-A-T is you spotted him the C and the T. But this game is not about SMARTS or winning COMPETITIONs. It is about being CUNNING. In the animal kingdom Lions are dumb and lazy, but they are the king of the jungle. Enzo (despite an IQ bordering on single digits) was able to be the real king of the BB house. He made it to the end despite being dumb, lazy, and a horrible competitor. that takes CUNNING. He rode coattails (the Brigade), put the target on others (B/R), and let others get their hands dirty (Matt). All the while, he avoided making enemies in the jury house. Great gameplay………….

    1. I think the lion is also self-claimed King of the Jungle. The leopard, cheetah, elephant, or the silver back ape might disagree. However, I won’t take away the fact that Enzo has made it as far as he has by playing the game that worked for him. Even if you don’t like the ones left, you have to give them that. Bone, I am still for Balloon Boy, my hairy airhead Hayden, for the win but if it is Enzo, I can’t hate him for that. He will have beat the others and someone always wins. Go team Balloon Boy, Yo!

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