Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Andrew is loosing it … HOH photo day Andrew holds his fingers up to his head like a gun..


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12:45pm In the backyard Enzo and Kathy are talking on the couch. Kathy tells Enzo all about the confrontation with Andrew earlier this morning. Enzo says it’s fucking crazy. Kathy says it was just too early in the morning for that. Enzo says yeah, he came out here talking with me a little bit saying yeah, I just saying sorry to everyone and apologizes. Maybe I will hold a meeting to apologize to everyone. Enzo says that he said, you do what you gotta do bro, I will be entertained by it. Kathy says oh so he really did say that? You weren’t just joking about him calling a house meeting? Enzo says yeah, right here. He said just so he can say he is sorry to everyone and that he is stressed out and losing it. Kathy says he is doing it to chase the votes. Kathy says that Andrew said he had no friends here. Kathy says that Brendon flat out told her that he is not going to vote for me because he can’t control me. Enzo says oh yeah? What the fuck does that mean? He can’t control you? Kathy tells Enzo not to repeat that, it didn’t come out that way but in other words I voted against what he wanted last week, and that’s where its coming from Enzo says eah, who are you to tell people what to do? If you are HOH then you put two people on the block and then we vote on how we feel we should. Kathy says that it’s all what you want to do. If you can’t see what they are doing, if you keep them it’s going to be drama, drama… Enzo says that she should say that if he has this meeting. Kathy says that Andrew is pulling the tears out too, he is trying to cry. He is pulling the…. Enzo says that is some people’s strategy in here because no one cry’s until they are on the block and then they start to cry? Kathy says that she is not two years old and she is not going to argue with Andrew. Enzo says that Andrew is in desperation mode and he will try anything to gain sympathy and support. Enzo says Andrew is losing it because he hasn’t eaten a decent meal in ten days.


1pm Britney is laying out near the pool with Lane and Hayden. Britney complains that Andrew was motioning for her to come talk to him and she said she just ignored him because she doesnt want any part of the drama. Lane some how convinces Britney to rub sun block on his back.. As she is rubbing it in she says that its really thick and not sinking in… Lane asks her what she means and Britney says well you have a butt crack in the middle of his back and its all stuck there. Lane tells her to get in there…


1:15pm – 1:40pm Matt brings down te HOH camera and starts taking pictures.  They get everyone into the lounge room and after they have taken a bunch of photo, Britney is looking through them and notices that there is one of Andrew pretending to shoot himself in the head with his fingers..   They laugh about it.  Andrew has left the HOH picture fun and gone back to the have not room to lay in the cot by himself.  All the other houseguests go outside where Hayden uses the cattle rope to rope all the houseguests …

1:45pm – 1:50pm In the Have Not room Brendon is giving Andrew a pep talk and telling him to fight..  Brendon tells him to stop hiding out in the have not room and fight.  Andrew is crying ….and saying that he doesn’t fit in with everyone like how Brendon is apart of the social scene.  Brendon tells Andrew to be strong for his daughter and to let her be his strength.  Brendon tells him that he has the most respect for him and that he needs to try.  Andrew says that he will try… Brendon coaches Andrew on what to say to people and to let people come to him. Brendon tells him that he doesn’t want him to go and that he will try his best to get him votes. Brendon says the he knows Andrew said things in the heat of the moment and that he understands … and tells Andrew to take his time and when he is ready he should start talking to people. Brendon tells him to hang in there…. Andrew says thank you… Brendon tells Andrew to suck it up and then slams the pillow down on his chest.. Brendon leaves and Andrew talks to himself saying that this game is tough …you guys really know how to get to me… is around because of your donations. Every year the site costs us to host the images and run the 3 servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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Matt I dont know what it is… but that hoodie with no shirt on and your chest showing is really doing it for me… proposal still stands….be mine…


The finger gun in the picture made me LOL


Great. Now Andrew doesn’t care about judy’s ban on suicide jokes either.


Liking you more and more…



Mr. Don't Give a F**k

he should give thanks to Brachel for helping with him being voted out on thursdays becuase it;s the truth


Big Brother is really pulling out the big guns…loving how they are talking to the HG’s…Sensing a little frustration in Production…BB12 Baby!!!!!!


Brenond and Rachel need to go…asap.


YA! Than be left with the Brigade,plus Kathy,Kristen. That’s exciting! NOT!!!


Poor Andrew. Even though he was already gonna be voted out, he really screwed himself over this time. There is no doubt tomorrow night he will be evicted.


Dear Meow Meow,

When we met I love to hate you and ridiculed you..Meow Meow really? Thats your name. You picked the cockiest bastards in the house forming the obvious overbearing Brigade. Your endless mafia association speak made me laugh and cry at the same time. At times it feels that all you have done in the game is shit, fart, eat on have nots, and yo all freaking day long….In time I came to realize and believe that you were the person that contributed the least to the game. You formed no alliances..The Brains has Ragan, The Animal has Kristen, and The Beast has Brit. What are you doing to further the Brigade? It was not until this very moment I realized that you The Meow Meow have actually been a mastermind. The HG’s aim to split up the pairs in the game. All other members have not created a target for themselves by forming sub alliances and are now a potential target. Enzo you are the entertainment in the house. Why would anyone want to looose you. You have created zero enemies. HG’s dont know what to think or even think about you because of your over the top personailty and humor creates a comfort in the house and you are a total nonthreat.. You have always been a favorite. Top 3 at that.. You my number one Yo. Keep dropping them grenades.



What you all dont seem to realize is that someone else is coming in the house ! Either this week or next ! Everything is going to change ! Mark my word ! Big Brother is going to shake it up !

Mr. Pickles

Hey testecles I agree that CBS will be bringing back a houseguest but if it’s Jesse I’m done! Hang loose!


Julie hasn’t teased us with a new twist that will “shake the house up and change the game” yet. Last year, we heard about the Coup de etat toward the end of week 3. Week 4 America voted and Jeff had 2 weeks to use the power. It makes me think that they never anticipated the saboteur going out the first week, and had no other twists or back up planned until week 5. They better do something quick, because this is getting too boring and predictable. I am hoping for some fireworks tonight, but not betting on it. By this time last year, we already had lots of Chima drama, the Bradon incident, Ronnie the Rat vs Russell, Lydia and Nat fighting over Jesse and Kevin bitching out Ronnie. And we complained that it wasn’t exciting enough. This year there has been nothing that even compares to the drama we saw by week 3.

canadian fan

Hope its Russ from last season, he would make it interesting at the very least.


Russell is a bully. Sexy at times but too much of a jack ass. There are too many men there as it is.

canadian fan

Im not saying that it has to be Russell but lets agree, they need someone in there to acually shake things up, I have watched since season 1 and this season is pretty boring, but I won’t do that usual threat and say i’m not gonna watch anymore, i’m in it for the long haul.


I hope so.

canadian fan

Lol, thanks Grandma, be back in a bit, gotta go let the ferret out for a run, gotta watch the little SOB or he will shit where he shouldn’t.


me too. I’m a fan since season 1. I know crazy trivia. I’m a hardcore fan and have tried to decipher the reasoning behind having casts with similar or the same names verses looks and age and why a gay or a married person would want to go on BB because it’s a 99.9% chance they couldn’t have a showmance thus not being able to have a guaranteed alliance

The Excitement

Why do I get such enjoyment watching these people cry?! :D It’s fun!


same here


@ Moaner, Nothing is funny about Suicide, Nothing, ! But there are heartless people that think they need to make sick-ass jokes & I understand. Have all the fun @ my expence, that’s fine. I just don’t see the joke & you just made yourself look like a fool. ” Karma ” you act like you need to make sick jokes to gain a friend, bet ya’ll Moaner thinks he;s the life of the party. I was trying to move on & forget what took place, I did not expect anyone to answer back. { I do thank all of you for the kind word’s } I have no idea why I wrote anything about it. Must have been God’s way of helping . But when you joke like that, your putting idea’s into young kids mind, that ” that’s an easy way out ” I was just trying to explain, that there’s a better way. Yup, i know this is suppose to be about the show & all the fun talk. but maybe i helped someone realize there is love. I,m sorry that I took up your time to save a life ” Maybe ” .I well still get on & after this ” note ” i’ll just talk about BB.Those of you with BB & took the time to care for others, ” not me ” i have lived a long & happy life. Nothing more said. I was not asking for anything, never thought about that @ all, it just came out. Have a good day & be happy.


@ SimplyRi, the fingure gun joke was funny, your so right. See there is a right & a wrong, & canadian fan, we love you guy’s. We are going to the Casino up there this weekend. You Canadian’s have great hospitialy. You make everyone feel so welcomed. Now I don’t like the wait @ the bridge though. LOL. Can’t wait for Matt o’l boy to get found out. No !!!! Please no Russ from surviver’s, that man was sceary just looking @ him threw a big screen TV. Got to pee my Yorki, bet she would love to play with the ferret, & OMG, BB can’t bring back Jessie, that would not ” Be A Good Thing “


It’s LOSER, not looser. For the 100th time..