Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Annie has a mental breakdown about her family .. and because she’s PMS’ing


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1am Annie is crying in the bathroom and Monet is comforting her. She is having a mental breakdown. Monet tells her that its okay, that she has already cried twice in the house. Annie says it has to do with a lot of family stuff going on. Annie says that her family would not sign their consent forms to be a part of the show, she says it’s hard for her. Annie says that she doesn’t like it because she literally can’t talk about it or them. Monet says that her winning the 10k is like a cop out for others. Lane comes into the bathroom and asked what Annie is scared of. Monet and Annie both say it’s not that. Lane says that he wants to take a shower because he always takes a shower when getting out of bed and just before bed. Monet tells Lane that he’s freaking weird. The cameras are zooming in on Annie and she freaks out and tells them to not film her. Annie gets up and says to Monet I broke down again, I’m done. (lol already its only been a week for them in the house..) Annie heads to the backyard where Brendon comforts her.

Annie tells Brendon that she is embarrassed about being the cry baby. Brendon says he only really cries once every ten years. Brendon talks about how it’s an awkward situation because they’re trying to all get each other out. Enzo says he’s there to chill and isn’t going to stress because if he goes, he goes home to his family. Annie goes back inside and Brendon follows her. Annie now starts talking about alliances in the house. (I guess the family thing isn’t the important.) She tells Brendon about how everyone says she’s in an alliance with him and they want her out. Annie tells Brendon that the reason she is so emotional is because of her PMS, and that she is getting ready to start her period. Brendon tells her that she needs to talk to Hayden. They are trying to figure out a plan. Brendon doesn’t want Annie to be the replacement nominee. Brendon tells Annie that everyone in the house thinks Andrew is going home. Brendon says that he won’t put Andrew up on the block. She says she knew he wouldn’t. Brendon says that things might blow up in Hayden’s face from all the talking he’s done with different people. Brandon reassures her he is going to talk to Hayden tomorrow and if he doesn’t put up who he wants he will threaten. Brendon tells Annie that he’s got her back. Brandon agrees to make sure that he doesn’t tell Hayden that he doesn’t have an alliance with Annie. Annie says to Brendon that she only trust him in the house.

1:20am Annie tells Brendon that her meltdown started in the diary room and that she had to stay in there. Annie says that Big Brother gives her warnings and that she tells them shut up. Brendon talks about Hayden’s conversation about how Annie is playing both sides. Brendon says that I’m is educated and that I have a bachelors, a masters and am now starting my PhD. Brendon says that Hayden is fucking done if he doesn’t do what I want. Brendon says he’ll give Hayden one more chance. Annie starts whining about how Hayden doesn’t help with dishes and cleaning.


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Up in the Head Of Household room Matt, Lane and Hayden talking about how Annie is stirring shit up. Hayden, Lane, and Matt are talking up in the HoH room about their brigade alliance. Lane tells them that he knows Annie and Britney well. Britney says she’s going to ride Lane’s coat tail all the way to the end. Hayden says neither Annie nor Britney can keep their mouths shut. Matt thinks Britney might be the saboteur. Matt says he has Ragan and Rachel on his side for sure. Hayden says he has Kristen and Andrew. Lane tells them that he definitely has the two girls. Matt says we have the house covered. Lane is worrying about Enzo screwing things up for their brigade alliance, and that they need to chill him out. Hayden says Britney or Annie have to go soon. Matt says he knows the saboteur is Andrew and if its not him then Britney. They agree to stick with evicting Annie. Lane says people are feeling sorry for him because they don’t think he has anyone. Hayden tells them he’s going to tell Brendon that he’s putting Annie up to save Rachel. Matt leaves to go to bed. Hayden says that he can’t believe what all Annie has done in the past hour since he’s talked to her. Hayden says that she went right to Britney and told her everything. Hayden and Lane agree that Annie needs to go home. Lane and Hayden agree that all the girl drama is what fucked the game up. Lane says it’s better just to get rid of all the girls first. Lane says that the girl drama makes things easier for them to make decisions on who needs to go. Lane starts listing off who need to go, he says Annie this week, then Britney or Monet next week, or maybe even Brendon. They then start talking about how smart Brendon is and how he has a master’s degree. Lane says Enzo will have to be backdoored eventually. Lane says that Enzo is just too paranoid and the he reminds him of Russell. Big Brother tells Lane to move up his mic. Hayden and Lane get mad at Big Brother for ruining their covert game talk with that announcement. Hayden says from now on he’s only wearing sweatshirts as a punishment to Big Brother. Lane tells Hayden that if he thinks he can trust Kristen to keep her till final 5. She’s both smart and athletic. Their meeting breaks up and Lane checks the spyscreen to make sure no one is watching as they decide who leaves first. As Lane leaves and says I’ve been trying to backdoor myself all night.
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Down in the kitchen, Enzo and Brendon shake on getting Andrew out next week. Enzo says he wants to be the HOH. Kristen, and Hayden join Enzo and Brendon in the kitchen and all start talking about the saboteur twist and how they want to hide in the house and catch the person in the act. They all say that the saboteur definitely needs outside help. Hayden and Enzo tell Kristen that they will be right back and then head to the HoH room. Hayden tells Enzo about the conversations with Britney and Annie. Hayden tells him how Annie ran straight to Britney then told her everything. Enzo says Annie is a beast in this game. Hayden tells Enzo to keep his cool and that he wants Kristen in on this. Hayden and Enzo agree that they need Kristen but that she can’t know about the brigade.


2am -3am Hayden leaves Enzo to go talk to Kristen. Kristen says the house is going to split into two sides, Hayden’s side and Brendon’s side. Kristen says that she wants to be on Hayden’s side. Kristen says she thinks they need Andrew and Enzo. The only other girl to consider is Annie. He tells her he thinks she should go home and Kristen thinks Annie should stay. Hayden tells Kristen that he thinks Annie is the Saboteur. Kristen and Hayden tell each other to trust each other. He wants to tell her what’s going on today. Hayden tells her he’s told nobody else and if it comes out he’ll know it’s her who told. He’s telling her about Annie trying to form an alliance with Britney, Monet and Kathy. Hayden tells her about all of Annie’s alliances that he’s been told about and how she’s playing both side of the house. Hayden thinks Britney is high maintenance and Kristen says that Britney is the kind of girl that makes her want to blow her brains out. But, they need to keep her around for a bit because she’s easy to control. They tell each other how they like Andrew even if he’s bit odd. They then say good night to each other.

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Uncle Cool

Someone should inform these people that education does not make someone intelligent. The dirtbag Brendon is an imbecile just because he keeps telling people he is smart because he has a degree and is going for a phd. Loser.