Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Annie tries to mess up Lane’s workout by saying yes, get it, work it, yes, yes, hot dog 9:40am Kathy is laying on the Bathroom couch while Britney and Monet put their makeup on and do their hair. Britney says that Brendon could be any number of things. (His actual profession) Britney tells Monet and Kathy that Brendon is smarter than they thought. Britney says that it is obvious Brendon is a nerd. She says its obvious by his mannerisms, and word usage. Britney says its not a shocking twist or revelation though. Monet says that Annie had said that she was going to go around talking to everyone today … so just be forewarned. Britney says if Brendon knew she had this secret stash of information why would he not take precautions. Monet says that’s a good question. Britney says in the big brother house it could be something simple like not wanting to bother people or something complex you never know. Britney says that she is gonna steal a few things from everybody in the house so that she can auction them off on Ebay. Britney says that she wants to find Enzo’s hat before he does because they would be big like his meow meow shirt. Britney and Monet finish up in the bathroom and head to the bedroom. Britney talks about what Enzo said last night about the beeping noise. She says that he said What the fuck is that tweetie birds?! Britney changes and then tells Lane to stop being such a lazy ass and get his ass out of bed.

SEE what they CAN’T show you on TV! Superpass 3 Day FREE Trial 10:10am In the backyard, Brendon, Monet, Rachel and Britney are talking about vitamins, drugs and whether or not Baby Einstein is good for children. Britney ask Brendon why he knows so much about Baby Einstein and he doesn’t even have any children. Brendon says that his friends used it with their kids and months later he found an article saying that the kids who didn’t use Baby Einstein were actually smarter. They talk about more drugs and vitamins. Monet says she has been anemic in the past, and that she now has to take Iron pills. Brendon says I’m sure they checked you for sickle cell right. Brendon says that she could eat cream of wheat because it is high in iron.  The conversation then turns to school and multiplication tables.   Brendon asks Britney bunch of questions about her and her family.  Britney says that she used to do pageants and that it gave her a lot of confidence for job interviews and other things.  Britney says that in the kiddie pageants the kids wear fake teeth and hair.  Brendon asks REALLY fake teeth?  Britney says yeah, … have you heard when the moms yell pizza the kids have to hold their hands up like they’re holding up pizzas.



Try the live feeds for free 3 Day FREE Trial 10:30am – 10:45am Matt and Lane are now working out in the backyard while Annie lays in the hammock trying to mess with Lane.  Annie tries to mess up Matt and Lanes sit-ups by says in a sexy voice … yes, yes, get it, get it, work it, yes, yes, hot dog, ….then she laughs and says sorry I’ll let you guys workout, bye. Annie heads into the kitchen where Britney, Rachel, and Brendon are talking about pageants and Miss USA. Britney says that she has too many incriminating photos on faceBook so she couldn’t compete any more. She also says that she is too short for Miss USA because the shortest person that has ever won was 5’6″ and most the win are 5’10 or 11″. They then start complaining about being woken up super early. Britney says that the day lasts so much effing longer when they do that.

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10:45am – 11am Annie heads out to the backyard and gets into the hammock with Lane. Lane asks Annie to show him her pits. Annie lifts up her arm and laughs. Then says I shaved them for you. If anyone asks whats the nicest thing I’ve ever done …I’ll say I shaved my pits for Lane. Lane says he changed his underwear today. Annie says Ewww gross .. don’t you change them every day? She accidentally touches him and says Eww.. then says I mean sexy.. did I just give you a boner? Lane says I woke up with a boner this morning. Lane tells Annie he wants to just remove his leg hair. Annie asks what if I put my hands in your pants right now. Lane says do it! Annie says GROSS. Lane asks why is everything about me gross?? Lane says that fish and a T-reks are not animals. Annie says yes they are and then asks Matt if they are or not. Matt says of course they’re animals. Lane then picks at Annie scabs. Lane talks about what he wants to do when he gets out of the house. Annie says Andrew is like so tall and lean. Lane says he annoys me. Lane says that he really doesn’t like Andrew, that he wants to rearrange his face. Annie asks why don’t you like him? Lane says because he really annoys me, its not that hard to not be retarded. They talk about why Andrew can’t use the silverware. Annie explains it to him. Lane says I hate that when people are so religious that they make me feel bad for not being like that.

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Simon rox my sox. haha


Okay so far I hate Annie, Lane, Brendon, and Britt.


me too but it’s early days yet.

Uncle Cool

For me it’s Lane, Brendon, Rachel and Britney.


I can not stand Brit she talks bad about everyone she is just jealous that Brendon has more brains and looks then she does. Nerds are better then brats any day. I really hope someone get rid of that big mouth soon very soon.

Rachel's Left Boob

Those are some good shots of Britt. I really wish she wasn’t such a bitch. I dig southern chicks (partly because they generally have good attitudes) and she’s the hottest girl in the house imo. If she wasn’t so bitchy right out of the gate she’d probably be my favorite.

Rachel's Left Boob

That said, I think she will make things interesting as the show carries on. She’s definitely a shit stirrer and could start some pretty good fights I think. Probably make for some good entertainment.


I dislike the stereotypical country bumpkin. Jordon got on my nerves last year so much, I wanted to stab myself in the eyes. Brit is annoying but at least she isn’t taking up camera time eating and looking dazed and confused with her dumbassery and pity me I have fake boobs but no house story.

C Note

This site is *ucking addicting! Do they have any AA meetings for this! Thanx for a great site


Sue simon and dawg. they are bad men. shameful even. I work mostly at home on line especially during the summer so I have 1 screen open doing work, the other commenting here and watching BB.