Big Brother 12 NEW FLASH – Matt’s hands AREN’T Cupping his Cr*tch..

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


6:25pm cabana Room Matt and Ragan ragan mentions that the second week being a have nots Ragan is saying that he can relate to Enzo but he’s not having fun and is still making the best of it… feeds cut to kitchen…. We come back and Ragan is wondering why he hasn’t been called into he DR. Matt says that nobody but B/R has been. Matt says that todays episode would of been 1/2 decent. Ragan agrees it would be one of the episodes he would be looking forward to… feeds cut..
*** WHEN talking to Ragan I actually saw Matt with his hands outside his pants.. Unfortunately the temptation was too great for him and at around 6:43pm when loitering around the kitchen we caught his left hand playing around down below. WTF is wrong with you dude.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:28pm Brit and Hayden chopping veggies, Lane in there to Hayden tells her that “back in the day he was a potato farmer” Brit says her birth day is next month and Matts brthday is in a week. Lane says his bday is october 10 1985.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


6:38pm Rachel changing is around because of your donation every year the site costs us to host the images and run the servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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57 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 NEW FLASH – Matt’s hands AREN’T Cupping his Cr*tch..

  1. Sorry, Simon and Dawg, that Rachel fans are upset about the Boy George picture. I think you heard the same thing last year about the jokes with the pictures. They are a joke! But, I don’t understand the Rachel Fans because they is no lack of seeing Rachel on the screen. She is there!

  2. Does anybody buy the fact that letter was wtitten by “Matt’s Wife.” It was obviously written by production. If it wasn’t then shame on both Matt and his wife?!!! Timimg is tooo perfect and Matt is not smart enough to pull this off. No wonder he only had one acting gig. Come on Alison your strings are showing. CBS is in for a shit storm tomorrow!

    1. Is there somewhere you can read that letter? I didn’t hear it. But, I have asked before if they showed a picture of his wife and no one has answered. jimik60, do you know?

        1. Okay, coming from you, I don’t know if that is true or not. The reason I ask is because so many on here think he isn’t married or at least not to a girl. Rockstar, do you think it was a picture of his wife or a picture of someone at the bar and he was there? Opinions welcome.

          1. Grandma, basically, his wife wrote saying that she is doing well. . . . blah blah blah . . . that she is getting hot meals delivered to her daily . . . blah blah blah . . .. and everyone is being supportive. blah blah blah. The letter supposedly was written to support his lie that is wife “Sarah” does have that (DAMN I CAN”T REMEMBER THE NAME) terminal bone disease. In my opinion, it’s repugnant!!!

            1. “Stacy” and she is getting home cooked meals, nothing was said about home delivery. But it did sound like she could have an illness. Or she is missing him really bad and needs the support, blah blah blah. I think it’s pretty funny and I don’t have a moral issue with it because its a disease.

              1. He admitted during his DR session on Thursday night, that he made up this story about his wife having a disease so he can get a “sympathy vote.”

            2. This lie is the main reason I want Andrew to at least get to the jury house so that he can tell everyone that it’s bullshit.

              1. I guess I will hear it after on as it is just airing here now. But thank you guys. I don’t think it is a moral issue with me but when you have been ill and relied on other people for help (like I did with all of you last year and making me laugh and smile) it bothers me that someone would use that type of lie to win money. I know, all is fair in Love and War, however, that is just my personal feelings on it.

                1. Well crap. Just saw it on the air, seems that Andrew is buying the lie now because of that damn letter.

                  PS – I don’t consider it a moral issue either. I just like when people get called out on their obviously bullshit lies. Like gNat’s “I’m only 18” lie last year. It’s such a blatant lie and was so obvious. When Matt told this whopper he couldn’t stop smirking whenever he told someone, a total tell.

                  That said, I wouldn’t tell a lie like that personally just for karmic reasons.

  3. Hey Simon and Dawg. Frankly, I don’t care for Brendon or Rachel, nor do I care about the Boy George pic, but don’t you think it would be best to stay neutral? I know there isn’t that many people that are pro Brendon/Rachel, but every person visiting your website should count. Regardless, I love it and will continue to visit it regularly.

      1. You got that right BBGrandma!! I look foward to the HG’s photos being replaced as we find new nicknames for them. People need to just relax & not take this so seriously!

  4. I thought Brendon was a hottie until he started hanging out with Rachel. I;m amazed and shocked he fell for her. She looks trashy, tawks like a ditzy Valley Girl and her hair looks like Raggedy Ann. Seriously, what the hell does he see in her (or it is just the fake boobs??. UGH.

    1. I think he’s just looking to get some skanky for his hang down, problem is he’s a huge puss so she’s wearing the pants.

  5. no actually its ignorent and quite pathetic..i wouldn’t be suprised if ur only girlfriend looked like that simon ;)

  6. Wow ! People are getting pissed i They must be from cbs., or cbs forum. I saw some comments up there and people like branchel. They must don’t watch feeds or big brother after dark. I think there watching only cbs. HAHA! The only thing thats fun about bb12 ………. Is this site! rotflmao!


  7. I don’t dislike Rachel anymore than some of the other dweebs on the show. I’d probably like Brendon better without her, but I wouldn’t be upset if she won. That being said, it’s your website & you have the right to change any of the pictures in any way that you want to. Thanks for the updates!!!!!!

  8. Laughing at your Boy George/Rachel disclaimer. It is your site, do as you please. I love it and would bet that eventually everyone on the board will have a new face. Thank goodness you can’t add sound, would hate to hear a whiney javelina with the Boy George picture.

  9. Racheal is a dead ringer for Boy George. I bet she has gone out for Halloween dressed as him. WTF is wrong with people?!?!

    My boy Matt totally played this week’s HOH perfectly. He’s got BG & Brendover eating out of his hand. The Brigade is safe & he cut a deal with Ragan. Go Matt and yer sneaky wife who is playing along with your lie!

      1. Matt played it too safe. He wants everyone else to do his dirty work. He’s gonna fuk around and andrew wins hoh and put 2 of the four up. Matt is dumb and so is hayden for joining with kristen. She gets 2 lines in the show per episode. The only one who has guts 2 put branchel up is enzo . idk every1 on theshow think that their stars and super smart. When there boring, and dumb!

      2. Matt is so disgusting. He always has his handds down his crotch. He played the entire game that Rachael started (with the cups and wine) and never took his hands out of his pants. I can’t watch him any more. Can’t they tell him in the DR to stop. He eats with his hands down there, he drinks with his hands down there and talks to the other guests, always clutching his crotch. Has he got a condition? I’m going to stop watchhing BB until after the POV. Then he won’t be on as much. He is such a pig EWWWWW.

  10. that’s what im talking about bbgrandma…lol….i hate it when poeple do the hand in the pants thing….wtf grow up…..that is so gross, and does he even wash his hands???and i dont mind the houseguests lying, but hello…..bad karma dude to be lyin about a disease…..

    1. I agree. I haven’t really watched him but I see it must be a regular thing from the comments. I didn’t care for the lying he used about the illness. I know it takes some lying but I wish he had used something else. Scatching below the belt, lying without thinking, picking noses, fingers in mouths, kissing and eating with the mics on can get to you.

  11. How ’bout we get Matt and Britney to trade? She can shove her hand down his pants, and he can stick his thumb in her mouth.

    1. perhaps it’s supposed to be brigade? LOL And I wonder if anyone explained to Lane what a brigade is since he admited to not knowing. :)

  12. WOW & OMG…That freaking picture of boy george/ rachel taking her bikini bottoms off at the top of the page is MORE THAN DISTURBING>>>>please do not show that >>>>PLEASE!!!

  13. I totally agree with you! Make a damn move, lets get this house playing the game. Week 3 and they are already worried about votes from the jury house!
    Matt is a smug ass person, isn’t he! If not for Regan he wouldn’t have half of the information he has, and he’s going to end up turning on Regan, which he started to already, telling the no go Brigade fools that Regan gives him all his information! All those guys have done nothing except use the women to do their dirty work. But back to Matt, he’s always making faces at the camera’s! He hugs Kathy after she talks to him and he looks at the camera & rolls his eyes! What a jerk!
    I do agree that this is a very Boring group of people, I think they should start with people who have never watched the show. Too many people trying to play previous house guests games! Like Matt!
    I don’t think these people are ever going to really play the game! They think they are entertaining us, that is farther from the truth, maybe Production can take the footage and create a Big Brother show but the 24/7 & Showtime show have been the worse ever!
    Let’s empty the house and start over!

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