Big Brother 12 Update – Brendon’s matching Thongs and Kristen Tells Hayden she’s going to Fight To Stay

12:35pm Britney is talking to Enzo and Lane in the backyard. Enzo says that he wouldn’t have even taken as long as Britney did in her POV ceremony speech. Enzo says that he is proud of Britney and that he would have done the same thing. Enzo says that he would have just said Meow Meow, your going home. Britney says yeah and then said grenade. Britney then tells Lane that Rachel was going to put him up so that it was a sure thing that Kristen would go home. Britney says that she wouldn’t do that and that it was all last minute. Britney says that she caught Rachel in a lie about what she told Hayden. Britney says that she told Hayden that she didn’t use the POV because Lane was on the line but that Rachel and told Hayden she was going to put up Kathy.

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12:50pm Kristen and Hayden are talking in the bedroom. Kristen says that at least they can hang out and talk and do whatever they want now since one of them is going home. Hayden tells her that she should clarify a lot of things with Julie Chen and that they didn’t do what Andrew was saying. Hayden say that they only kissed and cuddled a little bit and that they didn’t really even kiss that much. Hayden says that he ruined her game plan. Kristen says yeah …I just didn’t plan on making any friends or anything. Kristen says that he changed her game plan. Hayden tells her that she can and should campaign against him. Kristen says that she really doesn’t have a chance against him and that it is pointless to even try. Hayden tells her that he doesn’t want her to give up. Kristen starts crying and says that if she doesn’t fight that she will regret it.

Up in the HOH room Rachel and Brendon are talking about how much they trust Britney now. They laugh about how they need to come up with an alliance name for them like Two Girls and A Guy Named Brendon. Rachel tells Brendon that she trusts Hayden way more than she trusts Matt.

1pm In the storage room Matt is talking to Ragan about how they don’t believe Britney’s explanation of using the POV or not. Ragan thinks the original deal was to put up Kathy and that Britney changed her mind when she found out Rachel would have put up Lane.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

2:25pm Brendon Bashing Brit, Ragan, Matt, Lane Brit telling them a mad up story about Brendon having a partner that wears the same thong while stripping. They all start to share stories about times they were trapped having to talk to Brendon. Ragan mentions having to listen to why Brendon doesn’t like kobe Bryant but loves the NBA. Lane tells a story about Brendon getting into UCLA because he was able to befriend a professor. The professor offered him into the school and a 6g scholarship but Brendon had to turn it down because of BB. They keep compalining how Brendon just goes on and one about things it hurts their heads. They make a joke about Brendon saying he could out swim phelps but didn’t want to wanted to go on BB.

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36 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Update – Brendon’s matching Thongs and Kristen Tells Hayden she’s going to Fight To Stay

  1. It would be awesome if they vote out Hayden, eventhough I really want K gone, but if the house knows what’s good for them they will vote out Hayden.

    1. Would be interesting but I don’t think it will happen. The guys aren’t going to turn on one another just yet. If there were, I think they might have on Matt.

      1. Yes, but you’re not looking at 2 facts: 1. K wants to stay and will fight too. 2. with H on the block only 3 brigades are voting. The vote will be 3 to 4. I believe K. can get the 4 from Brit, Ragan, Brendan, and Kathy. I think Brit and Ragan and Kathy will go along with it, because like they said before they want to keep their hands clean, and will rely on Kristen to win HOH and put up B/R. They will have to lie to B/R to get Brendans vote. Or if Ragan is as slick as Matt he can have Matt vote and let the house think it was Brendan. Then Hayden will be gone.

        1. Interesting. But I don’t see Brendon going against Rachel. Ragan and Britney are staying away from anything that might upset Rachel. Kathy will vote to keep Kristen. Kristen will be going home. Now we will have to wait to see if anyone has the balls to challenge R&B.

          1. true, but if R gets wind of the fact that lane, enzo or hayden for that matter wants her out, hayden will be gone so fast his head will spin. Things change everyday in that house. i wouldn’t put it past Kristen to be the one that spills it.

  2. Dawg !!!! Geez, you give us all the great posts, you put up all these revealing pics of the girls. And, you give us one pic of Lane in the water ….and he looks like a midget!!!!! come on, get us one of Enzo or Lane we can really appreciate :)

  3. I am watching Lane, Enzo and Brit, and she is asking when is it that they plan to backdoor Matt. They answered in 2 or three weeks. Did I miss them making a pact? Are they just stringing her along? I hope its true and the three of them get rid of Matt! What did I miss?

      1. Do you know this for sure? I wish it was true! I could really get behind Brit, Enzo and Lane as a power alliance. Matt and Hayden both put their own interests before the brigade. If they save Kristen, they would have a good four person alliance. I’d love to see Matt get backdoored by the bros.

  4. Oh god! They are talking about K and H being brother and sister. They don’t know that it’s gone way past brotherly pecks on the cheek, but it’s still creepy to listen to. I’m sure BB would have stopped them if they really were related. I hope. Yuck.

    1. They resemble to me, but it could be a situation where her mom married his dad. Because Julie said long lost friends, not brother and sister. I hope it’s not a situation where they are half brother and sister and don’t know it, but again Julie said long lost friends.

        1. You’re right, my bad. I just listened to it again on youtube, and it said two of you are life long friends and if you think about you will figure it out. So I don’t know if H and K are the lifelong friends that just found each other again, but I thought it might be Matt and Ragan, because they are so close, I think Ragan is the only one in the house Matt won’t turn on. He tells Ragan everything, and it’s the truth, but he lies to the brigade whom he says he is in an alliance with.

      1. Yes they get quite a lot of information from you when you tryout. I guess strange things could happen but I would be very surprised. It has happened that information has come in right before airing and they have had to change houseguests. That is why they have a few backup contestants.

        1. It would be nice if one season they add in a couple of back ups like maybe 3 or 4 in the middle of the game to through the original house guests off their game. I bet it will be like Survivor when the tribes join together. Even though they had alliances before, once the new ones come in the house the old ones will ban together to get the new ones out. All kinds of alliance might be broken then.

  5. i would love to see Kristen stay just to win HOH if she could and put up B/R………….Maybe Mama Kathy will do it! LOL

  6. I don’t know about y’all but I used to despise Britney but now she is cracking me up…especially her little contest with Lane about trapping each other in a boring conversation with Brendon. This girl is gooooood too; regardless if she is a two-faced bitch, she is playing her cards right and winning POVs. I almost want her to take the house but I am loyal to Team Brigade yo. Is Brit a mini-Brigade? Did they make a side deal with her? Sorry but Rachel is still a complete dumb ass. Good Lord my IQ drops every time that ignorant bitch opens her mouth. To the Brenchel fans: just my opinion so please don’t commit murder by blog!
    P.S. Goodbye Kristen :(

    1. I will agree with you on that. I hated the way Britney was attacking people on a personal level (has nothing to do with the game) and knowing that family and friends have to hear this. But, she is pretty funny and makes me laugh with her DR sessions.

      1. well then… quote Rachel “Bring it!” (and add a “yo” at the end just for the hell of it)

  7. UGH! As much as I don’t like Rachel, I also don’t like Kristen. During their fight, she’s screaming “so you’ve won 2 out of 4 HOH’s, that’s no big deal”. I wanted Rachel to look at her so bad and say “actually I’ve won 2 out of 3 HOH’s b/c I didn’t get to play in one of them or I would’ve won it too, and that’s 2 more than you”. Poor Hayden and Brendon are standing back there being brought down too by their big mouths. Then when Rachel does apologize (and I know it wasn’t a sincere apology) she’s all “I don’t accept your apology”….UM HELLO!! I don’t care how much you hate her, you gotta butt kiss b/c she’s HOH! So I’m happy to say: BUH-BYE KRISTEN!!!

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