BB12 Brit about Rachel’s free tickets: “it doesn’t matter if you pay for a ticket or your vagina does. you still paid for it”


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2:45pm HOH Everyone but B/R and Kathy They are studying for the HOH comp. Ragan and Matt really know their stuff. Enzo keeps asking questions trying to learn as much as he can. They are all convinced that Rachel is the sab after Brendon’s POV speech earlier today. Ragan points out that rachel was pretending to cry during the ceremony, Enzo saw her she was trying to make it look lilke tears but her makeup wasn’t running after. Brit tells them theat Brendon’s speech was a lot like the sab speech. MAtt agrees but wants to make sure everyone is still on board to boot her the BLANK out. Everyone agree’s Rachel is much more dangerous then Brendon is. They go over the plan to make Rachel think she is staying this week so to reduce the drama then come Thursday she’ll go with a house vote against her.

Hayden wonders if he gets into a bar fight if anyone in the season would help him out, Brit: “I would slip the opponent a 100”. Brit asks Enxo if’ he knows someone that can rough up Brendon when the show is over, Enzo: “Yeah yeah I can take care of that no problem I got a cousin a San Diego” Hayden thinks they won’t need to get someone to do it it’ll just happen. They go back to studying questions, enzo seems to really want to practice (maybe because he needs to the most) Brit, Ragan and Matt have it all figured out.

They start talkign about last night and how skanky Rachel was getting. BRit brings up Rachel telling them she never has to pay to see musical performances she has guys that pay for the tickets. Brit: “it doesn’t matter if you pay for a ticket or a vagina does. you still paying for it”. Ragan: “I’m sure her MAdame pays for her tickets”. Ragan impersonating rachel: “I BLANK for tickets… but my vagina is in shape.. look at my pussy it BLANK all the time” Enzo and matt laughing, Enzo: “just go down there and say that but after ask them to not take it personally it’s just a game … your pussy can take it personally “… They start laughing at how personally Rachel has played the game and was constantly telling them it was for strategic reasons. Hayden brings up how pissed off Rachel got at all of them when they were saying visiting fort worth was going to be more fun then Vegas. They think it’s funny how


Big Brother 12 Spoilers


3:05pm Backyard couch Kathy, Brendon and Rachel Brendon telling her he’s sick of the house being against them and telling them one thing but doing another. Brendon brings up how mean Ragan was to Rachel by not talking to her anymore (Kathy just “ya ya ya uh uh ya ya ya”) Brendon says he doesn’t understand what is going on in the house all him and Rachel want to do is compete. Kathy tells him to speak his mind in the house and know that the people talking the most BLANK and making enemies are not going to get votes in the finale. Kahty “I have never changed since i’ve been here” Brendon agrees that she hasn’t, he points out that 20 minute after Matt wins HOH Brit is all around him scheming. Rachel comes out and tells them that everyone is up in HOH, how rude is that for them to all hide up there and not invite us (if you’ve been following things you’ll find this comedy gold) . Rachel: “I love being the outsider” she tells Kahty she should go up there because she not a outsider. Kathy doesn’t want to she’s happy siting outside smoking. Rachel doesn’t even think there talking about anything important just trying to decide who they hate more Brendon or Rachel (I listened in it’s rachel)

Rachel: “I just don’t get why people think i’m a BLANK I’m a really nice person, I do charity work I help people I try to teach them things… I let people live in my house for free.. I give all my friends jobs in Vegas”. Brendon: “These people always say OH OH don’t take this game personally but Rachel and I are the only ones playing the game the others are taking it personally” (comedy gold again biam). Neither of them can figure out why they are the villains. Brendon gets up to go inside. Rachel starts trying to work Kathy telling her that she doesn’t want Brendon to go out looking like the bad guy becuase he’s not. Rachel thinks that calling Brit spoiled brat isn’t really that bad .. Rachel asks Kahty “so what are you thinking about.. wheres your head at”.. Kathy: “I’m hungry” rachel: “Ohh yeah i guess your on slop huh”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


4:00pm Hammock Brendon and Rachel talking quiz questions

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74 thoughts on “BB12 Brit about Rachel’s free tickets: “it doesn’t matter if you pay for a ticket or your vagina does. you still paid for it”

  1. ok I think im done with big brother with comment like that holy god they are all a brunch of pigs and I hope someone jumps them when this show ends to bad im in Canada cause I would shut their mouths for good

    1. Yah if Roach lived in Canaduhh if that bitch got up to go to the can in a bar she wouldnt make it out in one piece.

  2. Ok seriously this is getting so annoying .. they have nothing to do else than making fun of rachel and brendon .. talking shit about someone’s back in a VULGAR way is really digusting .. Ragan and Britney were cool at first .. but now they are worse than Rachel .. and their vocabulary cant be anymore vulgar and digusting .. the way ragan’s talk is like someone that has been living in the streets .. ragan and brit u r next dont get to excited because bregade cant wait to see u leave the house laughing at ur asses ..

    1. that was a different way to look at this season. and you are right. i think living in the bb house is tougher than alot of us imagined.

    2. Amen to that! People need to realize that while the stuff they are saying is bad, they have nothing else to tinhk about but the houselife, so small fights and enemies get blown way out of proportion and it leads to some rather nasty comments. When Rachel and Brendon leave the house the shit talking wont stop it will just get directed at a new target……most likely Kathy.

    3. Well said Randomness! There is absolutely nothing for the HG to do BUT talk about each other! And to try to top each other using their wit. Imagine having no technology, television, reading materials, music……nothing. Most people would talk smack just to entertain each other. Everyone’s actions and reactions are amplified and become fodder for discussion.
      I don’ t think we can judge these people on how they act in the BB house. That being said…….Rachel definitely has issues that include self-esteem and alcohol abuse!! I find her to be a sad girl.

      1. Oh come on, of all the houseguests over the years, these people are by far the worst and most juvenile. I don’t care what the breaking point is, there is no need to objectify and misogynize anyone. Regardless of how Rachel acts, how is it better behavior to trash her like that. Clearly, Rachel has stuff to learn, but at least that is her problem, and nothing she is doing to or about others. Why would you get pleasure out of bringing her down farther??Says a lot about the kind of people Britney and Reagan are. And if you think about, when most of the others trashtalk they don’t use such vile, base language. There is no need for it, it’s not part of the game. Ragan is a lonely and so this is his defense against a sexual woman who poses a threat to him. I would’ve hoped he had known better, but clearly PhDs in the gay politics are worthless. Britney is so narrow-minded and cliched, she has no hope.

    4. I have watch every show since the start of big brother and this season is by far the worst talk that I ever had to hear it makes me sick

  3. Enough with the Rachel vag’s jokes people! She’s going home. And where is Smurfette(Kathy)? Is she practicing for the comp too? Nah, probably puffing and snoozing. Hell snoozing while she puffs. You hardly even see her during the BBAD way weird as to how she was chosen for this season.

    1. You know, it would serve them all right to have Brendon and Kathy the final two. That would be a kick in the ass to all of them, LOL! That is the only way Kathy would win, if she was up against Brendon. I wonder if all Kathy’s hibernating is a way for her to really make her moves next HOH? LOL!

    1. Rachel definitely has a few issues going on. There is a factor that people have that allows them to understand facial/verbal ques of others and to understand how their behavoir affects others. It sounds to me like Rachel is missing this and wasn’t taught (because you can teach someone how to do all this, but you need to know it’s missing first). She just doesn’t get why the house doesn’t like her and want her out.

      1. So right. She doesn’t get the jokes aimed at her like when Brit and Regan were wearing her hair extensions and when they are imitating her over the top reactions. She only seems to get a direct confrontation. Also she has zero self editing skills. Who else would tell those crazy stories and act like a she did something wonderful and cool.

      2. Oh she understands full well why she is hated. She just refuses to accept it! She chooses to live in a sea of denial – hence that is why she lives her entire life drinking like a fish.

    2. They are not very bright either. B/R think their plan at POV ceremony worked. Crazy, now they think Rachel is the sab as well, which works in Ragan’s favor and gets him closer to 20 K. It’s like dumb and dumber.

  4. Did Brit really ask Enzo if he knew someone who would beat Brendon up and on national TV? I am sure she was joking, but you don’t joke about connections and not with a Jersey boy!

    1. I’m from Jersey….it’s a jersey thing, everyone knows someone that they think “can take care of it” ……..kinda a joke! Hey I liked the part about Enzo saying “you’s ” I do that all the time!!! LOL!!

      1. I’m from Jersey too, that is why I said you don’t joke about that to a Jersey boy. I think at one point or another you know someone or someone you know, knows someone who handles problems, LOL! It is a Jersey thing!

  5. Rachel talking about Brit
    And it’s true too
    Ms Perfect ain’t so perfect
    Rachel says that her boobs are messed up and she wonders if people see that, one is rounder than the other. She asks him if he can tell and he says he doesn’t know she doesn’t let him touch them. He reaches out and she slaps him playfully.

  6. What’s with all the b/r supporters here? They are so egotistical and hypocritical it’s ridiculous. Also, to the people who keep saying that the rest of the house has nothing better to do than to bash b/r…..of course they don’t! They are playing a game designed specifically to get people talking and scheming behind peoples backs! The lying and backstabbing is all good, it’s when people like Brendan and Rachel are acting delusional and self righteous when it’s obvious that they are terrible human beings is when it gets annoying. BRIGADE YO!

  7. Rachel thinks that calling Brit spoiled brat isn’t really that bad .. Rachel asks Kahty “so what are you thinking about.. wheres your head at”.. Kathy: “I’m hungry” rachel: “Ohh yeah i guess your on slop huh”

    thats funny

  8. Im sorry but Rachel & Brendon brought this upon themselves, they coupled up so early in the game, spent all their hours during HOH making out together in their bed and doing God knows what – and left the others out, while totally power tripping. You’re here to play a game and win 500 000! If you’re going to hook up, at least try and be SMART about it, like Hayden & Kristen were…or attempted to be anyway! If youre shoving your showmance down people’s throat, and secluding yourself with your ‘lover’ all the time…yeah, you’re not exactly going to make a lot of friends, and more importantly, you’re going to miss out on the game that’s going on – which the OTHER people ARE actually playing!
    EVERY single thing B/R complain about is something they are also guilty of themselves. Personally, I’m not sorry to see Rachel fall off her pedestal after the way she acted last week. I’m not even going to comment about her ”IM VEGASSS” acting like a dumbass, flashing other houseguests, dancing on tables ….. etc etc behaviour … because truly, I find that kind of dumbing yourself down and whoring out for attention behaviour just plain… sad.

  9. Rachel doesnt make personal moves in the game right? Just strategic? Somehow all the goodbye messages containing ”’ you tried coming between me and my mann ”’ beg to differ.

    1. oh no, don’t you realize that it’s all her “plan” ^_~ she’s trying to make herself look like the victim here so that America would feel sorry for her. It’s not personal, it’s @o@~~~~*strategic*~~~~~ @o@
      I’m not too sure if my sarcasm bled through or not XD I hope the smileys around the world strategic helps though.

    2. because they never let her finish the statement, “No one comes between me and my man winning the 500K”, LOL! I’m just kidding. ITA she is playing it at a personal level and taking everything personal.

    3. It’s kind of funny how she always thought that a HG was tryn to come between her and her man. Well the entire house can be blamed for this now. He will only be her man during this show…….guaranteed!!!!

  10. Last week, Rachel was making appointments for people to come and see her in the HOH room.

    Now Matt has an open-door policy and they’re being rude because they’re up there enjoying themselves without Rachel?

    Rachel really does have mental issues.

    I am sure Ragan recognizes this clinical fact.

  11. I just hope everyone of them have at least a little bit of decorum when Rachel gets evicted otherwise all of them will be revealed for who they are on national tv that we see on the feeds

  12. Brendon is a really sad guy. He’s basically a nerd who hooked up with this “Party Girl” and cannot believe his luck. He is blind to what she really is and spends most of his time trying to placate her. Right now, he’s desperately trying to make up for “failing her” by not winning the POV. He’s pathetic around Rachel and, when he finally is free of her, he’ll realize how foolish he’s been. But by then, it will be too late, someone else will have won Big Brother, Brendon will have lost his dignity, and it will become a vicious cycle. Question: will the houseguests get to see this season themselves? WHen?

    1. i honestly feel really bad for his swim students.This must be awful to watch him hook up with Rachel.and he is pretty despondent now.hes given up trying to keep rachel safe even though its a lost cause.

  13. brit needs to grow up. she has resorted to making below the belt comments. who will she talk about when rachel is gone? kathy? she only talks about the other females and kathy will be the only one left ( ragan too but she is the one brit gossips with)

  14. They aren’t going to be able to even show the parting diary room thoughts from the other house guests because they are going to be so vile. Can’t wait!

  15. Worst BB cast ever!!

    I can’t wait to see who Britney start hating on next with her filthy mouth. She sat around the whole time, telling Monet how she can’t stand anyone in the house but her. Yet, I wonder how many actually can stand to be around her. Then you have 2 or 3 house guest that doesn’t do anything at all! Matt, although telling a big fat lie, at least plays the game. Kathy “Bride of Chucky” is just freaking useless! Ragan is a sour puss, and they will sniff him out as being the Saboteur very quickly. Enzo and bodybuilder have done nothing for the brigade, besides hang on Matt’s sack.

    As much as I dislike two faced Britney, if she wins she deserves more than just the 500k. To be truthful about it, Britney vs. Matt would be quite a showdown.

      1. i liked matt before he lied about his wife. i hope Ragan becomes HoH and learns about the brigade and Matt.although matt would find a way to make the other person up with him (mosy likely another brigade member) go home.

  16. Ok…..Brendon is clueless. How many times does he have to tell Rachel he loves her and she NEVER responds back. Hello…dumb ass, get a clue! They make me sick. I Can’t stand Rachel, can’t wait until she walks out that door!!!

  17. Does anybody know if BB sanitized the mattress and bleaches the blankets after Roach moves out of a bed? Like I’m serious….

  18. Brit & Ragan think their part of the Brigade ( although they don’t know about the secret alliance) I can’t wait til both of their asses are gone! Brit is stuck up who ever ass is HOH, & Ragan really thinks Matt will take him to the final 2….yeah right! I didn’t use to like Matt but now i like him he’s the only 1 playing the game, the rest of them are busy Bitching, Whining, Complaining & Floating, R is gone this week, Big foot Brenden is gone next week unless he wins HOH which is doubtful, Dead weight Kathy the following week, Mouthy ass Brittany, then Matt’s Flunky Ragan,…who will be the final 2 remains to be seen. LOL

  19. Why haven’t we seen or heard of any Sabateur’s pranks or sabatoges?
    I think he should out the Brigade and right away. Then, it will be fun.
    That would be a real Sabatoge.

  20. I hope during Ragan’s goodbye speech to Rachel on Thursday in the diary room he says something like. “Don’t worry Rachel, I will continue blowing Brendan for you while you’re gone!”

  21. will big brother please put a mute button on Brittney and Regan. This is obnoxious to the highest level. I use to like Brit but now she is a lil sneaky Biatch sorry but had to say it. Yes you play the game but honestly I was pulling for her. I so hope her behind goes home..I will be glad when she goes on the block and sees how everyone turns their backs on her. I am sick of Regan and truly enzo. they are not taking enzo to the end. If they do then enzo will win hands down. watch matt and probally kathy/hayden is going final 2..if they were smart they would keep rachael at least so that she can align with brit and regan and kathy and rule the house getting out the brigade. every big brother the men use the women and then rid the house of them. have any of these people actually watched big brother. I guess i am tired of the scheming. me if i had something to say i would say it in their face. stop talking about how brendon and rachael talked smack behinds peoples back cuz guess what houseguest, ur doing the freaking same. I am sick of watching matts hands down his pants and then going in the kitchen to eat or cook. does he wash his hands come on. They forget that rachael and brendon have votes in the jury. u should never piss off the jury. regan little twink self is annoying and idiotic.i will be glad when they get his behind out as well..stupid stupid players.Lordy Big brother please next season find some reallllllllllllll players please.

    1. and I am also tired of brits mean girl routine. she has turned into an even bigger biatch than racheal and i am suspect for her and lane..hmmmmmm thats alot of closeness. i wouldnt be surprised if lane was nick hmmmmmm

  22. When she says she does Charity work, does she mean she gives discounts\freebies to her homeless\out of work “Johns”??
    PS Sorry if someone already said this but I haven’t read all the strings and just got on…..

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