Big Brother 12 – Enzo, Matt, Lane making the band, Enzo: I’m going to blow your mind i’m going to be hard as sh!t yo”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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7:18pm Jumanji Lane, Brit and Enzo yo Enzo is talking about how theres 2 months left and he’s getting stir crazy. Brt: “hey! I thought we were having fun”. Enzo and lane start joking about quiting. Enzo says he’s going to quit, Lane: “when this week or next” Enzo:” i dunno maybe i’ll do it next week yo” Lane:” you going to do it ont he lilve show?” Enzo:” how do yo quit during the live show?” Lane: “you just walk out with the person leaving.. make sure your bags are packed” Enzo:”I’m going to wait until i’m on the block then i’ll punch someone in the face.”

Enzo starts joking about how he’s going to decide who to put up. He’s going to create a extra challenge in the house. He’ll have groups of people and they will be instructed to make him lasnaga. He’ll give them 1 hour and the group that isn’t creative will be serious candidate for eviction”. Enzo asks if Matt has an alliance with b/r, Lane thinks that they had a week week deal but now they don’t. Enzo is saying that it was tough to not cheat on his girlfriend because he was in the prime of his life there was a lot of beautiful women around him back then. Matt walks in and they start talking about their “band”, Enzo asks Lane: “What type of music you going to do? I bet you’ll have smooth south style .. i’m going to blow your mind i’m going to be hard as shit yo…” They start talking about the order of their performance Matt will go first then Lane after the lights will go out and enzo will go “hard as fuck yo” (pretty damn funny hearing them talk about this) Brit asks them if they have a name yet.. Enzo and matt say no they’re going to wait a bit longer because in 3 weeks they all might hate each other. Enzo proposes they have 2 tracks for their performance. Brit: “how the hell are you going to perform with only 2 songs it’s like 6 minutes” Enzo explains that they want to keep people hungry “you don’t want to thirst their quench”…. he soon figures out what he says and correct himself. Brit: “lane whats your lyrics going to be like?” Enzo interrupts: “I want to see you going crazy I want you to bite someones head off”. Brit: “whose your inspiration lane?” lane: “eminem, tek 9, bubba sparks”.. Lots of laughing between this group. Brit says they’ll need like 10 songs for a proper performance. Lane asks Enzo how many rhymes he has in his notebook enzo says he has lots more than enough for 10 songs but he wants to do up some new material he thinks if they walk into the studio “Magic will happen”. feeds cut when we come back Enzo is talking about tattoos. Brit quotes Teresa from Jersey shore: “why would you put a bumper sticker on a Bentley” Enzo says that chick is funny he’s going to get a load of tattoos… Ragan joins them says everyone else is in the cabana room… Brendon now joins them.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:00pm Ragan, MAtt, Hayden, Enzo and Brit Ragan’s doing his “Sexy notch abs infomercial”. Enzo is talking about him wanting a quadruple elimination..
Talking about stage names
Enzo: “the white pudding”
Lane: “Mc Bestially Beats”

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66 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 – Enzo, Matt, Lane making the band, Enzo: I’m going to blow your mind i’m going to be hard as sh!t yo”

  1. their conversation topics have descended into the depths of hell. so much verbal drama that doesn’t amount to squat. i guess being cooped up in that house has brought out the worst.

  2. If none of the Brigade members win tomorrow, I will brand them as a team of floaters, especially Enzo. All talk, no action.

  3. Just curious, has anyone seen Rachel tell Brendon that she loves him? Because I’ve seen him say it at least a dozen times without reciprocation between the CBS show and BBAD.
    Also, could Brendon be any more of a whiny bitch? Every time Rachel does something, he breaks out the whiniest voice I’ve heard from a man. I just want to knock his snatch in the mud.

    1. I did hear Rachel say she loves Brendon maybe twice…. He says it much more, of course, in that whipped puppy dog voice that matches the whupped look on his face. Could he be any more led by a chain hooked onto Rachel’s belt loop? If he says anything to her about making a change, she whips out her balls and he ends up apologizing to her. Sad…

  4. I have watched BBAD since it has been on…this is the most boring bunch I have ever tried to watch…I actually fall asleep every night………none of them have any balls to go outside of the box……..whoever picked this crew needs to take a hike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I agree . . . I am tired of these college educated people who over think everything. Get some Maury or Jerry Springer people on . . . . .. then we’ll see drama and fights.

    2. to get on big brother all you have to do is apply. i saw the ad a couple months ago on craigslist listed under “marketing” and “jobs”. the ad simply stated “looking for people to particpate on “reality show”. doesn’t say Big brother unless you e -mail a response (which i did). I never followed up as I don’t want to be on any show, especially BB. :)

        1. Hey Grandma, in Canada, its illegal to hunt by light unless its racoons eating your cornfield, and then a permit is required. Most spotlighting that is done illegal is guys shooting deer and up here its referred to as “jacking deer”, its a very serious offense and if your caught doing it, you face a huge fine, you lose your gun and your vehicle. Its even an offense to shine your car or truck lights on a deer here, even if you have no gun, unless the deer is on the road in front of you. I guess the thing with night hunting is the animal freezes and has no chance. Not a big PETA fav, but I guess our seal hunt up here isnt one of the favs either.

    1. Spotlight on Lane! Thanks BBGrandma for this article. Lane says point and shoot when you see a pair of eyes is good “sport.” I had a turtle named Gonzales who would walk to the refrigerator and stand there looking up with his mouth open when he wanted to be fed. When Lane talked about spotlighting turtles at night it made me sad … then MAD. I hope people will look at your local article and find out what the laws are in their area.

  5. As a past hunter, I knew what it entailed but did not know Law Enforcement put so many resources into catching violators! Thanks Grandma-good article!

    1. everyone complains every season is the worst. last year it was the worst cause of nat and jesse and lidia. now what? this years boring cause you don’t like rach? or whatever. I think it’s a good season so far. :) I actually think the only season that was bad was the first. (before they had all the drama )

  6. i cant stand his all talk stuff wanna be mafia boss he is HUGE FLOATER…the mafia would get his ass a pairof cement shoes and plant him in the jersery marshlands where many more have gone…

  7. O M G, Rachel and Brendon are more annoying on tv than in this blog. How is that possible. They drive me nuts reading their conversations, hearing them made me want to poke my ear drums tonight. Hhhhhmmmm, maybe the mute button would be less painful. Regardless, they are obnoxious and the faces Rachels gives/makes. What? Is she 12?

      1. He was way before all of our time. He did the first talking picture in fact. But, he use to do an act in black face and sing a song called “Mammie”. He was white. Differently would not be proper today. Did you ever see the movie Showboat? They sang with their faces painted black in that. To watch those shows now embarasses me to see the racism but in the 20’s & 30’s it was popular.

  8. Matt once again has his hands down his pants.. shocker! Maybe you need to post a Al Bundy picture next to his! :)

      1. Every time I see him with his hands down there, all I think of is Al Bundy! That would be the perfect pic for him!

    1. Remember the old guy that did the song about “Pants on the Ground” about the kids wearing their pants so low they fall down? Well, put that music to Matt’s “Hands in the Pants.”

      1. OMG! I was just going to post that…infact I had a whole short song written and I thought….let me just make sure no one has said that yet first! How funny!!

  9. if you wanna get technical the only person playing “STRATEGIC” is brendon , but he got rachel personal ass always making all her moves seem like some soap opera shit instead taking out THREATS to them, but nope none of that yet neither kristen or monet was a threat…..

  10. Looks like an endurance comp for next HOH since they are still in lockdown. Plus this is traditionally the week they do endurance since the next evicted HG will be first in the jury. Hope its brutal.

  11. it sucks that if 2 people who are in an alliance goes up on the block and one of them wins POV and uses it on the other they are still safe, they need to change that for real… then any pair alliance can’t get passed that

    1. Maybe I am misunderstanding you BBGrenades. But like with Kristen and Hayden. If Hayden had used the POV on Kristen, he would have stayed on the block. He would not have been safe. If you are not on the block and you use the POV to take someone off, you are still safe. But it doesn’t work that way if you are on the block together. You can either save yourself or the other but you cannot save you both.

    2. If two people are on the block and one wins POV, they are only allowed to us ethe POV on themselves or the other person. If they use the POV on the other person, then they are still at risk as they do not have immunity being on the block. They could survive if the renominee gets booted. The only way the POV winner is safe is if they use it on themselves or use it on someone else when they are not on the block.

  12. What’s up with Kathy? She never participates with others and she is always wearing a t-shirt or sweatshirt when the other girls are in bikini tops.

  13. Watching a.d. And I’m not sure but it looks like Brenden has already contracted chilli lip from Vegas! Either that or he’s got shit on his lower lip but it looks like herpes!

  14. This season is boring. They are all playing nice….voting with the house trying to secure their spots with everyone. The Brigade is a joke of an alliance. Granted they are still in the house. But geez….i’m looking back on season 7. All stars that was a show! Chill Town. They manipulated and used strategy and had everyone working for them. And they were funny. BB needs another All Stars season.

    1. all stars had already done the show so they knew the “ins and outs” and what worked and what didn’t, so it’s not fair to compare the “been there, done that’s” to the “rookies”

      1. That is true. But even season 6 was more entertaining. I feel like BB wanted a house full of intelligent players. And I don’t know what is going on cause Production hints to them there is a boy alliance and none of them believe or give it a second thought?

        I don’t really care for the brigade….but it looks like they have a good chance of making it even with Production trying to out them.

        1. It is so sad that these HG’s seem to know how each competition is going to be, when double eviction is and that kind of stuff. BB needs to really change things around. Outside of the personality traits that add to the entertainment, there is no surprises. That is what I am finding boring this season. Not that I will stop watching but I have muted the TV a lot. They seem to confident of the next step to take. Where are those grenades!

          1. I agree too. It’s gotten to the point where everyone knows what comps to expect and when. I thought it was expect the unexpected. Soon we will have a tasting contest, a morph contest and a before and after contest. I’d like to see them mix it up and do something nobody expects. Watching the contestants count things every season is like watching paint dry. Production has all year to come up with things, but they seems to work from the same script every year. Back in the earlier seasons, the show hadn’t become so formula generated, it was fresh and the competitions were unexpected.

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