Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brendon’s Won his Prize he can go home now, Brit: “douche can suck my B*LLS”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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7:00pm Hammock Brendon and Rachel Brendon talking about how brit is spending alot of time with Ragan he calls it “dealing with the devil”. He wonders what will happen to ragan when matt goes home next week, brendon thinks ragan will cry in the have nots. Brendon “kathy is too dumb to figure out she’s fighting a losing battle being friends with them (the rest of the hosue) there all just using her for a vote”. Rachel agrees she says that Kathy was nice to them the second week when she won HOH and it’s bullshit that Kahty is telling everyone she hung around us because she was gathering information, “Information for WHO?”. Brendon is going to have a talk with Kathy tell her somehting about MAtt that will change her mind. Rachel wonders why Matt made a deal with them week 3 when he was going to put them up. Brendon explains that he made the deal because he was afraid that we would win HOH and put him up and we did win the HOH but we honored our deal. Brendon is very pissed at matt “all he does is run around and cause shit here he’s fucking chikcen shit i don’t respect that type of game play” Brendon tells her they’re best course of action will be to get the house to turn on Matt so the person that remains has the target off their back. Brendon is positive that whichever one that stay this week will win HOH and put MAtt up against ragan, However just in case they don’t they need to convince the house to do the same.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:28pm Brit and Lane on the couch Lane is going over a conversation with Brendon. Brendon old him that once the show is over everyone is going to Vegas and once they get there they will see what kind of girl she is and that she’s been mistreated in the house. During the conversation Brendon said that Brit has a small brain. Brit want’s to know in what context did he say that, Lane: “he just said it randomly” Brit: “Brendon can suck on my balls he’s going home next week”. Lane says that Brendon wants to leave instead of Rachel, Brendon’s big thing is he doesn’t want to be sent home before Kathy. Lane continues, he was trying to tell Brendon that he already won his prize he won Rachel (HAHAHA boom) . Brit can’t beleive he said that. Lane tells her the crazy thing is BRendon agreed with Lane told him that true love is hard to find and he found true love in rachel. Brit starts talking about Hayden and enzo being imposable to beat in the final 2. Brit says there is few people she thinks she’ll be able to beat in the final 2, Lane tells her not to worry it’s a long ways away. Brit tells him if he puts her up in final six she’s not giving him her vote. Lane tells her he’s not going to put her up…


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:11pm Kitchen everyone except for B/R. They start bringing up all the douchy things Brendon has done in the last 2 weeks and all the bitchy things rachel has done. We’ve heard it all before funny stuff they really hate B/R.

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113 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brendon’s Won his Prize he can go home now, Brit: “douche can suck my B*LLS”

  1. Oh you left out the best part! Lane said after they get to final 6, he is going to work a final 2 deal with Brit. He said if Brit kisses him, he’ll take her to final 2. Lane said but then she will attack him (I assume sexually) and he will throw her off him and tell her she is sick then backdoor her. Lmao….

        1. Like they have been together forever!! That is how me and my man (ha) talk to each other! But turns out he is not her fiance….boohoo…..

            1. Now that is funny!! And that doesn’t surprise me! I said it once on here before…when I was her age i was almost as stupid as she is now, minus the hypocracy! HAH!!

              1. When I was her age, I was just leaving a marriage where my husband cheating on me so much I thought I had married into bigamy. After that, I came alive and had a lot of fun.

                1. Urggg, i hate to hear that! Im glad you are in a better place now in your marriage….at least I hope you are! I was going to comment last nite too about your Big C……Im glad to have read earlier posts that you have beat that! My dad died at 27 when I was 8 months old of stomach/colon cancer and when I was 27 I met my husband, a cancer birth sign and knew he was the one! Funny how numbers work! When I met my ol man I was a “Crazy Bitch” and he helped settle me and bring me back down to earth just enough to keep me out of Jail but still have a good time! Hope beating the Big C means you are having a good time and taking advantage of what life is today, here and now! Speaking of, I forget, do you watch after dark on Showtime…are you going to watch that new show “The Big C”?? I am, it loooks great and kinda makes me think of You due to our timing! Hugs!

                  1. I think she might just be me. I was going to cancel Showtime after BBAD but now I can’t because I think I am going to like that show. Cancer is always on my board but I have beat it twice. Thank you for thinking of me. I am in a much better place now and each day it does get even better. Glad you are there, too. We are going to keep having fun.

      1. You gotta win SOMETHING to get to the final two!!!!!!! Unless they bring out the rifles, I don’t see Lame- uh I mean Lane– winning squat!

    1. anyone else besides me think that Brit and Lane could possibly be the friends? he may be her fiance even……they seem to be very comfortable with each other

    1. Britney won me over with that. I said it yesterday on a business call after getting pissed off when some woman got snarky with me. Britney, thank you, you made my day. I knew I wasn’t the only girl who’d say that.

  2. Haha..i got a question for everybody..say big brother 13 is an all star season who from season’s 8 through 12 would you want casted on it?

    1. Dan for sure and I probably put in Big Red as well only because she brings drama and she swallows. LOL

    2. well i know who i would not want: ronnie, gnat, brendon, rachel, lydia, evil dumbass dick, his daughter, jessie. i’d want michelle from last season, rennie, nick from bb8, memphis.

        1. no.. i would NOT want Ronnie. I’d want Rennie.. from the season before when Dan won. She was the older woman.. hairdresser.. I thought she was cool.

      1. evil dick’s daughter was danielle and I agree with everything you just wrote. I would like to see Braden (spelling?) from last season b/c he didn’t get a chance and he seemed like a cool guy.

        1. I did mean Danielle just didn’t look up here name. i did mean that i would NOT want Jessie (the bodybuilder/egomaniac) who got two chances.. and then was ousted with Jeff’s coup d’etat. that was my favorite moment of all BB’s.

          1. Jeff’s coup d’etat was the saving grace of that season. Jessie and Nastalie were just so shallow and pointless – zero personalities and less than zero gameplay.

      2. what if they changed it up and instead of doing an “all stars” did an “all evil” and only put in the people everyone loves to hate?? It would maybe have to be all girls plus evil dick.

        Or maybe a season with all the guys who were too wimpy to do anything: Cpt Jew, Ronnie the crybaby, midget matt, whipped brendon, whipped Jefff (who I love, but I still think was whipped), Dan cause he plotted but just couldn’t carry it off…..those would be good seasons!

    3. BB 13 should be half All-Stars & half rookies it would be interesting to see who wins but Evel Dick has just GOT to be on there.

      1. me and Evel Dick in the house. I would die. He would either hate my guts or give me a vote at the end to win. I would also love to have Howie and Will and Janelle but they would automatically have an alliance so it would not be fair but I’m willing to play at a disadvantage. I wouldn’t mind playing with Natalie either because I believe her to have the most loyalty for her alliance and that would be awesome to have in a teamate. I would like Nakomis too because she’s freaky and I like freaks.. haha

    4. I vote for all the evil people….Rachel, Evil Dick, Chima, Jen, throw in Dr Will, Janelle and Boggie too!!

    5. Rachel- attention attention attention, auditioning for her own show
      Brenden- Good guy but totally whipped and bb ignorant, clueless
      Reagan- Smart player to weak to do much, to scared
      Brittany- Very catty but hilarious, great social player,love her
      kathy- lol
      Enzo- great social player, floating to the end on brigades back competition wise
      Lane- cruising through on the country boy charm smart enough to keep his mouth shut
      Hayden- second best overall player, competitions and social game combined
      Matt- overall best player this season, shouldnt of lied about his wife

  3. Ya know as much as I HATE THEM….that’s why everyone was gunning for them!! 2 hoh’s and 2 pov’s….plus the fact that she disgusts everyone with that laugh, those creepy eyes when she’s pissed at Brendon, and the fact that she ho, and how she treated all the floaters (wink) to “grab ya life vests” and “bring it on”…..Both are losers in the catagory of what love is too!! God help my son or daughter if they brought home a Racho or Brendumb!! Go BRIGADE!!

    1. Are you kidding…Rachel & Brendon are the most boring part of this season other than when they occasionally get in a fight with someone. It’s constantly, Rachel I Love You…what can I do for you…kissy face. It’s obvious that she’s just using him for attention & once this is over he’ll be history. She’s so butt ugly, it’s disgusting watching her flaunt around like she’s god’s gift to men. She’s been trying to get rid of the girls since day 1 because she wants to get rid of the female competition. YUCK!!

  4. Yeah i’d put natalie and chelsia from season 9 dan ollie and keisha from season 10 russel jeff michele and ronnie from season 11 and rachel enzo britney and brendan from season 12..season 8 dick’s daughter! Thats my cast.

  5. Gotta love Brit. She’s the POV meister. I hope she keeps winning the POVs. Who needs HOH when you have the safety of the POVs.

  6. Are they infatuated with B/R or what? If they talk about themafter their both gone,than I’m going to be pissed. This season blows.

  7. Brenchel are so incredibly narcissitic its ridiculous, biggest hipocrets ever seen on bb, rachel calling kathy out on integrity she has dug her own grave and pulled whipped clueless brendon down with her. I admit she is strong in comps and thats whats kept tthem here that long but they both are so clueless and somewhat sociopathic when it comes to the social game. How can you segregate yourself then go on a power trip for three weeks and not expect whats coming to them and well deserved. Can’t wait until these two get knocked off there high and mighty pedastool. Love everybody but them (GO BRITT)
    Nothing personal lol

  8. Keesha keesha Keesha. thats my GIRL!!!
    the dude who made it to final three w/ Jordo and Gnat last year
    That nerdy guy Eric from Evil Dicks season
    Jeff and Jordo. and did I say Keesha Smith YEZZIR!!!
    I wouldn’t mind seeing Ronnie he might cry again and lock himself
    in the hoh room. :)
    From this season Andrew ( because he is nuts) and Midget Matt ( lets see how really good he is
    being that everyone know hes full of bullshit with his lies)
    and Enzo. and we can have there to cleanup and laydown with people
    when they need a sleep over buddy in the hoh room.
    And Keesha

  9. I would also like see A. BALLAAAA!!
    He made crazy looking faces and would crack me when talked
    that cat was always amped up…. he’s doing a bid so I guess not

  10. Brit should take Rachel 5 grand and take her down so Ragan can go up. Then Branchel will think they have a good chance of turning the house on Ragan, and vote him off. Meanwhile Brit gets 5 grand and they can vote Brendon out, and Regan will laugh in her face.

  11. OMG! this is the worse season ever!!
    Im tired of hearing the houseguest talk about Brendon and Rachel.
    They talk about how rachel want all the attention..but the dumbasses are
    giving it to her by talking about her every single second. It like they themself
    are making the whole game about Brendon and Rachel. Leave them alone.
    Stop talking about them for atleast 5 minutes, it so annoying they keep saying the same
    thing over and over and over and over again. I cant wait till Lane cuts britney out
    of the game. If rachel stay i would love to see her win HOH! that would be amazing to see who would kiss her ass. lol. Also i think the floater are really stupid for aliging themself agains B/R. Brendon and Rachel are 2 votes for the jury house and they actually win things.
    If i was them i would have gone to their sides. I cant wait till Gaygan, the Puppy master(britney), kathy(“sherif”) get cut off. Oh and i dont get kathy she would tell you her story about how she beat cancer and how she a survivor, but at the same time she smoking a ciggaret and is telling you her story. Im like WTF? This season is deffenitly the most dumbest one so far and boring.. Wait till rachel goes home even more boring!! Ugh….

        1. they have a point this season is going down as one of the worst. I ‘m a fan of big brother, so there’s always next season.

  12. This year”s Big Brother is very strange to me. In every other Big Brother every alliance made at the beginning was broken midway through the game (everyone started mistrusting every one and alliances got broken. However this year the Brigade alliance has stayed together, no one mistrusts the other, they seem/pretend to be a nice bunch of trusting people or do-gooders. I find that very strange, anyone else?

    1. Rachel and Brendon are such huge targets and well Andrew was a big mouth so the brigade didn’t really need to fight for anything, everyone else dug their own grave. The brigade just have to lay low, shut up and wait. It’s a brilliant plan, boring, but brilliant. Eventually they will have to fight, hopefully they will but it might be a Dan and Memphis thing where there was very little bad blood to the finish line

      1. Hey Rockstar, now that Boy George is going home (sorry you won’t win your cash) will you come back to Team Weewee Gremlin? Just curious since I was so surprised to be on the same team as you this year when this started.

        1. Moaner, Rockstar never leaves her player even after the season is over. She still loves Natalie. When she is for you, she is like a dog with a bone. She won’t let go. That is a compliment!

          1. OK I guess I misunderstood – in week 1 I thought she liked Matt? Also last year I thought she liked Jessie but once he was gone she went with Natalie? Sorry I swear I haven’t been drinking tonight!

            1. I was on Team Cookoo Magoo (Michelle) last year and I got lucky since she lasted pretty long I didn’t have to pick a new one. This year not so sure but I still think Matt has a good chance to go far.

            2. Moaner – I liked Natalie. She was my #1. I didn’t pick a second fave. I liked Jesse too( not to win the game) but when he didn’t vote for Natalie to win I freaked out.

              I like Matt first, Rachel first and a half… if that makes sense

              it’s 2:30, I’m baking cupcakes, trying to keep an eye on BB and the boards so I might not make a lot of sense. Actually I probably hardly ever make sense but who cares. Do you like sprinkles?

          2. it’s true Grandma and Moaner, I stick by my alliance til the end and ever after. Rachel has been annoying me but everyone annoys me at some point. I sometimes annoy myself. I’m not giving up on Rachel. When the door hits her in the ass on the way out, I’ll be bawling my head off like I did last year when Jordon won. I still hold Lydia responsible and wishes her nothing but the best because I;m sweet like that however if her teeth feel out and maggots grew on her tongue I’d laugh and point because that is the bitch in me. Rachel is not over yet. I’m not giving up. My biggest problem is that I love Matt too. I hate the lie he told because it’s a karma thing and I never joke about someone being sick or in pain, I’ll make fun of your ass, your teeth, say you look special but I draw the line at sickness so that has me torn again. so with Rachel and Matt now my nerves are gone. Money or not, they were (are) my faves and I will not give up hope even when the candle burns out on both ends. Can you imagine my dismay over Adam? oh dear. I picked him to win right away, won my betting pool and look what he does to me?

            1. I won with A-Baller too but didn’t find this site until last year. He was a riot with all his stories. Nasty boy!

    2. Yes. I found it strange that after being in the house for only a short time, they quickly formed an alliance and have soon trusted each other. I would think that all of guys coming into the house would immediately size each other up and try to find ways to secretly get their “competition” out. However, that has not been the case this season.

    3. the brigade is suprisingly cohesive. But watch out for Lane’s closeness w/Brittany. The boys are gonna start mistrusting Matt. He’s gonna get caught in some lies and the others will cut him out.

      1. If they cut him out, who is going to win any comps to give them any power? All they will have then is 3 votes to “react” to what the people in power do.- and not even that if someone puts 2 of the 3 up. ALL IT TAKES IS FOR RAGAN TO MAKE HIS MOVE on Thursday by winning HOH ( instead of stepping aside for Matt again to stay under the radar) Ragan puts Hayden and Lane up and starts chipping away at the brag-ade.

    4. Yeah so far the brigade members have stayed loyal to one another. But I think Lane is more loyal to Britney then he is to the brigade (they spend all day together and tell each other everything). Its going to be interesting to see how Lane plays this game after this eviction. I think its in his best interest to form another alliance of three with enzo and brit, because I think Matt is more loyal to Ragan and Hayden just seems shady.

    5. Yeah it is very strange how they all trust each other completely so soon. To be honest though I don’t think they’ve had a reason to question each other or not trust each other yet. Everything has pretty much gone their way and that’s do in large part to the other houseguests being complete idiots. Its very obvious to see that those 4 are in an alliance if the other houseguests would just sit back and look. The floaters are also so concerned with getting B/R out, they don’t even realize that the 4 guys are in alliance. They are going to get picked off 1 by 1. Sucks but true.

  13. Thank you Brendon for finally doing something to redeem your sorry ass. By confirming that IF you happen to win the next HOH you will put up Weewee Gremlin and Ragan. Not that I want Ragan out next week, but Weewee will stay, the Brigade stays in power, and once again they vote out El Salvator without realizing he is it (just like they did with Annie). Grenades everywhere and Weewee Gremlin FTW!

  14. To whom it may concern:
    I love BB
    But this season seems to have hit its apex. Whether you like Brit, B/R, The Brigade or the Floaters!!!!!! We all have a problem. After next week when Brendon/Rachel gets evicted again. We will have a 4 deep alliance that should get two of them to the final two, Thereby meaning the so called self proclaimed greatest alliance in BB history may well end up killing the show. We want drama and lots of it. If ratings drop and the show is cancelled then we all lose. BB knows this…..Its sad to say but this may be the last song…..Who the f… picked this class of scared ass floaters…Its killing me….all i’m saying is the brigade is good for the players in the alliance but may well not be good for the show….lets hope i’m wrong

    1. I agree completely. After Rachel and Brendon gets voted out the season will surely go down hill. No drama, no fights, etc. The Brigayde will vote everyone else out until they get to the final four/final two. I predict Hayden and Lane in the final 2. I still can’t see how these people don’t realize whats going on. 4 guys always shooting pool together, working out together, talking to each other! I know I’d think they were in an alliance. This cast is like you said a bunch of floaters and none of them are willing to shake things up. Rachel is a great competitor but the chick’s weeks as HOH were pretty worthless because she took out 2 week players. I am so over this season as well.

      1. I still say Ragan knows and he tried to give a clue to B/R so they could protect themselves by beginning to pick them off. Kristen knew too- she layed it right out but everyone wrote it off to her desperation. All it takes to blow the game wide open is for Ragan to win HOH and put up Hayden andLane. Think about it!

    2. Drama will return when the Brigade start mistrusting each other. Its been obvious (I mean obvie) since day 1 that Lane is into Brittany. Matt will get caught in lies. Enzo an Hayden will be the last of the Brigade.

  15. Message to Alison Grodner: Please, please, a thousand times please, tell ALL of these hgs to eat with their mouths closed! BBAD is torture when they go near the kitchen or dining area. Enzo is the worst and is driving me up the wall. Lane (chomping on ice) and Hayden are almost as bad as Meow Meow. Did these people grow up in a cave somewhere? Their table manners are awful!! Sorry for the rant, Simon, but this is my pet peeve.

    1. wow — finally someone else says what I’ve been wanting to! I had to mute first 20 mins listening to Enzo (the absolute worst!) and the others eating! I just couldn’t take it. Why can’t BB mute their mics?? Closing their mouths might not be enough since the mic is right there. PLEASE BB – whoever is in charge – they’re shoveling food into their mouths and not saying much so who cares if we don’t hear a few sentences from them. The candy chomping is just as bad! Just can’t stand hearing that!!! Almost was going to say I would rather hear Brendon and his loud slurpy noisy kisses but I mute that too. At least that’s calmed way down considering their situation….

  16. Big fan of Enzo. Even though he sux at this game he is funny and entertaining. Someone needs to tell him that this meow meow shit makes him sound beyond gay and he really should stop.

  17. Why are they being so nice and calm on BBAD? Did prodution tell them to chill or something? They used to talk about noms, pov, and hoh. They haven’t said any of that these past two nights and so far Rachel is getting along with everyone so far. No blow ups!! WTF?

    1. Oh dont say that! In recording right now and gearing up for the show…now you are tellin’ me there is no show……..:0(

  18. Why do B/R think that they get to decide which one of them stays/goes? They keep talking about her in the house without him, and him going… who says it’s gonna work out that way?

  19. Whether or not you like B/R, you have to admit, they’ve been the only entertainment this season. Britney is a two faced bitch. Hayden has no personality. Enzo is funny, but doesn’t seem to have a lot of class. Lane is boring. Matt is boring too. Brendon and Rachel are the entertainment this season besides Enzo and Ragan, he’s funny too. But after Brendon and Rachel leave, the show is going to be so boring. And the “Brigade” will end up turning on each other eventually.

    1. Britt is funny and so is enzo! But you have a point if b/r goes in the next two weeks , The show would be and epic bore! The brigade will be final four and we all would be asleep before bbad even airs.

  20. just found out something that Britney and Rachel have in common. They have BOTH competed in pageants. I think that explains a lot about how the game has been played.

  21. I just cant wait to see wat rachel will do when she gets evicted lol its gonna be epic …and her and julies conversation will be great too

    1. Rach will cry till she gets out the door and sees the live audience- then she’ll go to beauty queen mode- start loving on all the attention, Commence waving and smiling and doing her annoying nervous laugh. “Hi Julie” just like she did in the HOH room!

  22. i can already sense the BB production team trying to rally the editing staff, scrambling to find a way to portray their showmantic darlings in a positive light . H A ! seriously CBS, it’s time to bust out the psycho theme and the WHAAAAAA sound fx. it’s time to expose these two morons as the scary, scary couple they truly are. for the love of God, please let the rest of america in on what the feedsters (and the rest of us, thanks to this site and the brilliant bitchy blog) have seen from these two: truly horrid smells and psychotic behavior, disfiguring warts atop evil and psychotic scowls; a seemingly castrated man-child, apparently mentally-challenged-supposed-PhD-candidate-swimmer, smothering a woman(?) who is now rapidly devolving to a point where the real boy george is starting to look attractive by comparison. i just hope they boo rachel when she walks through the door. i really hope. really really really hope. all my peeps in hollywood, yo… please make it happen.

  23. I wish the double eviction is this week.
    Send B/R home then I could watch Left Eye Kathy
    and Ragan shit in their pants. Not a fan of the
    Brigade ( Enzo is cool)

  24. britney is a hipocrite. she complains about b/r talking about her and her dork bf but yet she has been talking mad shit about them way before b/r ever said anything.

    1. B/R don’t know Britney’s boyfriend from Adam. They have nothing to base their comments upon. Britney on the other hand has had to witness far too much of the R rated B/R affair. I feel sorry for Brit in this regard!

  25. britney is so nasty. nails are the dirtiest part of the human body and she is always biting hers. whoever kisses her is sure to have her nastiness in their mouth,

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