Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Crocodile Tears, Matt: “Lets cry over a bottle of wine tonight”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:53pm Have Nots room, Rachel and Ragan Rachel is crying saying that she feels like they’ve been getting further apart since last week. She didn’t want Kristen’s eviction to come between them. Ragan says that Kristen and him were close he thought she was a good person and is on of the people whose conversations he enjoyed. Ragan is pissed about what Andrew said he feel like she never deserved that because she is nothing like what Andrew said, “She’s a class act”. Rachel starts to cry again tells him she had no other option. Ragan doesn’t blame her for what she did, he’s not pissed off at her and he hasn’t been distancing himself from her. Rachel is scared she’ll lose one of her only friends in the house. Rachel: “I know I won’t be able to replace Kristen but i still want you as a friend”. She starts complaining about having to see people go each week and how hard it is being her. He tells her he kinda wants to chill out with his thoughts for a bit because he’s had to deal with Kristen’s eviction and the HOH competition. This doesn’t atop her brings up the HOh COMP. ragan says it was by far the hardest one, he thought he was going to drop off when it started. HE was glad that Kathy had fallen first he didn’t want to be a have nots and he almost dropped early. He tells her he needs to gather his faults so please can I have some time… Rachel leaves tells him if he every wants to talk she’ll listen and she offers him tickles.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


9:00pm Have Nots Ragan and Matty Ragan rehashes the entire conversation he just had with Rachel says that she had “crocodile tears”, he sums it up “basically she came in here to see if I was OK because one of my friends left and started to cry because she felt responsible for for it” Ragan rolls his eyes: “So i started consoling her about it” Matt thinks she’s trying to get back on Ragan’s good side to get to MAtt. Ragan: “Exactly”. Matt asks if she’s brought up being scared about the week. Ragan “No but its coming.. these 2 are going to work every angle and they are going to work me the most”. Matt says he’s been trying to stay around people because he doesn’t want to get stuck in a conversation with them. Ragan recommends him to make his speech about sportsmanship because B/R have none and it needs to get out. Matt says it’s not going to be a big made for TV speech he’s going keep it simple and logical he’ll bring up the fact that b/r are the strongest couple. He explains that B/R have won either HOH or Veto every week and sure theres lots of pairs in this game but b/r are the strongest pair and thats why there going up on the block. MAtt thinks it’s a logical speech it’s basic game play and anyone of the houseguests would make the same choice. MAtt isn’t sure he’ll bring up poor sportsmanship.. but he might because “that what America wants”. ragan says Kristen leaving makes him very sad she was the only person that has left so far that he had a connection with. Matt: “Lets cry over a bottle of wine tonight”. (Like chima, lydia and PP in bb11) They start breaking down strategies to survive B/R’s rampage when they are both go up in the block. Ragan says that there are 2 people that are going to get it bad, one of them being ragan the other being the person to win POV. ragans plan to stay sane is to stay in groups of people. Ragan thinks from now until Monday it’s going to be a constant barrage from b/r. MAtt thinks after the POV meeting B/R will hole up in the hammock…

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:40pm Taj Room B/R Brendon tellign her how sorry his is about losing that HOH he tried so far but just couldn’t stay on. Rachel can’t live in this house without him she can’t fend odd 5 guys. She wants Brendon to stay next week because if he’s gone she doesn’t stand a chance.

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America! The lines are open! Call or text your vote for what food Allison Grodner should eat next week! Choose 1 for CBS to find, capture, and kill all the baby penguins in the Arctic Circle. Pick 2 for us to feed Allison Grodner one rare Amazonian bird for every BB12 Twitter tweet that’s posted online, or choose 3 to let Lane go on a 2 hour hunting spree. Standard text messaging fees may apply, but standard dietary restrictions do not.


Also, Allison Grodner once ate an entire crocodile. Fact.


Whats the point of your rant?

dirk diggler

this person is making fun of heavy set people oviously. i saw pics of allison , shes not really fat just ugly. see for yourself

dirk diggler

well said i always thought the show was getting worse and worse and more twicked each year but no one would admit it, like they are afraid speak out against the ugly allison.
thank you


shes the producer…


I said it once, I said it again…

KARMA IS A BITCH AIN’T IT RACHEL? We’re gonna have some good drama this week from B/R. Time to see how much they’ll grovel not to be put on the block.

I seriously love how Rachel is all “I’m da shit!” when she put Hayden and Kristen up and now she’s shedding Croc tears. That’s what you get you little she-devil~ That’s what you get~~~

Now back to praying that Matt doesn’t flake out again, even though it seems like he isn’t. When are nominations again? Forgive me for asking but I woke up today thinking it was Wednesday.


oh please…karma is a freaking “IOU”


Brendon can go ahead and win POV. Because if he does, then it’s bye bye Rachel. πŸ™‚ It’s a win-win situation. Brachel haters get to see them grovel and either Brendon or Rachel gets to be booted from the house. Personally, I would like Brendon gone to see Rachel fall to itty bitty pieces but Brendon staying wouldn’t be half bad because maybe he’ll change his game up. And if he wins BB with Rachel gone, it’d be exciting because he managed to pull that off.
So, why would I be crying if Brendon wins POV?
I wouldn’t care if Rachel won either, because either way. πŸ˜€ One of them is gone.

BB6 Fan

Who cares? One of them is STILL going home!!!


I wonder if she is thinking that maybe she should have listened to Kristen. Ragan and Kristen both gave her that scenario, which she pooh poohed. So, Karma is a bitch.


rachel did get i the “showmance” to have an extra “help” HAHAHA evict brendon PLEASE


won’t matter, he’ll be gone the next week πŸ™‚


Dude, don’t choke on the shaft.


Haha! Rachel just mentioned how stupid Natalie was in season 9.. said she was supposed to be the hot girl, that she was obsessed with some guy, all she did was run around going Maaaatty. I’m sure the irony is not lost on my fellow BB fans. Seriously.
They wonder if they’re worse than 9? Uh.. I liked 9. Is Matt supposed to be our James? Kathy is our Sheila? Adam to Enzo. They really are oblivious aren’t they?

dirk diggler

rach is matt and brendon is nat as HE is the one chasing her . he may not be running around screaming rac , rac but he is acting alot like nat did and did’nt nat from that season give matt a hand job or head? also, they are all acting oviously like their fav BB former HG’s.


I like how she just assumes that HE will be the one to go home. Maybe its you, you delusional bitch. I’m not on the “I Hate Brachel” bandwagon b/c I actually wanted Brendon to win. Makes for a better viewing experience, watching everyone run around annoyed. But I can’t. take. her. anymore. She’s so effin irritating and he’s a cry baby w/a nasty ass looking toe. Done w/these two for life.


As I mentioned to our dear CoLa, I think she is going to break it off with him soon, She is already thinking about how she can’t leave Vegas. Just in time to “show” the rest of the house that she isn’t part of an alliance with him. So much for her and “her man”.


Brachel can’t get out of the house fast enough for me. I am so sick of those two. I liked Brendon at first, but I am not sure what his strategy is there. The writing is on the wall the two of them are not going to last. She is way to high maitenance for Brendon anyways and a party girl. I hope Matt does not blow it this time.


>>She wants Brendon to stay next week because if he’s gone she doesn’t stand a chance.<<


she needs him to stay, why??? not because she cares and doesn't want to see him leave, nooooo! it's so that SHE can survive longer. idiot. grrr. she's such a manipulative, self-centered, egotistical biatch.

dirk diggler

who is in the have not room? i thought only the first person to drop got that?


Kathy is in the have-not room. She made a deal with the house; if she dropped first they would not put her up. Everyone agreed! Like she was gonna last anyway.


Rachole is the biggest manipulating C#NT ever in BB History! Along with a long list of other shitty things! OMG, If I have to watch a whole week of this same exact crap as the week before last, Im going to ……..shit……..oh god knows what Im going to do!! Why, why, why Brit….why could you not have won!! And yes, why does she assume it is him leaving!! DOUCHE’ DOUCHE!

dirk diggler

racholes crying pics are soooo disqustingly gross, shes even more ugly if that possible. she looks like some guy put it in wrong hole (without her permission)


I feel like she might have a penis down there too….like Lady gaga! Hermorphadite I think they call it!


ehhhh I disagree…shes not been successful in her manipulation…the only time shes had success is when in power…at this point shes just realized that brenden is a goner, no one seems to care about jury votes and she is in a house with people who hate her…

dont feel bad for her like I do for brenden who is just like a 19 year old in love…sigh…hes going to get crushed REALLY soon…when was the last time she said “I love you” back to him? someone needs a “love” meter to see how many times hes said it/shes said it

poor ragen is going to be so hurt by matt’s betrayal


Clearly she will not succeed in her manipulation but everything she does is some sort of a manipulation effort, whether with Brendon or what she just did with Regan a couple of hours ago……..But that is what HOARS like her do! YEAH< YEAH< YEAH…poor Brendon, didn't I remind you earlier today how when he came in the game his first statement about his strategy was to manipulate the hot chicks and find someone to use to get him further in the game!! COm on dont you read my posts!?!?! Especially the one that was just for you!


Relax she’s saying IF HE STAYS.Not he’s definetly going home..Read the article before you make judgements LJ and Cosmo Chick. Your almost as annoying as the “BRIGAYDE! πŸ™‚


PS…I dont need to read the article…Im watching afterdark live biznatch! :O)

dirk diggler

ignore jane she thinks shes part of the show, your good.


Oh I know she’s playin’…….I could never take anything here too seriously anyways! Especially at this time if nite! I would hope we are all in it for a good time!


its like no one will let them play the game, and its lame…and a stupid move with jury votes on the line

these people still dont realize that the wrap party doesnt start when they get rid of brenden

matt may be the one in the best position right now…he will use the brigade to axe ragen in a couple weeks…


Listening to Roachel talk shit about Gnat is freekin heeeelarious! I cant wait for Brittany’s take on that later with her boy brigade!

dirk diggler

so it’s confirmed now? brit is part of the boygade? thanks for that πŸ™‚
and also everyones panties need to unbunch as alot can happen in the next day.
member BBHG’s time moves real slow so they have lots of time to get paroniod, to think (something rach can’t do as that would require a brain) and to ponder, matt is such a liar that until he actually picks the nominees , no one will know what is going on next.


i love that a brigade member won……matts going to get all the blood on his hands and enzo lane and hay are going to be cleans as day …….brigade final 4 or 5 …..rach needs to go during the live feed when bren was trying to make her feel better…she told him he was (after comp) emotional and something else cant remember(but it was mean) but how rude i thought she loved him ..cant wait to see her go or even bren

dirk diggler

too true and fuuny the only person rach loves is rach, she thinks she’s some superstar, but she will find out the opposite when she gets out of show and reads all the blogs πŸ™‚ don’t hate the game, hate the playa ( rachelll george)

BB6 Fan

Ahahahaha…This is too hilarious to watch!!! Go ahead, and cry, Ho. You know you disrespected everyone in the house last week, made it personal, berated them, and treated them all like crap. Suck it up! This is Karma for your blow-job giving ass.

dirk diggler

at least she blew him ( and) made a quilt while at it )


Rachel is a cocky BIATCH and her goodbye messages make her out to be some kind of psycho which I’ve already gathered anyway. I can’t wait til Matt puts her and Brendon up. I actually hope Brendon does win the veto and takes himself off so then Rachel can be evicted, she annoys me way more than he does.


why do people hate the brigade …..everyone is cocky look at rach everytime she wins hoh …
they are still n the game so if they are floaters they are good ones becuz usually big guys are all the number one target and not any of the brigade members are not except matt …so please people who hate them explain why…


The Brigade (yo) is smart at keeping their alliance quiet and that can be hard to do, so kudos to them for that. I thought Matt would give the HOH to Ragan (didn’t they have that conversation during the last HOH that Matt won?). Was a little disappointed that he did not but understood he was winning it for the whole brigade!


The Goodbye messages on tonights episode were great. Basically Brendon and Rachel were made out to like douches. What Ragan said about Rachels insecuritys was right on the head, and then Brendon calls out Kristen for being a major lier thinking Hayden has a secret alliance, then right after Hayden Reveals his alliance! A great BB moment in my mind, anyways, hopefully we see Brendon and Rachel squirm this week.


That timing was really great. Made them look bad.


I enjoyed the irony.


It made Kristen feel better, I think. I mean on one hand she was thinkging how Hayden didn’t tell her, but on the other hand she had the satisfaction of knowing her instincts were right. I would love to see the faces of Brit, B/R and Ragan when they finally see the show. She was smarter than they gave her credit for….IMHO.


Probably because his hand would be in the way coming for landing in front.


He could be his own “Reach Around”!


Yes, because none of the rest of them are stupid, lying, hypocritical or getting what they deserve. That is reserved for Rachel! Way to make a point!


Hey BBGrandma, I outta here and off to Palm Springs in the morning. But just wanna to say thank you and stay as “fiesty” as ever. Keep these guys in line. I need to get solvent again, so what better place to meet a monied older man – Palm Springs!!! I won the bet i made with my friends and now these bitches have to take me to Palm Springs and pay for everything! Knowing these vicious queens they leave off at a rest area and make me fend for myself! Ohmygod – just likein “Wolf Creek”. take care!!1


Oh, I wish I could go! Believe me, I can still party. You have fun and be careful. If they drop you off at a rest stop, if the truck driver doesn’t have any teeth, DON’T GET INTO HIS TRUCK!


Dirk, with the way tonight is going I think we are both going to have to change our names tomorrow! I wonder if there is a site that is more appropriate for douch’s like us! HA

dirk diggler

dont let these others get next to you
you are only speaking your mind and if you said something so bad simon won’t let it go through as he reads and censors what he deems appropriate. your good . hope to read more from you tomorrow.


You are both okay with me. If that matters.


Yes!! Matters!!


Brenden =deadman walking

Team Matty

After he gets whats coming to him, maybe he can swing by your place and leave you a dictionary.


lol, my personal favorite comment posted thus far.


Kristen should have taken Socks with her….poor thing got left on bed with Rachel.


Matt is a moron if he attempts another backdoor plan. Just put Rachel and Brendon up and be done with it. Even if one of them wins POV, one of them is gonna go home for sure. If Matt doesn’t do it he is truly a dumbass and Ragan should finish converting him, lol


I hope Brendon goes home this week so Rachel doesnt have him there anymore. I hope Rachel win next HOH and nom Matt and Hayden. Go Rachel


I hope Brendan gets POV and takes himself off- which is not a given because he is so lovesick- he might use it to take Rachel off and sacrifice himself. After all, more people would vote to evict Rachel than him. And he knows it, because he keeps telling her to quit saying shit that pisses everyone off and makes all the HGs hate them both. I for one do not want Rachel to win POV so I can watch her whine. I HATE WATCHING HER WHINE. ENUF IS ENUF ALREADY! One thing is for sure, Rachel is way too self centered to consider saving Brendan with the POV. Plus she has proven she can win comps but SHE CANNOT THINK STRATEGICALLY TO SAVE HER LIFE.

DJ poopy pants

Hopefully one of them leaves this week but there’s still a chance of a terrible season if one of them wins in the end as you’ll see both of them jumping around and celebrating with Rachel’s horrible laugh marking the end of a terrible season.