Big Brother 11 HOH Winner Results- Will the Rat Survive and Who is the Wizard

Russel had won this weeks HOH and nominated Lydia and Ronnie for eviction. Michele won the POV and did not use it. The nominations stayed the same this week. The house has been divided into two groups now. Jessie’s side and Jeff’s side. Ronnie has amassed a lot of hate in the house for all his lies and working people over the last 3 weeks. It is save to assume that Ronnie will be sent home tonight. Tonight we’ll also find out who gets the “wizard power”. The coup d’etat or wizard power lets the person remove 2 of the HOH’s nominations and replace them with their own.

Jordan votes to evict Ronnie
Jeff votes to evict Ronnie
Kevin votes to evict Ronnie
Chima votes to evict Lydia
Natalie votes to evict Lydia
Michelle votes to evict Ronnie
Jessie votes to evict Lydia
By a vote of 4 to 3 Ronnie is evicted from the Big Brother house

Head of Household is Chima

Evicted house guest is Ronnie the rat

The Wizard is: JEFF

Power has now shifted back to Jessie’s side with Chima winning this weeks HOH. It has also been revealed that the TV fans have nominated Jeff to have the secret power giving him the most power you can have in the Big Brother game. What will Jeff do? find out more in the Big Brother Live Feeds

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203 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 HOH Winner Results- Will the Rat Survive and Who is the Wizard

      1. NO, the people will not leave. They, as do I, love the shit he brings to the house. Give me the drama that the rat and slasher bitch create anytime over that boring Jeff and his plastic boob sidekick.

  1. I don’t know if they’ll keep him. This week has shown that there has been plenty of drama that didn’t include him.

    Watching the flashbacks during this fight has proven that Michelle was 100% telling the truth to Russell, though, and he’s going to be pissed when he gets out and sees that.

  2. I just thought of something, what if Jeff thinks this is his chance to get Jessie out or he was urged to use it tonight…

  3. Jeff knows he has 2 weeks to use it. (IF he got it.) He’s safe this week and the only way Ronnie could stay is if he (Ronnie) had the power, and if Jeff knows he (Jeff) has it, then Ronnie’s definitely going. I think (I hope) Jeff would be smart enough to hold off til next week.
    I’m embarrassed to say how nervous I am, they’re about to announce who won the power.

  4. No Surprise that they evicted Ronnie & Jeff was the Wizard. We all knew. Hopefully Chima or Nat wins HoH so that Jeff can overturn their nominations next Thursday and have Jessie evicted.

  5. Jeff isn’t that dumb. He wants Ronnie out just as bad as he wants Jesse out. He knows he has next week to get out Jesse if he gets the power.

    1. What a man Ronnie is…can only act big when he is rapping off to a woman…Ronnie and Chima cut Michelle out when they made a deal with Jessie and Natalie…FU Ronnie…BYE BYE RONNIE THE RAT>>>>

  6. Perfectly played Jeff. Right down to looking around the room at the other HGs when Julie asked if whoever has the power would like to use it.
    I didn’t hate Ronnie at first, but after his exit speech, ummm, yeah. That was uncalled for, especially knowing she was telling the truth. Lashing out. Unattractive.

  7. Do you thing Jesse is stirring everything up with the house? Didn’t he tell Russel in the HOH room to talk to Chima, don’t you think he knew it would cause problems and that is why he went and hid in the pool room and said he had a stomach ache while everyone was arguing. And, didn’t he he tell Chima to go talk to Russel last night with Lydia outside? what is he trying to do? Does everyone forget how he manipulated Michelle last year with Libra and the whole airplane banner incident? Jesse has got to go! he causes everyone to argue!!!!!

    1. Jeff will get him out next week. Jesse is nothing but a lying trouble maker. Him and Nat started the whole mess by lying about Michelle.

  8. So happy Jeff won!!!! Now I do hope that Chima wins HOH and they plan and scheme all week long on how they are going to put up Jeff and Jordan and at the last minute next Thursday Jeff stands up like the proud man he is and says……sorry, but I am replacing Jordan and myself with Jesse and Natalie!! it will be the best moment in TV!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I couldn’t agree more…it will be great to see what happens this coming week…i hope jeff protects russell…i like him and would like to see him stay…

  9. so ronnie gets to go to the sequester house now or no? if so then he gets paid more then the winner or 2nd place i forget but that aint cool

      1. Sorry meant to say no he’s not going to sequester house but I was watching the show at the same time and got a little distracted.

    1. No jury house for Ronnie just a plane ticket home. He was so smary to Braden,Laura, and Casey and his obvious game playing got him the boot early. I just hope BB does not surprise us and bring him back although i am sure he will be included next season in a guest spot or an All Star Edition which he deserves I will admit.

  10. they so stupid soon as they found out that “ronnie” didn’t have the power why would they vote to keep him idiots would call that “loyalty”: but thats “major stupidity” because 3 votes everyone knows who they were it’s not even possible to hide it

  11. LOL i’m at work and im missing big brother, i look on here and it says “the rat” instead of ronnie, awesome, so glad he got booted.

  12. I’m so happy the Rat is gone and that Jeff has the coup de’tat!!!! The season is starting to improve; now let’s get Jessie and Nat out.

  13. w/e…if jeff knows what’s good for him he won’t use it at all.. becuase there are other targets…such as lydia and kevin and michell….besides…i can gurantee you that the other houseguests will hate him for “being america’s favorate” (am going to be sick)’s not like last year when “america’ player” could play in secrecy …he will be exposed…so i DOUBT he will use it….SO ..DON’T CELEBRATE YET ..SHEEP

  14. yes yes yes yes ye sye somg i have an orgasm right now
    the rat ugly four eyes is gone wohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    btw I confirm russel is gay too I bet 4 boxes of wine he has a crush on the gay jessie aka the brainless
    and yesssssssssssssssssssss again another orgasm
    jeffffffffffffffffffffffff got the power
    jessie the gay nata hte bulldog and chima the monkey are the omst hated by america i told you soooooooooooo

  15. happy that jeff got the power!!! even if he uses it next week he is safe. the house is kinda divided and the people on jeff’s side has more power than jesse and natalies side.

  16. im not surprised he didn’t even go out with dignity he went out tellin typical… LMFAO @ the final fake cry CLASSIC

  17. yea!!!!!!!! thank God , ronnie the patronizing (which is funny because hes not bright at ALL, its fabrications of trival knowledge) a**hole is gone!!!!

  18. do you think russell and michelle are really still paired up and are just pretending to hate each other to cover the fact that they are in an alliance…

  19. I’ll never understand why America loves floaters(Jeff and Jordan) and hates the people who are actually playing the game(Ronnie and Jessie)

  20. Oh my god. Chima won. That could not be more perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought that would be cool but I didn’t think it would really happen!!! Jeez good things are really on a roll!!!

      1. It’s good because if we want Jessie or Natalie to go home, they can’t be HOH. If Jeff or Jordan had won HOH, the power would basically be wasted. Chima’s gonna have that smug smile wiped off her face.

    1. OMG….I am right there with you. How did this work out so PERFECT. Jesse, Natalie and Chima will think they are on top of the world alll week long. I couldn’t be any happier!!!!!!!!!

    1. Umm, no. Russell’s having a hard time deciding who he wants to be more loyal to. Let’s just help him out and get rid of Jessie, then he won’t have to choose.

  21. YES … without trying to throw it on that round .. Jeff & Jordan both got it wrong.

    YES … Chima won wich means Jeff will be using the power next Thursday and nominating Jessie & Nat unless one of them wins the Veto.


    Say goodbye Jessie your about to be evicted.

    1. Eric, is this not more perfect? I wanted it to be one of the stupid three!!! You know Jeff will use his power and put Natalie and Jessie up if neither get the POV!!!!! Which they wont, I hope! Thank goodness! I can not wait to see Chima’s face when Jeff annouces his nominations she is probably going to flip on him afterwards but it is so worth seeing. Then hopefully Jordan or Jeff get HOH! could this get any better????

    2. best night so far…the lowlife rat went packing and next week we can sit back and laugh at all that gnat jess and chima do thinking they are back in control……next week will be great

  22. So now Chima won’t put up Nat or Jessie, and hopefully they don’t get to play for POV…This could work out very well.

  23. Now Chima can nominate probably Lydia or Kevin or Michelle and Russell. Less likely that Nat or Jess will play for POV. More likely that Jeff can put them both up. Best possible outcome.

  24. omg, its too funny. chima and her “gang” are elated over the fact that shes hoh… losers (refrencing the gang), the only one thats safe is chima…hahaha…lolol!!!!!

  25. Now Jeff better not say a peep to Jordan or he will lose it!!!! She will be bummed all week though but she will get over it next Thursday!!! :-)

  26. HHAHA…Chima won and Jeff is gonna change her votes on the eviction day and I can’t wait to see her face drop. Holy crap this will be so awesome!!! The first time the HOH has ZERO power!!!! HAHAHA…so awesome!

    1. No, if she puts him up I’d rather have him stay up, and let Jeff take him down. Then Russ would know Jeff is loyal to him and would owe him a big one. Honestly it doesn’t matter who wins it as long as it’s not Jess or Nat. I was thinking, Jeff should probably throw the POV, but, then again, he needs to try to keep it out of Jess and Nat’s hands. So if he won, he could let Russ be pissed at him for not taking him down with the POV, then whip out the coup d’etat.

      1. You really have a good handle on all this Emme. Jeff really needs to win the POV if he plays. Nat and Jess will kill or do anything to win. Gotta say the evil team does figure things out better. Man, I hope Jeff does some heavy thinking this week.

  27. it’s sorta unfair..if the power is used..the people who get put up last minute won’t have time to campaign..

    1. Why is that unfair? It’s the game and you know that Jesse and Natalie will be who Jeff puts up. What can be any better than that???????????

  28. Everyong is forgetting that Jeff won the Coup D’etat and HE and Russell has an allience so if Russell gets put up, Jeff can use the Coup D’etat and Put up Jesse and natalie and then that allience is down to 2 people

      1. if everything goes well chima would put up russel and lydia AND jessie or natalie dont get the veto then everything will be set so tht jeff can put them both up

    1. So, with his power Jeff can not only take someone off, but also put two more in the hot seat? I was confused and thought that the HOH still have to choose the replacements.

  29. KEVIN!!!!! Way to keep it real. Who needs a makeover the most….of COURSE it’s Natalie. That was hysterical. Can’t wait to see BBAD tonight, Nat’s probably pouting about it already. Really liking Kevin. Can’t wait til those 3 have the rug pulled out from under them.

  30. they all smilin they don’t even realize whats in store next week “Russel Lydia” get put up and one ” Coup D’ETAT” later and “Jessie and Natalie” gets put up and by bye Jessie

  31. Now let’s just hope Anyone but jessie or nat get POV… So then jeff can put them two up so one of them can go..

  32. Everything went perfectly tonight… Ronnie gone thankfully. NCJ Team think they are all that once again. NOT.. I hope Russell goes the right way this time. Go JEFF

  33. I’m glad Jeff didn’t get HOH. Now he can use the power. He said he was ready to make his move. He will save Russel (I think) and put up Jess and the she-male Nat (I hope).

  34. bye bye Rat boy, you are such an idiot! Glad you are out of the game! What a night! Chima winning HOH could not have been better, now Jeff can change her nominations! What a night!

  35. well an almost perfect night! BUT it will be sooo much fun to see their faces when another one of them goes home.

    love the wizard hat btw!!!

  36. Only question is whether anyone is safe from Coup detat?? I mean, are both the HOH and POV winners safe or is everyone eligible next thursday?? Basically, could Jeff put up Chima if he wanted to or is he limited to putting up the non-winners.

  37. Chima is nominating Russell & Lydia unless Nat/Jessie can convince her to not nominate Russell… Jessie is going to want to keep Russell in the house for at least another couple weeks.

    Going to be sweet watching the fights this week because we all know that Chima is gonna be a beaaatch to people this week.

    Meanwhile Jeff is going come through as the hero & save Russell/Lydia/Michelle/Kev and nominate Nat & Jessie on eviction night solidifying his alliance to Michelle &/or Russell thus keeping himself safe for weeekkkkss since only 1 person from the Jessie/Chima/Nat team will be able to fight for HoH and likely be nominated with Chima the following week.

    Jeff & Jordan are going to be in great shape to make final 4 after the week is over.

  38. OMG…I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!. Hope ChimaFishFace has a good time this week….like Jeff will care. Looks bleek for Jess and canyougetanyNATtier next week. Whichever one stays can go up with (hopefully) ChimaFishFace the next week.

    1. I will return with the return house Guest Wizard vote!!!! You all can not count me out yet, because I am the Bestestest Big Brother Play ever and ever will be! You will see when I win this season ELEVEN

      1. ok Ronnie….get your peepee out of your cheerios and go home….think about what you have done…then write your I am sorry notes….(rolling eyes) …have those twins or triplets and be happy. And for Gods sake…stay away from them til they about 30. ;)

  39. Whoo hoooo Go wizard Jeff, Bye Howdy Doody Ronnie and congrats to Chima for her useless HOH, lol

    Jeff is the backdoor HOH this week I LOVE IT!!! :p

    1. haha rite! chima picked the rite time to win where her power doesnt mean a thing! IT’S ALL ABOUT JEFF!!! its a B-E-A-U-tiful day in the neighborhood lol!

  40. jeff douche bag…is trying so hard to make it seem it’s not him…’s a…

    1. Whatever Ronnie Lover! They didn`t show anybody else so how could you tell what the other losers were doing. GO JEFF

  41. Hey guys…..Julie asked if he wanted to use it then….so maybe when all is said and done next week and time to vote……and it gets down to the nut cutting…then he gets to use it. Ya Think??????? and nom. and Pov won’t mean crap.

  42. Chima, Nat, Jessie realize that they did not win the coup d’etat or else Ronnie would still be in the house. Lydia also did not win so they all know it’s between Kev, Michelle, Jeff & Jordan. If I was in the house i would definitely be betting anything that Jordan had won the power.

    btw she was 2nd in voting

    GUARENTEE, that Jessie, Nat, Chima will try to work a deal with Jeff/Jordan since they will bet that she has the power and will be afraid she will use it. Watch the NON-STOP deals from Chima, Jessie & Nat bombard the 2 of them.

    Gonna be hilarious watching Jeff & Jordan “play along” while Jeff prepares to nominate Jessie/Nat.

    1. Now the only issue is winning POV…..It would probably be smart for both Jessie and Natalie to go on the block so they will be guaranteed to play for it.

    2. Oh dear….I don’t think Jordon (meaning no disrespect) will know how to play along. I am going to be on the edge of my seat all week watching Jeff and Jordon playing. I really want them to win but they are not the best at playing this game.

  43. Ironically chima said she is going to enjoy the power this week more then anything! Lol! Wait til she finds out her week doesn’t count! Lol! Jeff is perfect for the special powers he is the only one that will keep his month shut about it! Lmao!

    1. Jessie, and Nat strategy this week is going to be to make the other HG divulge the secret power holder. That way it would be void. Watch and see. We are all going to need to go on tranquillizers this week.

  44. Regardless of who goes up Either Jessie or Natalie will evicted cause Jeff’s alliance has the numbers, what a perfect week.

  45. Jessie, Nat , Chima, and Lydia now know that only Kevin, Jeff, Jordon, Michelle or Russell can have the power. They know they don’t have it or they would probably have saved Ronnie for their numbers. They are going to try and break “Jeff’s team” It is really going to be a hard week for them. I don’t know how much more Michelle can take. She’s fragile. Can’t wait to see how they try this without their Ronnie puppet.

  46. As a Chima fan I can not be happier that she won HOH, and as a person who likes Jeff more then 90% of the other HG’s I think he will not use his power. One of the coolest things about Jeff is his level headedness. Even when Russell was terrorizing him when he was working out with the whole “technotronics” fight he never broke a stride or lost his cool, I think since there is no way in hell Chima is putting up Jeff or Jordan, Jeff will want to stay under the radar, I can not see him SAVING Russ and literally taking him off the block, no way. At least I hope not. For sure Chima will put up Michelle and Russ, I thought Ronnie’s Michelle bash at the end was super lame. I hope I hope Russ goes home.

    1. You’re deluded. Jeff is more loyal to Russell than Jessie and Natalie…he hates those two. Trust me…unless one of those guys wins the POV, they’re both going up and Jessie is going home.

      1. Exactly… more than likely it will be Russell and Lydia on the block. WHEN Jeff takes off Russell & Lydia he will have strengthened the trust Russell already has in him while also gaining an ally in Lydia and Kevin. Either Nat or Jessie will be gone leaving only 2 enemies in the house that will then target Jeff while everyone else will be in the house to cover Jeff’ for what he did saving them and getting rid of a hated threat.

        PLUS chima can’t compete in the HoH next week.. only the survivor of the Nat/Jessie eviction. good chance it’s Chima & Nat on the block the following week… especially if Michelle, Lydia, Kevin, Russell, Jeff or Jordan wins HoH .. wait that’s the rest of the house.

        Look good for the good guys!!!!

    2. The truth is you just don’t want Chima-Nat-Jesse to break up – but if Jeff has an ounce of common sense that is exactly what he will do – that group must be broken up. He should put up Natalie and Jesse.

    3. Shay Shay Shay—if Jeff doesn’t use this special power voted by viewers he really would not deserve to win the game. He wants to do it but he does have to have the votes.

  47. Ronnie seemed to think everyone would like him for playing the game…he didn’t realize that people don’t like to watch him play a shitty game

    1. The best was Ronnie left the house and was raising his hands for high fives, notice none of the audience raised their hands first, it was only in response to Ronnie! I probably would have popped him in the face!!

      GO Jeff.

  48. Oh i can’t wait to see how jessie and nat think chima being HOH will help them and then the lies they start now when they relize the power is not on there side. I think if nat and jessie go up that nat will be voted out before jessie.. Oh Let’s see who nat blames and lies on now…

    1. Nat is nothing without Jessie (just like Ronnie) he would not have played like he did without Jess. Jess should actually try speaking for a living. He can look you straight in the eye and lie like a rug. You actually believe him. For some reason people follow Jessie like a cult. He gets them to do his bidding. Jess should go home if they can orchestrate that not Nat.

    2. The only way Chima can help them is putting them on the block for a guarantee to one of them the pov….then with one off, the rest of them can work to vote the replacement that Jeff will put in. It would be stupid for her to put anyone not in their alliance on the block this week, knowing that someone on the other side has the wizard powers. It would also be stupid of her to put Russ on the block so he can win the pov and gain safety. If she is smart, she will see this. Brain test.

  49. The rat is gone thank goodness. the show might be worth watching now. He was so ignorant and clueless in his speech to Michelle Jeff has all the power now. the right person got it. those pople cheering for Ronnie are pure losers plain and need to simply grow up. I wouldn’t want you areound my childen

  50. OMG! i couldn?t have written script any better. with chima winning hoh that still leaves nat & jesse vulnerable to jeff?s wizard power! one more to go?they better win pov! hopefully if chima puts up russell, jeff can make a deal for him & jordan that if they get the votes to keep russell, he?ll guarantee their safety!! its going to end up being a good show after all. like the other almost said, thanks cbs for saving the show?now i am going to watch the rest of the season & so is my family & friends.

  51. I just hope Jeff does not take any advice from Jordan, she was trying to tell him last night that putting Jess and his dog up is a bad move.

  52. jif michelle and russel gets put up JEFF would be stupid not to use iot to throw the “powertrip” back at jessie and natalie oh it;s TOO good to not go for it

  53. I would love to be a fly on the wall when someone bursts Ronnie’s bubble regarding his “SUPER FANS” – could you believe him CRYING?! I’m glad Michelle got to tell him off with her good-bye. I, too, am enjoying Kev more & more!

  54. Finally some entertainment on BB11!!!!!!! It is actually unpredictable still….who will win the POV and be safe? Looking soooooo forward to next week. One thing for sure…either Jess or Nat should go home this week. Both can’t win the POV. I hope it is Jessie!!!

  55. Even better it’s a 3-3 vote next week and chima gotta vote out one of her teammate lmfao… Now that will be worth watching will she vote jessie or nat out?

  56. Chima will put up Russell and Jordan…she might put up Russell with Michelle if Jessie and the gnat brainwash her. But I think a woman scorned will do her own thing and put up Russell and Jordan since that’s the only way they can get Jeff to vote out Russell. POV is going to be huge this week. As long as the gnat or Jessie dun get it, all is well. Watch Jeff planting seeds to evict Jessie this wk…should be great!

  57. Say what you will, Chima may not have the real power, but I’m not sure that Jeff can keep his mouth shut. I think Jordan will get it out of him, and then what????

    1. AMerica Loves me because I am the Bestestest Big Brother Player Ever or Ever will be and America will mystery Power and Wizard House Guest Return VOTE me Back to WIn this Game> I Love Jessie my Hero and SoulMate

  58. The rat was very nervous and emotinal during his speach. You would think with all his debate experience would have kicked in. HAHAHA RAT, you’re gone. Too funny.

  59. Do you suppose that Ronald’s wife is as pathetic as he is; how could someone settle for such an disgusting excuse for a human-certainly would not call him a man of any description! Cry at home-no jury spot for you!

  60. If Jesse and Nat go up then Natalie will be going home which means Jesse can win HOH again. This is the best thing to have happened for Team Jesse. Once Natalie is gone, Jesse won’t be a threat anymore and the others will be picked off one by one. Woohoo

    Team Jesse all the way!!!!!

  61. This is great, so will Jeff keep it a secret from everyone but Jordan? It’s risky to even tell Jordan until the day of evictions :)

  62. Jeff doesn’t tell Jordan everything. Jeff is smart enough to understand the power. He won’t do anything to mess up his chance to use it.

  63. Looks like russ will be choosing between Jeff & Jessie this week. I wish that the wizard powers were used a day or two before the evictions. Imagine how wonderful it would be to watch Jessie and Nastalie freak out.

    1. No that will give them time to backstab – I want to se the look of shock on their face when they have no time to scheme.

      1. Rockstar, you are an idiot! Jeff is not dumb just because he doesn’t know french. You are a pathetic, jealous loser!

  64. Woo Damn Hoo!! I think it is better for Jeff that the “other side” has the HOH. He can see who they are really aligned with and who is on his side when noms are announced. I love Jordan, but we have a better chance of Jeff keeping his mouth shut and not losing it. Please oh please say he will keep his mouth shut!

  65. When Julie asked chima what she was most happy about, the power or private room.. She says “power” hahaha
    b1tch what power? Jeff’s in charge. Your vote don’t count…. Live it. I do hope to see Jessy and nat together next week.

  66. wow Ronnie is the biggest cornball of reality tv . he acts like a 15 yr old girl ..a corny tacky 15 yr old girl who thinks shes so cool because some cute boy (jesse) is using her . anyway basically wat im tryng 2 say is no one would ever be ronnies friend in real life…except the other geeks he talks to on his computer playing wizards and dragons or whatever corny sh!t they be playing and even they dont hang out in real life…not on purpose at least..they might bump into each other at a comic book convention or at the mall waiting for a bookstore to open to buy the newest harry potter book but even then its an awkward hi…maybe a smile…but yea ronnie u had me fooled i thought kevin was the gay one. sayanara tool now the show is really getting good.

  67. Ronnie is the biggest loser on Big Brother besides Jessie. The only reason Jess and Nat want to keep him is for a vote. Michelle is the smartest because in her diary room sessions she always would be right about the lies people were telling her. If she had better social skills she would be one of thebest players. Jess is so insecure he cant even look people in the eye when he talks to them. Nat is an immature punk who has no clue about anything. Russell?s temper will do him in and Chima is so racisist she thinks everyone else is. Mean while Jeff and Jordan are just having a good time getting to know each other. I am for Team Jeff, Jordan and Michelle. In that order.

  68. The best part is that Jeff can use the Coup d’etat to put up Jessie and Natalie, then he gets to compete for HOH the next week too so he has a chance to be guaranteed safe for 2 more weeks. Please just don’t let Jessie or Natalie win the POV, or better not even compete.

  69. Funny how Ratface “coached up” Chima. Way to coach her up and eventually getting your former alliance busted up even more!


  70. I’m kinda pissed that they didn’t show anything about Natalie and Jessie’s lie about Michelle and the green room. That was the main factor in the fights that happened over the last couple days.

  71. The people in the audience that were cheering for ronnie, were probably just cheering because they were so happy he was leaving the house.

  72. i really hope jeff will use the wizard power to put up natalie and jessie. basically chima doesnt have any power at all except he is safe for this week as the hoh!

  73. What was up with Jessie’s comment about “since I’m a body builder I can anything no matter how bland it is?” Please Jessie – we’ve seen you cry and whine like a little b*@#$ this whole week about being put on slop. Nobody cares that you’re a body builder – you look disgusting and have no butt to even keep up your jeans last night!

    1. That was funny when he said that… he bitched and moaned for 4 days straight when he was on slop. He complained more than any other houseguest but when asked on national TV his story changes all of a sudden he can eat anything, slop was no problem etc etc

      1. I was flabbergasted! Its amazing how the show gets spinned from how it really is in the house. He definitely has complained more than any other player about slop!

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