* Updated * Big Brother 12 Spoilers: It’s going to be a long 5 days for Britney.

9am – 9:50am All of the house guests are still sleeping but Britney. She is awake in her bed staring at the wall. Britney gets up from bed and grabs her blanket and heads out into the backyard. She lays in the hammock and stares off into the distance. She looks really defeated. After awhile she gets up and goes inside to the bathroom to get ready for the day putting on her makeup. Britney then heads into the kitchen to make breakfast and feeds the fish. She sprays the kitchen counter with the ant killer and makes herself some coffee. She then heads into the storage room to change her batteries and grab a new jug of milk.
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10:05am Britney is in the kitchen reading the back of a pancake mix box. Big Brother then switches the live feeds to the “we will be right back” screen to wake up the other house guests.

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10:15am When the live feeds come back on … Britney is in the kitchen making pancakes. Lane, and Hayden are still sleeping. Enzo gets up to get a glass of water. Enzo comes back into the bedroom and says that he feels like he has lice… he starts scratching his head… he says he feels like he has ticks.. he feels like he has bugs crawling all over him. Lane says lie down. Enzo laughs and says lie down and go to sleep.

10:30am – 11am Britney takes her pancakes out into the backyard and starts eating them. She says look at this 6000 calorie intake. Yummy goowie goodness. Britney says that her mom is probably having a heart attack watching her eat this right now. Britney says that she will diet the rest of the day … that she is not going to be fat for her eviction. Britney asks what am I supposed to do to day … do I act like nothing is wrong… or do I act mad. Britney says that at least she won $10,000 ….and that she cant believe she won it playing hide and seek. Britney says that she had her chance though… she won HOH… Britney says sorry to her mom and family and says that she must look like such an idiot. Britney says it is just a game and that it was fun despite all her crying. Britney says that maybe she just didn’t realize how delicate she has been treated all her like … maybe I am spoiled … she pauses and says maybe not spoiled but emotionally considered… spoiled emotionally. Britney says that a lot of people left in a lot worse ways than she did… and that when they left she was like YES! Goodbye! Britney says at least she got 10G’s … Britney say at least she got 4th place.. then she says EWWWW…that’s a white ribbon. That’s disgusting. She compares it to winning pageants. Britney says that she cant wait to get out!! She wants to leave now. Britney says that it’s the 5th … so in 10 days she can see her family. Britney says that she hopes her mom isn’t embarrassed about her … that she tried and just came up short. Britney says in 10 days she gets her car, phone, dog and PVR back …she talks about how she has missed so much ..and cant wait to go to a football game. Britney says that now that she didn’t win … she says someone out there please let me go to the superbowl … its been my life long dream.. Someone please find it in your heart to take me …I will be your date. Britney starts making her mental DVD list for the jury house. Britney says the FREAKIN…BRIGADE ..they got me … I had an opportunity …and I didnt take it … choked… Britney says that at first she thought Rachel was the star of the show and now she is happy that its the guys. Britney says she cant believe she has to hear Rachel’s laugh again… if I have to see her vagina I will hit the red button… I really hope I don’t see her vag… She says that she doesnt want to see Rachel, Brendon or Kathy… Britney says that she really hopes she can avoid Rachel and Kathy in the jury house and then says that Kathy has really obnoxiously large jowls and that Rachel has gummy bear boobs. Britney says that she doesn’t want Brendon to talk to her. She says that she will not accept any drinks from you because your toe has some sort of incurable fungi and you look like a giant penis or an neanderthal S$$ slave. Britney says I think I prefer the penis. She says Ewwww… I don’t want to see him. Britney says that she wont mind seeing Matt and Ragan… and that she cant wait to see Monet. Britney says that she is indifferent in seeing Andrew. She thinks that Kristen might cut her … she makes fun of Kristen’s pants. Britney heads inside … grabs more coffee then heads up to the HOH room to listen to the CD. Hayden, Enzo and Lane are all asleep in the jumanji room.

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It doesn’t have to be long, put her ass out now!


seriously, bump it up and add another luxory comp or something…there is no reason for this as its not even good TV


AGREEEEEEE 100%. She’s so hypocritical. She thought it was funny when it was Rachel on the block and crying. WELL at least Rachel knew they wanted her out, but this SPOILED BRAT didn’t even know she was being played.She really thought Lane and Hayden was going to get rid of Enzo.


It’s going to be a long 5 minutes in between meals today for Allison Grodner. How do normal people stop eating for so long?


I feel badly for Brit. I was rooting for her and Lane. Enzo is a clown. I’m so tired of him boasting and thinking he’s a star. Seriously? Time to go back to Jersey and get your job back….beg for that job back. Baby is gonna need a new pair of shoes, diapers…get on it Enzo.


who cares what enzo thinks, what we KNOW is that hes the perfect one to take final 2

at this point lane doesnt deserve the win

Hayden needs to take Enzo to guarentee a victory.

can hayden play in the next HOH?


People tend to only remember those who actually played the game. The only Brigade member who will be remembered is Matt, because he did compete hard and his own alliance back stabbed him when they didn’t need him anymore. Evil Dick and Dr. Will may have been “villians” in some people’s eyes [not mine] but you still remember them for their gameplay. Britney and Enzo are so sure America loves them when in actuality they are the true villians this year for talking crap about people behind their backs for the only purpose of being mean. Hope the camera catches the faces of Brit and Enzo when Brendon gets America’s Choice. Brendon and Rachel will get more than their 15 minutes of fame from this – not sure if anyone else will.


Brittany will win this year’s $25,000 AP prize. She is smart and entertaining and although she ‘got got’ by the dodos in the end- that was going to happen to anyone left because they’ve always controlled the vote. Others have said that some of the most interesting HGs got put out early which is true, but Brittany made some really dull days in the BB12 house more interesting.


I just don’t see how anyone could have rooted for Britney!

She thought she was too good to walk in the same house as the others, and the bashing started when she and Monet sat together. She talked about any and everyone; she should get a permit for that filthy mouth of hers. “I needed to stuff my vagina before I sat in that tub with Rachel” Oh please!



Agree! She is a moron!


Y’all are pathetic and just as hypocritical


no Enzo went to clown school, he did not graduate.


100% agree


aww poor britney but she got what she wanted: be the center of attention with boys and be the only girl left


and now she is feeling used… poor girl, when will chicks ever learn…

manners please

hmmm she sprays the counter with bug spray and then starts making pancakes…….wonder if they are for her or for everyone else?


she is dumb, gross and unsanitary


most people I would feel bad for…especially since I dislike brigade

but she has earned this, deserves this…


Really uninspiring season to say the least. There have been no real big moves or crazy schemes. HGs have voted with the house most of the time. No real characters. I guess people will remember Rachel & Brendon and probably Enzo from this season. Overall just a dull season. At this point, Hayden probably will win it all if he gets to the end. Lame is pretty much Lame. Britney is sadly going home this week. Enzo is entertaining enough but all bark. Jury house has more drama at this point!




Classic…” I thought I was smarter than them”…. not so much brit


I watched the live feeds last night and Enzo is truely disgusting. Brigade, Brigade, Brigade blah blah blah. If it’s so historic and such a bond why did you vote Matt out simply because he didn’t laugh at your jokes ??

I hope Hayden wins the next HOH to see the look on Enzo’s face when he takes Lane.

” Best social player of all time ” my ass


Couldn’t agree more.


Enzo make me sick. The man actually makes me feel ill.


The ironic thing is Matt woul\ve prolly taken Enzo to the final 2 with him.


I don’t feel one bit sorry for her! She was warned and she went ahead and put out the people who would have stuck with her. These guys are tools and Enzo is the loud annoying jackhammer. He is delusional on how amazing the BG was and how amazing he thinks he is. If he talks about how he is getting a standing ovation and the viewers choice one more time I’m pulling my hair out.


Dear NOTpoorbritney, you will be fully rewarded on the finale night when they announce who won $25,000 … and ITS NOT GOING TO BE ENZO, Honestly, i plan to watch finale just to see face of his realizing that his 15 min of fame are on the last minute !!!!


raise your hand if you voted for Enzo, so I can hunt you down and kick you in the taint


Amen Rockstar……..I had to fast forward through most of BBAD last night! But Enzo IS making history ……as the most DELUSIONAL dodo ever to live in the BB house. Come AWWNNN Enzo….movies and fame plus the $25000 prize for America’s favorite?
STFU already




Okay, Lane. Do you have your flashlight?

BB peeker



Hey she brought this on herself by sticking with Lane. This whole season the only person who voted for themselves was Kathy, everyone else was blindly following somebody else. Might as well let Enzo win it all, Hayden got enough prizes already, and Lane is just welll, Lane lol…Enzo for the win!!


I agree. She should of stuck with Ragan and Matt. She had her chance to put Hayden up against Enzo when she was the HOH. The penguin would of left most likely. The curse would of lived on. Ragan told her what would happen before he left, she just didn’t want to hear it. Kristen told her too. She trusted the wrong people. Matt, however, should not of thrown the HOH – his mistake along with putting Kathy up with the DPOV. This was a very boring season. Hopefully next season will be better, and for the love of God please do not put any of those brigade people in an all star BB. It was boring enough the first time.


she was too busy flirting with Lane to make a move..


She was too busy trash talking. The girl could not get Rachel off her mind! If she spent only 1/4 of the time she was trash talking Rachel on game play she might of gotten somewhere. Idiot kept telling the Brigade anytime someone tried to recruit her. She had plenty of chances to make a move. She chose to be the only girl left with the guys and it bit her in the ass and I am so shocked she didn’t see it coming!!


nice mouth, maybe you need to take a few lessons on to talk to people without being such pond scum


Tell the producers to get ant bait, sprays don’t work plus are more dangerous. Can’t believe she sprayed the kitchen counter, dumb!!!! I know enzo wants brit out but you never know he could vote lane out due to him feeling like the competition would not be so strong with brit. Something to think about. I do wish tho that enzo would be out this week, he is such a wimp and BS artist.


I’m not a Britt fan but I was howling with laffs when they told her about the Brigade and she acted unimpressed and stared at her nails.

Its not the best alliance ever it’s the dumbest set of compeititors ever !!


they couldnt even take out brenden when they were for no reason attempting to do so

they think a lot of people voted out was a “power move” the funny thing is, as of now…Hayden looks to be the most deserving…goodness thats scary


This year’s HGs will have their 15 minutes and only 15 minutes, and then be forgotten including the winner. Fifteen minutes after the final show is seen, poof, they are all gone!!!! LOL

angela melini

Who? more like 5 minutes. Boring!!


F*** the brigade! briney deserves to be there. they should’ve gotten rid of enzo a long time ago. im sick f his whiny a**. they’re gonna lose alot of viewers when brit leaves.


I heard through someone who supposedly has tickets to coming eviction that it will be taped on Tuesday and shown on Wednesday…If so, that is one less day of torture for lil princess.or should I say the Brigade.


I thought Julie said live eviction on Wednesday and Thursday


At least watching last night made me realise there is a clear winner of this season and that’s Hayden. He might be dull as ditchwater but he’s obviously the one subtely influencing the other two and can think on his feet and is a good liar.
Having said that Lane and Hayden’s diary room sessions are perhaps the strangest things I’ve ever seen on TV. Both of them act like they’re on drugs !!


U guys are such losers! how would she know what anybody in that house says is true? she didn’t know about the brigade, b she believed lane was really her friend, c enzo a little bitch ass, d hayden has lost more than hes won, e the brigade was playing the whole house, f enzo complains to much and lane tried to keep her safe, but hayden and enzo want her out so bad cuz the know she’d win, cuz she deserves it better than they do, g they won’t have her vote in the jury, h haydens a little dickhead, especially since brit always was nice to him and had nothing but nice things to say about him, i britney deserves to win. end of story. F*** the brigade! especially enzo, hes such an asshole!


Right on!


No one has mistreated Britney. They did her the courtesy of letting her know she was the odd person out. They brought her to the final four. Every houseguest except the final two have to leave.


Things just haven’t gone well for the bottle blonde…first her obvious crush on Brendon has left her enraged that she was rebuffed for the red witch. In oh-so-cliche mean girl fashion, she spent the entire season lashing out at the two of them because she didn’t get the guy. Plus her evil soulmate was sent packing by none other than the woman that has her crush. Since then she has been trying to play all of the guys with her evil succubus routine, but it turns out they have all been playing her like the silly, naive, spoiled little brat that she is (well done Lane!).

I am no fan of the douche brigade, but I’m glad they are finally showing her the door.


David……Where do I start? You are so wrong on so many levels.


someone that talks that much trash about 2 players has got be be so jealous that it hurts. lmao brit got what she deserves.


No he’s not, he’s dead right!!!


SIMON – what’s the deal with all of the personal attacks on posters. Is this ok?
If you disagree with someone it’s fine to give reasons why you do, but this is just wrong.


it’s imposable for me to follow the comments 100%. If there are posters being douche bags let me know who they are and I’ll add them to the complaints list.


Good to know, I figured with all that you have to do. Thank you BTW. Love OBB!
I just don’t understand people some times. I know I should just ignore them and most of the time I do,but that was way over the top.


Your an idiot!!! You have no idea what your talking about. Britney did not deserve that. I hope Lane wins the 500,000.00. You have to be the BIGGEST LIAR to win BIG BROTHER!! The only exception was Jordan & Jeff. Last year was a good season. Not shit for brains Hayden & Enzo. Two big IDIOTS!!!


Man, she talks mad shit. Good move by Enzo to get the Brigade out there last night, he’s insecure being older than all of them and thinking he might be odd man out. I think he’s gonna win the game now. Lane will even throw the final HOH knowing both will take him to the finals. Easiest 50 G’s ever. He kind of deserves it though for doing the tough work in getting Brit to put up Matt. Turning point of the game right there.


Just when I was about to like Britney, she has to bad mouth everyone again. Oh woe is me again. It is quite funny though, if she kept Rachel, and Brendon, and Kathy, she could still be in the house.

I guess, it’s not over yet, just in case, Hayden decides to use the PoV and take Brit off. Who knows, maybe BB will put suggestions to Hayden in the DR, so who knows, maybe Brit will still be here sadly.




yah and pigs can fly.

Lennon's Ghost

What? Are you building up your frequent flyer miles?


Lennon’s Ghost, I was trying to think up a come back to that pig flying statement, since I am for Balloon Boy, but I couldn’t. You did and it made me laugh out loud. Good one!

Lennon's Ghost

Anytime BBGrandma. I always like it when I can cheer you up a bit.


I honestly think Britney is one of the main reasons this season sucked. Brendon and Rachel would have gladly made an alliance with her but instead she chose not to because she was too busy bashing them every chance she got and chose to align herself with people,specifically Lane, who would dump her along the way. Who cares if you don’t necessarily like the people? It’s about winning the game, not making long lasting friendships.

We could have watched a game where people were battling to the end, not just floating. Even though the Brigade had a arguably successful strategy it was boring to watch.


I think it was Andrew/Annie actually. Think about it. I’m still going to stand up and say that I enjoyed this season, because it’s one of the only season that you couldn’t predict to a T from day one, but I think the only reason everything COULD work out the way it did, was because of Andrew.

Day 1 you have Andrew immediately cast into an awkward position because of the Saboteur door thing. Day 2 (or maybe even Day 1 night?) you have the WHOLE house against him because of the Annie thing, and for the first week or two you have everyone smartly isolating him as toxic, so that they ensure they’re much more safe when someone like him should clearly go home. He lasted juuuuust long enough to get to a somewhat normal point, where he wasn’t very toxic at all, but unfortunately that was the week he went home.

If you take him out of the equation week one, or had a situation where he stayed even one week longer than he did, then the house wouldn’t have been able to remain on autodrive while Brendon/Rachel were together. We would have seen either more clear-cut alliances made, or more clashes early on, or both. And I say Andrew OR Annie, because obviously all of the above would have been the same if Andrew had gone home week one, and Annie stuck around for a while to stir up shit. Think about it. It’s been a while since we’ve seen someone isolated so hardcore weeks 1 and 2. Even the Ronnie thing wasn’t until mid-season.


P.S. Andrew becoming toxic is one of the only bragging rights Enzo actually deserves. He was as responsible for it, if not more, as Annie was. I still remember watching one of the first 2 or 3 BBADs and seeing Andrew awkwardly approach Enzo about him having a “gang” going on in the house, and Enzo denied the Brigade, and then turned around and bashed Andrew allllll night, over and over, by repeating the same 5 sentences from their conversation over and over and over like he does. It was the hardest he ever played the social game out of any day in the house, and it worked. Andrew was made so damn toxic, when ironically he was actually onto something that night. His own fault for going about it poorly though.


I agree. Britney was awesome and those two idiots, Enzo and Mop Head!!


Of all the boring people to grace the show this season and of all the dullmeister’s to be in this final four, I guess I hope Hayden wins. He was impressed with the $5,000 prize saying it was “more money than I made all year last year.” He obviously needs the money. Then he can afford a haircut.


Just the TIP:
Hey BrITCHney, if you’re 1 of 4 people, and the other 3 tell you they are in an alliance, you can pretty well bet that you are going home. Duh!
For you Ratt / Gaygan fans. WHY??? You obviously have not watched the entire season. I understand the gay community wanting to “get behind” their boy, but Ratt is a low-life. Gaygan made the pedophile remark and talked about giving aids to babies!!!! C’mon, SON!
Zingbot FTW!

The Bash Brothers

Not everyone in the gay community wants to get behind Ragan (get it? get behind Ragan?) ewwww. But seriously. I am a big fag and feel he was a complete embarrassment to gay men everywhere. Actually, he is an embarrasment to society and the human race, not just a particular section of it.


Some gr8 posts here. Yeah – if Brittney had any brains she would have told Matt the 3 guys wanted him out and could’ve done something then. Instead she’s the biggest SUCKA of all time. And has prostituted her integrity and relationship with Nick to do it. Well played !!
It’s Lane that’s in for the long 4 days : of Brittney crying and whining to him. There’s ALWAYS a downside to hanging out with a dumb pretty girl.


3 days not counting today


What I hated about this season was that NO-ONE confronted anyone else about gameplay or alliances. There has always been a point where people ask ytough questions in front of the group, put people in awkward positions etc There has been absolutey ZERO this season. Someone floated the idea early on that everyone was playing in PAIRS and it was just believed as the truth from then on !!! What a bunch of losers.
The twist this season was all the most interesting people / players were voted out in the first half of the show. The dregs we are left with have no game and are morons. What a twist !!!!


it’s what matty said from the start, everyone in the house is a pussy, he was the only one who had any sort of balls


Does anyone else think Brendan and Andrew are the old friends ??


Nope. No one thinks that.




I think Lane and Britney are the longtime friends…


A better question is, is anybody still naive enough to think that there are lifelong friends on this show? IT WAS A LIE.


Brenden and Andrew could be life long friends because Brenden always stood up for Andrew. Even tried convincing Rachel that he trusted Andrew.


why do you pretend to be straight every time you post with one name when you claim to be gay in other posts with another name? just askin’..


Cannot wait to find out who is taking whom to the final 2… this is going to be so much fun to watch. If Hayden wins will he take Lane or will be take Enzo. If he takes Lane, Enzo is going to freak. If Lane takes Hayden, Enzo is going to freak out again… I want Enzo to freak out.. Now if Enzo wins final HOH, do you think he’ll bring Hayden or Lane. He might bring Lane because he thinks Hayden is more liked however, Lane will probably have Britney’s vote for sure as well as Haydens. The next few days are gonna be sooo awesome.. You’ll hear me squeel. I hope we get to see more jury house on Wednesday when Brit is sent there.


at least brit knew what she did wrong and accepted it hope she gets americas choice, im voting for her

besides if you guys vote for brendon he will give all the money to rachel XD what a waste, shes just going to get a bigger boob job and remove those zits on her face


Voting for Brenden is just like giving the money to Rachel. Don’t vote for Brenden!


I’m voting for Brendon. He deserves it.


I agree this season was horrible! No big moves, hardly any big fights and bunch of clueless house guests. With Brittany about to be evicted – the 3 dummies left are so boring – thank god Survivor is starting. What I don’t get is how this year has the highest ratings? I think it’s only because there’s nothing else on TV to watch not because the show is better this year. The last 2 years of Big Brother were SO much better. Oh well there’s always next year.


This season sucked! The only real players were Brendon and Matt…the rest were floaters and bad mouths…hope Hayden wins!


Brit’s upbringing apparently did not include exercises in flexing one’s empathy muscles. A lot of her current misery has more to do with just not getting it when someone else is unhappy, than with losing BB. If she were being treated half as badly as what she herself doled out to others, she really would have to push the red button. And she doesn’t even get the fact that “the boys” are long past caring what she says about Brendon and Rachel. It used to gain her popularity points (when there were lots of houseguests besides the Brigade), but now it is played out and Brit has no other tools in her kit.

Have you noticed that since Brenchal left the house, virtually all of Brit’s digs at them have sexual overtones? I think she is much more interested in Brendon than she wants to admit. If Brendon had been one of the “cool kids” in the house, she would have been all over him. She may even resent the fact that he never even gave her a chance to accept or reject him. He simply wasn’t interested. And to add insult to injury, he gets all hot and bothered over a woman Brit considers to be dirt beneath her feet. You know how little girls will sometimes hit the boys they like, just to get the latter’s attention? Who but Brit spent so much time analyzing Brendon’s body and even criticizing the way perspiration formed on his back? When it comes to Brendon, “methinks she doth protest too much.”

The Baby Ate the Dingo !

Britney pure ??? Take a wake up pill man and take a second look !


I think it’s worth pointing out that even dumbass Enzo knows something that a lot of the Matt haters either don’t realize, or refuse to believe: Matt deserves his praise, because he was one step away from being a truly great BB player. Enzo described it all to a T last night. That he was going to go home, and Brigade told him he was gone, and then he used the DPOV on Kathy instead, hoping to be safe that ONE MORE week, which would have let him been playing Brigade against Brendon against Ragan: he had them all in his pocket, and was working on solidifying Britney as well. Had he survived that week, he probably would have won the game. Or, if he had the balls to make one of the biggest 180 moves in the game’s history, and put Enzo on the block instead of Kathy, then he probably would have won the game that way as well.

That single move removed Matt from being top tier, and being not either low “great” tier, or just high “good” tier. He was definitely working to win the house in a very efficient and effective way. There are few people in BB history to ever pull off playing the whole house like he was mostly doing for several weeks, and on the verge of solidifying. Which goes back to why I said him not putting Brendon/Rachel on the block in his first HoH was beautiful: let’s see anyone else disobey their Brigade alliance like he did, and get away with it. He was playing the house so well.


Ragan told her that the boys will not take her to the end. But she didn’t believe it. Couldn’t believe it. Thought she had them wrapped.


Brittany is so pathetic on so many levels. Even when she knows she’s going home she still continues to talk shit about people. And she must have had on lousy childhood for her to think her mom is going to hate her for not winning. Her mom must be a real winner too. It would never enter my mind to think my mom would be disappointed in me for losing anything. That speaks volumes about her and her family. Anybody who can sit in church and make fun of another lady’s shoes is so damn insecure it is amazing.


Brittany’s whole identity is wraped up in being popular. In her mind you are popular when you are in the In-group, which requires an out-group. She’ll go down trying to maintain her image of the out-group as Brendon and Rachel. She doesn’t even know that she’s always been part of the out-group. Brittany has the maturity of a 12 to 14 year old girl. She’s an original mean girl, don’t know if she’ll ever grow up. Sad, since she has many characteristics that are likeable, but her (and Ragan’s) level of insecurity is pathological and will probably never change. She and Ragan will be mean spirited at 60. So glad they are both finally gone, unless she does something smart for a change and focuses on Hayden to keep her, not that he will. He’s to much of a coward. What a bunch of losers in the final 4.


lol hayden and lane are too scared to go outside where brit is XD both are pussies


wow, did DR give enzo a thesaurus? in his convo with brit in B/Y, he’s throwing out these big words you never thought he would have a clue what they are…….”aura”…..”persona”






I hope Enzo goes home with NO MONEY – if he takes 3rd place please do not vote for him for America’s Player – that guys deserves NOTHING! Regan is really the only one to vote for America’s Player — a vote for Brendon is a vote for R – ugh.


Enzo will go nowhere. He’s one of the biggest idiots in BB history, second only to Bogie. Truly repulsive and with a big ego. How can his wife stand him, maybe she’s cute but dumb as they come if she married him. Enzo makes the guys on Jersey shore look intelligent, and that takes alot.


its true there were no big moves in this game even putting matt up wasnt that big of a deal. Now if hayden would use the pov on brit and enzo is backed door that would be the biggest and best move ever in the history of bb.I am not a bigfan of brits but you have to give her credit she worked hard to get to the 4th place she didnt blow off any compitions she gave it her all.My vote is for brit to win the 25,000. I think anyone of those girls on bb12 would of done the same thing brit did when she was told of the brig,i think some of them would of screamed but i think brit handled it well. If enzo makes it to the f2 i am done and just pray next season is better or i am done all together with bb


I agree! but to hear Enzo talk he thinks this season is the best ever! I think i saw a different game than he was in! I also wish that Hayden would save Brittney, that was before last night, but it’s obvious that he’s not going to use it now, unless she can convince him that he has no chance going up against Enzo or Lane. If she can convince Hayden that , maybe she would have a chance but I don’t think he will play that game.
I defiantly will be glad when this season is over. There was very little fun in this season, it was very boring in my opinion. Allot of tears, too many people trusting the wrong people & too much of Brenden & Rachel sucking face. This season was not fun to watch, I didn’t even watch Showtime or 24/7 for a couple of days because I knew it would just be B/S talk. There is nothing left now. We just have to wait for the last days for the competitions.
I would like to see BB interview the house guests to see how they feel now that they have learned some of the things that have have heard. That would be more interesting than watching the 3 guys once Britney is gone.


Soo glad Brit is going.. what a nasty piece of work she is. I love Enzo. Yo, I love clowns and hope he wins it all. Hayden is a ugly kiss ass, Lane looks like a brick and has the same amount of personality


OMG she is cracking up, really losing it…

i hate when mothers freak out about what their daughters eat – as if being thin is all they’re worth (i am skinny so I am not saying this as a bitter fat person) – but seriously why do that, and britneys mother is an old white trash ugly hag – i was expecting someone better looking the way britney kept saying how cute she was – and they have this cheap white trash house – she shouldnt worry about how “fat” her daughter is (and britney is not fat at all) – but she should worry about the fact that he daughter is a mean, unintelligent moron which she clearly never has- and stop putting pressure on her to be thin which is USELESS esp for poor whitetrash people -being thin is going to get her anyway so eat up brit, enjoy those pancakes




I agree!!!!!!!!!!!

Lennon's Ghost

How old is leah? He/She sounds like a 6th grader who just learned to swear.
We get it. You like Britney. So do I, but I don’t find cursing out anyone who disagrees to be useful or imaginative.
Please grow up and plead your case like an adult and not like a foul-mouthed child.


Lennon’s Ghost – I couldn’t agree with you more. This Leah person has gone off on everyone! She’s ridiculous!


Wow. It must be nice to be as perfect as brit. With that mobile eye and those miley cirus chompers. Btw, I am from arkansas and things do get stolen. Even in a small town. What a loser.


Yep Blah!


The fact that you Leah is Bitchney’s biggest advocate shows the mentality of her fans and people who think her nasty, mean mouth is admirerable