Big Brother 12 Spoilers: As expected Britney does not use the POV! Hayden and Kristen are still up for eviction!

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12:07pm Kristen and Kathy are talking. Kristen says that she hopes she takes it all the way. Kathy says that she thinks she will be back doored this week… I mean that there will be a double eviction this week. Kathy and Kristen say that they need to break up the Brendon and Rachel alliance or the house is doomed. Ragan comes in and asks if she is okay. Ragan says that she is in the most difficult position anyone has ever been in. Kristen says that she knows and that she cant and wont campaign against Hayden. Kristen says that she really doesn’t want to leave but that she has no chance against Hayden. Ragan says that she just needs to be as logical as she can and that she has a strong logical case for her to stay ….but that there is a strong logical case on both sides. Ragan says that was intense. Kristen says yeah. Ragan asks did anyone think she was not going to use it? Kathy and Kristen both say that they thought she was going to use it … Kathy says that’s why she sat right next to the nomination chair because she thought she was going up. Ragan asks do you think that Britney made the decision by herself? Kathy and Kristen both say no … Kristen says that she just doesn’t know what to do …that she just doesn’t have a chance. Ragan says that he believes everyone has a chance. Kathy says that she thought she didn’t have a chance last week either. Ragan says that she just needs to sit down with Hayden and discuss how they are going to handle this … Kristen agrees.

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12:20pm Britney comes in and says that she is really sorry. Britney says that she was going to 100% use it to save Hayden and have Kathy put up but that Rachel told her that she would flat out put up Lane. Britney says that she is really sorry and that she wishes Hayden had won the POV. Kristen says that she understands and that she knows that she was put into a difficult position. Britney says that she was in the same position when she was up against Monet. Britney says that she kept begging the diary room people for more time because she really needed to talk to Hayden and she says that they told her no we need to do this now. Right then the feeds cut to the trivia screen… when the feeds come back Britney says that she isnt even sure that she made the right choice. Britney says that she already talked to Hayden and says that he understands. Kristen says that she understands that she was put in a bad position and that she had to do what she had to do … Britney says that for what its worth she is really, really sorry and that up until the last minute she thought that we had it. Britney says that Rachel just really wants you gone. Britney says that she is really sorry and if she wants to talk to just come talk to her… Britney leaves.

12:30pm Kathy comes in and Kristen tells her what Britney said to her. Kristen says that Britney told her that Rachel changed her mind in the last minute and said that she would put up Lane. Kathy asks if she believes Britney and Kristen says that she does. Kristen says that if she stays she would make Brendon and Rachel’s life hell …and that she would anilate them. Kristen says that she could try and get Ragan to campaign for her. Kathy tells her that she should try and get Britney to campaign for her too if Rachel threatened her ….Kristen says that she doesn’t think Britney would try and keep her here…

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218 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: As expected Britney does not use the POV! Hayden and Kristen are still up for eviction!

  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Britney is playing both sides to the extreme. I’m hoping somehow America can vote someone back in the house. :(

    1. I read somewhere that those evicted houseguests that were temporarily sequestered have now been released and sent home. I think that ends any chance that someone will be brought back. Lucky for Matt since Julie Chen told Andrew that Matt was lieing about his wife’s rare disorder. After Kristen goes home this week we will know the pool of players that will eventually make up the jury house (minus the final two).

      1. I think I read that too. does anyone have anymore info on this? I read that 2 were released, so I assume Andrew is still able to come back. I am looking forward to the saboteur. I hope it’s a brigade member and they’re ( the brigade) eventually outed. I think it will be hilarious to see Enzo when it is, the things he will say to R/Br. that will be funny!

        1. i don’t think that andrew was even sequestered because julie told him the truth about matt’s wife. i know that monet and annie were sequestered.

        2. I am thinking the saboteur will be Ragan, or at least that’s who I voted for. He’s really good at being super sweet to everyone so if he were saboteur I feel like he could play it out well.

          I wish we could vote someone back!!! I would totally vote back Andrew or Kristen, because both would bring a ton of drama to the house.

          Ugh, I really like Kristen, but she’s definitely out. Now, if Britney can stand up to B/R, she would be my absolute favorite. I understand her not using the POV though, she just needs to fight B/R.

  2. so kristen wants to put r and b up, but also wants people to feel bad for her and hayden…really?

    at this point this may have been unfortunate sinceI wish she used it then rachel wouldve put up lame…but this works

    get kristen out, she cant even win when they give her a great edit…later kristin

  3. If Britney would have used the POV, then the game would have been getting a little more interesting! I hope whoever wins HOH next week, takes out Rachel or Brendon. This season is already boring – hopefully something will happen to shake things up! Come on CBS!!!

    1. yea. it’s weird how Brit. was supposed to talk to hayden, and she couldn’t. big PISS OFF right there. somethings up, what are they trying to do? some kind of unexpected twist. i HOPE, come on PRODUCTION make this show good again, this year sucks. :|

      1. @LOL – it was very strange that they wouldn’t give her two minutes to explain to Hayden that she wasn’t using the POV. It’s not like they are in a hurry for a competition. Makes you wonder…

    2. I hate her response “it was good tv”….really?

      how is taking out R and B shaking things up? shaking things up would be the idiots in the house having a plan other than “put up rachel and brenden”

      1. Putting R/B up would make for great television.

        The nomination ceremony would be great.

        The POV ceremony would be great when it is not used.

        The eviction would be fantastic.


        1. it would good tv temporarily, but after that, if you think it is boring now, wait until then.. rachel keeps drama in the house and her presence makes the brigade go insane.

          1. Anyone that thinks Brendon and Rachel in the house are good entertainment needs to be taken out and hit in the head to unscramble their brains. Brendon and Rachel are TERRIBLE entertainment, just mind numbingly annoying terrible sappy disgusting garbage entertainment. GOOD entertainment would be watching a week of those two being on the block and with Brendon out the first week followed by a week with Rachel just so incredibly miserable, crying all the time and finally having a nervous breakdown and leaving the show. Then the rest of the time could be spent watching the game and seeing if Brit, Ragan, and Kathy catch on to the Brigade and start seeing members of the Brigade turn on each other.

          1. I hate her voice too drives me insane and I have to turn the volume down on the tv…geesh!!! this season is so boring ..we wait for so long between shows and this is what we get ..come on cbs

        2. it would be great to put up either B or R – put a pawn up with one of them initially and then back door the other one so they have to scramble after POV comp to campaign against each other. Get rid of B @ the live vote and leave R in the house to be slowly and systematically tormented and alienated – she’ll lose her mind if no one pays attention to her…Can’t stand the fake b*tch!!!

          1. @Alrm121 – if Brendon left, she would spaz out. She is an attention seeker, looking for live and friendship. If he’s gone – I’d give her two days!!

            1. oh, if they get rid of B… then whoever came between “her and her man” is gonna have to sleep with one eye open… or just sleep with a shotgun cocked n ready ;)

    1. What would the twist be? Kathy or Kristen would have gone home.
      Kristin is a big baby! The only thing she has been doing since Andrew call her out is laying down feeling sorry for herself and ragging on B/R. WHHaaaaaaa.
      She definately does not deserve to be there!

      1. Well if Brit used it that would have been interesting. Rachel deciding who to go up in Hayden’s place may not have been Kathy. She didn’t buy Kristen’s story. Just hoping someone would make an interesting move for one I suppose.

        I am fine with Kristen going, she is just hanging, doing a lot of nothing.

  4. Kristen only has wishful thinking now…Ragan is not going to campaign for her to stay…neither will anyone else..he will not put that target on his back when everyone clearly wants Kristen to go home this week…BUH BYE KRISTEN!!!..nice knowing you

  5. Does Kristen know about the Brigade?? All she could do is to turn on Hayden by outting his alliance. Knowing her,she would really ramp up the guys to toss H. Otherwise – way to go Brit – Kristen just got screwed.

    1. I don’t think she knows about the Brigade, yo.

      Hayden was just getting a little something on the side.

      I am glad Yoko will be gone.

      Now, Hayden can concentrate on Brigade Bizniz, yo.

      1. I think you are more annoying with you adding “yo” to your post than Rachel is annoying and that is saying something!

  6. Andrew’s revenge. Karma is a bitch Kristen!!! Watch Brendon win the HOH and lookout Hayden and Kathy.

    Hell, Kathy might just quit before that.

    Can we get that lucky?

  7. its laughable to watch brit tell the ENTIRE HOUSE her plan, and how she works things, because they all STILL believe the game ends when brenden and rachel leave….bunch of idiots!

    1. It’s like playing ping pong without an opponent at this point isn’t it. Brendan(don)/Rachel are trying to play a game of sorts and no one else is doing much of anything at this point. No one is thinking about what happens when and if they can get B/R out of the house.

  8. Brenden better win Hoh next so the house can shit their pants. I don’t want the tyranny of Brenchel’s rule to end. I want everyone to fear this 2 headed monster. Will the brigade take this monster down. Probably not because they suck.

    1. The house would FREAK! B/R would still do something lame with who they vote to evict, but to see how the house would react would be priceless

  9. Rachel backed Brit into a corner, said she would put up Lane. Brit couldn’t take the chance. Then afer the ceremony, Rachel tells Hayden that she told Brit should didn’t know who she would put up or said Kathy. Either way she was busted in a lie.

    I hope Kristen at least taunts the hell out of Rachel with the remaining time she has in the house…I mean mess with her mind horribly!

    1. i never heard her say she will put up lane. brit is lying cause she knows rachel likes her and if brenden win hoh next, she don’t want to be on the block

    2. Rachel did not say she would put up Lane. That was what Brit said so she didn’t have to use it.
      Kristin is useless, a total cheater, crazy eyed, and she is going home =-) Whoo Hooooooooooooooo

      1. Oh! Ok…I was unable to watch my feeds today at work because our friggin internet was so slow and it was driving me bonkers not being able to at least hear. I was getting my info from another site that was updating as it happened. Bad source or they were explaining it as Britney. My misunderstanding.

    1. brit and rachel are the gnatalie and jordan from BB11. gnat hated jordan but was pretending to be her bff so that jordan can take her to the end, and it worked

  10. VOTE OUT HAYDEN! Leave the skank ho Kristen in since she can’t win. Does she have MS? Why does she talk like a retard?

    VOTES: Brendon, Ragan, Kathy, Britney vote out Hayden and Bri-GAY-duh votes out Kristin

    4-3 Hayden Leaves. Done, YO!

    1. Brendon is not going to vote for Hayden. He will follow Rachel’s desire and vote for Kristen. So out goes Kriaten.

    2. Kristen should go. She was a biach to the person in power, how smart is that? Hayden was even calling her crazy! No one really likes her except Kathy and she was going behind Kathys back. She cheats on her boyfriend at home, and she backstabs the only person who likes her in the BB house. Not a nice person!

        1. Seriously. I’ve been wondering about that all season. She is so out of shape, so unathletic, how the hell could she chase or arrest anybody? I thought you needed to pass some kind of test on a regular basis to be a cop. Maybe she just sits behind her desk and eats donuts. I actually don’t have anything against her. She seems pretty nice. But I have a really hard time believing she’s some kind of police officer.

          1. i’ve been wondering if she was a sheriff also. she was funny in the comp on sunday CBS BB, falling on her behind. i expected more out of her especially in the physical comps

            1. Kathy just finished chemotherapy prior to coming into the house. That is why she was so sick at the beginning of the game and to a degree still is. Didn’t you hear her talking about medical marijuana the other night to combat the medication that she is still on?

              CBS made a judgment call on whether she would be able to compete or not and it turned out that they made the wrong call.

              1. i didn’t hear that she had just finished chemo. my bad. i never would have said anything about her since she is sick. why is she on the show.? she can’t really compete right now.

              2. I’ve done the chemo thing and in my opinion, it doesn’t explain her lack of coordination in the competitions. Sadly, I think she grovels for sympathy from others. Poor me, let me win the big prize ’cause life dealt me a raw deal .Boo hoo! Hate to sound cruel, but when I spent six months in treatment, there certainly were a few ‘professional’ patients who did not let their family members off easy. I’m just saying …

              3. I’ve done the chemo thing and in my opinion, it doesn’t explain her lack of coordination in the competitions. Sadly, I think she grovels for sympathy from others. Poor me, let me win the big prize ’cause life dealt me a raw deal .Boo hoo! Hate to sound cruel, but when I spent six months in treatment, there certainly were a few ‘professional’ patients who did not let their family members off easy. I’m just saying …

          2. Kathy is a deputy sheriff in Miller County, Arkansas and the largest city is Texarkana. The county is very country just as Texarkana is. There are a lot of farms there and a low population. The other half of Texarkana is in Texas and it is the same way.

    1. matt thought he was playing smart. he knows that b/r are 2 votes in the jury house and he didn’t want their blood on his hand. too bad the brigade can’t see this and work on getting the traitor out of the group with his nasty self.

      1. Matt was very smart. Kathy isn’t going to come after Matt – she’s going after B&R. Matt won R&B’s trust and had a perfect excuse to the Bri-GAY-duh. Matt may win this, but I like Enzo or Rachel. Opposite sides, I know.

    1. No Kristian is gone for calling Rachel fat!!!! Come tothing of it she has packed on some pounds. She looled terriblle in the cop outfit.

  11. even though i know that brit and kathy don’t like rachel and brenden, i think that it would be in both of their best interest to maybe form a secret alliance with b/r. there is no way any of them will survive next week and beyond without each other’s help. i really think that kathy is using reverse psychology in saying that all she wants is to get to the jury house. she came to play the game and win just like everybody else.

    1. I hope you’re right about Kathy. If I’m in the house and I hear somebody say “all I want is the jury house, I’d be more than happy to facilitate their exit. You don’t want to win? Cool, bye bye.

      1. personally, if i heard someone say that all they want to do is to get to the jury house, i will make it my mission to get them out before the jury house.

    2. Brit may be secretly aligned with Enzo and Lane for final 3! I would not align myself with a sinking ship like Kathy or a submarine like B&R who are attracting heat seeking missiles in the house.

      1. b/r win competitions and if will be safety for kathy. they won’t put her up and she just may float to the top and win. i really don’t care who wins as long as it is not matt

          1. bad enough he lied on his wife, he even lied and said it was his birthday and it wasn”t. i would be totally surprised if he wins. i hope not

            1. Ooooh the Gremlin lied. Who cares? They all lie. It’s Big Brother not Truth or Dare. Wee-wee Gremlin for the win!!!

    3. If everyone knew everything that was going on, I believe they would possibly team up. However, they don’t know about the Brigade and don’t realize how outnumbered they are.

  12. Wait till Rachel starts reading the reviews of this season, when the show ends. Many our questioning her mental health. She has the potential to go all “fatal Attraction” on Brendon if he should leave her.

    1. she just may leave brenden. she is using him for a showmance and he might go all fatal attraction, since he is so sensitive.

  13. Don’t they realize that they can vote Hayden out? They have they votes to keep Kristen and thus begin the break up of the brigade that they don’t realize is their downfall?

    1. hayden is part of the brigade and they won’t vote him out. he only needs 4 votes to stay and i’m sure he will stay. kristen probably will not even get kathy’s vote.

  14. Its time for kristen to go. she is annoying. don’t like B/R, but you gotta give it to them, they are about the only ones playing this game. The others need to do something quick.

    I also wonder if BB helps them out any in these competitons b/c of ratings????

  15. The Brigade is the best thing that could ever happen to R/B, they are so sad. Hayden won HOH was their last victory and that was pre-Brigade. They make me laugh so hard. If they were a corporation with weekly goals, we would be seeing a shake up in management/re branding. Enzo would be sent to Russia.

  16. please big brother. do what america wants PLEASE let there b an americas choice to vote someone back in the house. america likes krisen and hayden, and its better for veiws tooo, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. rachel and brendon need to know what it feels like to not get their way. we want hayden AND kristen leasepleasepleasepleaseeeee

    1. Take a breath!!! I don’t think America is in love with mop/sasquatch. Why do you think BB let them be blindsided? You have to do a little more in this game than talk smack then not be able to back it up! Pathetic, get rid of both of them.

    2. I will opt out of that choice for bringing back an ousted player and ask for Annie back to mess with Rachel a bit more.

    3. seriously?! Are you in politics? Only a politician can use hyperboles like ‘America wants…’ I for one don’t like Kristen. She has shown to be as whiny as the rest of them chicks and tries to pretend she stands for something but then goes to apologize to Rachel?! GTFO

    4. I totally agree! I think there will be a twist to keep Kristen here, or bring her right back. Between the showmance and her arguing with Rachel, it would be insanity. It would cause problems for the Brigade and Brendon and Rachel. They need something, it has been the most boring season EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bringing Andrew back wouldn’t be as crazy as Kristen. When she did those crazy eyes talking to Kathy about they don’t know who they’re messing with, she was bring the Philly out!

  17. Even (though very unlucky) these 2 (B/R) make it the final 2, they don’t have the votes. Rachel has pretty much “bullied” everyone, as HOH, into doing what “she’he wants”. Brendon should not be able to vote since they are sharing HOH. I can imagine what its like living in that house under that “two-headed, Hydra hermophrodite.”

  18. can someone help clear up one thing for me?
    so after this eviction, the remaining house guests make up the jury house?
    or is it after the next eviction?

    1. after the eviction this thursday, everyone makes it to the jury house. can’t wait for the double eviction which should be real soon

    2. 7 jury 2 left in house, do the math. yes after THIS elimation it will be jury unless they bring a member back but i don’t think they will bring someone back cause they are gonna try to get a new sabetour and they never do 2 twists in 1 week.

  19. Ragan seems to have some alliance with Matt, they are always talking together. Who is Ragan playing this game with? I like him but he had better put a team together and soon.

    1. he is definately with Matt right now, even though i think Matt will bite him in the ass in the end…however so far Ragan is doing everything pretty well , i think…he is completely throwing competitions he is capable of winning…he is acting like a floater on purpose, yet he manages to keep the target off his own back…i have not really heard any of the houseguests even consider targeting him so far and i do like him, but this strategy only gets u so far…before the game…i heard his strategy was to float around until the halfway point until he really competes…it might be too late…i think he will go far…i highly doubt he will win though…but u never know

      1. rachel and brenden don’t trust matt and they said that ragan is too close to him, so matt and ragan will be their future targets

        1. i think that they want matt out, so they can pull ragan on their side…but ragan would probably go home in this case…or to the jury house in this case

        2. but i don’t see them targeting matt or ragan because i see one of them going home next week…unless brendon wins the HOH next week, if not the brigade, britney and others would definately be gunning for them

    2. and also Matt and Ragan…i don’t really think have an alliance…they might…it’s just that they are total BFFs now…

  20. Why is it that everyone hates Kristin? What exactly has she done to make “karma” come back on her? I wish she would stay, give the B and R showmance a run for their money….make R squirm a bit about not getting enough airtime. Get out Kathy who is no drama at all.

    1. seriously? you must only watch CBS…the live feeds tell all…rachel is annoying but shes playing the game, they show kristen like shes not a liar, shes a HUGE liar, and she wanted B and R to go on the block, then I quote “watch them cry and implode”…


      1. Who doesn’t want R&B on the block? Matt? They all talk about that except R&B. Every other person says they want them on the block. All of them talk about it.

      2. All the HG’s want B and R out. BB is supposed to be expect the unexpected, but I’m betting everyone on this site has been able to predict who was going to be excited each week. There is no excitement, no drama unless you count Rachel crying over test scores.

    2. kristen leaves a boyfriend at home to watch her on tv, and then she cheats on him and he gets to see it. CHEATER She was going behind Kathy’s back to get brit to use the veto and Kathy is her only friend. TERRIBLE FRIEND. Since Andrew called her out the only thing she has been doing is laying down feeling sorry for herself and talking crap about B/R WWHHHAAAAAAA
      Plus she is scary to look at. Something is wrong with her face and I can’t figure it out.

      1. What does Kristin cheating on her boyfriend at home have to do with her BB game play? She was honest about it……and as for wanting Kathy to go on the block, I recall Kathy telling BOTH Hayden and Kristin that she would go on the block for them, “as long as her babies were OK”. Then Kathy went to Brit and asked her NOT to use the veto because she knows she will be going on the block. So, again….what has Kristin done that has made her so hated? Everyone in that house has lied….I’m sure B and R would even be more likable if they would play the BB game instead of house.

    3. I don’t hate Kristen. Most hate her because they like Rachel and Brendon or don’t like Hayden’s hair or Kristen supposely floating. I would like to see a twist for her to stay. I know that would drive Rachel insane and talk about drama! You want excitiment? You would have it. From now on it will be pretty boring for R&B running the whole show. The guys are still going to lay low. Don’t want their hands dirty. They are hoping Britney will do their dirty work but I don’t think she is that dumb. Personally, I would like to save the only one that will get into Rachel’s face. That would be fun to watch.

      1. I agree with you BBGrandma-Kristin will stand up to Rachel and is having a showmance, both of which will make Rachel jealous and crazy which will drive R up a wall. Everyone wants sone action, some drama…..then keep the one girl who has some balls to stay.

  21. I think it would be funny if Rachel won and made Brendon sign a prenup (like how he wanted her to sign one).

  22. I’m glad Kristen is going. The more she talks, the more annoying and dimwitted she appears. Rachel acts like a ditz, but I think I find her more likable than Kristen. Kristen has done nothing at all. And what’s with the threats against Rachel, when K. is so powerless in comparison. Come to think of it, I think Rachel acts like a ditz for popularity reasons out of her insecurities, but Kristen actually IS a ditz and a much bigger one.

  23. everybody wants to get rachel and brenden out without getting blood on their hands because they know that those 2 represent 2 votes in the jury house.

  24. this will be very predictable for the upcoming eviction and hoh competition. kristen is (unfortunately) gone. anyone besides ragen wins the hoh and b/r are going up. it will be great to watch those 2 on the block together. i can already see boy george crying! the best will be brendan winning the pov again and in a dramatic confession of how lame he is, he will give it to rachel. the brigade will be laughing all the way to the bank. because after this week, they will always control the vote. plus, i can guarantee they will throw the grenade after the next eviction that they’re all together. plus i read on here that hayden will be the first out of the brigade because of his attempts to save kristen. thats short term thinking. after this week, with her gone, all will be cool with the brigade.

    1. BB becomes boring for a month sd we are watch Lane, Enzo, Hayden & Matt pick off Rachel, Britney, Kathy & Ragan assumming Brendon is evicted next week.

      It will however get really good when the Brigade are forced to win a competition and turn on each other to get to the final 2. At this point, the Brigade are the worst competitors in BB history with the other side of the house just stupid blind to the fact that they are together.

      How does the house not notice the 4 of them ALWAYS hanging together playing pool and such?

      1. Yeah the Brigade is too obvious, I cant Believe Brendon and Rachel assume everyone is on their side, like oh, lets team up with Enzo, and oh, Lane wont put us up. Yet they feel as if Kristen is the biggest threat. Rachel keeps on saying how Kristen wants ALL the girls out, yet both her HOH reigns shes targeted other females. Rachel’s just been hypocritical this entire show, constantly changing sides. There has been NO great blindsides or secret alliances, or much of anything really thats gotten me excited this season, its all predictable, and I keep seeing people I like leave.

  25. for real we should have a petition or something to get cbs to send someone bavk like kristennnnn and it would be her cause america loves her lmao im for real

  26. I can’t wait to see Britney win an HOH. I can totally see her letting it all out, putting Rachel and Brendon on the block, talking so much smack and doing the Britney Dance. It would be soo awesome! It would be so funny that even Rachel would be laughing, despite being Bojangled!
    I’d love to see Britney or Enzo win the whole enchilda yo.

    1. Britney and Enzo…win? You’re gross. Enzo is one slippery slope away from becoming the missing link and I’m actually expecting Britney to shoot out that toxic goo from that dinosaur in Jurassic Park after fake smiling at someone in the house. No, I don’t think they will win.

    2. i really don’t think that she would put them on the block. she is a smart girl, and she does not want their blood on her hand. it’s all about jury votes now

    they are so dominating the game!
    kristen is useless. she is such a hater! obv she needs to go!
    R&B may be annoying as hell sometimes, but they never speak behind peoples backs and do fight to stay in the game!
    bye bye kristen, you shall not be missed!

  28. As much as I love brendon and Rachel, this is there last week of power D: Brendon can’t win a mental HOH to save his life and the whole house is against them. And for all the B.R haters. At least there playing the game and winning unlike The pathetic brigagde and the rest of the house.

    1. But the Brigaged doesn’t want to win, yet. They don’t want to be HOH until week after next because they think that is when there will be a double eviction. They may be waiting to long. They want Britney to win and put up R&B this week. But, she doesn’t want to win it either. They may out smart themselves and Brendon win it.

      1. Wee-wee Gremlin suggested throwing the HOH comp this week, but I don’t think the rest of the Brigade was 100% on board. I think it’s a good excuse if one of them doesn’t win – they can claim it was strategy when it was really incompetence. But I gotta believe that no matter who wins HOH (other than Brendover) then either one or both BG/B go up. Otherwise the house will be pissed off at the HOH.

      2. u are right. nobody wants to win and i believe that it is going to backfire in the brigades face if they wait to late to finally win comps

  29. I wish the plan to save Kristen would have worked!! I would have been great to see R/B when next week they got put up. I would LOVE to see Kathy and Hayden in final two….Hayden would of course win . I do like Brit more now though because at least she was willing to go along with Hayden’s plan. Rachel is just pure evil but I can’t wait to see her drop kick Brendon to the curb and she of course will. She doesn’t care a hoot about him and everyone but him knows it. He is such a freakin idiot I get embarrassed watching him. You can just read Lane and Enzo minds when they are around him…both of them are just shaking their heads at how FREAKIN STUPID he is. You can tell its getting hard for Rachel to put up with him too but of course she will because he does everything she tells him. I bet by the finale she isn’t even speaking to him.
    Hayden is the most decent player I have seen in a long time. He is really a good person. I hope he and Kristen do hook up at finale.

    1. dude you obviously dont watch feeds

      they HAVE HOOKED UP, kristen was LYING ON CBS’ broadcast….A ndrew WAS NOT LYING

      and rachel on the other hand is the bad person, brenden is the nice guy, what the heck is wrong with your character perception?

      you seem to just jump on whatever enzo says…woo hoo,

      and kristen “doesnt deserve to go home” according to her…yet Brenden does? why? because brenden isnt kristen? please…

      kristen and hayden couldnt even win when given the chance…

  30. Why is everyone so down on Rachel? Name one other person playing the game. Britney is playing because she won the VETO. If she had not won she would still be floating away!
    The Brigade is a joke. They don’t even play the game as an alliance! They have no game plan. I take that back…they now think Kristen should go so Hayden gets his head in the game!! They are a bunch of worthless guys! Evil Dick would have had them all for breakfast!!

    1. Well said and I am with you.
      Remember how everyone hated evil Dick? Now, they hate Rachael.
      The Brigade does not have any game plan, other than to lay low.

    2. If you think Britney is a floater, you obviously have no idea what a floater is. A floater is someone who hides out and talks a good game with their friends. Enzo, Lane, Hayden, Ragan, Kristen, and Kathy have done nothing in the game. Brendon has won multiple things, Britney has won multiple things, Rachel has won multiple things, and Matt won an HOH, allowed Hayden to win the first HOH, and concocted a plan out of nowhere to play both sides of the house. Britney is the one who exposed it. Brendon and Rachel are the ones who exposed it to the whole house.

      Before yesterday, what has Hayden and Kristen ever done? Nothing. What has Lane and Enzo ever done? Nothing. What has Kathy and Ragan ever done? Nothing. Any of those people could have been missing from the house and nothing would have been any different. The only people to do anything in the house are Matt, Brendon, Rachel, Britney, and yesterday Hayden finally did something, but that’s only because his girl is in the hot seat. (Annie had more to do with getting herself out of the house than Hayden. Her mouth and her fakeness is what did her in.) Of course, when Hayden finally did something, it involved Britney, Brendon, and Rachel. Aside form Matt, those are the only people playing the game.

      As far as the Brigade goes, they haven’t done anything individually or as a group. Matt getting rid of Andrew was a wasted week for the Brigade, but helped Matt “prove” to Brendon and Rachel that he’s not targeting them. That was his plan to take himself out of the firing line of Brendon and Rachel and at the same time he can tell everyone else that it was just bad luck that Brendon won the POV. That’s perfect luck in the BB game. He’s playing both side of the house and so is Britney, but Britney is on everyone’s good side and doesn’t have a main alliance with anyone. The only person in the house that’s on to Matt’s scheming is Britney.

      Aside from Brendon, Rachel, Britney and Matt , everyone else in the house is just skating from one week to the next because they’re too popular to be voted out ahead of someone else. If all you do is use your popularity to make it from week to week, or you’re using your uselessness (kathy) to make it from week to week, you’re just floating. If you’re winning things and making deals with the enemy and thinking ahead, you’re playing the game.

      Until a Brigade member is on the block as the eviction target and they successfully remove themselves or survive an eviction, they haven’t done a single thing. Britney, Brendon, and Rachel have all removed the eviction target from themselves, and Matt has successfully weaseled his way out of the trouble he was in for playing both sides of the house. Aside from Brendon, Rachel, Matt, and Britney, Big Brother 12 is, so far, the ultimate season of floaters.

      Oh yeah, Britney has also gained the trust of both Brendon and Rachel after they both had it in for her in week 2; however, she can’t stand either one and neither one of them can tell. That’s good game play.

      1. wow,someone’s a britt fan!!! that’s ok,i think she’s pretty catty,tho.sometimes laying low,floating,not winning hoh’s and pov’s can be the best way to get to the end……many a floater/lay lower has gone to the end or close to it.rachel has won more then the other hg’s but itdoesn’t matter much.everyone’s out to get her (righfully so).

  31. They shouldn’t bring anybody back in the house. I’m tired of that tactic, just like this stupid Saboteur thing. It didn’t work last year or the year before that when CBS branded it something else.

    I do want to see more drama though so I’m thinking putting Brendon up and then letting him win POV to take himself off only to have Rachel named as the (backdoored) replacement nominee. Talk about Big Red going bizerk! I’m talking trash because I do admire Rachel and Brendon’s game play and as long as the remaining numbskulls can’t figure out how to successfully implement an usurpation, B and R deserve exactly what they are working for.

    I am HIGHLY turned off of their personalities though. Both are so smug in believing they are above the rest of the houseguests. (Not sure how a VIP Cocktail Waitress ended up wasting a chemistry degree and a guy with a grad degree ended up teaching high school swimming though)…hmmmmm.

    BTW and not that it matters,does anybody know if Brendon is Mexican? His last name seems Mexican/Spanish origin but it could be Italian too?

  32. i wish kristen and hayden could both be in the house. i enjoyed watching them. but no can do i guess. i wish cbs would do something.

  33. i wish there would be a twist. just so kristen could stay.
    how about..
    all nominations get cancelled, so there wouuld be a new HOH.
    kristen would win; obviously put B/R up.
    one of them would go, if they dont win veto.
    that would be AMAZING. now that would be a nice drama to watch. the look on rachel face..would be priceless. LOL. i hope there is a twist though. one that keeps hyaden & kristen in the game. kristen’s actually nice, i think so. rachel just like beign the center of attention, but she is a really good BB player, im going to give her creds. brendons a puppet. the brigade is the funniest alliances ever. Brit…is fake. faker than rachel, but she’s playing the game. matt’s gross. kathy’s just there, she reminds me of that chicken guy from BB all stars. in summary; i hope kristen stays. hayden & kristen are good people, yes; manipulative, but its part of the game. if there is a twist, it would be great. i’d love CBS forever.

    1. YES! I have honestly expected everything thats happened this season. What happened to expect the unexpected? I really want BB to step in some how and do something, the saboteur idea quickly failed, Pandoras Box has too many variables too actually work, Im hoping something exciting happens *crosses fingers*

      1. i expected the unexpected also and i guess the unexpected is BB giving us one of the worst seasons ever, imo(in my opinion)

    1. really? you must have missed ALL the feeds that show EVERY HG saying just AWFUL things

      that rachel has std’s in her pants or whatever…its just childish, and you end up as a target when you play mean girl, or high school games

      get over yourself

    2. They all treated B/R like crap the first week in the house………………. So B/R deserve to kick it the way they have been.

      1. They were treated like crap because they brought it on themselves. Just like now.

        Get rid of them and burn that bed before the next HOH moves in.

        1. Right now I am not hoping for anyone to win. Still not made up my mind. But, Rachel has done her share of trash talking about the others, too. Didn’t you see her and Britney in the tub?

      2. I don’t really remember it that way. Nobody really knew each other that much. Rachel and Brendon didn’t start they relationship until they were on the block together. I think most fire towards them started after their relationship became stronger and their game play powerful. Of course anyone would start coming after you then.

    3. it was his choice to swear on his family. all he had to do was cross his fingers like you did when you were a kid.

  34. Kathy will be out next week unless she actually tries and wins HOH. She doesn’t seem to get that, hopefully it’ll hit her by Thursday.

  35. Any one else think Kristen dresses like a modern day version of peg bundy from married with children with those high wasted coochie cutting pants she has a screaming kitty 24/7

  36. if brenden wins hoh, i think that rachel will talk him into putting up matt and ragan or matt and another member of the brigade

  37. For all you idiots out there who do not know the difference between fake and real……….. Rachel is more real than anyone else on this show. She is being her real self unlike these other brainless ninnies……………

    1. If by more real you mean amazingly stupid, overly emotional, and disgusting looking, I’ll take “fake” any day over that piece of garbage.

    2. well we all took a vote, and you get to have Rachel. I bet we hear your Mom screaming from coast to coast :)
      Fake hair, fake boobs, fake crying, and you are sure to be the envy of all your friends :)

    1. you are really lame…seriously…

      there will be VERY minimal drama…why? because they will just be told they suck, and thats that…

      what a FUN SEASON

      ragen has no chance, brit has no chance kathy has no chance

      so in other words, yay brigade for doing nothing except complaining

        1. Chessie K, I don’t think we are talking about this week. It is if or when Brendon is voted out, some think Rachel will lose it. I don’t. Just trying to clear it for you. Hope you understand.

  38. I do not understand WHY? the so called brigade are not mad a Matt for not putting up b/r…they are lossers come on BB…this the most boring season bye far omg !

        1. Right, they may be pissed at wee-wee but they really don’t have a leg to stand on since neither one of them has won HOH or POV.

  39. i just dread to see the brigade make it into the final four. it will be the most boring big brother ever!!! i’d rather see rachel and brendon stay, they make the house more interesting. honestly.

    bye bye kristin, unless she does something!

  40. I can’t wait for Kristin’s goodbye speech. I hope she rips into “Boy George” something fierce. Now
    THAT would be good tv !!!

  41. from now on i won’t pick who my favorites are the wee babies don’t like that they only like it if you pick their favorites but if you don;t like their favorites they reply whining ……

  42. so kristen will go home, hayden will win HOH, he will put up Rachoe and brendumb, brendumb will win POV take himself off block, kathy goes up, oh wait did’nt that already happen? LOL

  43. I knew Brit would not use the POV, shall we call her chicken. They are all so damn worried about being back doored or being put up on the block that they are not playing game IMO. This is why BB12 is so damn boring and pathetic. You can’t tell me that this was the best of all the applications because I am sure they are not the best, mediocre maybe.

  44. Brit didn’t use POV cuz she’s protecting Kathy, who is really her mother. There was a possibility Kathy would be put on the block if Kristin came off.

  45. that’s a shame britt chickened out and didn’t use the pov. why bb is catering to b & r is beyond me. i can’t wait to see them go!! does anyone actually believe rachel ha s a science degree…i don’t.she is making all her decisions based on emotions…..which is basically jealousy of the other girls.someone needs to shake things up in that house.please someone please tell that parrot-nosed rachel to stop eating/drinking and cackeling 24/7.

  46. I can’t wait till brandon goes home rachel wouldn’t have nobody….I think she thinks she is better than everyone in the house sense she one twice but that makes her more of a tarhet at the end….if she makes it to the final she isn’t going to win because nobody in the house likes her except for brandon…..and brandan is probobly useing her to his dirty work

    1. makes a lot of sense, BUT gotta look at it this way even if brendon is gone rachel will break down for a lil while and then when she done wiping her face she gone work harder but, in the end if she makes it to final 2 which she has a great chance the people left in jury will be mostly against her she would have only 2 votes ragan and brendon, and if by some miracle they both make it to the end they would give it to brendon and ragan and rachel left would be the same, she has no chance to win BB sry brenchel fans but facts are facts not enough people in the house likes rachel

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