Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jeff doing Dishes: “Whoever is the wizard should be doing this”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:00pm JEssie, Natalie and Russell. Jessie tells Russ if he sticks with them he’ll be alright. They?re not 100% sure about what?s going on with Chima but Natalie will talk to her. They warn Russell to be careful around CHima and watch who he talks to. Jessie says him and Natalie might be guilty by association and then one of us might go up there against you. Jessie tells them he’s very worried about the wizard power. They think it?s either Kevin, JEff or Jordan. Jessie knows it?s the Coup d??tat and he thinks Kevin has it.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:05pm Kitchen everyone is talking about the HOH competition, Wizard powers and preparing their food. Jeff says he thinks Jessie has the power… Jessie laughs “America hates my Ass” Kevin is really excited that they are all in the jury house, Jeffs wonders why they haven’t mentioned the Jury house during the live show… Jeff talking to Jessie at the sink saying he’s never had any power in this damn house he couldn?t get any questions right… He shouts out who ever is the wizard should be doing dishes not him. They start talking about what the power is some think its the power to bring someone back… Kevin and NAtalie are telling Jeff that the power doesn’t need to be used, he thought says he thought it did. Kevin goes on to explain season 7 and Booger not using it when he had the chance. Natalie says if she had the power she wouldn?t bring ROnnie back, She says she voted for him but she doesn’t want any more competition in the house. Chima what?s to decide the nominees by ennie meenie miney moe… Jessie thinks she should put all their names in a hat. Chima tells them she wants KEvin to be the host for POV unless he’s competing in it. Natalie says what if he’s on the block, chima say that won’t happen. Natalie says if she’s not on the block she will not use the Wizard power and if she gets the POV she won’t use it either. Natalie now brings up the makeover comment and says if her boyfriend heard that he would pop KEvin in the mouth for that. Kevin tells her she should ear lip gloss more often.. Jordan and Jeff head to the red room…

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82 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jeff doing Dishes: “Whoever is the wizard should be doing this”

  1. Jeff should tell Kevin that Jesse thinks Kevin has the Coup D’Etat and to use it to his advantage. Something along the lines of, “I don’t know if you have it or not, but maybe it’s in your best interest to allude to it. Just saying…”

  2. No Jessie would leave against Nat.

    Michelle, Kevin, Jeff , Jordan would vote him out!

    Lydiot and Russ might vote him out cuz they will be on th block and Jeff would take them down.

    POV is the only problem.

    1. Julie asked if that person wanted to use it tonight…Pov was already over….so next week…same time…will be asked again ;)

  3. Now I do have an interesting question. If Jeff is on the block He can take him self off correct? I never heard them say unless the coup…. was on the block they can not use it. I would assume he can, am i right?

    1. On the block or not Jeff gets to replace Chima’s nominations right before the vote. He can replace one or both with anyone but the HOH or POV winner.

  4. One of “them” winning is ideal. Now Jeff has all week to sit back, select a taget, and figure out how the votes will go. Jeff ending up on the block would be the best case scenario.

  5. I think it is ideal too. Jeff can really see who he wants on his team before whipping out the power! Does he have to wait until the night of evictions to announce his decision?

  6. ewwww – so jeff uses his wizard power, and gnat goes home – that means somebody has to pack for the skank – ick!!

  7. No jeff can replace who chima puts up, but chima would still be the tie breaking vote since she is hoh…Only power jeff has is to replace those who are put on the block. So if it was a 3-3 vote chima would be the one to vote jessie or nat out…If i am wrong someone please let me know?

  8. Its actually better that Jeff did NOT win HOH. Now he can still win HOH next week. Chima will not be able to play. The odds are better for jeff/jordan/kevin/michelle.

  9. This could not have worked out better!!! First off, I am ELATED to see that nerd/rat bastard leave the house.. I honestly don’t think I could have looked at him one more day. And it’s perfect that dumbass/diva wanna be, chima won HOH. That way even if Johnny Bravo (Jesse) or Natalie win the veto, at least one of them will go up. And there sad ass “power” group won’t have the numbers to save whoever it is. I guess best case would be Jesse going 1st but I can’t stand him or his pathetic as long as one of them go! The best is going to be watching Natalie walking around all week on her high horse again (as if she’s the HOH) only to have the rug pulled out from under them minutes before the voting to evict starts. HOW priceless is that going to be?!?!?!!!

  10. Interesting point Brooke, did Chima just lose a vote by winning or does she get one when Jeff replaces her nominations.

    1. The only thing that makes me nervous is if Jordan gets put up. Jeff would be inclined to try to calm her down. I hope he doesn’t slip about having the power.

  11. I seen Gnat is upset and said her boyfriend will be very mad at Kevin saying she needs a make over, let’s be honest…she does. She may think Lydia does but Lydia baths, puts on make up, changes her clothes, etc. To go around for a week with out bathing (on top of that during your cycle) is pretty gross. I heard all week her bragging about how good she was going to look during eviction night, she was going to wear a dress and everything, what happened. Perhaps she thought better about wearing a dress because she didn’t know what the competition was going to be. She walks around all week dressed like a boy and does nothing with her hair. She should thank Kevin. Maybe she will receive an extreme make over. The sad thing is you can look as good as you want on the outside but if don’t have inner beauty it won’t be long until people realize it and I am afraid America is on to her. She and her abusive body building side kick need to leave.

    1. Totally agree with you a 110%. She actually makes ronnie look pretty and he is pretty barf looking. and gay guys knows how to dress and look good, so she should at least get a make over and shower like everyday. Well for those that just watch it on tv may not see the ugly witch inside of her. As she isn’t portray like how we see it on the feed or reading it on this spoiler page.

  12. To be fair, Russell has been trying to get in good with Chima for the last three days. It has nothing to do with HoH. Still, he said “Whoever votes for Ronnie votes against me.” He’s too clueless to put 2 and 2 together and realize his “teammates” have been trying to backstab him. Jeff needs to pick up Russ for the extra vote and lay some knowledge on that bald head so they can finish off the FoE quick, even if Russell never redeems his screw-ups. Thankfully, Chima being HoH means Jeff can backdoor two people at once since Natalie and Jessie won’t get picked for POV.

  13. beyond thrilled that the psycho dorkapotomus was sent packing and that jeff has the coup d’etat. question is … when (how soon) can jeff use the power to overthrow chima and finally put jessie and gnatalie on the block? and … by doing so, would that cause chima to also lose her power to vote?

    1. Jeff can’t use the power until Thurs. HOH & POV winners are safe. Chima will only get a vote if there is a tie. If Jeff puts up two from Jesses side he will have the numbers again this week! This could only get better if Nat and Jesse don’t win POV!

      1. So in other words jeff is running the house for a couple of week….how much longer do he have all the power…. I don’t like the one person rule the house for weeeks SAD!!!!???? Everyone should go home and end this 3 months early

  14. It may be worth it for me to get the live feeds this week just to watch team Jesse try to lie, scheme and backstab their way out of this – and it will be all for nothing.

  15. what a dumb a$$ he just mad at michelle because she beat him to the ultimate floater spot they can only be one ronnie.Ronnie you are not a jedi your more like an ewok. GO Jeff & Jordan

  16. I’m so happy to know that jordan and jeff are safe hopefully nat or jessie doesn’t win pov and jeff can put them both up I hope nat gets voted out she has done absoulty nothing in this game she’s the one sailing by

      1. And gnatalie….y do jeff have the power for weeks should be a one time use… Y can’t the player play the game and determine who have the vote… Look like the players r getn kicked off by America

  17. So glad that he is gone. maybe now it will be much more funner to watch the show. Also retard Ronnie’s speech about Michelle was SO damn stupid, it makes me want to go in there and just kick his ass. Well you fat rat you know what they say, when you point a finger there is always three finger pointing right back at you. Unfortunately I can’t wait to see his interview with Ross tomorrow, here’s hoping that both Casey and Laura called in tomorrow and tell him off or something that would be good to watch. Now all thats left is to get the self center d-bag on roids out of the house. Hope Jeff use his Wizard power, but how will he get the other people to vote to evict Jessie though, correct me if i’m wrong but he cant tell anybody that he have it right or else he wont have it. Right?

  18. How much to bet CBS just said that Jeff had the power cause heaven forbid they risk breaking up the stupid showmance.

    1. You obviously don’t read any of the board or forums because like 90% of the people out there say Jeff is their favorite.

  19. Question, if Chima is HoH, and Jeff replaces her picks, does Chima get a vote? Does Jeff not vote since he basically took the HoH power of choosing who’s on the block?

  20. Jeff is going to be able to turn the nominations totally around. It worked out perfect because if someone from his side won the power could go to waste.

  21. This really worked out well, because when Jeff uses it & Chima loses her right to vote for the nominees that JEFF puts up (Nat/Jess), it won’t even matter which one goes home first, but I’d think that the rest of the house guests would be smart enough to realize Jessie’s the only competition threat & vote his bodybuilding butt outta there! Whooo….long-winded sentence, but I am still on such a HIGH that the rat was finally trapped!

      1. U love the fact that the ones that’s not winning can make there own rules… And the ppl that’s winning HOH can get evicted…but I know jeff won’t use it unless Jordan isup

  22. The Coup d’etat power could turn out to be a bigger problem for Jeff than a help. Jess and Gnat would definitely have to go up, since Chima will have immunity. One more of the scheming clique gone will help level the field, but the remaining schemers will likely turn to Jeff, unless Russell or Michelle keeps the target on their back. I dont know…it’s getting interesting.

    1. I agree. If Chima or Nat or Jessie were really thinking the game thru They would realize that Chima would have to put up Natalie or Jessie on the block and hope the one not on the block wins POV and takes of the other. That is the only way they both will be safe, and if Jeff chooses to use the Power he would have to put up one of his own. Its a Long shot, for 1) Chima, Nat and Jessie would have to be that smart, 2) the Pov senerio would have to work exacltly as said above… But it could happen, thus making the power useless this week. Its a shame that Jeff had to be given the power because he was too lazy, scared, and obviously too busy trying to nail Jordon to change the house on his own. He should of “Man Up” and turned the house upside down, even if he ran the risk of being evicted. He has alot of mouth but no action. I have no respect for the cowardly way he is playing the game up to this point.

      1. Jeff can choose to replace 2, 1 or none of the nominees. Being on the block already does not save you from the power being used on you. Only the HOH and POV winner are exempt.

        1. So the power of veto is useless except to the person who wins it?????….. WOW…..the producers are really taking this game into thier own hands…. Thats sux… If they want Jeff to win, just end the show now and give him the money, I mean where is the suspense and excitement in a game that has already been determined. NOW the game is predictable and BORING!!!!

  23. I cannot believe Nat the Gnat has a boyfriend…she is a dirty dirty dirty girl…Kevin is so right, she needs a MAKEOVER…

  24. I am wondering if the POV would save anyone? I don’t think the “power” will be used until just before everyone goes to vote????

    1. The coup d’etat (Jeff) can nominate whoever he wants right before next Thursday’s eviction ceremony. The ONLY people safe is the POV winner (hopefully not nat or jess) and the HOH.

  25. LOL, love the wizard hat! Thanks to simon, dawg, anyone behind the scenes we don’t know about, and to those who help donate. Very much appreciated!

    1. lol we’ll do Jeff up in wizard gear all week.. this is a two person job dawg and I thanks for all the donations our server bills are INSANE this year because of the high res images.

  26. We can only imagine how many tissues he will use since he cries all the time. Hopefully his wife buys stock in Kleenex. What a loser. I have never seen such a poor sport, more hated, dumb, non talented, need I go on player on Big Brother. Where did they find him. His family must have paid CBS to put him on since he can quote every episode. The speech that he made to Michelle stating she was worse person he ever met (something along those lines) that’s just one person. But most of the people who watched this show would say that about him. God Bless you Ronnie, I pray you get the help you desperately need.

  27. I love the pic of Jeff with the wizard hat! Did anyone else want to sing “ding dong the dork is gone” when Ronnie was voted out???

    1. i think jeff really needs some sex. i dont know if they’re doing it for the cameras, but i don’t think jeff would be with jordan in real life. she’s not smart enough. but in the house, they’re ok for each other. so i thinks it’s kinda 50/50.

  28. SO HAPPY the Rat is gone, and so HAPPY Jeff won the power. What I’m wondering is maybe by Jeff winning does that make him HOH when it’s revealed? Maybe he could put anyone up even the veto winner. Anybody know?

  29. what is it with jesse like girl that just a much testosterone as him first manshelle last year and now nate I think jesse is in the closet about something he has no interest in the pretty girls like they would have any interest in him right! the guy has no personality and probably no d!ck !

  30. Thank you, God! Ronnie and his horrible mouth are out of that house! He made my stomach turn. And Natalie? Her face will be priceless when Jeff stands up and says, Move your feet you gotta new seat…hope there buddy, Jesse…Nat, you too. Who will she look to save her skank butt?

  31. the way I understand it is that Jeff can change the people on the block just before they go in to vote…so no scheming, just have to vote on the spot. The HOH and POV only can save themselves. The only question is whether the HOH gets a vote. I think that the HOH WILL get a vote, because the Coup d’etat can “overthrow” the HOH…implying that they basically strip the HOH of their HOH power, but not their immunity, which would give the overthrown HOH a vote like everyone else that is not on the block.

    1. The HOH will not get to vote if Jeff decides to exchange either one or both of the nominees. There is no doubt in my mind that he would use it to put up Natalie and Jessie no matter how much Natalie and Jessie try to kiss his as by saying that have no ill will against him and never did anything bad to him.

  32. So long Ronnie. I am so glad he is gone. I can’t believe he tried to make Michelle feel like crap when he is the one who’s been manipulating and lying all season. He deserved to leave. I am glad JEFF won the wizard power. It couldn’t have come at a better time now that Chima is HOH.

  33. Let me clarify the new power. Chima is HOH, Jeff is CDT. Chima will nominate 2 people. Then POV happens. When Thursday eviction time comes, right before voting, Jeff has the chance to use the CDT. If Jeff uses the CDT, then he can replace one or both of the people on the block. But, Jeff can not nominate Chima, and he cannot nominate the Veto winner. Then the live vote will happen within minutes, giving people no time to scheme. Chima will not be allowed to vote if Jeff changes the nominations. Jeff will also not be able to vote. So there are 9 people , Jeff and Chima wont be able to vote if Jeff uses the power, nor will the two nominees, this leaves 5 people to vote, which means there will be no tie, (if there is a tie Jeff will break the tie, Chima will not) Chima loses all power as HOH if Jeff uses the CDT. This is absolutely the way this will work, as according to the cbs site, and what Julie has said on last Thursday show. Chima will not be evicted this week, nor will the Veto winner, nor will Jeff. Everyone else is in trouble.

  34. Wasn’t that nice of Ronnie to Help Chima study for the HOH. It’s is too bad that the bat rastard couldn’t figure out that the worst thing that could happen would be for his allicance to win the HOH, if they didn’t have the coup d’ etat. If Jeff puts up Jessie & Natalie, the vote could go Russell, Lydia, and Kevin voting to evict Natalie and Jeff, Jordan, and Michelle voting to evict Jessie. Chima would then have to cast a vote to evict one of her alliance, and she would also be ineligible to participate in the next HOH. Mastermind?…I think not. Having two hands on the joy stick makes you a Masturbator.

    1. So someone explained the coup d’etat rules in the next post. Chima and Jeff don’t get to vote, so if Jeff uses the CDT to put up Jessie and Natalie, only Jordan, Michelle, Russell, Lydia and Kevin get to vote. I think Kevin is getting that aligning with Jeff is his best bet, which is why he wanted to at the beginning of next week. He’ll vote out whoever Jeff wants out, which is Jessie. Jordan and Michelle should as well and I think when Russell sees Jeff has the CDT he’ll do whatever he wants as well, so hopefully we’ll be seeing Jessie leave next week. I can’t wait.

  35. THANK GOD! i voted for Jeff like a ton of times. As long as Jessie or Natalie goes home this week, i’m good. I’d rather Jesse go home, because i hate watching him, but Natalie is just as bad and doesnt even bathe herself. Plus cant win anything. So you might as well go for Jesse first.

    Its just too bad he couldnt have gone out week 4 again this year. that means he’ll be in the jury house and we’ll have to keep seeing him. ugh.

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