BB12 – While Campaigning for Votes Monet tries the Truth “I’ve never said anything malicious about Rachel”

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1:43PM Pool table Monet and Kathy Kathy is trying to be nice but still is coming on to be sincere. Monet apologizes for saying that Kathy is the reason she is on the block. Kathy knows this is a game and understand how things will be said in the heat of the moment. Kathy thinks that Brit is hurting Monet she tells her that not many people are liking brit and it’s not a good idea for her to have Brit campaign for her. Kathy continues that it’s critical that Monet campaigns on her own. Monet tells Kathy it is really tuff to be on the block and how theres little chance to get the votes she needs. Monet mentions that it would be nice to have a couple votes just to not have to walk out of the house like Annie did. Kathy says she feels bad about the situation that monet is in and she wants Monet to know that she’s up on the block for winning the 10 grand. Monet says that Brendon and Rachel are on a powertip and that there power won’t last forever. Kathy doesn’t think they are she says that Brendon and Rachel are genuine people (barf… puke) Kathy tells Monet that they are friends and she doesn’t want this to get perersonel. Kathy goes on and on about it not being personal monet isn’t up on the block because of who she is she’s on the block becuase she’s a big threat that won 10 grand. Monet reminds Kathy that she never says anything bad about Rachel she likes her they just haven’t had the chance to get to know each other (holy fuck what a lie)

Monet tells Kathy that she needs 1 maybe 2 votes and she really is going to fight for them. Kathy tells her that she wants the house to vote for the player that will help them in the game not the player Brendon and Rachel want out. Kathy says she’ll think about it.


2:20pm Kristen and Kathy Backyard Couch Kathy explains the entire conversation she just had with Monet to Kristen. Kathy leaves on thing out she makes is sound like she told Monet that she’s voting against her. Kathy says that Monet was truthful for the most part however Monet said she wouldn’t be going after Brendon and Rachel which Kathy thinks is a lie. Kathy is certain that Monet and Brit will be gunning for Rachel and Kristen. Kristen mentions that Matt is completely innocent he hasn’t done anything negative to her and kathy. Kahty corrects her and says Matt’s been good to the house. Kathy says it was good of Monet to talk to her but it’s already been decided and she doesn’t see Monet getting her votes.


2:45pm Pool Lounging around

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Evel Jim

I come here for the commentary. Too funny.

Evel Jim

Sure enough. Good catch.


About time Monet trys compaining! Thus far she’s done nothing but shit talk (although I enjoy enjoy it). This season blows. In season’s past I have not agreed with BB interferring, but this year i’m all for it. DO SOMETHING BIG BROTHER!!!! The BBAD’s are painful to watch, no orgy’s or strip teases like in years past. Just Tits & Brenda dryhumping.


This is the most boring BB ever. They should put people in the house who aren’t fans of the show and don’t know all past players stratigies.


I totally agree with you. I have watched since season 1 and 24/7 for the past 3 or 4 years, not sure. but this is the most boring season ever! I have written CBS on there website under feedback and told them the same.
But your right they do need to go back & bring in people that have never watched the shows, it’s ok to show them a couple of seasons, not this one, so that they get the jest of the game but that’s it. Your right. I also think BB should interfere and do something to bring these people back to life! they do nothing except worry & talk game, they don’t play, or have fun!
I want BB to continue producing each year for sure, however this year has got to be killing them. It’s killing me! it could effect all the talk about stopping the show. I don’t want to see that happen.


Kathy is a trip. She flip flop’s and it’s only week 2. She’ll be out after branchel goes. I WISH CBS WOULD DO SOMETHING TO SPICE THINGS UP . BTW: I CANT


Agreed. I thought Kathy was El Salvatore which would explain her flip flopping but no, she just sucks and has no game. She takes forever to say nothing, then she repeats what Krusty says about 10 times. Both their voices irritate me.


Thank you, I thought I was the only one that thought their voices were annoying. Kathy and her “you know” in every sentence she says can drive you up the wall.


Imagine this Thursday night… Monet is evicted 8-1 and Britney is crying and then in the HoH comp .. Brendon wins .. the house implodes …. this would be the greatest thing since sliced bread. As much as he has become annoying, the fact that it would drive so many people insane = great TV.


If Brendon wins HOH this week then we will have a week of repeats with Brittney playing the part of Monet.

Uncle Cool

I think that would make for a nightmare for me.

I would love to see Britney win HOH and tell Brendon and Rachel, the second she wins, that they are going on the block.

Uncle Cool

Let me add that I would like to see, along with B and R getting put up, Enzo getting POV.


If Brendon wins hoh, then I will Love Big Brother……Not! That would be terrible for Cbs. Whoever pays for feeds , I hope you can a refund! lololol




you’d have to be an idiot if yo don’t think branchel isn’t on a powertrip… cmon now have you not been watching??

it’s gonna put a smile on my face when either of them goes next week


Whats The deal with cbs? They spend to much money on Russell from Survivor and they didn’t have any money left over for big brother? I mean really! I rather see repeats of russell . This cast needs someone who will make an impact. Maybe bring evil dick in or something. I’m bored 2 death:(


my man Russell got screwed 2 seasons in a row and the floater won……

The Playa

russell was awesome, those survivors are just haters


thats when i was convince that all these so called relaity shows are RIGGED


Yup, He would be fun to watch on big brother. We need some fun! This cast sucks. THE WHOLE CAST! Is it me because they all seem up tight? Their always tired. Tired of what? They don’t do chit all day!lolol Brit is funny az hell though. Monet and Brit keep me laughing. But I’m stil bored 2 death!


people need to start voting for themselves from now on and stop this “respect the HOH” a.k.a “kiss the HOH’s ass” bullshit, it’s pathetic. thats not good gameplay


I would say I was respecting the HOH but I never would.


I would do what I want ! Unless the hoh was on my side. They can’t win hoh the next week. lol.


I totally want to subscribe to the live feeds but these people are so lame. I rely on the cmnts here & on twiiter to give BB12 life!


And if anyone from Showtime BBAD is reading this…..please QUIT showing Rachel and Brendon kiss all night! GROSS!!!!!

Uncle Cool

I thin they are trying to promote whatever ‘showmance’ they can because some people actually like to watch ‘showmances’. I think the televised portion will start pushing the Hayden/Kristen mess soon, too.



Within the next few weeks, all we will see are the showmances. Whomever wins HOH will be too afraid to vote out Rachel or Brendon and even if they have the balls one will win the pov and the pawn will go home. It happens every single season.


I am soooo sick of watching B & R making out and calling each other beautiful and amazing. And the cameras hang on them forever and there is just nothing interesting going on with it. They really think that America must just love them. They are no Jeff and Jordan. The way Rachel shouts out to CBS is so sickening. I want her out and I want Brendon to be lost and crying. Maybe we’d get some action going.
I really wish that Andrew didn’t go to bed so early. I would like to see alot more of him interacting with the other HG. On BBAD he always seems to be missing.


you are right, I kept wondering last night, where’s Andrew? Does no one care that he’s not around? I’m not sure why he’s so iffy. I was trying to come through the TV last night to get Kristen to convince Rachel to put Matt up instead of Andrew, you know he would have been going home! I think he needs to go soon but not this week. I do feel sorry for him and the food issues. There are really only a few people who understand this, but not those kids in the house, they are too young. All they are concerned about is themselves, for the most part. I think Kathy & Brenden understand the issues of his relegion and food. The others not so much & possibly not at all! Look at the Have Nots this week crying so much. Look at last weeks, they barley complained at all. Age differance and Maturity differance. Brittney & Monet care NOTHING


I have a feeling that before tomorrow that the alliance between Hayden, Lane, Matt and ‘pussylips” is going to get exposed. It will either be Hayden or “pussylips” who let’s it slip. I think production will instigate something. But no matter what “Monet’ will be sent backing Thursday.
Since I found out today that the BB staff is using this blog (their favorite), as well as a few others, as a “audience gage.” They are very much aware that we ain’t buying what they’re selling this year. I not saying the show is rigged, (Yah, Right) but I can recall a few times (most recently Britney’s POV win) when the results were suspicious. The “Pussycat Dolls” are going to choke on their own pasties.


I too wish bbad would quit showing b/r. They make you want to stick needles in your eyes and put cement in your ears. I love britney’s bitchiness. She’s mean but soo right on funny. Her take on Rachel is the best. If she gets voted out who would make us laugh. Everyone else is too fake. Poor Monet is going, not going to miss her because I think brit will cling to lane and they are sooo funny together


This is the first season that I’ve visited any kind of spoiler site and I am enjoying it very much (with the exception of the horrible spelling and embarassing grammar). And I tend to agree with what’s being posted. I’ve watched BBAD for several years now but I’m at the point where it is so boring it’s not worth staying up for, nor is it worth my time the next day. I understand that the HG’s have nothing else to do, that they’re playing a game that, as part of the game has become their life, but I find it so difficult to believe that most of them actually think (as they have admitted) that they are making good TV. I think Rachel got lost on her way to some “Rock Of Love” reunion show. I’m embarassed FOR Brittney because my friends/family would disown me were I to behave that way; I think Monet is too boring and dim to even mention here and Brendon is a clingy, needy wuss. I only WISH that Rachel would wear the pants in THAT showmance! She needs some……..And whoever said that Hayden looks like Bobby Brady cracked me up! He does!!! Tonight I won’t be staying up for BBAD. Booooooooring…….


I think Monet should offer Kathy, Brendon, Andrew, Kristen and Ragan $2,000.00 each for their votes–( which would be a LIE) – she already have Brittney which would make 5 votes and Matt would be going home. This would turn the house truly upside down and Rachel would be making a statement. Then she should align herself with Lane, Enzo, Hayden and Brittney.