BB12 – Enzo explains whats going on: “BG goes CT TT about this ST in the BB about the HD.. it’s either the HD’s or PV’s that the BG has to win”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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7:30pm HOH Ragan
Feeds ckip to the HOH ragan starts talking to the camera: “good love conquers all immediately b/r jump up ecstatic (regan impersonates Rachel hideous laugh) they jumped into the taj which makes them look so super duper suspicions and the down side is now everyone else is kinda freaking out because the fear is that Rachel was given a coup d’etat power and as sab she is leaving this message to taught us”…” Now B/R is walking around the house all peppy and smug”…”Brit is walking around pissed becuase of the sab message, she knows that if Rachel has the coup d’etat then lane and ragan will go up which puts brit in a bad situation”..

ragan: “Rachel who is dressed like a call girl but call girls are the ones that make money so she more like a street prostitute” ragan: “her vagina is poping out the back of her dress.. my v neck is longer then that dress”
Ragan: “The sab message is kinda cool becuase it’s brought a calm into the house b/r think they will be safed and everyone is too scared to cause drama” Ragan: “so this is the last night for Rachel Reilly before she’s booted out extensions and all”..”before i stop talking to you tonight i’ll tell you the cooelst part of the day is we got to listen to music through the entire pizza party”.. Feeds cut…when we come back Ragan’s still laying on the HOH bed looking at the HOH CCTV, ragan: “rachel rilley’s last night in the house…. yuck it’s like looking at a venereal disease in a microscope”. All of a suddent he sees her coming up to the HOH room, “BLANK i’m not going to get caught in this trap he runs out”



Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:52pm Taj Brendon and Rachel Rachel i’m going to be best friends with the sab.. Brendon: “go talk to him he’s out there”. rachel: “Excuse me lane… hehehe” Rachels is talking about having kids and how cute they will be (please don’t breed) They are trying to figure out who is going home, Brendon is sure that Kathy will vote him out. Brendon doesn’t know what the house will do all he knows is the sab message has BLANK the other players up.They hug and kiss Rachel tells him that they are experiencing a once in a life time love.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:57pm HOH Brit, Lane and Ragan they are wondering why Rachel was called into he DR during the party Ragan: “Maybe her vagina was showing.. production told her to roll it up and hide it away” Brit and Lane are thinking that Rachel will be staying this week because she’s the sab but she can only save herself. Ragan: “as long as we have the votes I don’t care which one leaves this week” All three would like Rachel gone first but as long as one goes there happy.
brit: “rachel is being nice because she thinks she’s going stay and she’s making friends, she terrified of being in the house without any friends Brendon wasn’t nice he just wasn’t being a douche bag”. Both brit and Ragan agree that if Rachel stays there not playing into her games and are not going to go out of there way to be nice to her. Ragan: “I only want to do things with her in Vegas that we are contractual obligated to do”. Lane: “Oh for sure i don’t see anyone wanting to hang out with her except for Brendon”. Kathy joins them.. They all agree to just ignore rachel if she’s around next week, Kathy: “well what if she wins HOH” they decide to ignore her HOH room (lane is just listening to music he’s not engaged in the conversation) They start going over previous years HOH competitions they are starting to think that maybe it’s skill this week because of all the construction outside.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


8:10pm Hayden, enzo and MAtt talking in brigade code (makes life freaking hard for us transcribers)
They decide that BG needs to take out BT before RG because she’s better at comps and stirs BLANK up. Matt doesn’t care the order people leave but he’s worried that if they leave Brendon for too long he’ll cause them problems.
CT= Covert meeting
BG = Brigade
RG = Ragan
BT = Brit
TG = The gremlin
ST = ?
CB = Cabana
Matt asks enzo why CT stands for covert meeting it should be CM, enxo explains that it rythms, Enzo: “YO the BG needs a CT tonight yo”
Production gets mad at them.
Enzo :” BG goes CT TT about this ST in the BB about the HD.. it’s either the HD’s or PV’s that the BG has to win” (WTF)

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77 thoughts on “BB12 – Enzo explains whats going on: “BG goes CT TT about this ST in the BB about the HD.. it’s either the HD’s or PV’s that the BG has to win”

      1. Or how about this – BG goes CTTT (code talk tonight) about the ST (situation) in the BB … they have to win HD (head) or PV. Sorry, that’s thebest I can do, Enzo.

  1. brnedon and rachel need to pull their head out each others asses and wipe the shit off their faces… rachel is a gold digger used to being around rich people(they pay for her time) brenda as much as he loves her cannot afford her…

  2. That’s right, last year they yelled at the hg for talking in spanish. I bet the freaky code is making production just as mad.

  3. brenda and rachel need to pull their head out each others asses and wipe the shit off their faces… rachel is a gold digger used to being around rich men(they pay for her time) brenda as much as he loves her cannot afford her…

    1. u have zero education,u r disgusting,annoying,lame,stupid,a big moron,a douchebag,ur in the same category as ragan incompetence

  4. kathy makes me sick she is a so called sheriff she looks look a hooker rode hard and put away wet

    sorry rachel is the only one playing the game and they r gonna vote her off cause they r scared of her

    1. Duh….there is no better reason to vote someone out of the game. Just because you don’t like someone is a stupid reason, you know, like Rachel does. Had she been “playing the game” intelligently instead of like the badass she isn’t, she might not be getting sent to the hizzy. Had she taken those two opportunites to remove someone that was an actual threat instead of Kristen and Monet….she might be moving a little farther on down the line. But, I’m glad, I can’t wait to see her go.

    2. They aren’t scared of her, they simply recognize the threat she poses. The game is about building alliances and eliminating threats. IDK why people can’t let them play the game in their own style? ? ?

    3. no, they’re voting her off because she ‘plays’ with a double standard. she and ‘her man’ have made fools of themselves, multiple times, and the rest of the house is tired of it.

    4. I cant stand Kathy and those spiders she has in her eyes. Are those really eyelashes? They look like spiders. She needs some kind of rehah for addiction to mascara!!!! And hearing Rachel speak is not nice, but Kathys voice makes me puke!

    5. I totally agree. This hous like other players make people do strange things. We don’t know what these people are actually like outside the house. Yes Rachael and Brendon should have been a little less forward with the relationship and rachael should have been a lil more humble but she I can and will say is playing the game. Brit is mean girl number one and Ragan is gossip girl number 1 it will really get good once sadly rachael and brendon is gone that the house will turn on the 3 straglers, kathy, ragan and brit and then the brigade will start backstabbing each other. oh it will get good. Matt is going to the end now who he takes is a toss up. it will be someone not nice cuz he knows he cannot win against enzo nor lane. so probally hayden hell there dumb becuase the object is to take the most disliked person to the end for the easy win. This season is playing to personal and Brit its not a cute look with your self righteous self..ragan poor twink

      1. How do you know 4 sure Matt will go to the end? The DPOV is only good for 2 weeks. That won’t get him past the BG. After Brit & Ragen are gone, the grenade lans on Matt.

  5. I am sorry, Brit is the most phoney and obnoxious person on this show. Brit, far more people despise your conduct than Rachel’s than you think. Rachel never pretended to be Kristen’s friend.

    1. umm yea she did pretend to be kristen’s friend and rachel pretended to be brittney’s friend to pull her into their alliance after she got monet out, but brittney is too smart for that and turned the tables on them

      1. she never pretended to be kristen’ friend in the since of the game. she spoke to kristen, but that was about it. she never pretended to be brittany’s firend after monet left. she really did want them to work together in the house. Brit wasn’t smart at all, because if she was she would have figured out that it’s better for her to work with brendan and rachel, then matt and ragan, and lane, because no one in the house will protect her. matt and lane will vote her out in a second. ragan will sit back and let them do the dirty work or give her a sympathy vote but that’s about it,

        1. And how could Brit have figured out that it would be smart to work with Brendon and Rachel instead of Matt and Ragan or Lane. The truth is it wouldn’t have been smart to do that. Why would anybody work with Brendon and Rachel when they know if they make it to the final 3 with them and don’t win the competition, Brendon and Rachel will send you to the jury, without doubt. It’s never smarter to play for 3rd place than it is to take your chances on winning with someone else. It’s gonna be hard for Brit to win, don’t get me wrong, I’m not for her to win, but at least the way she is playing it, she has a chance.

      2. EVERYONE is forgetting! THIS IS A GAME! You LIE, BACKSTAB, PRETEND that you are FRIENDS( especially when dealing with the HOH). HOPEFULLY no one is truely like this in real life. Unfortuntantly(sp) I think that Rachel is who she is portraying in the house, but with that being said ITS STILL IS A GAME!!! I think that family members should be off limits! What Brendan did was WRONG. But Britany should not have given so much information about NICK. You open yourself up for later attacks when you give away to much personal information! You are locked in this house away from loved ones and the first mention of a loved ones name will throw your game out the window. I think that you would be better off to totally make up a pretend wife and kids, job ect… and then when something is said about them you are not ‘personally touched’.

  6. “Brit, far more people despise your conduct than Rachel’s than you think”

    Is this poll online somewhere, I’d love to see where you are finding these facts. I’m not really sure what the meaning of that sentence actually is, but it implies there is a poll that can guess a number Britney is thinking while she is in the BB house with no outside communication. This is an amazing technical feat I must see for myself.

    Give us a link if you can….

  7. Everybody keeps saying B n R are not going to last but what if like on big brother 13 they appear on the show married with a lil one on the way. Some people do make it that way getting together so soon. it would be too soon for me but hey sometimes thats how people meet.

  8. go rachel even if your leaving tomorrow we love you,you were a good player and that’s why ur going to jury house,they hate ur guts who cares bb it’s ur life not theirs,omg flopgades are so dumb….this season suck now i think BB will be over tomorrow ratings are going to fall for cbs,i don’t think people want to watch ragan talking mad shit,brit kissing ass,kathy beeing like always useless and the other losers…………

  9. Is Brendon packing, and did Rachel just look at the camera and smile as Brendon went to look for his Cinco de Mayo (shirt?)? She is playing him for a fool.

  10. Everytime i watch bbad there always doing the same thing. its like a re run. Talking about b/r and laying down. Omg!

    1. To whomever post the “most hated house guest” poll earlier today, thanks! Good to know that 30% of the CBS forums dislikes her. I don’t think she’s AS BAD as people make her out to be, but she’s definitely annoying .

  11. Lane might be the most surprising houseguest of any of the last 5ish seasons for me. He’s nothing like what I expected, and seems pretty damn funny. Another BB site online has a theory that Allison Grodner miscast him as a stereotype that he wasn’t, and pleasantly surprised CBS. Gotta say I agree with that.

    1. first thing I thought when I saw Lane was that he’d be a boring person, he’s actually pretty damn hilarious and one of my faves.

  12. bbad….have r/b lost their minds. wtf is she dropping on the floor soda cans? i think they are way overthinking…i really would like to see enzo and lane in the final 2 they are really enjoying the game,

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