**Updated** Big Brother 12 – Enzo about Ragan: “we get it yo we all know you dated a guy that was in prison for 10 years and was a molester”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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7:40pm HOH Enzo and Lane They are making fun of Rachel transfering her “Powers” to enzo and Brendon tonight, Enzo wonders how it’ll feel. Enzo: “she knows what she’s talking about though yo she knows what questions are coming up… She knows to study the peoples faces on the wall..her BLANK is solid yo i’m about to study off that BLANK yo.. for real yo”. Lane bring sup that everyone seem to be studying tonight. Enzo mentions that Kathy is getting weird, Enzo: “I use to be tight with her but now she does her own thing now”. Lane agrees she never goes up to him to talk he always has to go to her. Enso: “kitty kat is starting to evolve she keeps getting like 4 or 5th place in competitions we’ll have to get rid of her soon”.
Enzo: “ragan tells us the same BLANK over and over yo”
Lane: “yeah he does”
Enzo: “we get it yo we all know you dated a guy that was in prison for 10 years and was a molester”
Enzo: “If I win HOH i’m putting Ragan up I want him out”
Lane: “What about Brendon”
Enzo: “I want both of them out”
Lane: “watch who you put up because it might piss someone off”
Enzo: “I can put brendon and Kathy up and Backdoor ragan….Yeah yeah I could tell Brendon that I heard him spreading rumors about me..Then if the POV is used he’ll backdoor Ragan”.
Enzo isn’t sure if they need to win the HOH this week he thinks the brigade is in a good position. Even if Brendon wins it’ll be Kathy/Brit, Ragan/matt, or Raga/Brit up on the block.
Enzo: “In this game you don’t have to win HOH to move forward all you have to do is Win hoh when you need to”
Enzo asks if there is any drama downstairs, lane says no everyone is trying to be nice. enzo: “ahhh yo cmon man”
They both can’t wait to get the BLANK out of the big brother house the bordeom is killing them… feeds cut when they come back they are heading to the pool table to play in the tournament.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:00pm Rachel and Brendon with a sprinkle of Meow Meow Rachel has been talking about getting drunk for the past hour maybe longer. Brendon asks her at on point if these are the only stories she knows. Rachel: “Breeeendooon NOOOooo” Then she goes back to talking about drinking, She asks him if a strange girl walks up to him and asks him to buy her a drink would he. Brendon says no he wouldn’t because any person that wants him for one drink isn’t truly interested in what he has to say they just want the drink out of him. brendon would first talk to the girl and if they had a good conversation going and was into her he and she into him then would then buy her a drink. He explains that he’s not a cheap person, he’s on of those people who doesn’t like to spend their money. Rachel brags that she never has to worry about buying her own drinks. Enzo walks in and Rachel tells him about the story about passing out drunk shirtless with a wad of 100′ sin her hands. Enzo just listens says the odd “Ohh.. crazy… liquor muscles.. crazy up in here.. YO..” He asks Brendon if he’s playing pool and brendon says yes.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:17pm Abs by hyena

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:23pm Pool tournament underway


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:38pm Everyone minus brendon button and Kahty playing pool. Rachel is wearing her “Church Leggings”

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I think you mean Enzo about Ragan not Enzo about Hayden… yo


LOL Rachel saying she never has to buy her own drinks……Some women make money doing different things…Rachel gets her money and way in life off her fun bags….At least she admits it….Brendon cant catch a clue, how this girl is not for him…


Jeez Brendon…GET A CLUE!!!!!!!!!! Can’t you see the writing on the wall, dude?!?!?!?


You think Rachel is over Brendan or thinks it’s not going to last and that’s why she keeps saying stuff like this? I think she hates that he hasn’t been doing well in competitions and he’s beginning to bug her because of it.


Why do people think that Hayden, Lane and Enzo are going to get rid of anyone? They have no intellect, the two smallest guys in the house can beat them at the physical competitions. They sit there acting as though they have some great powers and they have done nothing but talk.

Obviously with this diamond veto Matt will be able to get rid of Rachael and Brendon the next two weeks. They don’t have a chance.

And Kathy isn’t much either. I think my money is on Britney.

At least she’s not just sitting around waiting on someone else to win for her.


I agree….Matt and Britney are winning and making moves to try and win the game…the rest are afraid they will piss somebody off….I think Lane is playing a good enough game to get to the final 4 for sure or the final 2….He just hasn’t done enough to win the $500,000, unless he is matched with Kathy at the end….Lane’s problem so far is the same as what Memphis’ was…..Not doing enough on his own to stake a claim at the grand prize….Enzo’s mouth will get his ass in trouble, I have a feeling……Hayden is just not that smart as you pointed out…..Matt IS the brigade at this point…


who brit? are u kidding me .havent u seen the color of her hair ..lol


So that don’t mean BLANK….Britney is playing a good game, thus far…..

Willy Loc

Rachel is wearing her “Church Leggings”

thats made me bust out laughing…. no idea why


Oh come on Brit, please figure out this Brigade! I think Matt may split off from the Brigade since he was complaining about how he has to do all the dirty work and the rest of the Brigade just sits there. And then it would be amazing if there was an alliance between Brit, Ragan, Kathy, and Matt.


“Don’t fix it, if ain’t broke”….The brigade is doing just fine…It has its problems, but everybody seems clueless about it….Ragan is slowly catching on….that there may be an all male alliance…


Catching on???????? More like production feeding him the info. Ragan is not that smart, he is too busy staying in almost every group conversation that occurs in the house to ensure noone suspects him as the SAB that he isnt even paying attention to what others are doing. He is being ” production fed”.


I noticed that he is in every conversation almost in the house, but I don’t question his intellect….In the conversations about the Sab. he drops bits and pieces to throw them off….It’s quite smart of him to do so…..I do agree their is a chance he is now being feed some basic info….So they don’t have another replay of what happened to annie….I didn’t like the sab. concept from the get-go….


I think he may be thinking of what Kristen told him when they were up in HOH last week talking to B/R. Kristen told him she thought it was strange how Hayden wasn’t campaining for himself and how he hangs out with Enzo, Lane, and Matt and exercise all the time. She told him last week to watch who Hayden clings to when she leaves. I think he noticed then, and tried to convince Rachel and Brendan to get Hayden out, but they wouldn’t listen. I think he already knew about an alliance, but isn’t 100% certain.


Matt has to stay with the Brigade. Rachel and Brenda will vote against him in jury. If he throws the brigade under the bus, he’ll never have enough votes in jury to win.


T minus 4 days and counting yo.


Simon, I’m not getting followup comments via email…


Brendon and Rachel are talking in the kitchen. Enzo comes down. Brendon is telling her that he does not really like to just go to a bar and drink.  Are you kidding me?  She can’t understand this. He says he likes to go to this one place because it has a shuffleboard there. He says he wants to do something, not just drink. She tells Enzo that she was just telling Brendon about a time she got real drunk and she woke up with a big wad of money in her hand. 
Brendon says he does not like to spend alot of money on drinks. She says what she likes is 12.00 a shot!  He says he is not cheap but he will not waste money like that. Rachel says that if fine because she says she does not have to buy drinks when she is in Vegas. She says when she goes to dinner, it is usually 100.00. Brendon says he could fix a fancy dinner at his place for a lot less than that.



Kathie from Canada

I completely agree. Their core values are completely opposite.


I really hope they show his family this week, because I would like to know what his family thinks of his game play, and his relationship with Rachel.


I would like to see what RAchel’s parents are like as well. Or are they laying very low to avoid any public recognition.


That’s exactly what I’m waiting to see what Brendon’s very conservative family think of his choice in hooking up with Rachel. That I betcha will be PRICELESS!!!!


She’s trying to explain to him exactly what she’s about and she knows they ain’t about the same thing. She knows it won’t last. She’s leaving and their showmance is getting old for her. She’s trying to shock him.

sickoftheir shit

Isn’t anyone here shocked that Regan’s boyfriend is a pedophile? Good lord.

That is soo beyond offensive I could puke.


Wait!… wat???


was the perv that ragan dated when he was 8 michael jackson? jus curious .


how old was ragan when he “dated” the perv? 8?


Ragan’s current boyfriend (not sure if he has one) is not a pedophike. He said he DATED (pass tense) a guy that was in prison for 10 years and was a molester.

Kathie from Canada

Does CBS do any kind of background checks on potential houseguests? Pretty risky business in this day and age if they don’t.


they are big brother and isn’t that what big brother does? scruntinize every aspect of our lives? 🙂


I really hope Enzo was joking, or if he wasn’t, I hope Ragan dated him before he did the time, and didn’t know what he was capable of. is this the same Ragan that said earlier he is good at reading people, and can tell when someone has good vibes, and he can tell Rachel doesn’t have good vibes. If this is true what does this say about him.


Yes! I didn’t read/hear about Ragan’s bf! I’m assuming he didn’t know he was a molester? wtf?


Ugh. Enzo should leave. He’s annoying, yo.


agreed and a floater thats lazy


I think Matt was right in what he said about Enzo, on tonight’s CBS episode….”Enzo’s keeps talking about winning HOH we he needs too, but that might never happen” or something along those lines….

Watching BBAD now, Rachel is so eager to take her clothes off…..she wants to make sure her floatation devices get as much air time as possible…




I agree he gets on my nerves he has bad hygene and stupid, floater,user and a scum bag…what an asshole talking about going on tour…what kind of tour and egg throwing one…


Matt may not have been right about saying these things about Enzo. He was right that he wasn’t winning the competitions, but neither is Lane or Hayden since week 1. I don’t think that’s really important. The others are the ones who bring the important information to the alliance. It’s pretty useless to be in an alliance without good information. Enzo is a masterful infiltrator and Lane is pretty good at it as well. Their side “alliances” bring them constant undedited information. Even when Brigade members weren’t HOH members, they saved any member of the group who was on the block. It doesn’t really matter which one is the HOH as long as they continue to operate as a group, they’re golden.


HOLY DOUCHE……Rachel has been working this mangina = Brendan ever since they went up on the block……She has actually gotten him to beg her to get him out so that she can try to win…………………I actually want to jump through the screen – or better yet – i would like to find this bitch in NV in september and just smack the shit out of her…….she is working this guy over so badly that I do not know who i hate more – him or her……..I wish I could reach his parents and help them through this…they must be dying inside…


sad huh Laura…if you see her in vegas give her a kick in her ass for me…to use anyone like she does really really give women a bad wrap….so sad for Brendon how she is totally using him I do feel sorry for him, she has him under her spell…he is going to need months of therapy when she dumps him….poor guy…


Can anyone answer….when do they start to go to the Jury House?


I wonder if Matt will use his diamond veto if he’s not on the block to save someone else? I don’t think he will use it? I am wondering if production will have it where Brendan wins and puts Matt up, and force Matt to use it. I wonder what the house will think of him, if he doesn’t use it, and find out about it when they get to the jury house?


Oh SNAP!!!… Brendon going for the gold in beaverville tonight on BBAD


Watching Rachel work this douche is like watching Playdoh volunteer to be smashed into the funny papers. Un-funking-believable.


Brendon is a damn quitter!
Thats a punk move
C’mon dawg your better then that


of course they are scared, just look at her! shit freddy kreuger hasn’t got anything over her. LOL


Being offended is a natural consequence when we interact with others……………jaybob – grow up,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and use caps for America,,,,,,that offends me……..


well you seem like a lovely person. glad you accept all the bs in the world. sides this was addressed to simon not an individual!
you are oviously a rachell fan.


To be completely candid ,,,,,,,I was joking and I absolutely cannot stand Rachel – I find her behavior to be so wrong that it makes me turn the television off……………..oh, and thanks, I am a lovely person – you insightful man you are…..


well then are we friends now? 🙂
my votes for Matt, as he at least is playing the game. Rach and bren too are (were) but we both know that “brokeback mountain” will be gone one after another.
and yes it is an appropirate name for brenchel).
thanks love


I masturbate to comment threads like this one.


bless your heart………………….enjoy your self with that, too…….


LMAO must be a brokeback mountain fan


I saw Brendon’s interview before the show and he CLEARLY states his stratagy and I think people are looking at him all wrong, lol. I am not a fan but he clearly stated he would try to get the ladies to love him and then they would turn on themselves…WOW they did. I think what we are seeing is all an act. I don’t think Brendon gives two BLANK about Rachael I think he is using her, god I hope so because he looks like a total moron. Like I said I am not a fan of either but I did think it was intresting to look at his gameplay AFTER I saw his interview, things seem to make a bit more sense…

Geaux Brigade!!!