Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brendon Loves Rachel with all his heart, he’s going to Try and Get Evicted so she can stay

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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8:55pm Backyard pool
Britney says: “They always hear us talking about production but they never hear us talking about being out of milk”.. Everyone laughs.. Enzo asks them what songs do they all want to hear in the morning, Brit wants some Michael Buble, She asks Rachel if she like him. Rachel says she doesn’t know who that is she only knows Vegas performers. Matt asks about the highest paid Vegas performer is. Rachel thinks it’s Celine Dion and it costs 200 a ticket… Enzo shares a story about when he went with his wife and how much it all cost. Rachel: “The most money i spend is for sporting events.. this is expensive because it involves a lot of travelling because Vegas has no sport teams” Enzo wonders why theres no sport teams. Rachel explains that they’re not going to because all the players would end up getting drunk and hanging out in the casino. They start talking about sport teams in their home towns, Brit says theres no major teams in her home town. Enzo and Lane list of all the professional teams.. Lots of sport talk between Brit and Lane.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:07pm Matt and Hayden working chest Ragan on the hammock


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:16pm Rachel and Brendon playing pool.. they briefly talk about El Salvatore


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:33pm Taj Brendon and Rachel what you thinking? Brendon i’ll be your knight in shining armor and let you stay here.
Rachel: “I’m going to ask Brit one more time to use the POV on me.. she doesn’t want money what else can we offer her”
Brendon thinks they can pin the sab on MAtt becuase there is too many inconsistencies in his story, Rachel has been trying to tell people but few want to listen.
Brendon: “do you think people would vote you to stay?” Rachel: “I dunno”
Brendon: “I’m going to ask Lane, enzo and Hayden to keep you here, Me and enzo are tight i’ll talk to him first. I don’t get why brit doesn’t want you here”.
Rachel: “Brit told me that she will tell me where the house will vote but she hasn’t said anything yet”
Brendon: “I asked matt where the vote is going.. and he said it could go either way and he’s not controlling the vote. Matt brought up your emotional issues and them not helping you”
Brendon: “no no.. whatever I’m going to DR and i’m telling them i’m stiring up shit becuase I want Rachel to stay”
Rachel: “They’ll tell you not to”
Brendon says he is going to be a dick to people to keep Rachel in the game, Brendon: “nothing personal I can say that to them”
Brendon: “You more important than some fake friendship”
Rachel: “I don’t want you to look like a dick”
Brendon: “if anyone has been watching the show and if they know me they know i’m not a dick (douche?)
Brendon tells her that Rachel is fiesty and a master oft his game if she stays she’ll win. Rachel whimpers though most of this a Brendon tells her how much he loves her and how he’s ready to try and get evicted. Rachel keeps whimpering that Brendon has a good shot… He tells her whoever wins wins for both of them. Brendon tells her she has a bond with Brit which will keep her safe for a couple weeks plus he can get Enzo and Hayden. (oh man they have no clue) .. Rachel is not sure it’s a good idea she thinks maybe she’ll talk to brit first.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:50pm Brendon’s going to throw the game to a girl that at 7:30 told him this story

I drank a bottle of tequila in a bikini contest woke up shirtless with vomit all over her and a death grip on a wad of 100’s

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71 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brendon Loves Rachel with all his heart, he’s going to Try and Get Evicted so she can stay

    1. if he leaves his expulsion will be counted as an eviction and nobody will go home, but thats doubtful because he doesn’t know rachel is the target no matter what he says she will be evicted.

        1. Brendon: i want to leave.
          BB: no brendon you cannot leave.
          Rachel: stop brendon you can still win the money.
          Brendon No i suck ill never win HOH.
          Rachel: you can do it.
          Brendon: ill tear something up and you will have to expel me.
          BB: if you do that we will send Allison out there to body slam you.
          Brendon: NO You Won’t
          BB: Yes brendon we will.
          Rachel: ill kick her ass.
          Allison: don’t make me come there and sit on you bitch.
          Brendon: rachel i love you will all my heart but not that much.
          Rachel: ????
          BB: Thank You.
          The House: LAUGHS.
          Brendon: cries.
          Rachel: pouts.

          1. Well, if Rachel gets evicted and is walking out to go talk to JC…..Brendon decides to walk right out with her….What can they do then…..It’s kinda double eviction…..Matt is everyone’s savior, because he got rid of them both….Highly doubt that will happen, but aye…

            1. I’ll begin the ritualistic chant to make this happen. Perhaps this could be what we get Ragan to do for us.

              1. I am sure CBS would go to the bubble screen if B/R flaked out on live TV. No way AG would risk an FCC nightmare over those two. Somebody grab B’s self esteem out of the toilet. It keeps circling the bowl.

    2. i don’t think he’ll quit, because he won’t get to go to the jury house. plus that will mess with cbs game. they will have an even number in the end for votes of a winner, and there will be one to break the tie. If cbs thinks he is going to quit they may up with an offer for him. but i don’t think he will quit, no matter what he says or how he feels.

      1. America’s Choice….gets to be the “7th vote on the jury”……Just like last year, when chima got kicked out….

    1. if she was on the outside probably, but i doubt they would keep her they would say , “thanks for the BJ rach but your ass is still gone”

      1. Guarantee they’ll provide more drink when she leaves. When you’re the only one drinking, to me, it’s no fun and I stop; she’s not a quitter. And in this case we all suffer.

  1. Brenden is the biggest freaking moron BB has EVER had!! I can’t believe he’s that whipped and stupid!!! PATHETIC!!!

    1. yes he is, but I wonder if cbs could be setting this up so that rahcel stays. because love or hate her this season is not as exciting as the other seasons, and she (rachel) will make it more interesting if she stays, and especially if she stays and win hoh. this will turn the house upside down, and maybe force matt to use the diamond veto. this season needs more excitement. has anyone thought ot how boring it will be once rachel and brendan leaves? everyone else is pretty firendly with each other so it will come down to two people getting put up but no one being mad or surprised because they are so friendly it will be expected. I don’t even think the brigade alliance will be a shock or surprise to anyone once it’s revealed. They should have revealed themselves this week, to drive B/R crazy and the rest of the house once one of them leaves.

      1. No, rachel needs to leave, because she will get hurt pretty harshly if she stays…..She is clueless, and with that attitude that she has…Somebody will pull a Russel or Evil Dick on her quicker than you can blink…..It wont be pretty, and that is not good for her…..Even if it is just a game…..

        1. she does have bad attitude, but i think it will be boring once she leaves. Its so exciting watching everyone trying to get her out. it won’t be fun to watch once she’s gone, because voting everyone else out will be boring to watch because no one in that house fihgts to survive, they all have been just laying around like they are on summer vacation without a car in the world. you wouldn’t think they are trying win a half million dollars. I mean even the brigade don’t have a final two deal with anyone that’s in their group. if they are the last 6 with brit, and kathy and/or ragan it will be boring because they act like one big family instead of competitors.

  2. if there are lifelong friends in the house maybe it’s them, because no one can fall for someone that hard after only a few weeks. Especially after all of the stuff Rachel has said she’s done and does in the house. Brendan must have never had a woman before.

  3. i’m saying maybe he knows her from before and knows her as a better person, because I don’t know anyone with sense that would want to take someone home like that to meet their family, or want their family to know that’s the kind of person they are attracted to.

  4. Everybody is being douchie. I love it. But what’s with all this gangbang shit. Why would you wish that on anyone? Rachel is a sad pathetic person. I feel bad for her. When she comes back to the real world she may have anervous breakdown.

    1. I wasn’t joking and I’m dead serious…I know a girl a few years back, that is almost identical to rachel’s “tv persona”….and she was known for doing some of that same exact crazy shit(waking up topless at parties, etc.)…….and it was well-documented she was gang banged a few times…..that is why I brought it up….The worst part about rachel is she admits some of these crazy drunk tales like its a great thing to have lived in life to tell other people on tv about…

      1. she has gone from sharing her stories to being way to personal. I mean the stuff she tells seems like someone that has really been through something and is in search of something. I mean she tells these stories as if they are normal everyday living. Who drinks like that and do the things she does and then turns around and tell them to someone you just meet and want a relationship with. What’s shocking to me is that it didn’t scare Brendan off, because it makes me wonder if he really loves her or if he feels sorry for her? I think she has some issues that needs to be resolved.Like the saying goes one person say something you can sort of brush it off, but if everyone is saying it then everyone can’t be wrong.

        1. i I’m starting to see this is as well, and this is why I want rachel to go, for her safety………As someone mentioned earlier her “vegas story” is a very old one, and usually one that doesn’t end too happy….
          Brendon’s problem–and I could be way off base here, but he is the type of girl he could never have, and in real life, she wouldn’t have given him the time of day…..He is a nerd, with too much substance, and not enough flash for the rachel types of the world…That is why he doesn’t care, even though it is clear, they are polar opposites…..

          1. O.K. enough of this Pity Party for Rachel. Anybody think she is just lying about all these Vegas stories and trying to convince everyone in the house she is hot when not. C’mon consider the source and of course add bottle booze with that. She’s friggen a legend in her own mind… Bottom line she is insecure, with a face like that I highly doubt she gets all this attention she claims to.

  5. To whoever is writing these posts .. i dont like the fact that ur making rachel and brendon look like a bad people …. keep ur opinion to urself .. i dont wana read stupid comments like (douche?) at the end of a phrase ok .. thx

    1. First Amendment right, everyone has their own opinion and it’s your right to continue reading their opinion or not. Just saying ya know?

      1. Randomness,
        The first amendment (in fact all of them) discusses what the *government* may and may not do. So yes, the government can’t tell you to shut up, and neither can some citizen, but the owner(s) of the site surely can. The first amendment does NOT protect you from them.

    2. Screw off douche! Why don’t you go and powder your vagina if you don’t like peoples posts! We are here to bitch and vent our opinions of people who signed up for a show knowing they would be under a microscope! They know what people are going to say about them! This ain’t the good ship lollypop,,, douchie mc douchiton douchily douchily doo.

    1. I don’t think she is her mom however I do think Kathy is starting to show up just a little bit more. It was great that she knocked Rachel out of the pov and it was great to see her get up in rachel’s face afterwards. Also I was disturbingly turned on by the paint covered Kathy. I think most of the houseguests overlook the fact that she’s a cop. I know she’s been sick but I believe she’s got more gas in the tank than she has let on.

  6. what does this say about the character of the people who worship this pathetic excuse for a woman? i guess most of u grew up with no father figure, and a mother who would do anything to make the rent money!

  7. BQotD: “If I was dying of thirst and hadn’t drank a drop of water in 6 days, and the only option of water came from Rachel’s belly button, I would choose death.”

  8. Rachel pouring tequila on her body and letting Bren lick it off: Lane”would’nt that burn?” Brit:”only the open postules”.Matt: “her vagina then”. This is priceless!!!! ROFL

  9. I want them to stay to. this season has not been competitive at all except for rachel playing the game. It seems as if this seasons they looked for a bunch of lazy people to play this game. there is no strategic play at all. you’re right kathy and ragan are the dumbest of all time, but don’t forget to include brit. I have never seen three people in any of there seasons that have no strategic plan or alliance. I mean they have no one to rely on. yes brit talk to lane and mat to ragan, but they don’t have an alliance with anyone, and they seem to think no one else in the house has an alliance except B/R, now how dumb is that. this season they must have picked people that have never watched the show.

  10. @filthy mutt … who are you referring to? Kathy? Sounds like you yourself have some freudian issues to be dealt with. Hate your own mother for some failures or what?

  11. you’re a real charmer. You must be the heartthrob in your trailer park. Thanks for reminding me there’s losers out in the real world too, not just BB.

  12. Brendon: “if anyone has been watching the show and if they know me they know i’m not a dick (douche?)”

    Hahahahahahaha. What a delusional needledick. We have been watching the show and the feeds, and Brendon, you ARE a dick, a douche and a pussy all rolled into one annoying and arrogant package. This really made me laugh. It’s always interesting how the HGs perceive the way the viewers feel about them. They are usually way off. Those two are going to get a rude awakening when they see how disliked they are.

  13. OMFG, Brendon has got to be the world’s most dumbest person!!! You have only known this chick less than a month. Are you kidding me?

  14. And brendon and rachel aren’t? They talk about ppl behind their backs too. I’ve heard brendon and rachel call brit a bitch behind her back, yet they want brit to use the pov on rachel? Come on. Rachel and brendon’s problem was that they isolated themselves from the house and then rachel put up houseguests that she felt were trying to “get in between her and her man”. Then when they lose, she becomes a sore loser and he complains. They messed up and they now realize it.

  15. If Brendon is stupid enough to quit he will get what he deserves. Rachel is a two bit hooker. she treats Brendon like shit! What is this giant pu$$y thinking!

  16. Come on people its just a game. they all talk about eachother over and over again. I so agree with you sickofbb12. they talk about R/B every night and it is so bad . people talk about the kids in school getting bully and we are so against it . this is just as bad .this last season I thought was not so good but this season sucks. they all need to grow up even kathy. and play the game thats why they are here. not to make friends . I dont know what u are see on the live feeds but i do watch showtime so what I see is . brit acting just as bad as R/B she made not put it out there. but she is all over lane talk about people just as bad.and matt plays pocket pool everynight by himself .lane never talks about anything besides who to vote out.and kathy and ragan they only go were the power is they r use less. hayden followers everyone around like a lost puppy .just like brendon with rach and enzo has not won at all but he realy dont talk shit about people over and over again . H e is the only one acting his age lol. come on B/B lets get this show going .


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