Big Brother 12 Spoilers – 4 Weeks 4 Deep “MC Beastly Beats “

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:08pm Backyard 3 Deep There talking about how awesome they are because the Brigade is still a secret after 4 weeks in the house. They mention their rap group which they want to call MC beastly Beats.. they joke around about going on tour etc etc. Next week all four want to have a DR session toether. Enzo “I’ll go up to HOH right now says hey matty lets go Brigade in the DR yo” Lane and Enzo talk about their group DR session about Hayden being a beast. Lane says they should stay in HOH until Brendon drops out.Lane “Brendon’s cannot win it he’s gotta drop out”..”we know Kristen and Brit would put B/R up”. Lane: “We all need to compete with 4 in the double eviction the following week” Enzo wonders why they’re talking about Kristen being around he’s pretty sure she’s going yo. Enzo: “I talked to brit yo I think she’s not going to use the POV” Hayden: “I to don’t think she’s going to use it” Enzo says he wants Brit to win HOH Lane isn’t sure she’s going to, she told him she’ll drop once Brendon drops becuase she to wants to play in double eviction. Brendon walks out.. they start talking about Matt last night dressed in the hippie garb. Brendon leaves and invites them up stairs any time. After Brendon leaves Lane says “fuck that i’m not going up there” Hayden says him and Kristen need to talk to B/R tonight.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:24pm Matt joins the other 3 brigade members they start to joke around.. then Kristen walks out.. followed by pretty much the rest of the house.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:45pm bathroom Hayden and Kathy He tells her he is campaigning and he doesn’t know who the replacement nomination is but it most likely will be her. Hayden doesn’t want to see her or Kristen to go home but he doesn’t want to go home either. He tells her he loves her and he doesn’t want her to be upset about what we have to do. Kathy says she understands she doens’t get treated nice from the others and hayden and kristen are very nice to her. She knows there is a large age difference and that has made it tough on her to fit in. She adds that they all think she’s stupid but she’s not she knows whats going on if hayden goes off the block she will go up and she will go home. Hayden says he’s trying to win this thing, he’s not a materialistic person he’s not going to go out and buy a bunch of shit he’s going to use this money. Kathy says she would to “Not like other people who would spend it on bigger boobs and botox” ..

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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If I were playing BB and I’m the HOH, why on earth would I nominate somebody only to convince the POV winner to counter my nomination? Wouldn’t it have made more sense if I just put up those you want out immediately? I think Hayden is a bit deluded to think Rachel would agree to help him ih his cause to convince Brit to use POV so Kathy could be the replacement nominee.

I’ll answer my questions: First, Rachel has no common sense. Second, I’m not playing thr BB game so what do I know.


No, Rachel wouldn’t put Kathy up. She would put Lane up to get at Britney.


THANK YOU!!! Isn’t this the obvious thing that noone is thinking? Why in the world would Rachel agree to this – I can see convincing people to switch their vote but convincing the HOH to go from one useless player who she has PERSONAL CONFLICT with to another useless player who can help take the target off of her….ummmmm if Rachel somehow falls for this, then she deserves to go
buy somehow i think Brendon and she will talk it out and figure out how it’s the dumbest move ever for them and I don’t think they trust Kristen for a second
i couldn’t figure out why this plan was making sense to Britney either….she was just saying that everyone has “someone else” and she is alone – well Britney then why wouldnt you use the one opportunity you have to break up an alliance so you are not the only one?? You can not trust what people say and you can not rely on people to protect you, you have to protect yourself when you can – logically if you are the only floater left, that just makes you all the more expendable (it’s not rocket science)
and when she said a reason to keep kristen is “she wins stuff and she is a fighter” – what in the world has Kristen won?? She is on par with Kathy in that department. Such obvious flawed reasoning….

Brigade Joe

Brigade is golden, lane and Enzo are playing a flawless game. 4 Deep yo


3 deep really. People are seeing Matt for what he is, including the Brigade. I


They can keep a leash on him though. After Brendan and Rach are gone they put him up as a “pawn” with Reagan to make sure he doesnt campaign for him. Plus now theyre in jury territory and I dont think he’ll openly stab them in the back bc they wont give him votes in the end if he does.

Jordan (#1 BB Fan)

After watching BBAD I think Kathy is a good hearted woman. She has all of my respect.


I think she is a nice person. Probably not the kind that would win at this game. She has problems, “you know” but I think basically she is a nice lady.

Ms Kewl

But….being a good-hearted woman doesn’t get you very far in the BB house. She’s too maternal, wanting to “mother” & save everyone. I like her, but she’s not cut out for this game.


Kathy is by far the biggest two face fake bitch in the house,shes a self righteous Hippocrate!


I agree she is two-faced saying she loves everyone equally, yet shows favortisim to her favorites. She is playing the game to by telling everyone she loves them and is there for them. I think that is her startegy, but it won’t get her far because it’s very clear she isn’t being authentic.

However, I don’t think she is the biggest two-faced hypocrite there, that title is still TBD because so many of them are palying it this way right now.


I like Kathy too as a person. But she plays the sympathy card too much for me, and is too much of an ass kisser.We know you have a medical situation but it’s a game so nobody owes anybody anything. They all may have to kiss ass or be fake in some ways at times but she’s over the top with it. I know Kristin did a sob story too about how she left everything etc. But that was maybe more to try to stay in the house so she could try to win and play I feel. I at this point would like to see Kristen stay to see what she’s going to do. Okay, I admit I want to see her and Rachel go at again


Are you for real!!! I was the first on the Kathy band wagon until this week. Kathy is just as two faced as all the rest. What she says to Hayden and Britney is not was she begs Rachel for. PLEASE don’t put me up”, I need to be here ‘you know’ I have medical issues. If I can just get to the jury house”??? Whats up with that? And if we have to hear ‘YOU KNOW” one more time!!!


Kathy is NOT a nice person! She’s definitely the most fake person in the house. Remember when she was best friends with Monet then as soon as Rachel won HOH she pretty much got Monet nominated by throwing her under the bus and then completely started ignoring Monet causing her to cry hysterically that someone she thought was her friend would do that to her. Then, her new best friend for the week was Rachel…cleaning up after her, telling her how proud she was of her, following her around 24/7, and even sleeping in the same bed with her for the whole week. And then what do you know, as soon as Rachel’s out of power she throws Rachel to the curb for her new best friend Kristen and she starts major shit talking about B/R. And all of this is going on as she talks about her morals and ethics and what a good person she is. Ugh, I can’t stand her!


Gezzzz…..didn’t any of Rachel’s friends or family tell her that her hair looks like something a clown would color their hair?? Did they send her the color in her HOH basket? I can’t believe she is touching up with that hideous color.


Remember, nothing about her is real, that is the point. She isn’t supposed to look real, remember what her real job is. She is supposed to be a fantasy.


you will make no money in Vegas if you look ordinary and plain


Yo. I don’t see Kathy being the replacement either yo. Rachel would put up one of the 4 deep yo, this way she gets rid of a “super genius,” a strong physical competitor, or she gets real real wish and Kristen still goes yo.

Yo yo Queen Brit in da house yo!!!

Lady E

Made my donation! Keep up the good work :).


look at how fake rachel is dying her hair like ronald mcdonald


Ok..missed bbad ..just go home,,,,,and after reading this post I too am still amazed that the
Brigade has gone un-noticed and undercover!! I love it!! Just watched tivo’d show of this eve and as usual snoozefest and a million miles away form spoiler site here…..but still a complete validation of annoying Rachel …..OMG…….


Wups…..not just go home, but just got home………probley too buzzed to be posting right now and should go to bed! nite! Go Brigayed!!


Whats up with:
Hayden’s mouth and hair
Rachel’s mouth and hair
Brendon’s legs
Brit’s picking (lips and all other body parts)
Kathy following peeps around and crashing their private time (wow .. no boundaries), begging for crumbs and crying about her situation
Enzo’s hair
Ragan’s overly analytical dissertation about each possible thing meant by each possible thing said by every possible hg
Kristne’s eyes, mouth, and attitude (yes, she really is better than every one else)
Lane’s deliverance tendencies.


SO FUNNY! You are SPOT ON!!!


hey,you missed Matt…lmao


PS I just voted for Rachel to be the new sabo-tour……One, because her ego is toooo big to say no and Two, because I want her to end up like Annie….maybe we can start a trend or at least a curse of the sabo-tour or some sheet! Annie would hve made for a much better game thus far!!


looks like he just convinced her britney is next


I hope not, maybe she was just telling him what he wanted to hear? I don’t have the feeds, so I have no idea.


I don’t think Kathy deserves to be constantly put up as a “pawn” and now Rachel makes her “Big Power Move” and tells Hayden and Kristen to “Bring It” but is gonna go with the rest of the house who wants to break up her “and her MAN” and let Kathy go home! The ONLY person in the house that isn’t gunning for Her and “her man” Dumb ass Bitch!


What is with all these girls with IMPLANTS? It should be called the girls of plastic


There will be generations of men who never get to feel or see a real boob. It’s kind of sad everyone wants barbie boobs.


Is it just me or is The Brigade extremely annoying? Everyone wants to bash Brendon and Rachel (for obvious reasons), but Enzo and Hayden appear to be very (I’ll be nice) simple-minded, while Matt is despicable in using his wife in a lie. Lane is the only Brigade member worth rooting for.


I agree Lane is the only one but Enzo is funny. Matt is a dickhead and Hayden is riding everyones coattails.


whats with all these implant girls? It should be called the girls of plastic

J.P. Brigade

4-Deep and Countin’ Yo.

Check this scenario yo: I say 4-Deep tells Brit about the Brigade AFTER she uses the POV on Hayden. They also bring her into the fold for protection. After all the gameplanning is resolved between the five they ALL go up to the HOH room (FIVE-DEEP YO) and strongarm Rachel and “HER MAN.”. Tell Rachellaho that Kristen is NOT going home even if one of us have to be ejected. Let her know that IS NOT negotiable. Tell Rachel she has no choice in the matter at this point. Make her know it. Rub it in her face ’til she cries . . . . and then some.

Then when she’s good and broke down, make a sweet deal with her. Tell her to put up Kathy as Hayden’s replacement. Tell her that IF, IF Kathy goes up AND she does go home, then they promise Rachel and Brendon are safe for two weeks to get their ducks in a row and get ready for the real game (7 or fewer left in the house). Swear to them you’ll not put them up if Kathy goes home. Once Kathy walks out the door, AND, AND Brendon or Regan is NOT crowned HOH, you break the news to Rachellaho–“You’re going home or Brendon is going home, ’cause you’re both going on the block. WE LIED you stupid freak.”

I hear ya, I hear ya–What if Rachellaho does not put up Kathy but instead DOES put up one of the Brigade?? No biggie, Kristen is still up there and she then goes home. But NOW Rachellaho and Brendan KNOW their ass is on the line for the REST OF THE GAME and they also KNOW the odds are so very stacked against them. 4-Deep is scary. 5-Deep is impenetrable. Then when Brendon doesn’t win HOH this week (highly unlikely he even gets to the end of the competition per history) we get to see Rachel sweat and whine and moan and BLAME BRENDAN for an entire week.

Brendan winning HOH is the only downside to this scenario. But WE ALL (even thiose thinking they are fans of Rachellaho, but you’re really not if you think about it) want to see this biatch get strongarmed and see her will, spirit, and pride stripped from her. This move would do just that in my most humble opinion.

In short, under this scenario, Rachellaho would be, at the very least, a train wreck for the rest of her time in the house (and even in the jury house) and the pressue would be just too much to bear for our ole’ boy Brendon. We all knida, sorta know that, right? The Brigade gets to show some teeth and do what America is dying for them to do. Be the BB12 Beastly Badasses we know they are and get that hack-ho back out on the street where she belongs.

4-Deep and Countin’ Yo. Brigade Power Baby!!

“Ya Mutha.”


I think Kristen will go whether Brit uses POV or not!! Brigade doesnt want Kristen in Haydens head and Kristen doesnt deserve to be there! even if she hates rach she should play the game! her attitude proves she doesnt want it badly enough!!! Brit is in a great place right now. I seriously hated her and i still dont like her as a person but I think she is starting to play the game and thats AWESOME!!!

brit is hot

The brigade will not win this game , they will not even make final two. What a bunch of jackasses

J.P. Brigade

The Brigade will not win?? I can’t say that they most defintely will, but I can promise you this. They WILL decide who does. Wanna make that bet?


Sure they decide who wins…they would pick a floater…why…because they are all floaters, who throw competitions so they don’t have a target on their backs…Rachel and Brendan are the only ones playing the game…they have been playing the game since week one…half you people hate a couple because of how they look…ok fine…shallow people…but who are really playing the game…I hope Pandora’s box has Andrew in it and he comes back and aligns with Rachel and Brendan…


JP Brigade-Awesome Idea!!!!! I hope Britney uses the veto on Kristen It will be great TV if Kristen stays. I so hope it happens!

Vortex McGillicutty

Brigade is a joke so far. They continue to be extremely pleased with themselves because nobody knows they’re in an alliance, but they’ve been 100% impotent so far and haven’t affected the game in any way whatsoever. So how would anybody know it existed? The Brigade is the tree falling in the woods with nobody around! The one time they had a chance to make a huge move, Matt ‘went rogue’ his ‘evil genius’ plan which basically was a short-term self-preservation move. Weak, you little junk-fondling pajamakin! In other words, the Brigade might as well be non-existent because they’d basically be in the same positions without it.

I’m pulling for some of those guys, but they need to make some moves to justify all this ‘Brigade, Yo!’ talk or change their name to the Invisibles. Or possibly elect Brenda as their new captain so he can alternately cuddle them, lecture them, and promise to take them to the final five and a life together in graduate school.

J.P. Brigade

Thank you Mary.

Mr. Pickles

Ok, I noticed that alot of people are saying that Rachel and her man are the only ones playing the game and this may be true to an extent however I don’t understand why if they win hoh or pov they can use it however they want and she doesn’t consider that to be a slap in the face to the current hoh!?!? When she has been hoh she has been a tyrant holding court up in the hoh room telling her jester to bring forth another peasant to beg me for their life because it will amuse me! Everyone must do as I say or I will be offended! Why is she taking away the pov winners win by saying your pov is useless this week because I say so and you cannot use it! Why is it ok for them to use it?

Boring BRanchel

Well Rachel is an incredibly stupid bag of garbage but lucky for her she’s too emotional to really entertain “fixing” her nominations.


yup,I totally agree..


If they really wanted to turn this house upside down…the girls would get together…put aside their differences and become an alliance…take out the brigade…Ragan would go with Matt and Brendan would go with Rachel…But the girls are not SMART enough to think of this…they just want to vote each other off…


Just left you a donation! Thanks for a great site!


Okay, I have set here an read everyone statement. You have to give it up to Rachel she is really playing the game. Now Brendon is going for the ride, Kristen talked all that smack and didn’t do nothing. She is nobody friend and has been called out. What she do start crying, she supposed to be so big and bad. She talked about Monet real bad and now the shoe is on the other foot, now she got to ware the shoe.


Rachael isn’t playing the game ,she’s playing Bendan’s game …the same thing happened,I think last season..she does everything Brendan wants and her temper is going to get her in trouble sooner or later ..Brendan is running her ..and as far as the games she won ,they were guessing games and anyone could have won ..she just lucked out ..there was no physical action there ..she is not the smartest cookie in the jar …jmo


Thought bout the girls forming an alliance and acting catty as a stage but girls will be girls!


I love the BRIGADE but you are not an alliance until you do something, make power moves, hang tough through the indurance competitions, just plain piss people off!!! Enzo cracks me up and Lane is funny for being such a red-neck! Hayden is a floater in the brigade and MATT is playing EVERYONE in the house. If he was a TRUE brigade member he would have put Rachel and Brendan up, HANDS DOWN!!!


I’ll be glad when this season is over so I don’t have to keep reading the non-word, “Yo” everyday.


J.P. Brigade

Those saying the Brigade is invisilbe are just not watching (or understanding) the game. Don’t blame their inaction for the ignorance of Queen Rachellaho. She is stupid for not seeing the ENTIRE HOUSE is coming after her. Noooo, she puts up Kristen, who by all appearances CANNOT win a competition to save her life. SO why put her up? She should have put up the players that can beat her this early in the game. Rachel has FAILED TWICE to do that. She’s put Hayden up twice now and CANNOT get rid of him either by design or misfortune. PLEASE STOP with the Brigade has done nothing. Either directly or indirectly they’ve influenced every move made thus far in the house. Those four could have (or has) changed the dynamic of every vote thus far IF they chose to do so. However, they’ve not been threatened or hurt by those put on the block or leaving thus far, until this week. Andrew’s eviction was a product of the Brigade and RACHEL backed the move. Andrew WAS Brendon’s (and thus by extension, Rachel’s biggest ally in the house) and the Brigade sniffed it out long before anyone else did. They had talked about it last week BEFORE Andrew went all screwy at POV.

This week is the FIRST week you can say that it affects them somewhat negatively and that is by Kristen being an extension of Hayden. AND that’s a stretch to even say that. Again, Kristen can’t win a competition, so losing her is losing ONLY losing a vote. It’s not like their losing one of the key members of the Briiii . . . Gade. Come on man. Ya know you’re looking at this thing ALL wrong.

The BRIGADE is large and in charge and has been since the alliance was formed. Rachel is a stooge that’s just basically, unknowingly, doing the dirty work the Brigade would eventually have to do for themselves.

Everyone give Rachel a hand for helping to evict the ONLY folks that maybe could helped her.

4-Deep Yo . . . . and countin’. Brigade Power Baby!!!

J.P. Brigade

Everyone forgets Andrew was a member (the strongest member in my opionion) of the Brendan/Rachel alliance. Matt DID get rid of him. He wanted to backdoor Brendon, per what he said, but put Andrew up JUST IN CASE that didn’t play correctly. I admit it wasn’t the best move,, or move “I” wanted, but it was still a good move on Matt’s bahalf. And in the end, it DID further the Brigade’s cause.


talk about crying ..who the heck cries more than Rachael?..I can’t stand her and her attitude ..and as far as winning games ,at least 2 of those were guessing games ..could have been anyone ..she just lucked out imo


Brandon is not playing Rachel’s game, Rachel is playing on her own. Brandon never mentioned putting Hayden and Kristen up for eviction. If Brandon was playing her game, he probably would’ve ask her to put up one of the Brigade member’s Lane or Matt next to Kathy.
And look at Kristen she’s given up, she’s not here to play the game, she’s there for romance.
She is not fighting to stay in the game. Hayden has Lane, Matt and Enzo’ vote and if Kristen’s playing the game, she should ask Brandon, Britney, Ragen and she diffidently has Kathy’s vote.