Big Brother 12 Spoilers – If Hayden and Kristen stand between Rachel and her man They’re going up


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:30pm Taj Hayden and Rachel Rachel tells him that it was obvious that him and Kristen were coming after her. She doesn’t understand why they are 2 weeks ago they are all friends and now it looks like they are going to war. She tells him they are the strongest 2 couples in the house why are they fighting each other she thought they had an agreement to take out the floaters and wait till the end. Hayden says the house wants them to fight because then the 2 strongest couples are occupied. Rachel says kristens plan is to take out all the girls in the house and coast through to the end, she brings up that week 2 kristen told her that she controls haydens vote and she was going to drop hayden after week 4. Rachel thinks that Kristen manipulated her into putting monet up. Shes pissed that there is so many floaters in this house and she wants them gone.. she a fighter she fights for her life every week in the house. Rachel says she is so obviously not sure what she’s going to do but she wasn’t going to put hayden up. Hayden says that he had to put her and Brendon up or risk having the house come after them. He reminds her that every single person in the house would of done the same thing and put them up during the comp. rachel starts to cry she doesn’t understand why everyone is like this to were she doesn’t want to have to fight ever single day. Hayden tells her that Kristen is really a nice girl. Rachel disagrees says that week 2 her and kristen were best friends and last week Rachel and kristen didn’t talk once, “What does that say about her?” She tells him it is clear that him and kristen want to break b/r up and nobody gets between her and her man. Rachel says she knows Hayden comes from a good family and she knows his parents would not approve of Kristen (coming from rachel thats epic) Hayden reminds her that 3 people have told him that her or brendon will put him and kristen up thats why we was trying to prevent her from winning HOH. He tells her that Kristen is cool funny and honest he likes her but he’s not here for a romance he’s here to play. Rahcel appreciates his honesty but feels like Kristen is a bad person that has to go. Hayden leaves…

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:45pm Chess board MAtt and Ragan joined by brit later on Matt and Ragan are positive they will not be put up this week. Matt adds as long as POV isn’t used he’s confident they are safe. (you can hear Rachel in the background) Matt whispers to ragan “disgusting” Matt adds that Rachel is being a fucking idiot saying sh’e putting up floaters like hayden and kristn, those 2 aren’t floaters at all hayden won a HOH took out the sabetour. Ragan isn’t too worried he’ll fight to help matt out if he hears that he might go up. Ragan is happy that there is no have nots this week.. They try to play chess but can’t find some of the pieces.. brit walks up munching on some apple jacks cereal.

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Rachel Is A Stupid Bitch

Rachel is a stupid bitch!!!!


OMG! I’m so disappointed that Rachel won. Now we get to watch B/R go at it again. Disgusting!


yes she needs to shut up, keep her panties on, and stay sober for five minutes. good God CBS – WHY?????????


I hope R/B team up with H/K and put Matt and Kathy up.

kathie from canada

Put Matt up against Kirsten to jam up Hayden. Then the Brigade might have to come up with a meaningful strategy.


matt has the balls 2 call some 1 and idiot. rachel has more balls than him. he is the biggest diot.he should have put b/r up last week. kristen is a floater.she hangs around hayden thats all. i want kristen gone. brit was going to put her anyway. put up hayden and kristen. that way if any1 of the brigade wins pov the might use it. and if they do put up another member. Then we will see if all hells breaks loose!btw still hate rachel and brendon. but the girl has balls.


You have to give Rachel credit. I do like Matt too but Rachel is the man! haha

kathie from canada

Maybe put Kristen up against Matt. That would really test Hayden and open up some interesting dialogue for the Brigade???? Tough choices boyzos.


she’s so stupid she win’s HOH’s


lol .. I agree… she & Brendon are so terrible at this game. Targets since day 1 all they seem to do is win comps one after another after another after another after another.


Totally concur. They’re annoying as hell but u gotta give em’ credit. They win when they need to. And heck…if they’re gone, who wld we have to bitch abt?!! Besides Britney and Enzo, this is the most boring cast in a while.


i wish i at least understood what goes on in that over dyed head of rachels. EVERYONE is going after her and pussy mcdoucherman why is she targeting kristen…because she didnt talk to her last week? big freakin deal!
im shocked CBS was able to find a group of such immature HG without having to bring in some 7 year olds.


Most of yall are lame jealous BOB. Rachael is playing the game and the rest are being protected by BROGADE. bullcrap… Rachel play the game. I maynot like all the bumping and grinding but thats a choice that we all can make not watch afterhours. But I will say she is smart and I want her to go far.


I agree. If Kristin had won HoH everyone with an IQ above 0 knows for a fact she was nominating B & R. GREAT MOVE by Rachel if she nominates the other power couple and gets Kristin evicted.


People keep saying why is targeting kristen. maybe because she caught kristen faking to be her fired, all the while trying to get them out the house. Dont trust sneaky people! kristen is not innocent. she deserves everything coming to her this week. Btw. andrew rocks!
#team britt


I agree.


Kristen is so fake. I dont like Rachel but Kristen drives me nuts. Her alien face is like “I dont do anything bad” but she can get it on with his boyfriend. Thats the same Rachel does with Brendon only that is public. And yes, Andrew may be weird but he rocks!


Kristen turned on Rachel because she heard the stuff Rachel was saying about her. That ended the friendship. Rachel and Britney don’t like Kristen and Kristen knows that. Rachel won the HOH because she knew the answers and played the fastest. No one can take that away from her. But, I really get tried of her saying that she doesn’t understand why everybody is coming after her and her man. BECAUSE you are a COUPLE! She claims to have watched more than 2 seasons, she should know that. Yes, you have a target on your back but so does everyone else. This week you hold the paint gun.


did those defending kristen not see what she did to “rach” after she was no longer HOH aka no longer her friend?


she has sat there playing people(she thinks) and claimed to “carE” about andrew…


dont forget, brenden was on slop for 2 weeks in a cot….

he will be rested, and will continue to beat the heck out of the brigade’s weak group


i forgot to mention terrrible haydens hair look.lmfao! lets see more drama!
#team britt




my strategy if i am rachel

put up lane
put up kristen

if kristen wins veto, put up hayden
if lane wins or gets veto put up hayden

The Playa

good idea, but rach has lost many a marble


With Rachel winning HOH we are finally going to see some action. hopefully she puts up Kristin and she can not float by. She will finally have to fight to stay in. I am thinking they will start fighting soon. Maybe it will start to get good.

The Playa

drewmoney set it off…
as long as rachel does not put up kathy the week will have drama either way….
also hayden has to answer to the brigade, even though they wont have the balls to directly ask him…enzo” bro’s before hoes” hayden “enzo you are the ho if you didnt know”


Put Matt up and make him vanish please!!!!!!!!

The Playa

Matt will get cut by hisown brigade alliance..him and ragan will go up together…


if the brigade plays this smart…

kristen goes this week, with little blood on their hands, and a vote to the brigade…then next week is what it is…


Hmmm….Rachel is the stupid one, but she’s the one that keeps winning. Matt is a supposed genius, but banks on chance/luck to get Brendon or Rachel out. Instead of using his intelligence to advance him in the game, he makes up a story to try for a sympathy vote instead, what’s up with tthat? Sounds likes he’s not so confident in his alliance or his smarts to get him very far. The Brigade thinks themselves some powerhouse alliance, but they really haven’t done a damn thing, except once again by luck/chance getting the saboteur out.
Maybe it’s because I’m not watching the live feeds, but I actually like B/R. I think they make a good couple and they are overcoming a lot of odds against them in the house and still managing to make it both in the game and as a couple, so good for them. Rachel might have a bit of an annoying voice and personality, but she isn’t the only one in that house that does. I agree that this group is not as dynamic as some previous seasons. CBS needs to do something to get them going and really start shaking things up if they don’t want a really boring summer.

BB Just For Fun

I’m coming to similar conclusions. I watch the feeds sometimes, although it’s much more boring that in previous seasons. I always liked Brendon, but I’m starting to like Rachel more. She is very insecure, so she acts out in ways I don’t approve of, however, I really am coming to respect the competitive nature she has. I respect that.


WOW. I am honestly so shocked! Can’t believe i’m admitting it, but Rachel, on her own, is a very good player! 2 HOHs! Still can’t stand her “showmance”, but she deffanitely has my respect as a player in the game. As far as the twist go, these are not new twist at all, only repeats of former not-very-good-failed the first time-half ass-sort of-fun twists-but not really, i mean, the saboteur didn’t work out the first time, and i barely remember “Pandora’s Box”, i do think Rachel being HOH should be a fairly interesting week…


I don’t like Rachel but I do want her to put Kristen or Kathy up or any one from the Brigade. I’m gonna bet Kathy is gonna start kissing her butt again after she has bashed Rachel. Rachel, just put Hayden and Kristen up. Remember, Hayden put you up and “your man” (*barf) in the first week.

The people I want to do well in this game would be Brendon and Brit. Brendon, as self absorbed and dumb as he is is a genuinely nice person. Brit, well she’s Britney. She is a backstabbing bitch but everyone knows that. At least she doesn’t have to pretend. Like Kathy or Kristen.

There is a 3rd Showmance people. Ragan and Matt! 😀 I don’t know what Matt did to Ragan but Ragan is devoted to Matt. A one way love. Ugh….


In happy and sad all at the same time…Brenchel has balls but Brendon doesnt have em.


please stop being a piss about Rachel. She is doing more than the frigging Brogade. And, she is smart enough to win the game, and, we all know that is what people fear most, people who are SMART!!! Kathy wants sympathy, Brittany is also imploding and Kristen aligned unfairly with pot calling Rachel and Brendon BLACK. so, defending themselves (b&R) THEY are, and that sissy..Ragan is over confident about his brain that he overprocess everything and when most important the Competition!


You went after everybody else. So, doesn’t that make you “pissed”, too? I have to say that I think Rachel has a lot of people pulling for her. She is a good player. Some people have a problem with her actions as a person. Everybody has their favorites. I really think it is pretty much equal on who is pulling for who.


the brenchel fans are hilarious they bag o us for hating on brenchel , yet their hating on everyone else, HYPOCRITES

Other K

So we shouldn’t bitch about Brenchel but you can bitch about every other player in the game? Take your own advice cause pot, you just called me black.


Rachel is a catty bitch. She always goes after the female players because I feel like she doesnt want competition. Thats the real reason. Dont say Hayden and Kristen want you gone, when you heard last week that EVERYONE wanted you gone. She says kristen has a plan to take out all the girls, but it seems like SHE DOES instead of targeting strong players..she’s a dumbass.


I think all the girls can get pretty catty but that’s just how us girls can get. BUT, what the hell was wrong with Rachel’s hair tonight. She looked like she had this big rats nest in the back. Meowwwww, ssscccccccccccaaaaaaaaatccccchhhhhh.

Other K

She put up Monet and Britney, two of the weakest players in the game (at the time, Brit has really stepped it up since) cause she thought it was too early to target strong players. The girl isn’t even playing with half a deck.


Are you kidding me with the Rachel being smart? She guessed the answers, did you see her reaction when she pushed the button (especially the final one) she had no idea what she was doing. Brendan gave her the first one, then she didn’t do anything the second one and Kathy guessed wrong. She is dumb as a post, and her and Brendan have been extremely lucky thus far.


he gave her the 1st one? i didn’t notice that

Other K

I did. He didn’t even move. He just stared at the buttons and waited for her to press something. He probably figured she was too stupid to guess right. Productions gave her the first HOH and she got lucky with the 2nd. Rachel cant win anything on her own merit. The only silver lining to Rachel being HOH is Britney is safe for one more week.


we know brenda can’t go for the LONG haul in endurance……


tonight was the only night i actually WANTED to see rachel’s ass, she put on her showgirl dress, but she wore pants, 🙁


In the saboteur, do they get $20000 if they last 2 week and still get to stay in the game? Like one of the prizes? Of course, when the others find out they would probably get voted off but I was wondering. I watched it again and it doesn’t say.


at least CBS is editing Rachel correctly finally showing shes stuck up and a complete idiot. That going away message to Andrew was bizarre. He was her second closest ally yet she was to dump to realize it.


now “Brenchel” only have each other… which is gonna be really hard for both of them to make it to the end , one of them will surly go to jury

The Excitement

omg Brit is so funny! she’s all walking up there eating Apple Jacks like it ain’t no thang. classic yo!


Love Brit!


GO RACHEL!!!! I mean I still hate your laugh, and the whole “me and my man” crap. Please, we get it!!! He is your man!!!! The truth is that Rachel is a very good competitor. She plays the game, and plays it very good! Stupid Kristen is so fake! And looks like a cat or a lion, she has great body but ugly face! Hope she is gone!


I can’t stand rachel but i’m actually really happy she won cause i can’t stand kristen even more!


I am really happy to see Rachel win…To all of the people that dont like B/R You have to give them a lot of credit, they have been target from day 1! Yet they are in week number 4, have won 2 HoH’s, and 2 Veto’s. They are the only people actually doing something in the game and have acomplished what they have while having every single person in the house against them. I like B/R and I hope at least one of them goes far in the game!

Other K

Yeah, it’s amazing what producers can do huh?




Kristen and hayden got busted, it all true! then kristen gets mad because she got called out. Hayden is playing in 2 Alliances, he needs to cut his loses with kristen and go with the brigade. Kristen has said along she wanted to get rach/bren out, she has “played hayden like a fiddle”. Hayden is a good guy, I agree, but kinda of stupid, come on man, she has a Boy friend! Rachel needs to put up Kristen and Matt. Matt will stay and hayden plays on.


go Brendon and Rachel you rock guys

Other K

Rachel has got to be the most insecure person on the planet. Everyone is coming between her and her man. First Annie, then Monet, now Andrew. It seems like that’s Rachel’s excuse for voting everyone out. I couldn’t beleive she tried to put “coming between her and her man” on Andrew of all people, one of Brenden’s friends. If this is how insecure she is in the house this relationship will never work. I can just see her telling Brenden’s mom “stop trying to come between me and my man!”


i want to see Rachel’s face when she finds out Brendon liked annie 1st


BB is about winning the $ and anyone who plays thinking they won’t tell a lie is just fooling themselves Rachel has done a good job winning comps but she is no more in love with Brendon than I am. Brendon obviously had issues before he ever entered the house…thats a different subject all together. I don’t see how anyone could be considered a floater when playing any reality game. There is no wrong way to play when the object of the game is to “stay in the game” so I don’t get the “floater” thing, if someone is not voted off the island or evicted from the house then they are playing the freakin game. Hayden and Kristen probably aren’t “falling in love” for cryin out loud they met a month ago but they seem to genuinely care about each other and who knows where it will lead but I don’t think either of them are gonna just give up the game so they can paw and slobber all over each other. I don’t know who is more needy Rachel or Brendon?! She has to be the center of attention and well I’m not sure where things went wrong with Brendon but I’m betting he was a titty baby. I hate this for Kristen because Rachel is behaving like a school yard bully but I know Kristen can handle it. It just sucks that she has to deal with it on her own because everyone else has to suck up to Rachel now. In real life Kristen is gonna be alright but Rachel will die an attention seeking, sagging boobed, prob bald, sad old woman.
Keep it real Kristen…I’m pulling for you!


yea i do get what they mean by floater but yea the object of these shows are “STAY IN THE GAME, NOT WIN COMPS”


I agree with Other k–Rachel has got to be the most insecured female ever on BB. Although she has won 2 HOH (luck mostly) she’s always wondering whose talking about her. Get some balls girl and stop worrying about small stuff and play the game like you want to win. In other words, STAY FOCUS! On the other hand, I just love Brittney. She is so funny and entertaining during her DR sessions. I also admire her because she showed extreme devotion to her friend, Monet. KUDOS to Brittney!.


Rachel is by far the smartest one on the show she will win this


I agree with h\you! she is the only one actually doing something in the game, has won two competitions, and has been target from day 1…yet she is still in the house!