Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brendon want’s Rachel to Stay he’ll go home, Matt: “Big feet small ledges twisted webs of deception”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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5:50pm Taj Room Brendon and Rachel Rachel tells him she talked to Brit and she’s not using the POV. Rachel had offered her any deal imaginable and the 5 grand but Brit thinks it’s going to ruin her game if she uses it.

Brendon doesn’t want to see Rachel campaigning to leave, Rachel isn’t going to do that. Rachel doesn’t want to see Brendon trying to get people to vote for her either she knows she’s leaving she fine with it. Rachel says it hasn’t been bad on Big RBother she won 2 HOH’s and Won 5 grand. Rachel: “i’m going to have to give you all my knowledge of big brother and we’re going to practice and that is all we’re going to do”. Brendon: “You have a better chance to win this then me you have to stay it’ll be easy for me to get them to vote me out” Rachel really doesn’t want him to do that she thinks it’s best for her to just leave, this house doesn’t hate him as much as they hate her. Brendon disagrees he thinks she whold attach herself to Brit they can spend the week dumping everything on Brendon (this is a funny conversation because a hour ago Ragan said this was going to happen to Hayden) Brendon really wants Rachel to stay he’s not confident in his ability to success in the game. Rachel tells him he has to be nice to everyone he has to work his friendships with Enzo and Hayden.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:00pm Backyard Brit, Ragan, Hayden and MAtt. Brit tells them about her conversation with Rachel, Matt asks why was there yelling. BRit had told Rachel she was not using the POV and Rachel was fairly normal about it. Then Brendon had walked into the the room and was telling Brit how awesome she had done in the POV and how proud he was of her. Brit: “I think they actually thought i was going to use the Veto on them”. Brit then left the taj and a few minutes later you hear brendon yelling. Brit says I told Rachel i’m not using the POV she can do whatever she wants but she’s not using it and she’s done talking about it. Brit told Rachel they can talk about other things all week but the game is off limits. Matt thinks that was a good way to approach it. BRit agrees she says at one point she saw the crazy look in Rachel eyes but it didn’t last for long. Brit brings up the money and how Rachel thought that 5grand would save her, Brit: “Umm Rachel it doesn’t matter if Annie was up against you one of you are going home” Brit explains that she told Rachel over and over that one of them (b/r) is going home this week regardless of what happens. Matt jokes “Rachel would still go home if it was her up on the block right beside the saboteur in full saboteur gear”. Matt starts doing the saboteur voice and does a mock eviction speech “I really want to get to know you all It was nice meeting you.. with a vote of 6 to 0 Rachel is evicted from the big brother house” Brit tried to explain to Rachel that theres not much they can do she needs to act like herself this week and try and show people the good side. They all hope Brit presenting everything to her logically will prevent Rachel from being a psycho. Brit: “oh well… They’ll probably come after me hard throw me under the bus and make me look like shit” Ragan tells her not to worry everyone sees it coming, just don’t take their bait. They start talking about Kathy taking out Rachel right out of

the gates during the POV. Hayden “that was great to see Kathy do well at something and something that was so important” they are all proud of kathy. Brit thinks it’s funny that B/R were so happy earlier today when they found out Brit and KAthy were the ones playing on the POV and they were the ones that knocked them out of the game. Brit: “think of it this way imagine how much food will be left in the house if we get Brendon and Rachel out these next 2 weeks”. Enzo walks out to the backyard “Yo i’ve come up with a new alliance name for b/r it’s called whaa whaa”. Everyone is getting in a good mood they think the drama is finally over. They start talking about Brendon’s constant complaining about the competitions Brit: “If i have to hear him talk about small ledges i will jump off a small ledge”. Matt: “Big feet small ledges twisted webs of deception”. Brit mentions that Brendon is now saying the bar was not in a good position during the last HOH comp. Both Matt and ragan think that is totally bullshit the bar was favoring him big time.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:49pm Backyard Rachel Sad in a unfair Game

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it isn’t up to pussy boy to decide who stays if rach gets voted offf she has to go period. BB doesn’t do trade offs.


Im loving how Rachel and her Man are being handle by the house.


seems like Déjà Vu don’t it?, just last week they was treating the hayden and kristen the same way…


Well, even if rachel does get evicted….”ain’t no EVICTION gonna get between me and MY man.” I cannot wait to hear rachels goodbye messages.


The messages will probably be tamer than you’d think. She is a vote in the jury house (two eventually if you count the fact she controls Brendon’s vote) so they can’t totally let her have it even though they may be tempted.


They may be a bit tamer, but I still think Hayden and Brit will get some satisfaction out of recording it. It’s just sweet, sweet revenge, and it’ll taste good.


“whaa whaa” LMFAO


bb allstars wish list evil dick, rachel (imagine those 2 and they form an alliance and rach sucks evil dicks dick) LOL any one else have a wish list for the next all stars?


Chima, Natalie (9)


Evel is better than that. I’d love to see them duke it out though. Remember how hard Dick was on Jennifer? He destroyed her… just what Rachel needs!


true he’d spit her out and sh’ed be seen hung up with a noose around her neck.


You know , I cant stand rachel or dumb ass Brendon, But after Boy george leave what else is to watch? The brigade is lame. I mean I love to hate rachel. This is going to be a very long dry season. The most boring season hands down! There is nothing else to watch. I rather Brendon leave and the mess we call rachel stay. That way she will have more days to vent . I’m sorry Villians always make a boring show a little less dry. I do mean little. It’s still a bore!


nah.. i think it’ll be fine. brit is strong. and sooner or later the brigade boys will have no choice but to turn on each other. that “the four of us are in this together” cry will only go so far.. especially if they get closer and realize the money is a possibility. and you know they’ll try and get ragan out.. but what if he wins a competition or two.. or brit. i’ll be glad to watch when it’s BR/creature-free.


No way in hell, but he might end up going on
#1 a menacing tirade as HOH
#2 a whimpering and somewhat gleeful schoolgirl…


on the block of course..


Finally Rachel gets to know how Monet felt, and how Kristen felt when they left. The hate, the guilt, the betrayal, the powerlessness.

Take a nice long swig of Karma, Rachel. It’s all you’re getting served.


Britney, as usual, delivers the best line of the night so far:

Brit: “If i have to hear him talk about small ledges i will jump off a small ledge”. Gotta love that chick.


i bet BB is thinking the same thing so they probably will have Allison Grodner there to knock him down and sit on him till the door shuts and locks.


I think he will latch onto someone else before the door ever hits her in the ass 🙂

Joe Mama

Is there no secrets in this house? As soon as someone gets done talking to someone, they go and tell the others as soon as they can. I have never seen a house like this. Brit is the worse at it. She gets done talking to someone, then runs and tells everyone what was said. This is going to come back and bite her in the ass sooner then later.


Too bad Kristen isn’t in the jury house and waiting for Rachel to walk through the door, that would be priceless!


This is going 2 be a really long ass week for the B/R machine yo. But I’m gonna love it.


I will certainly miss all of the drama when rachel leaves. hope the brigade makes it interesting.


hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaahah man, loving this week. and the fact jeff and jordan hate them too like the rest of the world.


Would like to see more pics of Brit!!


To bad what lives in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas…………. RACHEL!!!!


Yo,,,I know that’s right!…I’d love to see her go back to Vegas and be on Holly’s World! Then let Holly put her in her place real quick!! Bojangles


i was observing rachs pics and noticed how she thinks she has this angelina jolie type beauty all because she went to a transexual bar one time and all the trannys told her how real and beautiful she looked. ha so now she thinks real guys see her as beautiful and that only real women are jealous of her cause no real women only trannys told her how beautful she was.


What’s funnier than Roachel sitting in jury house all by herself for a week? Answer: the whole house keeping Brendon for a couple of weeks to drag and kick around! They’d have to really hate someone to stick them in jury w Roachel and no Brendon!!! Glad to hear about Jeff– can’t WAIT to see pov comp!!!! Roachel was probably batting her eyes at Jeff, while he looked straight at her and held his hand over his mouth to keep from blowing chunks!!!!


I’m surprised nobody else has commented on what Lane said right before the feeds went down a little while ago. He was on the outside couch talking to Britney about who he would vote for over her if she was on the block, and he said Enzo…and then Hayden. Britney was surprised and said, “Hayden?” Lane then responded, “Of course, Hayden, his sister does my taxes.” And then the feed was instantly cut.


NO!!!!! I said a couple of weeks ago they were the life-long friends!!!! Wahoo!!


really don’t think he was serious, we all know his humor by now…….he was toying with her


LMFAO!!! Have a good night out with your friends!!!



LMFAO!!! Have a good night out with your friends!!!


Thanks Simon – I had a great time last night, (but all good things must come to an end as my “Entourage” is disbanding and we all return to our separate lives!)
I really don’t know how you and Dawg do it! You have to love what you do – it shows – in order to subject yourself to both the HGs stupidity as well as ours(?)! I apologize for not giving you and dawg credit along with the other people I mentioned (maybe your glad) but I had so much to get out and so little time to do it! I hope to clarify what I was trying to say when appropriate. Again thanks


Go have fun and enjoy your friends. See you when you come back to us.


Well said – in an interesting but direct manner!! LOL
When it comes to loyalty, I saw Kathy as being a loyal person when she was the only one voting against the flock! So many BB competitors, every year, vote with the herd in fear of being singled out to get out of the house. Stating that they are very sorry to vote as they do does not hold much imo. 🙁


just found the eligibility requirements for Big Brother on One of them states “You must be in excellent physical and mental health”. I officially don’t think Big Brother follows their own rules.


Nonya – to even sign up for a show like that only proves you have poor mental health. any person in their right mind would never apply for a show like that


You seriously need some medication.
Let not forget it reality television. okay?
your not risking your life here..


jimik – have a good night. luvs yah like my Kitchenaid mixer.


Rockstar – True. There is no way I would be taped on a show without privacy for $750/wk or any amount for that matter :).


Nonya – I said if someone signed up they would be a little mental however, I would go in a heartbeat but I am not all there. haha with that said, I don’t care about the stipend I want the 500k. I wouldn’t go to play for 750 dollars a week. I’m worth at least 799.00 haha


jimik60, to those that think you need medication, I have enough for both of us. You go get lucky and practice safely. Thank you for thinking of me, too.


Love it..!!


I so agree!


I thought the Jersey Shore was a disgrace? haha I don’t think people from Jersey are mental like the tv show nor do I think people from Jersey eat with their mouths open and have no game. you’ll be alright. You have Kevin Smith


Personally I like that short little Jersey girl that works at the Gatsby (forgot the name of the show). She reminds me of a cute little orange Umpa Lumpa, i just want to take her home and have her make me some chocolate 🙂


LMAO!!! I LOVE Brit and Lane!! YO….

David in Chelsea, MA

Imagine the drama that would have ensued if Kevin or Lydia from last season were on the show this year? Picture either one of them getting into a screamfest with Rachel. It would’ve been legendary.


Someone just posted the req’s to be a HG- you have to be physically and mentally healthy. If Kathy still has her cancer she could not qualify to be on the show. Has anyone seen her take meds? I think she must be cured or in remission, but she probably has some hefty medical bills.
I for one will watch til end, but I hope Rachel goes home on Thursday. I hope Brendon puts his head back on and plays a solid game as long as he can. The show will survive with Brit’s humor and Enzo’s bodaciousness (though he can’t and won’t do shit. Ragan’s wit and insight will be worth watching up to the end- which I hope is him and Brit- with Ragan taking the prize- He has seen through the Brag-ade’s thin veil for weeksand hopefully will use Matt to get farther in the game. Just what I’d like to see happen- but I’m also open to seeing “the unexpected” unfold. Thanks again Simon and Dawg- none of this would be possible without you guys.!