Big Brother 12 Spoilers Barf Bag Edition – Rachel: “Brendon’s Mr Perfect.. I love Him ” **updated**

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


4:30pm HOH Brendon, Kathy, Rachel Brendon is saying that Brit isn’t a very good person in side. He thinks that her behavior in the house is just like whats she’s like outside. Chit chat about Brit, Kathy says that brit is telling people different tories about her life. Kathy says that brit and her fiancée bought a 2 storey house to “start them off”, she told Kathy that her fiancée if a lab tech at a hospital and all he does is draws blood. Brendon mentions how she told him that he was a Medical Technologist (isn’t this pretty much the same thing?) Brendon brings up that game brit and monet was playing last week “what would you do to get to final?” Kathy brings up her the question “would you show hayden a boob, to get to final 3” Brendon says Brit is most likely well off and has servants at home. Kathy doesn’t know if brit has servants living in the house but she mentions seeing how brit is around the house she probably has someone doing all the cooking and cleaning.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:30pm Rachel and kathy.

R “I love Brendon he’s so handsome sweet and smart commaspointe kind… he’s really perfect.. we’ll perfect for me”
Kathy: “Ohh ya your perfect” Kathy gives her a hug and they giggle
R “He’s perfect.. he’s Mr Perfect”

I’m disappointed that Brit turned out the way she did at first I thought she was really cute and sweet. I was trying to make her comfortable here. Rachel “Ya then she turned on you” Kathy “well she didn’t turn on me she’s being herself right now” Rachel tells her that monet/brit had’t talked to her for 14 days and as soon as she won HOH they are all over her. Kathy points out that this is showing the girls true colours. They comment on the guys wanting to get rid of Brit. Rachel says she told Andrew that they are putting him up as a pawn.. she says that is the only way to do this. She bring sup Matt wanting to be put up she calls that sneaky and she doesn’t buy it. They both confirm that they have the votes regardless so Monet will go home. Rachel says that this week will show were the line is drawn in the house. Rachel says that Enzo has totally changed his game play since he started. Kathy says that Enzo will go after me. Rachel doesn’t think so… she doesn’t know what we’ll do. Rachel tells Kathy she wants the other side not to know that Andrew is going up.. We want to watch them to see how they react, particularly Enzo and Lane. She points out that the otherside will think they are in control but they are not Andrew will be safe and we’ll get valaiable information about them in return, Plus Monet goes home.

They start to bash Big Brother 11 saying that Jessie ran the show at first and the house had some pathetic big brother players like Lydia and Chima.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


4:53 Cabana Room Lane, Monet, Hayden, Matt, Enzo. Brit is telling them she’s worried about Kristen now more than Rachel and Brendon. Matt asks why she says thats Kristen now hates her guts because she’s safe. They are thinking Kristen is a floater and they have no clue who she’s with. They know she’s got something going on with Hayden but they don’t know were she stands with Brendon and Rachel… They start talking about theireducation and how much schooling do they have left. Brot makes a comment about Brendon “Ohhh your not a scientist your worthless”… monet: “my major is med tech” hayden “I finished up my last class in may and i’m done…”
Lane: “your a business major what are you going to do”, Hayden: “I want to open up a snowboard shop”
Monet: “where would you open it? colorado?” Hayden “no probably here in California.. i’ll sell skateboards and wake boards” They go back and forth about the feasibility of opening up Hayden’s board shop. Brit mentions the importance of having a online store because she buys everything online and so does her friends. Hayden completely agrees.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers
5:50pm Hammock Brit, Monet and Matt. Hating on Brendon and Rachel. Brit says that the other night she overheard Rachel saying “it’s so hard to be a female and a scientist” Brit and Matt laugh “RACHEL your not a scientist your a Cocktail waitress with gummy bear boobs” They start saying how stupid the other side is. Matt says Brendon is always talking about shit nobody has any idea like he’s flaunting the fact that he’s educated. Matt says that Brendon is being dumb doing that cause it adds nothing to his game just makes people not like him. They are all pretty convinced that other side is dumb the other side in the HOH are saying the same thing.

They bring up how fake Kristen is and how she best buddies with Rachel the second Rachel won HOH. Matt says “The line has really been drawn”. Brit calls them the “dark side” Matt “I thought Kristen and Hayden are close and Hayden is close to us so why is Kristen hanging with the darkside”
Brit “She thinks she’s soo hot because she burps and farts”
Monet “She burps and farts and is a bikini model”
Brit “Kristens bikini’s are gross”
Monet “Way high wasted”
Brit “Everything she has is High Waisted.. yuck”
They keep Impersonating Kristen saying “lets make sure our clothes are hiked up our vagina’s”… “OMG i’m so hot I just hate insecure girls.. i’m so gorgeous let me hike my pants up to my belly button… camel toe…”
6:00pm They start talking about best case scenario being if Rachel puts Andrew up. Matt doesn’t have clue about what she’s doing.. They mention how weird Brendon and Rachel are having fallen in “love” Matt tells them that theres no way that Brendon isn’t getting annoyed by Rachel. Monet says she’s seen him lately getting a little pissed at what she says. Matt says this is a stupid game to have a showmance on.. he thinks it will be EPIC if Brendon tells Rachel to get lost. Brit and Monet laugh. Brit is Kathy their maid? Matt: “Theres something weird happening up in HOH” Monet: “I think it’s Kathy’s mad game.. its so obvious she’s sucking up.. i wonder why she’s doing it.” Monet says that the house is split there the dark side Kathy, Brendon, Rachel, Ragan and Andrew our side Lane, Brit, Matt, Hayden and the unknown is Kristen. Matt thinks they can get Kristen to come to them, He mentions that Hayden and Krsten are still close. is around because of your donation every year the site costs us to host the images and run the 3 servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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brit and monet make me sick. they sound like they are the insecure ones. Kristen is pretty and there isnt anything wrong with her, shes down to earth and nice. Unlike brit and monet.


They weren’t saying THEY hate insecure girls they were quoting Kristin

kathie from canada

Is Britney the biggest cry baby ever??? And Monet just strikes me as a really angry person. I think B. thought she would be the centre of attention in this game, but things haven’t worked out her way. Both seem really immature. Too much pointless drama for me.


They are really insecure and itch a lot but I LOVE it when they make fun of Rachel. “You’re a cocktail waitress with gummy bear boobs” I had to laugh at that one.




Monet and Britney are so catty they’re just jealous. I hope Monet goes home this week and bitney is stuck without anyone to b!tch with. The next hoh is probably endurance and Britney has already showed she can’t do any kind of endurance


unfortunately, long as andrew is the “pawn” monet will stay right where she at….. they don’t have the votes to get rid of monet because the “brigade” will not vote to keep andrew.. ‘rachel’s delusion deciding it\’s best to not put up matt will backfire as that was her only chance of getting rid of monet because the “brigade” will not vote out one of their own… and kathy,brendon,kristen and regan is not enough votes. enzo,britney,lane,matt, and hayden will vote to get rid of andrew…..


Hayden is the question mark here? Will he vote with his budding girlfriend and betray the brigade? I think he might since Monet is not really “one” of them.


LMFAO nice touch on the “mr.perfect” image simon.

rachel’s delusions are growing


Britney and Monet talk the most about people behind theyre backs…it annoys the hell out of me…Im so pissed Britney won POV..hopefully Monet goes. Britney complains, gets injured during/after every single competition, I can’t believe she actually won POV.


They all talk about each other accept rachel, she’s to busy making me want to throw up

Uncle Cool

She looks like an alien.

Look at that picture of her staing into the camera.

It’s frightening.


wait a minute you see brendon’s face? looks like he’s so scared looks like the body language of him saying “HELP ME”…. HAHAHAHA


lmao. I know. I really like Rachel. But she looks like a Demon in that picture.

Other Kyle

Who likes Rachel? Ew

C Note

if you are going to talk shit you jealous insecure bitches, then get new material. It’s getting old, they need to grow a pair and say it to Kristens face. Thats why when Annie called Bitchney out she got scared like a little bitch. The day they get the boot, I will celebrate!


I’ll throw a party


Birtney’s the most entertaining one in the house. (And the hottest looking!) I just think the only way a firl like her can go far in this game is hooking up with amale and she won’t do it. Anyway, Go Britney!


Hey Tom….how long have you been friends with Brittany? You may be the only one on here that likes her. Or maybe you’re her brother, or Mom, or some relation. Only a family member could like this nasty, hateful, insecure bitch.


Birdie At least she makes the show less boring. She is a b#tc@ . Enzo makes it a little less boring also. So let the witch stay for awhile. Or it will be a very long more boring season.

Other Kyle

She’s annoying but she is really entertaining when she bashes Rachel.


I don’t know why pple are hating on britt & monet coz if it wasn’t for them the season would be boring & stall ala kristen. The only reason everyone is commenting on them is coz they are talking shit about pple & thats funny maybe not the greatest gameplay but good tv. Nobody wants to watch the houseguests just hanging around not saying anything or if they do is about boring sceince & the state of the country…If that was the case why watch BB go watch the news or something…I hate it when everybody is buddy buddy. The more the drama the better. With that said i hope monet stays just so the nuthouse stays in business!


right on

canadian fan

I agree, it seems like most people just want to watch a cute couple sit around and everyone else be nice and offer themselves up for eviction so the cute couple can win it all, borrrringgg. And imagine two girls together, and talking about another girl behind her back, gee thats unusual now isn’t it, hello, thats what girls do.


I am sure by tomorrow – now that she has her mangina back in her bed – she will change her mind again. Analysis is paralysis. When ever I over think about something i sometimes end up either not doing it or taking the first suggestion I get and run with it. “PussyMan” will (and should) convince her to put up Matt. If not, they are history as of August.


you say that like it’s a bad thing


Is Brenden allowed to sleep with Rachel since he’s a Have Not?


no he can’t sleep in her room which is why they hook up and he leaves…who’da thought you could do a wham bam thank you ma’am in the BB house!


Rachel has no ” class ” she has no ” repect ” for herself, & she is far from a ” lady “. What kind of bringing up did this girl have. My 11 y/o granddaughter took 12 awards & the Pres. award, & stright A,s. She has never gotten a B yet from the first day of school, & now going into the 6th grade. point made, bb this year should be rated a ” PORN Show ” it’s not a family show.Bring Miss Hollywood, back from the first season & let her teach Big Red, some real class now & Chicken George, god those were when the family could watch. I had to VENT !!!