Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Brendon WON the Power of Veto!!

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

2:00pm HOH Matt , ragan and Kristen Talking about how it wasn’t suppose to go this way, Matt doesn’t want either Kathy or andrew to go. He asks Kristen if she thinks Kathy is closer to B/R then Andrew. Kristen says that Kathy think she’s closer than she really is. Matt keeps saying It’s not suppose to be this way. (no shit dumb ass) .. Rachel walks into HOH, “Hiiiiii Hows everyone doing”… mute.. … Ok Ragan is saying that maybe they should try and get the vote to be unanimous that way there is little drama. Matt says that Andrew deserves to be here more than Kahty but he knows Andrew is coming after him so he’s not sure. Ragan reminds him if they take out Kathy Matt can say to Andrew that he’s saved him twice now and he might give you a pass. Matt doesn’t understand why Andrew hates him, Matts never done anything against him, rachel says she has noticed it to. Rachel tells them she’s in a position to talk to Andrew and try and clear things up between the 2 of them. She asks Matt if Andrew knows about his wifes illness, Matt says no but he’s not going to go tell him out of the blue he’s going to tell the story organically, “I don’t want to play that card like i’m using the illness to get farther” Matt tells them he’s sure that Andrew doesn’t believe a word they say. Kristen tells them that every week someone has to go home we should all know that. ragan instructs Matt how he should go about the week which people he should talk to first and when he should tell Kath. Kristen thinks it’ll be tacky if MAtt goes and gives her a pep talk.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

2:10pm Palm Room Lane, Enzo, Andrew and Brit talking about the POV comp. Brit says she thought for sure that Lane was going to do well, Enzo tells the that Lane was the first out. They discus the comp in detail. They had to count sets of items, make approximations on the items (push pins) .. Andrew and lane head to the have nots where andrew mentions to lane that he can’t stand Brendon he wanted to win POV. He asks Enzo if he’s the target.. Enzo doesn’t think so but he’s not sure. Andrew says he’s upset with himself for not winning. Enzo tells him to not take it to heart everything should be ok. Enzo asks “who will they (r/b) put up if they win HOH”…”Matty?”. Andrew says he’s not going to smile at Rachel this cheerleader shit has to stop. Andrew is upset because he should of won that competition, he would of understood if it was a thing like the surfboard because his feet were so big but this comp was different. Enzo says he has to get out of the genie outfit, Andrew thanks him for cheering him up…

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didn’t Brendan talk w/andrew about being on the block last night? Maybe Kathy WILL be the one to go.


I think I missed it…
Can someone tell me who is Matt’s target this week?

Other K

I’ve never been clear on it either. He acted like B/R were his target but he didn’t want to put them up immediately cause he wanted their jury votes (or the more likely case, CBS told him not to). Anyways his plan of backdooring them backfired as I expected cause B/R are lodged so far up the producer’s ass they’re turning purple.


a few reasons he didnt want to put them up directly:

1. he believes B/R are americas favorites/the new jeff and jordan (but they are not). he knows there is a chance that america could have a vote in the finale like bb11.

2. he wants their votes in the jury house.

3. he knows if they are americas favorites he will be hated like natalie bb11.

4. if one had to go up he is covered because he gave them the chance by not putting them up.

*he is smart in thinking past the “brigade”


Very good. I think you are on to something. Brendon already said to Rachel the other night before “you’re not allowed to talk about your diary room” that he was told they were a popular couple. But, I think Matt may have blown it with GPublic with the lying about his wife being seriously ill, when she is not, and that is why he wants to win. Of course, he doesn’t know that.


random question about the feeds. does anyone know what the joke is between Brit & Ragan & others about “old britney” or “evil britney” or whatever that they always do? it’s funny but I have no idea where it came from

yo motha

BeCuz annie KEpt sayinG I don’t want the olD annie 2 come out lol


Consarn it!!


Sounds like the competition was fair to all who played.

Andrew is turning out to be quite the BB player. By showing the other HS how much he doesn’t like Brendon, he will give them reason too keep him around.

Congrats Brendon for winning POV!


Now I know why Matt keeps his hand in his pants. He’s trying to figure out where to but his BALLS now that they’ve been handed to him by Brendon on a stlver platter! Oy, the inhumanity!!!!!




shut up


You iz funny! I am still waiting for the dazzling Mensa member to impress me with some intelligence. What the hell with his waffling over his own nominations! Damn boy, grow some balls and pick a team! Kathy is a straight out bore on this show, and Andrew is boring too! Either of those two can go home and not be missed.




Matt, “It’s not nice to foll Mother Grodner!”


Brendon TOTALLY dropped a grenade. The brigade needs to stop acting like they have the whole thing wrapped up.:) Though i hate B/R, i hate people who act like they’ve already won the whole damn thing more 🙂


Matt should have put up B/R when he had the chance. Just like they should’ve gotten Rachel out when they had the chance


Agree completely. Can’t stand B/R but Brendon is clearly a strong player. Matt should have simply put them both up. Had Brendon won the POV he’d have taken himself off. Anyone going up as a replacement4 would have gotten more votes than Rachel. Does Kristen know that her little love interest is part of the Brigade? Brigade seems to think they’re smarter than everyone else.


No darling, Annie was the motherf***ing saboteur. They got her out instead of Rachel, was a better move.


that was lucky but not the reason they got her out. I just feel that they flip flopped on breaking up the showmance now they’re going back to trying to get them out


I agree…it’s easy to say they should have done this or that in hindsight but they can’t possibly know what is going to happen – and we see everyone’s conversations, they don’t, they are not privy to an eighth of what we as viewers know – so how can anyone in the house ever be sure what is really going on and what the absolute best move is…it’s all conjecture, clever analysis, intuition and of course a little luck


Nope, nominated person who wins POV uses it on someone else they are NOT immune from going home. They are still on the block and can be sent home. Marcellis won it, didn’t use it on himself or the other person and went home.

Mr. Me Too

ooo OK thank you for correcting me


Duh. Dont you think if it was like that, every nominated person would be save by the other?




Happy bout ths..makes it interesting….I wanted Andrew to stick around for a lil while to put some pressure on the Brigade…there getting very cocky……working out like a freaken mini football team on BBAD night after night pretty blatant…I never felt like B/R are a threat….glad they are sticking around…Brigade minus Enzo plus Kristen to the end.


Matt is an idiot. . . and I wouldn’t want to touch anything he had his hands on in the couch, I don’t have any favorites in the BB house this season, but I like Britney solely because of her goodbye message to Monet, that girl is a riot! But if I had to pick favorites based on gameplay, I’d give it to Brendon & Rachel, yes they’re annoying Jeff & Jordan wannabes and they might as well be a lesbian couple due to Brendon’s over-sensitivity, but they’ve won an HOH and now two POVs where it’s been crucial for them to win to advance another week in the game.


You have to hand it to them as they are playing the game really well.
Now, they just have to get others on their team.
Get the Brigade out in the open people and it will be exciting for us to watch!


OMG I can’t stand Brittany. She is such a nasty person.. She said to Lane last night not to pick his blister, thats nasty to do. This girl is biting at her fingers 24/7 its so annoying. She said Rachel is going to be the most hated person by America…..wrong Brittany YOU ARE!!!

I never liked Matt from the beginning and now seeing that he made up his wife having an illness makes me sick!!!!!!!

I actually like Rachel and Brendon.


I dont like cocky and nasty matt, he is annoying, and for making up his wife’s illness makes him even worse, who does that? I dont care even if it is to advance in the’s cruel either way u look at it. I like B/R and I am glad B won the POV. He is actually working his a** off to stay in the game while others are floating around. Oh and btw I hate the Brigade….even though I like Kristen


Matt, of all the past HGs to impersonate, and do it perfectly, did you choose Jessie?


Jessie was one of the smartest players of Big Brother, imo, Matt…. um… not so much…

Mr. Me Too

no he wasn’t


Best Big Brother player of all time was the Evil Dr. Will! He had more moves than any and all players who have played the game since…. I thought Jessie played a very dumb game. Lots of these people think they have control of things and then HOH goes to an enemy and oops… damn, where did my game go?


Dr will was the greatest of all seasons– i agree
then and now!!!

Evel Jim

HA… HA HA… HAHAHAHAHHAHHA! Jessie the smartest player in BB history. That’s a riot.

He’s a total idiot and could easily dethrone John Edwards as Biggest Douche in the Universe. He did his second season a little better than everyone else because he’d already been there before and he was given the distinct advantages being the only one with prior experience, being handed the first HoH, and a league of minions who crawled right up his ass from the start because he’d been on the show before. With all that he survived a week longer than his first run.

His biggest mistake is exactly what Matt is going through, his ego is getting in his way (i.e. he is trying to play EVERYONE in the house, he VOLUNTEERED to be a PAWN, etc.) and things are not going according to his plan.


OMN I’m going to defend Jesse again but out of all the BB’s he has given back to the community with his fame and status. He is really a good guy. All these critters say they will do stuff but they never do. Jesse maned up. You gotta give credit where credit is due. No matter how much of a douche he is or was, the guy is real, over the top, yes, egotistical, sure, but he is a good guy.


If Matt were smart…he would align with the annoying weak ones and jump from the brigade…he will get kicked out in 4th…look who he has chosen to ride to the end with…two beasts and a loud mouth bully. There is just no way he would make it to final two let alone win in that crew.


luv brachel. tough luck brigade! lol




MATT! THIS IS ALISON GRODNER! PLEASE COME TO THE DIARY ROOM! ICKSNAY!!!!!! As he enters the diary room Alison is there to greet him and says, as goes to sit down, “There is no need to sit. Please give me your mic and follow me – YOU’RE FIRED!!!!!!


No, I think she may give a cookie.


Yeah!!! Agree with you 1000%!! Matt is such a waste!!!!


Mensa called and they want your I.Q. points rechecked Matt…

The Playa

Remember to not talk about production

Uncle Cool

I knew it would happen, Matt. I told you so.

Big Brother BBW

I do not like Brendon and Rachel for one reason…..Brendon shows me nothing. No game play, no strategy. I honestly believe his strategy was to come ito the house, latch onto a couple of smart cookies and let them play his game for him.
Rachel is actually pretty smart and knowledgeable about the game, but she is so hell-bent on dragging “her man” with her. If you notice, she has been doing all the playing for them both.
Monet…I liked her and love Britney; if she ever gets HOH, watch out!! That girl has some gameplay. She will make waves.
Enzo is trying to play it close to the vest, but now is the time to do what needs to be done. Study long, study wrong.
Matt…..he was an early favorite, but now I cannot stand him. He has become cocky and obnoxious and he should have been the one voted out last week. He has no balls or he would have followed up on his word….made B/R the targets. You can call everyone in the house an idiot and brazenly lie to people’s faces, but can’t put B/R up?? WTF?? He can still replace Andrew or Kathy with Rachel, if Brendon uses the POV, which I doubt he will. He knows who will be the replacement nominee.
Kathy and Kristin…..the blonde and the blind.
Lane and Hayden….would love to see more from them. I think they can hold their own, but like Enzo, playing it too close for too long.
Andrew…..I am not sure about him; I think either his religion is hampering his game or he is biding his time. Definitely a competitor.


Dude are you mentally retarded? Brendan is not playing the game? hahaha umm he won 2 POV already. Dont say he not playing the game when he actually is. Braden and Rachel are winning it all and they are the one who is actually playing the game 🙂 Britney is a dumbass. All she does is hate on other housguest and talk shit.


Matt is lying again to Rachel. Matt did tell Andrew about his wife’s fake illness. Matt has got to go, he is some bad ass piece of work. Of course this backfired on him, he is a total idiot. Karma will kick him in the ass and I hope it will be very soon!


Yes, you are right he did tell the “podiatrist” about the disease he says his wife is suffering from… dying? Unfortunately, the podiatrist only knows about hang nails and foot fungus and called the disease non-existent. I hope he gets caught in all his amatureish lies… It all gets a bit dumb to walk around lying to people who have nothing but to compare stories all day long. WTF!


If you lie about someone being sick in order to further your game , you deserve all that comes your way , matt you dumbass !


Yes! Another week of BRENchel. I am kinda happy YO


Matt, karma is king. You shouldn’t have given your wife a fake disease. Matt will be the next to go.


Anyone have any idea who the people are who have been life long friends? Have they even mentioned it again? And I can’t recall, did they tell the houseguests? Or just we, the audience?

I think it could be Brendan and Andrew.. and they will play up the hatred this week.


most people believe that that was just Annie lying to screw with the houseguests. it’s probably not true


I am full of theories on this topic…. I think Britney and Kathy are mother/daughter and I think Ragan and Matt are brothers…. I love contemplating that subject. I hope it wasn’t just a dumb lie as has been suggested on here. I loved the season where the cowboy and punk rocker were bro/sis adopted out early in life.


My god, brigade is the stupidest allience ever. Why is matt tring so hard to be a “matermind”
HAyden is going to leave the Brigade for Kisten or just be taken out. Enzo and LAne are useless. Also B/R are going to win or go far because BB really ikes them because their shoved in our faces. Man it’s gonna be hard for tho like any on etis season


I agree 100%. The bridgage is so lameee




Do you really think so? Matt seems to be the only one from the Brigaders getting attention on their back. I think Matt or Enzo will be first to go from that alliance. I would like to see the four of them get exposed so they have to play the game like B&R. It’s harder, IMO, to play the game when everyone knows your allies.


I think Lane will be the last one standing. He isnt a target at ALL!!!


Even though it kind of backfired, I don’t hate Matt’s strategy. The way to get Brendon is to backdoor him (him winning POV today proves that even more). Matt played the odds by not putting him and Rachel up, trying to prevent them from playing. Lady luck just happened to kick his ass. Matt, Andrew, and Kathy were already playing POV. So with 8 names in the bag plus the HG choice chips (maybe 2 or 3 more?), BOTH Bren/Rach get picked??? Brutal.

So Andrew or Kathy goes and Matt’s gotta hope the Brigade can win HOH next week.

He still may be safer this way though. Though Brendon may have been the target this week, him and Rachel were never actually put up and they may give Matt a week or 2 of safety if they have power. If Matt would’ve put them both up, Brendon wins POV anyway, takes himself off, Rachel goes home, and a pissed off Brendon is really gunning for Matt.


Exactly, matt stays clean this week with r/b. Who’s coming after him if andrew or cathy go? No ONE. I wanted to see r or b go but i gotta hand it to matts game play this week or dumb luck. No blood on his hands plus r/b are so stupid to stick to the deal and not put him up but somehow not knowing they were the orig targets this week.


There seems to be a case of ” BALL- LESS-NESS” in this house. When Rachel could have put two big guns up, she put Brit and Monet, and now Matt shows how flat his crotch is by nominating Andrew and Kathy. when are they grow a pair of balls in this shit? Who are going to be up next week? RAGAN and Brit???


Yes. You would think they would want to get the strong players out first. Keep the weak. Those you can get out once you get close to the money. But that would make dull TV.


If Brittany wins HOH, she will definitely make a bold move. She s going to try to break up one of the showmances.


Im kind of glad Brendon won, I think the game will be more exciting with them still in the house.
Matt might come out of this without any hard feelings, since he at least gets rid of 1 of the floaters, (hopefully Kathy!)
I wonder how long Hayden & Kristen will be able to keep their showmance a secret before ppl start figuring it out…. and how it will affect the Brigade when it does…..
And as far the ‘Brigade’ goes… please!, their only strenght is in numbers. Neither Enzo, or Lane are exactly great competitors themselves.


Rachel and Kristen are at odds now and Kristen and Hayden screw 5′ from Rachels bed…secret will come out this week…btw…andrew already knows and has told Britney and ragan


thanks 4 the info!

Also, I know Matt told Hayden that Kristen is dispensable, but im really not sure how much I believe it


oops, I meant Hayden told Matt…!


Brendon on BBAD Friday: “You don’t need all that fake stuff… (something like…) the eye makeup and mascara and all that … you are so pretty and I like you just the way you are, you don’t need all that other stuff. …. AND you are way too young to be getting botox.” WELL, it has begun, trying to clean her up. This was around 9:15 or 9:20pm I think. Thought this would have been a headline … just like when he said Rachel couldn’t help it if she had big boobs! I think the temptress has overwhelmed the science geek and he’s living the wet dream.


Didn’t he also mention lip injections?


yes, peeper, Brandon also mentioned lip injections!


sucks that all the brigade haters judge from the crappy cbs edited version.


While I don’t like B/R, I am ecstatic that B won. This provides some balance to the household and makes cocky Matt a target in the future. I don’t think any of the brigade will jump ship … they are all too dim witted to be strategic about other options. Is Kristin turning into one of those females who just does whatever the guy she likes wants so that he will accept her? Or is she thinking for herself? I haven’t watched enough to figure that out.


She actually thinks she controls Haydens votes…lol….but, the reason she is mad at rachel and brendon now is because ragan told matt who told hayden…that brendon and rachel want kristin and hayden out


Brachel may have won the battle but they haven’t won the war lol


Sucks that Brendon won the PoV. However, things can still be salvage if they get rid of Andrew this week. Because I just don’t see Brendon winning back 2 back challenges with the PoV and then the next HoH (but I could be wrong). I also don’t see Rachel becoming the 1st two-time HoH of the season just yet. And I really don’t see Kathy winning anything this season unless someone lets her. So that leaves Andrew as the only 1 left in that group that could and probably will win the next HoH if he doesn’t go this week. But I think with Kathy voting against Matt in the last eviction, that may have sealed her fate. Just gotta hope that Britney will win HoH next week


i love how this backfired and andrew is playing great they think kathy is purely on their side and andrew isn’t but yet andrew, is on there side and playing it up to get kathy evicted and that will increase their odds significantly for the next hoh, thye better not put up britney though put up matt and hayden

Other K

I wouldn’t be surprised if CBS has already given Brenden the cheque.

Uncle Cool

It does seem somewhat fixed.


I agree with you. Brendon is this year’s golden boy. The game is definitely fixed.


“Andrew says he’s not going to smile at Rachel this cheerleader shit has to stop. Andrew is upset because he should of won that competition…” <~ Andrew is on his period I see. He's starting to act like a bitch right now & I'm not feeling it at all. [excuse my language].


rockstar, you may be right about your genius boy matt. He just could be playing this exactly as he planned. Lightening brains can go through all the scenarios and the followup chess moves much faster than the rest of us, with the desired emotional reactions from each HG, all with the desired outcome of BD-ing rachel (since Brendon won veto) and being a hero to most of them, saving Andrew & Kathy for later.


I love this blog and in reading it everyday (quite often during the day) I can see the true Big Brother fans happy shiny faces! Although THIS BBfan is not happy NOR shining. Do the HG’s know they’re IN Big Brother???? I watch BBAD and find myself skipping through a lot of it because it’s just so boring. And if have to keep watching Brenden giving what’s-her-face those brotherly smacks on the lips when she’s in the middle of babbling about something I might vomit.

So Matt is HOH and he puts up *yawn* Kathy and Andrew (and by the way, welcome to the game, Andrew!). Brendon wins the POV and we have yet another week of weak playing. What an impotent HOH Matt is turning out to be for all of his so-called ‘bold’ gameplay. I think one of the comments above is correct: Everytime we see Matt with his hands down his pants it’s because he’s lamenting the loss of his BALLS.

Every season I start out hating all the HG’s but eventually, certainly by now, one or two of them grows on me and I begin to root for them but not one of this season’s HG’s has yet to warm the cockles of my heart. Britney dripping poison everywhere IS funny, thank God for that, but other than that I am so underwhelmed. I just keep waiting and hoping for something…..ANYTHING… happen.


It is still very early in this game and alot can change in the blink of an eye so I have not given up on this years game just yet! I hope all the boring people do go because it will liven things up for us at home. Where the hell has Kathy been this whole game so far….? I forgot she was on the show until she was nominated.


Something’s real fishy between Andrew, Brandon & Matt. Don’t know what but we”ll see if Matt work’s hard on people to vote Kathy out. It smell’s between the three. Maee is not or did not even think twice about who he put up regardless who his buddy’s wanted. They wanted Brandon & Rachel, & he did what he wanted without asking there though’t on it. Smell’s fisy to me.


I meant Matt, not Maee. I.m doing this in the dark. Sorry !!


OH NO!!! This is the worst news ever!!! We have to deal with Boy George and his boyfriend for at least another week! Andrew better not go home or this season is off to the worst start of any BB for as long as I can remember. Talk about flop!


Now that Brendon has won POV, if he uses it to save someone can he be put on the block or is he safe?


He would be safe but Rachel wouldn’t be.


the rest of the week just went to shit! Same ol’ same ol’. Now all that can be talked about is who will win HOH next week. BUMMER!


Has anyone heard that Andrew threw the pov to Brendon?


Am I the only one who loves B/R??? I think there great together!!!


No your not alone, theres plenty of B/R fans around but they are still in the minority.


Yes, tomkat, Andrew threw pov to loverboy – who btw needs to shake the REDhead. If he did this, he’d go far in the game bc he’s a competitor using the wrong head.