Big Brother 12 – Rachel’s Have Notty Dance Performed By Brit

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:26am Palm Room Lane and Brit. Brit is talking about the “Have notty Show” and does a little tease “impersonating” Rachel being overly “sexy” during her have notty show. Brit “I usually don’t spend too much time on my have notty show” . Brit tells Lane that as far as she knows Monet needs just one vote to stay in this week. Lane doesn’t want to talk about game he just agrees with her and changes the subject to planning out the day.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers
11:00am Backyard Brendon and Ragan Working out, Matt, Brit Kathy and Monet on the backyard Couch.

Brit: “Imagine how ugly people must of been a long time ago”, Lane “Like what 20 years ago” (in reference to his comment about a golf course last night) they all laugh at Lane. Matt tells them he likes the natural look. Monet doesn’t think the people would think they were ugly because it would be the norm. Matt goes on about how peoples skin must of been in much healthier shape back then because there was less “Shit” in the environment. He also mentions that the foods were alot more natural people were living on famrs and “doing farming shit” (LOL love the way matt explains things..shit this shit that.. almost like me ;) ) Talk goes to teeth and braces Monat, Matt and Brit all had braces. Brit Claims she had them when she was in the second grade because her orthodontist was a “Genius”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers
11:13am Cabana room, Backyard, everyone around the house today and this is what Enzo’s been doing… ZZZzzzzzzz is around because of your donation every year the site costs us to host the images and run the 3 servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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Jake K.

HOW CAN ANYONE NOT LOVE TO HATE BRIT!? She is hands down one of the best this season…SHE VICIOUS!


Bit is definitely a Love to Hate girl. I don’t love her as a person but it is so much fun watching her be a bitch.






I LOVE her! She is hilarious & she tells it how it is even if it does sound bitchy. She is one of the most entertaining.


britt is sort of a disgusting person…rachel is annoying, but shes not ice cold in the inside. Heartless! and just rude…same with enzo calling andrew a child molester…thats not cool…


love brit XD the most entertaining person in the house

Jake K.





Brit is a bitch of all bitches can’t wait to see her go.


I’m with youu all the way! She is a spoiled little bitcch:)

allen zhen

somewhat agreed
anyone know of any spoilers?


I’ve now changed my mind, I cannot stand Rachel, the more I look at her the nastier she starts to look, the butt cheeks flapping comment on the way to the HOH room during the actual episode last night was hilarious. Starting to actually agree with Brit


Brit is hilarious…loved when she said Brenden is a Nerd who works out….come on people…she is just saying everything the blogs are saying about the HG’s


Why do Britney hate Andrew so much?
I think Andrew would be 1 of the guys you would want in the house

Jake K.

yes. BRITNEY IS A BITCH. But you have to admit, she is hysterical to watch! She makes it far enough she will be an allstar because she is RUTHLESS. Britney is the type of person you love to hate…just like Evel Dick.


Brat doesn’t stop. And yeah she’s pretty funny when she nails an imitation. Her Momma Kat routine makes me laugh.


Matt was nominated