Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Brendon gets Enzo to swear on his family… Enzo does and is now pissed..

12:50pm The feeds come back from being on TRIVIA for their luxury competition.  They are dressed in prisoner and guard outfits. The competition was for a movie.  Rachel has on a policewoman outfit.  Rachel heads up to the HOH room and congratulates Enzo and those on his team.  Matt says how they lost by only 5 seconds, that he was 5 seconds away from watching the movie!!   Britney also says that she really wanted to see the movie.  Matt says to Hayden that it would have been funny if the movie was a romantic comedy since you three guys won it.  Enzo, Hayden and Brendon won the opportunity to see the movie.


1pm Rachel tells the other houseguests that if anyone wants to come up and talk to her they can.  Enzo is the only one that says anything about wanting to come up.  Matt says after Rachel has left the room …yeah I’ll come up …never.   Brendon says that he has respect Enzo for staying on the surf board for so long in the HOH that Matt won. Enzo says that people jumping off before 20 minutes, come on man …it was obviously them throwing the competition. Rachel says she saw everything, but doesn’t want to throw anyone under the bus.   Enzo says that he busts peoples balls that threw the surf board competition.  Brendon says yeah I don’t want people here who are just trying to float by.   Enzo says that  in his opinion is that Kristen is playing this game all wrong.  Enzo tells Brendon and Rachel that Kristen should be coming up to the HOH to talk. Enzo says that Kristen should have the respect for the HOH. Enzo says that he respects that Rachel went to Kristen, twice to apologize. Enzo says that Rachel is HOH and that she don’t have to do shit. Enzo says that he is happy for Rachel and that they get the bed again.  Enzo says that he respects that Brendon and Rachel and that he won’t put them up.  Enzo says that they have his word that he won’t put them guys up, no back dooring, no nothing.  Brendon asks so this is on your family?  Enzo says absolutely, done!  Rachel says that Kathy is coming up next.


1:20pm Enzo goes downstairs and tells Hayden and Lane the conversation that he just had with Brendon and Rachel. Enzo tells them that they should tell Brendon and Rachel that they are fighters and that they think floaters should go up. Enzo says that he is mad that Brendon made him swear on his family not to put them up. Enzo asks why do I have to talk to Brendon, I just wanna speak with the HOH. I have to get use to this shit. Lane asks if they put me on the block I’m not promise shit. Enzo says that he thinks they might put up Hayden and Kristen but things Changes. Enzo says that they try to make an alliance with me, but they never use the word alliance.


1:30pm Kathy goes up to talk to Brendon and Rachel. Brendon saying they haven’t made up they’re mind about nominations yet. Rachel reminds Brendon that she is the HOH. Kathy says that she loves Rachel to death and doesn’t want to be in the drama. Rachel saying Kathy could have beat her in HOH if she buzzed in the right answer. Rachel says that anyone could win HOH. Rachel saying she’d hope if Kathy won HOH she wouldn’t put Brendon or Rachel up. Kathy says that she’s not out to destroy the obvious and says that she is happy that Rachel and Brendon found happiness. Kathy says she struggled last week and Brendon wasn’t there for her all the way. Rachel says that she was going to lose her best friend if Brendon left. Kathy says she was upset at the thought of losing them too because she feels close to them. Rachel apologizes to Kathy saying she didn’t know that Kathy needed her. Kathy says its okay, she knows all the stress Rachel is under because everyone is gunning for her & Brendon. Kathy says she really misses Rachel and their friendship. Brendon apologizes to Kathy for not being there for her either. Kathy says that she isn’t sure what else to say but that she loves Brendon and Rachel. Brendon says she’s great to have around the house. Kathy says that she stuck up for Brendon and Rachel and got put up on the block for it. Brendon says that they’re not holding it against Kathy for hanging out with Kristen and that they are not going to play the game that way. Kathy leaves the HOH.

1:45pm Lane comes up to the HOH room. They start talking about luxury competition. Rachel says that she thought Lane’s team won. Rachel says that her and Brendon have a huge target on them. Rachel wants to know what Lane’s feeling. Lane saying he feels the same as last time. Lane says he’d love to have them in jury house. Lane saying if he goes to the final two he’s glad trustworthy people would be in there. Rachel says the only one person that’s here won’t go to jury. Rachel says that obviously there’s the whole thing with Kristen. Rachel saying she’s saved people from the block two times. Rachel wants to know that Brendon and Rachel won’t go up next week with Lane as HOH. Brendon saying the hardest part is that everyone’s pointing fingers. Brendon saying it’s hard to sift through truth and lies. Brendon saying he thinks they’re friends… but he heard from a couple of people that Lane wanted to put Brendon and Rachel up on the block. Lane saying he heard that Kristen was throwing Enzo and Lane under the bus, but he’s denying ever saying he’d go after Brendon and Rachel. Brendon says we have to take someones word. Brendon says that he doesn’t know who to believe.

Brendon says that he is not trying to guarantee safety through the whole game, but just doesn’t want to be a target a couple weeks down the road at least. Lane says it doesn’t surprise him that there are people throwing others under the bus. Lane is grateful that he’s been saved twice. Lane says he has a lot of friends, but not necessarily aligned with anyone. Rachel says other than Brendon and Rachel there are no other obvious alliances. Rachel says there is only one person who she obvious that she will put up. Rachel says that she can’t fight next week and that they are putting their fate in others hands next week if Brendon doesn’t win HOH. Brendon says he thinks Lane is a man of his word and would like to know that Lane would not put them up for 2 weeks if he won HoH. Rachel says that at least for one week anyways because things change week to week. Lane saying he thinks it would be chicken shit if someone tried to put them up next week. Brendon feels Lane understands the code of honor and loyalty and would uphold a deal. Lane says, he hopes that if he is still here he can compete against Brendon and Rachel because they are a power house. Rachel thanks him. Lane then says America sees it too and that there has never been such a dominating pair.

Meanwhile Hayden talks to Kristen in the storage room and tells her that he really wants her to stay in the house and that she need so fight! He says that this is for a half a million dollars and that if she needs to go up an talk to Rachel to stay then she needs to go do that. Hayden really doesnt want them to be both put up on the block and that she need to swallow her pride and talk to Rachel. Kristen says she doesnt want to kiss the HOH’s ass every week like everyone else…

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put up 2 members of the brigade rachel! please, this alliance does nothing. im fine with enzo, but get the rest out. dont get rid of kristen yet.


Pull-eeaze. She doesn’t even know who the brigade is. Next week, shit will go down. The brigade will have to reveal themselves next time one of them wins. People will wise up.


At least their FUNNY!!!!! And not SKANKS!!! Wake the hell up!!


Do u know what a skank is??

obama says

SKANK – Derogatory term for a female, implies trashiness, low-class status, bad hygiene, and a scrawny, pockmarked sort of ugliness. May also imply promiscuity.


What is wrong with the folks who aren’t in an alliance? Why aren’t Kristen, Brit, Kathy, & Reagan trying to drum up some protection?


It’s sad that the rug is going to be pulled out from under them. Hopefully Ragan and Brit will be left standing.


Because Britney and Ragan are friends with B/R, so they’ll be safe for at least another week. Kristen and Kathy are the odd ones out, but they’ll be gunning to get out Kristen this week.

give me a break

Ragan is in alliance with Matt and Britt with Lane, and Kathy with whoever got the power and Kristen with Hayden so yes they all have alliances.


Kathy has an alliance with her ciggies.


By odd ones out I meant when it comes to B/R.


Yeah SKANKS BIG TIME!!! Rachael needs to wise up and lose that Brendon!!! Anyone that says I love you this soon ‘s got to GO!!!


I love how Rachel says oh if anyone wants to come up to HOH and talk feel free. And it turns out to be an interogation from mainly Brendon asking people…so uh you’re not going to put us up when you get HOH right? Do they really think anyone in this house will be honest and say no way, you guys are a power couple one of you needs to go. Obviously not, these two are so naive. Everytime I get the slightest drop of respect for them for being strong competitors, they show just how week minded and foolish they are. I think Rachel is going to eventualy going to crack and snap at Brendon, he tries so hard to control her “out of love” but I think he’s forgoten that she has his balls lovingly packed away in her clevage.


Yeah Enzo’s from Jersey….I’m sure he did what he had to, but it might come back too bite the “power house couple” in the ass!!! Lane wasn’t caving either!! Hayden was the only one that called Brendon out….what’s up with that?? They better sleep with 1 eye open!!


i couldn’t be on BB for real , if someone asked to swear on my family, i would get sent home and lose my stipend because brenda would’ve gotten his ass whopped…. thats just wrong , you ASK someone for their vote and trust you don’t threaten them how hard would it have been to say “Enzo if you promise not to put us up if you win HOH next week we will save you this week” it shows rachel and brendon are not nice people at all, i spotted that week one but mostly in her…


their true colors are bright RED devil horns, yo


i don;t hate them at all for them winning in comps that good but how they play the game otherwise thats not cool, all scared and kissing ass when they don’t have power but when they get it bullying people


They don’t even know about the brigade…yo that’s why it’s working out so well otherwise Rachel would put personal differences aside with Kristen & put two of them up. Even though I don’t like the brigade, they’ve been able to keep this secret for a long time & not turn on each other…yet! But I really don’t wanna see the 4 of them in the final 4 ughhhh how boring. And YES Rachel & Brendon can be annoying, but they are seriously good bb players & deserve to still be there.
I like Lane the best out of the Brigade…I wish Hayden & Matt went up – that would be awesome! And the best move for the house if they knew what was going on behind closed doors!

kathie from canada

I’;d still love to see Matt and Kristen go up. What would Hayden do?? Depending on what conversations take place, the Brigade might get a seismic jolt!?!


If u have the biggest target on your back in the
game thats what u gotta do. Keep your mouth shut and hope
for the best i guess is better. Try an save ya hide, ya dig?


they don’t have to be EVIL about it, they choose to be that way….. ” you don’t put me up i won’t put you up” very simple


I think matt might get tangled in the web that weaved this week
just a gut feeling


I think that would be great. The self proclaimed “best player in big brother history” is not a very good player. Plus his wife is just as big of a liar as Matt is. I don’t think you use a fatal illness as a lie, not good.
We can only hope he gets caught in the lie. He is not smart at all. He and Kathy going for the pity me vote. Kathy talking about having cancer and worried about its return as she is puffing away on cigarettes. Not smart in the house or out of the house.

BigBrothers Big Brother

I don’t even watch BBAD anymore because I’m tired of the focus being on Rachel and Brendan. They might as well end this season early. Spare us the boredom of the rest of the cast. Fast Forward to the $550K being handed to the (delusional but strong) Power Couple.


Im sorry….Im confused. Who won HOH….Rachel or Brendon?? These two are so disgusting. The way he talks to people when she is HOH…..who is he again? If I were HOH, I would put up Ragen and Kathy. If one is taken down with POV, then Brit would go up. That’s just me though……


I personally don’t want to see anyone as shallow as “big red” win any money! She can earn it when she gets back to vegas….pole dancing or hooking!!! TRAMP!! I still say Brendon’s gay! And he just lost his lover Andrew!!


Not nice.


LOL thats great!! wish it was true and he made a move on one of the guys and they busted him for it Then the power twins would be OVER!! LOL


a “luxury comp” for a freaking movie??? no money?? so who won??? i know it was lane’s team who was on there??


and what they get to watch? probably another movie thats in theaters?


I think it might be the other guys because they were dressed as prisoners and it’s a cop movie. That’s only a guess, but it must be something to do with jail or cops judging by the outfits.


i totally have no respect at all for the way this hoh is going down. Not the fact that Rach won, but the way Brenden and Rach are handling this temporary power. Lane did exactly what he told the brigade he would do.


Out of all of this I think Rachel should be stripped of her HOH because of statements that she made about Kristen. Like when they went to see the HOH room. Rachel made the statement like is the our all of our season oh yeah after next week and then another comment was made about everyone that was in the HOH room made it to the jury house.
Last year when Michelle mentioned who she was going to put up before nominations they stripped her of her HOH. Rachel didnt say the name but everyone know who she was talking about if they didnt they are stupid


When did they strip someone of an HOH? I did not know that could happen…. am I getting senile, I really don’t recall this happening.


I thought it was because of the whole Chima fiasco/tantrum that Michelle “lost” her HOH.

Once AG kicked Chima out of the house, that counted as the eviction for that week. Move on to new HOH


Didn’t Chima kind of lose her power when they gave the power to, who was it?, someone else that cancel out her nominations?? Wasn’t that what set her off?


Yep. Jeff used the coup d’etat to pull down Chima’s noms and put up Jessie and Natalie.

Michele won the next HOH but Chima got kicked out before voting ever took place.


yep the coute tat set her off, and jesse being sent home and with alcohol that spelled her demise…and thats how michell lost her HOH powers because soon a chima got expelled her nominations was canceled , even though it wouldn;t made more since to just replace chima with lydia, then Jordan wouldn’t never won HOH, and then NATALIE would’ve been gone 1st, but producers didn;t do it that way


Last year I thought that was kinda a raw deal for Chima. I mean she worked to get HOH and basically got nothing from it. Still she should have held out but she didn’t. I don’t think Rachel would like it either if they threw her nominations out the window either. I would like to watch it, tho!


I don’t know who I want on the block. I hate Kristen. Her & Kathy bore me to tears. I don’t like Ragen or however you spell it. I don’t like Matt. Man, I think I’m gonna go on BB b/c every1 would like me ;D Except for the people that breathe daily…



Julie :)

Kristen is working over Rachel! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS


I know i pray to god it works


I <3 Lane

philly baller

what exactly does it mean to swear on your family? if you go back on your word, what exactly happens?

does the other person leave the game and put a hit out on your family or show up on your front doorstep and physically attack them?

what exactly are the ramifications?


I am team Rachel and Brendan…When the Brigade decides to play, maybe I will cheer them on…They don’t even try in challenges and then want to talk trash about others…PLEASE…If Rachel and Brendan weren’t there, what at BORING show this would be…What would you haters write about?…Matt’s sick wife (slumbag liar)…Kristen cheating on her boyfriend (tramp)…Kathy’s cancer (keep smoking)…


On this I agree. What I actually like about them is that they’re not hiding their relationship. In that way they are at least honest. As far as gameplay I don’t know that being an obvious alliance is good, but the seceret ones suck right now. I also say “Go Rachel!” when she pointed out to Brendon that SHE is HOH. It seems he’s in on all the conversations and he knows what he wants to do, but Rachel can think for herself and will do what is good for both of them.


So is this the new twist…2 HOH’s? I thought Rachel was HOH, when did Brenden get HOH? These two SUCK!


He is really being an intrusive ass in that HOH room. Rachel cannot control her man… he is promising final 3 to Ragan, then doing deals with Lane… what the hell Rachel?! Get your man under control woman!


I like Enzo and Lane the best out of the Brigade. I hope if they put up Kristen, then Matt is up next to her. I can’t stand him! I know he’s a diabolical super genius and all, but I don’t like the way he plays the game and I don’t like cocky people. Reminds me of Ronnie!


I would love to see Matt and Kristin up together…. I wonder who Hayden would vote off? Rachel has to know that Matt is gunning for her. Should be a very interesting nomination ceremony. If Kristin is up and Hayden wins the power of veto, would he use it on Kristin?


Brendon has no class, i hope Enzo wins HOH next week and still puts Rachel and Brendon up.


Go Brendon and Rachel. Brigade is useless, they are not the best alliance in history, nor is Matt the best player ever.


how is brenden without class? are you kidding me? hes the one trying to keep it honest up there…

yeah, enzo, matt and the brigade sure are honest….please


asking someone to swear on their family , thats NO CLASS, making it seem like it’s his HOH and not rachel’s NO CLASS…. they could act differently with their power… but their actually evil people thats why they do it they have no other reason to act the way they act when they have power…

give me a break

agree totaly. I realy hope people that are trash talking people on here are not that way in real life….


The POV comp should be boxing matches. Kristen vs. Rachel (i.e. The Sassy and Classy vs. The Smashy and Trashy). And Brendon should have to fight someone too. But I don’t know who he should fight, because men shouldn’t hit women, and Brendon is a chick with a dick. Um, in my opinion.


Oh, that is low. But oh so true!


Haha. I know. I’d totally feel bad, except I really can’t stand Brendon.

How are you doing? I hope you got good news from your doc visit.


Thank you for remembering to ask. That was very nice. No they told me that they were checking something else out. Don’t know if that is good news or bad. I am sure all will be fine. I am to ornery for it to be any different. But, I appreciate your thoughtfulness.


I know from decades of experience that orneriness is a key ingredient to successful healing. 😉 Best wishes!

BAB - formally BB

Kristen talking to Rachel may have just saved her ass. Hopefully Kristen can pull out all the right moves and make this week a little interesting! Are the nominations going to happen tonight? It looks as if Rachel may have a change of heart and out 2 other people up.. maybe not.


rachel is an evil emotional wreck with power she won’t look past petty shit and get out strong players…..


So, Kristen kissed the rube ass? I hope she didn’t get a jewel in her crown because that would mean Kristne got to far up Rachel’s butt.

BAB - formally BB

Haha, I think Kristen is doing a pretty good job convincing Rachel that she is okay with whatever she chooses. (Rachel) – They have been up there for a long time .. so I am thinking that we may get a surprise! .. as in Hayden and Kristen being on the block .. she may choose another!


Don’t have the live feed, obviously, so was Brendon in there the whole time, too, with Rachel and Kristen?


no.. rachel didn’t buy anything KRisten was selling

BAB - formally BB

I’m sorry – I was trying to say that I didn’t think that Rachel would put Hayden and Kristen together. I can never tell what’s going to happen when Rachel is in charge, ugh!

BAB - formally BB

No, Brendon left. I hate how he was up there with the others as if he was HOH! Kristen and Rachel were up there for over an hour. Can’t wait until nominations are announced!

give me a break

Of course know one else does because they have each other doing it for them.


they can play a good game and win that way and they know that, but rachel and brendon are not the way their drones believe…. sweet and nice when they don’t have power but soon as they do their true side comes out and they threaten and bully people to vote their way..


they are amazing in comps but when they have power? horrible people, people say matt is bad( OK the lie was) but was he threatening people in any way? NO there’s no reason to threaten , brendon and rachel never just asked people to do what they want they bully them into it, like they gone have power every single week….


i donlt really have a long comment like others just one quetsion

how are brendan and rachel still in this game?


They win comps and Matt did his own thing last week and not the Brigades.


Oh Come on, are you kidding me? Matt was just stupid and isn’t he the one saying his wife has some life threatening disease. What kind of person does that make him?


Matt has everyone saying he’s a “genius,” but one of every fifty people qualifies for Mensa (top 2%). He may be highly intelligent (I haven’t seen any real indication of it), but unless he’s tested way above Mensan level, he’s nowhere near “genius.”


I agree. He is like the little boy who cried wolf. With the huge lie about his wife being ill, who is to say he isn’t lying about Mensa. When Ragen was talking about his condo/apt. on BBAD, he mentioned that he had subterranean parking, Matt asked what that meant!


To comment from way above….Rachel most DEFINITELY is a skank…and even with the definition typed in for you…you still say No??? Let’s look back at Rachel’s first HOH win, when they had to black out her ASS and VAGINA hanging out on national television when she threw her legs around Brenden!!! Let’s fast forward to all the times she is under the covers with Brenden and making all kinds of noises etc. She barely knows this guy, and technically only knows him from the house. She is constantly with the breasts hanging out and ready to fall out. She is the TRUE DEFINITION of a skank!!!!! Enough with the kissing ass when her and Brenden are not HOH and enough with the bullying when they are!!! Matt was an ASS, first because he lied about his wife, second because he didn’t put up Rachel and Brenden!!!! Now, suppose something REALLY happens to her while he is in there?? Won’t he feel like as ass!!