Big Brother 11 – Chima’s and Russell Lovers Quarrel and Jeff?s take on Implants: “Take one out and I’ll Kick it off the Balcony”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:40pm HOH Jeff and Jordan They are laying in bed together talking about the “wizard powers” Jeff tells her that if one of them get the power they need to get JEssie out and then Natalie right after. HE thinks the key to them winning this seasons is to get JEssie out as soon as possible. Jordan wonders who Micehelle will put up if she gets HOH. Jeff knows Michelle is a stringer person on the competitions than he originally thought. Theres a good chance she will win a HOH. He hopes she would do what they agreed and put up Jessie. Jordan says she is going to wait until after the eviction and tell Michele that Jessie’s been talking about her behind her back. Jeff says he’ll start working Michelle to she needs to know what the groups plan is…. Jordan start to tease JEff because one of his legs is larger than the other she says he had implants on one. Jordan offer him one of her implants for the other side. He says if she takes her implants out he’ll kick it off the balcony. Jordan screams NOOOO. They start watching the spy screen and laugh at the other group as they move around the house

depressed. They bash JEssie and him complaining about the squid. Jeff says he hopes Jessie is stuffing it with slop so he can shove it up Jessie’s ass. Jordan brings up how she caught JEssie measuring his muscles the other day. Jordan laughs and says he saw it to, he’s so weird about his body. Russell joins them… They start talking about Jessie, Natalie and Chima asking Russell what he’s going to do. Russell can’t do anything he doesn?t have POV or a vote this week. Jeff starts counting the votes. Guaranteed 4 votes to get ROnnie out. Russell says that JEssie and Natalie are pissed off because for the first time in 3 weeks they aren’t running the show and they are losing in a big way. Russell laughs and says JEssie keeps telling him they are still a team. Jeff says that JEssie and NAtalie are 100% isolating themselves because nobody likes them. They head downstairs to work out…..


Big Brother 11 Spoilers


6:20 Backyard Michelle, Lydia and Jordan working out. Chima, Jessie, Kevin and Ronnie sitting on the couches in the backyard small talk. Russell is giving them tips on exercising.



6:50pm HOH Russell and Jessie There is a problem brewing between Russell and CHima. Chima mentioned that Michelle is Russell?s new best friend because she was talking to him last night for over 2 hours. Chima is also mad because Russell called her a 9 1/2 out of 10. Jessie brings up that Lydia is trying to get the girls to rally up and cause issues for use. Russell says that Chima is acting like he’s her boyfriend. They are sick of the girls walking around being so emotional. Jessie now saying that Kevin started saying that you are friends with MIchelle. Russell getting a little pissed, Jessie blames Kevin for starting shit in the house. There was a model during the veto contest and Ronnie was flirting with her and later called her a perfect 10. Russell has had it with Chima he thinks she’s taking their relationship too far, he knows no why a 34 year old (Chima) is single they are set in their own ways and those ways suck. Jessie tells him not to worry the girls are going to rip each other apart soon enough they always do. Russell goes outside to talk to jeff….

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:10pm Backyard Russell and JEff. Russell yells “chima thinks i’m her fucking boyfriend” Jeff asks what?s up. Russell explains taht Chima is mad at Russell because he said the model from the POV competition was hot. Jeff feels sorry for Russell he says Chima is a weird chick, IF it makes you feel any better I just ate a ant. Russell: huh? Jeff moves on and suggests Russell talks to her directly to stamp out rumours. Jordan walks by and Russell jokingly complains about them (girls) being so petty. Russell is pretty pissed off he starts making fun of Chima’s laugh and says he doesn’t want to hear that again it makes him sick. Jordan says “ahh i’ll find you a new girlfriend Russell”…. Russell says Chima was never his girlfriend. Jeff jokes that he needs a girlfriend Jordan says she’ll get him one to.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:30pm HOH Jessie and his pitbull. Jessie give Natalie the rundown of his conversation with Chima. Jessie points out that Russell thinks it was you that told Chima that he was talking to Michelle all night. Jessie warns her that Russell has a deal with Jordan and Jeff…. “we need to win HOH next week!” Chima joins them. Jessie says Russell is taking this too far. Chima agrees she knows there better women out there and if he thinks I really care about him he’s being a fool. Jessie explains that he is trying to put Kevin in the middle and get some of the heat off of their group. Chima says it’s certain that Michelle isn’t going to use the POV.. but Chima believes she has a crush on Ronnie.

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Randy Wolfgang

I’m not sure I’m counting the four votes to get Ronnie out – I understand Jeff, Jordan and Michelle but I’m not sure about Kevin – how about if team Jeff start working on him. – BTW I hate Natalie.


I was wondering the same thing. I don’t think Kevin would vote Lydia out but I remember that he put two and two together and realized Lydia was telling Jesse about some of thier convos. Overall I think Kevin will keep her, as he’s a better friend than she is. I think if Jesse wanted her to she would vote Kevin out.


why would kevin vote out lydia?

Mr. E

Natalie came into the Pool Room and pointed out that Russel heard Chima and Ronnie scheming. They both freaked out and started screaming at her like maniacs and saying “So we can’t even chat now?” Natalie just shrugged it off and played stupid. Of course, they really were plotting how to get rid of Russell and Michelle the entire time and Chima was just lapping up Ronnie’s BS story of how Russell supposedly admitted he knew Ronnie didn’t say something that Sunday’s episode of BB SHOWED him saying.


kevin has no one in the game but lydia… so she has his vote. I’m still concerned about Michelle and all this scheming and lying on Jessie/Natalie’s part. IS MICHELLE WITH JEFF/JORDAN/RUSSEL new alliance? didn’t she make a pact with Jordan the other day? So did she really go up to Jessie and say lets keep Ronnie? or was that convo a whole lie and never happened? if so did Russel figure this out?


all lies kiki – trying to get russell to turn against michelle. pretty sure it didn’t work.


I was trying to think who Ronnie reminded me of and I finally figured it out.


too funny!! feel sorry for beaker – lol!!


He reminds me of Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys


They should make a blog for the four evicted house guest to talk about watching the show as it continues and about the stuff that happened before they left. Something fun to read during the down times!


Ok chima is a hipacrite! She was just talking with mich about Russ asking chima why she was talking to Ronnie! And she was like he’s not gonna tell me who I can talk to and can’t talk to! Ok didn’t she tell Russ that he couldn’t talk to Lydia!? Huh!


anyone watching sho after dark? lydia has hit an all time low…sex wrestling w/jessie with his foot in her croutch. i maybe switching myn vote to her. they deserve each other.


i am watching! Jessies toes were so in her vay jay jay! Did you see how the camara came zooming in and out!did you are the convo with mich and chima! She even said ppl shouldn’t make up lies about other ppl but was she not the one who told or I know Agne was with Nat with the big lie about mich! Two faced!


Hopefully Jeff or Jordan gets “the power”. But before that JUST GET RONNIE OUT!!!! He is a liar and has been since day 1. Then Natalie and Jesse. I think JEff and Jordan are playing the game for fun and aren’t lying like the rest of the house. Not saying a fib or 2 hasn’t been told by them…but nothing compared to the rest of the house

The Chosen One

Is there shampoo and conditioner in the house? Natalie needs to wash that hair…it looks disgusting!!! Gross.


yes, i saw “after dark” and i thought the wrestling between lydia and jessie was the weirdest thing i ever saw. jessie’s foot pushing lydia’s va-jay-jay as far away from him as possible. then his weird “finger punching” her butt cheek……….did he miss “how to have sex with a girl 1O1 class”? good grief, that had to be the most awkward,strange thing i have ever seen. give it up lydia,it AIN’T gonna happen.jessie is sooooooooo creepy.