Big Brother 12 – Classic Mean Girl Bashing At it’s Best, about Rachel “keeps showing off her vagina.. she’s too nasty to wear underwear”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


1:20pm Backyard couch Rachel and Brendon There talking about how commited they are to each other and how they will be side by side until the end. They start planning the next couple HOH’s they think that if kathy can win HOH next week they’ll be in good shape. Rachel says who will Andrew put up? Brendon says Andrew will take out Matt. rachel says she thinks that they could be in trouble if they lose a couple HOH’s. Brendon agrees “we need to keep the numbers on our side so regardless of what they try we have the control” rachel “people in this house are not stupid there going to put people up strategically” Brendon Oh I know.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

1:28 Pool side Monet and Brit bashing more and more..

talking about how nasty Kristen is with her fake boobs.. Monet wonders why Hayden is with her why is he so desperate. Monet points out all the weight that Kristen has been gaining.. “I hope she turns into Jordan and Balloons up” They move right to Rachel saying the same thing nasty, dirty, how that keeps showing off her vagina because she too nasty too wear underwear. Brit tells Monet even if she does go home at least she won that money I brit goes home next week she gets nothing only her stipend, “My stipend will just cover the deposit i lost for cancelling my vacation ” Monet “what the hell are they scared of? why put me up… It’s personal thats it” Brit says Monet needs to talk to hayden he’s more logical he’ll figure out what to do. Monet counts through the votes she needs to get one person’s vote and then other people will vote for her to stay. “If i can get that one vote i will laugh in rachel’s face” Monet i wonder if I have a chance with kathy. Brit no kathy is out of the picture the only one we have with a chance to flip is hayden. Monet can’t understand why Hayden is so “in love” with Kristen she so fucking nasty. Monet jokes that she’s going to punch Rachel in the face brit says she’s going to punch her in the gummy bears.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

1:48pm Cabana Room Brit breaks down

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

1:54pm Monet joins her.. both are crying Monet “this blows”.. brit “I hate everyone in this house” Brit asks Monet to not show her face because seeing her sad like that make brit cry even harder. is around because of your donation every year the site costs us to host the images and run the 3 servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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Seeing them upset and crying makes me feel so warm and happy inside. Is that wrong? LOL Ba Bye Beaaatch!!! Don’t worry Brit the Beaaatch will be right behind u. ROFLMFAO


Seeing those horrible girls crying brings joy to my heart.


its like HS made right


I actually like Brit and Monet, cause everything they say is true and hilarious, with all the pressure and circumstances in the house theyre bound to blow, and its all very comedic and funny!


uh, eli what are you talking about ? its not all true what theyre saying. Kristen is pretty, and shes not fat and her boobs look fine. Rachel is gross, but kristen isnt. Brit and monet are fake insecure mean girls.


Kristen isn’t all that hotness that people, such as Hayden, describe her to be, at least IMO. Shes better than Rachel I’ll give you that, but I dont think theyre fake and insecure, theyre sequestered in a house, it must be boring, Britney and Monet are amusing themselves and the live feeds.


You’re not alone Eli, I like them too. They’re the only entertaining ones in the house.


I serious would pay for the feeds if Monet stays, have you heard some of the lines that these two are spitting?!? Comedic Genius!!! I’m definitely against verbal degradation of any kind towards individuals but this is serious some funny shiz… much better than the borefest and showmace(s)…


“…….STD airborne and we all will need to take cover” I am still laughing – I can’t stop. Too funny!!!!


exactly, thats why i like them , they bring ENTERTAINMENT and ain;t thats what BB is all about? drama = ratings

if i wanna watch someone killing and cuddling ill watch a porno




They are 2 young girls stuck in a house with no one but each other to talk trash with (how they really feel). With the others they have to be fake. Sure it is mean but that is how they are feeling. I have to say, they have been friends with each other. They all are talking about each other just like we are talking about them. I think this site is the most entertainment I get out of this show. Love you Simon.


Even though I’ll lose my Matt, I don’t want to see Monet go because her and Britney are way too funny and snarky.

kathie from canada

Right on! The site is 1000 times more interesting than the actual show. I have to struggle to watch each episode. Dull shallow people who don’t seem to understand the game!?!


Glad you cleared that up…. I was thinking WTF is this guy into?!??!!?


cant stand brit and monet….for 2 reasons

they don’t play the game…and if they do, its poorly.

they say things that go beyond the line between wrong and flat out malicious…its disgusting…its not funny, I refuse to listen to that high school garbage

Uncle Cool

That was pretty disgusting.

It was ridiculous watching BB on Sunday when they had to censor Roachel’s ass.

What an uncivilized pig she is.


I´m so happy that these 2 girls will be taken one by one, no one will miss them
bye bye bitchesss!!


brit and monet are the plastics of the house fake and very mean but they are very funny to watch


I am so disappointed with this big brother I don’t even know if I am going to watch it anymore. BORING!!!


AHAHAHA WTF, weren’t they just bashing everyone? now they’re crying….because their tummies hurt or something?


Monet is gone, but Matt shouldn’t take this for granted….He needs to do his share of campaigning, lock up the votes….

I don’t like Britney, but I think dumping Monet, will only help her in this game….She will attach herself to the brigade boys, if they take control of the house, which I think they will…


I really think the long time relationship in the house is Kathy and Britney… they look like a mother/daughter act. Could that be why Kathy is blowing the competitions and all to help Britney? Has anyone else thought about what that clue meant? Did I miss something? Have they resolved who the lifelong relationship is between?


I have read on here from others that Annie said after leaving the show that she had made that up. But, I agree with you that Kathy and Britney do look a lot alike. If you look at their pictures together, they have the same smile. However, Britney’s mother is in her video, they say.


I think it is unfair that she threw in lies as part of her saboteur job… how are we supposed to know that she lied? Thanks for the information BBGrandma. Nice to see you here again this year.


And, I am glad to find you again, too. I always enjoy your point of views. They give another perspective to things. I like to ponder everyones thoughts and feelings. And, this site gives me a lot to enjoy while doing that!