Big Brother 11 – The Rat thinks he’s editted as Crazy James “I’m the houseguests they all want out but can’t get rid of”

7:50pm Storage room. Natalie and Chima. Natalie warns Chima to stop saying things to russ about Michelle.. Chima is surprised why should I did I say something wrong because I don’t think I did. Natalie explains that she mad Russell pissed because you said something about Michelle being his best friend. Natalie tells her that Russ is s piece of shit he’s the biggest back stabbing asshole of them all and he’s walking around this house like he’s “tha shits” (her words not mine). Chima jsut says she need to figure out where Russell is at….

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:45pm pool room Ronnie and Chima

Chima tells Ronnie that she “apparently” said something about Russell and it has set him off. Ronnie asks her what it is and she rehashes the whole situation. ROnnie starts telling her that Jordan is very much playing the game and she has complete control over Jeff. He brigns up the have nots and how she put Jeff’s name back in the hat. Chima isn’t sure that Jordan did what Jordan does and didn’t think… Chima mentions how JEssie’s been acting lately, he’s super paranoid that Russell is going to backdoor him. She goes on to explain that is why JEssie been laying low. Ronnie agrees he thinks that Michelle might use the POV and take Lydia off, This would enable Russell to put up Jessie to ensure I go home.

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Ronnie brings up when he went to HOH and talked to Russell. When Ronnie was up their Russell said he wasn?t going up. Chima says its weird that Russell wants you gone and he’s very adamant about it, “kinda strange”. Ronnie explains that Russell’s plan is simple he wants to split me and JEssie up. Ronnie believes that Russell is scared of Ronnie?s abilities. ROnnie tell her that unless the power has already been given out he is certain to ahve gotten it. He thinks that Russell is being edited as a jackass because he is. Ronnie looks at the camera and says if AMERCIA gives him the power we will ltake down Lydia and himself and put up Jeff and KEvin and send Jeff home than Kevin next week followed by Lydia.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Ronnie says that he knew that Ronnie was listening the entire time because Casey told him right away. He told Russell that and Russell got nervous… “they call me the rat RUss is the lying rat”.

Ronnie says he came into this house to play a game and for the most part he’s happy with the game he played he thinks out of everyone in the house he did the most and therefore is the biggest target. He blames that on why he’s going home. Ronnie says Michelle will not vote for ROnnie to stay. He calls her crazy ass lunatic and she going to bew sorry that she didn’t use the power of veto… Ronnie adds that Michelle has book intelligence but no real “smarts” she wants me out now because she knows in week 4 she’ll be gone because of me. Chima is pessimistic about the future of their alliance. Ronnie: “unless I get the power” chima says she doesn’t think Jeff got it, it must be Jordan. Ronnie brings up JOrdan being so quiet lately. Chima starts bithcing about Russell says he puts words in people?s mouths. she honestly thought that Russell was her friend but now she’s not sure. She mentions that Russell will most likely come after her after Ronnie and Jessie are gone. Ronnie we be more worried that JEff will win HOH and he’ll put you up for sure probably with Jessie. Chima thinks it might be Natalie and Jessie… Ronnie says it’ll be 2/3 of you. They are both mad because they thought they had a strong alliance and were going to the final 4. Ronnie blames it on Michelle and Russell because he believes they switched side.

Ronnie tells her that she needs to go get Russell out after Ronnie leaves. When Russell walks out the door you tell him he’s leaving because of the lies he spread about Ronnie…. Chima says lets pray you get the wizards power because there isn’t much we can do. Ronnie goes back to saying to CHima the only lie he told her was the initial vote against Braden in week one.

Ronnie says he wants to stay around for the hoh competition… he wonders if production will let him (ummm NO!) Chima brigns up the wizard powers… she says its hard to know how they are being edited and hard to figure out which way America will vote. Ronnie says he knows exactly how he’s being edited. As the “everyone wants me out edit” Ronnie says he’s being portrayed exactly like crazy porno James from Big Brother 9.

Ronnie says he is a spiritual person. He says he and his wife have tried to go to several different churches but found them to be full of hypocrites. So they may not go to church every week but he is spiritual. He says that everyone keeps doing these things to him and he has never down these things to any of them. Chima bashing Russell calling him a classless hypocrite. Ronnie calls Russel the Rat.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Ron says that Jeff attacked him about his religion the other day. Jeff was saying that I?m only reading the bible to make people feel sorry for me. chima tells him not to let them get to him. Chima tells Ronnie that scrappy just told her in the store room to stop talking to Russell because Russ is sick and tired of her. Ronnie says they need to get rid of Russell. Ronnie bring sup that he’s never once said something bad about Chima, Natalie and JEssie no matter what Russel says it’s not true. Ronnie thinks that Kevin is a dangerous player he wants to go to KEvin and say congratulations you are being the steriotypical clucker and spreading lies. Ronnie remember something and is ecstatic to tell chima, Apparently Russel approached Ronnie day 3 and offered a final 3 deal with him. Chima says Russell is the biggest liar she wants to go out their and cause a scene.

Chima brings up speeches and how everyone wants to come up with a great speech just because she did at first…. They go back and forth telling each other of “smart” they are….. Eventually talk goes back to the special power and Ronnie speculates that it will be given in the wee hours of tonight or tomorrow.

Natlie joins them and they start talking about what Russell is saying about Ronnie. Ronnie start yelling saying that Russell is a liar. They mentions about brining Russell in there and getting the truth out. eventually they calm down.. Basically it’s being found out that some of the things Russell said he heard when Ronnie was talking toe Lydia and Kevin weren?t real. Chima is pissed saying that Russell is lieing his head off right now as we need to call him on it. Jessie joins them and tells Ronnie straight up that they are fucked right now. Unless one of us get the power you are going home. chima starts barking about Russell lies… Jessie tells her to calm down, Natalie also says they need to diffuse the situation…

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:45pm Backyard everyone but Chima and Ronnie, Jeff and Russel are playing pool. General Chit chat.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:18pm Bathroom kevin and Lydia. KEvin tells her that to stop talking to Jessie. KEvin says he knows something about her and the only thing he can say is for her to stop all contact with jessie. He says it’s better for Lydia that he doesn’t divulge what he knows.Kevin tells her but makes her promise not to say anything to JEssie. she says she won’t he looks at her and says she has in the past.. she doesn’t reply. He now says he’ll tell her after POV. Natalie joins them and KEvin asks her if Chima is really mad or just playing it. Natalie says she is. Natalie starts talking about the Ronnie/Russel issues and how Russell is lying. KEvin interrupts and says taht they can;t actually believe Ronnie! he has seriously said not one word of truth since he’s been in here. Natalie says she doesn?t know than she leaves.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:30pm have nots room Jessie and Lydia. He tells her that he has her back. Jessie says Michelle won the power.. Lydia says whatever.

Lydia asks him why he doesn?t think he’ll win. Jessie says America hates him. He says that as much as everyone thinks that Jeff and Jordan are my targets because they are now. He is sick of Kevin going around planting stories in everyone heads. He tells her that he is voting go keep Lydia. he adds she was very much mistaken to think he would vote to evict her. Lydia doesn?t believe him. He says he doesn’t want to argue with her he’s telling her the truth. He asks her what she came in here for? when she doesn?t answer fast enough he accuses her of trying to make something up now because she doesn’t want to tell him what she originally wanted…. Jessie is sick of everyone in the house wanting to talk to him but he doesn?t want to talk game. Jessie starts acting mad saying he wants to smash all these cameras…. they continue to talk and of course Lydia uses the baby voice.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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LOL!!! Ronnie tells America that if he gets the power he is going to put up Jeff.. AMERICA LOVES JEFF YOU IDIOT!


someone plz tell me about the pov. Earlier I read that The Original Jim wrote that if you win pov and use it on someone else, that you are still safe. So everyone always refers to what Marcellas did with the veto… I looked it up on youtube and he didn’t use it on someone else or himself and went home. According to what I read, that means Marcellas would have been safe just for winning the pov, used or not. I thought if you won pov, used it to save someone else, then the winner of pov is left vulnerable without it, and can go on the block. It doesn’t make sense that the pov would save two people (winner and who they use it on)…


he was on the block and won the veto but chose not to use it on himself believing he would safe but in turn he was voted out…one of the dumbest bb moves ever


If you win POV and you’re on the block, you can take yourself off to be safe. If you don’t take yourself off, you can still be evicted. If you win POV and take someone else off, you cannot go up as a replacement because if you won POV and you were on the block you would have took yourself off. Marcellas won POV when he was on the block and decided not to use it but he was still eligible to be booted because 2 people have to be eligible to go home.


The only way a POV winner can be evicted is if they are on the block and they do not use it. That’s why everyone talks about Marcellas. Otherwise POV winner is safe even if they use it.

The Original Jim

The difference is that you are talking about someone who is already on the block. If you are on the block, you can be voted out unless you are taken off. If you are taken off you cannot be put back on and if you are the POV and save someone else you cannot be put back on. So it does save two people IF IT IS USED, the POV and the person taken off. If you are on the block, win the POV, and then take yourself off, you are both the POV winner and the person taken off. If it is not used then it doesn’t actually save anyone. Make sense?


Basically I think you’re asking if you can save two people on the block if you’re one of them. Look at POV this way … you can use it to remove ONE person from the block. So … example, if Jeff and Jordan were on the block and Jeff won POV he can use it to save himself OR Jordan, he CANNOT use it to save Jordan and then be save himself. The only way it saves the person holding it is if they are not already on the block.


chima please get rid of the weave. at least dont be picking at it on camera. you aint all that

Evel Russ

I love watching those idiots scrambling. It really shows their true colors. They get down and all they can think to do it talk shit about the others.
I’m watching after dark right now and it’s funny watching Natalie suck up to Lydia right now. Saying how she’s voting to keep Lydia and it’s Ronnie’s time to go. You can tell Lydia is just not buying it at all. Even patronizing her some. She’s like, oh, thank you Natalie, will you marry me?
They’ve been hiding and scheming and talking shit, and now they are realizing there is no saving Ronnie and they are all the sudden they are forced to start sucking up and everyone is on to their shit. I can’t wait until Jessie and Natalie are on the block together, that’s going to be the best.


ha again the gay jessie the barking dog the trat and the monkey talking about america giving them the wizard power
ha what a brainmless
hey brainless alince america hates you ha
go jeff russell and jordan 🙂


why are they so mad at Russell and the the whole thing before when they [[mostly chima]] got mad when he told them that lydia said they wanted him out…they did! I think Chima believes her lies and it scares me lol. of course they feel screwed thats a given, but hes gonna try to get them of course before they can get him! I hope the Jeff, Jordan, Russell, & Michelle alliance sticks. If Big Brother says Ronnie won the power..I will turn it off right then and there!

Randy Wolfgang

Watching BB last night, I was a little concerned about Russell – he is overthinking (as Jeff told him) and getting paranoid. However once he found out about that creep Chima he seemed to calm down. I don’t want him doing anything stupid beore the Thursday Ronnie eviction,


we can not let nbk get the coup d’etat…or else im done becuase i dont want jordan or jeff to go…VOTE JORDAN OR JEFF!!!!!PLEASE


ronnie farted in the shower after his conversation with shimwow girl


My dream is this…Jeff wins special power. Jessie wins HOH and puts up Jeff and Jordan. Then, Jeff right before the eviction vote stands up…clears his throat like he is going to give his speech to stay…but instead looks at Jessie and Natalie and says you are the new nominations..


I like this but I don’t think the power can be used to nominate the current HoH or PoV holder (correct me if I’m wrong folks). Would still work just fine if Chima wins HoH though. OR jeff can just win HoH outright, nom or backdoor Jessie, then at eviction say (to Jessie) “guess what? I’M THE F**KEN WIZARD but I didn’t need it to evict your sorry ass; are you still gonna bitch and moan that this isn’t fair???”


Such a good dream, however I don’t think you can put up HOH or Veto winner with the power. I would love to see let’s say Ronnie win HOH (Ick) and put up Jeff and Jordan and then come ceremony time have Jeff stand up and say “Alright, Jessie and Natalie, you’re up” … oh to be a dreamer!

It’s been so upsetting in years past when the person who has it was never in a situation where they would use it anyway! As much as I would love to see Jeff or Jordan as HOH I really hope they don’t get it this coming week so that IF they have the power they can use it to really make a change in the house!!!


Joel, your idea won’t work. If Jessie is HOH then he can’t be put on the block by Jeff (uisng the special power). Jeff could take himslef and Jordan off the put up Nat & someone else. If Nat happened to win POV that week, she couldn’t be put up either.


I don’t think HOH can be put as nominations or the veto winner. Im hoping Chima wins HOH and puts them up , Jess and Nat dont win the veto and then they switch it last minute…[[ONLY IF HE WAS ABLE TO TELL!]] —> Michelle wins and nominates them making it look like shes on the other side and Jessie and Nat think their safe and he switches last minute..either way them being put up would be the best!!

Randy Wolfgang

Nice dream, but if Jessie has the HOH I don’t think he can be put on the block via a coup d’etat – or can he?????


Joel, that would be awesome!

(I just hope Ronnie is out this week as planned bec I can’t take much more of him…)


the HOH can’t be nominated by the mystery power person. that’s why Julie said it’s so important to win HOH or POV. That way, those 2 who win HOH & POV will still be safe, even if the mystery power person decides to nominate 2 new people.

sorry to burst your bubble!


for real joel!


The coup d’etat will be won by jeff and he won’t be using it this week. As well, Jeff should be throwing the hoh this thursday so as to make his Coup more powerful. I wrote a lil bit bout it on my page.




I can’t believe many of the people in this house. They are all such hypocrites. Jessie and Natalie are the worst. They are SUCH sore losers.
1. Jordan won the power to pick whomever she wanted to be the havenots. If she didn’t want it to be Jeff, then that is what goes.
2. Ronnie is absolutely clueless about how he has manipulated and lied his way into a corner and how it looks to all of us. He is also in denial.
3. Jeff MUST win the power. That would secure their place in the house for at least 2 weeks.

I have never been more sure of Russell until now. Since the beginning, he has been “aligned” with Jessie & Natalie, but I didn’t feel that it was 100%. Looking back on it, I believe Russell was just going along with whatever made him “safe” until he figured out what he really wanted to do. As Russell said last night, now that he and Jeff are aligned, I truely believe that they are a pretty unstopable force.

They MUST evict Ronnie, Jessie and then Natalie. Natalie will be lost in that house without Jessie! No one to make a sandwich for 😉


I also agree, if Ronnie wins the power (or Jessie and Natalie) for that matter, I will stop watching BB.




I’m voting for Chima or Russ because Jeff and Jordan doesn’t deserve the Coup D’etat. All they do is seat on the couch and bitch all day long about how unffair it is blah blah blah.


That would be classic! Please correct me if I am wrong, all these so called religious house guests…Aren’t they aware of the Cardinal Sins??? Hhhmmm Let me refresh everyone’s memory, here they are…Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy , Pride.

GO Team Vi-JJ (Victory for Jordan and Jeff) LMAO


my understanding of the coup de tat is that only the HOH & POV holder are safe, so if michelle was top use the pov to take lydia off she would no longer be safe – lydia would be the current holder of the pov.
michelle is smart enought not to use it anyway, there is no reason to this week. ronnie is going bye-bye!!
next week it would be nice to just know that Jeff has the power to change nominations if in fact russell, michelle, jordan or himself are up.

my dream is that Jesse – lets Natalie win HOH (she’s asked him too let her have it next) and then she puts up whomever & Jeff is like sorry & puts up Jesse & Chima and there is nothing that the little man-child can do…. We all know Chima won’t win HOH the following week, so we’re back to one of our pack!


Damn Joel, that would be awesome!!!


perfect ending! love it. I would love to see Jessy and his pit bull Natalie sitting side by side. I can’t wait to see them gone. first Ronnie, then Jessy and Natalie and last Chima…just because I think she is weak and won’t win HOH.

can’t wait for Thursday…
I hope Jeff wins coup d?etat


Question? What did Ronnie mean by him saying ” I’m starting to feel like me and Kevin are in the minority” Does that mean playing for the pink team?


That sounds like a good plan except if Jessie is HOH he cannot be put up even with the special power. the next best case is Natalie and Chima and definitely one will go home.

Responding to Joel

Sorry Joel, but your dream can’t happen. HOH and POV are safe from special powers. Jesse would be protected.


thanks to everyone for writing in about the pov for me! I totally understand now ( no, I’m not blonde!):P I started watching BB at season 5… I LOVED all stars and BB8 with Evel Dick… He made watching after dark worth it. I had been asking about the pov because I was worried Russell might believe the huge lie Jesse and Natalie made up about saving Ronnie being Michelle’s idea… I thought if she used it then she’d be vulnerable for the block, and I’m totally team Jeff! I hope their new four person alliance works out; Russell is growing on me and I believe him since he got the letter from his dad. Of course, I guess I realty started liking Russell when he had been harrassing the rat– but was flabbergasted when it looked like he and Ronnie had a secret alliance –thank God that didn’t work out!!!!


oh, btw: the shit I read about Natalie last night from Kessler (sp?) was great! I can’t stand Scrappy; I think she’s a guy that tucks her dick between her legs, which is why she walks like that! That pea-brain thinks she’s soooo smart, but if she has a college degree, why is she working at Blockbuster? She’s a waste of oxygen. Lydiot is pathetic– still holding a torch for Jesse even though she had the two pump chump! I’d be embarrassed to even associate with him in the house; he’s merely there for our amusement.


Last night watching the feed, Ronnie telling Chima that he thinks that the one vote in Caseys favor, that we know was from Russel, had come from Jeff. That shows what a despicable, scumbag Ronnie is . He is demented!!!

Nice guys finish last as always :(

Wow, threatening someone unprovoked, when they’re not even present to defend themselves sure is nice, losers. Jeff is scum, if I met him in the real world I’d sock him in the mouth for being so assinine. They’ve gotten their wish of evicting Ronnie yet they still ridicule him, is that necessary? Same last week with Casey . Ronnie said nothing rude to him at all yet he went on a hate-filled tirade focused in on him as if to say Ron was the only choosing sides during wk 1. Dumbarse. The whole “bad teacher” argument was the result of Casey’s unrelenting harassment, and has a note of truth to it for as a concerned parent I would pull my children out of any school that’d employ a Casey -type person. Kids are exposed to enough bad role models as is, sorry.
Let’s get real people! Jeff/Jordan/Russ/Michelle are petty, jealous, vindictive low-lifes who’ll go right back to obscurity the moment BB11’s over. Meanwhile the “Pride of Ohio” could likely be on the reality tv curcuit for years to come, earning 10x what most of these cockroaches will ever make.

Praise Chima, loyal to the end. She sacrificed her showmance (and sadly maybe even her whole game) to defend Ron the Innocent. I don’t care whether she wears a weave, she still looks and conducts herself 100x better than the insipid country bumpkin twangy lil’ girl who can’t tell time. LMFAO! Chima’s of noble stock, a true princess indeed. Kevin’s chill too but alas aligned himself with Elvira, lol! Pity how things have turned out, this season could’ve been phenomenal. But America’s been duped into thinking certain people are nice, when in truth they’re the lowest of the low, stinky SCUMBUCKETS! This is why our country’s falling behind the rest of the free developed world~ you praise idiocy and persecute the intelligencia. That’s why y’all hate Obama… and Ronnie Talbott, admit it. 🙁


You must be Ronnie’s fat wife

Nice guys finish last as always :(

Ronnie’s wife’s figure is that of 65% of the country. Are you saying you have ashamed of your own fat or that of several people you must know and love. Hypocrite and stupid dumbarse like Casey-the-Spacey as in space cadet.


are you nuts? nice guys finish last. if you watch big brother after dark and still spit that bullcrap out of your mouth, you have some serious issues. ronnie talks to people saying so much crap about michelle, making fun of her, calling her ugly, pretending she liked him, and then he lies to her face saying shes “final 5” with them? nice guys dont lie and barf a bunch of bull out of their mouths. dont you watch anything? if chima was noble, shed shut the hell up and stop going to each individual person, telling her dumb ass sob stories trying to make people pity her and want to join her. FACE IT, ronnies only chance of survival is if he wins the power, and the only way that will happen is if the online nerds are successful in creating bots to rig the CBS website into voting for ronnie a million times. its clear who america wants to be the winner. majority wants jeff-majority voted for obama.






Amen Dana!!!! I could not have said it any better myself 🙂
GO TEAM JEFF & Jordan!!


Majority may not want Jeff because he is just as bad as Ronnie, as he has shown this week. Also Jeff lied to Russell saying he never wanted to backdoor Russell, so why is America loving Jeff? BTW whenever you get a group of brains together (educated people) is becomes a competitive environment. Brains are more competitive than athletes and take the competition more personal than athletes. If you are not a “brain” or been part of the “brain” environment, then many think the brains have no competitive nature. That is why Ronnie and Michelle were never meant to get along. Also I don’t like the things Ronnie was saying about Michelle at all, however Michelle and Ronnie lack social skills. It is easy to see that they lived and died in books and technology. And if anyone can create a voting bot, it would be the online gamers and computer nerds that Ronnie hangs out with and they have nothing but time. So it is possible for Ronnie to win.


The reason America is still loving Jeff is because he and Russell have squashed their beef and are now bonded (and therefore it no longer matters that he wanted to backdoor him; also who would’ve blamed him after the way Russell treated him the first week) – right after the HOH they talked and realized that their anger toward another in the first weeks was misplaced due to their “alpha” nature. Russell knows that EVERYONE (not just Jeff) was trying to backdoor him week 2, and even said that the words of his father in the letter made him think about how he had been playing the game so I don’t even think he blamed Jeff for wanting him gone. The point is, Jeff and Russell are both true men of their words and they now know that they can trust each other. Unlike Ronnie, who has not kept his word to ANYONE except Jessie. Jeff has ALWAYS voted the way he said he would and has always been true to his alliances, so there is ABSOLUTELY no comparison between Ronnie and Jeff! Yes there will always be scheming and lying in this game – but there is a way to do it honorably, as Jeff has.


Funny how you can find ways to justify your favorites and their actions. Just because they are teamed up now then all the lying before is forgotten. “Ronnie lied to everyone except”….so then he did not lie to everyone. Stop trying to justify for your favorites by putting down the competitor just because you don’t like them. I am just saying they are all liars and would stab each other in the back because its the nature of the game. It will be funny when Jeff stabs Jordan in the back because he knows that he wouldn’t be able to win votes if it came down to him and her or him and someone else. You’ll see….he will backstab her too and I will be laughing. BTW, if there was another site that was less bias then I would read it but this is the most detailed and infomed site. I think the writers are bias but they write down everything and I like that.


“She sacrificed her showmance” Who are you and what show are you watching you delusional racist. Russell DOES NOT LIKE the fish faced dream weaver Chima. He said on BBAD last night he prefers white women (don’t take that as a knock on you or Chima, it’s just his choice). He is allowed to NOT like Chima.

What ‘certain people’ do you mean America has been duped into liking, maybe because they are nicer people? Again YOUR true color shows. (Casey-type) Try making that comment on the writer…hahahahaha! Chima, she cannot speak and your type screams racism. You’re too funny.

The people you happen to prefer are all of color…must be a coincidence! You make this too easy.

Oh, the Obama comment. Real stupid. Get it from his telepromter.

Nice guys finish last as always :(

LMAO! I like Chima because of her personality. She knows hanging out with Ronnie affects her game yet she still does it, duh. The only person bringing up race is you, honey. That indicates to me that the racist here is you to automatically think that a person who likes Chima AND Obama must like them because their black (another show of ignorance on your part since YOUR President is half-white and is working on behalf of us all). Anyway this is getting off-topic. Ignorance must really be bliss why you’re in love with the lunkerheads and bullying thugs.


Your Nubian Princess waits tables, I’m not sure if you knew that we have no real “royalty” in our Country.


Your princess also jerks-off rich athletes in the back of limos..Lol!!!! Thank God she cannot reproduce.


I’m still so busy laughing at the hypocrisy of the first two sentences that I can’t even go on to read the rest of the novel. Whatever, nobody cares that you don’t like what the general population thinks. Why do you feel the need to tell us?


I think you are the idiot!!!


For the record – I love Obama and Jeff!!! As for Ronnie being picked on – everyone knows he brought it on hims self and he is PROUD of everything he has done! Have you even been watching the show or the live feeds???????? Jeff is one of the only people who even gave Ronnie a chance, coming downstairs after seeing Ronnie’s HOH room and saying how happy he was for him and how he wanted to give him some time to enjoy it before he started sucking up (as opposed to Jessie, Natalie, Chima) and what does he get for calling Ronnie a nice guy and being cool to him when everyone else was clearly using him – he gets BACKSTABBED week after week by Ronnie. How can you call him “Ron the Innocent” when he is the most manipulative, backstabbing person in the game? And yes, it is a game with lying being part of the game but constantly doing everything you can to stir up trouble in the house is not merely “playing the game.” Instead, Ronnie has been showing his true colors and that he is NOT a good person and luckily it is looking like America can see that and will vote for Jeff to get the power!!!!

Nice guys finish last as always :(

I don’t subscribe to Live Feeds. I base my opinion entirely on this website (great btw) and the tv show. Reading the disturbing comments here though is what turned me from passing indifference to rallying full-on support for Ronnie Talbott. You have yourselves to blame for how you dehumanized him. Anyone would look innocent by contrast and every person in that house has backstabbed and manipulated. DUH, that what BB’s all about. He’s just their convenient scapegoat. WAKE UP ALREADY!

People like Jeff/Jordan do nothing their whole lives and yet get all the glory. Not the Ronnie’s of the world. That’s why I side with him on this one. If he has to go, at least let him go out with dignity for revolutionizing the game within only a few weeks of being there. He’s on the level of Nakomis and Kaysar whom also got voted out early for being too smart at the game. I’m hoping the door won’t open Thursday night and Russ’ HOH was for nought.


First off, I don’t HATE Ronnie, however I don’t LOVE Ronnie either. I truly do not believe Ronnie is innocent. He talks just as much shit about Jeff and Jordan as they do. If not MORE. Believe me, I don’t LOVE Jeff and Jordan either. I am rooting for Jessie, because he is from my hometown. I don’t think Ronnie is good for Jessie. I think that Ronnie himself puts a target on Jessie just by being in alliance with him. I realize they are going to try and get Jessie out next week, but I truly believe he can win HOH again. And I realize Jessie is a schemer too, but they all are. Its really just about rooting for the home team. GO JESSIE!


Wow are you delusional? You must be related to either Ronnie or Obama, because no one watching this show would side with Ronnie….. Pay attention!!!

Jeff for super powers!!!!!!


Jim help me out here .What does Ronnie have to do with Obama! BUT on the rest GO JEFF FOR THE SUPER POWERS!


I’m sure MY comments will not be posted, but yours were just fine.Racist!


I am sick and tired of people writing “you must be Ronnie’s wife” anytime someone defends Ronnie. If you would read the comments, people are starting to get upset with how one sided things on the site are. Jeff and Russell are just as bad as Ronnie. So why is it okay for them to say such horrible things while Ronnie cries and it is all out war on his character. Come on people, be unbias. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Ronnie won the power, he could really shake this game up. BTW This is one of the most boring, self-absorbed group so far. They hid behind religion when it is convient for them. I miss Evel Dick and Janelle, hell I even miss Adam. I think Casey or Braden were the only two worth watching (until Casey went on the block and he started to be vindictive).


OK. When someone writes something good about Ronnie we won`t ask if it is his wife writting, we will ask if it is his mother now!!!!


LOL I like that. But I don’t think Ronnys Mother would tell anyone she gave birth to a rat!


Hey- nobody said Jeff and Jordan were the smartest people in the house, and sure they sit outback instead of sleeping their lives away and playing the game at 4 a.m. (like some people) while everyone else is asleep! I for one am on Jeff’s side because he didn’t cave to Jesse the first day when asked to be the spy of the athletes. Jesse doesn’t and can’t play the game without having other people do the work for him. So if “nice guys finish last” , how does that pertain to Ronnie? Don’t get me started on Obama; I have more respect for McCain considering all that he has gone through and accomplished in his life.


Just curious – what in the WORLD does Big Brother have to do with the Presidential election, which by the way was over MONTHS ago? Can’t we just stay on subject or does politics even have to start invading my non-news television watching?

Mr. E

First, and this is most important, if Ronnie got the power he wouldn’t “shake things up.” He would just give power back to Jessie and Natalie like it was for the first few weeks. Ronnie is predictable, easily manipulated, and absolutely dense. The only thing he’s good at is being so lying and corrupt and underhanded that no one would suspect he really is as bad as he’s proved himself to be. The fact is, Michelle, Russell and Jeff are the ones shaking things up.
Second, in no way are Jeff and Russell just as bad as everyone else. Russell keeps his word no matter what, and even though he knows he’s about to be backstabbed and his team has repeatedly plotted against him, he won’t backstab his team first. Jeff doesn’t tell lies about anybody and is one of the most upstanding people in the house. In fact, Russell didn’t start spying on people and lying until Ronnie did it to him first and the only one he does it to is RONNIE, who deserves it.
Third, don’t use the whole “Russell is putting words in peoples’ mouth” nonsense. The edit on Sunday showed that Lydia, Kevin, and Russell really were making plans against Russell. Which I didn’t need to see because I watched it on the live feed.
Fourth. Oh no, Ronnie cries. Doesn’t stop him from attacking Michelle, calling Jordan and Jeff stupid, and insulting absolutely everyone in the house except for his little gang of four. Ronnie preys upon people, Jeff fights back.
The only thing I can say is that the edits make Ronnie seem less like a jerk than the live feeds do. The edits make him look like slime, the live feeds make him look like a self-absorbed delusional lunatic.


Well said Mr. E, could not agree more!


Correct as usual Mr. E.

I think if I hear Ronnie tell someone how much smarter he is or how he did that or saved this person or would never lie, etc I might get sick. I don’t think he needs anymore super powers – he thinks he already has them.

And yeah – i used to like Star Wars, but not in the weird kind of way that he does.

Go Jeff!! oh – that reminds me time to vote for Jeff again & again & again!!! 🙂


It`s so obvious that Ronnie is a delusional deswpicable human being… I even feel like I lose IQ points by just writing about him.


It makes me LAUGH to hear Ronnie say that Ruseel will be the most hated player in BB history..sorry Ronnie…but YOURE it!! I voted for Jeff to win the coup d’etate.. and hope that he saves it for next week UNLESS Ronnie win pov..then Jeff should put him right back on the seat…I cant stand him…good god I thought nerds were supposed to be shy and kind and smart..Ronnie threw my whole NERD idea right into the pooper!!!

Evel Russ

You’re in luck Holly, Michelle won the POV and will not be using it.


I can`t wait for the Wizzard power to be revealed


I hope that Jordan nor Jeff (I do like Jeff) does not get the power.


Ern, How the heck can you Not like Jeff, he is so sweet and just because he is fighting back you don’t like him, here is to The Power and I hope Jeff gets it and uses it on Jessie and that little piece of Scrapy shit Nat.


The Jordan haters need to understand that she is a small town girl of humble life that made into a reality show to try and win. She NEVER CLAIMED TO BE GREAT OR INTELLIGENT nor is she trying to win JEOPARDY folks . Quit hating and enjoy the show.

Nice guys finish last as always :(

Oh shocker, I just knew some of you Jeff/Jordan fans had to have been McCan’t supporters. You might also think Bush was a hero and stellar leader too. Educated guess. To set the record straight, I’m not related to Ronnie Talbott, I’m only sick of all the hatred so decided to call y’all out on your own faults and those of your faves.

And no I’m delusional, my intelligence quotient is 155, darlings. I readily admit Ronnie lies, but newsflash everyone in the house has been caught in a myriad of lies. Friday morning there’ll still be liars in the house, you lil’ shits. Ronnie’s the scapegoat. Ironic, Lori, that you say you like Jeff because he’s not a follower when I myself am not following the trend of Ronnie-bashing in the comments section. Lol, more hypocrisy. Ron aligning himself with strong players is a smart move, isolating yourself like he’s done isn’t. Don’t worry though, Jeff and Jordan will be reunited soon… IN THE JURY HOUSE. (insert diabolical laughter!!)


if you don’t like what some have to say, then why even comment. Surely there’s some other website that you might enjoy more to get updates one – though this is the best by far & not just b/c we tend to share the views of Simon & Dawg!!!

It’s really not about who lies more – it’s just who’s game we like better. Sorry that we don’t agree & you can throw around some made up IQ all you want it won’t make us think any differently!!

Go Russell, Jeff, Jordan & Michelle (in no particular order)!!!!

Evel Russ

Are you done yet troll?


Love how Ronnie claimed he’d be able to sit all night if HOH comp involved sitting. It did and he didn’t!


LOL Nice guys….trying to sound intelligent and you’re talking on a message board for a reality show. It would have sounded more convincing if you didn’t try to impress us with your IQ.




bbllusional– well written; I agree w/ ya!! And to ‘nice guys’ –I usually bash Jesse and Natalie. They’re the worst players of the game, and if Ronnie is so smart, he wouldn’t be aligned with them now. They no longer have power or numbers; Ronnie is just using past seasons and players examples to play his so-called game. Ronnie should have come up with something new if he knew the game so well — he doesn’t impress me at all, he’s gone this week anyway, and that’s all I’ll write


Ronnie is a 297.1 with a Delusional Diorder with a Specify Grandiose Type.


Ronnie is the only dynamic there is in the show right now. The rest of the season will be natalie/lydia cat fights(boring), Jordan being dumb and the 3 muscles walking around pouring out testostorone. You get rid of Ronnie and it’s going to be a snore!!


nooo….Ronnie has got to go…and there will be more drama….rest assured. And as for the 3 muscles walking around….I wouldn’t mind seeing Jeff strut his stuff, he is very …ummmm…oh yeah….i could stand it.