Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brigade, same conversation, same HOH room but HEY LOOK Brit in a bikini

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:58pm hayden and Andrew backyard couch Hayden says he was cracking up after Andrews speech. He can’t believe he said he was going after B/R then asked them to use the POV on him. Andrew wants Hayden to talk to Kristen about her vote he’s seen her talking to kathy a lot lately and he’s worried. Andrew says they need to start winning HOH so they can all make some moves (Acting like Andrew is on Haydens team)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:05pm Head of Household Room lane, hayden and Matt Brigade boys saying the same thing they have for the last day. They compare some notes, Matt tells them all about brendon coming up here talking to him and trying to get him to keep Andrew. There still unsure of how they are going to vote. They agree that if they win HOH next week they’ll be golden for the season.. They conclude their conversation.. don’t worry i bet they’ll have the same one 10 times more today and tomorrow. They head down stairs to prepare food.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:20pm Backyard rachel and Brit.. not talking game.. talking about how farting isn’t funny to them. Brit: “Maybe it’s because we were raised differently”

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go brit in a bikini 😉 !


Wow when will someone emage right n\ow everyone is kinda play really stuipid or way to hard


I must be the only person who appreciates this cast of characters. I love and hate them all! There are lots of brains of different kinds (yes…I know….in their own fields….may not translate here), there are pretty bodies to look at, there’s humor and bitchiness. The gameplay is low-key for the most part this early, as we would expect from watching previous season’s mistakes. AG has cast the humongous boobs (for guys and jokes), the nerds (who think they’ve got this gameplay down), the average American, the gay, the Jew, the party girl, the athlete, the doctor … all interesting roles. These are people who have studied this game for years and years. Every one of them is somewhat likeable and somewhat hateable, egos and flaws. I think they are perfect just as they are cast, and the game is getting more interesting all the time as we would hope and expect from their studies of BB play. Because these are seasoned players, their game must be low key at first; they have learned the BB lessons. I know several of you on Simon’s page would be far better at dialog, but do you have the bodies people want to look at 24/7? I absolutely love this mix of people, and I will get into the season as they begin to seriously challenge one another. I know NONE of the people on this site agree with me, but I’m not going to be silenced!!! (mini roar)


I’m loving it. I’ve already started debating decisions and thoughts of the houseguests. I cannot wait to see Enzo, Lane, Matt and Hayden go up against each other. I’d like to see Brendon and Rachel broken apart even though I like both of them individually. It’s all good in my book.


I’m still a fan of this season, because think about this: everyone guess who you think will win this season? Yeah, that’s right, it’s MUCH harder to pick one than in previous seasons. The strategy is much more slow and delicate like a game of chess, and pretty much ONLY Kathy stands no chance of winning so far. There’s a few people in the lead with slightly better odds of making it to the finals, but it’s so much harder predicting how things will play out this season than in the past. And I like that.

Uncle Cool

Who, at this time of the game last season, thought Jordan would win?

My guess is nobody.


Quite right Uncle Cool – at this point last year Jordon had more haters than supporters. It will be those that make the fewest mistakes (from here on) that win, and there are some huge mistakes waiting to be made; like underestimating Kristen or over-estimating your strengths, like The Brigade. Can’t help but wonder if Matt is considering switching from The Brigade to the B/R alliance, what with Andrew and Kathy doing what they are told to do, B/R would have the numbers there for awhile. It’s about time for a big switcheroo…


IM so weary aabout Kristen! she i so quiet and looks harmless… I think she is going to fly by perfectly int he top 5…. hayden likes her.. so she is secure with the brigade… kathy is smothering her.. britney probably doesnt care… rachel doesnt like using her brain cells on the game really! Brendon doesnt care…
so yeh!