Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brendon just doesn’t get it.. “He’s either an idiot or he’s lying through his teeth”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:40pm Brendon is fighting hard to keep Andrew in the house. He’s just soo disgusted that a floater like kathy is going to survive. Brendon goes on and on and on and on about how he doesn’t want a floater in the house.. how Andrew isn’t coming after him… he wants to compete he wants people that deserve to be here to stay. Rachel tell him many times he should drop the whole thing. Ragan and brit both blast Brendon for whats he’s saying.. rachel helps out. Brendon sticks to his guns he wants Andrew to stay. ragan tells him it’s a done deal there isn’t much Brendon can do to change the houses mind. He says that Brendon is basically beating his head against the wall for trying to sway people’s minds to keep Andrew. Pretty much Brendon looked like a idiot Brit.. Brenda gets called intot eh DR. Rachel says she doesn’t really care who goes home at this point even though that sounds mean, but that’s the point she’s at. She doesn’t know what Brendan’s deal is. brendon come back (it was a quick trip) BRit and ragan head downstairs for food, Matt comes up and we go through it all again. Brendon tells Matt he talked to Andrew today and andrew told him there was no plan of andrew coming after him. Matt asks if they do have an alliance. Brendon says no.
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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:11pm Hammock Brit and Ragan They’re both numb by brendons display in the HOH. Brit says that her and ragan are alike this week but The difference between them is she has to control her own destiny in this game I have to protect myself. She points out that Rachel and brendon are not after her and there not after ragan and at the same time you have this whole issue of the house and what the house wants. Ragan is amazed that she feels targeted because he hasn’t picked up on that at all. Brit says she’s been told by people close.
I get the feeling that the person i am thinking of is someone that no one is considering right now but if that person come into position of power they will target her 100%. I need to protect myself becuase I want to be here and my back is against the wall.
Ragan: “I wish we could talk to matt right now” Brit agrees: “Matt is so logical with these things”.. “everyone is scared of the house” She brings up that matt got out of putting B/R up this week but it won’t work next week. Ragan: “I think we are in very similar shoes this week”
Brit: “We are like me and lady gaga sining in my car in perfect unison”. They both talk about how weird the hoh conversation brit says Brendon is either a total idiot or a total liar. Ragan: “he’s not a idiot”. ragan worries that they were too hard core on Brendon. Brit doesn’t think so she points out that rachel understands and she’ll explain it to him. Brit thinks that tomorrow is neither a total disaster nor a total gain for them. ragan says he’s going to head up stairs to save matt..
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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:32pm HOH Ragan and rachel talking about the potential HOH comps.. they discuss things around the house like how many steps there is up to HOH, how many pots in the living room etc.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:45pm backyard Hayden, Kathy, Brit and Andrew Talking about Andrew living in the best place out of them all.. Brit brings up diamond mines in Arkansas where if you find a diamond you can keep it. Hayden mentions the old lost dutch man gold mines.. and rumor has it that theres 20million dollars stashed away. Brit says that you hear at least once a year about some 6 year old that found a 10000 diamond.. She now brings up that the walmart museum is in arkansas and it a must see. Andrew is shocked that they have a museum. Brit says the founder of wallmart sam walton’s started his first store called the 5 and dime and they turned it into a museum. is around because of your donation every year the site costs us to host the images and run the servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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Ragan just hit the nail on the head. Andrew had something planned at the house meeting because he was desperate. He felt it was the last card he could play, and he was gonna out his alliance with Brendon and his honesty would save him. Ragan thinks Brendon stopped him and was going on another hardcore campaign spin to save Andrew, which only makes him look like a bigger moron. Seriously, if you were watching his piss poor arguments there was no way in hell you bought it. It was so pathetic to watch. Brendon, stfu. No one believes it.


I watch the after dark and Regan said that to Brendon, he said your making yourself look guilty by trying to keep him.. I agree with you Brendon stfu!!!! I cant wait till he goes home 🙂


Regan is officially the smartest person in the house. He dissected Brendon’s entire, misconceived plan with Andrew and spelled it out eerily verbatim to Matt. Brendon, once again, proves he is a huge, walking like he’s gotta shit out a baby, McDouche.

Best lines from Regan talking with Matt:
“I felt like adults talking to a retarded monkey.”
“He’s an idiot, but he’s just smart enough to make him dangerous.”


LMAO!!!! Well said!!! I totally agree, and after watching last night’s BBAD, I think I have finally found someone to root for:)

The Excitement

Brendon is the dumbest player in the house.

BAB - formally BB

Brendon’s an idiot – final answer! Can’t wait for the eviction.


Ragan is smart, but clueless to. he thinks Matt is trustworthy? Matt is a snake, and the Brigade will dominate

I have faith

why doesnt andrew mention the other showmance going on? since if he doesnt mention it, its brenden next no doubt about it.

I have faith

I thought that andrew was going to expose more than brenden and rachel…he said “it will take the target off your back, I promise you”….

that doesnt sound like something you say before you burn someone


Well considering Ragan is spilling his guts to the guy who “masterminds” a secret alliance, the members of which openly work-out together in the yard like a prison gang, and whose trust was built on the made-up illness of his wife I would say Matt is the one who is playing the best/smartest game at the moment. He didn’t put up R/B and the rest of the house still isn’t targeting him despite the fact that all his moves obviously help him by keeping the blood off his hands. Ragan is smart but his best bud has him snowed into submission. Think about it for a moment, if the Brigade does manage to get out R/B before any of them get picked off they will be practically unstoppable. Ragan is feeding all his guts to Matt who is going yo just use it against him. The weirdness of Brendon’s campaigning for Andrews is obvious to everyone not just Ragan. Matt may be a douche but he may not have a single person in the house who would put him up at this point.

I have faith

In fact, I guarentee there is more to this than people commenting think…andrew was trying to help brenden, and brenden wanted to keep him in the house before he took the dive….hes going to expose the other showmance…


The house should keep Andrew! He may not have meant to but he’s totally breaking up r/b! Brendan wants to keep andrew. Rachel wants him gone… They’ve been arguing a LOT lately. She’s so insecure now.


personally I loved Jordan last year and I am so glad she won but yes she was a little simple minded but thanks to Brendon this season..Jordan has lost her title.


Brendon, Brendon , Brendon….go home to your mommy.

All 12

I keep hearing the word idiot thrown around, but the man is working on a PHD!! Matt does not have one of those now does he. Everything Brendon said was the TRUTH!! Andrew DID come to him with that whole concocted plot and now it is backfiring. I want Matt and his lying butt out!! They say Andrew is stupid, but who is the Dr? Who lied about a fake disease, how low can yougo?


You can be book smart and still be dumb. Look at Andrew. He was smart enough to get through med school, but in the game of BB he is an idiot. Brendan may be educated, but he needs to get out of the lab more and learn how to interact with people. He also needs to tame his ego. Nothing turns me off faster than arrogance. It’s usually a sign of over compensating for low self esteem.


You do know that Regan already has his PHD. He is oficially the smartes in the house. and he has the best logical street smarts. He is one of my favs.


I’ve been saying that Brendon would be a great player if he wasn’t with Rachel but, this guy just makes it harder and harder to defend him…however with that said, I will give him props for fighting for Andrew all the way to the end



Uncle Cool

Ragan is a psychology professor.

He is probably playing all of them like violins.


Brendon is an idiot, he doesnt know how to play BB… I love Regan, he is honest and personally I hope he wins.. I love him and his game… not everybody can be honest like that !!!


Last night I was reading an interview with AG. She says that tonight a twist will be announced. She says the saboteur may not be dead yet She also says that Jeff might be coming to spend a night in the house. Blah! the worst part is that she is just tickled about Branchel and thinks we are going to get a BB wedding. Doesn’t she know that we don’t want to see that? Just like we didn’t want to see Gnatalie get engaged last year? She also mentions Jeff and Jordan are still together. What, is she planning a double wedding – J/J and B/R? Don’t you DARE, AG!!!! Just thinking about it I wanna throw up in my mouth. The twist they are going to announce better be good and not another “pandora’s box”. It sounds like they are scrambling to come up with a life raft for this disappointing season. Please, AG! Stop shoving Branchel down our throats! We don’t want to see it! We want GAME!!!!!!


Yo what do you think everyone’s reaction will be when and if Andrew tells them he knows Kristen and Hayden have been making out in bed every nite? Seems like Brenden and Rachel already know, but I think it will make the brigade uneasy about Hayden….yo!

Joliet Jake

probably that incest is strong in that family. Kristen resembles the banjo playing kid from Deliverance.


I have been thinking for three days now that Ragan is the one to beat for the $500K. He is talking to everyone in the house in a non-confrontational manner and subtly befreinding them. That is often a good strategy, but the bozo Brigade may figure that out and try to get him out because of that fact. Yet, are Matt and he the life long friends?


There are no life long friends Annie lied about that.


Totally agree, Brad! I honestly am amazed that nobody’s honed in on him yet. I’m really curious to see what he does when someone finally does get him in their sites. I really found my person to root for in him and his performance last night, am dying to see how he fares the next few weeks. I bet he stays under the radar a good while.


B/R have to go…brendon wins the douche of te year award, and if I have to hear Rachel say “by the same token” one more time, I’m going to stab my ears!

Reagan is legit! He should win!

That’s all.


Sorry for your loss, it may take a while to feel like yourself again. I recently lost my mother and it is hard. No wonder BB12 is such a diversion, not only for you but for us all!! Your “lunacy” as you call it is very funny and so welcome here…don’t change a thing, (you could be, like, you know, Rach or like Kathy, you know.)Yes, life does go on, and sadly too, so does this lame 12th season of BB. Hopefully after this HOH we can get down to the game. It’s like everyone is afraid .


If Andrew he will expose Hayden&Kristen and Matt on his wife


I’m really curious… Every season, there are words and phrases you hear the houseguests say over and over again that end up driving you nuts. I think the number one, every season without fail phrase is ‘throw under the bus’, but each season, new ones come up. I’d love to know which ones are standing out to you guys this season. For me, it’s Kathy’s ‘you knows’, Enzo’s many ‘Yo’s’, and just about anything Rachel says. The Brigade… seriously, guys? Really?

Anyway, am dying to hear what you guys are hearing over and over again enough to make you want to go postal;)

Uncle Cool

For me, it’s not what I am hearing.

It is what I am seeing.

Rachel and Brendon

One of them has to go next week, but I doubt it will happen due to the meddling of BB producers.


Rest in peace Michael. Walk in peace Jimik60.


Wow! Thank you Simon/Dawg and fellow BB12 haters. Please, don’t let me put a damper on your day. If anything, stop and thank Simon/Dawg for providing us with a place to come and not have to worry about how we look or feel. One more than one occassion, both this and last year, I was always guaranteed to leave here feeling so much than when I got here. So, enjoy it while it last. I am on my way to the airport to pick up my good friend “Richie” who has an association with CBS. He is going to be staying with me until next week. But before I go, I just want to say, that he told me that tonight’s show is it going to be the set-up for all that is going to happen in the BB House for August. There is some big twists coming – appearances from Jeff/Jordan, and either Annie, Monet or tonight’s evictee will be voted back in by a “America’s Vote in time for next week’s POV. It sounds promising – but who knows.Will be popping in and out so again thank you all for your thoughts and in lew of flowers please donate to this site. Have a great time!!


Jimik – I totally understand and say things too when I get caught up in the moment that I feel bad about later. Even with some of your darkest comments, you have made me laugh so hard! This show at least offer some temp escape – it’s understandable. The only person who needs to ask for forgiveness is AG – it really has been a mundane & rotten season. I am not as much of a hater in real life, just an extreme hater of this season 12. I stick by my original argument, just not so meanly – we deserve a real cast AG/CBS. I hope that you all don’t think I am a hater either. It sorta sucked not watching for a couple of days.Take care jimik and get some rest.


I am totally disgusted that Matt screwed up so bad and didn’t put B or R up so one of them would be going home preferably Rachel. Whoever wins HOH tonight I hope puts Rachel and Matt up so at least one of them would go home next week and no jury house. I could deal with Brendon because I think if Rachel goes, he will be different and start playing a game.


I am more frustrated with this season than any other with regards to the angelic edit that Brenchel keeps getting. I almost dread watching the actual TV show anymore because I know they are painting a bull shit picture of everyone in that place.


i cant stand how kathy always say ya know ya know


Personally I can’t stand when Rachel says “obvi” or mentions “Tequila” OMG I hope she goes home soon.