Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo and Lanes Pep-talk to Kathy; Lane says if you’re the 1st one off we’re taking all your cigs, if you’re the 2nd one off we are taking half your cigs, if you’re the 3rd one off Enzo is gonna eat your cigs…

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12am Britney, Ragan, Enzo, Matt and Lane talking about being ready for competition. Enzo says that the HOH competition will be a cool challenge. Britney tells them that she wont be sending Brendon an invitation to her wedding reception. She says not that he would come after watching this season. They start talking about Big Brother 11. Ragan says that you cant equate those house guests to this season, it’s totally different. They start talking about bring gloves into the big brother house to use in competitions. Britney says that they took her silicone fingered gloves away. Ragan tells her that there is a fairness clause in the Big Brother rules and that’s why they took her gloves away. They talk about getting ready for Tomorrow’s HOH competition by stretching and taking Advil. Enzo says he has sinus medicine that he’ll take. They start bashing Kathy and say that she is always in the bathroom. Enzo says that he thinks Kathy has come up with a plan to save both of them (Hayden and Kristen).  They all laugh.  Britney starts telling them everything about what Rachel and Brendon have told her. Britney says that they just use her to get information. Britney says that she wants Brendon and Rachel out, and that she is tired of being asked what everyone is doing. Britney says that she is tired of being a spy. Britney says why else would they ask her for a bath when Brendon is up there. Britney tells Matt that Rachel and Brendon they that he goes up just to see what’s going on. They make fun of Brendon. Britney is mad at Ragan because he said he was going to HOH to bathe and then he ditched her. Ragan says that he was in the diary room. Britney says they think they have a chance to stay. Matt says they do if they win HOH. Britney says even if they don’t and Matt says then they have a zero percent chance they will both stay.

In the bathroom Hayden is taking a shower while Kathy and Kristen are on the couch talking. Kristen says that she asked production if she could wear something else other than the hippy outfit tomorrow night and that Big Brother told her probably not. Kristen says that with the lights people can see through it, you can see my butt! Kathy says that you can see she wears a thong through it. Kathy says that she is too old to be wearing stuff like that and if she had to she would be covering up.

In the bedroom they are getting fired up about tomorrow. Matt says lets do this. Lane says that Brendon said that he had a girlfriend and that after he went to an open call he knew he made it. Ragan says that Brendon had told him he didn’t go to an open call. The feeds cut out. Britney is talks about how Brendon knows someone who knows The Jonas Brothers. Enzo starts making fun of the Jobros and says that they don’t have hair on their balls. They start talking about Kathy being afraid of heights so she won’t be able to do the competition tomorrow if its too high. Ragan says that he really misses his family. Matt says that you’ll see them tomorrow. Ragan says what a weird day. Ragan talks about this coming week will be a drama buffet and then talks about whats to come….. Ragan says if they win it will be like this week. Matt says so guys it might be cooler if they don’t win this week as he looks for divine intervention from Big Brother.

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12:30am Lane, Matt and Enzo are in the kitchen eating and talking. They talk about what they can hear outside in the backyard. Enzo says that he is worried about Britney and Ragan. Enzo says that he thinks Brendon is going to put up Kathy. Matt says that he thinks two of them will go up. Enzo says that he’ll tell him you better put up Kathy! Enzo saying that its getting crazy, and that its getting tight. Enzo says that four people are gone. Lane says that they need to get rid of Brendan before double elimination. Lane says that six people are gone if its a double elimination. Enzo asks if it is smart to get them out now. Lane says yes because next week they can get Ragan and Kathy. Enzo says is it a good idea and worries what Ragan will do. Enzo asks Matt if they want to get them out. Matt says yes. Enzo says we have to think about us. Matt says we are the target. Enzo says that he doesn’t think so. Enzo says that it will be you and Kathy. Matt says him, Lane or Hayden. Enzo says that he doesn’t have the balls, he wants to make friends, if we split the up who gives a fuck about Rachel. Enzo says after that we have to win HOH every week. Enzo says that Rachel will put two of us up, but that he doesn’t know what Brendon will do. Enzo says someone from the brigade will win, its all a mental game. They talk about how obnoxious Rachel’s cheerleading is to everyone. Enzo says that he wants to get to the final 4 and then says that they have to win every HOH and thinks that once they are final 6-7 it will be a cakewalk. Matt wonders why Enzo wants to wait for next week to split Rachel and Brendon up next week. Britney comes in to the room. They continue to talk about tomorrow’s HOH and try and guess what it will be.


12:40am Enzo and Kathy are talking in the bedroom. Enzo says that it sucks that either Kristen or Hayden are leaving. Enzo says that house doesn’t want to talk about it to Kristen because they don’t want either of them to leave. Kathy says that you have to do what’s best for yourself and not what the house wants. Enzo agrees. Kathy says that she is gonna win. Enzo says that he is gonna do what I want if he wins. Kathy says that he can’t make a deal with the devil. Enzo says that Kristen is really worried. Kathy says that she just wants to know whats going to happen and that she doesn’t want to cause drama when you don’t know, it’s easier when you know. Enzo takes a deep breathe, and says that he loves both of them, half the house doesn’t know what they want to do. Enzo ask if Brendon wins will he put her up. Kathy says yes. Enzo asks her who she thinks he’ll put up with her, someone who is well liked in the house? Kathy says that she hasn’t done anything to them. Kathy says that they don’t talk to her. Enzo says that it makes no sense now that her and Britney are her new friends. Kathy says that she just wanted time to see what I was dealing with and when you play with fire you’re gonna get burnt! They start talking about whether or not tomorrow will be an endurance competition. Kathy says that Brendon will last forever. Britney asks Enzo if he is going to show up for the game and says he’s on a roll. Enzo he’s winning now because his life is on the line, he has that extra drive. Britney tells Enzo about her conversation with Rachel and says that they want to align with her and Enzo . Enzo says that Brendon tried to say lets use each other to get to the final 4. Enzo says that Brendon told him if they hear anyone say bad things about them they should tell each other. Lane jokes lets test that tomorrow. Britney says that we have to win this tomorrow. Britney says they have been trying to make an alliance with everyone. Enzo asks if she thinks they have an alliance with anyone.

1am Ragan and Matt talking like they will be final two in tomorrows Ragan talks about the big part of Big Brother is anticipating the challenges. Ragan says if they win POV Rachel will go and Brendon isn’t good at quizzes. Matt says that next week they should get Rachel out then. Ragan says that if Brendon goes home then Rachel isn’t a target anymore. Matt says she’s the next biggest target. Matt and Ragan discuss whether they should throw the HOH competition to each other for the other to win. Ragan tells Matt that he will throw this HOH to him. Matt also says that he could throw it to Ragan. They talk about how it might depend on what the game is about. Ragan says that they should think about Britney and how she could go head to head against Rachel. They think it might be both of them at the end if it is endurance. Matt says that he’s heard people say to just send Brendon and Rachel to the house and let them have their summer loving and let the rest of us play. Ragan tells Matt that it might be better to get Rachel out first. Ragan says how much better Rachel is and how she studies and knows the game. He thinks they may be over estimating Brendon’s abilities. Ragan yells to Britney and says Hey Britney, right before I win tomorrow, can you remind me of how weak I am. Britney says back sure. Britney says to remind her about how fake her relationship is with Brendon and Rachel. Britney says mark my words, before Rachel gets evicted, I am trapping Ragan in the bath with her.
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1:30am Lane, Britney, Matt and Ragan are in the bedroom. Enzo says he wants to fight. Matt says that’s a good attitude, that’s what he needs for tomorrow. Enzo says no I literally I want to fight Brendon right now and win. They all laugh. Enzo says that he wants to go up to HoH and when Brendon opens the door just punch him in the face. Enzo leaves. Enzo joins Kristen and Hayden in the lounge room. Hayden asks where everyone is. Enzo says that Lane is in the bathroom, Hayden asks smashing? Enzo says yeah. Lane then joins them and says he was pissing not smashing. Lane says that he pisses sitting down, Enzo says he does too, he says it is better for the prostate. Lane and Enzo are telling Kristen and Hayden about the pep talk they gave Kathy. They are all laughing about it.  Lane says that they asked Kathy what she would do if it was endurance and she couldnt hang on any more.  Enzo says that Lane says that Kathy says that she would hang on longer.  Lane says that if she is the first one off we’re taking all your cigarettes, if you’re the second one off we are taking half your cigarettes,  if you’re the third one off Enzo is gonna eat your cigarettes..  Enzo says yeah I know you got them stashed … Enzo says that she said yeah she does.  Lane says that he asked Kathy why she would want to go somewhere nice if she loses … Lane says if I lose …take me to a dumpster.  They all laugh.

1:45am Britney, Lane, Ragan and Matt are talking about the live feeds. Britney says that watching the live feeds made her more conscious of how she acts in the house. Britney tells Matt, Ragan and Lane that the live feeders will totally rag on you for going to the bathroom and not washing your hands. Britney says that they can also hear everything you are doing in the bathroom when you have your mic on. Matt comments that the live feed people probably think the hand down the pants thing he does is gross! Britney talks about how much more you get from watching the live feeds opposed to watching just the episodes. She says it makes it more intense watching the feeds. Britney talks about how into Big Brother she is. Matt asks her lots of questions about the feeds and what they do and don’t show. They then talk about past season of Big Brother. They start making fun of Brendon and his deformed toe. Matt says there is a reason for it and Brendon told him the first few days of Big Brother. Britney says yeah it’s the last bit of evidence that he has troll in his family. Ragan says that they need a welder just to clip his nails. Matt laughs and says they’re horrible. Ragan and Britney are laughing and call him the saber toe tiger. Britney says that they need to give it the respect of a living breathing creature.  Ragan says that this is why people hate us. Matt says this is why they love you.
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2:30am All the house guests are now asleep….

8am All the house guests are still sleeping…

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jason voorhies

monkey see monkey do. so now enzo is pulling an al bundy too. (hands down pants) maybe britney will follow next. (imagine her putting her hands down her pants) how funny that would be 🙂 then she’d be an official member of the brogade or britgade or floatergade 🙂

just a thought

YES MATT WE FIND YOUR HANDS DOWN THE PANTS DISGUSTING. Dawg and Simon, I am guessing there are no photos with him where his hands aren’t down his pants, right? Otherwise you would intentionally gross us out, right?! Oh and Kathy said she is going to win, what is she smoking?!

jason voorhies

did the white cathy say she was gonna win? what ? not this show thats for sure. maybe she meant she was gonna win the title of big brothers chain smoker championship.

just a thought

” Kathy says that you have to do what’s best for yourself and not what the house wants. Enzo agrees. Kathy says that she is gonna win. Enzo says that he is gonna do what I want if he wins. Kathy says that he can’t make a deal with the devil”. Yeah, Kathy is definitely not going to win this game. If she wins HOH, I’d be shocked.

Uncle Cool

Maybe I will start putting my hands down my pants.



Enzo’s just getting the grenades ready for tonight thats why his hands are down there gremlin style


Been awhile since I posted last but I still read you guys every day, thanks s/d.

just wanted to add that I think Brit is playing an amazing game not only is she safe this coming week from b/r she’s safe with all the brigade guys and ragan. Last night she essentially rallied the Brigade into a fury they’re all pumped about the HOH and I bet one will win it. I’m hoping to see a real battle today with the person winning hoh being the one that put it all on the line. I wish brit was in the brigade and Hayden was out but that will never happen.

B/R are completely clueless about what is going on in the house, unless they win back to back HOH (like they think they can) one of them is going home. I’m a brit fan first and a brigade fan second

for all you brigade fans out there here’s the battle cry … GERNADES YO,,


Grenades left and right….yo

jason voorhies

floatgades would be lucky to have brit. let’s see if any of em win tonight. 🙂 in all fairness, matt and hayden at least were HOH. now lame and guidozo need to step it up.


Mad grenades tonight! So excited.


yo my hands are in my pants to yo! Sitting at the computuer hands in crotch..
looking for grenades down there yo!
Who needs a pool table when we gots pocket pool yo!!


You do know the pocket pool league is having away games starting next year.


I’m so sick of the brigade. I <3 Rachel, Brit, and Matt. I wish Brit would just partner up with them, and then take out Brendon whenever it's convenient.


What show have you been watching? Because that crazy crap would never happen. They need to get Roachel out of the house now.


Britney is beginning to get annoying and two-faced…

jason voorhies

she’s getting cabin fever and all that male testerone is making her swoon 🙂


How is she being two faced? She is playing a game and doing a da*n good job of it.


thank yuhhhhhhh

Kathie from Canada

How could you play this game without being two-faced?? I think the trick is being good at it. That is what will separate winners from losers.


Britney is a double agent and nobody on either side seems to notice! Just like not noticing the brigade alliance of 4 men. I just don’t understand how they readily jump to conclusions but miss the obvious!

just a thought

Production basically told them there was an alliance of guys in the house and no one believes it. You ask why? They are not the brightest bulbs are they?! They are all caught up in their own heads to really take an objective look around and note the obvious.


all these people are starting to make me mad, because they are all so catty and fake and make fun of people they barely know. And ragan shut up you are weak brendon could easily lift more than you and last longer and you are weak

DJ poopy pants

Woah, calm down. Everyone on the show is fake and everyone at one point makes fun of people they barely know, it makes the show entertaining. Brendon is a complete moron and apparently he IS inferior to Ragan physically as he has already lost to him once.


that was more a balance comp and matt and ragan admitted it was easier for smaller guys with smaller feet

DJ poopy pants

I like it when Brit is two faced. Everybody is two faced in that house.


I want Brendon to win tonight. That will be the last straw. Everyone would flip out and it would be great television. Seeing 7 people pissed off would be way more entertaining than seeing 2.


actually no one would flip out Bren would put up Matt/Kathy and the house will convince B/R that they have the votes to vote out Matt. It would make for a boring week. Bren/Rac on the block would ensure some MAJOR fireworks


Sooo since things are so boring at the moment … who is everyone’s current favorites? Initially I couldn’t stand Enzo because of the silly meow meow thing, but he is really growing on me. Same thing with Brit … she is so bitchy at times, but is also funny as hell and is playing a great game.

I am not a huge Brendon/Rachel hater but they are so freaking oblivious to what’s going on in the house they just need to get the boot. Kathy is useless and the most boring person in the house to watch. Is anyone actually rooting for her?

As a sidenote … from a female perspective, Brendon is by far the hottest guy in the house (even with his freaky toe) and its so depressing to see how whipped he is ;p

Joliet Jake

1. Enzo
2. Lane
3. Brittany
4. Regan
5. Hayden
6. Kathy
7. Kristen
8. Matt
9. Brenden
10. Rachel


I agree that Brendon is the hottest guy in the house and that they are stupid to the fact taht there are other alliances…….I hope Brendon and Rachel stay for the drama other wise its gonna be very boring. I hope Kristen stays and Hayden goes for more R/K drama.

just a thought

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE STOP with the hands down the pants photos, they are always in a place where they keep distracting me from what I am reading and grossing me out! Thank you, LOL!


My official message to CBS/Big Brother officials who might be sneaking a peek here…

WHAT in the HELL were you guys thinking with this new cast?????

I had hope there for a brief second when Andrew stirred the pot during his eviction speech, but everything before that moment, and not too long after that moment has been unbelievably disappointing to me so far.

I’ve been a loyal watcher, used to catch BBAD like clockwork nightly, setting reminders for it… now I’m watching really crappy made for TV movies on Syfy and reruns of anything else I can find in the same timeslot, and Showtime should thank their stars I love Dexter, U.S. of Tara, and Nurse Jackie, ’cause otherwise, I’d drop this channel in a heartbeat. Did the economy somehow spill over into affecting how well you guys decide to pick an interesting cast of houseguests this year? The Brigade? Is that honestly the best this season has to offer? Damn, I”m getting sick of complaining so much this season here, but I’ve had bowel movements that were more interesting.

CBS/Big Brother bigwigs, you owe this site and its administrators a serious buttload of thanks, especially this season, for making anything about this season memorable, not to mention for keeping readers here watching. I read here far more than I even bother to watch what you’ve been giving us. And if you’re smart, you might want to think about hiring these guys who maintain this site religiously to pick the houseguests and devise the competitions when the next seasons roll around. Hell, I might actually subscribe to the feeds if that were the case.

I’m pretty much at that point where I think this season is unsalvageable. I don’t see anyone doing anything bold or game-changing… ever, and there’s honestly not a single houseguest still standing who’d make me want to watch the finale. I still hope beyond hope that I’m proven wrong, but moreso, I still keep feeling like this season, I’m really going to hate being right.


uhhhhhh why dont you just send it to CBS


Uuuhhhhhhhh, because it’s far more likely to be read here by CBS/BB people than in any email or letter sent to their offices. I have no doubt they have ‘quality control’ people who skim this and other sites to see what viewers are saying. That’s why;)


if making fun of brendon will get u all two faces anywhere ..well good luck suckers


I love how B/R and Brit talk about there’s no way that there is a boy alliance!!! Dumbasses. I like the game that Brit is playing, BUT…..she is gonna get caught up and busted. I say she will end up going after B/R, Kathy and maybe Ragan…maybe

Kathie from Canada

I’m pretty sure that Brit has her suspisions. Otherwise how do you explain how she keeps reporting back to both sides?? Oh yah, it must be that two-faced thing again.


two-faced really so matt, hayden,ragan aren’t two-faced. Brit just doing for what is best for her. Also she can be two-faced all she wants if she keeps winning vetos.


That’s what Hayden looks like – a sock puppet!


Last night Enzo said his wife busts him scratching his nuts all the time, then sniffing his fingers. He then pulled his hand out of his pants and sniffed his fingers, talking about “nut musk”. It was the one time Weewee Gremlin DIDN’T have his hand down his pants. WTF???

just a thought

I just threw up in my mouth after reading this post

jason voorhies

you can’t honestly say you’ve never done that too. everyone looks at their poop before they flush, everyone has flicked a buggar and everyone has touched their gentiles then took a wiff. LOL


They normally bring back past winners and faves for a competition I hope that is coming up soon. Or another competition with caramel so Kathy can show everyone that shes a fighter.


I would love to see Nasty Gnat and Roachel duke it out! I’m not sure who bothers me more… I want Big Red out of the house next week!

jason voorhies

does production really give away clues as to whats going on in this house? probably , who knows. I used to watch the real world on mtv and some of the people from those shows went on later to say they were “coached” by production to start shit with the others to make better tv drama. so I am sure BB production does the same. and I know for a fact the challenges are rigged sometimes especially when it’s about numbers. for instance “how many pictures are hanging up in the BB house”? rachel says “80” so therefore it’s “80”, she wins HOH.


1st: BB has never (in the 4 seasons I watched) had an HOH competition… like that
2nd: Numbers in the POV were preselected… possibly Brendon was told… but seriously..
3rd: Conspiracy is pretty much a unwritten law in America Guilty until proven innocent..

jason voorhies

um hum and santa claus is going to come down your chimney too. bug off you american hater. member you are watching an american television show so if you hate america so much why watch it? just jealous cause we are still the best country on this planet :0


Dubya, is that you? Lookin’ at yer poop, sniffin’ yer privates and screaming about Amerika?

jason voorhies

moaner learn how to spell and stop being so ignorant. leave that to the bbhg’s


Oh jason, you’re so sweet. Your mom can’t wait until you get your own apartment in 10 more years. Then you can take all her Friday the 13th vhs tapes with you.


I’m American which is why I know it best…


it’s reality TV Production tells them what to do to make it more interesting for us, to get the ratingsa up, now do they coach them in “competitions” it’s a good possibility because whoever wins a comps would very well start up drama in the house, thats why i believe it was intentional for everyone to target brendon and rachel in it because the DRAMA it cause afterword, PRICELESS… THATS why the only way the DRAMA will continue is if brendon DON’T win in HOH tonight, if he wins it won’t be nothing…


1st he’s start with the whining and making pathetic excuses like he did in the surfer board HOH, when in REALITY it was HIS fault he fell for not standing straight up like everyone else was HE made it more uncomfortable for himself.


I hope Kathy wins HOH; everyone seems to think that she’ll be the next one to go. If she does I think Hayden will be the only one safe….I’m hoping Jeff from last year will make an appearance tonight. Maybe hop out of Pandora’s box!


I love how Matt and Ragan think just b/c they did good in one endurance challenge that they will automatically be the last two in another one. Whateva.


So the Pandora’s Box is just a door and if someone opens it they will let another america’s vote sabateour come out and stir things up…Thats what I understoond from watching the show last night. Last year Pandora’s Box was a good thing (Only for Gnat aka pigpen, with her bf being in there) this year its not good but all the HG’s are gonna wanna open it because they think its something good Help me out here, did anyone else get that?


I wonder who are the lifelong friends. At first I thought it was Kathy and Brittney, but now I think it is Britney and Lane. I think Lane is Britneys fiance. She got all nervous when Rachel said she may put Lane up. Interested to hear what others have to say.

I hope anyone but Brendon wins tonight…can’t stand it any longer….ugh…



sue j

i dont really care for brenden but i would like to see him win hoh so they can start getting enzo lane and matt out. I dont think enzo is funny at all,lane is so boring amd matt getting sick of seeing hand down the pants.I am not really voting for anyone at this moment to win bb cause none of them are playing the game.Britney talks about how much she is a big fan then why hasnt she figured out the brigades all of them are floaters.