Big Brother 12 – Brit retells the Horrors of Bathing with B/R. Brit: “Brendon can s*ck my b*lls”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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11:16pm -12:00am Jumanji room Matt, Lane, Ragan and Brit Brit goes over last 2 hour conversation with B/R. She says that both b/r are convinced that they are going to stay in this game next week regardless if they win HOH or not. She tells Matt that they are coming after him and they think he’s going after them, all because they offered MAtt a deal and he said no. She tells them that Brendon thinks he is the superior athlete in the house. Matt: “Fuck him”. Brendon was saying that he can beat Lane because lane is too big, Matt is weak, and Ragan isn’t very strong. Ragan interrupts: “umm just so you all now i’ve been bench pressing more than him”. Brit goes on that Brendon thinks because hayden is a baseball player and LAne plays football all they can do is can sprint. Brit: “Yeah brendon we’re running a marathon tomorrow” She brings up Brendons comment about people in the house lifting weights and it being counter productive, says that all of MAtts recent lifting is going to drag him down. She continues saying that brendon doesn’t think enzo wants to win HOH, and he’s cool with enzo anyways. Brit mentions that b/r never ask her what she’s planning to do they just ask her about everyone else in the house. Ragan:”next week is going to be crazy” Brit tells them how rachel was getting mad at Brendon for having the HOH door locked as well as the bathroom door closed, he was worried that someone might hear him. Matt: “Eehhh creepy”. Rachel wanted him to go downstairs to talk with the guys. Lane says it was weird Brendon came down here and sat by me. Brit “rachel told him to then he came back up and told us he was cool with lane” Lane: OH MY GOD, everytime I talk to him it’s about the same thing either. ex’s, engagements, or working out ”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Matt hopes that people don’t get lazy in this competition because they need to get B/R out. He thinks it’s been happening alot this year because there hasn’t been 2 large groups but a collection of smaller groups. Ragan thinks Brendon is strong and he thinks he’ll do serious damage in the comp but he knows it’s foolish for anyone going into a endurance competition to underestimate the people in this house. When Ragan sizes up people in challenges he looks at what makes them strong not weak, Ragan believes this has given Brendon a false sense of security. Brit brings up Brendon saying if the competition has them hitting them against something like last year’s diploma comp Lane won’t do well because he’s too heavy. Brit :”thats when i couldn’t bite my tongue anymore DUH Lane was a college football linebacker you think he could take a hit” Matt asks her if she thinks they can talk b/r into putting Kathy up if Brendon wins HOH? Ragan says the problem is if Brendon wins HOH it’s not the same as Rachel winning, Rachel’s big thing is getting floaters out he doesn’t think thats Brendon’s goal. Brit says they can tell him Kathy is the only other option to put up as a pawn because they don’t want to piss the house off. Enzo joins them and they kick it into high gear, Brit rehases everything for enzo. Matt, brit, LAne and Ragan are totally fired up about taking out Brendon. Enzo throws his digs in but mostly keeps his cool and scratches his balls. (see pic) Brit tells them it’s been the worst day since she’s been in the house. Brit looks at ragan “I told you last night on the Hammock to not leave me with those two alone and you did”.. “If you would of come up there would of been no psycho questions”.

They all joke about the HOH comp having everyone hold on for dear life then once Brendon drops it’ll be a race to get off… Matt tells them out that if he wins HOH it’ll be the most drama
filled week ever.. not necessarily suspense filled but there is going to be some crazy shit going down.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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Allison Grodner retells the horrors of her annual bath


There’s been alot of talk that CBS is “riggin” things……Please tell me it’s not true! Cause I’ll flip if B/R stay any longer!!! They have to go!!! Or at least break them up… I could see it now!! Brendon gets out and Rachael will flip….WHOOA!!


Of course its know what CBS stands for don’t you ” See Bull Shit”


It seems production likes to steer them in a certain direction during their diary room sessions. Production also gets them worked up over someone in the house, asks their opinion on other players, gets them focused on that player, etc. I feel that production makes up all the competitions ahead of time; blue prints them, builds them, has them ready to go. But I dont belive they know what order these challenges will go in. They build some for endurance, some for small people, some for no skill people, etc. Depending on how events in the house take place, they decide which challenge to use to give a certain house member an advantage. I’m not saying this is certain, but from watching live feeds and listening, seems to be how CBS manipulates the game.

Uncle Cool


They focus on them a lot throughout the entire broadcast. Their hugging, their kissing, their fighting, their making up, etc…

It’s nauseating.


I thought they painted Rachel in a horrible light and Brendon as the loser. Sure the show is about them because frankly Ragan and Kathy are boring, the only reason they concentrated on Kristen is because she won the hippietard. Hayden has as much personality as a turtle in an olympic race. They show Britney as being catty but she is portrayed in my mind as the comic relief. Enzo and Lane were funny and did a diary room like chilltown did which was fun to see. I’m not a fan of Lane but it entertained me. I like Enzo. I find him amusing, it’s just the brigade are so boring. I know it’s a good thing they lay low and keep their mouths shut so everyone else can self destruct but it’s too little too late. They are a snoozefest. Matt is unamusing now that he is laying low and staying out of the drama with Kristen and Rachel. I thought BB did a pretty good job of the episode last night. I was just shocked that they are setting up Rachel and brendon for a big fall out.

Uncle Cool

But, I might add, they are showing a lot more disdainful comments from the others. They’re hilarious. Especially Britney’s.


i don’t know if production WANTS rachel or brendon to win but I think they want to keep them on as long as possible – which is why they are giving ragan (and maybe Kristen) hints about the brigade in the DR (so they can get exposed and then people have a reason to target them and not B/R – it’s the only way to keep them in the house longer) and also, why Brendon and Rachel got picked for the POV during Matt’s week….the whole CBS show is practically devoted to them and so is the majority of BBAD (well at least Rachel)…I think that if production could have conceived a way to keep Kristen (just for the sake of fighting and drama with Rachel) then they definitely would have – but before the fight, I am sure Kristen was useless to them (which is why they never showed her)


Is it far-fetched to think production watches message boards (maybe not this one, maybe the one on and steers the H.G’s to the person/persons causing most drama to viewers? In other words, production doesn’t care who wins, they watch our reaction to see who we are talking about most and then designs a week for that person.


of course they read them – maybe not the members of production per se, but i am sure they hire consultants who compile this message board info into some sort of corporate-friendly package – and then production uses it when planning next steps (epidsodes, competitions, DR questions)…we are a vertiable focus group for them…believe you me production is plotting and playing along just as the houseguests are


Enzo: we will never do anything like this again
Brendon: I sure hope not…dude even doing all stars dude would be hard to say yes to
Reagan: I think it would be easy
Brendon: oh yeah definitely it would be easy

Does he even know how ignorant he sounds?


Brit and her exposed clit need to be cast immediately on Desperate Housewife. She is a perfect vixen. Gossips!!! Sucks up in person, while talking completely nasty behind your back!! Very attractive!!! She will backstop another girl in a heart beat!!!..and best of all, she is hilarious. ABC, give me, as Brit the clit’s un-beknownst agent, a call so we can get her on DH.

She is one of my favorite houseguests ever.

Other K

I agree. I can’t get enough of the girl. She needs her own spin-off immediately. “Life According to Brit” 30 minutes of Brit bitching at every girl that walks by. And in the season finale she finally kills Rachel.


Brit is talking way too much!! I think it will come back and bite her.


I am tired of her two-face already!
I loved her… but sometimes.. enough is enough.. its not even entertaining anymore..
iuts disgusting…!!
now she just went down to my least fav… actually I dislike all of them besides Lane and enzo the 2 major floaters!


i hope karma come and bite her discusting white ass .


Britneys getting on my nerves, shes like a kid that can never stop complaining, drama queen :S


I wonder if Kristin is going to leave Hayden the “Hippietoe”?? He could stuff it with clothes and pretend it is her. All that would be missing would be crazy eyes. and camel toe.


If Matt gets put up than it serves him right. He should have got one of them (B/R) out. Because that meant one of them wouldn’t have gone to the jury house.


Agreed! He didn’t want to get blood on his hands when he was HOH. Shame on him.


ok. i am LOVING all the pics of the guys with their hands down their shorts. funniest thing ever!!!!!!!!!
So Enzo and Matt have been caught…..Lane, we’re watching you.

Uncle Cool

At least they’re down their own pants. For now…


I just watched BBAD…thank god for fast forward on my DVR, skipped right through Brachael !! Please!!


While I’m not a huge Brenchel fan I so hope Brendover wins the HOH just to piss off all these backstabbing two faced cant win a competition losers.It will be so entertaining to watch them all piss and moan if he wins.


I’m with you. I like brendan, I wish that he would have aligned w/ someone other than rachel. Brendan winning HOH will ensure DRAMA & that makes good tv. I hope brendan uses Rachel to get through this game & then drops her!


I’m with you scallywag


why does Big brother only get the girls with the BIG plastic tits? anyone know that answer


My theory is that it’s because most women (not all mind you, just most) who have the mind frame to get breast implants also have an attention-seeking aspect to their personalities. And it’s generally the attention-seekers who apply for things like Big Brother and other reality shows, so CBS probably has a very large pool of women with fake breasts to choose from for Big Brother, and that’s why so many of them make it on the show. Keep in mind, it’s just a theory though! lol


Shienara – it’s not a theory, it’s the truth. Fake boobs bring in male viewers. Showmances bring in females. Take a look at all those bachelor shows. Women eat that shit up like chocolate cake and cheetos. They want that slime. It makes them feel better about their own lives. Romance novels anyone? Same deal. The middle aged housewife with a despondent husband who doesn’t understand them, bawling brats, stressed jobs, it’s an escape.


You hit the nail on the head Rock….it’s all about ratings. Titties bring in the guys and the showmancew and catfights the women.


and there is nothing wrong with it either. I love my little release.


Oh, I know a few guys that get into women fighting.

just a thought

Are there many women left without them any more? Especially young girls today? Also, maybe the ones seeking this kind of attention are also the ones who would get implants. I think Kathy’s are real.


Small/ saggy ones don’t bring in the male demographic…


I’m curious what everyone thinks…WHEN Brendon & Rachel go up on the block against each other, who will turn on the other first??


Interesting! That should make for good entertainment.


Hayden and Kristen didn’t soo.. I seriously don’t see that happening.


You’re crazy if you don’t think Rachel will turn on Brendon to save herself. You can tell in her facial expressions that she is totally over him already. They need to get rid of her 1st & watch him have a serious melt down.


And what good would that do either of them? If they really are ‘acting’ then I can be pretty sure that each would keep their own composure… considering that they’ve kept the ‘act’ exceptionally well between themselves.


Wendy, I see it too. Rachel told Britany that if they took her to the final 3 not to think that they would take her along and then discard her for the final two win. Rachel just might think she would win over Brit in the final 3 (she’s a legend in her own mind). Rachel wants to identify with Brit as “sorority” girls / “sistas” … not seeing the inherant discrimination and rankings.


not true, this entire time Hayen has been saying that Kristen is expendable – before she was ever even considered for nomination….also he really could not “turn against” her since his first loyalty was to the brigade which she knew nothing about, it’s kind of easy to be the good guy when you’ve the bad guy you’ve been is under wraps…and kristen did a nice little campaign which entailed MANY reasons why she would be better than hayden (which was the right thing for her to do) – but rachel and brendon wouldn’t do these things (or at least up they wouldn’t until now), their loyalties are to each other and that’s that (think about how rachel didn’t even campaign that first week when she was up against annie, she prob wouldnt really do it now and let whatever happens happen)


I predict Rachel self-destructing no matter what. If she is up against Brendon….self destruct. If he goes and she stays…….self destruct. I really want to see her in the houe withut him. Who will stop her from getting drunk and acting like an obnoxious brat? NO ONE! Now that will be entertaining. GO HOME BRENDON! WE WANT TO SEE RACHEL GO LOONEY!


I’m with you meowmeow. I want to see her lose it.


Awwhh come on. We’re just having fun. We really don’t mean any harm toward any of these people. You might want to skip the comment section if they are upsetting to you. Just enjoy all of the photos and Simon and Dawg’s excellent reporting.


Seriously what is the reason EVERYONE is so hell bent on taking Brendon and Rachel? You know what happens IF they go up? Then people will have to actually start playing game… so stupid… if I knew B/R weren’t gunning for me I would put someone on the block that would be as soon as either B/R or both were outta the way… regardless of what the house thinks.. people taking this too personally ,better start thinking strategically or they’ll be next.




i agree, also if you are in the final two – wouldn’t you rather be there with one of them – since you know that the whole jury house will not vote for them, no matter who they are up with, even if it’s kathy…not to mention, if they go they will be two votes in the jury house…and everyone wants to get rid of brendon but rachel is playing the stronger game…noone is thinking!!!


there should be a “points” twist… for who wins the most competitions and what not…
Floaters would be drowning after that!


Does anyone think that Brendan & Rachel are the “long-time friends”? Maybe they were already dating before they came in the house ?


I don’t think so. Rachel is annoyed by Brendon


I don’t think so. I think is Matt & Ragan but at first I thought it was Brandan &Andrew


How can anyone love Rachel? I hit mute everytime shes on camera. I throw up in my mouth everytime I hear her voice. How and why do guys fall for girls like that? I would rather be castrated than to date someone with that awful voice and annoying laugh. Ask me how I really feel.


I can’t believe we’re still speculating about the non-existent life long friends weeks after Annie admitted she made that up.


easy, rachel turns on brenden…

few seem to understand that the guy may have some relationship issues…and need for love, but he doesnt have that “screw you over” bone in his body…hes loyal…I respect that



he’s not a bad guy, he’s just a classic codependent


i love the little icons/pics next to each houseguest on this site…who is the one next to Britney?? a gargoyle? someone explain that to me???

and why doesn’t Lane have one?? To me, he looks like a cross between Paul Bunyan and Hacksaw Jim Duggan (from the WWF…okay so I am dating myself here lolol)


what is a pazuzu??


oh ok…thanks


Jamming-Lighten up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I see that word pazuzu and think of Kevin Federline. His 1st song was called Papazao