*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney says she’s worried .. Hayden says just go out there and win it ..you’ve already won 3 of them..

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11:25am Hayden is up and down in the jumanji room. Lane gets called to the diary room. Hayden says that he has already been to the diary room four times this morning. Hayden tells them that they are building something crazy out in the backyard. Everyone gets up … Lane heads into the diary room, Britney, Enzo and Hayden head into the kitchen. Enzo looks at the clock and says to Hayden I though you said it was 1pm. Hayden says no I said I have already been to the diary room four times this morning. Hayden asks Enzo how he is feeling today. Enzo says that he feels good .. he is excited and wants to celebrate today. Enzo says that he feels excited but nervous. Enzo goes over to the kitchen table and sits down where he can see the memory wall and eat. Enzo finishes eating and says YO Hayden …I’m going up stairs alright! Hayden says yeah! Britney pours herself a bowl of fruit loops cereal and then puts neosporin on her cut finger. After she is finished eating she puts a bandaid on her finger.

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11:45am Britney walks past the cabana room and stops and looks in and sees Hayden curled up. Britney asks what are you doing in the busted up cabana room.

Britney asks Hayden how he is doing. He says that he is nervous. Britney asks what for you have nothing to be nervous about. Hayden says that he worries about the littlest things. Britney asks what is she going to do?! Hayden says that they are working hard out there. Britney says again what am I going to do? There is so much pressure. Hayden says well you have already won three of these POV’s just go out there and win it. Hayden says whatever happens, happens and no matter what we get to see our family in 11 days. Britney heads into the bathroom to put on make up. Lane is in the kitchen making something to eat. He stubs his toe and yells MUDDA!! Hayden sits down with Lane at the kitchen table. They study the memory wall. They talk about how it is only 1 out of 4 to win a half a million dollars .. they say that its not like the lotto any more its like a scratch off. Hayden says that it is unbelievable. Lane asks if Britney is scared. Hayden says yeah …and says that last night she came up saying that she has no chance at winning the half million. Hayden says that she made good points about how Enzo would win against any of them. Lane says that she has won 6 competitions and you have won 2 …the jury will vote for her.

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12pm – 12:20pm Britney walks in and joins them at the kitchen table. They talk about how Enzo knows a lot about Big Brother. Hayden says that he only watched two seasons in sequester. Britney says that she has seen a lot of them but only when they first air so she doesn’t remember all the details. They talk about past house guests. Britney gets called to the diary room. Enzo is up in the HOH bed listening to music and watching Lane and Hayden on the spy screen. Big Brother cuts the feeds to the “we will be right back” screen…


12:20pm Lane, Hayden and Enzo are all up in the HOH room talking. They are talking about the POV competition thats going to be happening today. Enoz says that she will just have to accept it. Enzo says that Britney is going to cry like crazy. Hayden explains how if he wins the POV he has to use it on himself and the excuse he can use to tell Britney is that if he didn’t use it on himself he would have three Brigade members in the jury house mad at him. Enzo goes to the washroom and comes out and says that Britney got her $10 G’s the other day so she’s alright she can leave now… Enzo says that if he looses today his is going to start crying and throwing things all over the place. Enzo says that the Brigade is the best alliance in Big Brother history. Big Brother cuts the feeds… When they come back …Lane is wondering if they will get to wear their own clothes or get uniforms for the POV. They talk about hosting the competitions. Lane says that they are guaranteed to have all their family paid for to come to the finale.

12:20pm – 12:50pm Britney joins them up in the HOH. Hayden gets called to the diary room. Britney and Lane are alone in the HOH. Britney says everyone wants me gone now don’t they! Lane says no. Britney says that now she feels like she knows how Ragan felt. Britney says that she feels shunned. Britney says that if she doesn’t win the POV she goes home. Lane tells her to relax …that he’s been her friend since the first week. Britney says that she just wants to know if she is going over Enzo. Britney says that she just feels like the guys want to go to the end together. Lane says thats not the case …only Enzo wants you gone because his life is on the line too. Britney says that she is still mad at Lane for calling her an annoying little shit… but that she has no friends to talk to …this is what its come to she has no one to talk to so she has to talk to someone that is mean to her. Britney is crying and wiping away the tears. Britney complains that if she jokes around with Lane …he gets mad at her but if Enzo jokes with Lane he thinks its funny. Lane says that you are two totally different people. I enjoy my conversations with you …but I don’t with Enzo …he will always just be the funny guy. Hayden joins them up in the HOH room. Lane calls him the predator …how he just appears out of no where. Lane gets called to the diary room. Hayden tries to cheer Britney up and tells her that what ever happens happens.. Britney says that it will be a long week.. Hayden says yeah ..it doesn’t have to be it could be a short week. Britney says that its only Saturday. Britney says it goes a lot faster when you are HOH. Hayden says that one thing he can promise her is that everything will work out. Britney says I know …and I am just being a baby. Hayden says that he doesn’t think she is being a baby. Britney says she knows but that she is…and that she is just stressed. Britney says that its just hard getting this far to go home. Britney says that she doesn’t want to go home and neither does Enzo. Lane comes back up. They talk about selling things on ebay. Lane says all the things he sells he will hand deliver them. He talks about how he is an icon now and needs handlers to go with him to deliver the things…

1:15pm Britney is still up in the HOH whining and complaining to Lane about how he treats her and that she has no friends and is going home. Hayden comes up and tells them that he is going to shit and shower … They tell him thanks for telling them. Britney says that she will use the $10,000 to pay off her car. Lane says that he owes money on his car too. Britney says that she paid up all her bills before she left. Britney says that she is also going to take another vacation …because she feels bad about cancelling her other one to come on the show. She says that the rest she will us to pay for rent and bills because she doesn’t have a job now. Britney asks Lane what he would do with the $50,000. Lane says what about the $500,000 …Britney says we’ll get to that next. Lane says that he wants to pay off all his loans cuz that will save him a lot of money … he wants to give some to his nieces and buy some new furniture.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

2:38pm Jumanji, LAne, Brit and Enzo. Chatting….
3:45pm Everyone has been silent for a while now … they are all napping …waiting for the POV to start…
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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:20pm Living Room LAne and Enzo Enzo is pointing out that they have stopped construction outside.. he wonders if the POV comp is coming up. LAne says it’s going to be Faces or quiz/skill comp. They
briefly bash Ragan. Enzo says that Ragan had studied this game since the beginning and he knew everything that was coming at him but the “Dodos” didn’t know shit they just tried their best.

Enzo: “I think it’s show time I can feel it in my loins”. LAne: “Nope I hear them banging again”
Big BRother 12 Poll Whose the hottest BB chick

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102 thoughts on “*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney says she’s worried .. Hayden says just go out there and win it ..you’ve already won 3 of them..

  1. Brit the excitable lil clit is doing very well. She may get a lot of respect in the jury house for being the only girl to survive solo for half the season.

        1. There are insults and there are vile comments. Brad picks the later. He could be Brad The Cad but that isn’t strong enough.


  2. When its down to four people,its so boring.Especially when its these four.there is no drama and only 2 possible scenarios.either Enzo or Britney is leaving.That’s it.

  3. lane’s shirt should be nice and ripe…3rd day in row he has worn it….he does that a lot…….he smells them, shakes them, guess thinking that gets rid of the stench lol

    1. That’s nasty. What’s even nastier than wearing a 3 days old shirt, is wearing a 4 days old shirt. Break your record Lane. You can do it!

      1. No sorry about that. I finished reading all of the big happenings from the house and when I was done, that was the first thing that came to mind. I really don’t find their yammerings all that entertaining. They are just so wrapped up in their future fame and fortune. Hope that helps – it was just one of those ‘roll eyes/shrug shoulders’ moments. I promise to refocus. LOL

    1. The evition is actually Wednesday and the remaining person (non-nominee & HOH) is the one that gets to vote (at least that is my understanding). If Brit or possibly Lane wins, Enzo is gone otherwise Brit is gone. Please Brit win so we can finally be rid of Enzo! I can’t believe he’s made it this far!

      1. it doesn’t necessarily depend on who wins pov if hayden wins he still cant vote cus hes hoh it just depends on who isnt on the block either lane,britney or enzo can vote..if britney wins pov enzo will go home,if lane wins enzo might go home, if enzo or hayden win britney will go home.

      1. Megan I agree, Enzo needs to go. I use to like him in the beginning now he’s a pain in the rear end. He hasn’t done nothing but float. He always complaining who needs to go when he is the main one that should have left long time ago. He talks to much sh** and I know that it’s getting on the house guest nerves. The way he eats is annoying, all that freaking smacking he does. Enzo thinks that this is his game. The way he jumped over Ragan to win the POV and had the nerves to brag about winning something.

  4. I want Lane to win POV just to see what he’ll do. He’s said a couple times in the last week that he actually wants to go to the final 2 with Britney instead of Hayden. He could win POV, and then use it on Britney instead of himself. She would then likely vote out Enzo.

    Which is why I don’t think he’ll try too hard to win today. Would piss of the Brigade, especially Enzo.

    It is tempting though. If the final 3 is Lane, Hayden, and Britney, I think Lane is assured of making the final 2.

      1. Because he joked about it with enzo..telling enzo if he(lane) won pov he would take brit off the block and let her vote his azz out:) I thought it was hilarious not going to happen but it was funny…I think people take everything they say way to serious….the guys are going to the end together no matter what is said…unless brit is the pov winner..

  5. After this season Allison Grodner should be sentenced to at least 2 weeks of playing with her sock puppets, 4 weeks of crazy dancing and SIX weeks of SLOP!!!

  6. Don’t feel so good being on the bottom eh Brit? Remember backstabbing all those people? At least you know what’s going to happen if you don’t win POV! I got a feeling it’ll be Lane & Hayden final 2 if Brit loses POV.

        1. yea it should be tonight because normally when you they do the morph comp it is at night from what i remember in the past!

  7. So now Lane is an icon and will personally deliver his items sold on ebay. Plus he will need handlers to go with him. How full of himself this guy is! Do nothing, dum dum! He really enjoys watching himself in the mirror. Looks like a big fat lazy guy to me.

  8. so brit back stabbed everyon well so did everyone else thats part of the game but she was also likeable to everyone even brandon when she had to thats also part of the game though brit made some stupid moves they weren’t nearly as stupid as the other three she didn’t float through the game like the three of them did when hayden won hoh it was against the weak players didn’t do anything against the strong players.i really hope brit wins so they can get rid of enzo and we won’t have to see or hear him anymore go brit…………….

    1. Backstabbing people then being nice to their face is part of the game and everyone did it, the difference is Brit will do it even when she’s not in the game. She’ll do it on the j/h because she’s a disgusting human being. She didn’t float because she was to busy doing what Lame told her to do..she has to goooo!!!

          1. If you’re on the lamb, that means Allison Grodner must be under the lamb. Be cautious of the “Lady and the Tramp” chomping mouth kiss when you meet in the middle of the meat. You may lose your face.

            1. QAZ, I think you’d be kinda fun to have a six-some with. Me, You, Allison, a roll of duct tape and a chicken leg..I can make it happen..

                1. Rockstar, you male or female? If male, then we can Eiffel Tower AG for all she’s worth, while duct taping the chicken leg in her mouth as a gag to keep her from yapping. If female, then, well, I’ll have to stretch first. Jimik60, you can tape it for us.

                  1. I’m female.. I think.. I checked but sometimes I’m not sure. I always feel as if my balls are bigger then most men.. and umm, no jimi.. I’d rather stick thumb tacks in my eyes and be part of the human centipede then that. /ewwe..

    1. GEG….Get Enzo GONE. I cannot stand that crude human being. I hope tonight on After Dark he doesn’t eat…and if he does, please please camera man, be kind…. I’ll even settle watching Lane or Hayden sleeping or Brit painting her nails. Anything…please …no Enzo.

  9. I saw on another website that the POV will NOT take place today. Apparently, it will air LIVE on Wednesday evening.

  10. Brit wants to be one of the guys when it suits her.
    When her back is against the wall she puts on the water works-whines, pouts, sheds some crocodile tears, pouts some more, work her little girl act on Lane, lies about not needing or wanting the half mil-just the 50 thou-whatever works at the time.

    When she convinced Brandon to keep her off the block, she said in the diary room that she will say whatever, whenever to whomeveris necessary to get what she wants.

    And it has has worked, so far. Now, her cup has runeth over!!!

    She won’t make it this time. Too late, too bad, so sad, little girl!!!

    She is definitely going to turn from a bratty princess to an ugly frog when she looses the POV and is sent to the JH. But, don’t worry Brit you can always get in the jaccuzzi with your friend Rachel, the crocodile.. She has been keeping the water cool for you .

    1. yeah and i bet when she goes to the jury house she will all of a sudden be bff with ragan and matt again…blah..she is annoying at times..but she does deserve to be there she worked those boys as much as they worked her..Lane hayden and enzo got what they wanted from her and now its time to discard her…Its so annoying to watch those 3 guys get there way threw out this whole game..thats why its boring lol

  11. Its been who enzo wants out goes…Its sickening…and becomes a snooze fest…lane is next..its been set up like this the whole game..its been so perdictable

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