Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Michelle Did Not Use the POV

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
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11:10am HOH Jordan and Russell. They are both glad that JEssie didn’t win the POV this week, they know he would of used it. Jordan says Jessie isn’t genuine she can’t stand talking to him. Jordan says that she didn?t know Russell was against the other side, During the HOH competition she heard them cheering for Russell and when she found out JEff made a deal with you and dropped she was pissed. Now she knows that Russell can be trusted. Jordan mentions how powerful Jessie is in the competitions, Russell doesn?t think so, he tells her he’s smarter and better at physical competitions. Russell points out that the other side doesn?t even come up and talk to him anymore. Russell says he’s notice that they are fake nice to him. They start talking about the wizard power, Russell knows it’s been given out and it must be KEvin or JEff. Jordan : “Kevin?” Russell tells Kevin’s been acting strange lately. Jordan says if it was Jeff you would know.. Russell says he hopes not, if JEff has it He’ll need to be very quiet about it because they will be watching him. Jordan ass about the fighting with CHima, Russell says Chima is walking around this house wanting to be my girlfriend. She’s asks me for sex numerous times and I rejected her. Jordan mentions that Michelle and CHima rea closer than they thought, Russell doesn;t think so. She tells Russell not to talk bad about Chima to Michele because Michele likes Chima Jordan brings up majority rules and how the other side has a plan to win it, they have decided to always pick the same letter. Russell tells her not to worry about it if BB rigs the HOH comp like that than he wants out of here. Jordan says that Natalie brings up most of the fights in the house. She does think that outside the house Natalie is a nice girl but inside she’s not. Russell says she the middle man between the true groups, she takes the heat off Jessie. Jordan says she stayed away from Jessie from week 1 because she knew he couldn’t be trusted. Russell tells her he’s trusted Jessie before but not much anymore. He goes on to say the only way to get out the rat would be to play him like he’s playing everyone else. Russell says he’s had to trick Ronnie and Jessie since the first week to get rid of Ronnie Jordan agrees and is happy he’s leaving. Unless Ronnie gets the wizards power he’s leaving on Thursday. Jordan really doesn?t like Ronnie, she’s not even going to stand up and say bye to him, he’s done too much damage to her. .Russell tells her that Jessie and Natalie want him out and they’ll put him up as soon as they win HOH. Jordan understands. Russell heads to the Shower and Jessie comes up. They start making jokes about who has the Wizard powers. Kevin?s name gets thrown in there and they laugh. Jessie brings up the hoh door getting wrapped up with cellophane. He says if Lydia did it would you want her gone? Russell says he was annoyed by it but that?s all. General chit chat….. Jordan eventually leaves and Natalie joins them. She says that Lydia is spreading shit around about Russell. Natalie overheard Lydia saying that she wants to put Russell up when she wins HOH. Russell isn’t worried he doesn’t think she can win a HOH competition.
Big Brother 11 Spoiler
12:15 All houseguests outside LOCKDOWN
1:00pm feeds are back POV wasn’t used…
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whats next?

good ole jessie ready to tell on lydia if russ might switch to wanting lydia out. what a worm. poor lydia hope shes playing him . her personality is such that she can pretty much be happy in the moment with jessie or the others. weird but good for her cuz she is trying to have fun and not melting down.


Can someone please let me know what exactly Ronnie did to Jordan other than not put up Russell or vote to keep Braden. Has he said something to her?


This is a real question because I am unsure what Ronnie did to Jordan.


Don’t forget that he put her on the block the first time and was the “shady vote” that screwed up her attempt to rally the vote to save Braden from eviction. I may be mistaken, but I believe she started the ball rolling on that little plan. And she’s one of the few willing to put Jessie up. She may never get the chance, but if you thought the world ended when Jessie got put on slop, wait till he goes up the block!

whats next?

lets not forget that they have taken out her whole team-so turn about is fair play-thats what always happens if they put you up you put them up blah blah blah
so of course jordan gets to be upset!


It came back to her that he has said he thinks she’s stupid. Plus, I think the kicker is that he told her she looks like his wife and then when his HOH pics were revealed, she was probably personally insulted at the comparison.


Oh ok so she is upset at being called stupid, I give her that right to be angry at him. I would hope she isn’t upset at being compared to his wife because Ronnie probably meant it as a compliment (as he thinks his wife is beautiful thus complimenting her on being beautiful, I guess).


As far as I know it’s just because he’s a rat. He lies nonstop and can’t be trusted. I have heard him numerous times talking about how stupid Jordan is and she knows he’s said it. He will throw anyone under the bus to save himself and he talks down to everyone. That’s all I know.


I think I remember earlier that he tried to talk about a final 2 deal with her or something crazy like that and she got offended that he thought she was that stupid.


Uhhh…Jordan was nominated for eviction when he was H.O.H. That’s enough for me.

whats next?

i agree with you 100% then add on everything else.

lying is game would like jordan if she was a lyng manipulative nerd. we all know everyone lies so now give us some significant reasons why you are so in love with ronnie and his game.


Seriously has Jordan done anything worthwhile on this game thus far other than hook up with some guy? Or Lydia or Kevin? I hate floaters who complain but do nothing.

whats next?

whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaa buddy. we get it-you are voting for ronnie to get the wizard powers, but lets wait and see. jordan is just jordan and very likable and she hasnt “hooked up” with anyone. 🙂


maybe hooked up is the wrong word, I meant flirts and spends all her time with. And I have stated I am not a Ronnie fan but rather just would like to see a non-bias discussion on the events. Personally I would not mind if he left, although I think floaters should go first.


Are you really Ronnie’s wife? Just wondering, read your posts from yesterday and today and that’s the only thing that makes sense. Why else would you defend him with your lying is game name. Isn’t that close to what he said? “this is a game” so lying is expected. Ronnie is the best at the game, if the game was about lying, manipulating and contradicting yourself. Don’t get me wrong everyone has a right to their own opinion but I haven’t read a reason why you like him. Just bashing Jeff/Jordan.


I said I wasn’t a Ronnie fan but I think that he is not worse than anyone else thus does not deserve the bashing he is getting. THEY ALL ARE LIARS, IT IS THE NATURE OF THE GAME. It may sound like I am defending Ronnie but when Jeff and Russell started this religion issue (all of a sudden their Catholics and now their bonded) then they became hypocrites (sorry if I spelled that wrong) thus making themselves on the same level as Ronnie. I just want people to see how Jeff/Jordan/Michelle/Russell lie and are not better than anyone else.


I don’t think the other HGs are innocent, it’s just that Ronnie is disliked the most. As soon as he is gone, I personally can’t wait, you will be hearing a LOT of Jesse bashing as well. I too am sure I will be doing it. It’s all about who is hated the most that week.


im kinda thinking jordan is flirting with russell…she better choose jeff in the end…i hope ronnie doesnt get the coup d’etat…then that would suck for jeff and jordan………..


Natalie is the worst floater. She is all talk about winning everything but wins nothing. Then she just bitches about everything.


Agreed. It was so funny how her and Ronnie talking about how they’ll do anything to win that last endurance comp. Talking about how they’d hang on till their hands were bleeding…blah blah blah. Neither of them did good at all. I think Natalie is like one of those big dogs that barks so tough but is afraid of their own shadow. I will do a victory dance when she gets booted out (hopefully!)

whats next?

more like a vicious little barking chihuahua


Your right, I forgot about her. She is also a floater as well and it will be interesting to see who she aligns with now.

The Chosen One

You guys do realize that being a “floater” is a tactic as well. You have em every yr and more times than not, they go pretty far. One word…Memphis.


whoever is dissing jeff and jordan best get off this site because we love jeff and jordan here…GO SUPER SECRET ALLIANCE


I love it how everyone is driving themselves crazy trying to figure out who has the “wizard powers” and they don’t know that voting hasn’t even ended yet 🙂 It’s great!


Bye-bye, Ronnie. It was nice knowing you douchebag.


Atleast Ronnie makes things interesting…Jeff and Jordan are VERY annoying and dull. Hope Ronnie’s the wizard!!


I totally agree!

whats next?

interesting?? i wouldnt be able to be in the same room with him in real life. his stories are stupid, his presentation of his “plans” are pathetic. watch the way he tells a story. ugh. when he gets going he is so caught in this awesomeness he goes on and on while everyone is rolling their eyes. he doesnt listen to what anyone else has to say. yuk i am so glad russ is moving on with his plan.


If Jessie or the gNat get the “wizard power”, do you think they would save ronnie or wait till next week to use it (too possably save themselves)?


Bye-bye, Ronnie. It was nice knowing you douchebag.

The Chosen One

Once again Natalie has shown herself to be really stupid. I understand lying is part of the game but to be a good liar and manipulator you need to be consistent and every great lie has some truth in it. Natalie simply is too dumb to think clearly. And one would think Jessie would have learned something from last year but once again…nope…still a dumb dbag.

Randy Wolfgang

No way Ronnie, Nat or Jessie get the wizard power – no way at all.


I agree I think Jordan is just pissed at how blatant Ronnie lied to her. He did mention something about a final 2 with her as well as he could see he and his wife being friends with her after the show ended. That he considered her to be a “true” friend. This was on after dark. I think they lying was to be expected I think it was the extent of his lie that really peeved her and she did try to rally to keep braeden and he promised them he’d vote to keep Braeden. But that’s part of the game.

I don’t think she’s floating like Kevin and Lydia…she did very well in the last HOH comp.


I think she just doesn’t want to be associated with a lying scumbag. It’s one thing to mislead in this game but this guy is a pathological liar. Nobody likes people like that. Especially when you’re trapped in a house with them.


ronnies wife is trying to get a bot made to vote over and over for ronnie here


Hopefully CBS will disqualify Ronnie from being in the poll. I rank that up there with the way some of the HGs came up with the cheating for majority rules game. If Ronnies wife is behind that she is just pathetic. She knows that’s the only way Ronnie stands a chance. How sad.


ummm excuse me lying is game but ummm jordan is amazing….she just doesnt like ronnie…you telling me when you hear someone talking smack about you, you wont hold a grudge…well who knows…but jordan has held a grudge and i dont blame her because if i was jordan i would have called ronnie out…i give jordan props.,


Jordan has done nothing in this game. And I was asking a question because I was not sure what Ronnie had said to her. I was asking for information not to bag on Jordan. But don’t say how amazing Jordan is because she has done NOTHING other than align herself with jeff who is carrying her and will turn on her.


If it came to him chosing between her and $500,000.


Jordan lasted longer in the last HOH comp longer than Lydia, Kevin and Natalie. And part of her game may be relying on Jeff. The game isn’t all about competitions and it’s still early in the game.

whats next?

you need to quit because you are NOT ahead:) just stop! you cant get anyone to agree with anything you say. sorry!!!!! 🙂


Ronnie is the biggest douche in BB history. For that reason alone; Jordan should dislike him. It does not take a brain surgeon to see his manipulation. I think Ronnie is probably the worst player ever. He got himself in this situation. He is so obvious.

I think yesterday he said that “words don’t mean anything”. Really Ronnie, because I sure hear you using alot of words to try to save yourself. Maybe, he thinks only crying counts. wink, wink.


Ronnie is not a good person. Ican’t wait until they vote him out. Aside from being a manipulator, he has no lips. I can’t stand to look at him. His smile makes me sick. He has to go, then they need to start working on Chima the Diva and Nappy Nat. Chima is a bitch and is probably broke from buying lip gloss. You know it takes a whole tube to cover those huge nasty lips. And will someone please hold Nappy Nat down and scrub her and comb her hair? We need a muzzle for her, too. Way to go CBS! great casting. Not.


So I was on the CBS site and out of all the house guests Jeff has the most fans at 4037. Chima has the least at 304. Second to last is Ronnie at 399. This is not the same as America’s vote obviously but based on the amount of fans it doesn’t look good for Ronnie getting the Wizards power.


Week 1, Ronnie votes out Braden and joins “Team Jessie”. Jordan and her “crew” are targeted from that point on.
Week 2, Ronnie made a deal with Jordan & Jeff that he was going to back door Russell. Instead he went back on his word/deal and backdoored Laura.
Week 3, Ronnie’s team nominates Jordan AGAIN along with her friend and “teammate” Casey.
So yeah, Jordan is going to be a bit happy to see Ronnie go.

As for “who’s playing” the game, they all are. Some are just playing to different degrees. Some like Jessie, Russell, Jeff & Michelle don’t care about the target and are confident enough in their abilities that they can win Veto or HoH when needed to keep themselves safe. which is why those 4 have done so well to this point in the comps.

EVERYONE else has either lied or in Jordan’s case played the nice card to keep the target off themselves and on someone else.

Reason why Ronnie is disliked is because he has “played dirty” and lied way too much in this game. It’s only week 3, and yet Ronnie has set a new BB record for lies + the going back on the deal with Jeff & Jordan and instead backdooring Laura (who was not a threat in week 2) was unnecessary.

Jessie is not a bad player, but people get annoyed by how he interacts with his fellow house guests. He is very rude and generally comes off as an egotistic D-bag most of the time.

Natalie is hated maybe more than everyone simply because she has all the traits that people generally dislike in other people. She’s loud, obnoxious, arrogant, etc, etc, etc.

Chima is disliked because more than anything she is with Jessie & Natalie. She “ENJOYS” lying much like Ronnie does and her laugh is really annoying, especially when she is putting down other houseguests.

I can safely say that even if any of these people were aligned with Jeff/Jordan that we as viewers would still dislike them because of their personalities. Maybe just at different degrees.

BTW… Jeff won the “wizard” power in a landslide … take it to Vegas before tomorrow’s official announcement.


Excellent resume of the houseguestes. Right on !!!


Jordan stayed up on that swing for hoh comp pretty long so she isn’t floating along. it is so easy for us to sit here and judge when we are not the ones sitting in the house 24/7 with only each other. can you imagine being in that house with the rat, nat the bug, jessie who is so into himself he can’t get out of the way and chima, cha cha cha chia. yikes. first off people have the right to be upset at whoever they want. let’s not forget the look that ronnie also gave jordan after casey was put on the block. those 4 have walked around the house thinking they were the game and had it…period!!!! well they got cocky way too soon and like casey said to jessie before he walked out, what goes around comes around and he will get his. in all the years i have watched BB i have never seen a bigger bunch of babies. chima when they lost the one comp, and then jessie being put on slop. he is going on and on about how jordan SHOULD have done the picking for the have nots and he goes on about how others won’t just accept things, he really needs to practice what he preaches. what a big baby. and then ronnie, jessie and nat the bug all pouting. give it up. i will be soooo glad when ronnie and jessie are gone. go jeff, get the power of the wizard. 🙂

Randy Wolfgang

I wouldn’t worry about Ron’s wife or mother rigging the vote – if the producers have a brain they could see that a rigged vote wouldn’t match at all with the CBS poll or the views on the blogs.


There`s not a lot of simpathy for Ronnie and the way he acts for the simple reason that America is not into rewarding people that want to play dirty, lie, cheat and win. Most of us work hard to win our money and we don`t like waching someone sleazy getting half a million by behaving like a thug.


the people hat are calling ronnie innocent need to stop yea i know lying is a part of the game but LYING IS NOT INNOCENT… he deserves everything he got, but that person who said casy is a BAD teacher because he’s a teacher by day and a dj by night does that make any sense? seriously it’s not like a dj is bad in any way that would make him a bad role model for his students, hmmm but thet SAME can be said about ronnie being a teach by day and a lier on national tv, but that doesn’t make ronnie a bad teacher neither, you have never met the teacher thats the same person in public as they are in the classroom their all a lil different, he’ll tgheres a teacher that was a stripper at night not too long ago and she got in trouble, because one of her colleagues saw her on the pole…i might not have bashed ronnie like that but he did deserve most of what casey was doing but casey should only have said what he said in his final speech……. i respect ronnie for playing the game but he played it too hard too fast and it cost him the game thats his fault if he wouldn’t played it slow spready it out to like 5 weeks or so he wouldn;t have the heat he has now


sorry guys i belive in jeff…

whats next?

i agree with what you say EXCEPT for the party where you say “i respect ronnie”. sorry cant go there. he is too goofy and drives me nuts:)