Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo says about Lane’re making me not bring you to the final two, the way you’re acting bro.

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12am All the house guests are up in the HOH room. Hayden is talks about how he took a class in university on starting your own business and making a business plans. Hayden talks about how he made a business plan about opening up a snowboard shop. He talks about how you need to find a location, secure a loan … Enzo says that it all sounds like Spanish to him. Hayden says yeah like factory. Enzo says that for him to understand it he has to see the BLANK. Hayden talks about a snowboard shop that he works at back home. Enzo and Lane head downstairs. Hayden and Britney are alone in the HOH room. Britney tells Hayden for him to just take her to the end of the game and give her the $50,000. She says just let me get something out of this thing.

12:30am Britney heads to bed. Lane and Hayden are playing a game of pool in the backyard. Enzo says that he doesn’t understand why they didn’t get Brigade t-shirts in Hayden’s HOH room. Lane says that “the longer I stays here the boringer and boringer I get.” Enzo and Hayden go to the bedroom to grab their swim suits. They turn on the light and Britney looks up …they say sorry to her. They change and then head out into the backyard to sit around the hot tub. Enzo, Hayden and Lane talk about how Matty will see the Brigade win everything in the jury house. Enzo says that Britney is done she’s at the point where she just wants out of the house. Hayden says that he likes Britney, Enzo agrees and says she makes him laugh but she is too much of a princess. Enzo brings up how she cried when she was put up on the block 14 days into the game. Lane says that nominations aren’t until 5pm tomorrow. They are hoping for a luxury competition to break things up. They talk about Memphis and say that they think they were a bunch of punks that season. Lane says that no one this season has won a POV and removed someone other than their self off the block. They talk about the biggest power move this season was getting rid of Matt. Hayden complains that they don’t even get credit for that, Britney does. Hayden asks Enzo how many Big Brother seasons he’s watched. Enzo says two. Lane says that he has also only watched two Big Brother seasons. Hayden says that in sequester he watched season 10 and 11.

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1:40am Lane says that he his going to go inside to take a shower then head to bed. Enzo and Hayden tell Lane that he did a good job hosting tonight. Lane heads inside. Hayden tells Enzo he is worried about that guy. Enzo says that he is too. Hayden says that one of them needs to win the POV. Enzo says that he wants to see Britney go out first in the POV followed by Lane. Enzo says that Lane is always paranoid and that Hayden and him are talking game behind his back. Enzo says that maybe he should go and hang out with Lane tonight to reinforce the Brigade’s loyalty. Hayden says that could be a good idea. Hayden says you know if I win Britney is going home. They worry that Lane is too close to Britney and could possibly use the POV on her. Enzo says that if Britney wins POV it’s over for him, he’s out and it’s his own fault because he didn’t win HOH or the POV. Hayden tells Enzo that we’re winning on Thursday. Hayden tells Enzo that he is putting Lane and Britney up against each other. Enzo says if you or me don’t win the POV, I’m going home. Enzo says that he hopes that Lane would keep Britney on the block but he still thinks the safest bet is for him or Hayden to win POV to make sure the nominations stay the same. Hayden says that Lane knows Britney will take him to the final two. Enzo says that he wants to just keep it Brigade for the final three. He says if Britney stays she could win the whole thing and they would look like dummies! Hayden says that he is going to win the veto and that last HOH and then the half a million dollars. Enzo tells Hayden that its his for the taking no qualms about it. Enzo and Hayden hope the POV is matching the faces or a quiz about the saboteur messages. Enzo says that he thinks he should hang out with Lane some to make sure Britney and or Big Brother don’t get into his head. Hayden says that they have to go to final three together. Enzo says that Lane has been asking him about final two. They think he wants to sure up his best bets at making final two. They talk about how they know Britney told him she would take him. Enzo says about Lane’re making me not bring you to the final two, the way you’re acting bro. Hayden and Enzo say that they wished they had their Brigade t-shirts now so that they could throw it in Britney’s face. They say let her know what’s up and take the pressure off of Lane. Just let her know that she is just the side alliance. Enzo says that it feels good to win that last HOH. Hayden says that its incredible, but its not over… Enzo and Hayden get out of the hot tub and decide to go up to the HOH. Hayden says congrats man final four, it’s a big deal.

2am They head into the bathroom where Lane is taking a shower. Hayden goes into the bathroom and asks Lane if he wants to come up to the HOH when he gets out of the shower. Hayden asks Lane how he is feeling. Lane tells him good, Hayden says good stuff man. Lane says good, good, good. Lane tells Enzo that not counting the finale day, there are only 11 more days left. Enzo tells Lane that it just wasn’t meant to be, him winning HOH. Enzo says that he thinks if he comes back for an All-Star season he would be more confident. Enzo says that he is happy he at least won a POV. Enzo says think about the people who got evicted who didn’t get anything… then they start listing them off Annie, Monet, Andrew, Kristen… They laugh about Annie and her trying to make alliances. Enzo says that she was working… she was all over the place. Enzo says that she wanted to see what was going on everywhere. Hayden says too hard, too fast. Enzo says that he thinks Annie is definitely watching Big Brother and that he thinks she is probably getting a kick out of them making final 4. Hayden tells the guys he is going to move his stuff up to the HOH and asks them to come up if they want. Lane says he is probably going to crash. Enzo gets up and says he’s going to help Hayden move his stuff up. Enzo and Hayden are up in the HOH room. Hayden is unpacking his things while Enzo lays on the bed listening to music. Hayden tells Enzo that he is going to shower but tells Enzo to chill as long as he wants. After Hayden comes out of the shower, Enzo tells him that he says he saw Britney get up and go to the kitchen to get some water then go back to bed. Enzo says he also saw Lane up so he knows they are probably down there talking. Enzo says that he thinks Lane would do the right thing but says you can’t chance that BLANK. Hayden says that he would rather see us in the final 3. Enzo says than Britney, we’re going to look like idiots if Britney wins this thing. Enzo says that Hayden did awesome in the competition today. Enzo tells Hayden he has been consistent this whole season. Hayden says that they have got to get Britney out.

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2:20am – 2:45am Hayden tells Enzo that if Lane makes it to the final 3 then he is guaranteed $50,000, he thinks everyone including Enzo would take Lane to the final 2. Unless it is Hayden, Enzo and Lane Final 3. Hayden is telling Enzo that if he took Hayden to the finals, Enzo would win against him, people like his personality. Hayden says that he doesn’t think Ragan likes him that much. Hayden says that if you win one more competition you have a great shot at winning half a million. Enzo says that he could also say he created the Brigade, he named it and that was the biggest power move this season. Enzo says that he thinks that Big Brother is going to mess with Lane’s head, so does Hayden. Hayden says the smartest move Lane made was not putting up Britney last week. Enzo says that is why he pushed so hard for him to put up Britney so that they could have back doored Britney and gotten rid of her. Hayden says that he loves Lane but I don’t think he’s going to play hard on Saturday. They both think Lane is just in this to win the $50,000. Enzo says that he has got to win this BLANK POV. Enzo says that then they can take Lane. Enzo says it was so smart on Lane’s part to not put up Britney… that BLANK. Enzo says that he knew I wanted Britney out. Enzo says that he thinks if Britney drops out of the POV then he’ll throw the competition so that he won’t have to vote out Britney. Hayden tells him he’ll throw the competition to Enzo if Lane and Britney drop out. Enzo and Hayden start talking about their Steamboat trip. Enzo says that he isn’t so sure about him and snowboarding! He thinks he may ride the ski lift up and then have to ride it right back down. Enzo says that he is going to be on the bunny BLANK yo! They start talking about Lane. Enzo says that last week he bashed Lane. Enzo says that he called him a straight up pussy. Hayden says he ripped on Lane too. Enzo says that Lane knew that they were going to send Britney home. Enzo says that he probably thinks were up here talking now. Hayden says we are. Hayden laughs and says what if we got rid of Lane! And it was Britney and them in the final 3. Enzo says this is starting to feel like when they flipped on Matty. Enzo says that he thinks Lane may tell them one thing then do another. Hayden says that would be a power move right there. Enzo says lets say we take Britney to the final 3. Hayden says that she will win the game. Enzo says that she will win it yo! Hayden says that if we take Britney to the final 3 we have got to beat her. They think the HOH’s will be endurance then skill then a quiz. They think they could beat her in all of those. They talk about how they have until Thursday to decide. Hayden says he doesn’t want to be against Britney in a quiz. Enzo says then its Brigade to the final three. Enzo says that if Britney gets to the final three, then she has a really good chance of winning the game. Hayden says that she has a great chance. Enzo says that he thinks the POV will be an individual competition like matching the faces.

2:50am Enzo says that he wants to sleep up here tonight but says that he doesn’t want those BLANK to talk. Enzo then says he shouldn’t call Lane a BLANK because he’s one of us. Hayden says one of us is going to win that veto. Enzo says that he feels like luck is on their side and that if Britney wins then the meow, meow goes home, it wasn’t meant to be, its okay, maybe there is something bigger for me. Enzo says he is happy he won the last POV, maybe him and that gold chain have a connection now. Hayden says that today is day 62. Enzo says day 62 you get HOH and Ragan gets evicted. Hayden says yeah, by a vote of two to zero. Hayden says wow Gaygan… he says he had a good speech. Enzo says he wanted us out, he knew what was going on. Enzo says him and Ragan never talked game, only about Brendon. He thinks Ragan has always had it out for him, he thinks Ragan doesn’t like Hayden too much either. Hayden thinks Ragan likes Lane better than either of them. Hayden wants an interview with Julie next week. Hayden says that he wants Pandora’s Box tomorrow and that he wants money to rain on them in the backyard tomorrow. Enzo says he will look for a key right away to get Hayden out of the room. Hayden thinks he could get a bad Pandora’s Box. Enzo says that he wonders if there is going to be another Pandoras Box, he says there have already been four. Hayden thinks that there is going to be another Pandoras Box and possibly a luxury competition. They talk about the punishments from last week; they both really liked the punishments. Enzo says they got some good clips today of them dancing. Enzo asks Hayden is he planned to say the thing about him being tan but still the whitest guy in the room. Hayden says he had thought about it, Enzo says Julie liked that! Enzo says that Julie is cool as hell. Hayden says that he thinks she’s hot too. They both think Julie is really into the show. Enzo says the first time he went into the diary room to vote he was so surprised it was actually Julie and not something pre recorded. They talk about how many people there were in the beginning and how they have gone through nine people. They wish they would have voted out Britneywhen she was up against Brendon. Enzo says he really wanted to keep Brendon, Hayden says he did too. Though Enzo worries that Brendon may have tried to make a power move on them. Enzo says that Britney is going to be going crazy in the POV because she knows she is a target. Hayden says that he wonders if his Pandora’s Box could be something like you can’t play in the POV if you open the box. Hayden says he wouldn’t open Pandoras Box if he was told he couldn’t play in the POV. Enzo starts talking about his wife’s student loans, he says they could pay that BLANK off if they wanted they have the money in savings but that the loan is no interest so they haven’t. Enzo says that she makes great money though. Enzo says that he can’t believe he has a daughter man, who would of thought my crazy as would have a beautiful daughter. Enzo says that being a father is the best. Hayden says that he cant even imagine that at this point.
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3:25am Enzo and Hayden are still talking up in the HOH room. Hayden says that he is guaranteed to never see the jury house. Enzo tells him that he deserves it. Hayden tells Enzo he isn’t going to see it either. Enzo talks about if Brendon had won HOH during the double eviction and he would have put up Ragan and Britney and they could have gotten rid of Britney. He says it would be him, Hayden, Lane and Brendon left in the house now. Hayden says that they can’t let her win on Saturday. Hayden says that he thinks Lane is going to throw the competition. Enzo says that Lane doesn’t want to have to vote out Britney, he told Enzo that Britney is his one vote in the Jury. Hayden asks Enzo if he thinks Lane and Brit are the lifelong friends? Enzo says he doesn’t think they are. Hayden agrees but says what if they were, they played it so good. Enzo says it is so weird that Britney is engaged and she is always wrestling with Lane, he doesn’t get it. Hayden decides to go to sleep. Enzo wants to listen to music. After awhile they are both asleep in the HOH bed…
7:50am All the house guests are still asleep… Hayden and Enzo are still cuddled up in the HOH bed together…

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It sounds like Hayden and Enzo are going for Britney than Lane. Unless Hayden is blowing smoke to Enzo. I hope Britney winds POV because I would be nice to see Enzo walk out the door.


Yo should go, and hope Brit wins POV!


Kinda creepy that Hayden and Enzo are sleeping together. Not as creepy as sleeping with Allison Grodner though.


Was thinking the same thing QAZ, how are their homies gonna react when they try to get these HGs to go out for few beers and all Hayden or Enzo want to do is like on their beds and talk?


really? two straight guys in a king bed? really not strange at all honestly.


On a close-quarters trip, or camping, etc, it’s definitely no big deal. But when you’re in a 2 story house with a dozen beds . . . AND you don’t want Lane and Brit alone chatting game . . . it’s both strange AND stupid.


what were britney and lane doing this whole time? just sleeping or game talk?


making out but the live feed wouldn’t show it because Nick would get pissed.


Geez, no matter ho you cut it Eno is one slacker of a backstabbing snake. Just an underachiever with loyal issues.


This was hilarious and awkward at the same time——Britany tells Lane that she never noticed that his calves are weird. Lane says why would you say that? She says because you do not have any. He says do you? She says I do because I wear heels. Mine are nice. Lane says you need to stop being such a mouthy little shit!


Ya and then there was some tension between the 2 for awhile. I thought Brit was gonna cry for a minute. I think they are in love with each other. When she talks about dating guys hes like oh you like that type of guy and getting weird about it. I think he has a huge crush on her.


I wish they would all walk out the door and start a new season with all new HGs. YAWN YAWN BORING!!!! BB12 has the worst HGs in the history of the show!!!!


WTF? Enzo and Hayden sleeping in the same bed. Two grown ass straight men. Enzo is so self-conscious about his utter uselessness has lead to him attaching himself to Hayden like a third nipple. Hayden is kind of smart for letting Enzo suckle at the nip though because if those two were at the final two, Hayden fo sho wins. I can see Enzo approaching Hayden (cornering him) as soon as they are assured final 2, saying that it was him being the mastermind and that if either of them wins they share the loot…because he knows he won’t win…also knowing he would never share a penny with Hayden. lol


I thought that was creepy too, out of all the beds in the house Enzo sleeps in Hayden’s bed. Wifey might have somethin to say about that. Wifey: “Yo, go find another scratching post you freak!”.


its not weird…they are discussing game…the bed is HUGE…who cares?


HOW much game can one discuss with only 4 freaking house guests, two of which are on the block. I’m sorry but that is a hilarious excuse. “They need to talk game…IN THEIR SLEEP” or else they may lose the game. There are only a couple of scenarios at this point and my little niece could work them out for you in under 5 mins.


Maybe in your bed it ain’t weird, and how are they talking game while “asleep” in the same bed, I don’t care how “huge” the bed is, its still “weird”!

BB King

How is it that the brigade is starting to win all of a sudden? The last 3 comps went to brigade members! I think they just down-played their abilities to divert the target away from their backs. They seem to win when necessary.


the won the last 3 comps cuz there were only 5 people left …


The only reason they have won anything lately is because basically they are the only ones left in the house! Do the math. I am sick of people actually counting these wins for them when there is nobody left in the house. Of course they will win.


No they are winning because the people that were winning competitions are gone. Now it’s the three of them against a girl. If she wins they should hang their heads in shame. Enzo talking about loyalty to the brigade. What a joke. He broke that loyalty weeks ago by going after Matt who is the only reason they are all still there. Matt won the competitions. Matt got blood on his hands and Enzo, Lane and Hayden turned on him because they knew that if Matt was in the final 4, none of them would beat him in the competitions. Now Enzo and Hayden are down on Lane because Lane would keep Brit. I thought they said that at final four it was every man for himself? Didn’t Hayden say in his farewell message to Kristen that he would have sided with her over the brigade? He didn’t have to say that if it wasn’t true because she was out of the game. Maybe he just wanted her to think that so he can get laid at the after party. And how about Enzo sucking up to Brendon and there were times when he said that it would be better for him to keep Brendon. Some loyalty. Enzo needs to go. I am rooting for Brit because I am starting to think Lane is too dumb to stick with her. She is the only one that deserves to win but I don’t think she can. Lane is the least offensive of them all, but what has he done all game? Nothing! Hayden has this in the bag unless Brit wins POV and the last HOH. Enzo is a moron. He thinks he might be on allstars. He won 1 competition by body checking a smaller gay guy (not that I am one of the people that thinks it was not a fair win, but I would have like to see him try that with Brendon or Lane). A real allstar would eat him for a snack. Go Brit! kick some loserboy ass and toss out Hayden and Enzo!


“If she wins they should hang their heads in shame.” Why is it shameful to lose to a girl? Just curious????


doh look around the house NO ONE IS HOME, THEY ARE ALL AT THE JH, they can’t help but win they are playing against each other at this point 3 against 1.

Miek Hawke

Wicked pissed about the football last night.

Please raise your hand is you are just tired of Enzo.

? ? ? ? ?


Raising My Hand !






He doesn’t bother me nearly as much as he does some people in here. Sure he has his gross moments, but so does everyone else. I think anyone would if being watched and recorded 24/7! He makes me laugh sometimes, and I don’t find him nearly as repulsive as I did Ragan, or as bitchy as I do Brittany, etc. He is just kinda “there” for me 🙂


Raising my hand, so sick of Enzo actually of of them but Enzo is such a total ass and his attitude sucks. I guess his wife likes that type of ignorant stupid attitude but then she probably doesn’t know any better. LOL


Me too!!


I’m raising my hand, but I don’t think he is anymore annoying than the rest of them


It’s official. Hayden & Enzo are the biggest dummies in the history of BB. If Britney makes it to the final 2, I just don’t believe she’d have the jury votes to beat any of them. Breaking it down by vote: Rachel, Brendon, & Matt-I believe these 3 would vote for anyone but Brit. Obviously she wouldn’t have Hayden or Enzo’s vote against any of Duh Brigade. She might have Kathy & Ragan’s votes, depending on who she’d be up against. Best case for her would be to have Kathy, Ragan, & Lane in the JH, and even if they all voted for her she wouldn’t have enough votes to win.


Hard to believe anyone who makes the top 4 is the biggest dummy in the history of BB ;p Your vote break-down is just guessing also. So, we will have to see how it all turns out 🙂


Now, if you said the most boring in BB history, Id be right there with ya lol ((yawn))


I agree, it doesn’t look like brit would get many votes, but you never know what the jury will do, they can vote on a personal level or they can vote for who they think played the best game(which this season would be no one)


I hope Britt gets kicked out because she made a lot of bad moves and has now made the show utterly boring. She should have voted for Ragan to make it exciting and if she did, the brigade would have broken up and Hayden would have gone home. Now, it is boring to watch and predictable.


Even if she had voted to keep Ragan, it wouldn’t have made a difference, and it would have put Lane on the spot and maybe pissed him off enough to turn against her. He doesn’t have the balls to break the tie and send Hayden home, but I think now he is wishing that he had kept Ragan and gotten rid of Hayden.


Lane is feeling it!!!! You can see it in his face and mannerisms. He looks depressed and very quiet like he’s rehashing his “wrong” decision in his mind. He has to know that this was his biggest opportunity and he dropped the ball. Hayden is on top and he will ride it out to the end. Shame but this was probably the last chance for an exciting ending to a slow season but due to Lane’s predictable choice, the game becomes a snooze.


now if lane wins pov he has to choose enzo or brit and he takes a chance of losing a jury vote, so he needs to throw it, because hayden and enzo are not keeping brit


Isn’t that always the case? They regret it after they made the mistake. Lane and Britt should have kicked one of the brigade members and this was very possible at the time. Too late now for regrets.


she could have worked on lane a lot more than she did, she didn’t care because she was safe, always think about a week or two ahead


if she would have worked with ragan, ragan would be hoh right now and brit would be safe this week now she has to fight for pov


Hayden: ” Regan your a great example for your kind, you know the gay community is going to be really proud about how you represented them”
What group are you representing Hayden The Dumb cluelessyoung jock who thinks the world owes you everything and who just slack around and leech off of others?

Hayden must have been really taken with regan, cause he seems to be looking to experiment with old man enzo

Cant wait for SURVIVOR!

Hayden was just working Ragan’s jury vote. He knows as well as any of us that Ragan isn’t making anyone but crying biotches proud.


I’m with ENZO yo, Britney and Lane life long friends….I’ve had that feeling for a long long time…I’m 99% sure they are the life long friends.






Since there are no lifelong friends, Im interested to see if you are right 🙂


It’s a lie from the saboteur to get the houseguests on their feet.


I think your right, I think that Lane may acutally be her finace as they did not show hier fiance when they were talking to her family that time, wouldnt her fiance want to be there and dont they usually talk to them with the family. I believe they are together and at the beginning of Big Brother didnt they mention that someone in there were old friends?


i don’t think that there are lifelong friends but if there were i think its hayden and lane i think lane has been playing with britney because he has realized that she is a competitor.

rachel's Nipple

Hayden and Enzo are so dumb they made it to final 4 and have been in an alliance the whole time undetected. Wait…. that doesn’t make sense…

And have played the best social game. Because they are so dumb

rachel's Nipple

Disgruntled BB fans are hilarious. Almost as delusional as they claim the soon to be Big Brother champions are. BRIGADE owns.


So the jury is going to ask them what their biggest move in the game was.
Hayden: Taking out Brendon (Brendon has 2 jury votes) Won 2 HOH and another by default.
Lane: Keeping Brit, won a HOH.
Enzo: Won a POV by bodychecking small gay guy. Inventing the douchgade (this might piss more people off than it impresses. Knowing Enzo, he will state it with arrogance and maybe alienate the 2 brigaders on the jury. Especially when it is known that he orchestrated Matts demise and played Brendon)
Brit: Won 3 POVs and an HOH. Matt went out on her HOH, even though she wanted Brendon out.
But who knows. Last year, Jordan was asked this question and her answer was that her best move (and I would say her only move) was taking Nat instead of Kevin to final 2. And she won.

Hopefully next season which AG has revealed will be allstars we will get back to gameplay and have a worthy winner. The only worthy winner since the last allstars was Dan.


Oh sorry, and of course Dick, but I do think that CBS helped him win. I liked him, but I call it how I see it.


where did she reveal this..?


Who woulda thunk that out of the brigade Matt would be the one who was outsmarted & gone from the picture. Always knew Brite would be there…


I just want to see Brit cry, dats all folks 🙂


just wait until she is put on the block


Has anyone noticed that since Lane’s predictable decision Britney has backed off. She is now talking about NICK more, less attentive to Lane and life returns to normal. I think she believed he would make a more bold move but since he did not, she lost interest.


do any of the former seasons contestants come on here and post? I would love to see what they think of these morons in the finals…would they respect the fact that these guys alligned so quick and made it to the end?

wonder if matt will out the brigade in the jury house.

Come on!

How many times do people have to say this! The “Life long friends” was made up by the “saboteur” to screw with the house! there are NO life long friends in the house…


“biggest power move” in the game..? what power moves? i’ve seen no significant “power” moves thus far.


Funniest line of the season for me
Enzo: ” I think I pulled a muscle in my a**, how do I stretch out my a**”.
Matt: “call Ragan he’ll stretch it out for you”


Enzo is becoming very smug about the Brigade. I have to hope that Britney wins POV and shows them that their plan didn’t work. I know it’s doubtful but what else is there?


Does anyone else think brit and lane “wrestle” is a codeword for another type of wrestling?


Big Brother has to cut Yo’s sunflower seed supply–I hope that if his kid eats them like that he would say something to him. I wonder what his real estate clients think of his behavior.


I was noticing that the girls in the house wear false eyelashes. Then, watching Yo! sleeping, his eyelashes are long. Are the guys wearing false eyelashes for the cameras, too?


I thought I would croak last night watching/listening to Enzo eat and smack. His smack was louder than the other HG’s conversation. No manners. I would have to leave the room. I kept hoping Brittany would speak up about his smacking since he was sitting close to her. Lane even looked disgusted. How can wifey stand this terrible habit. Bet she can’t take him anywhere.


Enzo just makes me feel dirty. I need a shower after he comes on.


He’s repulsive