* Updated * Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney talks to Enzo about the Brigade.. Britney says Enzo has a good chance of getting her jury vote..

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11:30am Britney comes out into the backyard where Enzo is sitting by himself. Britney says that she wants to talk to everyone… and that she knows last night was crazy. Britney says that last night she was pretty upset and that it was tough for her. Britney says that she isn’t mad and doesn’t want things to be awkward or anything… she says that she had the chance to win the POV and HOH and she didn’t. Enzo says he knows and says that its hard and that they wanted to tell her and get it off their chests. Britney tells Enzo that she thinks he has a really good chance to get her jury vote because he has given up the most …he gave up seeing his new born daughter for three months. Enzo asks …so you think I have a good chance to win this … Enzo says that he knows they don’t want to take him to the end because they know he will win against them. Enzo says that he hopes he didn’t burden his family too much. Britney says again that he has a good chance at convincing her to give him her vote. Enzo says that he has the best social game right?! Britney says you have to have to say that a social game is just as important as winning competitions. Enzo says that Lane is winning the $50,000 no matter what … he was the final 2 winner back in the final 5. They talk about how Hayden was really good at competitions. They talk about how Ragan was duped …and that he will feel the worst. Enzo says that he was told to come in and lie and Enzo says that he couldn’t …because that would go against his aura. Enzo says that night one he brought up the brigade and it was done after that. Britney talks about how she befriended Rachel and then in the diary room she ripped on her …and would come out and be all nice to her face. Britney says that she cant believe she took a bath with Rachel and that it still disgusts her. They talk about all the moves they made in the house to get people out and make it to the end. They talk about how Matt probably would have won if he had just stuck with the brigade but that he over played his cards.



12pm – 12:15pm Enzo keeps saying that he was always pushing to keep Britney to the final four.  They talk about how bad they ripped on each other.  Britney says that she said if she was given some plaster and a carving knife… she could carve Kristen’s vagina because of the way she wore her pants she could see it everyday.  They talk about being at the finale doing their interviews not wanting to talk to any of the other house guests because they have no idea what really went on.  Enzo tell Britney that when she looks back she will see that what the brigade did was a masterpiece.  Enzo says that all he really wanted to do coming into the house was to do something that was memorable and that’s what they did.   They talk about how Rachel and Brendon were so easy to manipulate.   They talk about how Rachel and Brendon were so easy to manipulate.  They talk about the saboteur and how they knew it was Annie. Britney talks about how Annie was trying to lie about where she was sitting during the sab message.  Britney says that all the people that she didn’t like she just told them to their faces.  Britney laughs that she told Annie that if she made a deal she wouldn’t come after her till the final four …she would give her her vote.  Britney laughs and says who make a final four deal when there are 13 people still in the house.  Britney says what really helped her was making friends with the guys.  Britney says that she is okay with it because she had her chance to win the HOH and POV.  Britney says that she never ever would have put up Lane.  Enzo talks about how Lane was the same way with her and he really didn’t want to go against Britney. They talk about how Hayden has a great chance to win this thing and that if Lane or Enzo take him that he will win.  Britney says that Enzo isn’t stupid …he has a way better chance going up against Lane. Britney says that she is going to vote for the person that she thinks was the most honest. Britney says that who ever wins she wants them to take him to Steamboat. Enzo says thats what they thought last night that you probably wont to come any more. Britney says that she doesn’t even know if she is still with Nick. They talk about how stupid Brendon is and all the stupid deals he made. Britney says that he was such a dodo. Hayden joins them on the couch. Enzo tells Hayden that Britney is still going to come to Steamboat but that one of us has to pay. Hayden says hell yeah!

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12:15pm – 12:45pm Britney, Enzo, Hayden and Lane are all out on the backyard couch talking. They talk about how Matt could have still been here in the game if he hadn’t tried to play everyone. Britney says yeah he went Brokeback on you guys. They talk about how stupid Ragan is going to feel after he finds out how mad Matt played him and back stabbed him. Britney says that she had a feeling that they all had an alliance but that she just wasn’t sure. Britney says that the brigade had control of 8 out of 13 people. Lane says that he kept Britney out of harms way. Britney says tells Lane that she never would have put Lane up against anyone. Britney says that she thought BG meant something else like Bad Guys …or Big Guys. Enzo says that they were all dropping Brigade all the time… like there goes a brigade of ants… look at that brigade of balls down there. Britney says that she said to Matt the night before he got sent home “No BG’s for the BG” Britney says that she never thought it was one word she always thought it was two words. Britney talks about how she will be going home with her 10 G’s that she won playing hide and seek. Lane says yeah and your stipend. Lane says that Matt miss four BG meetings. Hayden says that Matt told him that if he gets ride of Enzo he has a chance of getting to the final 2 but if he gets rid of him (Matt) he has no chance. Hayden says okay we’ll see. Britney talks about how Hayden is the most trust worthy so she likes him the least. She says that the whole time she couldn’t say anything bad about him … but now she finds out that he played her like a fool. Britney says that she deserves to win something after taking a bath with Rachel. They talk about how this season had a lot of personality.


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12:50pm – 1:10pm Britney start telling the guys about how her and Monet would make fun of Kristen for her camel toe. Britney says that her and Monet used to hike their pants up so high. Britney says that they made fun of how high she used to hike up he bikini so high too. Britney says that they ripped on her for how she has no cleavage too. Britney show they guys her Kristen face and then pulls her boobs apart. Britney says that Kristen is going to hate her. Britney talks about how Rachel is going to hate her too. Britney talks about how she was ripping on Rachel in her own HOH room. Britney says that Rachel was so disgusting how used to work out in her bikini. Britney bends over the couch and imitates Rachel asking “do you want some water?” Britney says that she really doesn’t want to do her speech now … it doesn’t even matter. Britney says that she is glad that they told her about the brigade and that she is glad she doesn’t have to wait to watch it after she goes home. Enzo says well it would all come out on the finale anyways.. Britney says that she thought this would be an all girl season when she walked in and wanted to shoot herself in the face. She says thats what she thought the twist was going to be. They talk about how Matt has already told the jury members. Lane gets called to the diary room. Britney tells the guys what the final part 3 of the HOH competition would be like. Britney says that it’s questions to the jury members and you have to guess what their answer would be. Britney tells them that Matt and Ragan were testing each other and even trying to asks the other people in the house what they would answer to certain questions so that they would know how to answer. Britney says that competition is a toss up … anyone could win it. Britney talks about how she met Nick for the first time.


1:15pm – 2pm Britney says that she accepts her shun… she accepts her death. Enzo tells her that they love her otherwise they wouldn’t have told her. Hayden tells her that he loves her and thinks she is great. Hayden asks Britney if they are going to be friends forever. Britney says remember a couple weeks ago and I asked if we would be friends forever. Hayden says yeah and I says yes. Britney says well we will be friends forever. They talk about Steamboat. Britney, Hayden and Enzo talk about twitter, facebook and websites. Britney says that before she came in she bought britneyhaynes.com for $6 just so that no one else would use it. Britney tells Enzo that people have probably already bought his name. Enzo asks why would they do that? Hayden and Britney tell him so that they can sell it. Enzo says that he will just make up a new name. Enzo says that he needs to learn how to do that shit. Hayden says that he made a website for a class and it took a whole semester to make 6 buttons and a link. They laugh. They talk about how that’s what Matt does for a living. Enzo says that he doesn’t trust Matt to handle the finances for their band. Enzo heads inside. Hayden says sorry to Britney and that he really feels sorry about it. Britney says that she had a chance to win and she didn’t …. She doesn’t feel bad because she didn’t get scammed. Hayden says that he thinks that she is unbelievable and a really great girl. Britney says that it’s the end of summer and they all have to go. Britney says that she is just glad that they talk her. Lane comes back out. They talk about their stipend. Britney says that it sucks ..and is glad she won the 10 grand. Lane tells her that he always had her back. Lane says that she doesn’t need to worry that this isnt where she was going to make her money that a lot of things will happen for her when they get out. Lane says that any money he wins is going to his family … that he can always make more. Lane and Hayden tell her that they thought she went up to the HOH room to steal his sock monkey. Britney says oh no …I just wanted my shampoo. The conversation changes to talking about the luxury competition and where they hid their coins. Enzo comes back out. They continue to talk about random things. They talk about visiting new york. Britney says that when she stayed there she got her employee discount date and paid only $29 a night. Enzo says that you can’t even park your car for that. Enzo says that he will meet Britney in new york sometime. Britney talks about her mom and how much of a fan she is of the show. Enzo says that its a classy show too. Britney says thats why she was so surprised that Rachel made it on the show because she is so trashy.
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198 thoughts on “* Updated * Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney talks to Enzo about the Brigade.. Britney says Enzo has a good chance of getting her jury vote..

    1. Simon, what picture is next to Britney’s face? A statue of the devil? LOL. Britney is so lucky Monet left early. Brit will be on All Stars, and probably pair up with a female again, and this time she won’t be separated so soon. Production will get a chance to bring out the catty side in her even more, and she’ll be villainized by DR sessions so hard.

    2. Lane is a pussy did you see how scared he was when they were telling her, he waited for Enzo to start it off. I think Lane was going to take her to final 2 though but didn’t work out for him and looks like Hayden is going to win the half mil and take Lane to final 2. Enzo is bringing shame to his family and I’m sorry to say I live near Jersey. May have to relocate YO.

      1. It didn’t work out for him because the dumbass didn’t make a final 3 deal with Brit and Ragan..the 2 people he could have won against. And he’s probably not going to try to talk Hayden into using the POV and getting Enzo out to give himself 1/2 a chance at this point. I think the real showmance is Lane with Hayden. Frustrating

      2. Lane told Hayden he threw that last PoV so I really doubt he would take Britney to final 2. He would of taken Ragan’s offer since that’s a 75% of getting into the final 2 with Britney.

      3. I thinik if Britany wins POV she will stil keep with Lane. He is such a wimp. She will try harder now knowing about their brigade. They wiol have to turn on someone in the end anyway.

    3. Brit should tell the goons that she’s going to make up all kinds of shit to tell the rest of the jury about the BG. She should tell them it was a huge mistake to tell her their secret. She could threaten Hayden that if he doesn’t use the veto on her, she’ll talk trash about him in the jury house. Let those idiots sweat for a week and not be so confident about being the “best alliance in BB history”. She could tell Matt that he was never really in the brigade….that they were just using him. That would be hysterical.
      Bunch of boneheads.

      1. no one in tje jury likes brit so don’t think that would work. Everyone thats in the jury was stabbed in the back (partly) by her but the only one dumb enough to listen to anything she has to say would be Reagan.

    4. Please tell Enzo to shut up. He acts so entitled. So Annoying. If Britney was smart she should tell him either vote Lane out or loose my vote.

  1. i felt sorry for britney until she started the brendon bashing. she put herself in this mess.brendon and rach wanted an alliance with her week 4 but she wanted to join the cool guys and get rid of the girls. i hope brendon wins americas choice, now that would be something to look forward to during the finale. their faces will be priceless

    1. how could you feel sorry for pale face? She got what she deserved for being so slimy and talking shit about everyone behind their backs and smiling to their faces. She was THE fonyest player in this game and I didn’t like any of them but she was the worst. Now she knows how Reagan felt when he was on the block and thinking he had some hope based on what she was telling him. Yeah! shes going to the jury in shame. ha ha it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. Don’t forget how she kissed who ever ass was HOH and talked about how phony others were for talking to HOH when they don’ t even like them. But it was ok for her to do it. I’m glad the bitch is out of the game.

      1. I would NEVER vote for Brendon for America’s Player. WTH would vote for someone who wanted to give away a half million dollars to a skank he just met. Please, in my opinion his game play was the worst one next to Enzo. I’m voting for Matt for AP, he deserves it.

        1. Diddo:) he also complains how he was always the target…which rachel put on him week after week..he could of worked with the guys right off the bat..but he chose not to..and go with rachel

        2. brendon did not deserve the money based on him never playing for himself soon as rachel spread her legs (easily) he was hooked, and she successfully used him to play for her even after she was evicted, but everybody in the house was onto her lil plan so they got him out soon as they had the chance. she didn’t care about him and now that he didn’t win the money she will drop him because he can’t afford her.

      2. I’d rather eat/drink a wheelbarrow full of concrete mix before voting for that moron. How quickly we all forget how he picked on the little people in the house.

      3. Brendon deserves the $ more then any of the other HG, he had to fight from day one to stay in the game. Brendon gets my vote.

        1. Everyone had to fight from day 1 and if he had to fight a little harder it was his own damn fault for hooking up with that hooker from Vegas. He is a big dummy and big dummy’s don’t get my vote.

      1. I don’t think so, Ragan has a ton of haters now. Mostly because of the baby and AIDS comment he made. Some people are even writing letters to get him fired. Not to mention he got $20k for being the Sab. and people hated that all he did was make messages directed at the two people on the block that he hated.

      2. Can we at least organize behind anyone except Enzo for America’s Player?? Look in the dictionary for the word disgusting and you will see his picture. I am trying to decide between Ragan and Brit. I agree that giving it to Brendon is the same as giving it to Rachel. Matt’s lie didn’t sit well with me, Kathy did absolutely nothing to earn it. The brigade members will surely earn so much more money from all of their future endeavors (the gospel according to Enzo), i. e. bars, movies, appearances–LOL! Monet, Kristen, and Andrew exited too early to really have any impact on the game. I want Ragan or Britney to come out of this worst BB season ever with more money than the 3rd place house guest..

    2. I think they would feel worse if Matt won over Brendon. When they watch the tapes back they will see that he was nothing but loyal and they are a bunch of dirt bag back stabbers!

    3. The reason Britney is ripping Kristen in front of the guys now is because this little redneck is hurt. She’s hurt that they’re sending her home. She’s really mad at Hayden and this is her High School way of getting back at Hayden. Hayden is not stupid. He knows her reason, and he could careless. Like he said: ” Just some girl I met for a few weeks.”

      1. Boy is Brit going to have a red face if she happenstances upon the feed photo of HER sitting in the pool showing a….ahem….camel toe. So Kristen has nothing on Brit.

  2. Dear Britney,
    Since you know that you will be leaving the house, you will get my vote for America’s Player if you start some shit up right now. Thanks.

    1. There is no doubt in my mind that Britney has an real issue. The things she said about Kristen now, from her cleavage being a part to how she can carve the shape of Kristens’ vagina.
      This girl is ridiculously vulgar. Disgusting. Pure trash!

  3. Could someone just smack Enzo up side the head. OK, ENZO, we get it, you were part of the Brainless Brigade.You couldn’t win a comp all season until you had to cheat Ragen out of it by mauling him. Beating a girl is not very manly. I wouldn’t be advertising it anymore, because you all look like idiots right now. Puhleeze shut up before you embarrass yourself even more.

    1. how about Enzo saying they had the best season ever…..NOT! This was the worst most boring season ever. And brainless is right, they just got very lucky. AND thats only because the whole cast was stupid as shit. Perfect example of that is that know one ever figured out(except for Raegan) that there was an alliance.

    1. Please tell me how he “deserves” to win? Because he wanted to give up his chance for a half a million dollars for Rachel? Because he wanted revenge a skank so he won some comps? He one of the worst game plays I’ve ever seen on this show!

    2. He DOES NOT deserve to win since he was willing to give it all up for Rachel. He was a total wuss and all her cared about was her and what she wanted – THAT’S IT!

      1. Sorry to tell you this but you are 100% wrong. Most of the money was going for research. Hope noone in your family ever gets cancer because that sure would help in his research.
        He is not has stupid as you think. So for that since i have lost family too the BIG C,I will vote for Brendon.

        1. Give me a break, you actually believe he will give it to research? HA! Rachel will squeak out every cent she can out of him for her hair extensions and face injections. If they guy was willing to basically hand over his chance to her to win 500k what the hell do you think he will with the money.

        2. Im sorry but I highly doubt that Brendon would cure cancer. Hes an idiot…..YO! BTW why is he 32 and just going to college, he should be done with all that. Also you really think he would put the winnings towards research are u effin kidding me. That skank rachel will suck him till hes dry and he will let it happen.

  4. It’s amusing that the Brigade thinks one of them will get the $25K from America. Please. I can think of several I’ll vote for before them.

  5. Britney is still up to her usual ragging on and making fun of everyone behind their backs. I think if all the houseguests read and see what she has said about them behind their back she won’t have many “life long friends” from BB12. Everyone of the Brigade members have more character than her.
    Can Thursday come early?

  6. After Matty left I really didn’t care who won. If Brit had stopped and thought for a moment about what getting rid of Ragan meant to her future in the game, she might have tried harder to keep him. She was too reliant on Lane being loyal to her. Yeah.., reality shows are just overflowing with loyal, honest, trustworthy people. She tried to coast to the final 3…and she paid the price for it. HOWEVER, if Enzo realllllly wanted to salvage what’s left of this all too forgettable season, he could vote to keep her in. Won’t happen, but it would be the only memorable thing to happen this year.
    Hey BB!!!…try doing something, i don’t know,, CREATIVE next season, try and get HG’s that don’t have the personalities of bird shit. Hard bods and bikinis may bring viewers, but i guarantee an entertaining, innovative show with charismatic HG’s will get you more.

    1. I totally agree! The only people that should have been on this season is Matt & Ragan. Rachel had some flare to her but she is just to disgusting of a person.

  7. i think finale night will be awsome only if enzo is sitting there with the other jury members.I hope no one votes for any of the brig. for the 25,000. none of them deserve to win anything i just wish hayden would wise up for once and use the pov on brit and put enzo up,but knowing brit she may vote lane out cause he hurt her badly,but that would be ok cause i think she would try even harder to win hoh and then take hayden to the f2 with her.well i can only hope but i am sure cbs would have a hand in that one cause it looks like cbs had been pulling for enzo all season.hope next season is better or it could be the last for bb with all the comments i keep reading.

  8. I can’t believe Brittany says she will vote for the one that was the most honest….rofl She has been one of the biggest two faced liars in this game. I am so sick of listening to her bash Brendan and Rachel…Brittany you are a disgusting human being…so glad you are finally leaving…

  9. That’s why Enzo talks so much. He is tryng to convince himself that he is important.
    He has said so many vile things but, he crossed the line when he suggested that they tell Britany it was all a joke – no Brigade. How cruel is he? You beat Ragan, you beat Brit, stop bragging. Lance said it last night . . . are you good or just good in comparision?

  10. Just the TIP:
    Hey BrITCHney, if you’re 1 of 4 people, and the other 3 tell you they are in an alliance, you can pretty well bet that you are going home. Duh!
    For you Ratt / Gaygan fans. WHY??? You obviously have not watched the entire season. I understand the gay community wanting to “get behind” their boy, but Ratt is a low-life. And Gaygan made the pedophile remark and talked about giving aids to babies!!!! C’mon, SON!
    Zingbot FTW!

  11. Poll
    who do you want for americas choice and 25k?
    annie 1% [ 3 ]
    monet 0% [ 0 ]
    andrew 0% [ 1 ]
    kristen 0% [ 0 ]
    rachel 3% [ 14 ]
    kathy 2% [ 9 ]
    matt 8% [ 35 ]
    brenden 36% [ 162 ]
    enzo 2% [ 10 ]
    hayden 3% [ 14 ]
    lane 4% [ 18 ]
    brit 31% [ 141 ]
    ragan 11% [ 49 ]
    Total Votes : 456
    Americas choice results at least Lane has more votes than Hayden and Enzo

    1. got it off a poll on CBS. com
      probably not the actual Americas choice but from most indicators on this site and others
      Enzo does not have a chance at 25k

      1. I’m not voting this year. I keep looking at the list and I can’t pick one that played a good game. I don’t care who wins AP. None of them deserve it. I wish noone would vote and let CBS know what a crap season this was.

    2. For as much fun as I have made of Brendon, I want him to win the money because, looking back, I think he was the nicest guy in the house – he and Hayden. Just that he’s a bit slow in the head and I don’t know what the heck that whole falling in love with Rachel thing was… the guy clearly has some issues… but whatever.

  12. Brittney does have that High school cheer leader mean girl thing going at her disadvantage, but, Rachel is a special kind of wretched skank. Google her some time and watch the video “Guys are Dumb” where she hits on men so they will buy her drinks.
    This is not a good person. Brittney is 110% better human being than her. I just hope Brendon does not catch anything from her. She is just gross.

    1. I watched the video a week or two ago, but that was an experiment they filmed to show how a girl can get a guy to buy her a drink. That’s all it was and, honestly, I thought it was pretty funny. Also, guys will hit on girls at bars all night long and buy them drinks. I have zero problem with Rachel about that. It’s what happens in every bar in the country. If a girl can get a free drink, why the hell not. Doesn’t mean Rachel is a prostitute, like Britney and Ragan would like us to belief. It’s just a make-belief story out of their hatred for the girl. If Rachel was an actual hooker, we would have read about it in the tabloids already.

      1. At least when Rachel there was some excitement! She created all kinds of drama! It was fun to watch, unlike now, which is so boring!

    2. I watched it too, how does that make Rachel a bad person??? It was a made for tv or internet show, she was the host / actress they hired. BTW it was a guys idea to film.

      1. Perhaps that was made especially for the internet or a video, but she told everyone in the house that her job in Vegas is to get men to buy her $1,000 bottles of wine. So it’s her job, not just a video assignment.

        1. The Video was made in Austin, has nothing to do with her job in Vegas. Also every up scale bar try’s to up sale VIP costumers, Vegas or not. I thought more people have heard of this.

      2. Rachel was cast in that particular part, not for her talents or personality. It is because that is what she does for a living, she works men to spend money on alcohol. I also base my opinion of Rachel from her own description of her life in Vegas.
        When a woman goes to a mans hotel room in Vegas as part of her job to “party” with them, she is not a chemist, she is either a stripper or a sex worker. When men fly a girl all over the country to party with them she is an escort (sex worker). When you work with a group of other girls as part of a party girl service, she is working as an escort. Remember the night she would not stop talking about Vegas, The night she called Brendon a “Pussy”. The girl is a sex worker.

  13. i honestly can’t believe Brit would even consider giving Enzo her vote. He’s done nothing this who season except for saying Meow meow. Hayden and even Lane has done so much more. Hopefully Lane/Hayden get wind of this and gets rid of Enzo before it’s too late. Though I do think Enzo will win HOH, especially if this whole thing is rigged as others have mentioned.

    1. She’s only saying that because she knows that Enzo will tell the other two bozos what she said. She thinks (mistakenly I hope) that in order to get rid of the perceived competiton, that the other two will use the veto to pull her off the block and put Enzo up so she can vote him off. Its her game. She is rubbish at it though.

    2. If only Brit can find in the feeds where Enzo called her the C word. Bet she’d love that. Someone needs to call Enzo’s wife that word and see how he fares with that.


  15. Wow, Lane lied to britney about being in an alliance, then he goes and tells her that he thinks shes a good girl, and then says that he has feelings for her, and HE OBVIOUSLY LIKES HER. But then he goes and THROWS THE Competiion.

    1. Lane does not have feeling for her! last night he said he did not find Britney attractive, and that she was not his type at all, and that she was too short. Lane said that if she broke up with Nick and tried to get with him he would not date her!

      1. A month ago, Lane said that he has a couple of girl friends back home. I don’t think Lane wants Britney, and if he does, it’s for a one night stand. Well, two or three….until Big Brother is over and they all leave the house.

        1. but even when they went to lanes parents house they said that they think he likes her, and then lane always says that shes a cool girl and that shes cute, and he likes her. And they do seem to like eachother. And he was probably saying that so the guys would keep him over her.

        2. there were no other girls in the house to attach himself too. Rachel was with Brendon. Monet and Annie were out of the game before it even began, Kristen was with Hayden and that would leave Kathy. Now Kathy looked all pretty in the jury house when we first seen her with Racehl but 2 minutes later she went all Tammy Faye again and looked harsh and trashy. Someone needs to teach her some make up tricks.. There was only Brit left. Enzo was married, Ragan -gay, Matt- married … he could only choose Britney to even have some type of a back and forth with..

  16. Why am I surprised? Brit is pissed and instead of directing her anger at the Boys she goes off on a smack talk spree about all the evicted HG’s.

    I wish someone would make a list of every vile thing she has said and then let the other HG’s have their turn at publicly bashing her!

    I don’t normally get this mad, but she just won’t stop. I hope she gets a huge wake up call after the show. I know she’s young but she is an Adult now, not in high school anymore.

    KRISTEN, Ignore BRIT. she obviously needs to bash people to feel better about herself.

  17. Lane should convince Hayden to use the veto on brit.
    Hayden uses the veto on Brit, then Enzo goes up, then Brit votes to evict Enzo. And im not sure is it only one vote… But if so thats what should happen.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I will be voting for Brendon too. He played against the whole house and it really took them a while to get him out. He deserves the $25 thou

    2. GTFO!!!

      America should vote for Brendon, Monet shouldn’t have even been on the show no less win anything.

      Monet = Britney = Yuk!!!!

    3. You Monet’s sister or something. Monet was a bitch just like Britney. They are twins in the bitch family. Monet was talking about everyone just like Britney.

    4. yeah ummm thats sooo NOT going to happen!! :-) i agree BRENDNON!!!! i dont care what he does with the money its his money i just wanna see the look on everyones faces!!!!! it will make the finale night worth watching lol i dont think anyone this season deserves to be americas fav player cuz they all sucked

  18. Please stop you idiots.. The Brigade was a huge success. Regardless if you liked them or not give credit where credit is due. It does not matter how many competitions you win. The object of the game is to get to the end, and from what I see they did that. Im so sick of people acting like Enzo is vulger stop being so uptight. If your taking offense it is probably because you are one of the people that would be getting made fun of if you were on the show. Either way they did what they planned out to do and that is impressive.

    1. Enzo saying that a “homo” is just a girl in mans body is about as ignorant as it gets. He thinks he’s a shoe-in for America’s favorite, but he’s the least favorite. I would love to see his reaction when he finds that out what all the polls say.

      1. Whoever takes third in the season should be america’s player. The Albino, and the Fruit dont deserve it they were easily manipulated. Britt dug her own grave when she got rid of matt. Oh wait the Brigade convinced her to do that. HMMM your right they didn’t know how to play. Britt was a much better player she got rid of someone that wasn’t coming after her to keep the people that were. Lets giver her the 25g’s.

    2. If anyone has watched Enzo on the feeds ….heard him constantly streaming the F word (the man can’t talk 3 words without it), he called Brit the C word, a bitch and other names, he talks constantly about his “dumps”, jerks off in bed with the camera rolling, scratches his balls and eats with that hand…, …. if you saw these and still maintain he is not vulgar, then you must have the same habits and vocab as he does. Are your Jerseylicious?

      1. Very funny and Great comment @Here – 100% true.

        I would like to see Julie ask Enzero how He feels about being one of America’s most hated HG.

    3. No one is saying the Brigade didn’t work. But they are saying Enzo is vulgar. And he is excessively vulgar. Unnecessarily vulgar. That’s his core and I am sure he walks around his home droppig the F bomb right and left.
      He is 100% disgusting. Sorry you can see that. Maybe you talk like that and you don’t understand how vulgar he sounds. I’ve dropped that F bomb a time or three, but it isn’t said every 4th word. Enzo is the example of an uneducated idiot who has to fill his conversations with bragging, profanity and unnecessary descriptions of his bowel movements which he shares freely.

    4. the brigade were a flop.. Matt was the one who got them through the whole game.. He should win, not those other poop stains.

      1. Don’t agree. Matt played good while he was there but they have got the rest of the way without him. Brendon was good, Ragan was good, and Britney was very good. But, they are gone because they got them out, too. They are the last ones and one of them will win.

        1. Now, Rockstar, don’t go getting bent out of shape because I disagreed with you. Remember, i thought Natalie played the best manipulating game last year. She lost in the social game. And, Jordon won because she was pretty and appeared sweet on CBS. Her and Jeff got another show after and Jeff now has one of his own. And, they wonder why these guys think they will become something after this BB. I wouldn’t sell them short. There are a lot of girls out there that will think Lane and Hayden are hot and go chasing after them. Gee, even Ted Bundy had girls after him on death row.

        2. Uhhh, it’s not hard to finish what Matt started, did, and almost completed all on his own, after he left. It was 3 brigade, and 2 non brigade, and the double eviction was a game of luck that let hayden happen to find the pieces in rubble before brendon. from there on, winning when you have 3 of 4 remaining HGs is incredibly easy. I do think the brigade deserves more credit than it is usually given, but it’s always people who are huge fans of brigade, or huge haters of the brigade. It’s much more in the middle. But no matter how you slice it, Matt was definitely responsible for most of its achievements.

          1. I won’t try to change your opinion because I don’t need to do that. But, mine is different. Some may think that staying on a surf board or paint can as long as Ragan makes you better. Also, some may think that choosing when to win and when to throw it is floating. Matt did that, too. Others can say that some wins were just luck but they are wins just the same. And, of course there are those that will say the fewer the HGs the easier it gets. However, I think that those that have made it as far as those remaining deserve the credit for their game. And, of course some may think your jokes about AG are funny and others may think you are hurting OnlineBigBrother reputation with BigBrother. That is why there are so many comments on the site. We don’t all agree. Some attack and others comment. I like the show and this site just the same no matter.

  19. I think for the first time in Big Brother history, there should be no one winning the grand prize. There is not a sole left who deserve it. I can tolerate Lane, but Enzp is making me sick to my stomach. Never liked him from beginning, but as the season wears on, he disgust me. What kind of nerve does have saying he deserves to win . He has not did anything but eat and burp. How can BB even let this happen. I know those comps are fixed to let certain people win, but I don’t think Enzo could win one if it was first grade material. I know a lot of you don’t like RAchel and Brittany, but it should have been them at the final two.like them or not, they played the game. It just makes my blood boil, that Enzo might come out the winner, and he thinks he deserves it, that everybody loves him. God, I wish he could read the blogs. America hates him, boy will he be shocked. All three of them think they will be famous and make a lot of money. BB get for real, tell Lane to take Brittany of the block and get ENZO out of there, if not you might lose a lot of viewers next season

  20. Britney is a vile natured person and a huge hypocrite, how can she say so many nasty comments about everyone and not be able to deal with any criticism directed towards her? She was jealous of Kristen and Rachel because they are both clearly more beautiful and have better personalities than her. I’m glad she is leaving, such a horrible person doesn’t deserve to win.

    1. She’s talking bad about Kristen now because she wants to hurt Hayden the way she’s hurting inside.
      Hayden refuses to use the POV, so this is her way of getting back at him, saying really nasty things about Kristen. No one is buying her nasty remarks because we all know Kristen looks like a real model, tall and gorgeous.

      1. Yeah, seriously, what is it about Britney. She is like a little ball of hate. She said she first thought Brendon was “cute”, then she turned on him. Was it because he selected Rachel? And now she’s going off on Kristen, because, what, Hayden likes her? I am starting to wonder whether she has many female friends at home. And what was it earlier today I read that she is willing to be a guy’s date if one takes her to the Superbowl. Nick must feel really happy reading that right now. Man, she is selfish.

        1. yeah in one of these posts it said that she doesnt know if her n nick still have a relationship???? crazy looks like shes too immature for a serious relationship

  21. Even though I thought Brendon played a good game after R left, I would never give him my vote since he would definitely turn the money over to Rachel. Guess I’ll give it to Matty or Ragen. If Brittany had only listened to Ragen. She is definitely a mean girl trashing everyone, especially Kristen.

  22. The final four share one thing in common: they are each dumb as rocks and deserve one another.

    Biggest dummy? Britney. The Brigade has manipulated her every step of the way. They exploited her dumbfounded obsession with Rachel and Brendon and she did their bidding. She even joined forces with Ragan, the most disturbed, damaged contestant we’ve ever seen on a reality show. Her pathetic cluelessness continued after the three guys “outed” their alliance. Sure enough, she attacking Rachel again. I guess that’s better than accepting the fact that she played the worst BB game of the season!

  23. pow. [jersey word]
    vote anyone but brendon for america’s vote; cause if u do. then u vote rachel too.
    anyone but two of them. i’d give it to enzo. he did the most dirt; without being a target. might not be the smartest one in the house, but had the best strategy. in a way.
    hope hayden wins; won most comps. & he’s a good person. &’d he could finally get a hair cut after this. LOL.

    1. I rellay don’t hink Rahcel’s going to get her hand on Brendon’s money. VOTE for Brendon so we can see Britney’s and Enzo’s reaction. They think they are going to win and get rich since all of America loves them. Man what a couple of dumbasses.

        1. just a personal opinion. i thinkt he money should go to anione beside them. i don’t like them. i dislike rachel. she just gross. bredon is biploar for all i know. his mood was up & down. but he’s a good person. still think he doesn’t deserve it though

  24. I thought the best comment was Enzo comparing himself to Dr. Will and saying he had the best social game next to him!!???!!! What??!!?? I LOVED watching Will on both seasons and especially during all stars—there is NO comparison!!!! I just can’t watch anymore because they love themselves soooo much. They are going to need the Psychologists when they get out, not because of being locked up all summer, but because the EGO IS DEFLATED when they see nobody cared and nobody likes them.

  25. That’s dumb, those two played the game harder than anyone in the house. They were a target since day one, and it’s astounding that Brendon was able to stay as long as he did. Really, Brendon should be getting the 500k over anybody left in the house. With that said…Enzo shoving Ragan out of the way to win POV is priceless!!!! :D

        1. It would have been MORE fun if Ragan had actually aimed the CD at Enzo. He threw it at the clam and the Clam aimed it at the jerk….. Great work, Clammy,

  26. I didn’t like Rachel (hated that shrill voice) or Brendon. But, looking back, they were targeted on day one. The Brigade tricked Britney and Ragan to go after them and turn them into cartoon villains. Britney and Ragan spewed verbal venom; this distraction prevented a rival alliance. Despite this, Brendon kept winning and stayed in the game. He even departed with a surprising degree of integrity and graciousness.

    He. Will get our vote!

  27. BrITCHney talks and talks about Rachel and seeing her va jay jay. Well, just google “Britney Haynes cameltoe”. LMAO!!!! She’s going to have a lot of this shit blow up in her face. Hell, there’s a shot on these nudes that show Brit’s fat lip hanging out of her shorts. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Ste: well put. We will vote for Brendon as well.

    The overall winner? Don’t really care about any of these people. Just make them go away asap.

    Hope next season will be BB all-stars. Maybe that will help us forget this painfully dull group.

  29. If Bitchney was smart she would tell Hairden if she goes to JH that she will tell the JH members all kinds of stuff about him and the brigade and that it was all Hairden plotting against everyone to get them out and that she’ll make sure that no one will vote for him.
    Hairden most likely would fold and use the veto on her to keep his chance at the 500k.
    But is she smart enough to do it?

  30. LOL these house guests are so full of themselves!! i was looking at polls on the cbs website and omg someone posted that on the live feeds britney said that production told her this season has the highest ratings even better than jeff & jordan (which i highly doubt) but thats what they said n she said to america that when shes at the airport she doesnt want anyone taking pictures of her or asking her for her autograph because she just wants to go home…. if this is true then OMG how brainless can these people be?? seriously??? no one likes any of u!!! LMAO that topped with the brogaydes constant bb being their claim to fame thing is just too funny!!! they are not getting anything out of this other than some money n to be laughed at by america but what i find quite interesting is that in the 2 polls i saw of voting for americas vote brendon is winning both of them brit isnt too far behind him but he is LOL i didnt like any of these players but i would vote for brendon because the looks on all their faces would be priceless!!! Especially those of the brogayde to realize theyre not as loved as they think they are :-P

    1. I probably am the only one on this site that liked this year. I do wish that BB had come up with more creative comps and challenges since they seem to use the same ones each year. But, I didn’t have a favorite until the final six so I wasn’t attached to anyone in particular winning. I like the show and this site. Sometimes it may get boring because they are just people hanging around a house but i still have fun with everyone on here with their different opinions. I will be here until the end and again next year.

      1. i totally agree they should make the comps more interesting n fun to watch but yeah i unfortunately will watch the finale… i dont watch the shows anymore i just go on here to see who won n whats been going on i still have some interest or well i wouldnt be on here!!! :-P lol but i really hope next year instead of getting HG’s that all want to be friends they should cast some poeple that dont care about making friends n wanna make money!!! I just cant get over how full of themselves these HG’s are!!!

      2. No BBGrandma, you are not the only one.
        This certainly wasn’t my favorite year, but I try to take the good with the bad. This season had its’ high’s and lows, but as with other season’s you have to adjust or re-calibrate your expectations depending on the HG’s.
        I’ve been a loyal watcher since Season 8 and have accepted that each season is unique.
        I’ve found ways to enjoy them all.
        Perhaps it is because we are older (slightly) than most of the posters here and have more life experiences to draw upon, we can appreciate each season and HG better.
        This site is truly the best and many thanks to our excellent hosts Simon and Dawg who work so hard to recap events every few hours and allow for the free exchange of opinions.
        I also hope that BB will re-tool itself somewhat for next season to allow for more varied competitions and incentives for each HG to do their best rather than “throwing comps”.
        I’ll be here for the rest of the season and am looking forward to next year.
        Thanks Simon, Dawg, BBGrandma, Rockstar and the other regular posters who have helped to make this site the best.

          1. Was it Sabo. or Julie that said there were life long friends I thought it was Julie if that is the case then there realy is, if it was the Sabo. then I do not think there is, please answer if you know.


        1. Lennon’s Ghost, well you put me to shame again. You said it better. I look at this season like a football game, maybe. I mean not ever game is exciting but you still go to watch and get into it with the fans and the crowds. Some have high scores, some not so much, and other go into overtime. This season hasn’t been as exciting as some and it will not go into overtime. With each year everyone knows how others have played and what to expect. So, as we watch, it can get boring. I hope CBS can add some new angles to things and surprise the HGs and us next year. But, I still will be here with my pom poms for Simon and Dawg and you and so many others.

        2. thank you Lennon… wondering what shall I do with that 25g’s now that I’ve won America’s Choice.. wait a minute, I didn’t win.. I must be as delusional as Enzo except I have more hair on my head and I don’t say yo..

            1. Lennon- nope, no cookie dough, I eat chicken and chocolate cake.. every day.. haha
              Grandma – I want to win something.. it certainly won’t be America’s Next Top Model cause I’m a shortie like Britney… Maybe I’ll win a Razzie – Most Annoying or Girl with the constant cramps.. haha

                1. Ouch!
                  I need to win the $25K to buy cookie dough, chicken and chocolate cake to fill out my 6’8″ 300+ lbs frame.
                  Actually Simon & Dawg need the money as they are refurbishing the website for next year.
                  GO SIMON & DAWG!
                  Vote for Dawg!

  31. Some people in this site are just as delusional as the BB hgs. When you say America likes this, or hates that PLEASE qualify what you mean by America. America does not watch BB-only a small percentage of Americans do—something like 2.7%. So, please enough of this America business.
    !00% of the people I know said they do not watch BB. I am all alone in discussing the show. That’s why I come to this site. And we are an even smaller percentage of that 2+%.
    Don’t buy CBS’s bullshit about American’s choice, America;s player, American’s favorite, American’s choice for saboteur, America;s selection for slop, so on and so forth. All lies!!!

              1. Grandma – Dammit too… Oh sir, you are in trouble when a bunch of sexy ahem, shut up, I’m sexy women chase you down. You are a man dammit? or are you female, cause that is okay, I like chicks too but not in a naked kind of way although if I’m drunk, yah never know.. I could do an ooops.. haha

            1. I am not chasing you. Weren’t you the one after me for a wedgie? Oh, I get it, you are saying I am the moose. I don’t talk like Mrs. Palin and I don’t bite. I may look like a moose, tho.

                1. My youngest daughter’s nickname is Moose. She has a collection, too. I don’t care for Scott Brown because I am one of those damn liberals. But, don’t hold that against me. I don’t like tea.

                    1. lol, Hey Rockstar for once I’m lost for words… Must be the Ambien zzzzzzzz , what’s going on? Is that you BBGandma… he he eheheeeee no not the feet!

    1. ummmm i havent seen anyone say ALL of america hates this or loves that ive only seen people write america sooo what are u talking about and why are u on here analyzing stuff this is a place to talk about the show n what people think about it not what dumbasses that dont even know what theyre talking about say

  32. This season has been the worst this alliance basically rode Matt, dumped him, Enzo has a big mouth and hasn’t won a thing, I mean at this point its so predictable why even watch

    1. LOL i agree!! its very predictable (and annoying constantly hearing enzo blab about how this is the best alliance ever… what a joke!) i hope next seasons HG are more fun to watch!! i tried the free trial of the live feeds n like after watching it i was like this is so gay n stopped it

      1. it was the best alliance ever, the brigade makes final 3 and still people hate,you haters need to get over it already and realize the brigade ran the house. just because you dont like them doesnt change that the brigade made bb history. it’s a game and they just won it.hahahaha, lol

  33. Britney is one foul mouthed skanky biotch!! She pretends to be your friend, but talks about you behind your back. I wonder if this her true nature outside of the house? friends beware!!!

    1. Whoa! Easy up on the language. You have made your point. You like Britney and that is great. But, a little less shock material when trying to challenge another poster. You don’t have to attack that hard to make your point. We will read you.

      1. I totally agree with you BBGrandma – pretty much said the same thing in another post to leah. She’s not posted anything without using the language!

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