BB spoilage – Rachel: “My nomination tomorrow will flip this house over and cause soo much drama”

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12:40 HOH brendon and rachel. brendon tells Rachel that it makes him feel shitty when she trys and undermines his efforts in the house. He tells her that his efforts are to benefit the both of them and if she doesn’t want his help than she should just tell him. She tell him that she appreciates his help and that the game is important to her but she’s also going to play the game the way she wants to. Brendon asks her if he is a problem, she tells him no. Brendon says he thought that he was a liability to her. She says he was never anything negative. She feels that she’s made a wrong decision and has chosen the wrong person to trust. She tells Brendon that there is only 3 people in this house she can trust, “I have to start thinking strategically now that i’m hoh” Brendon tells her that he feels like he’s been brushed aside he asks her “am i ruining your game?” she tells him no! She tells him “i’ve given up alot to be here” Brendon tells her he knows everything she’s done and given up, but he didn’t come to the big brother show to just hang out he came here to win. She scold him telling him he made the worst decision trusting Annie. Brendon makes a snide comment about Rachel playing him right now. Rachel hears his comment at it really hits a nerve she says “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW”

Brendon asks her whats up with snubbing him 2 times in a row, rachel says sorry I didn’t know that would bother you. Brendon tells her “yeah that fuckin bothered me you did it 2 fucking times” Brendon is sounding like a big ass douche right now if you have the feeds flashback to 12:43am cam 2. He tells her if she’s going to go off and make decisions on her own (as opposite to consulting with him first) then we’ll stay out of her way. He concludes that is she doesn’t want any “game talk” from him she should just ask and he’ll pencil her out of that equation. Brendon tells her that he’s been down “this path” before he doesn’t like being brushed aside because the “grass i greener on the other side” (wtf) Brendon asks her if she thinks he’s a liability? She says yes you kinda are.At first they were seeming pretty mad at each other but now i’ts subsided she tells him that she needs him to be on the same page as her, this is her HOH week and he needs to trust her and support her. Rachel warns him that she plans on causing so much drama this week he (brendon ) may want to distances himself from her. She twlls him that the person she puts up tomorrow will cause so much drama it’ll flips this fucking house on it’s axis. He tells her he apologies abiout what he said and how his reactions were today.


1:20am Hammock

brendon and Rachel make there way onto the hammock. There Brendon starts to snuggle her. He tells her to put him up for nominations, he doesn’t htink he has a chance to to home. rachel tells him there no way she’s going to put him up she likes him alot. Brendon tells her he likes her too much to. He continues that he likes her more than he likes the show. she’s goes to give him a kiss he says they are a team and she shouldn’t forget that again. She tells him he is part of her heart she whispers “Trust me include me” the both say they have very strong feelings for each other. They start to kiss and continue for longer than i care to watch. Ragan starts walking towards him , he lays down on the hammock and starts jumping into game talk. He tells them that Kathy will not vote out Monet. Rachel mentions that kathy will be on whatever side that will protect her so they have the votes. Ragan tells them that they need to keep Andrew Andrew because he’s someone that can win hoh unlike other players.

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OMG! Brendon is such a hot mess. Boy I didn’t see that coming. I thought he was this well put together guy. He has some major major issues. What a cry baby over absolutely nothing! I could see him being a stalker after you break up with him. It would be fun to hear from his previous girlfriends. I’m sure they could share some scary stories.


OMG! i was thinking the same thing. he seems very clingy. he reminds me sooo much of one of my ex-boyfriend. they look kinda similar but they act completely the same. unlike rachel though, i wasn’t an idiot and kept going back. smdh.


Is it just me or is this the “Season of Scoliosis”???? The posture of Matt and Ragan make me think they are related. But look at Brendons posture too. The three of them must have a connection; they joined the scoliosis support group!


don’t be a dick. lots of ppl have scoliosis and can’t help it.

Uncle Cool


I was happy about brendon walking out and Roachel crying.

Now, they’re back.

Ick man. Ick.


i am so sick and tired of this “FAUXMANCE” (fake romance/showmance) i just don’t know what to do. it makes me want to puke!! whoever hired this cast should be fired!! i am so disappointed in the cast this season, especially after coming off of a good season last year with jordan and her cookie dough, jeff and the wizard, russell fighting with jeff and jordan, russell fighting with chima and ronnie, well russell practically fighting with everyone, jesse sleeping all day, ronnie being a rat, gnat lying and not bathing, chima throwing her microphone. lydia having meltdowns, kevin chest bumping ronnie, etc. Ahhh, those were the days. i am like other viewers, they should pay us for watching this junk this season. hopefully, things will get better, but i don’t see that happening with them gettting rid of all the drama filled people in the house. just venting.


yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck!!!!!!! come on, I can get this emotional crap on The Bachelorette! Not that I don’t like that show, but that is what it is SUPPOSED to be about. Simon and Dawg, LOVE the site, but I think we need MUSHY AHEAD alerts, lol!


HAHAha yeah that would be a good idea… when Rachel and Brendon are talking i cant stand it ….my ears start to bleed …


Brendon & Rachel are so sappy. Stage 5 clingers!! I am nauseated watching them. If rachel doesn’t backdoor enzo, or at least a stronger competitor, she she’s an idiot!! Monet can go later.
I have had suspicions that Matt & Ragan are the “lifelong friends”. But I don’t know if I think that 2 people are truly linked in the house. I think the sabateur was just messing with the HG”s.


Did you miss the part where Matt told Lane that he would have no problem voting Ragan out but that Lane had to put Ragan up first??? Matt and Lane are on my shitlist…


Annie said that it was just a lie that nobody knew each other in the house she just wanted to stir them up somemore. I think she twittered it.


there are no life time friends. that was on of annie s pranks


You forgot to mention that Rachel disrespected Brendon at least two times from what I saw…Once when she told him to shut up and secondly when she shunned when he came to the HOH room. I like Rachel and Brendon separately…I also like Anrew and Ragan a lot too. If Rachel puts Andrew up as a pawn it will backfire and he will go home I’m afraid…She needs to put up someone from ‘the brigade’ or Kathy. Leave Andrew alone…I can’t stand Monet, Britney, Lane, Matt, and Enzo…Yuck!!!


Huh? She disrespected him? He has been disrespecting her for days now. How him taking himself off the block and then complaining to her, when she was still on the block and accusing her of not understanding what HE was going through. How about him acting as if he was HOH, telling her what to do and making it all about HIM. How about her telling him she was thinking about putting up Andrew, and then Brendon tells Andrew. What a self centered moron. He doesn’t care about her, he doesn’t care about her game. He cares about Brendon and only Brendon. A girl with a little self esteem would have tossed his ass out the door and put him on the block.


I’m sorry to say but it pisses me off when people talk down on someone. They don’t even know! You don’t know the story behind brandan being sensitive. I bet if anyone had something bad happened to them in the past they would act the same way. People really need to quit talking shit about brandan


for some wild reason i think she’s gonna put up brendon, why would she say whoever she put up will cause so much drama putting up mat, enzo,kristen,hayden,kathy,regan, andrew, or lane will not cause any major drama but if she put up brendon it will cause major drama.. i ant monet to stay thjis week and they all gang up on branchel that would be awesome


brendon FINALLY figures out she’s playing him? GODDAMN what a slowass a blind man can see she playing him


Well I hope Rachel’s nomination lives up to her promise, because this is getting so boring to watch. I’d like to see her put up Brendon, but that isn’t going to happen. The only scenario that would flip the house would be putting up Enzo. Then we would get some serious madness going on. The meow meow would go nuts, the brigade would have to save him. Of course once the replacement is named, the HOH has no more power, so anything could happen. I hope CBS has some more twists up their sleeve since the saboteur never even got a chance to get started before it was over. I am starting to feel ripped off.

chick from louisiana

Who is Rachel talking about putting up?


The non showmance Hgs need to think about this. There are 9 votes in the house right now. After this week there will only be 8. I am not convinced that Hayden is in tight with the brigade, I think he is more loyal to Kristen, who is tight with Rachel, who is hopelessly under the spell of Brendan. There is a block of 4 votes. That leaves the Brigade with 3 men. Suddenly they need Brit and Monet, but Monet is probably going home this week. Andrew seems to be more aligned with the showmances than with the brigade. Kathy will go whichever way the wind blows and isn’t a threat, except she has a vote.Brit will do whatever she needs to be safe, who knows what she would do. If Monet leaves this week and someone other than Enzo, Matt or Lane wins HOH next week, the brigade is done, and we will probably end up with the two showmances running the show. I hope the floaters and the 3 man brigade wake up and realize this now before its too late.


I enjoy your logic, Chloe


well said! I agree 100%, but I’m not for the brigade. I’m not for the showmance of brachel either, but I don’t really like anyone in the brigade yet, so I kinda hope they are broken up. Once they are, real drama will ensue.


Im not for the enzo ,matt, lane, hayden either. The best move they have though if rachel dumb azz put up andrew and vote him out! so i dont get why matt dumb azz is telling her to use him as a pawn thats stupid!


reverse psychology maybe? It IS making her suspicious! lol He’s in the top 2% remember, i guess he’s playing on a higher level of thinking we can’t understand. lmao


they may be ridiculously shmaltzy, , but i really like the brenchel showmance. at least now it’s obvious they’re both equally obsessed with the other. their problem is that they aren’t taking advantage of having power this week. they should have made deals with brit and monet and formed a semi-alliance and then starting going after the physically stronger competitors like hayden and lane. and why on earth would you not put up the guy who put you up and who is also in a budding shomance?? even if they don’t know about the brigade, hayden matt and enzo are obvious threats to their game. i really hope rachel shocks everyone and nominates enzo cuz i think he’d go home.


once Monet is gone this week, Britney and Brendon need to be the next 2 out .. don’t care which order.


I almost puked on BBAD last night! first thing they showed was Brendon and Rachel…..Rachel was trying SO hard to cry, it was pathetic and so fake! These people are gross, please get rid of them. I love BB, but this season is really boring so far!


Separately I do like brendon, but rachel & I could never be friends! She would bug me in several ways. I will list some…
1) The duck lips
2) Her LAUGH
3) She is shallow but not THAT attractive, she’s pretty
4) She loves attention
5) She’d probably try to screw my hubby.

I like andrew and ragan, ragan the most. He is funny & articulate in conversation. Some of the HG’s are hard to listen too most of the time. hayden constantly playing with his mouth is annoying, he obviously has a complex with his (lack of) lips. Kristen just recently started talking so I’ll see on her. the rest can just go home.


lmao I am friends with a Rachel, and your list is accurate to what will be amazingly annoying to deal with! I agree about Enzo, unfortunately I think he’ll self implode soon, and I can’t wait to see it…so he can’t leave yet.