Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Brendon says if Britney is trying to use Andrews religion against him then he is going to call Britney out in front of everyone. Rachel tells Brendon NO!

Ragan and Matt are talking while they workout. Matt talks about what his eviction speech would be, he says he won’t even acknowledge the fact that he’s on the block and will simply say, Natalie, you’re a horrible person. Thank you all for letting me be here. They joke about how Natalie only showered one or two times a week. Ragan says that Jessie must have liked his women ripe.
10:20am Brendon and Rachel are making out up in the HOH bed. They get under the covers and then Big Brother calls Rachel to the diary room. Brendon yells out MOTHA …UUGhh!! Rachel says thats a super cock block.

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Kathy and Britney talking on the backyard couch. Britney talks about how much she misses home and that everyone had to leave something to come into the house. Britney says the game changes people. Kathy agrees, and it’s up to you whether it’s for good or bad. Britney says that watching at home, she used to think in a Final 2, the person who played the game better, lied to people, should win. Britney says but now it has a lot more respect now for people who may not play the game as much but keep their dignity and stay true to their word, its a lot more to do with respect. Kathy agrees.

10:35am Rachel and Brendon are back to making out. Brendon and Rachel are dry humping under the covers. Brendon says you do it really well. Rachel says I know. Kathy comes up and totally interrupts them. Kathy starts talking about what she was talking to Britney about how the person she would vote for has to have integrity in their game play. Kathy tells Brendon and Rachel that they know how hard she (Kathy) struggles with maintaining her integrity and playing the game with respect for others. Kathy says that the only reason she is mentioning it is because she is worried if Britney says the same thing to Andrew that Andrew could be swayed.

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10:50am – 11am Brendon says that he is going to go talk to Andrew and find out how he’s doing and if Britney has hit him up yet. Brendon thinks that Britney is trying to use Andrews religion against him. Brendon says that if he finds out Britney is trying to use Andrews religion against him then he is going to call Britney out in front of everyone. Rachel tells Brendon not to do that, that he should go find out information …but then come talk to her ..and not call anyone out. They are not worried that Andrew will switch his vote, they’re just worried about him. Brendon thinks Andrew is okay with questions about his religion when it comes from a genuine place like from Brendon, Kathy, and Ragan. Kathy tells Brendon that Britney said the game is more about having respect for people who keep their word than people who play hard. Kathy feels that comment was directed at her. Rachel thinks you can play hard, without lying, cheating, stealing. Brendon feels Britney and Matt have lied and played both sides. Kathy says that she really likes the group they have, she feels they will play together, and if they go up eventually, it will be because there’s no other option, and it won’t be personal. Brendon thinks they need to get all sides of the house on board for taking out Britney next week, and thinks Enzo might even do it. Brendon doesn’t think Britney will win anything. Brendon then leaves to go workout.


11:10am Britney and Lane are talking in the hammock. Britney says that she thinks a certain woman is a threat to her but isn’t necessarily the next person she wants to get out. Brendon might be the threat to get out because she can’t go toe to toe with him. Lane says something like in this game you can go toe to toe with anyone. Britney says that she doesn’t think Brendon is doing that well in the mental competitions. Lane says that Brendon and Rachel have book smarts but not game smarts. Britney thinks it would have been the smart strategy for Brendon to drop right after her in the PoV, and Rachel after Monet, but instead Brendon tried to time it out. Britney says that she doesn’t just want to get to the jury house, she wants to win. Lane says once jury house gets around, that’s when you start playing the game, that’s when the real lines come out. Britney says before jury house, there’s two people she wants gone. Britney says she would obviously rather have Monet stay. Britney says that she thinks Monet needs Hayden’s vote, tha’ts considering that he(Lane) and Enzo vote for her too. Britney says that she won’t be doing a Brendon running around getting votes, that she isn’t going to go around working for Monet. Britney says that Monet has to do it herself, weren’t an alliance.

11:35pm Up in the HOH room Kathy is talking to Brendon, Rachel about how they should expose Matt for playing both sides before next HoH. Brendon to says all they need to do is tell Enzo as if by accident. Brendon says that he wants to ask Matt if he’ll put Brendon and Rachel up, and wants Matt to lie to him. Rachel says that we already know Matt is a rat and a liar. They talk about how they don’t want to expose Matt so much that people want him gone this week. Brendon and Kathy talk about how this weeks vote is already a done deal. Rachel jumps on Brendons back and Brendon says Its a good think I’m strong or you’d break my back before the competition. They then head to the backyard to workout…

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48 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Brendon says if Britney is trying to use Andrews religion against him then he is going to call Britney out in front of everyone. Rachel tells Brendon NO!

    1. No kathy is irrelavant…she has nothing significant to add to any game play conversation, Brit may have said something derogatory but thats because she is a bitch not an anti- semite

      1. in any situation, you can’t stick someone different in the mix of a predominantly white cast and not pull the race card.

        1. Only small minds think that way. No one HAS to”pull the race card”. CBS pulled the race card when they didn’t cast a diversity.

          1. In every season of BB the race/religion card has been pulled. To say it hasn’t probably means you’re prejudice

  1. The feeds are now “full screen” with a pop-out mode just put in, just wanted to let everyone know (it doesn’t fill the entire screen but it’s much bigger now)

  2. is just me, or is brendan acting like jessie was last year?!?! the sense of entitlement from early power in the game is a slippery slope. both him and rachel are in for a rude awakening next week unless brendan wins hoh or kathy gets lucky! ragen is already trying to seperate himself from them…

    1. The only way I see this season BB getting better is to have either Brendon or Rachel evicted and this happens because Brittney is HOH. I would love to see the ass-kissing that would happen if Brittney won HOH. Everyone is talking to her but Kristin, Brenden, Rachel and Kathy….all the HG’s that stay up in the HOH all day.

    2. Jesse was funny and over the top. (I am still mad at him but a spade is a spade) Jesse didn’t feel entitled. He knew he was not America’s choice. He knew the score. Brendon has no clue. He is Jeff. He even looks like him. BB was hoping he would have the same effect on America as Jeff did last year.

      1. “hoping” is the key word. brendan is nothing like jeff in game play or personality, maybe looks. jeff had dry humor, and very witty. it’s an insult to jeff to compare the 2. as far as game play, let’s be honest, all brendan does it cook, and sit up in the hoh making out with rachel. r and b need to realize their is more to the game than themselves.

          1. No one knew who Jeff was for half the season last year. He was a floater and boring. It wasn’t until women started getting stiffy’s for him that he even became a major player. He was handed the game and if he hadn’t have been given the magic ticket, the door would have hit him in the butt week 2

              1. At least Jeff hung with someone who had a sense of humor instead of lip-locking and dry humping the season away with a red-headed vegas tramp.

                    1. Jeff smoked and tried to get play from Jordon. He chased her around like a dog with a hard on. That is his claim to fame. He was rude to Jordon. No one would go near her in the real world. He’s only with her til her money is gone and he rakes in the dough, then the dough on his arm aka Jordon will be crying in her cookie dough.

                  1. Casey

                    I don’t LOVE Jeff-I just don’t think he should be compared to Brendon.
                    Just like I can’t stand the fact that Rachel keeps comparing her “showmance” to Jeff and Jordon’s.

                    2 different seasons, 4 different people.

    3. The way I recall it Jesse was taken out by the BB fandom… not the HG’s… besides based on the discussions from prior blog post Rachel won’t even be targeted, just Brendon.

      1. I really wish Rachel would get evicted next week. I would love to see if Brendon would be a better player and not such a wuss with her out of the house. And with her out next week, she won’t even be in the jury house waiting for pussy boy!

        1. Everytime I watch this show all I see is Brendon kissing the skank. Its non stop. It really smothering the hell out of the game and the show. Kiss kiss smack smack all day and night. He seems like he could be a real good stalker.

  3. I like the combo of Hayden, Lane, Matt and Ragan for final 4. It becomes easier to cheer for a player when we see their diary room sessions, so I’m looking forward to more of those, even if Hayden does shout through them. I’m still liking Matt for the win. Kristen will be cut in the later weeks- even if Hayden tries to keep her, she won’t have the other guys votes. Now she and Kathy are super paranoid about Andrew, which makes me think her game play is careening off the rails.

    1. I want Matt to win too. He’s my pick. I hope their alliance makes it a little further however they don’t have a nemesis on the other side. B and R are lightweights and who else can you fight with? Andrew? He’s not going to fight. Kathy? Hell no, she’s like Winnie the Pooh and will get stuck again in something slippery. The only ones left are Ragan, Britney and Monet and I don’t see a lot of fight in them either. The best bet is for the brigade to make it a couple more weeks and then fight it out amongst themselves. Testosterone at it’s finest.

      1. Yes Rockstar, we are in the same camp this year, as much as it pains me because of your infatuation with Jessie last season, yuck. I would like to further differentiate us by pointing out that I do not have the hots for Matt.

        1. I’m still working on which camp i’m in. I know I’m not a rachel/brandon fan I think CBS was hoping for another jeff/jordan this year and they got a giant douche and a girl with gummy bear boobs.

          1. The lip smacking, dry humping and pillow talk make me gag. I love it when BB busts them and sends Gummy to the diary room.

      2. but winnie can eat his way outta a sticky situation she couldn’t move, but now i know why she had those bruses on her arms

    1. becaus ethey know deep down that andrew is not gonna allow his own team to put him up and still support them they knew he would’ve left “Team Delusional” in a hot minute

  4. Britney should be the one going home this week. I wish Monet, I’m not crazy about her either, had won the POV. There is something seriously wrong with Brit, she is so immature and spiteful plus so damn whiny!!!!!!!

    1. no idea it’s so skinny, but i would guess something personal or a famous quote … see we can’t even write them to ask question son of a bitch

  5. OMG brendon is such a weenie, im not a huge fan of rachel but i think shes playing brendon…she has him cooking for her every night? kissing her ass all day! i say get brendon out the house and rachel will be much more like able.

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