Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Brendon and Rachel have their first fight… trouble in paradise

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8pm Up in the HOH room Rachel and Brendon are talking about Matt’s offer to go up as a pawn. Rachel says that she doesn’t trust Matt as far as she can throw him, and that she thinks he has arterial motives. Brendon says that he trusts Andrew more than he trust Matt. Andrew come up to the into HOH to talk to Brendon and Rachel. Andrew says that when he walked into the bedroom Hayden, Lane and Matt were talking and they all stopped talking. Andrew tells them that he thinks something is going down but doesn’t know what. Brendon and Rachel start to tell him whats going on … and Andrew says that they don’t need to tell him anything but that he wants them to know that he doesn’t like Matt. Rachel asks if Andrew trusts her. Andrew says that he trusts Brendon and if Brendon trusts Rachel, he trusts her. Andrew doesn’t trust Matt. Andrew says that if he gets put up, he will get knocked out of the house. Andrew says that he won’t hold it against her, but he’s pretty sure he’ll get knocked out. Brendon thinks that he should still put Matt up. Rachel says that Matt will go after them if she puts him up, regardless of his volunteering. Rachel still wants to put Andrew up since she thinks he’ll understand. Rachel tells Andrew that they want Monet to go home this week. Rachel then tells Andrew that she need to talk to Brendon and asks him to go outside of the HOH for a minute. Andrew leaves. Brendon tells Rachel that Andrew is more valuable to them than those other fuckers. Brendon says that his biggest fear is losing Andrew. Rachel tells him that won’t happen. Rachel tells Brendon that she thinks Matt’s motivation for going up as a pawn is to make them think he can trust them. Brendon agrees and he is sorry he didn’t see that as a possibility before. Brendon is getting annoyed because he they have changed their minds 10 times in the last three hours about who should go up on the block in Britney’s place.

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8:20pm Matt and Ragan are talking in the storage room. Matt says he cant vote out Monet over Andrew because it will expose him to one side of the house or the other. Matt says it’s best for him to go up as a pawn so he doesn’t have to vote. Matt tells Ragan that he thinks if he has a vote this week then there will be a target on his back by one side of the house or the other depending on if he votes for Andrew or Monet. Matt says that he doesn’t want his game play to be exposed if he has a vote this week. Ragan saying he gets it but that going up as a pawn this early in the game is too dangerous. Matt saying that his offering up himself is looking ahead in the long run. Andrew has said my name but Monet hasn’t done anything to me. If I put myself up, then I don’t have to vote. Matt says he doesn’t want to be in an alliance with Brendon and Rachel because they are a big target in this house. Ragan says that he gets where Matt is coming from. Matt asks Ragan to help him if he does goes up as a pawn. Matt says that anyone who makes an alliance with the showmance couple will always be a low priority compared to them. Brendon and Rachel will always put themselves first. Ragan says that he will help Matt if he needs it and that he won’t say anything about their conversation. Matt says that he is between a rock and a hard place right now and that he feels this is his best option to stay neutral. Matt tells Ragan that he will act surprised when he is put up.
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Up in the HOH Brendon and Rachel are talking. Brendon says that he doesn’t want to put up Andrew because he thinks he can help them in the future. Rachel tells Brendon that she doesn’t want to put up Matt because she thinks he might have a different motive. Rachel says that Matt is playing the game like Dan & Ronnie. Rachel say that her game plan was to play like Janelle. Rachel says that she thinks Matt will play a pity party to everyone and then go in the diary to laugh about how stupid she was for trusting him. Rachel says especially since Matt volunteered.
9pm Brendon and Rachel are up in the HOH talking. Andrew comes into HoH and says he is fine if he goes up. Andrew says there is still a chance he might go home. He says that if it but if it works, it will be great, since it the house will think he is not in an alliance with them. Brendon says that he will go up as the pawn. Rachel yells at Brendon to shut up. Andrew says that he is okay if he goes up. Rachel says she hasn’t made up her mind and probably won’t put him up. Brendon is really surprised that Rachel would tell him to shut up. Andrew then leaves the room because Rachel and Brendon are getting in a fight. Rachel tells Brendon to not to talk to her right now. Rachel says what have we been talking about these past 30 minutes. Brendon says I guess I don’t know. Brendon gets his stuff and leaves. Rachel starts crying in bed.

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oooo thats what she was crying about

i still can’t believe that idiot is agreeing to go up as a pawn nt knowing that the brigade will not be exposed if they get andrew out , and dominate the barfmace


Rachel and Brendon are both dumb as hell! They should have put 2 men up and not andrew or ragan. Why are they playing the game like someone else! Play the game for your self dumb ass,lol.Use some common sense. btw: Brendon food always look like its nasty . These boring people give me a headache.


And I’m so sick of kristen I dislike her just like i dislike rachel and brendon. Why do these house guest keep saying on bb after dark that there making good tv. There acting like a bunch of bad actors. I rather see russell from survivor make these people really be idiots,lol on bb.lmao!


I agree with you. They are actually making dumb boring tv and when Rachel came on saying “reality tv” numerous times among other dumb statements I just laughed. I really wish when Brendon and Rachel start in that they would show something else. Both of them are so disgusting, boring and ignorant. Good tv is not seeing them having sex, making out, etc and then the conversation between Rachel and Kristen saying how they are giving good tv. Geeezzzzzzz!!


Omg dumb azz rachel just said she was thiinking about puting up andrew!lmao that is what the guys and monet and brith wants,lmao. The dumbest move ever. why the hell is she talking to kristen, she is the weakest player there besides kathy! what have kristen done except talk to hayden?

The Playa

Right andrew is the last one they should be thinking of putting up


how can kristen keep pretending shes not a floater??


Rachel is a complete idiot if she puts up Andrew. He is one of the only one’s that is for sure on their side. What is wrong with these people? Lol. Andrew would for sure get voted out if he gets put up.


Rachel thinks she is playing the game like Janelle. What a delusional loser. Janelle was classy, smart, funny and nice. Rachel is tacky, dumb, annoying and bland. One toenail on Janelle’s foot has more going for it than Rachel could ever dream of. Janelle flirted, but she has too much self respect to make out with a guy she met a few days ago under a blanket under the cameras. I can’t stand Rachel and Brendon. Bring on the double eviction soon!


I agree. There will never be another Janelle Pierzina. Janelle is without a doubt the greatest competitor in BB history! Rachel doesn’t even come close.


I fully agree Janelle was phenomenal. But, I believe that BB12 is trying to promote Rachel and Brendon as a lesser version of Jordan and Jeff. Jordan was sympatetic because she was sweet and innocent. (On that note, Britney is a lesser version of Jordan, Southern, but not sweet or naive). Jeff was beloved because he knew his faults. Brendon is probably smart, but he is no Jeff, just watch his POV speech, I wanted to puke, Jeff was lovable, Brendon is loathable. And, Rachel has big tits (and it seems a degree in Chemistry from some unknown university). Hayden and Kristen could be a great alliance with Matt and Lane. Kathy is as useless as Jerry a few seasons back. And, Enzo (I’m sorry Meow Meow) will be gone soon. He’s an idiot.


yes dumb dumb put up andrew and guarantee everyone including monet come after you HAHAHA


i can see why matt would want to go up but i hope he doesnt he’s the best one in there


Funny enough, Enzo is the only one on the brigade that sees the big picture. Matt is an idiot if he offers himself up as the pawn. I thought he was smarter than that. I don’t think he is completely safe if he goes on the block. All it would take is for a tiff in the brigade and Monet stays. Personally, I would like to see the present alliances crumble and force a realignment. Anything is better than this boring game. Last year by week two we had high drama and lots of scheming going on. This year we have a showmance that makes me want to throw up in my mouth and only a couple of players I can almost like.


I don’t see why everyone wants a ridiculous house every season. We’ve had that petty and unreal kind of a house several times, and I’m sick of it. I’m glad this season is more precarious and strategic.

I do agree though that I thought Matt was smarter than this. Very strange.


Thanks Simon and Dawg for the awesome website again this year! Could someone put a plug in Rachel’s mouth so I don’t have to keep muting my tv. And can Brendon be any dumber? Really, there is something seriously wrong with the dude…mentally. What about Kathy? While she is the “sweet mom” of the show, she is on something! You cannot be that comatose!

Jordan (#1 BB Fan)

After watching BBAD, I think Rachel is smarter than people give her credit for. She was talking about expecting the unexpected, now she understands everything because she was in all aspects of the game except for pov. But she is very smart actually.


You hit it right on the head. And, she just kicked her manbitch out of the room so she can talk with Ragan right after she told Ragan “I’m the HOH, nor Brendan. She finally gets it. What do you think about their conversation about the comps being rigged? May be conspiracy based, but this new drama is good for the show. Rachel has new respect from this end.

Jordan (#1 BB Fan)

I think she really is smart. Maybe her thing with Brendon is fake? Who knows. But about the show being rigged… she’s actually smart for thinking about that. Her whole “bimbo” thing might be an act.


Yeah I ‘m watching to but didnt kristen say she wanted them out too. She is so dumb! Everyone that producers Know the show is boring. The gave info so she can live it up! FAIL# sTILL BORING UNTIL THEY PUT UP HAYDEN THEN IT WILL GET FUN!


ragan is by far my favorite in the house. i really hope he wins it all. he might even be my favorite house guest ever and i don’t think they show him enough.


I love Ragan too!!


I think Rachel is gonna put brendon on the block!

allen zhen

damn u have so much
u shoud put it as bulletpoints per sentence
too much to read
who yall think will win


“Arterial motives?”
Yeah, that’s it!! Lololololol!!
Couldn’t be “ulterior” motives you’re looking for, could it Binky?
Anyhow, thanks for the laugh! “Arterial motives!!” Too funny!


i think lane is going to win the game if he DON’T trust the brigade crew stay quiet i think enzo talks to cocky hayden also is an idiot and mat you can already see where he is going if i was in rachel shoes i would put mat and hayden up tell hayden that he never came to talk to her plus it just doesn’t seem right how hes acting

The Playa

Lane has the best opening moves so far, eventually people will be coming to him not the othe rway around. Hes okay with everyone, I say he is odds on favorite for know, but change can come quickly, lol


The only reason Rachel is a target is because of her boyfriend “Fruity Brendon.” If he really care about rachel, he would be a bit more understanding about the pressure she must be feeling to make the right decision. But instead of being supportive, he decided to throw a “hissy fit”, like the little bitch he is, because she won’t do what he wants. If I were her, I would do a “Joan Crawford” and put his ass on the block and kill two birds with one stone – get the target off her back by getiing rid of this heterosexual wanna-be, and create some new alliance.


I almost spit out my iced tea when I read your Joan Crawford comment. Funny funny stuff.


Brendan is a self centered pussy. Come on Rachel, banish him and start thinking for yourself. Get some self respect and evict him for the sake of your game and the sanity of the feed watchers. Put him on the block and I will forgive you for everything. I will even try to ignore your laugh.


Scene: The Have Nots Room. Brendon is laying on his lounge chair in the fetal position. He is sucking on his thumb, while he uses his free hand to play with his asshole. (Production has agreed to play “The Way We Were” in the background to calm him down). Suddenly we are subjected to a montage of the Brenchel showmance. Suddenly, Alison Grodner kicks open the door to the Have Nots Room – the music stops abruptly (cue: stereo needle scratching the record).
AG says: Get up you useless sacj of bovine fodder. I didn’t cast you for the role of “Michele.” You were suppose to be my “Golden Boy!” You are a golden boy alright, the kind that likes to have other golden boys piss on ’em!”
Brendon: “No AG you got it all wrong – everything was going fine until Rachel did something with her tongue and then her finger. Ever since then, I just want to held by big burly-sized men like Lane or Hayden” What if we made that this year’s twist since the salvatore thing didn’t work?!!!!” We could be called it the “Brayden” or “Brane” shomance. to be continued. . . . . .


Great stuff. Are you by any chance the writer from last year who gave us scenes…..under a different name? Love the imagination more than the live “script.” Thanks!


Is everything okay….. there hasn’t been any updates or comments posted in a while


ya everything is ok dawg is exhausted from holding down the site all day and night.. i’m here now to fill you all in, just got back from my brothers stag

The Playa

You guys are the best at what you do, thanks so much


thanks playa


WoW this is getting way too crazy for even the viewers at home they are complicating the game so much that the HOH ends up looking like they are on the block. They are playing highstakes poker way too early……..This is a nut house!!

The Playa

WHY IS Annie’s picture not black & white???????????????????????

Uncle Cool

Brendon gets his stuff and leaves. Rachel starts crying in bed



But, she’ll soon have someone else in her bed. Lane, Hayden, maybe even Andrew.


Wow I was having trouble watching/liking Rachel up until her ‘fight’ with Brendon! Rachel, PLEASE don’t pander to that sissy-girl no-confidence douche! I have a new respect for her. I hope she just doesn’t ruin it by shrinking back and letting Brendon feel in charge!! I also hope she follows through on her threat to ‘turn the house upside down’! Bring on the drama!!


Nope I think she’ll turn into a fag hag and sleep with ragan.


Dumbest Season ever, so boring.


This is the best one-liner so far … “this mantard is melting down into a pile of estrogen with his bruised mangina”


ragan put racheal in her place on the real brendon is stupid he wants to leave just for her how stupid is he lol brendon told britney how many girls did she think her boyfriend is banging why she is on the show i think matt is gay what man lays up in the same bed with another man lol