Big Brother 11 – Michelle Breakdown, She’s Worried Ronnie is Staying and After Days of Being on Her Period and not Washing Natalie Showers

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


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8:40pm Bathroom ROnnie. Natalie, KEvin and Chima. Ronnie is telling them they better be ready for when they get out there will be pople that have a lot of bad and good things to say about them. HE mentions forums and Big Brother Blogs and how

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
people are going to say the worse things about us. (does this mean Ronnie is going to troll the comments because of all the Ronnie hate on this site?) Chima says what do they say about assholes and opinions? Ronnie “yeah everyone has one and everyone else’s stink” Ronnie tells them that these message will probably run all night… Natalie keeps telling them she’s going to shower at 9- nobody seems to care. Chima thinks they are wrong about the special power being coup d’etat she thinks its going to be the power to bring someone back. Ronnie blows a load and says she is totally correct that will probably be the special power. Ronnie is very excited about this… he’s continues to blow the nail polish on his fingers to dry them. Ronnie now thinks the special power might not even be able to be used this week. Chima says Julie said how HOH and veto were more important than ever this week and Ronnie says Julie never said ‘this week Natalie starts bitching about Jessie how she’s done with him… She told him to stop talking to Lydia and now he’s in the green room talking to Lydia for 2 fucking hours.. She claims she’s been betrayed. “He chose to hang out with her so that’s who he can hang out with the rest of the time here” She goes on to say that Jessie has chosen a side against us…


9:08pm Chima and Natalie. Natalie is getting ready to take a shower… She’s going off to Chima about Jessie and how pissed she is. “he doesn’t care how i Feel”, “no apologies I?m done with him”, “This is like back stabbing someone”, “I’m done talking to him”, “he slapped me in the face so I am going so slap him”


9:15pm Red room Jessie and CHima.. Chima telling him he better get talking to Natalie because shit is about to blow. Jessie explains why he had to talk to Lydia. He brings up Lydia cutting herself and Kevin thinking that Ronnie has the votes. Chima says he really needs to talk to Natalie… he agrees.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers


9:15pm Backyard JEff, Jordan, and Michelle near the hammock. they are happy all the drama has stopped for awhile. They agree that its best if they don’t talk to anyone that way none of this bullshit will happen again. Jordan telling them about Ron trying to win sympathy votes, Michelle asks if she’s for sure voting him out. Jordan says she’s 100% not voting for Ronnie to stay. Michelle brings up Russell and she doesn’t know what set him off today….. Michelle leaves and goes to the couch


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:22pm Michelle breaks down crying, Kevin, Jordan and JEff all rush to her. Jordan asks what?s wrong. Michelle says nothing she just spilled her drink. They ask her why she’s crying. Michelle says this house is fucked up. Michelle is worried that ROnnie is staying plus she thought Russell was her friend and now he’s saying all this shit about her. Michelle says she’s worried how things are going to be after the eviction tomorrow. She thinks everyone is going to be after her. She says when she went to the Diary room they told her it was OK to cry and to get it out…. Feeds cut….. Jordan is telling her she needs to talk to Russell and smooth things out. JEffs comments that MIchelle has taken a beating these last 2 days. He knows how hard it is when the whole house is against you. He says it happened to him week one and was hard. Jordan and Kevin confirm that Ronnie is going home. Kevin says he can detect their bullshit… He says all this bullshit that?s happened was there doing and we know it. “fuck that there?s no way I?m voting to safe Ronnie” Jordan tells her that nobody from their group is made at her. Jeff gives her a pep talk telling her that she’s won 2 POV’s and next week she could win the HOH so don’t worry your doing fine…. Michelle feels better rips off her clothes down to her bikini and is ready to enjoy the evening…..


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:50pm Storage Room Chima and Jessie. Jessie telling her that Kevin and Lydia are freaking out right now, they know they have no one and they are trying to recruit Jeff and Jordan. He goes on to explain why he was talking to Lydia, it was to keep her occupied the last thing they need is Lydia out there rally hate towards them. Jessie tells her earlier today we were “SO CLOSE” in saving Ronnie.. Chima says she’s not sure she thinks Jessie should go talk to Natalie to calm her down….

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:00pm Green Room Jessie and Jeff. Basically Jessie is trying to get Jeff to vote to keep Ronnie. He offers jeff protection next week and says that Ronnie offers the same. Jessie tells him being with Michelle and Kevin is risky because he heard them say Jeff’s name when asked who they should nominate. Jeff asks him if he knows how big Ronnie fucked him over… Jessie

says yes but things change so fast in this house sometimes you need to react. Jessie says he has given Ronnie his word to vote for him so ROnnie has his vote. Jessie tells him he can trust Roinnie. Jeff doesn’t hink so. Jeff says ROnnie is loyal to JEssie like a dog but to him (Jeff) he lies like a son of a bitch. Jeff says that he hangs out in the backyard and the only time people come out there to chill with him is when they’ve been screwed over. HE adds that he was once on the bottom of the totem pole and now he’s moved up a notch because he’s not on the block. Jessie says he knows exactly how Jeff Feels last week he was HOH this week he’s a have not?s. Jessie says if you stick with them you?re on a weaker totem pole if you stick with us you lower down but its stringer. Jeff tells im he’s going to step back for a minute and let all this drama blow over. He hopes he gets HOH tomorrow, he adds that if Ronnie hadn’t fucked him so many times Ronnie would most defiantly not be his target right now. Jessie says he never planned to put up Jeff. Jeff points out that he couldn’t before.. Jessie just keeps going saying that people listen to him in the house. Jeff says he’s going to take Jordan as far as he can she was the only one that talked to him week one and for that she’s his partner. Jeff isn’t going to hide it he wants to take Jordan to the end. Jessie says Kevin and Michelle are not worth allying with.. Jessie realises he?s not getting anywhere and they leave.

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10:30pm Backyard Kevin, Lydia, Jordan, Russell and Natalie (briefly) talking about casting, HOH questions, HOH Blogs, Twitters. Ronnie explains how much harder Big Brother is than video games. Russell agrees. They are saying they wish there was something to do. Lydia wishes there was a wii they can play, Russell wants to get drunk in a bar, Jeff agrees…. Jordan brings up the psych exams they had to take… Lydia says one took her 6 hours to complete…. Ronnie leaves to go inside with Natalie and CHima, jordan gets called into the Diary room. Lydia is trying to bum more smokes off Jeff he tells her she shouldn’t start but she keeps asking and he says she can go get one… but she never does. Russell says Lydia shouldn’t’ start, they talk about Casey and how he was burning through cigarettes his last couple days. They start going over the big brother messages being played. They speculate that Casey may be coming back wearing his Banana suite. Everyone looks mega tired… Jeff thinks they are all reading into these message too much, “its just people saying stupid shit”


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Did anyone else hear when they asked Michele what made her finally break… she said them, the producers told her she should be sad, cry and upset more than what she is… or something along those lines. What is up with that? So they are telling the HGs how to act??????????


Yeah I noticed that too. Well, people have been accusing BB of scripting for years.


I’m sure it’s all for the story arc tonight. You know, the whole “Michelle has taken a beating this week, has she finally decided to go against Russell and vote for Ronnie to stay?” so they can wring out every possible ounce of drama and suspense before the house finally kicks Ronnie out on his ass.


she said the producers were concerned because she was laughing and not crying about the traumatic incident and they were worried about her mental state. the never told her to cry just that her crying was o.k. and she should let it out if need be.


The recordings have something 2 do with the next HoH-Noone sees that- Ronnie might stay who knows-voices have 2 with the next HOH


I am sure the recordings are part of the next HOH comp.


The recordings have something 2 do with the next HoH-Noone sees that- Ronnie might stay who knows-voices have 2 do with the next HOH

Mr. E

Now: Jeff and Jordan are planning to take Jesse out…and the Live Feeds cut away mid-sentence to Jessie whining about his dinner. What is BB up to?


I went to the CBS feedback (at the bottom of their home page) and left a complaint about censorship. They keep cutting out to the control room all night long. CBS of all corporations (being a news corporation) should know a little about our First Amendment rights and censorship. I wish everyone would go to their feedback page and complain. It’s ridiculous.


First Amendment rights? That is not even remotely an issue here. At most, you have a contractual right that is being breached.

Sorry, I couldn’t control my lawyer ass from responding.


I didn’t like michelle at first, but now I actually feel for her. Jess, the dirty ass pitbull, russel, and lydia need to go in some kinda order after ronnie leaves this week. Jeff and jordan need to step it up and win hoh, and if they don’t I really hope jeff got the “wizard power,” because he deserves it after all the shit they put him through in there. Didn’t know there could be so many asses in the bb house in a season.

The Original Jim

I have the same ideal final 4 now too. Ever since the other night when Russ was listening to what Jessie was saying and taking it seriously. Then Kevin jumped Ronnie’s shit and showed he’s actually here to do something.

Poor Michelle...seriously

I feel so bad for her…I really hope at the reunion show/finale, they point out how she was telling the truth about pretty much everything. I’m sure at one point or another that Chima wanted to backdoor Russell…didn’t she say that when Ronnie was HOH? It just makes me sick how she is always the scapegoat. Like why does Nasty hate her? it started with the whol “I bet michelle voted to evict jordan” and when that didn’t work they start this green room lie. Did they really think attacking her would want her to change sides and vote to evict Lydia??? Michelle isn’t even on the block and they treat her like crap. I am glad kevin and jordan and Jeff realize she is for real. RUSSEL makes me so mad too! She told him he was a phD in confidence and he goes and tells the whole house. AHHH!!!


Can you imagine how much better it must smell in the house now that nat has finally taken a shower??? Do you suppose production had to tell her to do that………….


you know they did , everybody was complaining the house was startin to smell like FISH and the squid is gone


So my guess is a woman will win HOH. No offense, buy y’all pay a lot more attention to the little things than us men do so y’all will remember everything the voices say tonight. Let’s just hope Jordan get’s a chance to prove herself. Chimale, Liedia, and Natahe will hopefully faulter. The voices don’t say HG’s names so I’d imagine they won’t pay all the attention they should. (Did I just contradict myself?) Michelala will probably do well too, and maybe that’s a good thing as it’ll let Jeff’s victory of America’s Vote be absolutely not wasted.

So long Ronly-loves-himself, you played a very bad game. Here’s to your last night as a Big Brother contestant and the rest of your life in obscurity. No matter how hard you’ll try to remind the world. Go back to making tacky Youtube videos. (And you had the nerve to judge Casey’s private life outside the classroom.) Dude, your going to be forgotten quicker than a pimple.
Jesshe, you thought this week sucked, just wait until your back in that eviction chair next week. At least you’ll make it to week 5 this year. At this pace, by BB18 you should be in the final 2.


GODDAMN LMFAO i know why they like ronnie, they like nerds who seem like their NORMAL when on a GAME SHOW and not like the typical stereotype they see on tv……..but ronnie is NOT UNIQUE theres many nerds who pretend to be normal just like him


Jess really thinks he can get to Jeff by promising him everything to get his vote for Ronnie. It is so refreshing to see that Jeff doen’t buy one thing Jessie has to say. Isn’t this the first time Jessie actually sat down and talked to him? Jessie is getting desperate.

Evel Russ

So I figured something out that’s been bugging me for a while. While Natalie was eating tonight on BBAD it hit me… She looks like one of the goblins from the Lord of the Rings movies. Probably smells similar too.

Randy Wolfgang

Jessie’s attempt to get Jeff to change his vote to evict Ronnie was absolutely pathetic – he got nowhere!!!


What did Chima go out and confront Russel and Lydia about? Please let me know what I missed…..


I think that BB is a fake. All the houseguests are amateur actors. And BB are writing the scripts for the stories.


If Ronnie stays thats it for Big Brother as far as I am concerned . I will never watch it again . Jesse is a asshole too ! He should go next !


Ronnie goes home tonight, and Jeff, Jordan, or Michelle for HOH!!


Did anyone catch it on Tuesday night’s afterdark when Ronnie was telling Russell about a party his ex showed up at? He said she came in wearing fish nets stockings and dressed like a skank and everyone that was at the party said the same thing about her. He then mentioned, and Michelle was there and said the same thing. Do you think that he and Michelle are married and playing the house?


Yeah..saw it. But no, his wife is named michelle too.


Did anyone notice the trailer on ShoAD last night. It said the “Winner of the mystery power will be announced at tonights live eviction show” I thought they could use it next week too and because of that reason would remain a secret. Unless……….Ronnie has it for tonights show Or BB is going to get rid of Lydia conveniently tonight because of the “cut” comment. Did anyone else see it?????


I suspect it will be announced to the viewers, not to the houseguests.


the winner either has found out or will find out today & has to stay quiet unless he (jeff – please) decides to use it over the next 2 weeks.

obviously, we wouldn’t find out before tonight.

go jeff go!!!


Gnat has to go! A 24 year old pretending to be 18 and acting like she’s 11 is just too much. Even for Big Brother.


so true!! what’s up with that.. she’s just so nasty, she should be leaving soon


I think BB is encourging their actions. I believe BB has taken the show to a really immature level. Jeff seems to be the only adult on the show. I think Bb may lose alot of fans over this. I kept shoad just for BB. Got hooked on Dexter and Weeds so will keep it but no more 3ams for me this year if Ronnie wins power. Nat Ronnie and Jess are just too silly to watch. If BB can control things they should have tried to keep Laura and Casey. Casey was so entertaining. The show has become so stupid. I can’t even remember who said what anymore. Go Jeff, Jordon, Michelle, and Kevin. Sorry Russ you are to unstable.


I agree Nat is so nasty. Whatever age she should know she should take a bath. I don’t see how anyone in there can stand to smell her.


I have thought and said that Gnat looks like she stinks from the first episode. Anyway, I think all American reality shows are scripted…look at Hells Kitchen..that is the MOST scripted reality show ever. If you want to see non-scripted reality–try BBC.

Evel Russ

The Hills takes Hell’s Kitchen hands down in the most scripted reality show department. This BB season has been feeling like a season of the hills though.


Nat is a nasty dirty pig dripping in menstrual blood…LOL!!!


Hellsbells – I think that it means that it will be announced to the tv viewers and to the person who wins, not to the whole house.


What you’re saying may be right……but consider this. The ratings would be better next week if the power is not used this week (which it shouldn’t be if Ronnie OR Lydia go home – unless one of the NKBs have it). Keeping the viewers in suspense keeps them watching and they get better ratings. Or maybe I have caught the BB disease of over analyzing. It just doesn’t make sense to me to reveal it to the viewers if it isn’t used this week.


ok-ronnie doesnt think the power has been given out yet yeah because he doesnt have it and just knows he will be the lucky winner? get over yourself. i dont think it has been handed out yet either but he is unbelievable(and boring as sh**) showtime AD had the camera on just him for like 15 minutes in the hottub with jordan —why? probably cuz they told to go and try to get jordans vote. ha BB thinks they can get to jordan but she is not as dumb as they are for this setup. and can you believe ‘his super fans’ ? whats up with that? barf barf barf ronnie had better go and NOT get the ‘power’! worse than that he will spin ALL of our negative comments about him to we are just jealous or really like him cuz we talk about him. brooooooother!

deborah grimes

if ronnie get the power i and many more will never watch big brother again because we will know it is fixed , to many voted for jeff to win he should have it


ok….Ronnie…once you’re evicted….and you’re at home looking at this message I hope you realize:

You are the BIGGEST loser in America…you ‘claim’ to be “chest bumped” by a gay guy…
THEN start crying about it!!! please….give yourself a break…NO ONE is buying it…I could care less if you cried for the rest of your life.

You’ve been scheming until the very last seconds before the live eviction show. You are by far the most annoying, girly, dorky, and ugly houseguest ever. Most of America will CRY TEARS OF JOY when you are evicted..hopefully tonight.

I hope you read this message once you’re evicted and I hope you realize how insignificant you are to America…You have a wife? PLEASE…yeah right….she’s probably uglier than you (if that’s possible). If I was your wife, I would get a divorce ASAP after seeing you act like a complete BABY and SISSY on Big Brother. You make me, along with many others SICK. You are dispicable and have no life. Go back to your video games and your jacking off.

America is so tired of seeing your pudgy, big, round, ugly face on our tv screens. Do us a favor and go into hiding so no one will ever after to look at your pathetic self again. You are a liar who lost at his own game. I hope your happy for making a complete fool out of yourself during your time in the Big Brother house.

*chest bumps you*

P.S. You might want to get a bucket for your tears after you’ve finished reading this.


Amen to that!!


My dream for BB right now would be for Ronnie the rat to leave TONIGHT, while Julie announces to the audience, that Jeff has won Coup d’etat, and for one of the fab four (Jeff & Jordan, Kevin & Michelle) to win HOH and hopefull put up nasty Nat, and roid baby jessie up, with jessie going home..a week later than he did last year


best case scenario!!!


I hate Natalie b/c she acts out worse than a 5 year old. Jessie is so full of himself, I really hope he’s taken down a few pegs. Ronnie just lies about everything…I seriously believe he’s just a tool who still lives in his parents’ basement; I doubt he’s married…and if he is, I hope his wife divorces his ass as soon as he leaves the BB house.


If Ronnie gets the power this show is totally fixed, and he’s going to put up Jeff (HOW WOULD HE KNOW HE HAS THE POWER TO DO THAT if they havent said anything to him?!) I’ve heard rumors of people going as low as using bots to give Ronnie votes. But, if you’ve read the conversation he had with Jesse and Natalie then he was straight up saying he thought he had the power, talking about how they were leading him to believe he had it in the Diary Room, and if he does in fact have it i’ll never watch this show again, i’ve been a big fan but this is getting rediculous. If you look at all the polls Jeff has MORE THAN HALF of all the votes.

Mary Ann

Lauren, if Ronnie had won this power and told everyone, the power whoud be taken away because it is suppose to kept a secret until it is used. I have no doubt that Jeff has got it and he should use it next week because Ronnie is going home this week and he should keep it and use it on Jessie or Natallie next week.


unbelievable. just watched tapes. natalie sittin there stuffin her face saying this kitchen is nasty. i have NOT ONCE seen natalie CLEAN ANYTHING! oh yeh, she’s the queen bee! please……!!!


I don’t think they could write that crap..let alone the peeps remember it all. I don’t think I would trust Mushelle, I do like Kevin ( he is so sweet ) but that misguided loyalty he has for Lydia is just sad. I need a big poster of Jeff….he is just such a Tom Selleck and very modest about his looks. …it’s getting warm in here all of a sudden. 😉


As nasty as Nat is, I’d still like to see Jesse go home first – what WOULD his little pit bull do? Follow Chima, I guess – I think everyone else is sick of her! IF Nat were to go first, Jesse might be able (somehow!) to get Russ back to his side. I’m still concerned about Russ’ loyalty after his quick turn-around toward Michelle.

I am Ronnie

You can not take Jessie First, That Nat-a-Stink first so Jessie and I can be together! I love jessie


I agree to a point. For sure they BOTH need to go! Jesse would fall COMPLETLEY Apart without GNAT and Lydia. They wait on him hand and foot. They cook his meals, wash his clothes, make his protein shakes!!! Its makes me want to throw. In my OPINION Gnat could potentially become a real player to be reckoned with if Jesse’s butt walked through that door! Jesse is draggin her down with him. As far as Lydia goes she is a mess. JUST wanting attention from Jesse! I watched that IDIOT on the live feeds put those bruises on her butt!!! She giggled and laughed and said “Stop Jesse hehehe”Now she has the bruises she wanted, so she can use them NOW FOR ATTENTION!!! Jesse’s azz should be put out the door!!!! He has NO RIGHT to make a fist, stick out his middle finger( knuckle)

sad my name is Ronnie too...but I'm a cool chick

I wanna know…Did anyone else see Gnat pick her twat tonight or last night?!? I can’t remember (she was coming out of the house to the backyard)
WTF!?! WHAT women does that? I have never even thought of picking/adjusting whatever it was – isn’t that what dude’s do to adjust!?! WTF she is all kinds of nasty/gross!
BB twist Gnats a tranny/jessies secret outside biach!