Big Brother 12 Spoilers: POV competition is happening right now!

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10:45am Hayden comes downstairs and says to Kathy three pre-game yaks. Kathy asks what?.. three pre game what? Hayden says yaks, you yakked three times already. Hayden asks if Kathy had any breakfast yet. Kathy says yes. Hayden says so it’s all in there? Kathy says and last nights dinner. They laugh. Kathy says she would feel better if she could go out and have a smoke. Kathy and Kristen are in the bathroom alone talking. Kristen tell Kathy that she will be fine and that she doesn’t need to worry. Kathy asks how long they had to wait between picking players and actually playing POV. Kristen says she doesn’t really remember but thinks it was the next day. Kristen says even her stomach is upset having to wait for the POV to begin. Kathy says this sucks! Kristen says it sucks even watching it, you can hear the rest of the houseguests laughing and joking in the background. Kristen says that if either one of you wins it will be a better situation than if one of them wins because she knows that he will put up Brendon. Its his chance to break them up, he would be crazy not to. The odds are in our favor but it just so happens that they’re both playing.

11:20am Matt, Britney, Enzo, Lane and Brendon are in the bedroom. Britney asks Matt if he can hear the music upstairs and he says yes. Andrew, Kathy and Kristen are laying in the lounge room talking about what the POV competition will be. They talk about how Ragan didn’t sleep last night, and that he is in the bedroom by himself trying to sleep. They say that he is upset about not getting any sleep.

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11:30am The Live Feeds switch to TRIVIA….for the Power of Veto Competition…

12:40pm Still TRIVIA…

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GO R AND B…pull it out! cmon! pleaaaase for the sake of this game win the POV so that this game doesnt turn into the most predictable show on the planet!


won comps? are you serious? let andrew win HOH next week…thats good…but its SUPER obvious if b and r are the next to go…you think kathy andrew brit arent next after that? seriously? then the ONLY drama will be hayden choosing brigade or kristen


While I would love for andrew to win to see more of the “underdog” situation, I feel like he’d be wayyy too easily persuaded. He’ll have everyone in his ear, & he seems like all he wants to do is make friends after how he was outcasted week 1.

Mr. Me Too

i know but im saying they haven’t won anything yet, im not necessarily talking about them not winning so they can go up LOL… sucks watching everyone else win and a few that can’t win anything

Mr. Me Too

just get rid of brendon and rachel will keep it going


This has nothing to with anything, but why does Matt always have his hand down his pants!! I for sure would not eat anything he makes. YUK!!


LOL! seriously… it might be a guy thing… but still :/ gross.

Mr. Me Too

it’s not a guy thing to do that when women are around


meh, as a guy I think its something we all should avoid…there is always “that guy” though who does it waaaay too much in front of people


I know! I know! Two weeks before entering the BB house, he had sexual reassignment surgery. He’s just making sure that his new junk is still attached. It’s either that or he is just trying to reassure himself that, there is no correlation between the size of a man’s ego and the size of his junk.”

Mr. Me Too



OMG! It A Torah reading competition. Who says BB is rigged? Now if it was a “Pig Latin” reading competiton or involved the use of a stripper pole, then I would say it was rigged in favor of B & R.


its not any more rigged for them than anyone else…its laughable that people think that they are so awful but everyone else is great! boooo! lane? hes a dolt! enzo? seriously? hes a joke!


Why are you fighting hard to defend B&R? Everyone is intitled to thier opinion.. mine I hope they dont win. I wanna see how they are one on one.. I want them to play for themseleves! not eachother

Mr. Me Too

how you know what it is?? and this shiw is rigged they all our survivor too if you watched the last 2 seasons russell got screwed in favor of the floater just like big brother 11


ehhh russ made it to the end he wasnt screwed…he just didnt make friends…his first season he got screwed…the 2nd…pav prob deserved it


Sorry guys, but Russell was an ass both seasons and deserved to lose. You have to gain the respect of the other players for them to give you the money. He seemed to think that he could do whatever he wanted, however he wanted, bully them all into his way, make them look like idiots and then they would hand him the check. I was glad he lost both seasons… boo hoo.


Just for the heck of it I hope Kathy wins POV.


ok, thats exciting, then kathy uses it, and…brenden goes on the block.

then hes voted out after another boring week of brit/lane etc dissing brenden for no reason



So do I! Would shock them all!


So do I! Would shock them all!


I kinda do too. No one is pulling for her, so maybe I will today.


r/b need to win otherwise this show will be way too predictable. wish andrew would out hayden and kristen, that would be interesting tv and also find out who the two best friends in the house are, hasn’t been mentioned since the first week.


it hasn’t been mentioned because there isn’t one going on. it was something anne made up as the sabatore. She said it on a exit show that she made it up


Guess I am not surprised to read all the B&R hating but I think that’s mostly because they are good players. It’s easy to pick on the power because they are explosed but add a showmance into the mix and your have a big target.

I like the game play this year because there is a lot more strategy for the most part. I think the only two people who didn’t bring any game were Monet and Kathy.

Rooting for B&R to pull this one out and make the Brigade take one step back. Enzo is only Brigade member to not have a ‘buddy’ so he may be the first one to go from that alliance.


bet you were a jessy fan too


Agree..with most of this…B/R make me sick together…individually I like them both in the house


Its not so much them its the rest of the house that doesnt want to break up an obvious alliance. In sports you break up the double team, double play, the give & go to weaken your opponent. On a personal level Rachels laugh is extremely annoying and shes is lying when she says she’d take whats his name who shes known a couple of weeks, over the $500k. Its not like she hasnt been fondled before. Love doth enter through the pocket book.
Brenden aint using the POV, and letting the house decide but it looks like Kathy is a goner.


trying so hard to stay with this group-i am here for funny -that goodness for this blog and bitchy big brother-at least they can turn even the worst tv into a riot! thanks guys


They have to appraise various pieces of jewelry. The items have already been appraised by CBS (Mooves’ brother is a jeweler). The HG that comes closet to guessing both the correct weight (in ounces) and appraisal value (dollar value per ounce) without going over wins.

dorothy gale

am i totally nuts???… love andrew and enzo….hate b and r ….. why am i kind of wanting them to stay????? i think it is because the two of them are so pathetic that whoever goes home will go insane and i feel bad about it….we are not in kansas anymore…


They need to send Matt to a Dr. & find out why he keep’s his hand’s ” DOWN SOUTH ” come on, he’s not a 2 y/o holding his pee-tail now !! Get the hand out of your pant’s Matt- it look funny !! I mean Fishy . Or go home the the wife.


rachel won!!! omg! wow. drammma will be evident!


Must be some comp, it seems to be taking a long time. Anyone have any odds on how it turns out?


To be honest I would like to see Rachel or Brendon win POV just to shut Matt up.


I myself hope someone other than Brachel wins, i wld love to see Brenden go home and watch Rachel squirm on BBaD lol Bring on the Drama


1:48pm Tills Trivia


Thanks for the update!!!


holy cow still trivia this must be a nice comp and probably hard


Chris, are you serious???omg it can’t be true! I am rooting for Andrew.


why do people think r or b would “squirm”…they know it would be over…those idiots in the house that say they will “beg” and “think they have a shot” are just that…idiots….R and B arent that smart(b is book smart) but goodness, they seem to think they are clueless…everyone outta know Ragen tells people EVERYTHING


my point being Rachel wld start all kinds of drama in the house she wld be drunk every night of course and rambling about every house guest. She wldnt go down alone, and i feel it wld spice up the show a bit i cant stand to watch them two at night on BBAD. They are no where close to Jeff and Jordan, we got to watch there relationship develope it wasnt like these two, there more like 15 year old!! I personaly cant wait for one of them to go


Feeds r back, pls someone tell us!!

Mr. Me Too

OMFG the winner is either brendon or rachel im guessing there the last ones in it?


B/R won the pov!!


did rachel take out her extensions?


It looks like Brendon or Rachel won POV but it is not confirmed

Mr. Me Too

simon you gotta post the image of what enzo wore LMFAO dudes looks like a “golden gene”

Mr. Me Too


Rachael Must Go!




YES, and I will NOW purchase feeds,

BAB - formally BB

Looks as if Andrew and Kathy didn’t win. Enzo is upset so I am only guessing Brenden or Rachel won, ugh!


did rachel really win?


Honestly, if Rachel or Brendon win… then the game is rigged. Hands down.

I mean, I am the only one who would find it less predictable if either of them go home? Or better yet, if Brendon goes home? Think about the drama it would create if Rachel becomes a huge mess – though I think she should go home instead of Brendon since maybe Brendon can cause some damage rather than drama if he actually… thinks…

It’d be fun to watch how the showmance breaks up and how the remaining partner has to struggle to stay alive.

Right now, it’s getting predictable that Rachel and Brendon are going to be at risk and then suddenly safe and then at risk and then safe and then at risk… and then safe…

Maybe it’s a personal bias, but I’m tired of getting my hopes up for one of them them to be sent home and then NOT getting it.


i think that some of this rigged too, I mean honestly brendon won pov again ugh.


are you new to this game? struggle to stay alive? do you fail to understand math? if one of them goes this week, there is ZERO chance in He11 that there could be any difference next week other than an hoh or pov win, delaying the inevitable and sending kathy home…


Coming to BB12 this week – Rachel channels Lindsay Lohan.


good one!

Mr. Me Too

are they allowed to use drugs in the house?? LMFAO


Go B & R…Hate the Brigade…If I watch a boring show or two ugly girls talk trash about everyone…then give me a showmance too…Hayden and Kristen are boring also…I like Brenden and Rachel…I hope they win the POV…that will totally turn the house…


we can only blame matt for not putting up brenden or rachel for evictions. his stupid ‘genious’ plan didn’t work.

his act isn’t cute, especially the over the top diary room sessions.

Mr. Me Too

yep and brendon would still have won but he would’ve taken himself off leaving rachel to go home, like i said another HOH wasted, and it seems like it will be a 3rd week of wasted HOHs


feeds back brendon won


I just dont get the people who fail to see that keeping b and r means more drama over time….kathy goes this week…andrew wins HOH…


Lane, Hayden, Kristin final 3

I agree. Rachel is overly dramatic but not a beaaatch. Brendon for a guy is more “gay” at times than Ragan but not an A-Hole. The constant lovefest between the 2 is annoying to watch on BBAD but that’s CBS’s fault for showing it constantly. With the 2 of them in the house u have a threat to the Brigade. Other wise the show becomes really boring as the Brigade picks off one houseguest after another.


Well bye bye Kathy


Okay, I have read through a bunch of sites, and through a lot of comments, and for the life of me I cannot figure out why anyone on the planet can stand Rachel. She is busted…and annoying…and yes Monet and Brit were mean…but they were funny. Rachel is just obnoxious. I feel like I would almost give up a paycheck than to watch her.

I used to watch BBAD, but now because of the ridiculous laugh, whiny whimpers, pathetic “make-out” sessions, and her screaming when she talks.

Did the producers purposefully cast the most annoying stripper in Vegas for the drama factor?


she is totally annoying, I just want her to stay for another week, cathy goes, and the house can finally start to get rolling with one less person they care nothing about out the door


I so agree with you. I am so done with Rachel and her annoying laugh. I did like Brendon and Rachel at first, but I totally fast forward every feed that they are in. They are a circus act and its time to go.

BAB - formally BB

Wow! Brendon and Rachel sure are two lucky individuals! They keep dodging a lot of bullets!


total luck, but the point here is

they stand zero chance of winning the overall game, the luck will run out then the numbers are just the numbers.

it just causes drama among those that keep throwing r and b under the bus as the ONLY people talking trash, PLEASE


Even if they hadn’t won POV and one of R&B got evicted, they wouldn’t send them home. Production would get them back in the house somehow. They aren’t going to let them go.

BAB - formally BB

I wonder how many more seasons BB has left? I didn’t start watching until season 9 but heard a lot about the previous seasons. So far, this one has been less entertaining! I think once the weak players go, the brigade breaks up, then we will see how the players really play.


BBBuppie I think you’re right! It’s a conspiracy by Alison Grodner. Since this (S & D’s) site is more popular than her show she is trying to drive Simon, Dawg and the rest of us all crazy. She figures that with S & D being forced to process over 2000 negative B& R comments a millisecond, the 3 servers they use will just crash and burn. Forcing them to shut down the site – indefinitely!!!! But, like most of her ideas – she is (in my best Elaine Strich voice) WRONGGGGGG!!!


I don’t know if it’s a conspiracy but I know it is show business. They know they are getting the ratings with those 2. Remember, all the CBS only watchers think they are a sweet couple.


Yeah Brenchel won POV!!!!!!!!! I love Rachel not Brenden so much,hate the Brigade except for Enzo and I hope Kathy goes this week!


I agree I want Kathy gone too cause I likes Andrew and would like to see him or Rachel win


Matt…..Mensa called..You’ve been voted out!


That is funny!!!

Mr. Me Too

brendon won it was confirmed on another BBblog


yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Go Brendon


If B and R keep this up, andrew can win an HOH and they will be safe…numbers will crumble and the brigade will finally have to use some strategy instead of just matt making bad moves hoping for dramatic effect


YOU”VE GOT TO BE JOKING!!!! BRENDON WON…..Matt is a moron for playing that way! why didn’t he just put them both up to begin with


I hope Brendon will decide he needs to save Andrew and takes a chance on not losing “Red”.

Mr. Me Too

it’s obvious he won;t use it, but if he’s SMART (which we all know he’s not) he would use it save andrew and get rid of his dead weight in that ho rachel and his game will get much better


I can not believe Brendon won POV…..that stinks!!! I would love to see him use it on Andrew and Rachel go up. A girl can wish, right?


No it doesn’t. I hate them too, but I am a fan of drama,which they will cause and Andrew,who will be less of a target,if he makes it past this week.

P.S. Matt has said he wants Kathy out.


This way we all get to evict our least fav, Kathy…she brings NOTHING to the table, its time for her to go.

then it can get VERY interesting depending on who wins HOH…

no one would have been satisfied if it went exactly as the brigade wants with them as the final 4 without doing anything except shaking hands day 1


what week will be the start of the jury? wk 5?


they have another week of evictions then the jury…so kathy, then _____…..R and B just need to last one more week and they will gladly exit to the jury house


i know right!!!! that’s all i am hoping for.


right and matt will claim to b and r he held up his end of the deal therefore he wont be put up

but brenden already said it was a deal that only matt had to complete, and he did in a way…

matt may get screwed out of the brigade and cut loose because hes just too much of a loose cannon playing both sides, and using ragen to do his dirty work..he is controlling the information in this house through ragen


You said it bro, backdoor Matt and through Kristen in the Brigade. LOL He’s becoming a liability.


I think Matt is to concerned about getting his hands dirty. He is playing both sides. I think Lane is going to get hot over this mistake. Maybe there will be some fire. Kathy is going to see that her “buddies” don’t care about her. Enzo, well, he should see that his team isn’t as smart as he thinks. Maybe he and Lane can shake things up. They have to both know that Hayden is with Kristen. Lane may have Britney but Enzo, he has his baby food.


I can’t stand Matt I hope Matt and Enzo are put up next week for eviction.


pretty deserving to go up considering hes played both sides, been caught, and now his “plan” fell apart as everyone predicted.

Mr. Me Too

if brachel wins he will be going home


Wow.. 3 weeks in a row and the Brigade can’t get anything right. Other than keeping their 4-person alliance a secret they have failed in every attempt to get rid of Brendon and Rachel.
Matt out thought himself and failed. Now Kathy most likely goes home and Matt’s HoH week was a waste.


sadly their claim of “best alliance ever” is just as bad as rachel and brenden discussing their amazing future marriage.


who cares if Kathy goes home??
she is useless and boring, she doesn´t bring anything to the table, she is just like another furniture in the house
i think is perfect time to get her out


The Brigade dropped the Grenade on this 1 yo.


Go team Rachel!!!!

Ms Kewl

I don’t care for Matt, either. I am one of the few (from the way this board sounds) who DOES like Rachel & Brendon and Hayden & Kristen. I liked Andrew, too. Brit can go, as can Enzo, Regan, Matt & Kathy. Doubt Brendon risks using the POV, though.