Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Brendon tells Rachel that his parents would not approve. Kathy thinks its because of the boob job..


11:40pm Up in the HOH room Rachel is talking to Kathy. Rachel says she is upset because Brendon said his parents probably won’t like her. Rachel says that she doesn’t understand why they would not want someone like her to love their son. Kathy wonders if it’s about her boob job. Rachel doesn’t want to discuss it in detail. Kathy thinks Brendan could be wrong about his parents opinion of Rachel. Rachel thinks her parents will love Brendan. Rachel says that she blogged about how much she loves and cares for him. Rachel says that she hopes she isn’t being portrayed as a cocktail stripper type person. Rachel says that she is not going to do anything else in the house because her parents are watching too. Rachel asks Kathy, if you saw me on this show would you want her son with me? Kathy says that she would absolutely fall in love with Rachel. Big Brother says Rachel you not allowed to talk about your diary sessions. Kathy leaves to go down stairs.

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11:50pm Up in the in the HOH room are just Rachel and Brendon. Rachel tells Brendon that she isn’t going to sleep in the bed with Brendon anymore. Rachel says that she is not a Jezzabell, and she doesn’t have big boobs on purpose. Brendon says that he loves her and his parents will love her. Brendon says that he is still going to school. …and the feeds cut out to the we will be right back screen. Brendon says that when the camera crew came to his house, he says his family had to be forced to smile and be happy for him. The feeds cut out again. They are now kissing. Brendon says you make me very happy, that’s what is important and they will like you. Brendon tells Rachel that with his father nothing is ever good enough and that he is always waiting for Brendon to fuck up. Rachel and Brendon start making out again. Brendon tells Rachel about their future plans. Rachel says that she already knows that she is not going to be able to live without him. They kiss more. Brendon says that she always knows what to say. Brendon says that he knows he can’t live without her either. …And more kissing. Big Brother calls Brendon to the diary room. When Brendon goes down stairs and walks past the houseguests in the kitchen they joke with him about being interrupted. Brendon says to them that there are no diary room sessions all day and now its one after the other. When Brendon comes back he asks Rachel if she wants him to be her boyfriend. Rachel says Brendon you already are! Brendon says that he is an old fashioned kind of guy. Brendon asks Rachel if she will officially be his girlfriend? Rachel says yes. Then they make out some more. Brendon and Rachel agree that they won each other’s hearts. Rachel says thanks Big Brother; we won the best prizes ever! Brendon says to Rachel not only are we on Big Brother 12, but our love story is the centerpiece to the show. Rachel says and we’ll have this on DVD. Brendon says can you imagine being able to show this to our grand kids… wouldn’t that be crazy.

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12:20am In the bedroom room, Britney, Hayden, Matt, Enzo, Monet, and Lane are talking. All of them are talking so loud that Kristen and Andrew can’t sleep in the bedroom next door. Andrew gets up and goes into the other room and turns out the lights on everybody talking. Matt asks Hayden what his percentage odds are on staying. Hayden says good. Matt asks is it like a 100% for him staying. Hayden says yeah. Ragan gives Matt the thumbs up sign, then holds up 6 fingers like he’s going to get 6 votes. Ragan thinks that the order that they all get called in will be revealing. Enzo says this HOH will be brutal. Grenades were dropped last night; there was blood on the wall at the meeting. Britney comes in and they talk about Matt being called Ronnie. Matt talks about how the diary room manipulates the game and Britney agrees. They then start talking about foods they wish Big Brother provided, like canned beans, brats, bread crumbs, chilli dogs, chicken nuggets. Britney says that she never eats healthy saying that she is going eat the worst of whatever it is every time.

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1:20am Matt, Lane and Ragan are talking and joking around. Ragan says that he wonders if there is anyone the audience just hates this season. Lane says that he thinks Kristen is the least liked by America, that she is hard to get to know but now that he does really like her. They say she is really quiet but they like that about her. Ragan says that he thinks the viewers can spot insincere people and that’s why Natalie was so unpopular. They don’t think they have a Natalie this season. Ragan says that he can’t wait to see how Big Brother cuts and pastes everything together into the show. They wondering if there’s someone in the house who isn’t who they claim to be and that it would be kinda cool if there was. Ragan says that Lane probably has a British accent. Lane says yeah, and that his tattoos are magic marker. Talk turns to HOH and how hard the position is. Matt thinks after this week it may be easier because lines will be drawn and if he goes he hopes they continue to have weekly house meetings. Ragan asks them if they were like whoa?! ..when they went in the diary room and heard Julie ask them to cast their vote… Lane says that he is dumbfounded, that it‘s amazing that someone so high up (Julie Chen) knows his name. Lane says that he is just from a small town. Matt mentions the thunder of applause they heard when Annie exited the house. Ragan says he doesn’t watch After Dark or the live feeds because he loves the slick way BB edits and produces episodes. Ragan starts talking to Lane about Annie. Lane says that he did spend some time with Annie and it’s hard for him to see someone as an outcast. Lane says that he knew from the get go that he was going to vote her out though he never let her know that, he did it because he said he knew she was going home and so he wanted to make her time in the house good, he wanted to see Annie happy. Ragan says that he felt bad when Annie shunned him when she left the house; he purposefully made sure he was by the front door when she left. Lane says she didn’t hug a lot of people he also says that distancing herself from Ragan was probably part of her being saboteur, she couldn’t get close to him. Lane thinks that Annie is going to hate him the most because she was closer to him than anyone and he didn’t even give her a vote. Lane tells Ragan that the first real conversation they had was after she got nominated. Lane says that he really didn’t know much about her before that.

Lane thinks that Annie will give everyone a hug after the game is over. Ragan says he saw Rachel as forthcoming and honest the week she was on the block and he just didn’t see that from Annie. Lane says he didn’t want Annie to feel lonely but says getting close to her could part a target on his back. Lane says that he didn’t care he could have a beer or a wine with her all day. They subject changes to other Big Brother shows. Lane says that the other houseguests on Big Brother UK come out of the house as superstars; it’s a bigger deal over there. They talk about the differences between Big Brother UK and Big Brother US. Ragan says that this show is huge in Canada. Matt starts to talk about talking to the Entertainment Tonight Canada chick….(and the feeds cut to the we will be right back)
2am All the houseguests are asleep…

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This “love story” shit is getting ridiculous. Have you ever seen a grown ass man talking this 5th grade crush crap after meeting someone two effing weeks ago???? “Our kids??? Are they really discussing GRAND KIDS??? I feel like I’m watching the Wonder Years. When this shit falls apart, and it will, dude is going to be suicidal cuz he showing all the signs of being a federation class cling-on. They better hide the knives ‘cuz you can’t hide from your stalker when he lives in the same house. Gotta go puke now…


CBS’s obsession with B/R and the fact that they keep ramming the B/R showmance down our throats is killing us.. . I think what is happening to BB is that the LIve feed watchers and the broadcast watchers are getting a much different show and are a much different kind of fan. There has to be millions of B/R fans out there. somewhere.. don’t see too many here


Agreed. The obviously overacted exchange of rancid body fluids has made this season on BBAD really bad. I hope they stir things up tonight so that we get more than the cringe inducing manbitch mauling from titzilla.


That’s so true before I started watching / reading the live feeds again I kinda liked b/r…maybe it was because it was just the beginning but I didn’t gave anything against them. After seeing how they really are I can’t stand them. Just broadcast watchers don’t know the truth about what’s happening in the house.


When they do the Nielsen ratings, I’m curious what the demographics are….I have a feeling the ones who don’t watch the live feeds or BBAD is predominatly 18-34 female….With a large upswing amongst 65+ female viewing audience….That could be the reason they are pushing B&R on the rest of us….They have to pitch to the majority, somewhat targeted audience..


Jeff, your probably bang on with the above post


Hey, guys, I ain’t 65 or older! I am a young grandma. I watch just because of all of you. My friends (not 65 or older) only watch CBS and they love R&B. I tell them the stuff we say and they think I am crazy. CBS creates the characters they want their viewers to go for.


Doesn’t matter how old yah are, I still luv yah. haha


Patience folks… all of this will change soon enough. If we are this sick of those two, imagine living with them! I think one of the two will be up and then we will have something else to bore us! This happens every year and since Evil Dr. Will, who survived so many attempts to remove him, no show has been as good.
It does seem odd that even they know that BigBrother is pushing this story line… the house will lead and uprising, that is my prediction for the coming week.


I can not believe hese two people that are supposed to be adults. They are acting like teenagers on the first date. They ae sucking face all the time and it is hard to believe that either one’s parents can show there face in town. My god they just met a little over a week ago and here thay are making life plans. GROW UP!!!!!!!!!


Not like it’s that big of a difference…but its been over three weeks..hahahaha




I agree with you Carol…I could totally believe Brendon is gay.


That is too funny Rachel saying she hopes she is not portrayed as a cocktail stripper type person. Wait till after BB is over or she is voted out before the judge house and she actually sees and hears what the viewers think of her and it isn’t very good. I am just soooo very sick of seeing them clawing each other constantly on BBAD. I just turn it off and as I have stated before, so far this BB is boring!!!!!

Angela Melini

I believe love can happen at anytime and anywhere. Why be so cynical? Not that I care to watch them so mushy all the time. But I get it when you meet someone you feel you connect with and you act like a teenager all over again. It’s fun to fantasize and have fun with it. Anyways, ‘The Brigrade’ is soo boring. BB please get something going on this season. Matt, Lane, Kristen, Enzo, Andrew, gosh most of them, just need some sort of storyline. Lane and Kristen especially (boring)..


I think this season has the makings of greatness in it all they need is a catalyst of some type to shake shit up. someone that is on the other side of the house MUST win HOH if Ragan, Kathy, Brendon win it won’t be as much fun.

I’m finding Enzo, Brit and Lane to be hilarious at night.


IMO, ANDREW is the PERFECT HOH this week…I THINK hes loyal to brenden, and I want brenden/rachel in jury, so it works out quite nice, and would have the ENTIRE other side of the house backstabbing…

if a brigade member wins…how is that shaking it up?


I agree, the house seems to cant stand enzo and brit, but I love to watch them on BBAD-hilarious. I pick enzo and lane to the end.


I agree….I like the two of them, why cant they find love? GOOD FOR THEM! seriously, who doesnt want to find their soulmate? if you really hate the two of them.. be happy they found each other and not one of your siblings.

Lane is very entertaining but its on purpose, he wont even let america hear what hes saying most of the time on purpose, lane is playing the house AND America…impressed.

I just think its stupid to target brenden/rachel when EVERYONE is…why not use em as your own pawn…if they do get taken, you have a backup plan, or trap them


Alex, your making some good points about brendon and rachel..


Many a night I had falling in love and chewed my arm off to get out of it the next day. I do think Rachel is head or heals (literally) for Brendon. She probably hasn’t met someone like him before and gotten close to them. But, I don’t think she will be as fond of him outside of the house. I think he won’t fit into her crowd anymore than she will in his. They need to give us a break from them. If it is love, great. If it is heat, enjoy the warmth until someone turns on the fans and blows it away.


This is the perfect example of why Hayden/Kristen are actually cute while brendan/Rachel are just gross they won’t stop making out and saying all that corney stuff to each other. It’s like they thought about every romantic movie they’ve seen and now recite all the lines to each other. They’re so annoying!!! And why is CBS showing so much of them?? I couldn’t even watch last nights episode it was all about them

B Nuts

Is Top Gun a romantic movie? “Ifeel the need. The need, for speed!”


FYI Rachel: Its the boob job, butt flaps, hooker clothes, head flip, donkey laugh, screaming hair color, drag queen make up application, narcissistic photograph taking, extended mirror glances, gonorrhea trap hanging out, petty & personal game play, dry humping and thinking its cute, thinking that dry humping is a good example for Brendon’s niece, prancing rather than walking, your speech impediment, um… what else…


I love that she thinks that if she doesn’t sleep in his bed anymore his father will like her now.. Too late. And if you don’t want to be portrayed as a stripper type then you shouldn’t dress like an f’ing tramp. Her ta tas are so big they look like she has an ass crack on chest. She may be a nice person, but she doesn’t believe in herself enough to just be normal. Someone that always needs to be the center of attention with that low of a self esteem will not patiently wait around for Brendon to finish 5 years of schooling for his PHD.


I love how she said that she didn’t have big boobs on purpose. Ah, you bought them. Didn’t you pick the size???? I hate it when I get home and they put the wrong size in the bag. You just have to get back in the car and go back and exchange. Damn!

kathie from canada

You are hilarious!!! Love the comment!!! Sitting here laughing all by my little lonesome!


Well, that makes me happy. I just got around to the computer and I had to go back and read everyones comments. That is why it appears I am hogging the site. But, I am glad I made you laugh because I sit here and laugh my butt off by myself, too. So, keep me laughing because I have a lot of ass to lose!


don’t worry your not hogging the site.. I am the one guilty of that


Well, it is your site and you are King Boar. I am just one of the old sows. But, I sure like getting dirty with you, Simon.


kinky – Grandma and simon sittin’ in a tree . I need my binoculars and a copy of Glamour magazine.


Do you want her # once Brendan dumps her? Great description of her annoyances… the laugh is the worst though.


what makes hayden/kristen cute and much more enjoyable to watch than b/r is that they have their own life in the house (as much as you can). plus both of them hang out with the rest of the house. for example, on bbad, kristen hung out with hayden, enzo, lane, matt, and ragen as one of the guys. thats not a quality of rachel… at least not noticed from people on this site.


I agree w/quadfather. Brachel doesn’t hang out w/any1 else. Its like her boobs popped & oozed some type of super glue & now he’s stuck to her. I feel crowded just watching them & would prefer not to. I really hope Monet stays & Matt just b/c I’m bored. & who is Kristen? I do not know this person LoL


I hope Rachel goes soon, Brendon doesn’t even bother me that much….He seems intelligent to me….I want to see what happens to him, once rachel is gone….Rachel would fall apart without him in this game imho…The other thing that bothers me about Rachel, is she is damn white, for a girl that was a professional bikini model etc…..She is white as hell, get a tan for pete sakes…


I like rachel and brenden….they are annoying and repeat themselves, but they are good people…

I hope they make it to jury, but then are seperated, with…RACHEL going to jury, then Brenden would be SO SAD…I think he would show it more than rachel honestly


If B/R do make it to the jury house the others there will never see them except for kitchen and bathroom breaks. At least they will be behind a closed door and we won’t have to be subjected to all their doing what they do. LOL!!


hayden and kristin wouldnt have a life in the houes if they were hoh…why do you ALL fall for that “power” every time?

I dont blame them…and you all are JUST like those in the house…GET RID OF THEM, THEY LIKE EACH OTHER….instead of thinking THEY DONT CARE ABOUT THE GAME…WE CAN PUT THEM TO THE JURY WITH EASE


think about it….brenden/rachel are FOR SURE jury votes for you if you stay loyal to them….I would keep them, then they will be SO secluded from the rest after backdooring kathy next week, that they wont make it after brit’s eviction…if its brit/kathy as the next 2…THEN rachel to jury, brenden to jury(obviously matt or monet, whatev)…..I like that…

make it happen BB


i agree alex. keeping brenchel til jury is far smarter because they are probably the only ones would keep to their word of not targeting someone, like the deal they made with hayden after his HOH. they may not be playing the smartest game right now, but they’d definitely vote for the person playing the best game even if it were britney or matt. plus, they’d love the chance to start on little muscular red headed nerdy scientists in the jury house, especially if they were the first two to go in.


Kathy is staying loyal to them and he is telling her to distance herself from her. They are not as nice as you think. Rachel may have a heart but sadly we are not seeing enough of that side of her. Instead we are seeing this side and it is making a lot of people sick to their stomachs. Brendon should go – Maybe then we will see the game play from Rachel more.


Are you fcking kidding me?!?! These 2 are friggin idiots..I really hope that they go home soon!!!!!


not at all….they just found something else, they seem pretty happy, so why not let em be happy?

I will align myself with someone like thaT(someone I can trust) over a mean girl who says things that are just malicious in britt/monet


my point remains

if you bash rachel for putting up the weak ones….

wouldnt brenden and rachel be next week’s weak ones? YES…they become the two without ANY power the rest of the game thanks to the house meeting….

I would freaking try to take rachel or brenden as far as I could before dropping them to jury giving yourself 2 votes for SURE


why the hate over the love stuff? not their fault that BBAD wants to show that instead of game talk…give rachel credit she said it

she said she would HATE her and brenden by now, and so would America. she isnt oblivious….

Im happy for them, why be alone your whole life? soime will say they gave up 100k….no….they gave up a TINY shot at it…brenden doesnt have the back for HOH endurance, his neck/back have either scoliosis going, or he had a major injury, as hes hunched over.

how am I the ONLY person who sees this….brenden and rachel should be kept around by a side of the house that wants numbers and wants to take out the people now that they cant do without those 2 xtra votes


If CBS would show B and R as much as they show Kristen and Kathy, then I think fans wouldn’t be so against them……but right now, this couple is being shoved down our throats….enough already.

If I was a HG and able to leave the room when R and B entered, I might think as you do.



thats how I would go about it if I was the other side of the house…leaves monet alone, you put the lovers in the jury…and you take kathy out in order to make sure B/R are simply votes and the next to go, instead of gaining numbers as other numbers dwindle


Never ever take the couple far as they are never really going to be the weak ones. Get rid of Brendon and Rachel because they are quite possibly the most disgusting two worthless individuals on the planet.

I feel sorry for the relatives of people that actually like B/R as those types of individuals must be impossibly annoying and hard to be around.


I would love to see Rachel go before Brendon because I know once he got separated from the plastic monster, he would be a decent player


With Week 3 coming up it’s time to start working on our nicknames.. heres some ideas.

Enzo = Meow Meow or Fangs
Rachel = Plastic monster
Brit = Pazuzu
Brendon = Nancy


i also saw the name hyena f*ckface on another website for rachel and brenda for brendan.


You can spend days on Rachel!

– Gumby
– FrakenRachel
– RachelStein….but then she just would sound jewish lol


Frankentitays for Rach



i love the nickname you chose for Britney – PAZUZU! Its perfect. I think some of us are rubbing off on you!


LOL.. she a favorite and man is she evil


I love Britteny-she is definitely someone I could hang with.

kathie from canada

You must be a very lonely person!?!


Britney’s evil nasty and mean one liners are so hilarious…..she is the one who makes me laugh the most. Would hate to see the entertainment value go if she gets voted out too soon. Brenchel are totally nauseating and in many ways kinda disturbing. They appear to be emotionally stunted individuals who somehow got stuck in adolescence. Andrew is becoming my fave though. I am loving his facial expressions as he take in some of the bullshit flying around the house. I hope he wins HOH although I think it might be a bit early in the game yet.


Nicknames, the possibilities are endless:
Kathy – “Kankles”.
Andrew – “Yentl”,
Matt – “Anita Cocktail”.
These could change, I just got up and my meds haven’t kicked in yet.




I call the dog that because she has big boobs


Tits McGee is it for me!

Texas Girl

Rachel – Vegas Ho She gives Women a bad name.


Does anyone other than me, find Rachels laugh ‘irritating’. She laughs a line of ‘aha, aha,aha,aha’!


YES!.. even though He’s a favorite of mine Enzo also has a very annonying laugh but YES Rachels is the worse.


Rachel is indeed has the worst laugh ever! Its my sole reason for wanting her out! lol


After a while she sounds a bit like fingernails on a chalkboard!!!


Thanks for mentioning Canada Ragan!


Canada = God’s country eh!




Britt and Kristen are who I am rooting for now. Britt so got on my nerves just as much as b/r are but she’s tuffing it out and is now one of my front runners. GO HOGS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry guys have to root for another arkansan.

Uncle Cool

I want Britney to win HOH this week and put B/R up with Enzo winning the POV and NOT using it.

I am destroyed by seeing those two everywhere BB12 related.

Next, get rid of Kristen or Hayden to stamp out any and al possibilities of ‘showmances’.

I am really curious if CBS would publicize the ‘showmance’ if it were two guys or two girls making out as much as B/R are making out.

My honest opinion is that they would warn them to stop.


Wow!….Lots of Brendon & Rachel hate on this site….I am in the minority of people who actually like them soooo….@Jorje:….Actually I may be slightly annoying to some poeple, but not overly,and certainly not impossibly…. and I am actually quite enjoyable to be around….In fact most people just love me!!!!….So try not to put all us B/R fans into that catagory….:)


Yeah theres a bunch of B/R hate here, but we all really appreciate hearing from the otherside of the camp.


i’m a brenchel fan but don’t think i’m annoying. i mean i think even us fans see they can be annoying, but i liken it to loving the winner of the ugliest dog contest…their relationship is ugly cute. they’re totally schmaltzy and make me want to vomit in my mouth sometimes with all the baby talk, but i’m still loving them for it.


omg, how the heck do you think you are being portrayed Rachel? You are a girl from Vegas with big fake boobs that laughs like Holly Madison. You’re being portrayed as exactly who you are. She’s clueless.


Ok. Brit is my favorite b/c her comedic timing is so perfect. Lane is next in my book then Ragan.Monet is only good for Britt’s backup.N ow for the crazies. Why does hayden’s mouth look like a pit bulls and Enzo smacks even though he isn’t chewing anything? Has anyone figured out what is wrong with Kristen’s eyes? My cat meowed every time Kathy said “you know “so I guess Kathy has to go. Matt a turd and Andrew still a little creepy to me. I just tired of b/r.


What mouth? The more exact question is: Where are his lips? Have you had the chance to see him eat nuts in the house, it is hilarious!!! I would hate to see his face without the bangs! I think Hayden is white, but he looks, at times, that he is mixed with Asian. He is so not hot!


Bendon’s best line: “You don’t have big boobs on purpose” … (this was when they were discussing his parents not liking Rachel)


Well-gee, of course not Electra. Rachel didn’t purposely go to the Dr. and purposely tell him what size cup she wanted to be and purposely pay him for those fake boobies! Brenden is really not that stupid…..if I was Rachel-I would have asked him if he was for real or really a ‘tard.


If Rachel’s breasts are fake (which i’m pretty sure they are!) then she DOES have big boobs on purpose, duh Brendan!!!!!!!!!! Vegas, cheapass cocktail waitress, its what you are, Rachel, that’s how you’re being portrayed


Jeez I am guessing your flat considering ur being such a hater. Don’t get me wrong Racheal can be annoying but she clearly has a good heart!


I think BB just sent agents to grab passersby off the streets of some small cities and towns to get this bunch. They are the worst, least interesting group BB has ever had. Chemists and doctors and law enforcement people, my ass, they are all stupid, especially the insurance adjuster, he must be missing his ambulance chaser partner. Wow, do they all suck. And as far as Brachel goes, they are both scuzzy jerks, and whatever she has has certainly been passed on by now, get some shots Brenden asap. I wish BB would liven this bunch up, they are boring as hell.


I agree with all you say, but insurance adjusters do not chase ambulances, they leave that to the lawyers.


Nope, I know for a fact they didn’t pick them off the street. They thought they would go with a different angle this year. I’m pretty sure they might be rethinking it now. But, it might start getting exciting, you never know.


I love how R&B are oblivious as to why the house wants them out-especially rachel. These people are supposed to be super smart and they cant figure it out. idiots. Rachel says im/were not even playing the game we are just focused on each other-THEN Leave why are you here or better yet quit trying to take the focus off of you two and just accept it. she trys to compare herself to hayden/kristen and brit/monet hello theyre not sucking face 24/7


Rachel has more millage on her then the space shuttle.


The are both manned flights.