Big Brother 12 Spoilers: A night of deals and alliances! And Britney says she misses being able to walk around naked… Enzo says Oh shit!!!

11pm All of the houseguests are in the backyard except for Kathy who is in the bathroom. Hayden joins Britney by the hot tub and talk about California weather. Hayden starts talking about his dump he took when he was in have not solitary. They talk about Food Comp and will be “playing as a house” Matt comes over and joins them…as Brit says they haven’t got booze for they talk about the “good beer” they got last night and Hayden was unable to join them..

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Brendon tells Rachel, that Hayden tried to talk to him about the possibility of Britney using the POV, to take him down and asking him what Rachel would do in that case. Brendon tells Rachel that he was caught off guard and didn’t know how to answer. Rachel tells him that if Britney does uses the POV, then one of her friends is going up not Kathy. Rachel says she wants either Kristen or Hayden gone and the only way to make sure that happens is to make sure that who ever is left on the block is up against some one popular in the house. Brendon, doesn’t seem to believe Hayden’s story, but is repeating it to Rachel, just so she isn’t blindsided in case it is true. Brendon brings up the possibility that Britney and Lane are working together, as they have been talking a lot of game together. Rachel agrees. Brendon wants to play pool with Enzo. Hayden and Brendon are playing pool. Brendon isn’t playing very well. Hayden says leave it to Beaver. Brendon laughs.

Kristen and Kathy are in the lounge room. Kathy is telling Kristen about her conversation with Hayden. Kathy tells her that she told Hayden he needs to fix it when she is gone. She thinks she is going home if Hayden comes down. They don’t realize that Rachel won’t put up Kathy. Kathy seems to think that Hayden gets to choose who gets put up when he comes down, if Britney uses the POV, and takes him down. Kristen has finally figured out that Rachel wants her out so bad, she won’t put up Kathy. Kathy thinks that Matt has made a deal with them, and that others have made deals with them.


12am – 12:45am Hayden and Kristen go up to the HOH room to talk to Rachel and Brendon. They tell Rachel that they told Britney would be safe if she used it on them. Rachel demands to know the exact deal they offered Britney. Rachel says that they would have to offer a 5 personal alliance between Hayden, Kristen, Rachel, Brendon and Britney and which would make them have to put up their friends Lane, Enzo next week. Kristen says friendships should be set aside and they should play the game. Rachel says that what they want done means forming a final 4 alliance. Rachel says they said that before and then back stabbed them. Kristen denies backstabbing her. Rachel says we have talked about this. Kristen says she never had any intention of putting Rachel and Brendon up. Rachel asks why Kristen wanted her to lose the HOH so much. Kristen says it was because of their reactions to the Andrew speech. Rachel doesn’t understand and Kristen is trying to explain…says she didn’t know what they had with Andrew and was nervous. Kristen says she wouldn’t have put Rachel and Brendon up if she had one HOH without coming to talk to you about the Andrew thing. Hayden says all they need is for them to put up a replacement. Rachel says you need me to put up Kathy. Hayden is pushing to put up Kathy which would keep their hands clean. Brendon says at this point, they don’t need to keep their hands clean because they are already a target. Rachel says she would really like to hear more reasons to trust you, because I don’t think I can. Brendon says it’s hard for us to trust that you won’t put us up on the block.

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Kristen blames the situation on Andrew and says he caused the rift between the four of them. Rachel wants it ensured that Hayden won’t make more deals to go after Rachel and Brendon. They talk about what the vote numbers would be. Rachel wants to know who Lane and Enzo are talking game to. Kristen says you talk about floaters; those are your floaters right there! Rachel says that she doesn’t know what they would do…she knows Ragan and Matt are together. Hayden says he really likes Lane and wouldn’t put him up next week. Rachel says if they do this, they would need to communicate and that this isn’t a one week deal; it’s a set in stone alliance. Hayden and Rachel agree that this could be the biggest move in the game. Rachel says they have to trust each other. Brendon says they need to know that Rachel and Brendon have always been truthful and kept their word. Kristen says she has been honest. Both pairs agree they scare each other in the game. Rachel wants to know what deal they would make with Britney. Hayden asks if he should bring her up and make the deal in front of everyone. Rachel thinks that’s a not a good idea because Britney won’t want to be in a five person alliance. Rachel says she needs to know what deals are made and she will talk to Britney and if she trusts them, she will put Kathy up. They all agree that this conversation cannot leave the room. Rachel says she would be willing, if Brendon is willing, to make a deal with Hayden and Kristen. Brendon questions what the house will think about putting Kathy up. He says people think Rachel wants Kristen gone. Rachel says Kathy is the only option, she wouldn’t put up Lane, Enzo, Ragan, and can’t put up Matt. Rachel says that they would be willing to do it if Hayden can convince Britney to go along with it. Rachel wants Hayden to make a singular deal with Britney and not mention the alliance between the two couples. Rachel insists the deal cannot involve Kristen because she thinks Britney won’t go for it. Rachel says they shouldn’t wait for tomorrow, but talk to Brit tonight. The both of the couples shake on the deal if Britney can be convinced to use the POV.


Hayden finds Britney and fills her in on the entire HOH conversation. Hayden says that Britney should only say he made a two week deal with her and that no one can know she knows about the rest. Britney is agreeing. Hayden says that they will still go after Rachel and Brendon. Hayden says that he and Kristen promised Brendon and Rachel safety for the next couple weeks, but if Britney gets HOH or if he gets HOH, they have to put Brendon and Rachel up next week. Hayden says that it sucks to break a promise, but it’s a game. Hayden and Britney agree its crazy, but crazy good.

Britney goes up to the HOH room to talk to Rachel about the POV situation. Britney asks what is going on? Rachel says that she thinks they are trying to save themselves, did Hayden ask you to use the POV? Britney says yeah, he made me an offer and it’s a good offer for me. Rachel asks what it is. Britney says it’s for 2 weeks and it’s for just him, not Kristen. Britney is tells Rachel the exact deal that Rachel told Hayden to tell her. Rachel is playing dumb like she doesn’t know and Britney is playing dumb like she doesn’t know. Rachel says she worries how it will affect Britney and there’s a lot to think about. Rachel says but who do I put up that won’t piss anyone off? Rachel asks you think Kathy? Britney says yeah. Rachel asks if she thinks Kristen will come after her if Kathy goes home. Britney says that it is an opportunity to make a deal. Rachel asks if she can trust Kristen. Britney saying she’s not sure, but thinks Hayden is trustworthy. Britney says the deal is good for her, but doesn’t want to go behind Rachel’s back. Rachel says she’s only worried about how much she can trust Kristen. Rachel says she wouldn’t want to put up Lane or Enzo because she doesn’t think they are coming after her. Britney says she wouldn’t want her to put them up either. Rachel says that people might keep Kristen and she doesn’t trust Kristen. Britney says the deal is good for her. Rachel says she won’t ask her to not take it. Britney encourages Rachel to make a similar deal with Hayden.

1:30am Hayden and Enzo are playing pool and talking. Hayden tells Enzo that it may be best if Kathy goes up and is voted out. Enzo says as long as Kristen puts up Brendon and Rachel, he doesn’t care. Hayden and Enzo are happy that the Brigade has at least made it to the jury house. Hayden goes inside. Enzo and Lane wonder why Hayden is fighting so Hard for Kristen. Lane says what the fuck you’re not going to marry her. Enzo think he lost it for Kristen and wonders if they should go talk to Britney and try and stop her from using the PoV. Enzo hopes Hayden would put up Brendon and Rachel. Lane says he would. He says he thinks Kristen may too. Lane says there is more girls outside of here. He says he wonder if he will tell them about the Brigade. Enzo wants to get rid of Kristen, and says that this seems too fishy. Britney joins them outside. Enzo asks are people filling your head full of shit? Britney says yeah a little. He asks if she is being forced to use the PoV. Britney says Ummm… Enzo asks are they giving you options. Britney says yes, but don’t worry I would never put you two in danger. Britney says that Rachel told her she would never put up Lane or Enzo. Britney says they may want to back door Kathy. Enzo dosnt get it, Kathy is a no one, just send her to the jury who cares. Lane and Enzo find it odd that Kristen and Rachel were at each others throats now are all friendly. Britney says that Rachel and Brendon now want Kathy out because all she talks about is the jury house. Britney says she thinks Kristen would still go home and that she bets Hayden and Kristen made a deal with Brendon and Rachel. Enzo calls it a super couple alliance. Britney asks what they would do. Enzo says he wouldn’t use the veto. Lane says that if doesn’t really answer, just think about the votes.
1:40am Hayden and Rachel talk in the bedroom about Britney using PoV. Rachel tells Hayden her conversation with Britney about her 2 week deal with Hayden. Rachel thinks that Britney is safe regardless, that nobody will go after her. Hayden asks what do you think? Rachel says this is huge, not only is this a game changer, this is the game changer. Rachel says you will have to go against all of your friends, if not this week, then next week. Hayden says it was going to happen at some point. I didn’t play this to make jury. Hayden says that nobody else can know and they need to think we hate you. Rachel says but they’ll know you have a deal with Britney. Hayden says that’s fine. I can say I made a deal to ensure getting into jury. This is what fans love and live feeders are going crazy. Rachel says that this is so big that they might not even show this on live feed to save it for the show. Also, America must be voting for something, and it will probably be one of us that will win. Hayden says that Lane or Enzo might win. Rachel says that Brendon might win it as an underdog. Rachel says that Hayden has to be really careful about his speech and make it clear that the POV is all about him and not him and Kristen together, so that Kristen doesn’t get voted out. Rachel agrees to the deal and says she’ll tell Britney to use the PoV. Hayden and Rachel shake hands again on their deal.

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2:10am Kristen and Kathy are talking in the lounge room. Kathy asks Kristen if Rachel had apologized to Kristen. Kristen says not since right after HOH. Kristen says she told Rachel that she wouldn’t put up Rachel and Brendon if she won HOH next week. Kathy then asks her if Rachel believed her and Kristen said she didn’t know but felt she had to lie to Rachel to try to save herself. Kathy tells Kristen she thinks Matt has a deal with Brendon and Rachel. Kristen thinks so too.

Rachel and Brendon are talking. Rachel tells Brendon the deal Britney told her Hayden made her. Rachel says Britney told her straight up. Rachel says that Britney told her to make a deal with Hayden. Rachel says she asked Britney if she could make a deal with Hayden and still send Kristen home, Britney didn’t think so. Rachel wonders if this could be a big mistake. Brendon says she still holds the power to stop Britney from using it. Brendon asks if she trusts Hayden and Kristen, she says she trusts Hayden but not Kristen. They agree that the votes are anonymous and that Kristen and Britney could stab them in the back and lie about it. Brendon tells her to trust her gut, and then asks if her gut say to get out Kristen? Rachel says that she wants to talk it out first. She says this week you need four votes, then next week three to tie, but the week after all you need is three to evict. Rachel says what if Hayden and Kristen are still here that week then they throw the PoV when Rachel and Brendon are on the block then Brendon and Rachel go home and they are still fine. Brendon says he agrees and says that they won’t try as hard and let Brendon and Rachel work there ass off and take the hits. He says that’s why he doesn’t trust this. Rachel says she isn’t sure either. Rachel says they are also desperate and more likely to lie just to get past this week. Rachel says Britney knows this game more than anyone else. Rachel says Brit then Ragan then her know the game the best. They say the fact that Britney includes Brendon and Rachel in her thought process shows she is loyal. Brendon wants to get Matt out and then pull Ragan in to their alliance. Rachel says that she thinks it’s too dangerous to give Kristen any opportunity to stay in the game. They don’t know how to approach Britney to tell her they don’t want her to take Hayden’s deal and for her to not use the POV. Rachel says that they have to come up with a deal to get Matt out with no blood on their hands. They think Enzo would put Matt on the block if he won HOH. Rachel thinks Enzo would put up Matt next to Kathy or even Ragan. Rachel says that if Ragan went up it would be the worst case scenario. Rachel says that Britney liked the deal with Hayden because it took another target off her back. Rachel says Britney feels like she is alone in the house. Brendon asks if Britney trust us? Rachel says she thinks so. They say they will tell Britney what they talked about tonight that the evidence in the POV shows that Hayden and Kristen cant be trusted in a deal. Brendon says that when they make an alliance with someone they have to make sure that it’s not someone who just stands by and watches them win all the competition because if that’s the case they should just stay in an alliance with themselves.
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3:35am All the houseguests are a sleep..

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Hope brenchel gives us a shock during the veto meeting by not putting up kathy!


Nope. They need to minimize their target, not make it the size of a helipad with blinking red lights all around it.


Erm yeah…everyone wants them out…no chance of minimizing anything. Well Britney didn’t use the POV but is she has, Enzo, Lane or Matt wld have gone up.


that won’t be shocking. what will be shocking is if she puts up lane or enzo.

J.P. Brigade

This is gonna take some luck to get Rachel to put up Kathy. Brendan and Kristen have got to do something LARGE to pull this off. They gotta go public with whatever it is they think up. But Brit and the Brigade have to know beforehand and they ALL gotta be Emmy Award winning actors to pull it off.

The only other option is to strong arm this biatch (as I mentioned in a previous post) and tell Rachellaho what she can and cannot do. Make her know it’s her life (Not Brendan’s) on the line and she has no control over it whatsoever.

4-Deep Yo.


Man, she really does look just like boy george with that hairdo she has while staining her locks. Whew, they could be brother and sister.


Go Britney…I hope she doesn’t use the POV, because I see Rachel putting up Lane or Enzo, and I really like both of them.Buhbye Kristen.

Ummm, Simon? If you can, please see about some skin shots of those two 🙂
you can picture that smiley face blushing if you want..but it’s not 😉


There is so much going on here, all these side deals, within deals. Finally something interesting is starting to happen!!!

Why would Rachel believe Hayden and Kristen, well Kristen any way? She would be smart to put up a Brigade member is Brit decides to use the POV, that is the only way to get Kristen out, unless the brigade bands together without Hayden to fight to get rid of Kristen.

The Brigade of 2 seemed to see this the most clearly to save their allaince. Hayden is blinded by pussy and Matt is playing everyone or so he thinks. It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds

I sent you a donation. I normally wouldn’t, but you guys have a great site and keep me informed without me paying for and being glued to feed!


Rachel showing her stupidity again, hey honey there aren’t any set in stone alliances. It’s a game bimbo, things including alliances change constantly and will continue to do this until a winner is named and it won’t be you because you’ll be gone within the next few weeks. Can’t wait until Rachel and Matt the idiot are gone.


what stupidity? Rachel hasn’t made one misstep this whole game, which is why she has been HOH twice, gotten rid of Monet, put up Kristen & Hayden…. and exactly why she’ll know probably won’t take this stupid deal to put up Kathy…one thing you can’t call her is stupid


I would love to see Kristen getting pulled off and Matt getting put up. The reaction would be priceless. The brigade would shit themselves simultaneously.


In your dreams. It would turn Ragan, Enzo, Lane against the Brenchel, hard core. Britney would see it as a betrayal on Rachel’s part. And no one would trust them because they had an agreement with Matt. So, yeah, It would be good I guess, if only to expose the Brenchal as an untrustworthy couple that can’t be trusted any farther than can be thrown.

hayden is a baby


no one likes or trusts them…they constantly talk bad about them, and will be targeted next

if they put up lane…its a big F U to brit for using POV, its hilarious that the entire house thought it was a good idea to team up to get out KATHY via R and B!!!!!!!! so silly


Matt wants to keep them both around. He knows that if it comes down to final two, he probably wouldn’t beat Enzo or Lane. He needs Branchel to get those two out with no blood on his own hands. With Andrew out of jury, the easiest way for any of them to win is to take Brendon or Rachel to the final two. Hayden isn’t smart enough to figure that out. the brigade doesn’t need him. Any of the brigade would win against Hayden.


First off giant thanks to S/D for doing this site it’s tight YO. The brigade is making the big moves in the game yo they’re running the shit. They’re walking into double eviction 4 DEEP yo. my faves for final 3

Enzo yo

stop all this rachel love she’s not as great of a person as CBS makes her look. Brendon Yeah that guy is alright a little annoying but he’s solid.


She hasn’t come across on TV as a good person at all. She comes across like she is coming unglued/unhinged. I wonder if she will think CBS has created a good portrayal of herself?


she dose think everybody loves her. She talks about it all the time


True, she does now. I meant to say when she watches the show when it’s all over.


Rachels apology was lame and insincere. I think to go on this show you need to have a certain psychological profile they are looking for where you don’t mind crossing lines that maybe you wouldn’t in your real life. I think the house brings out the worst traits in the houseguests for a reason, ratings!


I agree….totally fake apology….and if you’re going to apologize, she should have done it publicly — same as how she attacked…..she only slobbered the apology after b instructed her to……..boy george is a completely dirty skank and a lame lame player……there is no strategy there is only emotion which is by the way why b will last longer than her…….but if he can get it sucked until she leaves that’s the route he’s going to take. . . . .


What do you mean apologize publicly like she attacked her publicly? Kristin attacked her first……She chose to put Rachel up in the HOH comp. twice….all Rachel did was retaliate…
Retaliating to someone who calls you out doesn’t mean you’re attacking them! Silly!
And the apology wasn’t fake….and even if it WAS….who cares, at least she made the friggin effort! Especially when she DIDN’T HAVE TO!!!!! Kristin came after her first AND Rachel was HOH….Kristin was a complete and total idiot to not accept that apology and make peace at that moment..fake or NOT! Like come on!!!!
Also…I have never seen anyone NOT play this game without emotion…even if they “SAY” it’s just strategy..look closer…it’s always based on some sort of emotion. How can it not be? We are only human after all.
Also…even if she is playing with emotion…..she has still made the right decisions! She didn’t like Monet or Britney when she put them up, so yes that was emotion….but she also kept saying that she knew if they got HOH they would put her up as she was totally freakin RIGHT! So that’s smart game play as well.
You people are so judgmental that you just see her fake boobs/hair..etc. and don’t even bother to look past them and actually see that she is a good person and that she has made some smart moves. People who can’t think for themselves always follow the herd of sheep…and since the whole house is frightened by the strong alliance of Brendan and Rachel…they are all just blindly hating, as are you people.


I totally agree. As much as rachel is annoying and filled with drama, she seems like she knows what shes doing. she definitely wears the pants! If this show didnt have her, itd be boring!

TN Mama

Actually, you have it wrong. On the show last night, they flashed back to the conversation between Rachel and Kristin that Rachel kept referring to over and over. Just as Kristin said, her exact words to the question of whether she would put B/R up was, “I don’t know. But I really don’t think so. You’re not my target.” So, Kristin was telling the truth and Rachel was the one making crap up. The only thing Kristin tried to deflect was her relationship with Hayden and, really, who can blame her for that one?


i thoughgt she tld her that til i saw the episode last night BB was showing that rachel lied about that convo, but kristen did want to put them up, just didn’t tell them she would


Umm..I never said that Rachel had it right about what Kristin said to her. I obviously watch the show too and I saw that what Kristin was saying to Rachel WAS what she actually said to Rachel before…so Kristin was right on that one..I agree…but that doesn’t erase the fact that just because that’s what she told Rachel…doesn’t mean she didn’t want to put them up…she said in private that she would. Also…Kristin and Hayden are idiots for trying to lie about their called out relationship…people know what’s going on. And they just seemed super untrustworthy by trying to deny it.
Also…I am so sick of people saying Rachel started that fight in the yard.
Kristin for some reason started throwing Rachel up in the HOH comp to try to get her out…so Rachel just retaliated by doing the same thing..and calling her out.
You can’t blame her for just trying to stick up for herself!
Are you people even watching the same show as me?


I agree about Brendan. He’s an all right guy. Too bad he chose to pair up with the she-demon so early on.

My final 3 pics are:


Hayden will be the first of the Brigade to go, unfortunately. This 4 way alliance with the brenchel may save him this week, but will bite him in the ass later on. I think Lane will be in the final 4. Ragan will be #5.


I dont think Rachels a good person I just like shit she stirs up in the house. It makes the show more entertaining. But if she left Im sure someone would take her place.


this post makes no sense, the brigade (much as I love em) are not running things and not making any moves, let alone “big ones”…they are just talking game, laying low and basically not doing anything


Awesome post Dawg, thanks a lot for all that you and Simon do keeping us posted.
Passing the hat, come on folks, give it up buttercup!
Wish ya’ll had a p.o. box also, for those that don’t like to use cc, or don’t have one, at least think about it 🙂


I made a donation this am! Simon and Dawg are the BEST!


yes jokrs I agree 100% I think this is the best BB spoiler site i have checked all of them out and none are even close to this site. thank you Dawg and simon




Rumor is she went to college in NC and she was a girl, so that is probably just wishful thinking, but hey, one never knows!


I think Hayden and Kristen are related. And they chose Big Brother as way to get their incest out in the open.


NONE of the remaining girls in the house have hips… and seeing from her pics dating back to ’98 it’s pretty obvious she was always a woman otherwise she would have been the youngest person to have a sex change…


i thought there were alot of people who liked kristen/hayden? after these first few comments, it doesnt seem like it. with that said, i hope both of them stay because there will be some huge fireworks! the problem is, enzo could be the key factor. he needs to realize kristen is a strong asset for them. stop overthinking it!


I’d love to see Kristen come down and Matt go up, but that isn’t going to happen. If the veto isn’t played, Kristen’s only chance is to throw the brigade under the bus. I think she knows whats going on with them. I’m pretty sure Hayden told her about them when they were first hooking up and he promised her final 5 and then everyone for themselves. This was before they got all kissy face and were just flirting. All she needs to do is convince Brendon, Ragan and Brit to vote Hayden out and she stays because she already has Kathy’s vote. I think it can be done, but she needs to out the brigade. If Rachel wasn’t playing on personal vengance her best move would have been Matt and Hayden. But she was furious that Kristen was stealing her thunder and camera time. If she says the coming between me and my man one more time I am going to slap someone.


Get to slapping. That bitch will say it to anyone who will listen. Just don’t slap me! LOL. It doesn’t matter who goes home, that’s what she will say. I gar-on-tee. I feel for Kristen, but she’s gone. Let’s just root for Britney. She’s showing lots of promise as a great game player. Looooooove her!!!!!!!


omg.. i know she said that in every goodbye message. now she need to get it together. her and brendon will be done when the show over

Uncle Cool

Shouldn’t the POV have been done by now?

Anyway, I hope Britney does not use it.

Good bye Yoko.



if britney didnt use veto it wuld be hilarious cuz all of them wuld be pissed and that bitch kristen wuld go home, btw go brigade! dont hate on them cuz they r awesome, lane and enzo= final two

i wonder,

lool. im guessing rachel & brendon are gonna take this deal.
brit. loves hayden’s offer to much, not to use POV.
i’d love to see; R/B get back doored. it would be AMAZING.
hopefully they take the deal.
thanks simon for the wonderful posts.


I wonder if Brendon gets Pandora’s Box could America vote for him to make Rachel do moves that sabatage her game? Power moves to keep Kristen in and make enemies with the Brigade.

hayden is a baby

why would you like kristen, shes a hypocrit…she targets R and B and is RUUUUUUUUUUDE then claims NO…not true….she and H are together, she STILL claims its not true


its time for her to go, and it will be HILARIOUS when someone other than kathy goes up


because the rest of the house is just pushing bad karma on themselves…if they would stop playing the “diss” game and started realizing R and B=2 jury votes…

to watch Brit’s face when her deal leads to a brigade member going up Will be CLASSIc

CAN YOU IMAGINE? R and B take out a brigade member on ACCIDENT when the brigade was gunning for them for the last month! LoL

hayden is a baby

she will put up lane IF brit uses it.

and that wont hurt R and B…the move will GREATLY change this game

brigade wont be 4 deep on the jury

to piss all over R and B would be stupid….


Didn’t this happen last time Rachel was HoH
She wanted Monet gone they wanted her to put Andrew but didn’t and put up Matt
Now she wanted Kristen gone but they wanted her to put up Kathy
Just do what you did last time if you want somebody gone put someone popular up against them

hayden is a baby

see its obvious those saying “she will put up kathy” are just fans of…the brigade…if thats possible….

rachel said it WONT BE KATHY.

hilarious to see


they should do something that will be extremely hard for everyone, unlike the last 3 HOHs which were all EASY, lets make something that will test them in every way possible


Brendon is too deep in his gag-inducing showmance to back out now. Brendon blowing off Rachel now will not remove the target from his back, so he might as well hang in there and get blown off under the covers every now and then by Rachel. AKA…an alliance with benefits…LOL.


Brendon is too deep in his gag-inducing (or should i say gagging with a hand on her head) showmance to back out now. Brendon blowing off Rachel now will not remove the target from his back, so he might as well hang in there and get blown off under the covers every now and then by Rachel. AKA…an alliance with benefits…LOL.


LOL, so true and so funny!


Please everyone with the brigade. They have done nothing and I mean nothing, I enjoy Enzo and Lane but they SUCK. Matt is a creep and Hayden is a KISS ASS. If Britt was smart she would allign herself with brendon and Rachel and grab Reagan and Kathy and get the rest of them out. This is the worst season of all, they are so DUMB. I heard brit talking to Matt the other day and saying she will put up Brachel. Why??? Keep them in, they are not after you. STOP DOING WHAT THE HOUSE WANTS………………………………..I CAN’T


I think Ragan would be the best saboteur. He underneath all their radars. They dont even talk about him being a threat. Hes been throwing comps and he was capable of winning in. I think he’ll get HOH within the next 2 weeks.
Ragan would be the most entertaining saboteur.


only way i would want to see brendon win if it causes so much drama a fight breaks out, this season have been garbage so far

J.P. Brigade

Rachel DID SAY it won’t be Kathy and it may not be, but does that really matter in the scheme of things? Really? Does losing Kristen hurt th Brigade? AND I got a cool hundred I’d put down says Rachellaho is dumb enough to prolly take the bait on this Hayden/Kristen/Rachellaho/Brendon alliance thing. The chick is a twirp. She’ll buy and SWALLOW anything.


don’t care who’s winning i want to see DRAMA that get VIOLENT


Brit is my favorite. I hope she wins the whole thing which I think she will if she plays her cards right. Sooner or later the Brigades will turn on eachother Yo.


Rachel is annoying but she is a good person and she deserves everything that she’s earned in this game. She is competiting and winning competions. Kristen has whats coming to her from Rachel and this is Rachel sending her home. Kristen cant win a competition to save her life. I’m sorry but I am all for Rachel over Kristen. She is more deserving of this game then most of the house guest so far.

Yo... yo-

I hàte on B/R yo but this is getting interesting yo.


I hope Rachel uses the POV to take Hayden off the block, replaces him with Kathy, then the house sends Kathy home, Kristen wins HOH, nominates Brendon and Rachel for Eviction and one of them goes home. For some reason, i feel like this unlikely, R/B always find there way out. There good game players, and theres still a chance Brendon could win HOH, in that case Kristen and Hayden would still have to suck up to them. WOWOWOWOW.

hayden is a baby

rachel wont be putting up kathy…and yes it does matter in the grand scheme of things person above….


the person out this week, doesnt make jury

its a game changer if they are able to get out a brigade accidently, or if kristen goes it just will further send hayden into a spiral, he was out first for a reason last HOH, the guy had his head messed with and cant deal with it.

I cant wait, CANT WAIT, to watch this backfire

Its karma, you cant be cruel to people

brenden is a nice guy and a competitor, if only rachel could be taken out, then he might stand a chance, but its obviously too late for that

so in order for the game to get good(I said this before when it came to Rachel or Brenden winning HOH, leading to the kristen/hayden demise) we will need to either see Kristen pulled off with hayden up and then LANE or MATT go up….OR hayden gets pulled, and LANE OR MATT go up…

either way, I see kathy…I see brenden…2 votes, that could go against the other person than H/K…

we will see, but hayden cant keep saying he likes this girl(to heR) while telling the brigade he likes them more…fact is, he will need to choose, or maybe he wont since he cant save himeslf or his “girlfriend”


it is so annoying how everyone thinks the brigade is the best and r making the power moves. they have already been hoh twice had the chance to take out b/r both times but they r still her if kristen stays this week her and hayden deserve to make it to the final two cause they played b/r so bad…… go kristen so hot haha

The Excitement

Bojangles yo! This shit is getting good!

BigBrothers Big Brother

The Brigade has been useful in one thing only. Keeping their organization UNKOWN. Unknown simply because they haven’t done anything worth noting or made any moves capable of being construed as an actual cohesive,powerful entity…lol To me it wouldn’t make sense to target Kathy. She is no threat whatsoever. She wins nothing and knows nothing. Save her to the very end when you’ve eliminated all the true challengers and by true I mean Brittany (2 POV’s under her belt) and possibly Ragan who’s biding his time before he has to strike. The rest really aren’t a threat to the Brendon Rachel regime. I wish they had a mandatory rotating HOH or POV win. If you don’t win one or the other, then you are automatically a nominee! lol


I really don’t understand the hate and attacks against Rachel. Yes her voice and laughs are annoying, but there are other houseguest that are equally annoying and no one bashes them. Everyone is equally as sneaky, and are constantly plotting against them. The whole house!!! I would always be on the defense and probably somewhat drained. I think Rachel is a good player, she strategic, and she reads people well ( you can tell by the way she watches people). Brendon and Rachel are only targets because they are good competitors, and they have been playing a good game considering the entire house is against them, and is ready to send them both to Hell with gasoline drawers. I hope Brendon wins the next HOH. Can’t believe I’m actually posting this considering I didn’t like the two at first, but BB Afterdark and live feeds show them in a different light. CBS potrays them as annoying, dumb and stupid, but is willing to pimp out their “showmance”. They are the underdogs and all the other players are just hiding behind the gajillion alliances they have in the house just to take down two people. Pretty whack!!! Well I will be crossing my fingers they get some sort of Coup d teat since we know CBS sways the way things work in the BB house.