Big Brother 12 – Brit ” you guys realize what this really means.. we have to listen to Brendon’s voice for 2 more weeks minimum”


7:20pm Jumanji Room Matt and Lane Lane saying that They are going to put up Hayden and Kristen. They are sure that kristen is gone this week unless she wins POV. Matt says if the pov is used him and Lane are in trouble. Lane thinks they might put Kathy up. Matt thinks that would be wicked, Rachels going off about this stupid floaters being removed from the game maybe she’ll take out kathy. Matt says “WE NEED TO GET FUCKING RACHEL OUT NEXT WEEK MAN….YOUR REAL… THIS SHIT HAS GOT TO END” Lane agreess.

Matt whats the fucks rachels problem she’s saying she’s putting up floaters and she’s putting up a HOH winner and a strong competitor. He thinks she should at least change her tune and say she’s putting up strong player. Lane wonders if hayden wins POV he could use it and another pawn goes up and Kristen goes home. Matt knows hayden is cool and knows what to do.. Kristen is screwed. Lane is sure they have the votes as long as 2 brigades don’t go up. Matt says he’s not sure if he can get ragans vote but as long as they have brit and the brigade they’re safe. Lane is sure he can get brit’s vote. Matt says ragan, brendon and Kathy will vote kristen the rest will keep hayden so their good. Matt tells him they need to win HOH next week or it’s over for the brigade.. he’s positive that it will be physical and Brendon will be playing which sucks. Lane “Needledick can’t do anything”. Lane bring sup how nervous Kathy was in the comp she was shaking. Lane and MAtt think Kristen is gone this week unless she wins POV then they will need to talk B/R into putting up Kathy..

 Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:35pm Pool table Brigade Putting out fires, tossing grenades playing some pool


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:50pm Kitchen Hayden, Lane, Matt, Brit Matt is amazed that this is happening, “how can amercia like these 2.. they have to hate them they just have to” Brit agrees she doesn’t think america likes them at all. Hayden is worried that he’s being made out to look like a fool. Matt doesn’t think so at all he thinks Hayden will look the opposite. They start going through what Andrew said in his speech and laughing at it. Andrew speech doesn’t seem to make any difference between this groups relationship. Brit laughs who knows the inner working of Andrew’s mind goes… he’s lost his mind. Matt is shocked he wasn’t blasted in Andrew’s speech.. he put andrew up and everything. Matt points out that the only 3 people that say hayden and kristen make out was Andrew/B/R. They start jokeing about these alliances that andrew thought existed, Hayden jokes about Andrew, Kristen and himself having an alliance called the triple threat. Lane no call your self the tripod. Hayden mentions that he was one of the biggest supporters of Andrew early in the week and then andrew went crazy
Big Brother 12 Spoilers
and started flipping out. Hayden wants to go into the DR, “right now the emotions are riding high and the MGD are setting in”. Brit says you guys realize what this really means.. we have to listen to Brendon’s voice for 2 more weeks minimum… Matt “PLEASE GOD NO” Matt now begging america to give him the wizard power so he can get brendon out. LAne tells them that America is tired of B/R they’re going to throw us the power. Matt that will be so fucking awesome if they give it to hayden and he stand up during the eviction speech and biam slaps b/r up.. is around because of your donation every year the site costs us to host the images and run the servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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Yeah, Rachel & Brendon!!! I hope they take it to the end. They need to start by splitting up the so-called “brigade”…. need I say more. Can’t wait for the next going-ons…


Man, if I was married to this dudes wife, I could definitely go back to swimming in the ocean. Man I could even learn to surf off the coast of Australia, as long as she was with me!!!! I wonder if she was one of the original Crest kids?!!!!!


Not nice. She isn’t that bad.


I agree with you… not nice to comment on someone’s outward appearance. At least she brushes her teeth, they were white. Be nice people!


those were some chompers


I hate it when people hate on others about superficial things.


Brendon and Rachel are pwning these damn fools. Pathetic excuse for houseguests.


They are getting lucky is all.


Why did she have to win? Why? Why? Why?
Another week of b/r…ugh…


the whole show is only what it is BECAUSE OF THEM!! Rachel is rocking this!

BAB - formally BB

I agree!


i dont know; i dislike her personailty; she goes pointinq fingers; &’d she has so much shit on her own. she’s fake. and thats the truth. so’s brittany; talking crap bout her in the kitchen. honestly, everyone needs to start playing THE GAME. and stop kissing ass. its not cute.


Dont matter what anyone says about Rachel, dont matter how cute or clever or mean the anti-Rachel comments are. That broad is kicking ass and controlling the game, Brendon is lucky to have her as an ally. What other conclusion could you possiblly have.
Still hate her laugh.
Matts a dipshit and rest are also rans, Kath needs a 12 step program for her addiction to mascara.. Yea yea I know shes got a sad story. I got one too, anybody want to hear it? Didnt think so..
Right now f’n Rachel deserves the money


I agree!


the game is gettin REAL yo, the Ho wins HOH again, total BBDomination, and the DRAMA goes BOOM, at this point im not rooting for anyone im rooting for a big fight, CAT FIGHT that is. in the red corner fighting out of Sin City, one of the biggest most emotional hoochies in BB history Rachel, in the Blue corner fighting out of Philly, Philly a floater and a liar Kristen…Officiating this match is none other than the Amazing Enzo, LETS GET IT ON


ok first thing first can’t stand Rachels face voice attitude, second matts huge limp Stephen Hawkins head is empty. dude thinks he is brilllant best person to ever played is what he said to chen bot. next a alliance is suppose to communicate and stratigize together, right? isn’t that the point of alligning urself with other peeps? well the bro-gade doesn’t, they bank on each other doing there own thing that’s why all of there moves blow up in their faces, there’s no follow through, and none of them realize it they just go along thinking they got this on lock while brechel run the game and house, there in for a surprise when they start getting knocked off. and last the sabateour thing ain’t even going to help, bc whoever America votes for aka Enzo most likely ain’t going to use it it’s only for 20 k and there mad far into the game most people in the game who America will give it to thinks they have a chance to win it, so another bust season of crap twists, good try BB!

BAB - formally BB

Wonder who America will vote for? (Saboteur) It has to be someone that the HG’s will never suspect. Maybe Lane? Hmm…


I struggled with who to vote for. Then I finally decided to vote for Brendon to see if he could pull it off and keep this secret from Rachel. She will totally be pissed if he keeps a secret from her. Might stir things up some more.


I’m voting for Kathy. There’s just no way she’s going to win the game, but she could really use the money. Plus no one would suspect her because she has a reputation for being a do-nothing.

The Excitement

Kathy would be good because the money incentive would finally get her off her ass and do something productive with her time there. Rather than just veg-out all day.


honestly, im i cant stand looking at Rachael this week. my eyes might just bleed. so; no BB for me this week. hopefully Kristen or Hayden doesnt go home,
if Kristen wins veto. its gran-teed she stay 4 sure. (Y)


Thank you! I couldn’t agree more.


It’s 2010, there is no carpet.


hahahahahahaha lmao


Ok I can NOT stand Rachel & Brendon..They make me sick BUT I have to admit she is kicking ass..who knows she just might win the whole thing.


if it;s a “guessing game” she will dominate anything else is highly doubtful


So this is my first post so it may be long (wahoo!!!)
Let me get this off my chest… Rachel is annoying, but the best player by far in this dead season. Brendon, I liked him at first and then he opened his mouth. You know some women like whinny boys, not my style though. I mean goodness the guy is in his thirties and WHINES constantly. Just shut up, and he talks funny. Brit I didn’t like, now I do. Hayden, I have gone through, many thoughts with him, didn’t like him, then did, now back to not really. But Kristen, oh my she annoys me the most. She is SO fake, but she tries to play herself as not.
If I had to choose who I wanted to win it would be Rachel for Game Play and Lane because I like him the most (plus he is super hot). Just wish he was apart of the dumbass- brogade


rachel will eventually tire of the constant whining and drop him…

it’s funny how “cocky” he gets when he has power but soon as he don’t have it WHINE WHINE WHINE


I have to agree with you about Kristen. Ugh … fake, stuck up, disloyal, etc. She had a boyfriend when she came in the house, but as soon as she got a little attention she forgot about him. If she cared about other people’s feelings, she wouldn’t have been so quick to make out with some other guy in front of the cameras. She would have thought about how bad that would hurt someone. So, those are her true colors. And, it shows her character, too. She was disloyal to that guy, and as soon as it wasn’t convenient to be friends with B/R, she snubbed them too. Don’t like Rachel AT ALL, but what you see is what you get. Kristen is a poser and fake, and I can’t stand that.




get brenchel’s nuts out your mouth nowhere in that post was i hating i gave them props


I voted for Enzo to be a sab just because he is funny as shit and it would be entertaining to see him play prankster.

BAB - formally BB

I was thinking Enzo as well, but I doubt he would give up $500 thousand for $20. If Kristen get’s the Saboteur and wins POV, stays another week – at least she will get the money. Who knows how this will work!


since kristen deserves to stay? she hasnt done ANYTHING except hayden


Wait, i’m confused. If a person becomes a sabotour they can’t win the 500,000?


Yea, Annie also gave it up… sucks ass but it’s gonna be good to see enzo, swoop into the “brenchel love nest” and throw a grenade in there…..


Hmm if thats the case i dont think enzo would do it. I voted for him to be the sabotour but hes not a huge target in the house so i think he would be dumb to take 20 grand would he could possibly have 500 thousand.


Hate Brendon/Rachel LOVE the drama! I love Britney’s wit. She can be snarky, but the girl makes me laugh. This is REALLY mean but while we were watching the live show my husband took one look at Matt’s wife and said, “Why did Matt lie about the disease when he could’ve just told the truth and said he needed the money to fix his wife’s teeth?” Lmao. Now you know why I love Britney’s snarky remarks!!!!


Matt, I know you are playing a good game for yourself but I wish the other guys would tell you, “Yah, now we need a super power to get Rachel/Brendon out because you screwed it up for the rest of us when you had the power and didn’t use it.” I know they aren’t smart but come on guys, you are looking dumber and dumber every show. And, the others are getting voted off because no one has caught on to the 4 of them in an alliance yet. Well, the rest aren’t to bright either.


The brigade is useless… and MAtt is a dumb@$$ thinking America would give them the power. They have had the power and didn’t have the balls to use it. TWICE!!!!!!!


agree, if they were remotely intelligent…it wouldnt even be a contest…its pathetic…it really is, that lane, hayden, matt, enzo cant win a comp


those who claim rachel will “tire” of brenden…REALLY? I think a poll is needed…because brenden is NOT the problem in that relationship….you want a bunch of lane’s walking around fine…ill take the non cheating nice guy

you say he complains complains complains

REALLY? what has matt and co been doing EVERY time they lose to brenden? complain…what do they do when B and R are talking game…complain, what do they do after the live show….complain

such a hypocrit and a hater bbg

The Excitement

I am so pissed that Matt chickened out last week by not putting B/R up!
this sucks now!
I can’t stand Brendon!! Rachel atleast is somewhat entertaining. but Brendon is the least likable person in the house.


hes nice to look at though. just watch on mute haha

The Excitement

Sorry, I don’t swing that way, sister.


Brigade always talking bout got to get r/b out, this shizz got to end!! then what do they go and do? LOOSE ANOTHER COMPETITION!! I’m beginning to believe that they couldn’t win if you gave it to ’em. WHAT LOOSERS. I have decided to vote for Brenden to be el salvatore just cause the so called Brigade SUX

Julie :)

It’s lose. Not loose 😀


julie is on spell patrol,lmfao! thats howmuch bb is boring!



It’s okay Chessie, I think I made the same mistake earlier with loose when I met lose.

Ms Kewl

Little showmance growing between Lane & Brit – – – I’m sensing the sexual tension & liking their teasing. I also voted for Lane to be the saboteur. Give the poor guy more air space since he’s nice eye candy.


I really wish Britney would stay up out of Lane and Enzo’s asses, she knows she wants to kiss up to B/R as long as they have control. Why does she have to talk out of both sides of her mouth?


The only thing more obnoxious than Rachel’s laugh, coquettish posturing, and saying the same damn things over and over and over is when those are combined with her superior attitude when she’s in power. It is going to be a looooooooong week.

Mr. Pickles

Brenden with that hat on after dark, hi-larious, Rachel thinks she’s the best player ever cause she won two hoh’s! She did do great on this win but that last one was pure luck! She wasn’t even close to the gallons of caramel. I think for a twist they should make America the hoh and vote on the two noms, maybe then b/r would realize they ain’t all that! Church yo!

The Excitement

thats legit yo!

The Excitement

I love how Enzo’s blowing smoke up Rachel’s ass… “You gonna smash Janelle’s record, yo!”.
lol! He’s so legit.


Kristen started with her first. she was defending her self and i dont even like branchel


What are you talking about? The curtains don’t match the curtains.

Mr. Jimmy

I hate that Bg/B won HOH. But a least tere is onw more week of some good hating this week. Gonna need it to endure it. I can’t really see any one player who would accept being “the saboteur”. But since it will be annouced wednesday night. Krisitan is going to need an adbvantage u=in order to stay (would be great seeing her and Brenchula going at it everyday – for drama only) She could make the best use of it. If not then Matt will get it by default. Of all the house guestd them 2 have a better chance of pulling it off.For the next few weeks I wouldn’t mind watching two bitches fighting with each other not just to win but over their boyfriends. As long as their are poeple in the house to hate, at least it destract form the boredom. I don’t think Brenchel deserve to win, simplt because Rachel said he would rather have Brenden. I think Kathy, who obviously needs it the most and for more legitimate reasons should win. But you never now. since they never really showcase the HG that are their strictly for money and not exposure/money. Final 3 – ideally Kathy (1st place) Lane and Ragan vying for 2nd. Good mix and have diferent motives for winning.


Its funny how in matts final talk with julie he said he had jury votes because of his lie but doesnt he realize that when they get to the jury house people are gonna find out it was a lie and NO ONE will vote for him then!!


Gooo Rachel, although she gets on my nerves with this relationship thing…every person that gets evicted, she tells them they tried to come between her and her man!!! They are the only ones keeping it interesting, everyone else is scared to make moves….they are all concentrating on getting b/r out….I don’t have time to waste waiting on the brigade to start going after each other in the final four….If Hayden was smart, he would make an alliance with b/r, himself, kristen…let them know about the brigade to start tearing it apart and let the best couple win….think about it…if he’s at the end with himself, kristen, and say Brenndan, he has a higher shot of being in the final two, instead of putting trust in three other guys…because let’s be honest here….who’s going to pair up with each other, just a thought.


darkhairyhole(lovely name by the way) WHY are you people being so SUPERFICIAL!!! What is wrong with Kathy’s mascara? PLEASE if that is all you can find negative to say about someone then they ROCK in my book! EVERYONE on the show is in shape and basically health conscience, work out, bathe, brush their teeth? We need to look at their game play or lack thereof and not concentrate mascara?