Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Kathy, Britney, Enzo, Rachel, Brendon and Ragan are all playing for the power of veto. Enzo says that Brendon picked his fate when he picked him to compete!


9:48am The feeds come back and Ragan says that how can you have no class and not pick any players for the POV.  Matt says he didn’t know that Ragan had no choice but to play in this weeks veto competition.  Kathy, Britney, Enzo, Rachel, Brendon and Ragan are all playing for the power of veto.  Ragan used his POV ticket and will be playing. Kathy said she wanted them two to play. Matt says well we have 5 others. Lane and Hayden aren’t playing. Ragan is automatically. Britney and Matt says that Rachel had wanted bag open for her.  Ragan and Brit say they heard Bren say they might as well just hang the veto necklace around his neck cuz he is going to win.  Hayden says that Enzo gets to play in every POV!  Kathy asks Lane why didn’t he want to be the host.  Lane says cuz he didn’t want to.  Ragan is mocking Brendon saying that they might as well hang the veto around his neck.   In the kitchen Lane and Enzo are talking, Enzo says that he (Brendon) picked his fate when he picked him (Ezno) to compete.  Enzo says its going to be a whole different game out there its not going to be the same.  Enzo says you’ll see there will be a whole lot of trash talking going on out there.

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10am Ragan, Hayden, Kathy and Britney are up in the HOH room talking about how tired they are of Brendon and Rachel.  Ragan says that they are showing extremely bad sportsman ship.  Kathy and Britney say that Rachel is headed for a melt down and that once they get out Brendon she is going to snap.  They question if they should get rid of Rachel because she is good at quizzes and that’s what they think the next HOH competition will be like.  Britney says that she doesn’t fucking care that Rachel can win HOH and sit up here all week by herself.  Both Kathy and Britney say that they will not come up to see her HOH if she wins it.  They are pissed off that Brendon and Rachel act like its their game.  Meanwhile, Matt and Lane are in the kitchen ….Matt tells Lane that Enzo and Hayden should go to Brendon and tell them they should name their alliance the Brigade so that they can then yell out Brigade and no one will know.  They then decide that’s not a good idea because they don’t want to tarnish the name.  Lane says that he hates Brendon with a passion, that he is a fucking ogre.
10:10am Back in the HOH Hayden is saying that he wishes he was playing.  Ragan says that he wishes Hayden was playing too.  They says that this competition is going to take forever because they have to each go up and reset the pins each time.  Britney says that they are so immature.  Hayden says that Rachel is acting just like a little kid that has had her toy taken away.


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10:30am In the cabana room, Lane and Enzo going through game scenarios. Enzo says their final 6 needs to be the brigade plus Britney and Kathy, … Enzo laughs and says because Kathy can’t win shit. Enzo says that Britney would put up Kathy and out she’d go, and Britney couldn’t play for the next HOH. The feeds cut out… when they come back Enzo is saying you’re going home bitch! Enzo talks about winning the POV and telling Rachel and Brendon that Enzo can’t use it because people will think it’s a saboteur move. Lane hates that he is never picked for a skill competition. Hayden joins them. Enzo tells him to go talk to Brendon and Rachel. Enzo says that it’s perfect that Ragan is fighting with them. And that if Bren wins HOH he would put up Matt and Ragan and Ragan goes home, then Brendon goes the week after, then Britney and then Kathy goes . Enzo says that during the finale he will call out whoever the saboteur and say it was a punk move accepting it. They talk about Matt swearing on his wife he wasn’t the saboteur. Enzo says that he thinks he might be trapped by what the Box did to Matt. Like he had no choice but to become the saboteur or he would have lost his nominations this week or something else. They all agree with Matt swearing on his wife that they will believe him. They all say they wouldn’t care if Matt won like $20,000. Lane says that he wants to go on vacation with the Brigade members and their families. Hayden suggest whichever one of the Brigade wins the 500k that they promise to take the three others out for like a week. They all agree to.


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102 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Kathy, Britney, Enzo, Rachel, Brendon and Ragan are all playing for the power of veto. Enzo says that Brendon picked his fate when he picked him to compete!

  1. I kinda want to see Rachel stay in the house after they evict Brendon, because it would be fun to see her completely meltdown and cry herself to death. she’ll totally quit the game. i would love to see that! weak ass bitch!
    Kharma is a Brigade yo!

    1. Getting played and eliminated from BB is part of the game, The players know this.
      Rachels staying and she’ll be fine, maybe even stronger without the voice of guilt up her ass. Brendon will be fine as well just gone.

    1. Nooo I do not see brit winning at all!!! And they should just mount Kathy on the wall, cuz she just SUXXX!!!! I also think she has ‘problems’, mentally!!!!

  2. I’m sick of hearing how much everyone hates brenden and rachel, who cares!!!
    why would you want to go to the final two with someone everyone likes, they really need to start thinking and playing the game, these people are so stupid!!!!!!

    1. would you rather lose to someone you hate, or would your rather lose to one of your friends?
      it cushions the blow yo.

        1. they are trying to win, honey. the Brigade is playing chess, while the Brendan and Rachel are playing checkers.

    2. I so agree with you. They are annoyingly pathetic and constantly complaining.
      The Brigade needs to be outed and all of them need to play the game.
      Go Ragan and Brit. Step it up.

  3. everyone hates bren and rach becuz they go on power trips when they win…….the hg keep talking about them becuz bren and rach keep giving them something to talk about …..her being upset during pov practice is just her being a baby …….any time brigade gets power they dont start acting like they run the house …they act normal (even though they act cocky..its only with each other or people who dont matter)

  4. What if….Ragan who is competing in the Veto challenge wins…subsequently CBS/Viewers give him a mission to Veto either of the nominees..and he chooses Rachel? would still be gone, but the drama in the house would be large. Not to mntion that Rach, although sickening, is decent at Q&A/quizz competitions?..Could make for a intersting week ahead.

  5. The whole brigade thing is so old. They think they are so smart and are always talking about making it to the end. Do they not realize that eventually they are all going to have to turn on each other. And when they do, Matt is going home right away. I just can’t believe how dumb everyone else is, not knowing that they are an alliance. Britney needs to shut her mouth and same with Kathy. Both are just being used which is sad. I think that they should have teamed up with Rachel and Brendon. And Ragan is just as stupid. He thinks that Rachel and brendan are so stupid and blah blah blah, meanwhile in the room next to him “the brigade” is figuring out how to get him out next week. Rachel and Brendan never targeted Ragan, and now he’ll be the one to go home, stupid move.

    Side not: I hope Rachel or Brendan win POV and then the house finds out who the sab is (Ragan) and sends him home instead!

    1. I cant wait to see the brigade fall flat on their asses..i like hayden, but the rest of em sre worthless, esp enzo & lane..i like em, but do they not realize theyre playing a game..Enzo sure can talk the talk but has yet to walk it!!!!

    2. I agree they will turn on each other but to get Matt out, one of the other 3 has to win HOH and so far 2 of the 3 can’t win shit. I think Matt and Ragan will strategize their way to final 2 together. Ragan could have won the 2 HOHs that he was in with Matt. He was wise to drop off both times and keep the blood off his hands! He’s runing under the radar!

  6. They are all jelous of bredon and rachel…………. I have never seen a bunch of spoiled idiots in my life……………. Get over it.

    1. No i dont think any of them are jealous of those two idiots. Wtf is there to be jealous of? Theyre all in the house to play a game & its not “love connection”. Brit & Kathy may be jealous of Rachel, but thats it!!!! Rachel just needs to shut her big mouth & listen..she just wants to be the center of attn…everytime i hear her stupid silly laugh, i wanna barf!!! She sounded sooo stupid when she was talking to Julie Chen from the hoh room..giggling when theres nothing to giggle at…sounded like a complete dumbass!!!!

      1. are you seriously asking that question

        TV TIME


        since they are all future stars, they cant have that

        thats seriously part of it…sadly

        no one wants to play the game, brit and ragen are so naive….kathy too…they bash R and B when R and B are the only shot they have to not be evicted in order…

        sigh…what a bad cast

    2. Brit and Kathy, jealous of Rachel? Hardly. Brit is ten times prettier and she has a solid social game with the guys and Kathy is in such a harmless position, she’s not on anyone’s radar and gets along with the rest of the house.
      Oh, and neither of them are acting like a skank-ass ho drama queen. There’s nothing to be jealous about when it comes to Rachel.

  7. Wow, i can not stand Kathy. Why the hell is she even there? Texarcana sherrifs dept should be really embarrassed cuz she’s just useless! Shes about a dumbass on top of that!! And Ragan is such a wuss. Im surprised he took the Sab offer. Rachel is just an attention seeker, she must like to hear herself talk, cuz nobody else wants to hear her stupid babble, Brendon..”I am Vegas, Brendonnnn”. He’ll be the only person in the room & she always has to end her sentence with, Brenndoonnn!!! Or whoever shes talking to!! I just dont know about Lane yet, hes invisible!! And Enzo talks a good game, but he definently doesnt “walk’ it. Matt thinks he is soooo cool, but my lord he looks ridiculous in his ‘onesy’, he just tries to be sooo cool & hes sooo far from it!!! Hayden’s a’ight, maybe he’ll have his head in the game now that Kristens gone!! Britney’s just a lil girl with a huge mouth on her. She talks about er’body behind their backs, but not to their’s all gonna catch up with her ass soon. I also think that Brendon just may be a contender after all, if Rachel goes, his game will be much better, she’s totally screwed his game up!!!!

    1. Does anyone even read your posts anymore? Waa Waaa Waaa. Its like you’ve become Rachel. You exhibit the exact same behaviors that you hate about Rachel. Every damn one of them. Its pathetic that you don’t realize what you hate so much in others is what you can’t stand about yourself. You can check out your past posts and see all you do is criticize, demean, bully, seek attention, and tell other people they don’t count. Get over yourself Rachel.

      1. i don;t post to get attention im rooting for my favorite players, just like everybody else

        and show me the post where i “criticized, demeaned, bullied, seeking attention, and told other people they don’t count”????

  8. I love how they’re all clueless about the Brigade. And once Rachel and them get to the jury house and find out about the Brigade, it’s gonna blow their mind. They’re all gonna be amazed and impressed by it.
    And Rachel and Brendon are gonna look like the biggest dumbasses because they thought for sure they were the best players in the house. Whereas in the end, they’re the ones that got played the most. Learn from the Brigade yo!

  9. Enzo most likely has the best chance of winning this POV game. He was the best player during practice last night. The question is: will he throw the competition and let someone else win? or will he go for the win and deal with the pressure of having the POV?
    If he does win the POV, i wonder if he’s gonna use it and put up Kathy, but still knowing that Kathy would be safe and B or R would go home. Because if he doesn’t use the POV, Brendon might see right thru it and call him out for being a liar(due to that fake alliance he’s been making with Brendon lately). lol. Enzo will figure something out. He’s good like that yo.

    1. Enzo and Lame uh, I mean Lane have to win something sometime to pull their weight in the Brag-ade. If they keep on loosing its easy to see Matt and Hayden being the 2 out of the Brag-ade to go to final 2- not that I’m convinced that the Bragade will be final 4. I think Ragan has a real shot at strategizing his way- with Matts help.

  10. No one. I mean NO ONE is jealous of Rachellaho and Boy-Brendon.

    4-Deep Yo. Grenades everywhere!! And the Brenchel fans better pick a fave and pull for ’em, ’cause ONE of them is going home this Thursday!!

    1. Im not a fan of anyone in the house this season, I guess Britney would be my fav up to this point, but don’t count out CBS pulling a twist to try and keep Brendan and Rachel in the game, its all about ratings and lets face it, people watch to hate as much as they watch to love, I will believe one of them is gone when I see their ass going out the door, and until then, I would expect the unexpected.

  11. I think their mindset is..If the four of stay loyal and committed to the alliance, we have a great shot at a 1 in 4 chance at a half million and a 50% chance at the second place prize. Odds you’re never gonna get again in ur Alliaces eventually have to fold, but if they make the final four, it will fold on their terms not someone elses.

  12. I love the brigade. For some reason, the fact that the four of them lasted this long sticking together without backstabbing each other is just… wow.

    1. it’s amazing and brilliant. they definitely are the ones running this house. they have the numbers. 4 deep, plus their side alliances with Ragan and Britney.
      the Brigade is very impressive, imo. Enzo is the true mastermind of the Brigade. he’s amazing. and fun to watch. I just hope he can win an HOH or POV competition when he really needs to. until then, that’s the 1 uncertainty about his game. Matt is the favorite due to the fact he can win the endurance competitions. the Brigade needs to take him out first. and Enzo knows that very clearly. once Matt’s gone, Enzo or Hayden will have the best chance. Lane is the weakest one of the 4.

      1. i agree. at first i didn’t care for their smugness, but i think overall they’re good guys. and they’re still not outed. honestly.. anyone but the BR creatures.

  13. winning HOH or POV does not mean you’re the best player. look at Rachel, she’s won 2 HOHs and she’s not even gonna make in the house any longer. so how can anyone say she’s winning this game? winning HOH or POV is just part of the game, but knowing how to escape being a target is just as if not even more important.
    besides… Enzo should’ve won that Briefcase competition. he missed it by 14 seconds. CBS is BS. they wanted Britney to win that POV challenge to stay in the house. she is the most entertaining person in the house this year. losing her that early would be suicide for this show. it was a good rig. i like britney a lot.

    1. Only reason the Brigade is still together is because they banded with one another instead of going head to head against each other. They’re all lame and chicken shit, athough they will have to break up at some point and do some infighting because there can only be one winner. Other seasons, we had big guy vs big guy. This year, it is 3 self-proclaimed tough guys and an obnoxious punk (Matt) versus a party girl and her pussy boyfriend. It’s lame. Rachel is the only person this year with enough BALLS to get in people’s faces and I have to applaud her for that. Everyone else just whispers somewhere in the corner – it’s boring and pathetic. I miss outspoken characters from previous seasons, such as Russell.

  14. if I had to be in the jury house, america would get to vote for me because I would refuse to vote for any of these people they will not play the game, the brigade is the lamest alliance of all time

    1. Thr brag-ade was talking about how 2 of them will be final 2 and the other 2 will be votes for them in the jury house? What are they dreaming? When its down to 4 HGs, IF– I say IF– its the 4 of them , 2 are going to be screwed over then if not sooner. No way the ones who get screwed will vote for the ones who screwed them. what part of LaLa Land are they living in? They should make Kumbaya their theme song right now! They are such tough guys–NOT!!

  15. The brigade is running strong yo but i got a wierd felling that Kath is gonna surprise everyone and win this veto. I’m just saying. THe brigade is running this house and everyone is to dumb to relize whats really going on. Im out yo

    1. the brigade isn’t running anything, the 1st week the plan was to get brenden and rachel out, still there annie out instead, 2nd week plan was to get brenden and rachel out, still there, monet out instead, 3rd week plan was to get brenden and rachel out, still there andrew out instead, 4th week plan was to get brenden and rachel out, still there kristen out instead, 5th week one will probably go but one will still be there
      so the brigade=lame

    1. did you think that when you grew up you would be saying “yo” and be on a forum pretending you are in the brigade? get a life!

  16. t shah hear, this show be racisis , they gets rid of the pretty lite skinn monet right away cause she strung black women, now theys tryin to get rids of the red hair girl cause she pretty and strung two. um hum we gots a black man up in da white house and can get no black peole on BB to wins. it racisis .

      1. ah dos i knows yous NO so it ber miss t shah to you i a stung black woen and a nurse, i dessert sum reseck . butt suga you sweet i meber yous from last yrs too you was rooin for nat to wins wright cause she was stung women of color two

          1. gurl we gots too get togeter two figures out a ways to keep the red haired gerl wit the xtensions, i wear xtensions cause my here bees nappie, she nneds to bees the winner since it bees girls power

  17. 10am Ragan, Hayden, Kathy and Britney are up in the HOH room talking about how tired they are of Brendon and Rachel.  Ragan says that they are showing extremely bad sportsman ship. 

    But its not bad sportsman ship when its 7 on 2, huh?
    That such a even playing firld I guess
    What do u want them to do play nice-nice.
    U all talk ish about them 24/7 ….. Bren should get in
    there MF heads. Talk that trash throw off their game a little.
    Its a no win battle for them,do what ya gotta.
    And I picked ragan to win BB too. Damn Brit are u Hayden, Lanes and Matts shadow?
    Give them some air!!!.,.All up under every second of the day. With ya BIG ol’ apple head!

  18. My two cents:
    Rachel- definitely bipolar. She’s either real excited and happy, or very very depressed, or very very angry. This woman has no middle emotions. She’s very emotional, and is a train wreck ready to happen. She really is a very insecure person. I like her being competitive, but her narcissism is very annoying.
    Brendon- what a wimp! Always telling Rachel how wonderful and beautiful she is! What is wonderful and beautiful about her? He used to be really nice towards the other players, but I see him starting to really bash them. Maybe not so decent after all>
    Matt- too bad he threw in his wife’s “illness” in this game. Other than that, and continually putting his hands in his pants, he’s doing pretty good.
    Hayden- A really good guy! A real class act.
    Enzo- funny funny guy. Been laying low long enough, ready to see him begin playing this game.
    Lane-Same as Enzo. Time to get out of the locker room and onto the field!
    Ragan- Playing a great game. He watches very carefully what he says and does, and is funny doing it. When, and he will, he figures out they’re coming after him, he’ll fight like hell. Mark my words! Ragan’s not the pushover people think he is.
    Brittany-couldn’t stand her when she was with Monet, doing absolutely nothing but trashing people. Could be because that’s what Monet brought out in her, and she was laying low. I think she thinks way ahead of this game, and I can see her and Ragan aligning themselves when or if the Brigade is exposed.
    Kathy- ? I keep waiting to see a spark if there is any. There has to be something more to her than what we’re seeing. She’ll probably go home before we get to see any of it though.
    Who knows at this point.

    1. Maybe shes weak because of the cancer… then she shouldnt be on the show right? Thats what you were gonna say, right?

    2. I agree with everything you say. I see each person the way you do. I like them all but Rachel is a drama queen or a debbie downer, there is no in between with her! I watch this show religiously! From one fan to another enjoy watching!

    3. I couldn’t have said it better myself! No, really…I couldn’t have….I would have had to thrown in at least one swear word…or two…..
      Nice to see someone with some sense on here!

  19. at this point the only people playing the game are matt, enzo…

    brit and ragen Rachel and Brenden…Kathy and Lane…should all be auto evicted

    hayden matt enzo final 3 wouldnt be that hard to swallow

  20. I find it funny that Enzo calls himself the Meow Meow. Does that mean he is just as a big of a pussy as Brandon? I mean come on, how can you take anyone serious who calls them self a Meow Meow, and tries to conisder himself in a mafia well?

    He is a joke. I don’t think he can do anything. Hell I think Ceris (the black girl on Surviovour who coudln’t do anything but we loved her, and she became an allstar ) can do more then Enzo.

  21. You do know what “floater” means right? Its a player who makes no true alliances and “floats” from one side of the house to the other side with whoever has the power that week. How in the world does that descibe Enzo when he made an alliance on DAY ONE and has stuck to it. Just because his alliance is a secret (which is great game play in my book) doesn’t make it any less valuable than B/R phony connection.

  22. I was glued to the T.V. last season, watching BBAD as well as the regular shows. This season pales in comparison to last season. It’s filled with dipshits who want to ride easy street, if the brigade showed any intelligence, the two members who are clearly screwed. Enzo and Lane would be trying hard to make their moves right now with Kathy, Brit, and whomever else is staying from this eviction. Matt and Ragan are the clear favorites at the moment in my opinion for the final 2, with Hayden coming in at #3. If they wait until the final 4 or 5 it will be a lost cause for those who “floated.” I’m hoping that something happens within the next 2 weeks to pique my interest in this game. I as well am missing a Russell this time around, though I think Enzo has the potential, especially when it get’s down to the bottom pool of players and he’s one of the ones who get’s screwed.

    Rachel in my opinion is about as bad as Chima/Michelle. I hold out hope for Bren once she is gone. He got labeled the way he is, because of the way Rachel was playing the game.

  23. I hate Brendon and Rachel. Rachel think she is the new Janelle. She isn’t even close. Janelle wasn’t as annoying and didn’t give each evicted house guest a “btw me and my man speech.” But I think without them in the game it will get boring. There won’t be as much for the other house guests to make fun of. And most of the people in the house are boring or uninteresting. I know when less people are left people will have to turn on eachother. But kathy won’t win anything. Matt has a side deal with Ragan. Lane with Britney. Enzo and Hayden need to team up.

    I want britney to win. But geez this is a boring season. BB spice it up a bit!

  24. I wonder if Pandora’s box has a plot simular to last years or is it entirely different. Maybe if Brendon wins the POV it will entitle him to change both of the people Matt has put up sort of like what happen to Chima last year?? Something to think about…………..What a twist that would be to see Matt and the F Troop wiggle like worms. We need some nudies of Britany too. Maybe a beaver shot or some titties. 8^)

  25. I have lost all respect for Rachel too, but then you have to remeber what CBS edits. Lots of times they make a person look like a certian way. Sadly I don’t have the live feeds, so I don’t see what most people say. If you talk trash about Rachel then you have to talke trash about everyone then. Brit espically talks and makes fun of everyone behind their back.

    Remember when Kristen was suppose to play with interigty. She cheated on her man at home. I can’t understand anyone can say she is a classy lady. She just talked and made fun of other people as well. If she was really classy, then we would be having naked pictures of her on BB nudes now would we?

    Remember 2nd seires of Surviovor? I think Rex was made to be the bad guy, but it was later told everybody loved him.

    So unless we really see the speach in its entirety, we can’t really judge people on what they say when it’s edited heavily.

    1. The recaps on this site are from the live feeds not the CBS show. So everything you read here came directly from their mouths. No need to worry about editing its all right here fo you to make up your own mind.

  26. racquel is almost a sista, she do the xtension in hers here, she got a big boote and she control her man, she jus need a tan then she black gurl. so i bees rooten four hers to wins.

  27. simon and dawg I want to say thank you so much for keep myself and all the other reader out here so informed. this is like a drug for me. wake up and i cant wait to see what happened next. so thank you again the work you guys do is great.

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