Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney says that she can’t believe Brendon walked around with Rachel’s beanie baby

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12am Hayden, Britney, Lane and Enzo are all sitting around the hot tub talking and joking around. Lane tells them a funny game to play while having s$x. It’s called the 8 second bull riding where during while you’re riding a girl d***** style and a bunch of friends bust in the room and surprise you. Lane says that you have to hang on to the girl in the same position while she’s squirming around trying to get covered up so the friends don’t see her. Lane says that you have to hang on to her for 8 seconds just like at a rodeo. Enzo is really interested in trying the 8 second Rodeo. Enzo says yeah lets not do that to me …but we can do that to someone else! Enzo says that’s some what like r**** yo!   Britney saying if it happened to her she would kill herself. Lane says that you can’t talk to the girl the next day. Enzo says yeah, no I would be divorced. The conversation changes to talking about lock downs. Enzo says that during the first lockdown of the house he thought he was going to lose it. Britney says that she talked to a girl on Press Day that said after 12 hours of being on lock down you want to kill yourself. Enzo says that he wanted to quit after the first lock down. Britney says yeah it was pretty bad…. Britney says that she wishing there was no Jury and that she could go straight home instead. Hayden says a red eye just flew out of Burbank when he sees a plane fly over head. They start talking about finale night. Enzo says that he thinks they will finally get out of there by midnight. Lane says that he will be at the bar. They talk about how they hope the post interviews won’t last too long because they are anxious to spend time with their families. Enzo says to Hayden that he is going to bear hug his Hayden’s grandmother. Hayden tells Enzo that they are the best Christian people you’ll meet. Lane leaves to go take a shower.

12:25am Hayden, Brit and Enzo are still sitting around the hot tub talking. They start talking about last season. They talk about Natalie throwing the hot chocolate competition. Enzo says and the POV for that one was the faces. Enzo says that Kevin got really funny towards the end of the season. Britney agrees. They start talking about the things that didn’t make it on the show this season. Britney says that the blow up with her and Rachel probably didn’t make it to the show because she was never asked about it. Britney starts talking about how two faced Kathy is… Britney says that she was schmoozing Rachel when she came back into the house for 24 hours. Britney says that she was hanging out with her and she was the one to walk Rachel to the door when she was leaving. She says Kathy was always calling Rachel a piece of BLANK. Britney says and Kathy doesn’t cuss. Hayden says that he doesn’t think Kathy got it. Britney says that she thinks Kathy was mentally spent and emotionally drained. Britney says that she doesn’t think she was all there. Britney says that she thinks the house took a huge toll on Kathy. Britney says that she thinks that after Kristen left, Kathy really didn’t feel like she had anybody. Enzo starts talking about the night Kathy overheard her and the have nots making fun of her. Enzo says that she was really pissed about that. Britney says that it all happened because of how depressed Ragan was…and Kathy was trying to tickle him and he told her not to.  Britney says that it was like Kathy going into a hospice and tickling people that are on their death beds or throwing balls at people that can’t move their arms.  Hayden says that Kathy was in the jumanji crying and he went over to check on her and she told him that she was upset that Britney, Ragan and Matt were making fun of her. Hayden says that he thinks Kathy’s diary room sessions may be the funniest diary sessions of the season. Britney says that Kathy is one of the people she will want nothing to do with after this. Britney says that she won’t stay in touch with Rachel either.

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12:40am Britney says that Kathy was so nuts-o. Britney says that she can’t wait to see the episode where she kicks her in the face! Hayden says the kick straight to the side of the head! Britney says oh my God that’s so funny. They all make fun of Kathy during the caramel competition. Britney talks about how hard time of a time she was having during the caramel competition. Britney says that she was so embarrassed and thought she was the worst one in the competition, until Kathy got up to go. Britney says that she is thankful that she hasn’t had any huge zits since being in the house. Britney starts talking about Rachel’s face being covered with acne. Britney says that Kristen’s face was always really clear. Britney impersonates Kristen telling her about what face wash she used to give her such glowing skin. Britney says that really pissed off Rachel and she used to bring that up and mimic Kristen saying I have glowing skin. They Hayden and Enzo say that girls are so catty. Britney says that all the girls in the house were crazy. Lane comes back to the backyard after his shower. They start talking about Ragan. Enzo makes fun of how Ragan screamed when he swiped the CD from him! Enzo says that he can’t wait to see the diary room sessions after that competition. Everyone decides to head inside, Britney and Lane head to the jumanji room, Enzo heads to the bathroom and Hayden goes up to the HOH room. Hayden brings cards down and sits at the kitchen table. Hayden then joins Britney and Lane in the jumanji room. Enzo headed up to the HOH room to shower. Hayden says that he stresses about everything and says that he hates that he does that. Lane says that everyone stresses, people just act on it differently. Lane asks what they should talk about? Hayden says Steamboat. Britney says no, can’t we talk about something new? Lane says lets talk about…. Right then he then farts… Britney says that was such a prissy fart. Lane says that his farts tell a lot about his moods..

1:10am They start talking about how they had never heard the word libations before coming into the house. Britney says she’s going to keep saying it after she gets out of the house. Lane says that he wonders how he got this far in life without using big words! They talk about how Matt used big words all the time. Hayden says that Matt’s got eight years on us. Lane says that Brendon would use some big words but it always seemed forced. Britney asks them if they heard Ragan’s theory about Rachel’s letter? Britney says that Ragan thought there were codes hidden in her letter. Lane says that he wonders if there has ever been a die hard fan that has won Big Brother? Britney says that dodos always win, though she says Dr.Will is really smart! Hayden says that he has the personality to go with it. Britney says yeah and he is really funny. Britney says that the hardest part about watching this season will be hearing her own voice. Britney says that she can’t stand her own voice. Hayden and Lane both say they hate hearing their own voices too. Britney says she thinks that hearing her diary room voice will kill her. The conversation changes to talking about Monet. They talk about how going out second is as bad as getting voted out first. They talk about how the first four people evicted are forgotten about. Lane and Hayden says that they think people will remember Andrew though. Hayden says they will probably remember Kristen too. They start talking about Brendon and Rachel. Lane says that Brendon and Rachel are the dumbest people I have ever been around. Lane says that he wants to tell them that to their face. Britney says that she thinks Brendon was put in this house to clash with her. Lane says that he can’t believe Brendon was 30. Britney says that she has never been around a 30 year old that looked so much older but acted so much younger. Britney says that she can’t believe Brendon walked around with Rachel’s beanie baby, she would have preferred he hang on to her panties. Lane says that he loved it when he would compare him and Rachel to Jeff and Jordan of last season. Hayden says that he doesn’t get it.. Hayden says that Brendon didn’t go through any of the casting process to get on Big Brother …. (Big Brother cuts the live feeds.)

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2am The conversation changes to talking about Halloween and other random stuff. Then Lane says he can’t imagine Ragan being a college professor because he is so vulgar and whiny. Britney says that Ragan was too vulgar and that he dropped F bombs. Britney says that even if she said hey, good morning what’s up … he would say my dick. They talk about how Ragan would totally wear out jokes too. They talk about how he made an ass of himself to Jeff and Jordan when Ragan kept sayingBooger. They say no one thought it was funny, especially not Jordan. Enzo comes back into the jumanji room after being up in the HOH room listening to music. They have a huge conversation about music and movies.

3:10am Hayden says that he wants to sleep in the jumanji room with the rest of them. Hayden starts getting ready to go to sleep and takes off his mic. Enzo asks why? Hayden says he’ll leave it on. Enzo says he can’t believe the whole house is in this room right now. Enzo says this summer has been surreal, yo! Enzo says that the only clever thing Brendon did was give him the nickname Fridge Face, you gotta give him that one! Enzo starts talking about Kristen and says that Thursday he wanted nothing to do with her, yo! Enzo says that he thinks Ragan told her she was going home. Enzo asks Hayden if he thinks Ragan and Brendon had something on the side towards the end there? Hayden says yeah. Enzo says that he thinks Brendon was going to try and make a power move at the end by teaming up with Ragan. Enzo says that he doesn’t think Brendon ever trusted him. Hayden says that he bet he was happy to get out of here. Enzo says he didn’t make one BLANK friend in this house except for Rachel. Enzo starts laughing about Ragan’s crack on Rachel when Ragan said during their fight that the only thing real about her are the pimples on her face. Enzo says that he thinks Ragan gained a lot of fans that day. Enzo says that everyone likes a funny gay guy. Enzo says that he got a little annoying but he’s a funny dude. Enzo finally gets the hint that everyone is tired and wants to go to sleep.

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3:35am All the house guests are sleeping..

8:10am All the house guests are still sleeping…

10am They are all still sleeping …No wake up call yet.

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198 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney says that she can’t believe Brendon walked around with Rachel’s beanie baby

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce your final four:
    Britney, the petty little beauty pageant princess (thus, spoiled, catty, trash-talking and delusional)
    Enzo, the bag-running, street-wise, gumba (thus wise-cracking, fun-loving, low-life)
    Hayden, the dumb, affable, self-absorbed jock (thus a dumb jock)
    Lane, the small-town thug

    1. ladies and gentlemen, i introduce your loser blogger:

      brad: the idiot who thinks writing that comment was so hilarious!

      u make urself look petty when u write that stufff dumbass.


      1. oh leah, leah..just summarizing the personalities….in fun bite-size, but accurate, factual morsels…..if i was truly petty, i could have said a lot worse……also…Lane likes being a thug, Hayden has as much admitted he is a dumb, womanizing, pretty boy jock, I love Jersey gumbas, and Britney…well..she is cute and has already admitted that she is a naive, spoiled beauty princess……so is summarizing the truth a problem?

      1. People can only play a role so long and then their true colors shine through. the barriers have come down and I am sure that most of what we see is who they really are.

      1. maybe u should suck brendons big fat ugly toe too, well ur at it dumbass. he doesn’t deserve that money! what are u thinking? he won 2 competetions, and 1 was after rachel left. he sucks, yo! get a life!

        1. Oh look – miss happy sunshine is back to grace her presence and bad words onto everyone. I know you’ll go off on me too leah, but just like you – we all have opinions. Yours usually is in support of Britney. The rest of us, we just want to read some posts without you telling us to get a life or to f/off!

        2. Oh here comes the one who can’t issue an opinion but loves to degrade the opinions of others. So classy.
          Really impressive. HA… Leah, go away and play with your dollies.

      2. I am voting for Brendan as well for the 25,000.00. He played HARD and FOUGHT from Day 1 to stay in the house. I give him ALOT of credit!!!

        Matt would have had my vote if it were not for the lie about his wife!!! In reality he played the BEST game with the LEAST amount of blood on his hands. He was ‘friends’ with the entire house, I just can’t get past putting a family member in a situation like that. Life is too short at its longest to be playing with FATE, it’s just WRONG!!!

        1. why vote for brendon he just gonna give it to rachel as he planned on giving the 500k, beside he played the dumbest game of the entire house never ONCE playing for himself, and playing for someone who clearly was using him the whole time. for that alne he don;t deserve the money, so you might as well vote for rachel she was his puppet master

      1. well katie from canada, is it possible u have no life? talking about a girl whos been playing this game expertly since day one, and your gonna say she has no life? ur such a loser. GO BACK TO CANADA!!!

        1. Leah you are an idiot. The blog site is in Canada. If you have an opinion about Big Brother, let’s here it,…otherwise take your smart mouth and such a rock.

    1. What else do they have to talk about? I think that’s the problem, they don’t really have that much in common and after weeks in the house, they’ve run out of things to talk about. Fortunately for them, R&B were so ridiculous, it gives them *something* to do.

    2. Deja Vu… I CANT WAIT TIL SHE IS GONE…. and to the one who doesn’t know where she is and thinks Britney has been playing a good game….you are on another planet…

      1. well if u don’t like it don’t listen to it dumbasses! he wasn’t telling america, he was telling his friends, its not our fault that someone would forget the camera was there, yo. he can tell his friends whatever he wants. u don’t like? don’t watch it dumbass!

        1. It is disgusting that he would be laughing about a game that humiliates women for the amusement of his friends. He used to be my favorite, but now I hope he loses the entire game as well as any girl friends he may have. What a jerk!

          1. I liked Lane too….I was annoyed when he would belch as loud as he could, but other than that he was conducting himself fairly well. He has a stupid sense of humor and says things that aren’t true because he thinks they are funny. He said he tossed a bag of kittens in a chopper which he didn’t…he just thought it was funny … NOT. This comment about the sex game was over the line, probably true, not funny. We KNOW he is a fighter because he and brother Gunter beat up some guy. Enzo….well, I think we see the real Enzo…a gutter mouth limited vocab kinda Jersey fella. Lane has an undercurrent I don’t think we’ve seen yet.

          1. I agree. I liked Lane in the beginning, but now he’s showing his true colors. I think he tries too hard to come off as the Texas tough guy. He’s proving to be a real boar.
            I think the only decent HG for the entire season is Hayden. I hope he takes Enzo to the end with him and wins.

            1. The longer he is in the house the harder it becomes for Lane
              to hide his true colours. The fact is he is misogynistic redneck thug and a spoiled brat to boot!!


    1. I agree he is a cussing, smacking, dragging his feet ugly creepy guy. I don’t think anyone likes the foul mouth creep. Except NJ JERKS.

  2. They all suck.. Rachel had her trashy moments and a really annoying voice but when she didn’t like you she told you to your face. Then when her conscience hit her she would come back to apologize. These ppl left in this house are ridiculously deluded. I can’t believe they believe they are soooo loved. Apparently, these guys are just as catty as the girls. Lane is nothing but a small town entitled kid.. with too much money and not enough sense. Enzo is a braggart with delusions of grandeur, Britney is catty, vile, crazy and on top of that she is cockeyed?! (guessing) Hayden needs to go to the barber and he needs some type of injections around the mouth area so that he can have a top lip. He’s not as bad as the others but he encourages their actions sometimes and to me that is just as bad as performing the action.

    1. Agree with you too – I just keep looking at Simon’s poll. Why is it that the ones that have the most votes are the ones that keep leaving. If that means since Enzo (out of the HG’s – no disrespect DAWG!) – has the lowest votes and he wins – I’ll vote for Enzo all day in this poll if he can be the one to leave. I do not want Enzo to win!!!! Enzo and Lane’s stories are the worst!!! I really do hope that since Enzo says he misses his daughter and wife so much – he goes home and changes his ways. If he talks to his wife and daughter that way, I would hate to live with him! I know all men can goof up – make mistakes and say the wrong things (me included), but his are so over the top – it’s truly horrifying to read what he has to say!

    2. yeah, rachel usually felt bad after she got into a fight and would apologize, the rest are just are just too into themselves
      I totally agree with hayden’s hair, its ok for justin bieber he’s 16 but hayden is 24 yearsold he needs cut it, but so does enzo, someone needs to tell him to just shave it off

    3. oh well if u say something like that, karmas a bitch. for someone to be writing that ur so repulsive and u disgust me to the t, yo. get a life!

    4. I am not from NJ but I lived there for 18.5 years and bragging is part of the culture. It seems they’re taught to boast about everything – even when it’s not true – from childhood. Not everyone of course, I am just throwing out a blanket stereotype.

  3. I can see the situation if Yo wants to break up with his wife. What a creep! Brit knew 99percent that she might be evicted, then they (Enzo) and the rest corner her and beat her up. Then, the sit around making excuses for her and themselves.

    1. I like how they are the best alliance ever, but before they told her brit knew she was probably going on the block and probably going home
      everyone knew they were working together they just didn’t know they named the alliance the brigade

  4. What a lowlife prick, I can’t bel Lane would do that to a girl, the only people who would find that the least bit amusing are other lowlife pricks. Gee, bet that was a golden moment to remember for his Mom, or anyone he attempts to date. I hope they let Hayden have the brain today, because Lane sure doesn’t know what to do with it, and it would be completely lost with Enzo. I guess if Brit has to leave this week, I will be rooting for Hayden.

  5. These people are crazy and don’t realize that they are never going to be famous outside of BB! I truly hope Brendon wins the $25,000 to rub it in there face!

    1. but enzo is going to get movie scripts during the backyard interviews, he will be a huge star starring with jennifer anniston
      it will be love at first sight for jennifer

      1. their not there, oops. I am not saying all people in CA are like this, just a few I know that moved out there to be famemongers. I just don’t get the appeal besides $

      2. yukky … Enzo is such a doink!! Bushed, stupid, useless …lol!!!
        I think he rather be in the BBBJ house that Brenden was in instead of the BB house! ;-)

    2. I would vote for Brendon for AC player. I thought he played a good game. He had his bad moments, but everyone in the house does. These HG’s are like all the others in that they don’t seem to get that just b/c they don’t like someone doesn’t mean America won’t like them either. Actually, the more they bash away at someone, the MORE the public seems to love them. So if they really don’t want Brendon to win the 25K, my advice would be to start saying what a great guy he is, how sweet his showmance with Rachel was, and what a great competitor he was. Then America will hate him.

    3. oh u guys suck. he doesnt deserve to win? am i thee only who notices he only digs disgusting tramps? he embarassed himself all season. if he wins i wont be upset cuz people only felt sorry for him. they didnt actually like him.

      1. If Brendon has anything to be sorry for this season it’s not getting Britney out of the house sooner! This game might be about lying, cheating and backstabbing and therefore Britney goes to the top of the list; however – so far the boys are making sure that won’t happen and even though I really don’t want them to win either – because of your support and stupidity for Brit – it’s fine that she goes as soon as possible!

      2. why do you or anyone else care who brendan likes, I don’t because its none of my business, I say break up or live together forever who cares

  6. Yep. Its official, I’m over Lane. I really liked him when he seemed like a big dumb ox. Now, he’s shown he isn’t that … he’s just heartless, entitled, indecent, and arrogant. His “good times” seem to hurt others (beating up on others, throwing kittens into a machine, and sex games with his buddies as a girl’s expense). Sheesh! Talk about a douche. Go Hayden!

    1. I agree! even if the stories are not true, he still told them on televison, he’s even more stupid than I gave him credit for

      1. I think Leah is about 9….maybe 12 …and her mummy gave her the first cell phone… looks like she is texting with her lack of full words.

    2. I was kinda shocked to read what Lane said. It was disappointing.

      Remind me never to go on a date rape with Lane.

  7. There is nothing likaeable about this final four. Enzo can’t make up his mind, and when he does he forgets what he decided on 10 minutes before, Britney is just hateful and mean and is so uninteresting that she continues to trash people who are no longer in the game (insecure much?), Lane is a moron and continues to show his ass by the stupid things he says (and they have the nerve to call Brendon a Neanderthal?) and Hayden is guilty by association because he will lead the rest on and sit back and watch them trash others than walk around boasting that he hasn’t cussed or anything! I get it, it’s a game, but seriously? I will finish watching this season (because I’m a masochist like that) but if things don’t change it may be the last one I watch.

    1. I agree, it’s only a game, but speaks volumes of how these people live their real lives. These people are old enough to know better, it’s not like their 15 years old. Enzo is older than he says, he looks 50 to me, bald head and all.
      I would hate to be their family, because this all reflects back on them as well. Do they act like this too?

    2. its not just enzo the other two have done the same thing, they make a decision and 5 minutes later they change their minds, but the say they ran the house
      maybe we should get brit out no maybe we should matt out no lets get brendan out no lets get ragan out, it was so frustrating make a decision already, IDIOTS!!!!!!!

      1. I’ve hated that as well this weekend, it was like watching a ping pong match with them. Do we, don’t we. We are, we aren’t. Should we, shouldn’t we.

    3. I don’t fault Hayden at all for sitting by and listening. If he did ANYTHING but that, it would hurt his game. Sometimes it’s better to sit and let all the others babble on and hang themselves. Good for him. And so what if people don’t like his hair. I would be thrilled if the only thing people hated about me was my hair. So what, who cares?!! lol! It may not be apparent to some people, but behind that hair is a thinking guy. I think the hair has worked to his advantage. It’s what people always focus on. And whoever has a problem with his lips, it’s better than going with a trend of trout mouth freaks.I think he’s just fine the way he is. He seems like a genuinely nice guy.

      1. The lack of upper lip drives my husband crazy but I would take a thousand no-lipped people over one of Rachel’s hideous duck mouth lips in her pic – even the sight of her makes me feel ill. It’s not nice to rag on people’s looks but when you have gone so far out of your way with all your fake body and hair parts, you are asking for people to be revolted. I am curious in reality and all honest how many men actually find her attractive aside from her tits?

    1. I agree…..Hayden should use the veto to take off Lane….put up Enzo, so that Lane HAS!! the deciding vote..or take off Brit…then Enzo goes up and Brit sends one of the brigade home….who knows!!! it was such a boring season….nothin exciting happened….AND so scripted…don’ t really care what happens….terribly disappointed CBS!!!

  8. Lane 8 second story that was the second time I heard it. I was surprised ppl weren’t pissed the first time he told it. Thats some crazy shit and to be talking about it on tv too. ——–Lane asks what they should talk about? Hayden says Steamboat. Britney says no, can’t we talk about something new? —– Oh I knw what new thing she wants to talk about, hmmm let me guess….. Rach/ Bren/ Kathy or maybe Kristen that would be something new and refreshing. It’s been almost 20 minutessince the last time we discussed that topic. Brit aka Chewy, always chewing away at her finger. Simon u need a close on those digits I wonder how bad they must look.

    1. I know jordan played with her hair alot, but brit does it all the time plus she also picks at herself, if was cute when jordan did it , not so much for brit

      1. Oh I SO agree. So tired of Britt picking at her nails and playing with her hair!!!! Yuck!!! And when she stands, sometimes she kind of hunches her shoulders over sometimes like she’s a weasel skulking around…. have you seen that?? Stand up straight girl!!

  9. I missed the story Lane told, but sounds like I’m probably better off not knowing about it. I don’t know how CBS feels, but looks like they would be embarrassed as hell of these idiots. If I were CBS I’d say there was a secret power that was given to Brit, and now she can use it. I know, I’m grasping at straws, but there must be something they can pull out of their hat to shut these low lifes down(meaning the 3 bozos). I’d love to see Brit be able to send them out the door,one by one. I used to be glued to the live feed, but I hardly even know what’s going on anymore. Who wants to watch the 3 shitheads talk about how clever they are? What a surprise when they get out and find out they will be booed everywhere they go. I hope they get out and read this blog, and the other boards.

    1. she didn’t need a power to do that, she could of team up with brendan, ragan and matt , but she stuck with lane, knowing the guys were working together

  10. I really feel sorry for lanes mother to have to hear the 8 second game him and his friends play.I hope the girls of texas stay away from him or they maybe the next victim of the 8 second game.I have 3 boys and if i heard them talking like that i would be so embarrace and i would let them know how they hurt me. I was rooting for lane and brit to the end but now i hope enzo backdoors lane and takes brit to f3 who does this guy think he is he needs help that story he told makes enzo look like a saint (well maybe saint isn’t correct) but a little better.Hayden please save Brit………………………………….

    1. just a thought and michelle, wow just a thought u must get 0 action, and michelle u sound really petty talking about lane…………………………….

      what losers!

        1. Well obviously he sounds stupid Michelle, you and I are apparently lacking action, isn’t that what Leah is saying? LOL! Michelle, he does sound like an idiot and proud of it as well.

  11. I bet they are also still talking about brendon and rachel, because they don’t want us to give either of the two “America’s Choice”. What better way to get back at those foul mouth idiots, than giving the 25,000 dollars to Rachel! That would blow Britney’s ass out of the water! I would love to see her face when that is announced, her and Ragan’s face. You know guys, that would make up for everything that has happened.

    What do ya’ll think about that?

    I still think Brendon should win, but it would be priceless if Rachel won!

          1. You didn’t say anything wrong Michelle, I’m voting for him too!

            It just would be so funny if Rachel won, and they turn the cameras on Britney. :D

  12. This show is THE MOST BORING season EVER And lane???Well, he’ll have a lot of explaining to do when he gets out. What a perverted game…tells you who HE really is.
    Enzo is a JOKE and should be cast on the next season of Jersy Shore, Lane, well…enuf said (and he’s dumb too), Hayden is soooooo iImmature and self absorbed.
    Britney will get voted off but should have won BB. She’s the ONLY one in the house with brains and ability to have won HOH and POV and is a great player.

      1. ur such a 2 faced bitch i hope i never see u in the house cuz u obviously dont know how to play the game. brendon and rachel suck u bitch! there losers and britney deserves to win u stupid c***!

        1. Leah, Your posts are getting a bit overboard please reign it in. Theres all kinds of people that come on here some like brit, some like the brigade others like Rachel etc etc.. We have to respect everyones opinion and try not to resort to sending dozens of posts swearing at people.

          1. Thank you Simon for stepping in on these comments. I can’t believe people that hide behind their anonymity and spew this filth! And they talk about the HG’s?Why so much hate? Scary.

  13. I wonder if Lane will have a bunch of mail from women’s groups waiting for him when he gets home. Not to mention any ex-girlfriends showing up with a shotgun on his doorstep. If that was his idea of a joke, it was in very poor taste and I didn’t find it the least bit funny. If this is all they can think to talk about I can see why production let them go back to Rachel bashing. I wonder how Britney will feel when she gets out, maybe reads these boards and sees that she is just as hated, if not more, as Rachel. But geez, everytime I read this, I marvel at the fact that these people can’t seem to have a meaningful conversation about anything that doesn’t involve bashing Brendon, Rachel, and now Ragan. I think I would like them more if I actually saw them expressing ideas and opinions about something other than their former housemates. I realize they have been cut off from media for a couple of months, but how hard can it be to come up with a subject other than Rachel to talk about? And if they hate her so much, why do they keep making sure her name comes up? If you do hate someone that much, wouldn’t you do everything you could to make sure she’s gone and forgotten? But then we’re dealing with these idiots, so I guess not.

    1. Well, Leah…you are just so classy. What a wonderful grasp on the language skills you show. You and Brit are in the same pot with your hateful mouth. She will be so proud of your support.

  14. Watching the live feeds has been a waste of money. I hope next year people will remember this BB and not sign up. These last few weeks are not worth watching. They all do not deserve to win. The reason they are still there is luck thats all. They have not even played the game. They all are jerks. Maybe Brandon will win the 25,000 at least he did play the game with respect. His Mom can be proud of him that is more than I can say for these jerks. CBS you suck.

  15. honestly i hate all of them . i actually understand why britney hates on everyone.
    britney SHOULD win. she is the only interesting person in here.
    she had 1 HOH and 3 vetos under her belt. when it came to game play she kinda sucked but it was still interesting b/c she almost never kept her word.

  16. Brit is brave and intelligent to be sitting and talking with the guys. She is alone and has to put on a show. She is also a good competitor, whereas Yo has only his mouth with which to chew loudly, to swear, to beat up people smaller than him, and to complain that some people are too emotional, when he does the same thing. He has won ONE comp.

  17. This is hilarous. Read responses in the upper portion of this string to witness how much anger leah had from 9:20 and 9:31. You better not say one bad word about Britney or she will lose it and point her anger at you. It’s ok to say nasty things just about everyone else, however. Just hilarous.


      1. I am with you they all think they are so well liked and that they will get the 25G’s I want to see there faces when Brendon gets it.

  19. So are you – we’ll see what you have to say once Brit is finally gone. I wasn’t a big Brit fan but I tolerated her; but in your comments on this website – You’re helpinig me dislike Brit that much more.
    I hope she finds out what a support you’ve been to her thru all your posts – every vile word you spewed out! Your momma must be so proud of you……………………….

  20. I actually like lane and think he’s just talking big shit about most of his antics BUT if some douche did that to me:

    I’d call the police from his own house while I still had his dna on me and tell them I had just been raped. Then he could spend the next 5 yrs of his pathetic life spending every dime he has fighting the charge. He’d FINALLY be famous then too. He’d be all over TMZ, his mug shot would be posted on Smoking Gun. I call it the “20 years to Life game”. Wonder if he’d be laughing then!

    1. rag on Leah all you want but don’t start in hating on the South, we have seen your reps from the North, East Coast and West Coast, and none of us have a leg to stand on.


  21. These last four HG’s keep talking about how “Karma” caught up with the other HG’s. I hope they can keep that clarity when Karma comes knocking on their doors in about 2 weeks time. Hayden/Lane should be sued by whoever/whatever this Steamboat thing is for loss of revenue – who wants to go if there is even a possibility that you would see any of these idiots? Lane should arrive back to Texas to a good ole’ boy welcome party – by having to face off against the Fathers/brothers/spouses/friends of every woman he subjected to his little “game”. Brittany will really need to struggle to find work in any position that deals with the public – she is not a gentrified southern gal, she is catty spiteful child. Not the PR person you want representing your company. And Enzo? Well, I can’t begin to imagine the uphill battle he will face in trying to recover his dignity, self-respect, and the respect of others when he gets home. He has shown himself to be the exact opposite of the ‘character’ he has been trying to portray. He is not mafia don; he is a Gollum look-alike punk who can’t even face off against a girl until it is a 3-to-1 ratio! Karma’s a bitch kiddies.

  22. Honestly, I’m glad we have Leah to entertain us. The feeds are boring. The HGs are dull. What is left? And then, as if gifted with a magical offering, we get Leah to hunch over her little keyboard with her fingers on fire, and provide us with some of the most entertaining, indeed laughable, commentary to date. Simon, don’t squelch the young-un’s creativity! LOL!
    Of course, I’m having fun because, yes Leah, I have no life.

        1. leah, leah, leah, leah, leah – you poor, poor soul! I do have a problem with the comments you make on this website! You are vile, upsetting and I can’t believe you type such filth! I expect for you to say bad things about me – but that’s fine – I know that the only kind word you ever say is about yourself and Britney. That’s okay – if you want to be the president of her fan club, go ahead and ask for your portion of the $10,000 dollars she finally won. I think she said she’s going to pay off her car and travel – then after taxes – I’m sure she’ll give you…your two cents – just like what she does in the house and you do right here! To me and others – your comments are worth nothing though! I only respond to you because of your lack of class and stupid comments that attack others who actually care enough to be on this website to enjoy it – not degrade others like you do!!!

            1. Leah is just another harmless, insecure “cat lady” who is trapped behind a computer in her mother’s basement somewhere trying to feel better about her loser self by cussing and cursing at all of you. Her lack of intelligence and inexperience is obvious. She needs to exercise the mental health portion of her welfare benefits!! Stop feeding her insecurities and delusions. Ignore her!!!

  23. I’m kinda heartbroken right now….regan and lane have been the ones i was pulling for all through the whole season….so after regan was voted out i was really pulling for lane to take the whole thing….but after that 8 second thing ugh what an ass…..all i have to say is go hayden!!

  24. No! What is really happening isbthat Rachael is coming to take away Yo b/c of his cheating while on have-nots and his potty mouth. (don’t I wish!)

  25. Leah is funny and entertaining at best. I agree with most of what she says and I too is a die-hard Brittney fan. You must admit, she is the best player of the final 4. Too bad she might (hopefully not) go home this week.


  27. 8 secs critics. . . remember this is the group of people that DR room / production plan on going out and getting drunk with after the show — as Lane said last night. Production not only knows about Lane and the rest’s sexism and immaturity — production condones it. As Blah said, this isn’t the first time Lane has told this story BUT it’s the first time that it’s been blogged on this blog. While I had the live feeds, I heard Lane sharing other distasteful, rude to his past girlfriends/ hook-up stories of his sex-capades that weren’t included in this blog. (No criticism of Simon and Dawg, it would be impossible to capture everything and some topics might not interest them.) You only really get to know the characters if you watch the live feeds.

  28. It’s fun to see former hate-posters become protective against the new hate mongers like Leah!!!! Simon is spreading his kum-ba-ya. Don’t ya wonder what Leah is like in real life? Talking that shit you just know she/he/it is not somebody you want to work with or be friends with.

    BTW, anybody know who Colette Lala refers to as “ass-licker?” I’m not disloyal to Simon & Dawg, just checking out his favorite competitor BB site during downtime.

    Now the 3 remaining bozos are leaving us a choice of somebody hairy who isn’t evolved enough to believe in evolution, a jersey jerk-off who speaks in stupid rhymes & repetition, and a thug who kills and tortures animals & thinks it’s cool to disrespect females so he can having bragging rights.

    Aaarrrrgh! Don’t care who gets the money, but it would be fun to see the families & the followup to see what we have been missing! Thanks Simon & Dawg. Dawg, I keep voting for ya!

      1. ass licker is michelle??? I was thinking maybe gnat or jessie. Still don’t understand her analogy, but thanks for answering — and I can’t stand the mini pussy either!

  29. Enzo dream last night.

    The Game is over and Enzo has won. Millions of people have surrounded the BB house chanting Brigade! Brigade! Brigade! Preident Obama is there to greet Enzo. Obama asked him to head the Nato forces and bring world peace. Enzo replies Yo! and farts.
    The Air Force flyes over, smoke spells out Enzo. Enzo said – Wow crazy yo. Can they see this in Jersey? The other HG’s fall to there knees before Enzo and state he is the greatest player ever. I know yo! Enzo replies.
    Brenndon leaves Racheal and pledges his love to Enzo. A fight breakes out. The people all want Enzo and rush the stage. Enzo puts on his penguin suit and trys to fly away. Penguin’s can’t fly and Enzo panics.

    Enzo wakes from the dream: Wow crazy yo, I’m a big star yo!

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